Extortion is Better Than “Investing” in EVs

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Toyota’s North American CEO Ted Ogawa didn’t put it exactly like that – but that’s exactly what he meant when he said:

I know that EPA is now reconsidering what the regulation level should be. However, again, our starting point is what the customer demand should be. So, for example, 2030 regulations said the new-car market, more than half of it should be BEV, but our current plan is like 30 percent. We are respecting the regulation, but more important is customer demand.”

Mark the italics.

Customers don’t want devices anymore than most people want mRNA drugs that aren’t vaccines – but the government continues to push both. This presents a problem for vehicle manufacturers (as regards the devices) because the regulations effectively require each of them to have some of them in their model lineup.

Mark the italics.

They are not yet required to actually design and build them. They can do as Honda is doing – which is to say, buying a device made by someone else and offering it for sale under their own brand label. Voila! The “Honda” Prologue. Which is in fact a Chevy Blazer device. Honda gets credit for offering this so-called “zero emissions” device, satisfying one reg – and also credit for the “96 MPGe” the EPA says it gets. This latter helps Honda’s fleet – all the vehicles it sells – average closer to the federally mandated 35-plus miles-per-gallon each vehicle manufacturer’s fleet must average, else not be compliant with CAFE regs – and fined by the government for its “noncompliance.”

But there’s a third and easier way.

It’s the one Toyota has decided to follow. Rather than “waste money” – Ogawa’s words – building its own devices or buying devices made by others and re-selling them as “Toyotas,” it is easier and cheaper to just pay extortion.

It’s not called that, of course. For much the same reason that the piece of paper you’re forced to sign after you get “pulled over” by an armed government worker over some no-harm-caused “violation” – such as failing to wear a seatbelt – is called a “ticket.”

Instead, it’s called a “credit” – implying it’s something good and desirable.

What it actually is, though, is something less worse.

Instead of wasting money – as Ogawa puts in plain, honest language – manufacturing devices of its own that buyers don’t want or sullying its brand buying some other manufacturer’s devices, Toyota figures it’s cheaper and easier to just pay over the money – to Tesla, chiefly – and get credit for Tesla’s having made the devices.

This is the grift that built – and still sustains – Tesla.

It is the sole manufacturer of devices exclusively. It doesn’t have to buy credit for what it makes. But it makes a lot of money selling credits to other manufacturers that don’t make enough devices to be compliant with all the regs. That plus some heady stock market valuation based on the expectation that the government will use the regs to “encourage” more devices such as those made by Tesla to be manufactured – and more credits bought for manufacturing them – keeps Tesla in the green.

It’s extortion, plain and simple.

The only difference is that people have been trained to think of it as what it isn’t, much the same as they have been trained to regard the “taxes” they’re force to pay as something other than theft, which is exactly what they are. The only difference – in both cases – being that when the government takes your money (or forces a company to pay money) it is able to get away with calling what it does something else – and it’s a “crime” to not pay or comply.

But paying to buy credits for not building devices is still a better investment than wasting money on the devices, themselves. Or, as Ogawa put it himself: “Wasted investment is worse than the credit purchase.” 

This gives some sense of the degree of waste involved in designing and manufacturing devices.

It’s cheaper to just write a check to Tesla. And then at least there’s no bother about having devices on hand that dealers can’t sell.

Toyota – one of the largest and most profitable vehicle manufacturers – can afford to buy the credits precisely because it is not bleeding to death manufacturing devices it cannot sell. Unlike, say, Ford – which has already lost something in the vicinity of $6 billion dollars on devices like the F-150 Lightning, for which there is so little market Ford recently stopped shipping any new (2024 model year) devices to its dealers. Chiefly because there are still so many brand-new examples of last year’s devices (2023 models) taking up valuable inventory space on Ford dealership lots around the country.

Toyota hardly sells any devices at all – because the people running Toyota aren’t stupid. Nor are they cowardly.

Note the straightforwardness of Ogawa’s language. He does not quibble; he did not mewl the usual unctions about devices being “the future” and how necessary they are to stop the “climate” from “changing.” He all but called bullshit on the whole thing.

Akio Toyoda – grandson of the company’s founder – has been similarly forthright. He has said publicly that devices will never constitute more than perhaps 30 percent of the total vehicle market.

More of this, please.

If other vehicle manufacturers would call bullshit on all this, the bullshit – and the grift – would end as quickly as butter melts in the sun on the 4th of July.

