Orange Man and the Other Man

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Putin is Russian and Orange Man is American – and that’s what they have in common.

They are both nationalists. Or at least, they represent resurgent nationalist-populist movements in their respective countries that very much alarm the international corporate elites that despise them both.

Putin puts Russia and Russia’s interest first. It is why there’s a war going on in “Kyiv” – which used to be Kiev in the West, because in the West people used to speak English rather than superciliously speak the language of some other country to demonstrate how international they are. Putin would not abide the slow-creep of the internationalist octopus extending its greasy tentacles into Russian territory nor threaten it, as by using “Kyiv” as as kind of geopolitical puppet, much the same as the senescent grifter currently posing as president of this country is used as a puppet by the same forces, bent on the same thing as regards this country.

Which is being invaded by an international horde of people from all over the world, the obvious intent being to turn this country into an internationalist paradise – for the multinational-corporate elites who intend to profit from it and control it. A place where a heterogenous population with no common culture is easily kept distracted and squabbling among themselves. A place that is no longer America – as distinct from other places.

Orange Man threatens that.

Just as Putin threatens the same interests prolonging the war in “Kyiv.”

And that is why there is such unified opposition among the internationalists to both men.

They must be stopped!

They – the internationalists – are almost in hysterics now and rightly so. Because it is no longer even about Orange Man, the man. Were he to disappear from the scene tomorrow, the nationalist-populist resurgence would continue because the people have awakened to the plans and intentions of the internationalists. The people begin to understand what is going on because it is no longer a far-away possibility viewed from a position of comfortable security. It is an immediate threat to the people, who cannot help but notice their putative “leaders” are openly contemptuous of them and their interests.

It is interesting in this respect to observe the way Orange Man’s slogan about Making America Great Again prompts fulminating fury from the internationalist-corporatists. Why? What is so terrible about wanting to make America great – and put Americans first – again? Why, the same thing that triggered the same people back in the early ’80s, when Ronald Reagan used very similar language as a rallying cry against the very same interests, who’d been at work, like termites, to undermine America for years.

Those termites never went away; they just burrowed deeper. They did what they could to undermine Reagan (among other things, deriding him as senile when he was much younger and much more cogent than the current internationalist puppet) but it was not yet their time; they had not gotten the grip they now have over the institutions, which the’ve long since marched through.

They revealed themselves openly in 2020 for the first time. Let us know exactly what they have in mind for us – and not just us. For the world. The “pandemic,” as it was styled, was clearly an orchestrated event, the way it played out – which could never have happened as it did if it had not been planned and orchestrated. Do you remember how conveniently available all those dehumanizing plexiglass cash register shields and “walk this way only” stickers were?

As if they’d been stocked up and kept at the ready.

And, of course, the “pandemic” play unfolded just in the nick of time to get rid of the Orange Man (who foolishly or even perhaps complicitly played along) in favor of the internationalists’ man. That part went to plan but the rest of the plan has been falling apart ever since. The internationalists inadvertently energized the very nationalist-populist sentiments that they worried Orange Man had awakened. More fundamentally, the self-interest that underlies nationalist-populist sentiment. It is a suicidal impulse to place the interests of strangers – without limit or qualification – over those of yourself, your family, your community, your country.

Sane people are not interested in committing suicide – particularly not for the sake of random strangers, without limit or qualification. And it is that healthy impulse – the life impulse itself – that Orange Man and Putin have awakened and which the internationalist-corporatists rightly regard as an existential threat, to them.

Because it is.

And that is why they’ve pulled out just about all the stops in their effort to do something to put the genie back in the bottle. It is entirely possible they will deliberately incite a real war – one involving real death, right here – or something similarly apocalyptic – because, for them, it is apocalyptic.

Tucker Carlson nailed it, I think, in his recent commentary with Jordan Peterson in which he talked about a “collision” that’s coming. It’s not between the senescent grifter and the Orange Man.

It is between us – and them.

We’re winning, too. And they know it.

. . .

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  1. Over at the Libertarian site Lew Rockwell the comparison was made between Russian opposition Navalny and US reporter Gonzalas Lira:

    Navalny and Lira: A Case Study in Western Hypocrisy
    By Karen Kwiatkowski
    February 19, 2024

    Navalny’s recent incarceration in Siberia comes of the heels of a less reported imprisonment and death of an actual pro-democracy, transparency, anti-corruption US, UK, and Ukrainian gadfly – who died of untreated pneumonia in a Ukrainian prison. Gonzalo Lira, a 55-year-old American citizen, married father of two, was a journalist and commentator.

  2. Tucker Carlson Goes Shopping: Russian Economy Well Intact Despite Sanctions

    Russia cost of living….

    Rent….low end price…one bedroom apartment $200/month
    Food….$200 month
    Gas $2.40 gallon
    Car…New VW Golf….$24,000

    Average income single person…$15,000/year…income tax 13%…

    social security, pension, health care, paid 100% by employer…

    free health care for employee….

    U.S. has about 500% higher costs of living….

    Rent in Russia….low end price…one bedroom apartment $200/month…..sounds better then $4000/month in New York…..

    Russia….To buy a 400 sq ft one bedroom apartment about $40,000

    Attention….In Spain a 1 bedroom apartment starts at $200/month….

    Every country has the same control group controlling it…NWO/WEF/freemason/communists…., you can’t escape it… go to the one with the lowest cost of living…..

  3. Kevin O’Leary: ‘New York was already a loser state, like California is a loser state. I would never invest in New York now.’

    Rewind to a 13-year-old Jim H, confronted by Californicator Mimi D, an aspiring blonde supermodel who’d had her imminent arrival to our Galveston Bay community communicated to the locals by an advance publicity team.

    Texas is a reject state,’ Mimi smugly informed us, to baffled stares from her summoned, commandeered audience of gangly teenagers.

    Where are you now, Mimi D? Living in some libtard loser state like New York or California? I had the good sense to bail the f*ck out of New York, where I emigrated to start my career, long before the black-lipsticked Morticia Hochul turned it into a sordid hell on earth.

  4. Hi Eric, et al,

    Just wanted to drop in an let you know that the quality of your content keeps on improving. I agree that populism and nationalism are on the rise among actual productive people. I hope sanity returns to the U.S. but the best we can all do is to get our own lives in order. Keep up the great work.

  5. The MSM and their democrats present Russia as this homogenous blob. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is as diverse in culture, religion, etc as the US.

  6. New York City is going to fend for itself if the truckers’ boycott is successful. There are rats there, rats might want to find more comfortable digs if a food shortage becomes reality. Rats to human ratio in urban population centers is like 10 to 1.

    There are one million Asians living in New York City, 573 thousand are Chinese and rats have been on the chef’s menu in China for centuries.

    I have an old National Geographic magazine that has a photo of a rat and a dog hanging ready to sell in a meat market store in a city in China.

    7,000,000 New Yorkers on a scavenger hunt for food, rats will be prey. It’ll help reduce the rat population in NYC. A win win there. Obesity might begin to wane for overweight starving New Yorkers, Hillary could stand to shed a few pounds of cellulite. Chinese restaurants in Chinatown will be booked full morning noon and night. Chinatown in NYC is a sight not soon to be forgotten.

    Pigeon coops will be made great again.

    A trucker boycott will help clean up NYC.

    New Yorkers will receive an education involuntarily attending the School of Hard Knocks.

