No More Playing by The Left’s Rules

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Lucy will always pull the football away just before Charlie Brown gets close enough to kick it. That is a Peanuts life lesson many have still not learned – about the Left. It does not play fair. It plays to win.

We might learn something from that.

An example – one of many – is how “X” (which is the same ‘ol Twitter, rebranded) continues to gull opponents of the Left into playing on its field. I myself have been foolish enough to do this. My thought being: X/Twitter is the big player, social media-wise, and if you want to reach people – if you want to challenge Leftist ideas publicly – then this is what you have to do. The problem with this reasoning is the assumption that the Left will allow you to challenge Leftist ideas publicly.

I can assure you this is not how the Left plays.

The Left plays dirty. Oilily. Twitter/X is clever enough not to outright ban wrongthinkers as that would be noticeable. Far better to not notice wrongthinkers. This is done via what amounts to sending them to a “time out” room  where no one else knows they are. The wrongthinker is left to talk to himself. The genius of it is the wrongthinker may not realize he’s talking to himself; that almost no one – including the people who “follow” him – is seeing anything he puts on the site because the site puts what he posts in the “time out” room, where no one will ever see what he posted.

This is done irregularly, too.

Sometimes, the Leftists who control the “time outs” allow a post/comment to get through – and allow replies, too. This causes the wrongthinker to doubt what’s being done to him, which is part of the Left’s broader agenda of making those who oppose the Left feel that nothing is certain, including their own perceptions of objective reality. It also serves to keep him playing on the Left’s field, hoping – like Charlie Brown – that maybe this time, Lucy the Leftist won’t pull the football away and that he’ll be able to kick it, at last.

This is the same sort of hopium smoked by people who think the Left will allow itself to be voted out of power come November. The same hopium smoked by the battered wife, who grasps at any straw proffered by her batterer.

He was nice today . . .

Understand we who oppose the Left will never get anywhere playing ball with the Left. With people who refuse to even tell what the rules are – specifically. Because that would mean knowable parameters that the Left would then have to abide by, too. That is the very last thing the Left wants because it entails the possibility that the Left might not win.

Perhaps you begin to see how this game is played.

Thus, there are “community guidelines” that are never actually spelled out. They are simply, ineffably, “guidelines.” They mean whatever those who constitute the “community” – meaning, Leftists – decide they are. And you are guilty of violating them whenever they say you are.

Most recently, Google says it will “take action” during “sensitive events.” It does not say, specifically, what “action” will be “taken.” Nor what a “sensitive event” is, exactly. Other than it might involve “hate” – meaning, whatever the Left hates.

So, what’s the solution?

That is as easy as it is hard.

It is to stop playing with the Left – on a field controlled by the Left. Stop believing – pathetically – that this time, Lucy the Leftist will hold the football for you. She won’t. Not ever. Just as “X” – whatever that is – will never allow a wrongthinker to gain any traction on its field. That would be contrary to the point. The whole idea is to diffuse opposition to the Left by letting it dash its head against the wall. By encouraging it to keep on trying to kick that football.

How about we play on our field instead? A field where you can kick the football?

Brighteon Social is one such. It’s run by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger guy who runs Natural News. Mike’s no Elon. He actually practices free speech. Elon talks about it. Adams created Brighteon Social as an alternative to Leftist-controlled “social media” that assures the control of the Left over media.

The way we break that control is to do to the Left what the Left is doing to us. We leave the Left to talk to itself. With a difference. We don’t pull the football away from the Left. We aren’t afraid to let them kick it. We are ready to debate them – because we’re not afraid of debating them.

As they obviously are, of us.

. . .

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  1. The “social media” sites all become fairly toxic. X/Twitter in particular encourages sniping and short soundbites with little in the way of substantive interchange possible, regardless of the good intentions of posters. The world’s population has degenerated into exchanging soundbites and that is by design…..keep the rubes distracted by phony elections and the like and they will fight amongst themselves allowing the real holders of power to run amok. To quote Eric, and they ask me why I drink….that said, Eric et al, I believe in and support as much as possible websites like yours. I also think I will subscribe to Tucker Carlson’s network…..he’s not perfect but he’s smart to move to that model that does not depend on advertising and the related bullshit.
    You have a pretty nice community of regulars here Eric and that’s a great foundation for parallel structures….just saying….

    • Thanks, Giuseppe!

      And – you’re spot on re the beholden to advertisers thing. EPautos has advertisers – but they do not have control over EPautos. You and others who support EPautos do!