. . .

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  1. Does not action speak louder than words? Bill Gates is buying up U.S. farmland? In an increasingly stable and hi-tech society such a venture would be throwing money down the drain. On the other hand, if modern society is on the verge of collapse and the survivors have to go back to working the land then Bill Gates would become a latter-day Lord.

    • Mr Gates is likely to find that you don’t own anything you don’t control and have in your possession. Communist governments are famous for expropriating land. As are power struggles throughout history where the winning side takes what they want.

      The insane criminals destroying America and its culture of personal freedom never stop to think about what’s going to happen longer term.

  2. Eric, I do not know if you have seen this video, it is worth a watch – a Telsa burning under the water, take note @ 2 minute mark – the Tesla towing the boat from the ramp is draining water from the belly pan – which basically means the car is totalled – as the battery is at the bottom and gets soaked.


    In related news – the US deficit is now increasing 1 trillion every 100 days. Back in 1929 they called it the Roaring Twenties and the Bonfire of the Vanities. Maybe this age will be called the bonfire of the Teslas. I believe our culture has now reached peak insanity.


    People must have money to burn. First they buy an expensive EV then ruin it with a trip to the boat launch. I always laugh at these pickup/SUV commercials where they show the brand new rig tearing up the woods or desert. Uh huh. Anyone who takes a new car into the woods is going to regret it. I used to commercially cut fire wood in Idaho and would say the best way to destroy a pickup is firewood cutting. It is only a matter of time before the truck slides sideways into a tree, or you back up destroying the rear lights, or tear out the brake lines, or dent the shit out of the bed from the rounds, or fell a tree on it, or chunk a piece of wood through the rear window. A typical fire wood truck in Idaho looks like Bigfoot took a log and beat the shit out of it.

    • Toyota Prius C doing some hypermiling – note the mpg gauge on the dash display:


      Darin, the host in the passenger seat, is another genius – who started out running metrompg dot com. He won the mpg race around Lake Ithaca in upstate New York with a 1996 geo metro and got 99 mpg. He later started the ecomodder website, which is an excellent source for info and CdA numbers.

      search ecomodder Vehicle Coefficient of Drag List

      I sure would like to test drive a Prius C with my Scan Gauge 3 gadget. It plugs into the OBD2 port and tells you everything about the engine, and is a touch screen for ease of use. I found out that my 8th generation Civic cuts the fuel out when coast in gear above 1500 rpm. My metro did not do that.

      • Driver decked out his Prius with a Star Trek LCARS theme. Don’t know who’s nerdier, the guy who does that or the guy who notices… 🤓

  3. two for two….not complying with the control group’s narrative….

    In 2021 japan dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, (japan does their own testing after they receive the vaccines, they don’t trust big pharma)

    In 2021 they stopped complying, they were using ivermectin only now, no more injections

    NOTE: they stopped complying, they are using ivermectin only …then this happened to their prime minister Shinzo Abe….


    ATTENTION: in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections, this now includes the
    cv19 vaccine in japan none,

    in japan in contrast to stringent lockdowns in some countries, authorities are relying mainly on requests for self-restraint and peer pressure.

    Some ruling lawmakers have also suggested legal changes to allow stricter enforcement of curbs, but any move to a Western-style “lockdown” would be controversial and take time.

    The government has sought to juggle containing the virus with minimizing damage to the economy, while memories remain strong of civil rights abuses during World War Two.

    meanwhile canada and the G7 locked down everybody for 2 years and destroyed the economy….japan didn’t………

    they care about their economy….just like they won’t conform to the EV mandates…that would destroy their economy…

    Suga has said Western-style lockdowns “don’t suit” Japan

    Shinzo Abe ended the first nationwide emergency in late May 2020 after seven weeks, declaring the “Japan model” a success…..

    their emergency only lasted 7 weeks in canada it was three years….

    Japan’s COVID-19 Strategy, Focused on Warnings Rather Than Mandates, Points the Way Forward

    no lockdowns in japan…but….According to Worldometer’s numbers, Japan has seen 147 COVID-19 deaths per 1 million people. The rate for the United States is 18 times as high…with lockdowns…

    illegal….Oshitani says, “drastic measures, such as lockdowns, were never taken because the goal was always to find ways to live with Covid-19.”

    ATTENTION: He adds that Japanese law “does not allow for lockdowns, so the country could not have declared them even if we had thought them necessary.”

    anybody saying japan had lockdowns is a liar….

