Anticipating Government

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You may have wondered why it is that every 2024 model year vehicle – as in all of them – comes standard with a slew of “driver assistance technologies,” always marketed as being “advanced.” This being a form of the etymological deception-pressure tactics so pervasively used in politics. As in “progressive” politics. We’re forward-thinking, you see. And if you do not agree, well, then you are obviously a stick-in-the-mud at best and probably something worse.

You see?

It is thus “advanced” to have a car that “assists” (that is, controls) the driver. As to the why, an announcement the other day by Mitsubishi and TomTom – maker of portable GPS systems – heralding the very latest and most “advanced” driver assistance technology they’ve jointly developed, gives us a window into that.

Mitsubishi, TomTom Combine on Cockpit that Monitors Driver, Traffic reads the headline of the news story that fails to explain the why.

Among the “advances”:

A thermal camera can track biometric information to provide insight into short- and long-term changes to a driver’s physical status, triggering autonomous pullovers and alerts to emergency services if necessary.”

The article quotes Grygorii Maistrenko of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive, who says “the company’s FLEXConnect dashboard comes with virtual sensing powered by BlackBerry in an in-cabin system with an edge-to-cloud vehicle data platform. . . the collaboration will help advance road safety by utilizing sensor data to anticipate safety risks, reduce driver distractions, highlight potential driving hazards and enable new consumer experiences.”

Italics added.

Very “advanced,” indeed.

Can you think of anyone you know who wants to experience a car that collects their “biometric information”? That will “autonomously” pull itself over when it (or whoever controls it) decides you ought not to be driving? That alerts “emergency services” – i.e., police – when it decides your driving warrants such intervention?

Of course, there are people who very much want such “advances” to be standard equipment in every new vehicle. Including the wooden Indian who fronts for the panopticon Left that has taken control of the apparatus of control.

Government is all about control.

That – per Dr. Evil describing the role of his henchman, Random Task – is what it does.

But this does not explain why the car industry – and this means every single car company – has become something even worse than the government. Because none of them stand up to the government anymore, which is bad enough as it signals they’ll do whatever the government says – irrespective of the costs imposed on customers; irrespective, ultimately, of the costs imposed on them. (The obvious example here being the potentially catastrophic costs they’ve practically begged the government to impose on them in the form of the bum’s rush to turn vehicles into devices the majority of buyers want no part of.)

Worse, though, is this business of anticipating government.

Even before the termite-riddled wooden Indian hurled the fatwa (written by others, of course) requiring that by 2026 – only a little more than one model year from now – all new vehicles will have “advanced technology” that monitors and corrects “driver performance” – The parameters of the latter laid down by the same people who wrote the fatwa signed off on by the termite-riddled wooden Indian who moves like Old Chief Woodenhead from Creepshow – most new cars already have such “advanced technology.”

Many cars have had it for years.

In other words, the car companies have anticipated the fatwa. They have developed the “technology” on their own and have been embedding it as standard equipment in cars before any requirement came down forcing them to do this.

And absent any appreciable market demand for such “technology.”

There are, no doubt, a few car buyers who would willingly opt (and pay for) such “advanced technology.” Just as, back in the early ’70s, there were a few car buyers who willingly opted for (and paid extra for) air bags, which were then available in a few GM and Chrysler vehicles, for those interested in buying them.

Few did.

Fast forward a few years and the government made it clear it would be requiring the car companies to make air bags – or “supplemental restraints,” in the always-mewly language of government force – standard in the vehicles they made. The car companies fought the government; explained – well, they tried to explain – that air bags were expensive and that they might (as they did) hurt and even kill children, older people and so on.

They were overruled.

It was the last time the car companies tried to oppose the government.

Ever since then (and this was back in the ’90s) the car industry has become more-and-more like the industries of the old Soviet Union, now in the process of reincarnating itself in the West. Meaning, they have become adjuncts of the government, not merely doing as they’re told grudgingly and even sometimes trying to get away with not doing as they’re told, but aggressively doing more than the government tells them they must do at the moment.

Such as make “advanced technologies” like speed limit “assistance” and lane-keep “assistance” and braking “assistance” systems standard in vehicles years before anyone had heard of a federal fatwa requiring such “technology” be made standard equipment.

The car industry having decided what buyers want no longer matters.

What matters is being in good with the government. What matters is fervid amen’ing of the narrative.