    There are 3.5 million truckers in the United States. Each trucker can donate 100 dollars to Trump’s defense fund, that’ll be 350 million dollars. Problem solved.

    The gaping maw of the Vampire Squid will just steal it all.

    Trump is merely the catalyst for what was going to eventually happen anyway.

    More fun this way, fun to watch the culprits squirm some.

    • I don’t think it will be successful. They will freeze the bank accounts of the truckers and they will fold like a deck of cards. They tried this in Canada. Better to avoid the city instead of engage in a protest.

      The orange man won’t utter a peep about it and will continue to blather and endorse RINOs. I’m sick of his act.

    • Hi Funk,

      Agreed – but I think it no longer matters. Trump is a tool. One we can use. I see him in the same light as I would an AK left on the battlefield. I’d pick it up and use it, if that’s all I had. Trump is what we have. I don’t dispute a jot or tittle of the many complaints leveled against him. But I think they are beside the point. They hate him so much I grow to love him, if you take my meaning.

  7. Off topic comment here — and by a country mile. Tough toenails.

    I decided to watch just a few minutes of the US Indoor T&F Championships and happen to catch the start of the women’s 1500m. As the race started I couldn’t help but notice one of the contestants just didn’t look quite right. I thought to myself, “no, they wouldn’t allow some queer-bait fag in the race, they just wouldn’t, would they?” Wrong! They did, and he went on to win the fraking race !!!! Now, just to be sure I later looked up the facts about this slim-ball cheater, and yep, he’s a he.

    And of course, nary a word from any(!) female competitors, let alone any limp-D_ck males, about the immorality of a male competitor competing with females. Good gawd, Give me a break!

    Sorry to raise the roof Eric. Thanks for the chance to vent off some pent up anger.

    • You know this world has gone crazy when you cannot state the obvious. That there are only 2 genders and that there are distinct differences between the two.

    • …”And of course, nary a word from any(!) female competitors”

      …Nor, from their parents.

      There’s something, within both, which has just shriveled up & died. ?

      A.k.a., “you’re a dummy” I.e., “get your kids out of these demonic encampments […] that’s the only way.”…

      Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara

      ‘Truckers Hit Back at NYC Politics’

      • This is when I wonder where all the feminists have gone? Why are they not rising up against these males who cannot compete and win at anything without utterly destroying female sports? Oh, I could say more but will leave it at that. I will finish with thinking that this country has lost its mind

        • Feminism is what has caused the “problem” in the first place.
          It would appear that the feminists are finally getting their comeuppance with the imposition of biological men into womens’ sports. The feminists don’t like it one bit, but go along with it because they (still) insist that they can do whatever a man can do and are too arrogant and self-serving to admit that men and women ARE different and complement each other.
          Allowing biological males on women’s’ sports teams is not only wrong, but insane. Mental illness has been normalized and will only damage women’s’ sports further if allowed.
          Women need to boycott any sports competition that allows biological males to compete against women and let the sports promoters know why.

          • Yeah. My answer is I don’t give a crap. I think that these women sports BS teams are just there to promote lesbianism. I’ve had it with all of it. It’s the most faggy damned thing I’ve seen

    • To add:

      … “NGOs serve as weapons with which to revolutionize society and to replace natural life with Woke ideology and its amoral and immoral values.

      Every Western country is being watered-down with diverse elements that destroy the unity of the country, turn it into a tower of babel, replace sexual and Christian morality with legitimization of sin, and transform traditional citizens into undesirables, arrogantly rejecting the majority […]

      No one is funding a countervailing effort. Indeed “our” governments provide matching funds for the NGOs. This is what I mean when I speak of the genocide of the West.”

      …I.e. things sure are fucked up. …On purpose.

    • Hi Paul,

      No worries – I’m glad you did raise the roof! I find this infuriating, too. As a man. What kind of man enters a contest of physical strength with women? A pussy, is what kind of man. I read stories like this one and it just boggles me, the bullying, narcissistic effrontery of it. As any man knows, it’s not a fair contest – because men are vastly stronger than women, on average. I’m a guy in his 50s, so well past my prime – but I can still bench about 300 pounds – which makes me stronger than probably 99.8 percent of biological females on this planet, including elite female athletes in their 20s. I cannot imagine entering a strength-type contest with women and stealing the trophy from them.

      I agree with those who urge women – biological women – to refuse to “compete” with men in women’s sports. That would end this grotesque farce pronto.

      • This is when I wonder where all the feminists have gone? Why are they not rising up against these males who cannot compete and win at anything without utterly destroying female sports? I am thinking that this country has lost its mind. The problem is these people demand we conform to their delusions.

        • Why does Klobacher still sit at her gay sex defiled desk in the Capital Building? (don’t walk in the building, but having anal sex in the open is AOK!) Gross. I would have publicly performed an exorcism at that desk and then loudly QUIT. Women have canceled themselves. I know, I’m a woman, and most women would rather kill themselves than say boo about gay/transgender/vestite men overtaking society.

        • Amen, Shadow –

          Mental illness has been normalized; worse, pathological narcissism is tolerated – rewarded. A man who insists on being regarded as a woman – literally – is a freak and an asshole. He is something worse if he insists on being treated as if he were a woman, at the expense of women.

          I doubt this sort if disease is allowed to spread in Russia.

          • If these men were really treated like women they would never make it in a Muslim country where their genitals are mutilated for the sake of the man, wear bed sheets in public and are seen as less than dogs. Never mind the pains of childbirth and monthly menstrual cycles. Plus, most if them are ugly as hell trying to pretend they can look like a woman. It makes me wonder if I stepped into an insane time warp of some kind? Like in the TV show “Sliders”….and we slid right down into hades.

      • Maybe these males should up the ante and start competing against small kids. I mean you can be whatever age you want right? Just like you can decide your race and gender.

        • Exactly, RS –

          And: I foresee this going down a really dark road. If a man can claim to be a woman – and the system endorses this fiction and requires acceptance of this fiction – then why can’t a 60-year-old man “identify” as a 15-year-old and date 15-year-olds?

    • “And of course, nary a word from any(!) female competitors, let alone any limp-D_ck males, about the immorality of a male competitor competing with females.”

      It’s completely possible that their voices are not given airplay.

    • If it’s true that, “Truckers are (95%) Trump” do you suppose that just means the other 5% will get paid extra-xtra to deliver to NYC? …Or, just do it for the same pay?

      Who knows.

    • Hi Ray,

      Roger that; I’m following what’s going on with great interest. Truckers are the lifeblood of the economy. If they stop trucking, most people stop eating. It’s a tremendous power that I hope can be leveraged wisely.

      • Yeah, Eric – I agree with you on that, but the truckers are going to fold like a deck of cards. They will be debanked and depersoned. Just look at what happened to the people in Canada. It’s a war, we are losing for the moment, but it has to be fought asymmetrically, without public fanfare and it has to be wargamed properly to win. The problem I have with our side is that we telegraph everything. I think it is the result of having been silenced for tens of decades. In the 1970’s, our side was literally laughed off stage for being paranoid and whatever. Nixon was flown out on a helicopter (not that he wasn’t part of something), but he was. Democrats ran the show in the 70s through the mid 1990s. When a critical mass of people got sick of the bullshit, they voted in a nominal Republican majority headed by Newt Gingrich, an establishment figure. The Overton window was beginning to shift left around 1980. I digresss.