    • Anon1 wrote, ” in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections, this now includes the
      cv19 vaccine in japan none,”

      And, the U.S. has the highest autism rate in the world and Japan the lowest BUT, there is no evidence that vaxxs cause autism. Yeah. Right.

      • the covi19 clot shot is mandated for US children??????
        72 is bad enough. When are people going to say enough?
        what’s the best home school state?

        • Don’t know what’s the best homeschool state for sure, but Idaho is pretty dang good. The state isn’t involved in anything you do unless you opt in to have them involved to get a pittance back in taxes.

    • homogeneous… a society of people that share the same culture, beliefs, language and racial backgrounds

      Japan has an advantage because they are a homogeneous society….if they are against some narrative they can all push back against it….

      In a heterogeneous society…. a society that has a variety of cultures, beliefs, languages and racial backgrounds….all the groups are fighting each other….they can’t get together to oppose something….divided they fall….

  4. I know what the words mean, but BEV as opposed to EV. It’s kinda like global warming is now the brainless climate change. It’s part of the farce foisted on the masses.

    Hybrids and diesel electric locomotives are eeeeveees but since they have the pollutin’ ICE powerplant, they can’t be EVs. Only a Battery EV (BEV) can be an EV, regardless of where the E comes from. Doc Brown & Marty McFly’s DeLorean wouldn’t be considered an EV by the charlatans of eeeeeveeees.

    I’m glad I don’t drink. This shit gives me a headache.

  5. I am 74 this year
    When I started driving there was still silver coin in circulation.
    A silver dime contains .07234 ounces of silver.
    At close yesterday, March 1, 2024, silver was valued at $23.33 per ounce.
    Yesterday A silver dime was worth $1.69 (.07234 X $23.33 = $1.6876922
    Yesterday regular gas where I live was $3.40 per gallon.
    Yesterday, you could buy a gallon of gas for 2 silver dimes, 20 cents.
    It would take 34 fake dimes to buy a gallon of gas.
    United States currency is not real money.
    In terms of Real Money, gasoline is cheaper now than it has been since I started
    driving in 1964.
    This destruction of the value of your money was done by the U.S. government
    and the Federal Reserve with malice aforethought.
    This is an act of War.
    Govern yourself accordingly…..

    • Indeed Larry G, This has been long planned and executed by the Rotschild criminal banking dynasty using counterfeit currencies & usury. They are guilty of all of the highest crimes in world history. Responsible for the so called styled American ‘civil war’ and every war since. These are flesh and blood humans. How can we allow this to continue? The sprawling castles and estates they own around the world are absolutely disgusting examples of superior hubris and greed. They pull their pants up one leg at a time just like you and I.


    • When the fake coins started out in 1965 my buddy’s mom sent the three kids out into the ‘hood trading dollar bills for dimes, quarters, half dollars ‘64 and older. She had jars full of real money after a few weeks. Smart mom! People were more than happy to get rid of that “pesky change” for easy to carry paper bills.

      She was ahead of the curve on politics, no “trick or treat for UNICEF” she raised hell with the school for sending kids home with that crap. Big fan of Wallace ‘68.

      • I like that lady. Yeah. I dont know why my parents werent raising hell about UNICEF.

        I wish my folks would have voted Wallace. They supported Nixon.

    • Yeah, but counting precailing wages, gas is more expensive. Minimum wage in 1970 was 1.60 per hour. Gas was 32 cents a gallon. Minimum wage is nowhere near 5 gallons of gas today at 3 bucks. Some places pay $15, but most are $10 to $12 which is 4 gallons tops. Since there is virtually no demand for silver today, since it was removed from circulation as coin, its intrinsic value is less than a Taylor swift image.

      • This is a rabbit you pulled out of your hat, swamprat: “Since there is virtually no demand for silver today”

        Fact, via investingnews.com:

        “In 2022, global physical silver demand reached a record high of 1.242 billion ounces, as per the Silver Institute’s latest World Silver Survey, released in April 2023.”…

        Also, all value is subjective.

        • Ok. You got me. I have substantial holdings in silver. They havent budged since 2009 value wise. Bad investment.

          I wish i had bought Apple stock instead.

          • Hi Swamp,

            I like silver and gold because they’re real, anonymous, stable and (if the system collapses) very much money that people will accept. Also, I think anything is an “investment” that holds it value and metals do that. Stocks can earn much more, of course – but much of that is artificial, speculative and erratic.