One sees this, also, in what pretends to be the automotive press, which always praises the latest “advances” – much the same as the general press always sung the praises of the mRNA drugs being pushed as “vaccines.”

Just like the journalists of Pravda, all those years ago.

And here we are, again.

. . .

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  1. Tick… tick… tick… You hear that? That’s the countdown until they tell us that we can’t drive our old cars on “their” roads because our cars are unsafe.

    The only immutable laws are the laws of physics, and as long as my old vehicles run, I’ll drive them wherever I please, whenever I please. Do they have any inkling of how important this freedom is to me? They will.

    • Cars are one of mankind’s most loved things….and the slave owners want to take it away….torturing the slaves…

      The great cars, Porsche, Ferrari, collector cars, etc…..will only be for the elite rulers at the top…the slaves will walk around a 15 min city/prison…..the slaves won’t even have an old beater car to drive……

  2. Firefox detected an issue and did not continue to The website is either misconfigured or your computer clock is set to the wrong time.
    I had to switch to Brave browser to get here–and even then, got a notice that your cert expired yesterday.
    The drowsy driver video–obviously the cussed thing would save some lives–at the cost of turning us into slaves. Only IDIOTS buy new cars this decade. There are way too many idiots.
    I drive a 2008 and wish it were a couple decades older.

  3. I wonder how much of this is already live. Over the past few years, beginning especially in 2020 during the color of law “lockdowns”, road repaving in my area seems to involve many more tech contractors than paving guys. It’s done very piecemeal, as if many things must be installed before the new blacktop. I’ve heard it said that the roadways will be the main point of “connectivity”, ostensibly for self driving cars but also clearly for these control mechanisms being built into cars.

    • The tech isn’t helping the final product. A short section of I90 (about 3 miles) near me was torn down to base and replaced. I was impressed they actually tore out the whole thing instead of the usual patch and pray. Not so once done, it was a concrete wavy mess up and down. Solution was to come back and grind it level, also they had to eliminate the grooved sections in a sweeper curve as they actually lowered traction resulting in semis sliding off the road.

      Perhaps another three miles will be done this summer since it’s an election year, the only period when road fixes happen gotta convince us the progress is real this time!

      Oh Sparkey you really think it was better in the olden days? Well yes it was. Military Road in Western WA was built in the ‘30s a concrete panel two lane highway. As late as the ‘90s there were original, un repaired sections that were still smooth, no unsettled uneven panels a pleasure to drive on. Amazing what a skilled crew can do without laser leveling gear and zero automation.

  4. Couple of thoughts.

    1. Fleet vehicles have had various forms of this technology for a long time. That it is being built into the car at the factory as standard equipment is the new twist. The system installed by my former employer would punish speeding (which was a preset by fleet) by setting a maximum speed of 60 until the next start. Lots of fun on the sections of I-70 where the PSL is 75, but your supervisor was able to get an override for the corporate max speed of 72. It was required that you log in using an app on the company mobile phone that was tied via Bluetooth to the vehicle. If you didn’t (like if you were in a spare truck and your phone wasn’t paired), the truck would chime every 5 minutes just to annoy you. I’m certain it sent off an email warning to fleet too. Your boss, and later customers, were able to track you as you went though your route. I don’t recall if there was a geofence function but my guess is that could easily be an option. For the most part, the only time you needed to think about it (aside from 75 MPH PSL) was when the damn thing didn’t want to communicate due to poor cell reception.

    2. This stuff is being hoisted on the public by the insurance mafia. Just like most general aviation accidents are blamed on the pilot, insurance companies are desperate to find a way to blame driver negligence so they don’t have to pay out. And hand in hand with the insurance mafia is the state, because if the horrid conditions of the roads are causing accidents they need to make sure their hands are washed of the whole thing. Blame the driver, should have known better than to use the road. Thing is, I have a feeling this will also backfire. People will not be distracted, drowsy or drunk, and they’ll still have accidents. What will the RCA show? Well, it certainly won’t show institutional fault. Must be the fault of the driver for daring to venture out into the world.

    When you kill God, there’s no such thing as an “Act of God.” So man must be blamed. Which one is the debate.

    • There is no more accidents…they are being called crashes only now by the insurance industry…accident implies it couldn’t be avoided….

      now it is…you crashed…it could have been avoided….you are screwed….

      but…what happens when the defective AI driving your car, drives it into the nearest wall?….lol

      • An accident does *not* imply that it couldn’t be avoided.