        We have been suppressed for so long, now that the alternative media is out there to broadcast our views, we shoot our mouths off before firing a shot. Public protests only work for the left. Not the right. We saw it in living color on Jan 6. We saw it with the truckers in Canada. Our side is censored. Alex Jones isn’t back on Fakebook. We are shadowbanned.

        I’m not saying this cannot be won, but the tools we have haven’t been spoken of.

        • Here’s the thing…

          In Canada the truckers got into trouble for doing something (protesting) (legally, as it turns out).

          Refusing to drive to NYC is *not* doing something.

          I am not aware that anyone has any kind of positive legal obligation to do anything for NYC. And if they did they would be slaves.

          So the “authorities” are a little bit over a barrel here.

          I’m sure they’ll come up with some kind of fatuous argument to justify it but they’ll have to squirm pretty hard to do it and in the process they undermine their legitimacy even more.

        • RE: “the truckers are going to fold like a deck of cards.”

          ‘Big Cities Will Burn’

          💥 Be READY to GET OUT 💥
          Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara

          A couple of choice comments below that video:

          “NY is terrible it’s filthy and violent the trash is all over and the rats are huge I was there and I was scared. I was in the semi we were delivering and the police said after 11:00pm don’t stop at the lights go through because the people are violent and they can rob your trailer while you are sitting at the red light !! Never will go back !”

          “Well if the trucks stop in the city what few do go in will get jacked and the operators of those the trucks will get hurt or worse. Furthermore when there is no food they will burn it down.
          The truckers are short in people to drive further more most young drivers lack the ability to handle a heavy truck in close quarters…”

          “…it’s not just the deliveries into NYC, it’s also the products coming back out. If drivers aren’t going in to deliver, they certainly won’t be going in to pick up loads. People forget that there are products coming out as well.”

          15 hrs ago: “I live about 5 hours north of NYC, not seeing anything like described in media….yet.”

          “There’ll still be deliveries to NY. Way too many people that need that paycheck. We’ll see by Friday….”

          “My daughter lives in Brazil. A few years ago, the truckers went on strike to protest the increase in fuel. It brought the country to their knees. No propane for the stoves. No food. It lasted three weeks….”

          “Anyone who listening to CB or HAM radio knows that the Trucker boycott of NYC is REAL and GROWING….”

          “…Glen Beck today. He talked with SEVERAL anyomous truckers saying at least 20-25% will no longer go into NYC. They will end up hiring unexpierenced drivers and up their pay for them to deliver to NYC!”

          “I’m jaded, I’ve seen too many hoopla-rah-rah events announced and they’ve all turned out suboptimally.”

          “Someone posted NYC trailer docks and truck weigh stations were empty, vacant, ghost towns….”

          13 hrs ago: “Yup…Philadelphia PA NE and right about now is when I see the truckers heading north on i-95 torward NY. …it’s like a ghost town. All I see is cars.”

          And, is it spreading? This, via Breitbart:

          ‘Shark Tanks’ O’Leary: After Trump Fraud Ruling, I Would Never Invest in ‘Mega Loser’ New York’

          “…I would never invest in New York now. I’m not the only person saying that.”

          [Who knows, what will happen?]

          • If you’re interested, here’s some more choice comments from this article,

            “Unless the company drivers have the support of the company paying them, it will not have much of an impact….”

            “Actually big companies don’t go into NYC at all anymore. It is all owner operated mostly because of the fees to just drive a rig into the NYC. The big trucking companies drop most goods off to warehouse in New Jersey where smaller trucking companies will make deliveries to NYC from. So yes NYC should be very worried.”

            “Those smaller companies will go broke if they do not deliver to NYC…”

            “Those trucking companies can hold out alot longer on their other contracts tan NYC can hold out without food. Sorry my money is on the truckers, not the politicians. Covid should have taught us this.”

            “…Oh and by the way, the trucker boycott is fizzling even before it got started.”

            “Those companies have no other business but to deliver from New Jersey to New York. They aren’t configured or likely permitted for OTR trucking.”

            “They have many other local contracts. New Jersey is the single most densely populated state.”

            “Note of fact. My buddy’s Monday morning run, is from Jersey to NYC. He got to work today, and all NYC run were canceled.”

            “NEWS FLASH…company driver Can & Do turn down loads”

            “… If truckers ever tried that, believe me, the corporations that need their freight moved would turn to the trains and planes and carry on.”

            “There are plenty of truckers who would gladly take all of this work.”

            “…I have been to Hunts Point market, where NU city’s food comes in. There is no doubt that most of the trucks at the dock are owner operators or drivers in owner operators trucks. I wish them all the luck….”

            “Who says it has to be just truck drivers? Someone has to unload them and many things can accidentally happen to a fork lift. Dispatch has phones that can go down and computers also make mistakes. Trucks can accidentally break down blocking traffic.”

            “maybe it won’t only be the trucks that break down. maybe cars break down on the bridge to manhatten. maybe they break down in areas of high traffic. interruptions like this can cause havoc in a city as busy as ny”

            “I don’t think you understand the purpose of this. It’s not a boycott, it’s an embargo. It will hurt the city businesses . Who is paying the premium? Certainly not the MAGA NYC faction. There isn’t one. Sure, business will find a way to operate, but it just got more expensive to do business in NYC. Businesses will curse Trump supporters but they won’t care. Then they will curse the politicians, they might care. It is very hard to say if it gets traction. It did in Canada but for different reasons.”

            “There are more than a dozen companies in my area shipping to that city every morning at 3am. There own DOT says 90 percent of what goes into the city is by truck. The numbers will be interesting to watch if it happens… Food, Fuel, and basic supplies alone is a lot of trucks.”

            “Yeah, almost all of those goods are not brought by long-haul truckers. Most gets close to or into NYC on rail or cargo ship and placed on short-haul trucks for final delivery.”

            “I’m fascinated by this. It will be interesting to watch.”

            “20 truckers refusing to haul loads to NYC is going to attract zero attention outside of Fox and OAN”

            “We’ll see. I’m curious as well. They said the same thing in Canada, and then the fearless leader up there had a meltdown…”

            “Yes. Most rigs go to outer areas to drop off and smaller trucks go into the city, plus rail and the port. Maybe the price of eggs will go up a penny.”

            “Ha ha…trucking industry is also known as “the last mile. Goods STILL need to get from ports and rails to final destination via trucks.”

            “This will have ZERO impact and I’d be willing to bet this is the last we ever hear of it.”

    • That’s why all the pro-war f@gs started calling it Kyiv!? I literally thought they changed the name when Russia “invaded.” That’s it! I’m gonna start calling the Fatherland “Bayern” instead of Bavaria, cause screw my fellow Americans, I guess. On a side note, I’ve always hated the way the teen “nationalist” is used in modern times. Instead, I think the term “American Independence” would have been better. To me, nationalism will always be an anti-states’ rights, anti-localism, Hamiltonian dream of centralization – a much needed precursor to Globalization, rather than the antidote for it (which Independence could be.)

