Voting Harder

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Is there any point to voting when it’s unclear whether your vote actually counts?

And – more to the point – whether other “votes” are counted to counteract yours?

The Left assures us that the elections aren’t fixed – whenever a Leftist “wins, as in Arizona, for instance. The same Leftists, on the other hand, insist the election was fixed . . . whenever a Leftist doesn’t win – as in 2016, for instance.

The people of Georgia are about to vote again. How many of them will actually vote for Raphael Warnock, the activist-grifter who wears a collar – as opposed to his opponent, the former football player Herschel Walker?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew – or could find out?

On both sides. So that neither side could claim the election was fixed? That would actually serve to “protect our democracy,” which is probably why the Left greatly opposes it. And it is equally telling – in the opposite direction – that the non-Left has no problem with it. One side is not confident about its popularity – and will (and has) done everything shy of calling off elections entirely to make sure no one can question its putative popularity.

The other side – which is the one all Americans ought to be on – ought to do something about that. Or insist it be done before they ever vote again, on the same principle that Charlie Brown ought to stop trying top kick the @%@!!! football again – until Lucy is replaced by someone else who won’t pull it away at the last moment.

As happened recently in AZ, for instance – where the Leftist running for governor also happened to be the Leftist who controlled the election for governor. Voting under such circumstances makes about as much sense as Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football again, with Lucy holding it.

There are two years ahead before the next national elections. That ought to be plenty of time to make elections legitimate again. Which is essential if America is ever to be made great again.

As opposed to a a banana republic, forever and again.

In the first place, election day – as it was for all of this country’s history, up until recent history. No more election weeks. Or months. The day of the election is the day you vote – as well as the day the votes are counted and the results announced. If this could be done in 2016 it could have been done in 2020 and 2022 – and 2024, to come.

No early or absentee voting except in cases of legitimate inability to show up on election day, at the polling place. Legitimate reasons being active military personnel away from home and people who cannot easily leave their homes on account of real physical handicaps.

As opposed to phobias.

Everyone else is not only expected but required to show up – in person – to obtain a driver’s license. Or get an EBT card, for that matter.  If that “burden” isn’t too great – and no Leftist has yet asserted it is – then it is not too great a burden to require that the able show up to vote.

This would also serve to circumvent the Leftist tactic of gauging which group of potential voters to target most heavily with advertising/door-to-door canvassing and even bus-them-to-the-polling place efforts by gauging which voters already have – and which candidates they are likely to have voted for. And then going after those who haven’t voted – and who are likely to be more persuadable to vote  . . . for Leftists.

There ought to be uncertainty on election day.

Everyone who votes ought to be obliged to establish they have the right to vote – as by producing a driver’s license, just the same as everyone must to buy a beer. There should be no question in anyone’s mind that only voters voted.

And, finally, every vote ought to be tied to a voter – so that in the event there is any question about the results of the vote, they can be checked. As opposed to “re-counted.” The latter merely confirms a fixed result, as in 2020. Assuring each vote is a rightful vote is how you prevent a fixed election – and catch one, after it happens.

Who could object to any of the foregoing – other than those who like to fix elections? The  fact that Leftists do object only highlights the urgency, the necessity, of these measures – without which voting again, come 2024, will have the same result as it did in 2022 and 2020.

There is much more dignity in not bothering to vote in such an election. Just as Charlie Brown would do better to stop trying to kick the football that Lucy is certain to pull away, again.

. . .

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  1. I like my state’s early voting. We don’t use paper ballots or drop boxes or universal mail-in. You have to show up and show your ID and vote on the machine. The vote – so they say anyway – is not counted until election day. My county typically starts it M-F at the courthouse about a month before election day, then adds in 3-4 polling sites (voting centers all residents can use regardless of precinct) two weeks before and a couple of Saturdays before. If I had to go stand in line for 4 hours on the designated election day, I probably would not bother. I don’t care about anything enough to stand in line 4 hours in November in Indiana … it’s usually cold and raining here in November. And I have a job and deadlines and a million other concerns more important than which cookie-cutter douchetard want to run things. (They all suck. I only vote based on the degree of suckage, as in: which suckage is the least offensive to me?) But yes, I usually try to learn a bit about them and go cast a ballot. I’ve not completely given up on “our de-mock-cra-cieeeeee.”
    In 2016, you couldn’t get near a polling site in my county, which is very red, even with our extensive early voting. People were waiting in the parking lots to vote for Trump. My husband and went on a Saturday, saw the 4 hour wait and decided to leave. I came back later, taking a mid-day break from work the next Thursday and still had to wait an hour. He waited until election day and there was a computer snafu at one site, a line around the block at another and finally he went to the boonies in our county and got in. We both were able to vote, albeit it was a pain in the ass, because there were options, both in times and locations.
    I understand that we should vote and we should want to vote, but I have my limits as far as how much of my time I let this take up.
    I’m not sure we need the full month of early voting we have, but a few alternative days, including a Saturday, are definitely good, I think. Everyone who wants to do it should be able to with some ease and convenience. It shouldn’t be like a Russian bread line.