  2. WEF Klaus Schwab Blames Libertarians For Dissent Against Great Reset Agenda

    In this video, Klaus Schwab explicitly states that libertarianism is a threat to the WEF agenda. Libertarians just want to tear down the beautiful system that the WEF oligarchs are working so diligently to construct.

    The theme of this year’s Davos meeting is “Rebuilding Trust”. Apparently, libertarians are among those who are spreading distrust in the WEF agenda. If you can’t trust a man like Klaus Schwab, who can you trust?

    Ironically, one of the attendees at this year’s Davos meeting is Javier Milei, who claims to be a libertarian anarcho-capitalist follower of economists like Murray Rothbard. Which raises the question, what is a “libertarian” doing at a WEF meeting?

    • 3 thoughts on this:
      1. Doctors study disease not because they love disease
      2. Knowing your enemy is vital to defeating them
      3. Having said 1. and 2., there is such a thing as controlled opposition.

      Milei bears further watching, but, like Trump when the train is going your direction it probably makes sense to ride it.

  3. ‘The way we break that control is to do to the Left what the Left is doing to us.’ — eric

    Just as the R-party has its divisions between the RINO majority and the Freedom Caucus, so too does the D-party still have one (1) old-school, antiwar socialist who caucuses with them:

    ‘Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will use a little-known provision in the Foreign Assistance Act to force the Senate to vote Tuesday afternoon on a measure that would freeze military aid to Israel unless the State Department produces a report on potential human rights abuses in Gaza.

    ‘U.S. assistance to Israel would be frozen if the State Department fails to produce a report after 30 days.’ — the

    Gotta love our good-German media, cautiously speaking of ‘potential [sic] human rights abuses’ — as if our lying eyes deceive us when viewing acres of flattened buildings and bodies stacked like cordwood. That’s why it’s called the Lügenpresse.

  4. On my facebook feed I just got a post from Joe Biden. It was a fundraising request for his presidential bid.

    One Question…

    When do I get a fundraising post from Trump?

  5. I don’t bother with social media but subscribe to Glen Greenwald and Matt Taibi on Substack. I’m sure govco will be looking for ways to take them down if they get a large following.

  6. The problem isn’t just censorship and similar shenanigans but rather social media in general which not only makes us dependent on these sleazy corps but which isolates us from our neighbors and scatters our interactions and influence to far-flung places which may be all well and good but the thing is that we don’t “know” these people and they’re not close enough to form real life relationships with or to depend on when help and solidarity may be needed. It’s like having imaginary friends. We’re all isolated in our little cocoons and it may be nice finding others on the web with whom we share affinities, but that is purely an inteleectual exercise. We’re more cut off from our own communities than ever. And even what we do have via social media, I can guarantee you, one day they will just pull the plug and we will have nothing.

    • Richard Vobes was talking about that on his channel….Vobes another slave fighting the slave owners….he says face to face meetings might be helpful…..

      Maybe the slaves need their own Davos meeting….to discuss what to do to the slave owners….design a 2025 agenda to deal with them…..

      The slave owners are very organized….the slaves aren’t……

  7. So there -is- an alternative to X that has a pretty large market share, and that is Gab. (

    Andrew Torba is a pretty big free speech absolutist so anything short of calls for direct specific violence or the like should be pretty much open for debate.

    It is fascinating to me though that you are saying X is still shadowbanning because Elon -also- claimed to be a free speech absolutist. Guess not!

    I don’t use socials whatsoever except to watch the occasional link someone throws my way so I cannot confirm or deny the ‘freedom’ on any of these platforms. But if Elon who literally dropped 40+ Billion for this company is doing the very same thing he claimed to have bought it for in the first place which was the absurd censorship, that is lame AF.

  8. The internet is now a big flea market. Buy this or Sell that. Like Ebay,,, 50 million idiots selling the same sh!t.
    Right or left, most will censor.
    A good one was a hard right/ almost evangelical site having a guest that said if a quarter stuck to your chest it was from the vaxx. I commented it may have been from stiction as I could get a quarter to stick to my chest and I am not vaxxed. Off to censor world for me. lol…

  9. What happened to Parler? And before that, there was Minds. After torching my FB account, many years ago now, I never had much desire to return. I tried Parler for a minute, but it never so enthused me. Same with Minds before.

    It’s probably beneficial for prolific content generators, but I haven’t any interest in social media any longer.

  10. ‘And the “right” i.e. neocons/GOP are willing accomplices.’ — Mike

    A small note of hope: the ghastly neocon Nimirata wench came in third in Iowa.

    Meanwhile, an aide of the winner (Trump) said,

    “[His] approach is to go back to all-out fossil fuel production and sit on the EPA,” said Steve Milloy, a former Trump transition team adviser who is well known for his industry-backed attacks on climate science [sic; LOL]. — Politico

    Yessssssss! Black gold … Texas tea!