  8. Thought you’d find this exchange interesting, I did:

    Catherine 02/18/2024 •
    Well. It seems like MCM & CAF [Catherine Austin Fitts] are working hard to push their liberal leftists agenda and I strongly feel their hatred of Trump is very clear. (Substack from this weeks post of MCM) And now it seems as though your guest is also helping destroy hope with his history lesson about how governments kill their ow citizens. Ho hum it happens all the time. Well I don’t believe that makes it acceptable. So even though Socrates predicts Trump will win your guest explains it’ may not going to happen because of the mountain of things against him.
    I am just tired and depressed of all the talking heads stating the bad stuff yet never speak of possible change in our favor because there really is not enough important voices being heard and acted on anywhere.
    Armstrong seems to have been told to paint a black picture so people loose hope and comply with the NWO.
    I have curtailed my reading Substack and even your platform is nerve wracking. Nothing will change in a good way….is the message The WHO, war and nuclear destruction , open borders , and of course banks fail. ..with no one not important one voice ever changing anything. We the people are just slaves and collateral damage. NO WAY OUT !!!
    WHO AND CBC WILL BE RUNNING OUR LIVES AND THE NEW CONTRIVED PLANDEMICS WILL REQUIRE THAT KILL SHOTS will be mandatory. COMPLIANCE WILL REIGN . I feel bad for the current state we are experiencing because it is terrible but no one will ever stop this destruction. God is allowing this situation and I guess it’s just His will to destroy our world.

    Greg Hunter 02/18/2024 •
    Don’t fret. What I wrote another commenter here about the MCM post gives a wider more objective picture of the CV19 kill plan and trump. It is below:

    This s what I wrote to another commenter about the Trump and the CV19 vax psyop:

    This is not totally fair as Catherine leaves out the Pfizer contract Trump got Pfizer to sign. Read it for yourself here: The Trump/Pfizer contract removed the Pfizer liability shield. Let that sink in. Again, removed the Pfizer liability shield. It required Pfizer to basically to follow the rules and produce a “safe and effective” CV19 vaccine.
    I have sent this to Catherine to read this contract. Pfizer had 63% of the CV19 global market and Trump’s goal was not have a mass murder and injure people with a contract like this.

    The story above is totally unfair and unobjective.

    I would like to know where Catherine gets the $10 billion number? If there is a contract for this, let’s see it. Who signed it? How much treason do you think was in our Deep State Government under the Trump administration? General Mark Millie said he would warn China if the US was going to attack. How many other examples of treason could you dig up? I say you can document many!

    We have also been told you cannot sue Pfizer. Really??? Tell that to Ken Paxton the AG or Texas: This is one of many stories you are not hearing on the Lying legacy Media. This is straight from the Texas AG’s office:
    This story you posted makes Trump out to be a murder with NO Evidence of this. At the very least, it is not as simple as Trump is either a murderer or an idiot. You must factor in the treason and criminal nature of the swamp. Catherine Austin Fitts said in a recent USAW interview, “The US government is being run as a criminal organization, and not just a little, but a lot.” As I said, there were lots of Deep State Traitors and criminals behind this. Was President Trump supposed to catch and oversee millions of Deep State traitors?? Do you think this is unreasonable for one man to do with an operation/psyop this intense and complicated??????? You can’t say the government is a “criminal operation” and turn around blame it all on ONE MAN.

    Trump did push the CV19 injections, and I told everybody to IGNORE Trump’s recommendation. Maybe he thought the CV19 shots were safe and would not think Pfizer would disregard the contract this radically after it signed it removing its NO LIABILITY SHIELD.

    I don’t know and you and anyone else does not know either. That is the rest of the story.


    • “God is allowing this situation and I guess it’s just His will to destroy our world.”

      No. God is allowing this situation and we have freewill to destroy our own world. We are doing it, all by our lonesome. It’s sad, but we chose it, not God.

    • Be careful,,, I got banned by Greg for stating stiction might be the reason Quarters were sticking to peoples skin. He said he didn’t care for people disagreeing with more intelligent guests or something to that effect. I don’t know,,, maybe he has a thing for Karen Kingston.

      • Yah, it’s super easy to get banned at USAWatchdog, that’s for sure. Surprisingly, he’s kinda touchy. Esp. for outside the box thinking and such like.

        As to having a thing for Karen Kingston, … who wouldn’t?

    • …..The Trump/Pfizer contract removed the Pfizer liability shield……

      Big Pharma Liability…

      One exception…migrants…illegals…

      They are not injected because only citizens are covered in the immunity agreement big pharma has with the government….

      Plus the replacement slaves must be healthy when they replace the existing injected slaves, in the cull….

      More exemptions….politicians, people in the court system,…judges……all the slave owners of course….and some others

  9. I think the rank-and-file democrats all see a failing leader in Biden. The Marxist-Democratic party is united in its quest to fundamentally change America into a vision of perpetual governance by their party and elections as window dressing to validity of their power.

    I think there are also completive internal interests to this power. Question: are the Obama’s running the party or do the Clintons still have some power? I’ve read some speculation that Hillary is still not out of the game. Also, our tax dollars are being sent to the most corrupt country in Europe (Ukraine) and no doubt much is being returned into the campaign coffers of the Marxist-Democratic party and some vichy republicans. If Biden drops out before the convention Hillary still has a sizable number of dedicated supporters and a network of cheaters. If Big Mike is a candidate, what would stop Hillary from throwing here name on the floor. She could effectively have an all-female ticket with her and Kamala (Big MIke and Kamala is not all female). If the cheat is executed well, Hillary wins then replaces Kamala with a Hillary loyalist. Could be war, could be pandemic, could be martial law declared due to a false flag event inditing MAGA and Trump.

    Like Tucker said, something big will happen, just what we do not know. But as Dr Peterson said we need to stay vigilant to the truth.

    • ‘an all-female ticket with her and Kamala’ — Hans Gruber

      That is but the camel’s toe nose under the tent. Wait for the all-female cabinet: Fani Willis as attorney general. Rachel Maddow as secretary of state. Suze Orman as treasury secretary. Gretchen Whitmer as head of Homeland Security … gahhh, sorry, had to rush to the toilet to heave lunch.

  10. One of Trump’s smartest moves was to intersperse his own security detail within his Secret Service protection detail. Objections to this security arrangement were made by the Secret Service, but Trump prevailed in his decision.
    This one move may have made it nearly impossible to “JFK” Trump…

      • Hi Horst,

        I am a great admirer of Ron Paul; however, he’s 89 and so much too old to be be VP at this point. I’d like to see someone much younger assume the role; someone who could take over from Trump after the latter’s second term and serve two more terms. Someone, in other words, who is young enough to be in the job for the next 12 years. RP would be well over 100 by then!

        • Agree, Eric. I wouldn’t find seeing Rand or Thomas Massie fill the role, but they don’t kiss Trump’s backside so that isn’t an option.

          • RG: Agree on both. I don’t know how it would play, but I like Mike Lee’s voting record, too. Kristi Noem would maybe increase the ticket appeal as an experienced administrator, also correct on most issues, who did a better job on The Covids than DeSantis in my opinion. The question with most is how much would Donnie dominate them and they would only be 4-year placeholders.

            And all have at least tiny skeletons in their closets, I suppose. So October Surprises on such as these who haven’t been in the limelight as much is always a danger. Everyone knew Trump was a pervert, so he got away with it.

            But I’ll probably sit it out again this year. Last vote I cast was for Ron Paul in primaries.

              • FDS: But if you play for the other team, that is kind of a virtue. Might get some of the swing vote.

                One does wonder at the source of the reports. At least it wasn’t the Russians this time. Her office does deny the affair. Where it goes from here is up for grabs. But then Donnie won after grabbing all that….