    • They shouldn’t even hold the elections in Nov. – you should only be able to cast a vote as an adjunct to filing your taxes. It wouldn’t be that difficult to program the entire slate of candidates from local all the way up to federal races based on the zip code or address that was entered on the return. Either that, or upon filing the return, you’re directed to website (or given a code & a link) that can only be accessed after filing & if you choose to close it or skip it then your SOL as far as casting a vote (this would probably be raciss, because all the EIC recipients want their refund money and won’t go to the trouble of casting votes)
      Then we could be certain that citizens who pay taxes are the only ones that are voting, there’s no duplications, & despite the aforementioned concern, we’d probably log more actual ballots than any previous election.

      • RE: vince November 30, 2022 At 3:32 pm

        The problem is lots of people pay taxes but get more back from the government. Especially the wealthy.

        • The poor and the wealthy yes. The wealthy buy the politicians and they buy the poor folks votes with tax dollars. So we know who gets f’d there. Only net positive taxpayers hould be allowed a vote, includng government employee leeches and military (same thing)

    • THIS, was great stuff, Amy, esp. these two:

      “(They all suck. I only vote based on the degree of suckage, as in: which suckage is the least offensive to me?)”

      “It shouldn’t be like a Russian bread line.”

      …Or, like going to the D.M.V. ~ eh?

      Same thing.

  2. A good read out there now is at Donald Jeffries site.

    It is a story about his brother who was abused by the system.

    It happened on November 22, 1963.

    Read “I Protest” at the substack. It’ll make you really wonder, then will make you cry, then you’ll probably be angered.

    Since it happened on the day Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, I’ll post it on the vote harder entry.

    Everyone is traumatized now.

  3. I thought of your article when I read a headline of the local newspaper. In the next county over, with a population of 174,669, a county supervisor race is being recounted because the difference is only six votes.


    Perhaps, on the local level, there is a point to voting, IF people follow some of the stuff/tactics Allan Stevo mentions in this bit:

    ‘I Want a Win. Do You?’

    “I have watched the dead vote. I have watched elections be stolen. I grew up in the toxic political environment of Chicagoland politics. I know that politics is a crime of opportunity. If someone is there watching — or at least looking like they are watching — the crime can’t happen. If that person isn’t watching, well there are plenty of political operatives who are trained that you’d practically be an idiot not to commit the crime and save your nation from the evil other guy.

    And though I am referring to voting, I don’t just mean to be vigilant at the polling place, I mean in all areas of government and in all areas of life. It is vigilance that is so necessary to defend your freedoms.” …

    YMMV, I suppose? Idk.

  4. i dont get why in the US they have to go through the trouble of rigging elections. Why dont they do like the UK and just buy over both sides, so whoever wins the same policies continue!!!

  5. I love the idea of using EBT cards as ID, Eric. Brilliant!

    No one, sure as fuck, seems to have a difficult time getting one of THOSE!

    • Hehe, BaDnOn…. Seeing as most carriers of EBT cards seem to be obese, maybe instead of fingerprints, *they* could use fart stains to identify ’em!

  6. Voting for the lesser of two evils is meaningless especially when they backstab you like orange fail did with appointing people in the club and backing off his promises. We need actors not snake oiled salesman or a third party the we the people party

    • Hey Jason,

      A couple of states are using ranked-choice voting, which appears to be being attacked by Republicans at this time, mostly due to Sarah Palin losing the election when some Republican voters didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

      But I believe ranked-choice voting is the lesser-of-two-evils killer, and perhaps would lead to the defeat of political parties altogether if widely adopted.