          • Swamp,
            Gold and Silver should not be viewed as investment, but as insurance. A means of protecting your assets against the fragility of fiat currency. That Apple stock could be worth next to nothing next week. The bank cartel spends lot’s of time and money keeping Gold and Silver prices down, less their failure to manage their monopoly money be exposed.

      • In 1970 at least there were decent paying jobs. Today I see many out mowing lawns to support a family. As a kid I mowed lawns for extra money. Most of the nation is on some sort of welfare. Course citizens aren’t nearly important as unskilled and broke ‘migrants’ who are receiving $10 grand each in NYC.

        In 1967 at age 17 I was recapping tires,,, earned $5 per hour. Who would work for $5 per hour today lol. But, that $5 would buy me a pair of American made Levi’s selling for $4,50 and I got 50 cents back in change which would buy me 2 gallons of gas for my Nomad. The 50 cent change today wouldn’t buy a decent candy bar. That $5 in today’s terms equals $46 dollars if you believe the Bureau of Lying Statistics.

        This is what government does. It’s their forte! It destroys money. It destroys civilizations. When I went into the service I didn’t have to worry about gay pride or Tranny drill instructors. We would run 10-20 miles daily,,, today I doubt most in the service couldn’t make it 1 mile while US Gov is trying its best to start WWIII.

        Today the US government drops food to the Palestinians and when they run to get it Israel blows them away with bombs the USA gave them. Sort of like hunters today putting deer food out then hiding in a tree blow the poor animal away that was foolish enough to fall for it.

        As for extortion? Better pay what they call “your taxes” early. At $10 grand a pop for each illegal Govs gonna need the cash in a bad way. Maybe they’ll have those 87,000 new IRS thugs ready to go pretty soon. That’ll be fun. 🙂

      • In 1900, a US minted gold double-eagle was equal to 20 Morgan silver dollars.

        In 2024, gold is 2091 USD, you need 209,100 zinc copper-coated US minted Lincoln pennies to equal one ounce of gold. In 1900, you needed 2000 pennies to have a double-eagle in your pocket. 100 times more today.

        10 times the price of gold, a double-eagle is 200 dollars per Troy ounce. One dollar was worth 10 cents when gold was 200 dollars for a Troy ounce.

        100 times is 2000 USD, 200,000 pennies, one dollar equals one cent in 1900 dollars. 20 silver dollars times 100 is 2000 USD. Almost a Troy ounce of gold!

        Gold at 2091 USD, your dollar is worth less than one cent.

        Gold at 2000 USD, a silver dollar minted in 1905 should be worth 100 USD today.

        Silver is undervalued at 22 USD compared to the price of gold at 2091 USD per Troy ounce. At 20 silver dollars to one double-eagle, gold should have a price at 440 dollars per Troy ounce, 4.5 times more is what it is.

        4.5 times 440 equals 1760 plus 220 totals 1980 USD, have to pay the premium.

        Gold is overpriced or silver is undervalued.

        It’s the end of the world as we know it.

        Welcome to hyperinflation, disguised as inflation over a good 70 years.

        The greatest heist ever known to mankind. No US minted silver coin in circulation, no US minted gold coin in circulation. You’ve been robbed blind in broad daylight.

        There it was… gone.

        • Silver is called gold’s crazy uncle….when it takes off it will have a better return then gold….

          but….when does the price manipulation end?….then it takes off….

  6. Great article Eric, don’t hold back IMO – go for the throat – the bastards in charge of the wreckage of what was once a free and functioning society need to be called out.

    I would like to add to the mix of why we fell into this mess by introducing some arcane esoteric concepts of why auto companies all (but Toyota) suffer from “GROUPTHINK”. Where, like lemmings, they all follow the lead, of insane grifters like Joe Biden, over the cliff. Let’s all commit suicide, because if we all agree what could go wrong?

    There is a reason that Toyota is #1. The regular readers of this site have been expecting this EV fallout. However it plays out it will prove financial disastrous for the fools who played along with the Leftist social engineering. While researching the Prius C, because it can get over 100mpg hypermiling, I found out the Prius cars NEVER catch fire like Teslas. Prius uses nicad batteries. The C version keeps the charge between 40-80%. Toyota has thought it out carefully and they know what they are doing.

    You can read the horror over at tesla-fire dot com. This government thing – which is obsessed with our “safety” doesn’t seem to care about who gets fried in a Tesla car – which can turn into a personal incinerator.