        An accident implies that no one involved intended for it to end up that way (i.e. colliding). Which is usually (not always) the case. Someone still probably did something careless, stupid, inattentive, or even downright dangerous. And someone else undoubtedly failed to see it coming in time to take evasive action, or failed to leave themselves some kind of “out.”

        When someone looks down at their phone and drifts into a semi, decapitating themselves under the trailer, I doubt they planned that. They either didn’t think, or they dismissed any concerns because texting was more important. They probably figured it would be fine, just this once.

        Just like criminals. Consequences such as lengthy stretches in prison don’t necessarily work well as a deterrent, because the criminal doesn’t plan on getting caught. The strategy works…until one day it doesn’t.

        Unfortunately you don’t get burned every time, not even close, and that makes it very hard for some people to learn. Myself included.

        Also, some people can be very impulsive (myself included). Which doesn’t help.

        I became a good driver the hard way (by not being a good driver for a long time).

        • An accident does *not* imply that it couldn’t be avoided…….

          according to the insurance industry’s new language it does…

          they are being called crashes only now by the insurance industry…accident implies it couldn’t be avoided….accidents just happen…nobody’s fault….

          now it is…you crashed…it could have been avoided….you are screwed….

          they are using stronger language because….

          the agenda is self driving cars only….so they will say people are too defective, can’t drive, are too stupid, are too dangerous…they crash all the time, etc…..AI must do all the driving now….

          The agenda is no slaves driving cars….so change the language…it is too dangerous, people are crashing everywhere and dying, we are all going to die, driving must be banned…CO2 is killing the planet…..just like the bat germ bs narrative….

          The reality is…this is how AI drives a car….

          too defective, can’t drive, too stupid, too dangerous… crashes all the time,

  5. AI bot says it can communicate with demons…..the AI bot is controlling your car….the demon says drive it into that wall…..

    Lots of crashes already……is this a sick joke by the controllers….as part of the cull?….they are LOL….

    And the slave paid $60,000 for their device….lol….

  6. The automakers are doing everything they can to insure that one of these days, they will go bankrupt. Toyota and Honda likely won’t, as they sell a lot of vehicles to other countries that don’t require this garbage. But the American automakers have dug their own graves.
    There are more older cars than ever before on US roads, but the Automakers haven’t seen the writing on the wall. If they do see it, they probably are wrongly attributing it all to the economy. Yes, many people are holding onto older cars and trucks for that reason, but when new cars are less and less desirable (and more expensive – you pay more and get less), fewer people will buy them.

  7. They’re at it again! OFF TOPIC

    CDC tells People 65 and over to take more Covid 19 booster shots.

    Yeah,,, that $10,000 dollar a pop per illegal in NYC and $2-3000 elsewhere is costing them a fortune in printing ink!! Solution? Kill the elderly citizens.

    Last statement of Dr. Peter Marks, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA, said at the hearing.

    “[The COVID-19 vaccines] do a very good job of preventing death and hospitalization. They may not prevent infection,” he admitted.

    Carefully read that nonsense. Why is government continuing with this nonsense?

    • quote “CDC tells People 65 and over to take more Covid 19 booster shots.”

      IMO the purpose of old people taking repeated boosters is to kill them off and get them off the Social Security dole. It is a socialism fix to the underfunded retirement program. I have read that social security will be bankrupt in 10 years, well it makes perfect sense for the CDC to tell those people to get their shots. The shots are the political fix to a broken system. And god dammit – we need more money for Ukraine and Israel!

      If you think about it, the Gay-Lesbian-Tranny agenda is to get people to stop breeding. The LBGTQ agenda is really a population control agenda. Some nation states encourage breeding – with tax subsidies and direct payments. The hidden agenda is they want more taxpayers, and more tank fodder for the wars they have planned.

      A Lesbian woman is probably not going to have children. Same for gay men. That is exactly what they want – and to promote it – the deep state raises those people to the top of the power pyramid. If I told you it was a conspiracy 10 years ago you would not of believed me – but now Biden has made his health czar a fat middle age Jewish man tranny. Rachel Levine is really Richard Levine. During the transition Richard became Rachel just like Michael became Michelle. To mock you, the tranny Michelle wrote a book “Becoming”. The Obamas are really homosexuals who never had children.