        • Hello Eric,

          My statement was in jest. I agree RP is too old to be VP, and wouldn’t play 2nd fiddle to Trump anyway even if he was young enough.

          But, they definitely wouldn’t whack Trump in that scenario.

  11. Seems like people on this site (including the author) have forgotten that Orange Man gave us the phony pandemic! (Read: He went along with the globalists plan of establishing an international “crisis” in order to destabilize the old world order and put in place a framework for worldwide personal tracking.)

    • Hi Arthur,

      I have not forgotten. My point – in writing the article – is that it’s bigger than Trump now. He’s just a symbol, or focal point. But what’s been awakened will not be going back to sleep. Will I vote for Trump? Assuredly. But I won’t really be voting for him. I’ll be voting against them, for hate’s sake (per Khan). Only this time, I hope, the “Enterprise” will not be able to warp out of the way in time …

      • Lots of hopium there Eric,,, I hope and pray you’re right… but… at 75 I have not seen any improvement over my lifetime. Just constantly worse. They’ll do anything, say anything to get elected. Then they do as they please. Well,,, We’ll see said the blind man. As I said above,,, hope you’re right…..

        • Seems you’re very close to being black-pilled there, ken.

          Do you think any of the successes mentioned at the end of this article are/were significant enough to matter? I’m uncertain.

          ‘Do Not Fall for the Demoralization Program’
          By Elizabeth Nickson
          Welcome to Absurdistan

          I had to look up the term ‘black-pilled” forgot what it meant. I also forgot about things such as the book, ‘Dogs Who Know When Their Owners are Coming Home’ and the 100 monkeys thing. …Deep stuff.

      • Hi Eric,
        After reading many of your excellent Libertarian articles here I’m surprised to see that you seem to think that voting will possibly make any difference. Much less for someone who has proven himself to be a ready tool of the Zionists (Didn’t he even receive an award from Israel?).

        Have you ever watched any videos of this guy’s rallies? He just patronizingly bleats a bunch of tired catch-phrases to a bunch of burnt-out boomers who believe the same lies that he uttered the first time around even though he had four years to prove that he had absolutely no intention of doing the things he said. Is he any worse than the current jack-ass who occupies the WH? No. But he is no better either (Didn’t he even have a fund-raiser at his estate for the LBGTGQFUs?).

        “Lie to me once, shame on you. Lie to me twice, shame on me!”. I for one would not give my stamp of approval to ANY of these ass-clowns by being responsible for their empowerment. The Nevada Republican majority vote of “Some other candidate” was inherently more Libertarian than a Libertarian voting for any of these hacks, and sends a far more powerful message (Not that such matters to the powers-that-be, as all it will accomplish with them is perhaps to tell them to be careful to craft more believable lies. But it does encourage citizens to do likewise, which if more people would do would indeed give the powers-that-be cause for actual concern).

        I may just darken the polls after a few decades of abstaining, just to write in “Elmer Fudd” (He’d at least be a more competent speaker than Sleepy Joe, and much less of a narcissist than Trump). Not that it matters, as I believe Trump will be disqualified, which may be the tipping point for a real change. Though that likely would be a terrible thing to abide, and likely not have the outcome that anyone wants either.

        Hey, someone who argues that the president should be immune from prosecution of ANY act he commits while president because of “presidential immunity” is a scary guy, and more so to Libertarians.

        That being said, I must take this opportunity to commend many of the articles I’ve read here over the last several months, and for what you do to host so great a site as this (And also for the quality of commenters you attract!).


        • Hi Arthur,

          I don’t disagree with any of the points you’ve made; how could I? But what other choice is there? It will be either Orange Man or the other man – possibly that being Big Mike. As bad as Orange Man is, the alternative is that much worse. Consider: What might the past three years have been like if that thing hadn’t been installed as president? For all his faults (again) Orange Man is pro energy independence, anti-“climate change” and these two issues alone are existential issues. If that thing is returned for another four years, along with his minions, there is likely no going back, ever. At least, not without a collapse into something unimaginable in the meanwhile.

          I think if the courts “rule” – just the right word – that Trump is disqualified, it will be the trigger for a total Left-authoritarian takeover, with no holds barred. It will then be time to fight – not for Trump. But for our lives.

          • Hi Eric,
            “What other choice is there?”
            Do you really think we have a viable choice?
            This is the whole problem with this pluralistic “representative democracy”, we are made to believe that we have a choice and that “your vote matters”(LOL). But those who are selected to vie for offices of major power are nothing but different sides of the same coin. We are just made to believe that if we oppose one side, then the other side is the way to combat it, but that is a fairy tale. Both sides serve the same elites. The only difference between them is that one side plays to liberals and other to Conservatives.

            I thought Bush was bad, and then we got Obama. I thought Obama was bad and then we got Trump. I thought Trump was bad and then we got this guy who can’t even remember his lines. We lose more liberties with every successive administration, and such will continue until we implode. Ironically, under Trump (I somewhat liked him initially) we lost more liberties and witnessed government impacting our lives to a greater degree than under any past administration of our lifetimes but the ignorant thought it was OK because we were “Making America Great Again”.

            Vote by all means if you care to, but just realize it is utterly meaningless and won’t help.

            • Hi Arthur,

              I hear you (again). I don’t like Trump, per se. But I despise the forces (and people) arrayed against him. Also, I view this as triage; doing what is is possible to salvage what can be salvaged; including time. I also do not think it’s paradoxical or immoral to do what can be done to make things better – or even just try to – while striving for the best. That’s my 50 on this!

            • It is ironic Arthur, in that all throughout Obama’s presidency gun owners were fearful that he would pass gun control in some way. Either through Congress or via an EO. It never happened and yet one Trump term gave us a deadly vaccine and bump stock bans. Well, at least my gas and heating fuel bill was low. That is more than what I can say for now under O’Biden.

              • Hi Shadow,
                MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY! And what you described seems to be an oft repeated scenario. I prefer the words that Republicans speak, but the actions never match those words. It seems that by placating the saner people with the words that they want to hear that they are able to get a free pass and do things that any Democrat would envy, while their conservative base cheers them on.

                And if you look at the kind of people who seem to attend Trump rallies, this is not surprising, as they appear to be a motley lot of intellectually impaired statists who while they may adhere to higher values than the Democrats, are no match for them intellectually. And it should also be clear that Trump panders to them, including by uttering the same catch phrases he used pre-16 while these rally goers can’t seem to remember that he utterly abandoned every single one of his promises which he made pre-16.

                As much as I despise Sleepy Joe and all of his ilk I will always remember Trump as the one who gave us the scamdemic and the clot shot. And I can not think of any Democrat in my lifetime who has done evil of such magnitude.

                And Mr. Deal even CONTINUED to maintain that he “saved millions of lives” by fast tracking that shot, UNTIL he saw that his “boasting” was hurting his approval even among his rally retards!

                • You’re exactly right. I would expect coofy and/or climate lockdowns 2.0 and “take the guns first then due process” should this guy get anywhere near the presidency in ‘24.

                  • No matter who wins, we lose! It would be far easier for Trump to “just take the guns” and enable another round of flu mania than it would be for anyone else to do those things because his worshipers would allow it if he did it, and cheer while doing so.