    This social pathology, found in corporate boardrooms, is inculcated in public schools, when at the youngest age, the individual is retrained to think in terms of getting approval from the social group. Thinking rationally as an individual is discouraged, that selfish behavior leads to shunning, you must agree with the majority opinion and get “likes” on Facebook.

    Dissident writer Russ Winter who runs Winter Watch website has an interesting article that dovetails into yours Eric:

    The New Underworld Order Egregore

    “Egregore (also egregor) is an occult concept representing a “thought-form,” a “collective group-mind” or a “hive mind.” It’s an autonomous psychic entity made up of and influencing the thoughts of a group of people. In psychology, the Group Mind is definitely recognized as one of the factors to be reckoned with in treatment.

    From the inner point of view, we may see it as a composite thought hive-mind charged with emotional energy. This energy is evoked from all those who are linked with the thought-form and, if there are those in the group who know something of the psychic mechanism involved, it can be directed upon any chosen target. It is obvious that such energy can be used for evil or control purposes.”

    When Facebook first came out and I learned of these “likes’, I knew it was social engineering and that if anyone wanted to stay on that site, they would have to agree with the agenda, no matter how absurd. So I never signed up, preferring the sanctity of my own mind over the “hive mind”.

    The HIVE MIND is convinced that we must fight climate change, or CO2. The hive always talks of carbon credits as if global warming is some real thing – when in fact you can see it is just as cold as ever, and snowing just as much as ever (10′ dump on the Sierra Nevada range in California this weekend). Denying your eyes and senses to stay comfortable in the lie. Like I always say:


    This carbon dioxide warming lie is the foundation of the EV scam. It is a religion that requires blind belief. This winter, those caught in snowstorms with their Tesla suffered loss of mobility – their cars lost juice and stalled while in line to get charged. 6,000 lbs of Tesla stuck in the snow – dead. It’s not easy to push that kind of weight – even a few feet to plug it in – and LOL it then won’t take the charge. My god, what kind of crap car performs like that?

    Carbon credits are a scam, bookmark this site:


    The censors took down the original site which I have posted many times, in fact you should download the whole site and print out the charts. Water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas – yet is never even talked about.

    Looking at the first chart, man made CO2 is 0.117%. That is so low if rounded off to the nearest integer, it is zero AND NOT EVEN MEASURABLE. So why in the hell do we have a war on CO2? That is completely insane. And Bill Gates wants to blot out the atmosphere to stop sunlight based on the myth.

    • Here is a link with very good graphics showing how the earth cooled and entered the current ice age – which we are still in.

      The first chart shows how it took 50 million years for the earth to cool, and that the antarctic ice sheet formed first, then the arctic sheet, then 2.3 million years ago earth entered the ice age cycle.


      So you are to believe that a slight increase in a trace gas is going to somehow undo the cooling of the planet. You are being mind spelled by the media to think that the ice age has ended, that man is changing the thermodynamics of the planet.

      Also note, the climate cult NEVER talks about water vapor (the primary greenhouse gas) and the climate cult never talks about the sun as the primary controller of earth’s climate. CO2 has got nothing to do with the daily temperatures on earth. I am sorry if you believe otherwise, you are wrong.

      And what you need to know is that earth is still in the ice age at the end of the interglacial, global warming theories be damned. What our society is doing is exactly wrong, earth has been cooling since the Holocene optimum 8,000 years ago – as presented in the charts.

    • So why in the hell do we have a war on CO2?

      Because there is a correlation between energy usage and CO2 “emissions”. The war on CO2 is really a war to curtail people’s freedoms by curtailing their energy usage, framed as an existential environmental crisis, which apparently requires everyone to make significant personal sacrifices or else we’ll all be doomed, or something like that.

      • Energy markets have either been tightly controlled or full of wildcatters. The mostly localized electricity grid that existed from the invention of alternating current until the consolidation era of the 1990s was vertical, in that the “power company” ran the supply, distribution and billed for consumption. It was boring. Yes, the various geographical grids were interconnected, but mostly for redundancy in case too many generating stations went offline, the ISO could temporarily supply power to pick up the slack.