  11. ‘X/Twitter is the big player, social media-wise.’ — eric

    Large-scale social media — X, Facebook, YouTube — is heavily monitored and shaped by Big Gov. A large sample size helps confer statistical significance on trending topics observed there.

    Selective amplification and shadow banning of individual posts is a brilliant and highly effective propaganda technique. The hand of Big Gov is invisible, yet omnipresent.

    Occasionally I’ll watch content on these sites. But I’m registered on none of them, and contribute nothing. I don’t even do Amazon reviews anymore.

    These sites are fake communities. We owe them nothing. Leech anything that’s useful; trash the rest.

  12. How ironic is it that many people who were on “The Left” in the 1960s protesting the Vietnam War & the establishment at that time are now THEMSELVES the establishment? For example, just 3 years ago, many of them were DEMANDING that people who go to their concerts or shows show proof of COVID vaccination, and now they also seem hell bent on pushing numerous wars that could make the Vietnam War look like a skirmish by comparison.

    • Hi John,
      That is the part I just don’t understand, what happened to the peace demonstrators? I personally did volunteer work for Eugene McCarthy and later George McGovern and I certainly wasn’t alone. Maybe as they aged and got the good job, the kids, and the house with the white picket fence they decided to go all in with the Establishment and the saaaaaafety cult. Now that they infest the bureaucracy they want to hang onto power forever; time for these old farts to step aside and give the next generation a chance to screw things up. Not looking forward to a rerun of Trump vs. Biden, if I vote at all I will write in RFK,Jr.

      • Hi Mike,

        I’m not looking forward to a rerun of Trump v Biden either. There are still people out there who hate Orange Man sooooooooooo much they’ll vote for Biden again if that’s what it takes to keep Orange Man from ever becoming President again, even though Joe Biden has been an absolute DISASTER as “President” and done virtually EVERYTHING “The Left” claimed Trump would do if he became President. Examples include going after political enemies, pushing for starting WWIII, ruling like an authoritarian dictator, mandatory COVID vaccinations, corruption, etc.

    • They weren’t protesting the Establishment, they were protesting the rightest Establishment. Now that the Left controls it, they’ve achieved exactly what they were protesting for.

  13. The left is like the party host that insults their guests then wonders why everyone leaves. Then, instead of changing just doubles down.

    There are only 50 million “users” on X these days, according to a quick search. I’m one of those users, although I don’t post and don’t seek out information there. I will click on a link from one of my friends or someone I follow on Mastodon, but otherwise I don’t spend any time on X. But I count as one of the 50 million. After pulling my account in 2016 I restarted with a new account last year, and didn’t see much that I don’t get elsewhere, namely Mastodon.

    But I used to be somewhat active on Twitter, following a few dozen people who had common interests (that were in no way political). Then all the sudden I started getting a lot of politically charged tweets in my timeline. At some point I spent more time blocking accounts than reading the timeline. I guess they were paid, or “suggestions” IDK, but for sure they weren’t anything I was looking for. One morning I got nothing but blockable content, and I pulled my old account and left.

    I’m on a fairly active Mastodon server and we’re mostly of the same mind, but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Middle Eastern related rhetoric on the timeline, and frankly I’m a little surprised to see it. I thought anyone who put ten minutes of thought into the subject would realize they’re being played by someone, but I guess not. And I’ve started blocking again.

    At this point I’m not sure where I want to go, possibly start my own Mastodon server. That way I’ll only get posts from people I really follow and nothing else. If anything it would probably greatly reduce my screen time, which is also a benefit. Mastodon is very far from perfect, but as long as you’re selective (and never look at the global timeline!) it isn’t a bad experience.

    • ReadyK,

      I’d never heard of Mastodon, but it looks like an interesting and preferable alternative to the others by the way in which it’s done, with this concept of federated servers. If I had much interest in social media at all, I’d probably head in that direction.

      • The global federated feed is the worst human beings can be. And the server admins are in charge of who federates with whom, so there’s a very good chance a server that isn’t all-in on “The Agenda” is going to be blocked. But that’s OK. I think the Global Village concept has proven to be a complete failure, and it’s time to figure out how to build online communities that don’t have any expectation of including everyone.

        You know, like IRL works.

  14. It’s not just “the left”, it’s the entire political fedgov system.
    It’s been weaponized by the left, yes. But the GOP knows it and effectively does nothing.
    D.C. is utterly corrupt.
    NIFO It’s the only way to be sure.


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