      The reason a gay man becomes a tranny is simple. Gays like many partners, I have been told in my little Oregon town a typical gay man can have up to a 1,000 gay sex partners a year. They are obsessed with sex. So what is an out of shape middle aged gay male to do, when they no longer can attract sex? They see how women are attractive, and them mimic a woman. That is WHY IMO Richard became a Rachel.

      If you don’t believe me, search for “tranny sex goddesses” (Beware of graphic images). The top looks like a woman and the bottom a man. A tranny is a gay male trying to attract infinite partners. The middle aged male puts on a wig, paints his face like a woman, gets a boob job and presto! he is now a she turning heads.

      The banksters that own us – are threatened by population growth – those with the billions want us culled. That conspiracy theory is now mainstream news. They now openly admit it. The Covid-19 program is an in your face culling. Make no doubt about it – they want us dead. And they may even resort to nuclear war to achieve their goals.

      On the tube – every other ‘woman’ is really a tranny. Hollywood is a tranny fest. Your favorite actress or pop star is probably a tranny – see the list:

      Transvestigations are now common on the video platforms. Don’t be fooled by these gay male imposters posing as women.


      • Yep,,, Yours is the only answer that makes any sense. Evil stuff. Most evil government ever. Only one I have read up on that may challenge Washington DC’s evil rating might be King Herod.

        As for depravity,,, Sodom and Gomorrah were Bible Thumping believers compared to the sick bunch in the good ole USA.

    • ‘An April 2023 study of over 51,000 employees at the Cleveland Clinic who were given bivalent vaccines found that effectiveness dropped … to just 4 percent for XBB strain.’ — ZH

      You don’t need no M.D. degree to grok that the risk of injecting an inflammatory, synthetic spike protein into your body vastly exceeds any benefit from a possible 4 percent chance of slightly reducing the severity of a mild cold.

      CDC vaccinazis aren’t government officials. They are pharma sales reps, double dipping while subverting public health from within.

      The ghastly ‘Mandy Cohen’ should be put to work scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush, in a transient hotel filled with migrants admitted by her fellow saboteur, ‘Mayorkas.’

  8. They aren’t anticipating, they are in on it. It’s a product that they can profit off of, that the customer is forced to buy. Kinda like car insurance. But like the fiat dollar, not a long lived product.

    • It also keeps new competition out of the market AND boosts parts and repair sales, especially in awful inspection states that require all these safety systems operate to remain road legal. Government and corporations are two sides of the same coin.

  9. Looks like I will hang onto my ’73 and ’84 trucks. Problem is there are less and less mechanics that can work on the things I can’t. My newest car is 7 years old and I will have to have something new that is dependable and comfortable for thousands mile drives. What to do…what to do…

  10. Our problem with wars is government. Our economic problems are the result of government. Our monetary problems is government. The government is bringing in more compliant people to replace us. The problems we are discussing this morning are caused by government.
    Every problem societies face are caused by government. Yet most say we need this problem maker to fix all the problems caused by it. A government of the People, by the People and for the People does not exist,,, probably never did. In a way it has become self aware. It is rogue and genocidal. It is now trying to kill the same people it claims to serve.

    Until the Problem is acknowledged it cannot be dealt with and if it cannot be dealt with all the problems that come with it will continue.

    • All governments are founded upon their assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. They cannot function without it.

    • “It is rogue and genocidal.”

      that makes perfect sense….

      The satanic slave owner control group are deeply into the occult….have been possessed by demons… demons run the prison planet…..

  11. I wonder if there are any workarounds to Big Brother, maybe cover the camera/sensors, disconnect the antenna, etc. Though probably the car is set up to brick itself if anything like that happens. Had a rental car last month that wouldn’t even start just to move it a few feet in the driveway unless I had the seatbelt on. What a PITA, hope I can keep my ‘03 Corolla running until I’m no longer able to drive.

    • I think the first step is to determine which years, makes and models began communicating with the hive. Once that’s determined then we need to figure out what sensors are in each of them and how to defeat them. My sense is that up through about 2010 is not part of it, but it gets murky when it started after that. I have no doubt that 2020 forward is.

    • “Had a rental car last month that wouldn’t even start just to move it a few feet in the driveway unless I had the seatbelt on.”
      That’s interesting – a rehash of the early 70’s when certain cars would not start unless the seatbelt was fastened. Back then, people just fastened the belt and sat on it – and no doubt, people will do the same in these newer cars!
      With regards to cameras and sensors, taping over them may or may not work, but perhaps using something like Scotch “invisible” tape that will let light hit the camera or sensor but block it from actually seeing the driver. In other words, the cameras would be nearsighted – they could see something but not enough to resolve detail. Just a thought. I’m sure people will find ways to defeat this stuff.