        Then in the 1990s companies like Enron sold politicians like Al Gore on the idea that anyone should be able to sell power into the grid, and the operator should just be a distributor. This “deregulation” opened the power grid, which was pretty staid and fairly predictable, into a commodity market casino. Except this casino was rigged from the start. Like any commodity the traders created a secondary futures contract market. And this is where the problems started. Because there’s no way to store electricity at scale, grid operators cannot plan ahead beyond historical norms and the 10 day weather forecast. All pricing is based on demand in a near-realtime auction. Enron made billions by gaming the auction, owning both the distribution and generation. But Kenny-Boy got greedy, so he had to go.

        These days the traders who were in the Enron tower are spread out all over the trading desks, but they’ve learned to keep it on the DL. So in the northeast you have gas turbines that can also run on fuel oil for when there’s a cold snap, but the operator just happens to not have any diesel on hand. So the gas supplier has to make a Sophie’s choice whether to freeze out the gas furnace homes or the heat pump homes. Or that bomb cyclone -whatever the hell that is- hits and “oh no! the wind turbines are spinning too fast and have to go offline! Darn it! just when all the valves on the gas wells freeze!” Looks like that futures contract really paid off.

        Exxon/Mobil controls a massive amount of the mineral rights in the United States. They’re more than happy when the Department of Interior closes off more public land as a preserve. Means less production and more money for them, and they don’t even have to do anything but sit on the proven reserves. Flat or falling demand curve? Choke off supply until the “free market” cries uncle.

        Can’t make money when there’s plenty!

        • Oh, I almost forgot about the politicians… Like the idiots in New York who refuse to allow fracking upstate because a bunch of city folk like going up there for the weekend and think a modern well field would look like East Texas in the 1940s, not the incredibly small surface footprint and buried lines of today.

          Or the NIMBY fools who continue to prevent new gas transport pipelines to be built from PA and WVA to the markets in the northeast because of their unfounded fears.

          Worst of all are the NO NUKES! idiots who demand operators shut down power stations that have been operating without incident for decades, and with proper maintenance and upgrades, can continue indefinitely, but because of that damn Jane Fonda movie are shut down never to be operated again.

          But as things fell apart, nobody paid much attention
          I dream of cherry pies, candy bars and chocolate chip cookies
          (you got it, you got it)
          We used to microwave, now we just eat nuts and berries.
          (you got it, you got it)
          I miss the honkey tonks, Dairy Queens and 7-11
          (you got it, you got it)
          Don’t leave me stranded here!
          I can’t get used to this lifestyle!
          Talking Heads – [Nothing But] Flowers

          • “Worst of all are the NO NUKES! idiots who demand operators shut down power stations that have been operating without incident for decades, and with proper maintenance and upgrades, can continue indefinitely”

            We are being readied for the “New America”. A new America where the average workers have a lowered IQ and will not be able to maintain a first world infrastructure. Remember what happened to South Africa and their nuke programs.

            “In 1993, Bill Keller of The New York Times reported that popular suspicion in Southern African nations held that the timing of disarmament indicated a desire to prevent a nuclear arsenal from falling into the hands of a native African and Coloured government with the collapse of the Apartheid system controlled by European settlers”

            South Africa is reverting back to itz stone age civilization and the same could happen in the USSofA. Would you trust stone age people with nuclear weapons?

            • Would you trust stone age people with nuclear weapons?

              Ans: They’d sell ’em for a case of Scotch and three white whores.

  7. Wonder if there’s a course at the Harvard Business School on how to get the competition to subsidize your business. Eloon must have bought a boatload of Clowngress critters to get the “carbon credits” scam that made him a billionaire.

  8. So here in Liberty NC Toyota had been building a super huge mega site styled a ‘ battery plant’. Ridiculously big area. This site has a massive underground tunnel system with tunnel opening at least as far as 20 miles away. They don’t mention the tunnels publicly, we have just noticed the openings being built. So Toyota is supposedly hesitant to build devises yet is investing billions $ in this spiralling above and below ground Lair?
    This doesn’t seem logical to us. We suspect it’s being built for other purposes. Then again, I don’t know much about building batteries. Just very suspicious.

    • Sorry for a misspelled word or two, just woke up and started typing. I need to stop doing that. Now where is the coffee..

    • ‘They don’t mention the tunnels publicly, we have just noticed the openings being built.’ — That AMC Guy

      Suppose it’s a dual-purpose, defense-funded ‘continuity of government’ project. Then the white elephant battery plant on top is freeeeee.

      ‘Biden’ has decided to exit the scene in a supernova orgy of borrowing, spending, and confetti currency. Just hope he doesn’t clap on his Napoleon hat and start role-playing ‘war president.’