                    Another round of blue assholes would likely finally push good people to rebel, which would accomplish a lot more than those same people just biding their time while giving a Republican a free pass to do the same things.

                    I long ago gave up on the idea that the Republicans offer us a little hope. The Bushes made that glaringly obvious, as did Trump’s presidency. Trump showed his true colors the first time around (as they all have). I can’t see how anyone would not be embarrassed to admit that they voted for him, even as just a virtue signal to oppose the overtly loony party. It would be akin to voting for Mitt Romney to oppose John McCain. Either way, you get the exact same thing, but with the added regret of knowing that you consented to one of them.

                    Or like voting for the Pope just to oppose the abortionists. The only way to have clean hands is to abstain from such contests.

            • It is ironic Arthur, in that all throughout Obama’s presidency gun owners were fearful that he would pass gun control in some way. Either through Congress or via an EO. It never happened and yet one Trump term gave us a deadly vaccine and bump stock bans. Well, at least my gas and heating fuel bill was low.
              That is more than what I can say for now under O’Biden.

          • Hi Eric,

            Orange man is a Symbol but thats all he is. Sure he doesn’t act like and arrogant homosexual and speaks like and average man in america instead of speaking like narcissistic bureaucrat. If you have a choice between moderately globalist and extremely globalist the same goal will be reached only slower with moderate like Trump. In reality political system is broken and there can never bee “good guys in power” under system like this. Trump probably isn’t even able to “drain the swamp”. Why didn’t he make globalists lifes tougher , why didn’t he try to dismantle the feds , He could use leftist judges tactic and pardon right wing rioters . He did nothing like it. He could have put even bigger tariffs in place and against everyone . Why didn’t he? He could have halted trade with US navy and end globalism for the next 50 years. Imagine what 4 years of halted trade would do for localism and nationalism and how much would it punish international corporations .

            • Hi Pupet,

              Yes – and yes, again. I agree with all you’ve said. But what other choice is there? Orange Man might do some good. The alternative is certain to be bad.Like you, I loathe the system we have. But it is the system we have. If I lived in Soviet Russia under Stalin, I’d have much preferred Kruschev. Not because the latter was a nice man. Rather, he wasn’t as evil a man as Stalin was.

              It sucks, of course. But it is what it is.

              • Yea Stalin was way easier on the trigger. I agree soviet pessimism and stoicism is becoming a trait in the west. Orange man is the best choice offered that is inside of the current system. People must start looking for parallel societies. Sure elect trump and keep the system from tightening you harder but main fight is to be more self sufficient , separatist , local etc. Ideal scenario is total collapse just like that of a soviet union.

              • Hi Eric,
                One thing that you may want to consider, as someone who has influence over a good many people. Your words and actions carry a lot of weight, especially among truly liberty minded people.

                By picking a side among our enemies (And almost all members of both parties are the enemies of liberty and the free market) you are likely conveying the message that we can accomplish something by participating in their charade.

                I say that such a thought is dangerous and very counterproductive as it is not until one realizes that we can not fix this gargantuan corrupt and evil system (Much less by voting) that only then will they truly be ready to be spurred to action (even if only on a personal level) and truly start pursuing liberty in their own lives and detaching from the system. If enough people were to do that the battle would easily be won. But as long as Libertarians think that they can make things better within that system, they stay within that system and hope. They are effectively neutralized.

                If 10% of the population were Libertarian, it would not be enough to accomplish anything by voting. But if 10% of the population started to ignore government and pursue liberty uncompromisingly in their own lives, we could do wonders.

                Slightly unrelated, but I can tell you that Trump has a hard on for destroying Iran. Given the current situation in Israel, what do you think he’s going to do in the Mideast?[Rhetorical]. Just think of the implications of that. Not that any of the other lackeys vying for the office will do any differently, but, as I maintain: No matter who you vote for you will get the exact same thing.

                If you must vote, why not cast that signatory vote for the Libertarian Party? I mean, they suck [Braces for ass whomping] but at least you wouldn’t be agreeing to troops and wars and all of that other madness.

                • Hi Arthur,

                  I understand your point. But (again) I am less picking a side than doing whatever I can to make things less worse, as I see it. This in no way precludes advocating for the better, much less delegitimizes such advocacy. If we are on a ship that is going to sink, is it wrong to try to stave off the sinking for as long as possible? To save as many lives as can be saved – knowing not all will be saved?

                  Must the perfect be the enemy of the good? Or the better? And – yes – for all his many faults and given all the many bad things he has done – Trump is less worse than Biden. Far to be preferred over Newsome or Big Mike.

                  The Libertarian Party is just another party, isn’t it? And the ugly fact is it stands zero chance of winning. Trump, on the other hand, does stand a chance of winning. And that chance is worth voting for, in my opinion. For the same reason it’s worth trying to keep a sinking ship floating for as loing as possible, even knowing it will sink.

                  I hate the position we’ve been put in. But it is the position we’ve been put in.

                  • Hi Eric,
                    I like your ship analogy, but I just don’t understand why it is that you believe that Trump would be less worse. Was he less worse the first time around? Not that you need to justify your thoughts to me or anyone else, but rather I am just positing my thoughts because I am perplexed as to how you seem to believe Trump’s words especially after his actions have proven those words are meaningless.

                    Again, not trying to pry or put you on the spot, but I”m wondering if you voted for Bush also? (If so, how did that work out?)

                    Try to save the Titanic by all means, even if by bailing with a thimble, but a can opener will not work.

                    I’d like to believe. I’d like to think that we could do something by merely casting a vote (even if that vote did matter, which, I think has been unequivocally proven that it doesn’t), but the reality is that no matter who we vote for, we are just going to get more of the same and despite the fact that Trump’s words may sound slightly better sometimes than the overt lunacy of the opposing contenders, the fact is, they are just words and they (and he) does nothing to counter the opposing side nor the shadow government which really calls the shots, but in fact, he has already proven in the past that he will just further the very things we oppose.

                    Just my $.02 (Not trying to be contentious. Just thinking out loud.)

                    • Hi Arthur!

                      No offense taken; I think it’s important to civilly discuss these issues. To answer your main question: Yes, on balance, I think Trump was much better than the alternative (Hillary). The first three years of his first term saw energy prices go down markedly, also unemployment. He pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accords. He pulled the fangs of the Obamacare snake by rescinding the ability of the government to force people to pay the “shared responsibility payment.” This latter has personally saved me thousands of dollars, by the way.

                      Yes, his handling of the event styled “the pandemic” was atrocious. But I think the point is “the pandemic” was engineered precisely to get rid of him – and that is very telling, as I see it. And perhaps – fingers crossed – he has learned from his mistakes.

                      Is he an arrogant, know-it-all narcissist? Absolutely. But I’d rather that than a rabid ideologue such as Big Mike or Newsome. I do not fear Trump because I do not believe that he is after people like me (or you and others here). He is after the people I despise – and I have no problem with that. I believe the only way to combat the Left is to fight it. Trump has the fight in him. He may turn out to be all show and no go, I readily concede.

                      But – again – the alternative is objectively (because inarguably) worse.

                      I do not vote because I want to be led – much less force anyone else to obey. Rather, I vote (for Trump) for the same reason I would practice triage were I doctor dealing with a mass casualty event. Sometimes, playing for time is playing to win.

  12. I would take issue with the idea that “Orange man threatens that”. Orange Man knew the “war” was coming and where our money and resources were to be directed, which is why while preaching peace and non-interference when campaigning for 2016 he approved the most massive military budget we have ever had.