  7. In our county in CA it was determined that 60% of the votes were mailed in ballots. The ballots could be dropped off at ballot drop offs located at for profit businesses and postmarked as late as election day. Three weeks later votes are still being counted for certain positions which have not been called yet. I voted this way too for the first time in my life because in 2020 when I went to the polling place all they would do is accept my mailed ballot. Rendering going to the polling place pointless, This must not be allowed to continue. It takes longer to count the ballots because the signature on the ballot must be matched to the one on the envelope. In the past once they verified your identity at the precinct you would vote then slip the unsigned ballot into the vote counting machine device on the way out. Boom done your vote was counted.

  8. Democrats in Congress vote to fund Ukraine 40,000,000,000 dollars to continue the slaughter in Ukraine. The vote was 368 for and 57 against.

    AOC voted for it and then was heckled by anti-war activists.

    Nancy probably voted for the aid package.

    Democrats are fomenting discord everywhere, apparently.

    Bernie Sanders voted for the aid package.

    Republicans vote for aid to Ukraine so more people in Kiev can be bombed right into the Stone Age. No water, no place to go, no heat, food becomes a problem. You’ll find a new place to be.

    500,000 displaced Americans, homeless, know the score, can empathize with extirpated Ukrainians. You vote with your feet under those circumstances.

    That’s what you’ve been voting for, a corrupt gov and another banker war because corporations are in deep in Ukraine.

    Congress is being influenced on how to vote, me thinks.

    The good news is you always have the right to vote for it all every two or four years. Some choice, fraud, corruption, malfeasance, you get to vote until the cows come home these days.

    Changes not one thing.

    I read a report that Polish mercenaries fighting for Ukraine refused orders from Ukraine commanding officers, mutinied and shot them dead. You never know what is going to happen, all is fair in love and war.

    FTX should be able to fix it all.

  9. None of this election crap matters once you understand that the whole idea of representative government is absurd. When someone truly represents me, he will do as I say – every time. These so-called representatives cannot represent even two people who have opposing opinions on a given piece of legislation. So how can they represent thousands, or millions? It takes a special kind of idiot to believe this fourth-grade civics class fairy tale.
    What needs to be destroyed is the stupid notion that when there is an important decision to be made, it must be voted on – directly or indirectly – and then the result forced on everybody.
    Voluntary exchange is the path to prosperity, innovation, and peace. You pick what you want, I pick what I want, and we pay for it ourselves. When was the last time you saw a fight in the dairy aisle over whole vs. skim vs. two percent?

    • When I read, “None of this election crap matters once you understand that…” I thought you were gonna mention how they all – most of ’em anyway – want us all dead.

      ‘Food? Or fuel? Freedom? You pick.’

      “We are in unprecedented times that make us look and feel like a third world country and in my opinion it’s on purpose.”

      Here’s the video ~rant… of… paying attention?:

  10. “Is there any point to voting when it’s unclear whether your vote actually counts?”
    Has it ever? Does it now? When your choice is between one psychopath and a lesser psychopath?

  11. It took me exactly one election–the ’94 midterms–to realize what George Wallace said many years ago of both parties was true: “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them.” Haven’t voted since.

    FYI, the latest issue of National Review–the CIA-funded “conservative” magazine–features the Republic elephant and Democrat donkey painted half red, half blue on the cover, symbolizing the merger of the two parties. They really have become the uniparty.

  12. Is it any wonder why govt controlled elections are fraudulent?

    Many moons ago I used to think they weren’t but that naive notion quickly dissipated as it soon became obvious and I realized the books were cooked. And no I’m not talking just a few of years of dishonesty by the sammy corp. This hoax has been ongoing, possibly since day one, and it’s happening at every level of govt. It’s just that their crime is now so easy to spot & so entirely blatant that even John & Jane Doe can see it for what it is.

    Most here would agree that whenever there’s lack of accountability & transparency you’ll always have corruption. And that goes in spades for the mob consisting of 4m federal, 5.5m state, and 14.2 million local government employees. To expect these people to police themselves is the absolute height of naiveté, gullibility & ignorance.