      But still, it totally sucks that buying a new car will soon entail “stripping” it and cleaning it up to be rid of as much of this intrusive garbage as possible. That would be like having to alter or have tailored every piece of clothing you buy and wear. Having to do that is something that only people who would have been in a last century circus would have to do these days.
      But now everyone (everyone who doesn’t want the crap) will need to do if they plan on buying a new car.

  12. Why would you buy a car that controls how you are driving? You have no choice, you will drive as we say. Makes no sense. Why drive something that will call the cops on you?

    In the old days, there was a kegger going on in the hills and you’d see a 1954 Ford climbing the steep grade of a hill.

    People were having fun!

    Anticipating doom:

    Alois Irlmaier was a dowser and well digger who lived in Freislassing, Bavaria. He was famous for his psychic abilities, and after World War II, many people sought his clairvoyant skills to locate their families and friends. Because of his fame, Irlmaier had a few enemies and was ridiculed and accused of being a warlock. But after appearing in court, the charges were dismissed, Irlmaier told the judge exactly what clothes the judge’s wife was wearing that day and what she was doing. Even though he had never seen her, he proved to be completely correct, and the judge released him.

    The future appeared to Irlmaier as in a movie, with only numbers appearing veiled, coded, or incomplete. He predicted his own death in July 1959. His last words were: “I am glad that I can go now, because I won’t have to experience what I see…”

    • Reading through some of the comments posted, there is a stark difference between the male and female comments.

      The biological drive to be a mother is strong. Alas, I already have a mother and she already raised me right.

  13. Some people think I’m poor because I drive a car that’s over 20 years old. No, it’s that I can’t stand touch screens or invasive technology. If your car will call the cops on you is it really your car? Probably not.

    Mark: When you read, “and enable new consumer experiences.” it really means, “we’re gonna do a body cavity search.


  14. I have noticed that everything gov and major corporations do today seems to be designed to induce a stress response from healthy minded logical thinking people. Kind of like a physiological warfare program.

    So here is something that put a big smile on my face, I swear these guy must frequent EPautos. 🙂

  15. I think youre 100 percent spot add, theres the true adage that you cant comply your way out of this, as the govermment wants people out of cars. It has for years. The government will toss the car companies like yesterdays trash as their sales will diminish to nothing. This tome, i would be surprised if a bailout is coming.

    Back to the 90s. The political environment was far better than it is today. The 55 mph speed limit was repealed and the party of Freeeeee trade and low regulations was “in power.” They could have made a play, but instead sat on their butts.

    Instead, words like telematics and intelligent vehicle highway systems appeared in Automotive News, Autoweek and Car and Driver. Only the suspicious minded like me saw what could be coming..

    It wasnt far off. By 2002, OnStar was remotely unlocking doors.

    So, here we are.

    All cars made today are intrusive devices. All of them be damned

  16. Press releases are hard to read sometimes. The language isn’t how one would normally speak so, let me elucidate…

    When they say, “and alerts to emergency services if necessary.” it really means, “We’re callin’ the cops”.

    When you read, “and enable new consumer experiences.” it really means, “we’re gonna do a body cavity search and if that ain’t enough we’ll strap you to a gurney forcibly take your blood.”

    The State is the embodiment of evil and GloboCap (h/t CJ Hopkins), which includes car companies is part and parcel of this entity that must be done away with.

    • 100 percent. Im not sure when they crossed the line to be the evil that they are, but they need to be thoroughly rejected. Every one.

      All i know is that automakers increasingly viewed government as a customer in the late 60s to early 70s when they were required to install collapsible steering colums, seat belts and padded dashes.

      In the 1970s they installed 100 mph speedometers (instead of 120), later 85 mph units well in advance of any government rule.

      The Big 3 makers were big supporters of the 55 mph speed limit as they could continue building thrir cars to a low standard.

      Having one customer is way easier than 17 million of them annually. There is a lit less to keep track of. That explains why even the smaller companies barely utter a peep. Only Toyota has said a thing about Eeeeveees.

      The Automakers and government hold a virtual monopoly in the market place. Its time to bust that up. That can only be done at the state level rightnnow.


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