    Like all politicians, he says one thing and does another. Remember how he was going to get us out of NATO? LOL. But after getting elected he committed more of “our troops” TO NATO. Now he’s still playing good cop and saying he’ll thwart NATO. How many times can one fall for the same lies?

    • In Trumps defense, Pence was dispatching himself in 2017 or early 2018 to undermine Trump when he stated that the US should withdraw. He was one of the main usurpers during the Trump administration. I don’t blame Trump for that. There was a lot of internal resistance. I do blame Trump for not firing Pence in 2020 when he ran for reelecion

      • Hi Swamp!

        Trump is deeply flawed, but right now, he’s the most effective weapon we can use to further the object. The enemy of my enemy is my friend – so to speak – even if he’s also an enemy in some sense.

        • The only known way I wouldn’t vote for him is if he puts Niki Haley as his VP choice. That would basically be a big fuck you to people like me.

  13. Caitlin Johnstone recently posted about how everyone is rending their garments over the death of Alex Nalvany (which was tragic, no question), Julian Assange is still rotting in a British prison for the “crime” of revealing the war crimes of the USSA empire. If Orange Man gets to be president again his first act should be to pardon him and Edward Snowden, and award them the Medal of Freedom for their courageous journalism.

  14. It doesn’t look like it, and it certainly doesn’t feel like it, but we are winning.

    The legacy media, the folks who are there to parrot whatever BS narrative they want to send us, are watching as we flee their old top-down systems. Cable TV, Dish, et al. are hemorrhaging video customers, and broadcast television is being used mostly as a retention tool (ie: given away to keep you from switching) for companies like Comcast/Xfinity. Newspapers and magazines are seeing their staff decimated or just eliminated entirely. The social media “content” they produce is basically re-posted to mock and troll. The New York Times is the new Pravda and most everyone knows it.

    The rise of the independent blogger and citizen journalist is one big reason for the change. It’s true that (for now) the platforms can attempt to limit or shut out content based on their bias. But self-hosted platforms and distributed search systems are constantly evolving. The Internet routes around gates and gatekeepers. As AI composition tools become commonplace, the quality of writing will dramatically improve too.

    That’s not to say there won’t be constant attempts to consolidate power. Quite the opposite. If you’re on top of the pyramid, you want to stay there. It happens to every successful man. Henry Ford, Rockefeller, Westinghouse and Edison were the “elite class” of the gilded age. Indeed the railroad tycoons were even able to bend time itself. Klaus and Bill and Fauxchi would love that kind of control over humans. But the narrative of the gilded age was that nature was to be exploited and the frontier was limitless. The elites who once believed in unlimited upside now are in fear of someone else knocking them off in a zero-sum game battle. I blame the damn “Earthrise” photograph and Carl Sagan, and other Malthusian style apocalyptic thinkers.

    Technology was developed in the style of Moses telling the masses how to live. Expensive and limited production, cheap distribution and in the case of radio and television, receivers sold at or below cost, subsidized advertising. Newsprint printing presses were actually pretty lousy at producing a product, with paper being “just good enough” to make readable text, and no better. Humans are pretty good at shape recognition, so even photographs were extremely low resolution.

    But computers and their networks are bidirectional. Everyone owns both a receiver and transmitter. And with the rise of cellphones, everyone has a production facility in their pocket. Anyone can write a novel on their PC. With a little practice you can make a short film, interview people or log a protest or other event. Millions of people are producing hours of content every minute. The hard part is getting heard above the cacophony. Right now most of us are that guy Hyde Park, and no one is listening. But it doesn’t take much to build an audience. What does take a lot is to generate content worth reading, and even more importantly, generate income (if that’s what you want).

    We’re still in early days. It’s hard to break free of a worldview that existed before you were born. “It’s always been this way” is the reaction to big news and centrally run systems. But the pillars on which they’re built are creaking badly. It might only take a Samson to pull them apart, collapsing the last vestiges of the old ways. Someone who is able to leverage new distribution models and distributed systems to prevent any one chokepoint from silencing him.

    Workers of the world, disperse.

    • Most people are unaware that the internet is “putting a crimp” on the actions of the globalists.
      In “the old days”, there were only a half a dozen of “news outlets” that controlled not only the flow of information, but the narrative.
      With the internet, the “genie cannot be put back in the bottle”.
      All one has to do is observe the “fact checkers” and attempted censorship going on in the major “social media” outlets, such as facebook and instagram. This so-called “fact checking” and outright censorship will fail as more and more people seek REAL news from non-traditional sources.
      The American presidential election was declared for Biden, despite massive fraud going on, which the major media outlets refused to report. Hopefully, enough people saw through the fraud and subsequent cover-up by the mainstream media.
      The globalists have “bitten off more than they can chew” with their phony pandemic and associated “lockdowns” and mandatory “mask-wearing”.
      The “medical profession” is also losing credibility as we speak by going along with the forced societal and infrastructure-destroying mandates, as well as their attempts to destroy much of humanity with their “vaccines”.
      The internet has done more to assure that the “powers-that-be” and their lies and fabrications will not go unnoticed.
      Technology also figures in to the demise of the present-day major media outlets.
      Anyone with a GoPro camera who is “on scene” of an event is a much better journalist than those employed by major media outlets.
      Witness the atrocities committed by the jews in Gaza. If independent journalists were not present, the narrative would be totally different. Of course, the mainstream media outlets in the USA are owned “lock stock and barrel” by jewish interests. This is why the need for real independent journalists is more critical than ever.

  15. One thing that has become painfully obvious just over the past 4 years is that we have criminals running governments and government agencies, the most obvious example being the COVID crap, from draconian measures that had virtually no impact on the dreaded ‘Rona but did cause MASSIVE damage to modern society, to censoring speech to rushing to implement MANDATES for people to take experimental mRNA jabs that AREN’T “Safe and Effective”. I can’t even imagine what might happen to this country if the Biden Thing (or whoever the DC Blob and Democrat Party establishment might replace him with) gets 4 more years. Will they try once again to implement “vaccine passports”? Disarming ordinary citizens who own guns, which they’re already trying to do? Or perhaps ram through CBDCs and digital ID? Or perhaps the technocratic agenda? Will it intensify a war on farmers ala what governments in the Netherlands, Germany, France, etc. have been doing? Or even this demented Net Zero agenda, which will have virtually no impact on “The climate” but will cost Americans TRILLIONS of dollars and potentially KILL millions in the process.

    • ‘We’re going into places where men’s minds are more tangled than the worst underbrush in the jungle, and I’m afraid. More afraid than I’ve ever been in my life. Everywhere we’ll be met with lies and deceit. Your honesty and directness will only be handicaps. It’d break my heart to see your strength caught in the quicksands of civilization. And I’ll be the only guide you’ll have.’ — Jane, in Tarzan’s New York Adventure (1942)

    • Digital ID’s and digital money may be their best bet. They can get gun control and a gun registration list all in one shot. You will not be able to buy guns or ammunition without the government knowing about it. They will be able to shut off your money whenever the hell they feel like it, and there is nothing anyone will be able to do about it, especially in the liberal cities where everyone but the criminals have guns. They can also control how much food you buy, what kind, how often, etc. Digital ID’s and digital money may very well be a dictator’s dream. Stopping short of some kind of biblical, mark-of-the-beast kind of system.