    Whenever someone possess an economic advantage, or an ‘edge’ if you will, they will always do anything to keep it going, including lying, cheating, stealing, or even murder. The govt cartel is no different than any other gang in their actions to maintain the status quo. And until there is open transparency and accountability the fix will always be in. And the way to accomplish this is for elections to be conducted by the private sector, or at least give them complete oversight of the process.

    I like the idea of having having steering committees throughout govt. I know, I know, it’s a pipe dream.

  13. Well established in Washington state, long ago Dino Rossi (R) lost the governor race after the Dems gathered enough “lost, missing” ballots to put Queen Christine over the top after THREE recounts. That the court system allowed these extra ballots was a travesty. Shockingly the Repubs managed to get a challenge into court, where they promptly screwed the pooch with ineptitude.

    The media in this state is totally in bed with Dems, for decades. Local reporter Mona Lee married the governor Gary Locke. Seattle reporter Charles Royer became mayor. TV reporter Dana Middleton became Gregoire’s press secretary. Co workers that moved here from other states wondered “what’s with the love fest between the press and your government?”

    Vote by mail only for decades here, there is no point in recounts when you can’t establish legit ballots once removed from the signed envelopes. Their soothing solution is you can go online to make sure yours got counted. Great, how about all the illegitimate ballots? Who’s fixing that mess? No one, they deny any problems.

  14. I’m so old I remember when one voted one got to keep the serialized STUB of their ballot! Now, one winds up with one of those fake and gay “Ah Vooted” stickers as if were a grade school novelty foil star.

    • I just noticed that too!

      The last time I got a stub to prove I voted was in 2019.

      The stub is one’s receipt, so to speak, of having voted.

      So now there’s literally no receipt to prove that you voted.

      Come to think of it, that now makes perfect sense.

  15. Mitchell Henderson, who appears weekly on the Jeff Rense radio show, and he states how the leftist commies regularly steal elections through an illusion that it was closely contested.

    Mami’s Shit website posts the Jeff Rense interviews:
    Usually the same night or next day.

    Jeff Rense (Ashland, Oregon) in on weeknights 6-9pm PST, then repeated 9-12 pm. Mitchell Henderson is a must listen, interviewed once a week, click on this link at 6pm PST and his hour interview time will be posted (usually the 2nd or 3rd hour)


    Elections are now engineered illusions, He says Democracy is over, the US gov is making war on you, there will never be a fair election again.


    This interview(hour 3) is the day before the midterm election:

  16. I read where a group called Omega4 America likely saved Ron Johnson his senate seat by going after the voter rolls. One way of cheating is for the Demo-Marxists to harvest ballots from the dead, people who have moved away, false addressing. What Omega did is quite simple. Clean up the voter rolls by: comparing names with public records, sending out mailed post cards and any returned with “no one at this residence”, using public records to check the address is not a post office box, etc. Omega went directly to the county voter registrar and did not depend upon the state attorney general to do anything. Their goal was to clean up the voter rolls just enough to foil the Demo-Marxist plan. They did not have to get all the ballots they harvest but just enough. They found some county voter registrars cooperative others not, but they got enough voter rolls cleaned to get Johnson a win.

    Omega states that any candidate *must* have a voter role clean-up strategy or they don’t have a chance. I understand most of these people were volunteers and came up with at least a tactic to help minimize/eliminate cheating. I think they are heroes.

    • Great idea Hans but what banana republic do we live in where you have to do this strategy? It’s obscene. And of course, it only tamps down the cheating a bit. In Arizona, they simply disabled voting machines for same day voting in deep red areas of Maricopa County, resulting in hours waits and/or misread ballots. Along with all the other tricks of course.

  17. The GOP are such complete traitors that they give the people of Georgia a choice between a leftist, anti-white racist lying Democrat and a puppet brain damaged imbecile Republican.
    Any rational small business owner who isn’t corrupt could do a better job for voters than either of those sell-outs.
    As usual the voters have no choice at all.
    That has been the case for decades.
    Voting will not solve anything.
    DC can’t be reformed. The entire place is filled with looting traitors.
    NIFO – Nuke it from orbit.

  18. Theres a recent article that said the Republican establishment is just fine with populists like Kari Lake and Blake Masters losing. The thought is that even if they are Republicans, they’re not the “right” kind of Republicans. Orange Turd is in this basket as well of course. They don’t want genuine populists gaining traction and overturning the Order, hence the deafening silence about the steal in Arizona and elsewhere, including from the RINO governor here Ducey. Ducey had years to stop the fraud but as with everything, did nothing and is saying nothing. Probably chuckling to himself.

    So the fix is in, no more fair elections or anywhere close and the few populist pipsqueaks who break through have the communists and their Republican enablers, the billionaires, and the media wall against them.

    Game over.

  19. In Oregon, there were some media outlets that called that state’s gubernatorial race FOR wannabe queen Tina Kotek when only about half of the statewide vote count was completed. The soon to be ex-governor, Kate Brown, resorted to acting like a QUEEN during the “pandemic” and DESTROYED the lives of COUNTLESS Oregonians with her decrees for lockdowns and mask/ vaxx mandates. That, along with Oregon effectively turning into a $#!+ hole under her reign, and Portland making Oregon a national embarrassment, likely led to Brown being the MOST UNPOPULAR GOVERNOR in the whole country. And yet, we’re to believe that people WANTED 4 more years of Kate Brown via soon to be new Queen Tina Kotek, who could well be WORSE than Brown? I don’t buy that for one minute, especially when independent candidate Betsy Johnson regularly polled at 19% during the campaign but somehow only got 9% during the “vote count”, and only a handful of counties VOTED for Tina Kotek, and Kotek somehow managed to barely squeak past 50%. A similar outcome resulted with AWFUL anti-gun Measure 114.

    • I live in Oregon also and made the same observations. There is this guy Mitchell Henderson, who appears weekly on the Jeff Rense radio show, and he states how the leftist commies regularly steal elections through an illusion that it was closely contested.

      First they state on the mass media the election is closely contested during the runup.

      Then their (very unpopular) candidate wins by less than 1%.

      Tiny Twat will appear to have won by a very slim margin. The rigged election will further drive counties into the greater Idaho project.

      • Hi Jiggers,

        Yup. I have a couple of friends who live there. I feel bad for them. Virginia – where I live – is better. God only knows for how much longer…

      • Jiggers,

        Kate Brown already turned Oregon into Portlandia to some degree under her 8 years as Queen, and new Queen to be Tina Kotek will likely finish what Kate Brown started during her time as Queen. There are people I know who REALLY think that the new Queen to be will “Magically fix the state’s homelessness problem” or make things better in Oregon. They’re going to be in for a RUDE AWAKENING when Oregon becomes even MORE of a $#!+ under Queen Kotek unless there’s some intervention from a higher authority.

  20. There are two things that scare me about elections: That the votes of the people will not be honestly counted so as to reflect the will of the majority, and….that they would be. Either way, we lose.

    Considering such, the former might actually be better, for the more who see the blatant corruption of the system, the more who will abandon it and thus be less likely to be subject to it- and people so affected, regardless of what political ideology they hold, will be more likely to be advocates of of at least some form of liberty- or at the very least, cease to be complicit with the system, and cease trying to use it as a means to coerce others.

    We’d be better of if both libruls AND ‘conservatives’ are affected by this, because the system derives it’s power from the participation of both- but the more who go “off the farm”, the less power will be delegated to the system, and the more people will be living more independently of the system.

    Elections- honest or dishonest- are one of the biggest hindrances to liberty- thus likely why the pols so salivate to use their mercenaries to “establish democracy” around the world. “Just get out there and vote”…..

    • Absolutely. Which is worse, completely fraudulent show elections or legitimate ones that give us the likes of Fetterman or Biden (or any of the other 535 reptiles in DC)?

    • Liburals and conservatives both disgust me, though their treatment of Orange Fail solidified my position to oppose them if at all possible. That said, participation in the voting process is no longer a workable option

  21. Maybe we should transfer the vote tabulation to the various state lottery commissions. Even in the multi-state “Powerball” lottery, the results are known within hours of the drawing.
    We could do no worse.
    On another note, those who commit vote fraud should be incarcerated for 20 years with no chance for parole.

  22. As long as the scum running things have vote by mail, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, no chain of authority, observers kicked out, security cameras “suddenly” stop working, no I.D., voting month instead of voting only on one day; then why in hell even bother to vote?!

    • This is it Allen. Of all the things Eric mentioned in the article, (and he mentioned them all), The unsecured drop boxes are the most rife with fraud. No vetting of who puts what in there. Why anyone still believes in this kabuki ritual, is beyond my bandwidth.


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