      • Hi Shadow,

        Two words…3D printer. The WEF and authoritarian governments have lost the round on trying to push gun control to the masses. The rise of the ghost gun and being able to make one’s own ammo out of their own garage leaves a large gap on their ability to control uprisings and crime.

        I expect the world governments to enact digital currency, the IRS’s FinCen division is already establishing the guidelines to come after and torture small businesses, but there are many out there that will not abide. There is too much money to be made in the Black Market for everyone to fall in lockstep.

        The final outcome will be the failure of a globalist movement, but for that to succeed it we will all feel the pain.

        • I had not thought of 3D printers but yes, that would throw a monkey wrench into the globalists disarmament plan…especially as the US is one of the few remaining countries where citizens are armed. As for the parallel economy I think it would be great to have one in place when they shut the money off.

  16. There have always been those intent on empire. Those people used to be nationalists, now they have teamed up with all the other imperialists to form a joint empire.

    If they were to be successful, what happens once they realize they can’t all be in charge?

    I suspect their efforts break down before they achieve their goal, but much damage can be done in the meantime.

    The best thing that can be done to prevent this is what has been happening so far – farmer & trucker protests, consumers refusing to go along with forced consumption. Each member of the imperialist society will crumble when their citizens revolt against their portion of the plan.

  17. One of the problem with that fine which with interest will be close to 460 million dollars is that it is a common practice in real estate and other transactions. If that is the case then the courts had better go after all real estate developers then and not just Trump.

    Does any one actually believe that banks don’t do their own assessments of the value of a property before loaning out money?

    Truckers are less than impressed and are looking at boycotting NYC.

    Hopefully this spreads to every blue city, .gov should be happy with that because think of all the CO2 that will not be emitted by the trucks and the wasteful spending that will be curtailed.

    • ‘Does any one actually believe that banks don’t do their own assessments of the value of a property before loaning out money?’ — Landru

      Does anyone recall NINJA loans, during the previous real estate bubble of 2001-2006?

      NINJA meant ‘No income, no job, no assets.’ It was openly advertised that owners could refinance their house for 125% of value, with no documentation of ability to pay. Millions did.

      Fedgov regulators did nothing. No one was ever charged for this organized, broad-daylight mortgage fraud … except for our goodselves, who got handed the tab for the Smirking Chimp’s $700 billion bankster bailout in October 2008.

      New York’s selective, partisan prosecution of Trump is grossly odious. This one-party socialist Peoples State needs to be proactively ejected from the US. And Staten Island, which lies on the west bank of the Hudson, should be expropriated and handed to NJ, or allowed to become a free-banking, free-trade city-state of its own.

      ‘White man’s law lots of words. Jungle law more easy. Man live own life.’ — Tarzan, in Tarzan’s New York Adventure (1942)

      • Hi Jim. Shoot, I forgot about NINJA loans but at that time values were going up fast enough that even when properties were foreclosed on the banks could still make money. Of course it was all a bubble and that’s when the schumer hit the rotary impeller.

        • Countrywide’s CEO Mozilo received his millions after receivership. Bank of America bailed him out. Another financial dunce, Michael Milken, spent time in jail for securities fraud, fined 600 million dollars for wheeling and dealing in junk bonds.

          Milken still has hundreds of millions, doesn’t have to sell pencils on Wall Street. Ivan Boesky too. It’s a big club, they’re in it, you ain’t.

          Milken formed Davos West. You won’t fix stupid.

          Trump is another club member, 350,000,000 is chump change.

          A set up, scapegoat the bum, make him suffer, gut the beast, gore the ox. That would be Al Gore, Trump is next in line.

          They’re gunning for Trump, they’re coming for you too. Obvious by now.

          The Barbie movie has grossed 1.4 billion dollars, one of the top 20 movies of all time. My daughter forced me to watch it, wasn’t going to view the debauchery. Hilarious movie, 1.4 billion dollars speaks volumes.

          • According to G. Edward Griffin, Milken’s only sin back when was cutting the banks out of loan revenue by securitizing corporate loans via high yield (junk) bond issuance in the 70s and 80s. What’s gone on since the prison sentence is a coming bank into the banksters fold.

      • >Does anyone recall NINJA loans
        Oh, yeah. And we know how that situation resolved.
        Waiting for the other shoe to drop on today’s overinflated real estate prices, particularly single family residential.

        • You think your money’s gonna be worth more sometime soon? It sure isn’t high loan activity, the surest sign of a bubble, causing high single family home prices to remain so. Assets have been repriced in devalued dollars. Stonks and RE at all time highs even with relatively high rates. Previously unthinkable.

    • Truckers hate NYC and its little brother, northern NJ, because it is openly hostile to truckers. There is no place for stopping overnight and any trucker who does, even in an industrial zone, will get fined.

      Same for ‘excessive idling,’ which is rigorously patrolled and fined because it causes global warming, according to the New York Slimes.

      NYC patricians like to have the finest things money can buy. But they despise the lowly worker bees who schlep that stuff to Gotham City for them.

      I won’t be ’round this old town
      Anymore for a long long time
      Gonna hit the road and start looking for the end of that long white line
      Gonna hit the road and start looking for the end of that long white line

      — Sturgill Simpson, Long White Line

      • “Just call me King Turd up here on Shit Mountain, if you want it, you can have the crown.” – Sturgill Simpson, You Can Have The Crown

      • Hi John. The way the world is going almost no one has an excuse for not having a well stocked pantry, generator (and at least 10 gallons of gas) and what have you.

        A quote from Zero Hedge I saved from 2022 says it all. It’s different now because you have to stockpile a lot more than then:

        “Prior to Pearl Harbor and America’s involvement in WWII my Grandfather understood, via newspapers and radio, what the Japanese were up to in the Pacific. He figured he’d best stock up on any items imported from there and not readily Made In America, as they’d soon become scarce. He bought four brand new Firestone rubber tires for the Nash and two cases of tapioca. That was it.”

  18. ‘they’ve pulled out just about all the stops’ — eric

    When someone gets fined $350 million — $450 million, with interest — for a victimless crime, it definitely qualifies as ‘pulling out all the stops.’

    Jonathan Turley comments on the crime-ridden partisan wreck that New York City has become:

    ‘The size of the damages is grotesque and should shock the conscience of any judge on appeal. Even if the Democrat-appointed judges on the New York Court of Appeals were to ignore the obvious inequity and unfairness, the United States Supreme Court could intervene.

    ‘New York is already viewed as a hostile business environment, with the top end of its tax base literally heading south as taxes and crime rises. This draconian award is only going to deepen concerns over the arbitrary application of the law by figures like prosecutor Letitia James.

    ‘You do not have to feel sorry or even sympathetic for Trump to see this award as obscene. The appeal will test the New York legal system to see if other judges can do what Judge Engoron found so difficult: set aside their feelings about Trump.’

    So outraged are some truckers by the partisan full-court press to ‘get Trump’ that they’re organizing to refuse loads to NYC come Monday. Their objective is to make NYC, a one-party capital of Wokeness, leftism and liberal media, pay a price for its degeneracy.

    Well, I gotta keep rockin’ while I still can
    Got a two-pack habit and a motel tan
    When my boots hit the boards I’m a brand new man
    With my back to the riser, I make my stand

    — Steve Earle, Guitar Town


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