  9. Your fault that EVs don’t sell, you are disrupting the process, the plan.

    Dot gov has a goal, you need to follow along.

    Complacency, not hesitancy.

    If you are compliant, there should be no problem.

    Trade your ICE for an EV, go and get vaccinated if you need to. Do what you are told, don’t do anything else. Always be ready to carry out the next order, stay in line.

    No cookie for Toyota. Why the resistance?

    EVs are piling up like discarded bicycles heaped by the thousands in China.

    The money has to go into the right hands, dot gov’s. If it means extortion, a swindle, all the gov ever really does, always looks good on paper, then that is what it takes to take that which doesn’t belong to you. As long as it pays, what difference does it make?

    Looks like a smear campaign.

    Where’s the outrage?

    • No outrage Drumpish. This is scam america where the game is screw the other guy. Think those illegals are bad? Maybe, but they’re making people,,, mostly americanos,,, mucho dinero. Trump lol ?,,, or should I say god?

      You ever wonder why there are so many lawyer billboards? Then there’s the mega grifters in the District of Criminals making billions off of wars or should I say lives. Hell,,, the way they look at it is if we little people are to be eliminated,,, might as well make a buck or two.

  10. All FedGov action is extortion, at gun point. “Pay this or we will just take it from you, plus a late fee. Do this or we will lock you in a cage, if we don’t kill you in the process”. So far, FedGov has the upper hand over most other governments, because it owns the counterfeit printing press.

  11. Odd thing is, they have several vehicles that are more than sufficient and reduce “greenhouse emissions” today. But the Prius just isn’t enough, apparently. No, you have to take the EV route.

    If I could afford several vehicles, one would likely be a Prius. The idea of basic transportation that maximizes efficiency for the daily drudge is appealing. But not for the TCO of licensing, paying the annual property taxes and insuring more than one vehicle. Especially one that should be getting more credit than a Tesla. So instead I fill up the tiny tank of my gas guzzling (but multitasking) Cherokee twice a week and get on with life.

    The fact that hybrids get no credit is telling. They really don’t care about the environment if it means a more efficient engine, or a “sometimes EV” that is configured to use a battery when it makes sense and a gasoline engine when it makes sense. The entire hybrid technology, scrapped. No Chevy Volt, despite most owner’s positive rating. Recall that Audi dominated IMSA at the beginning of the century with their TDI hybrids, mostly because they didn’t have to compromise for long legs. That technology could have easily been adapted to the highways, but we’ll never have that option.

    Nope. You’re getting an EV because Bob Lutz convinced a bunch of policy wonks at the DOT and EPA that the electric “skateboard” was the future for GM.

    Here’s a little blurb interview with Lutz from 2022… Really speaks to what the industry believes:

    On expensive vehicles…
    People want to buy them, and as long as we have leasing—which is always a way out for those who don’t have the cash—as long as the monthly lease or monthly payment is affordable, it doesn’t really matter much what the list price is.


    Can’t afford an EV? Well, just rent it!

    You’ll own nothing…

    • ‘as long as the monthly lease or monthly payment is affordable, it doesn’t really matter much what the list price is’ — ‘Lutz’

      … said the thieving usurer. I favor Islamic law for his sort — chop off his grasping hand.

  12. Now the sociopaths at the WEF are targeting pets in addition to coffee drinking, farmers, gas vehicles, gas stoves, meat eating, gardening, growing REAL food, etc. They ALWAYS use the excuse of “Climate change/ Climate Emergency” as justification for attacking the aforementioned targets, but what they NEVER go after are endless wars and the global elites flying around in private jets. Nooooooooooo, the plebes living a decent or middle class lifestyle are the problem….


    • I’ll get rid of my dog if, after we eliminate the WEF (I mean the whole works. not just the non-profit, but anyone who’s a member, ever attended Davos or has written an article cited by any member) the planet is still warming. All the hot air produced by Klaus and the gang is enough to melt icebergs.

      They see me as a number, I say turnabout is fair play. If your stupid little NGO is contributing to the globe heating, then you must be eliminated. No carbon indulgences, no fake green energy “investment” that cannot stand on its own, no “Gulfstream for me, but bugs for thee.” Nope, the greenest solution for the WEF would be a nice dull guillotine in the public square.

  13. ‘it’s called a “credit” – implying it’s something good and desirable.’ — eric

    This morning the New York Slimes features an agitprop piece titled ‘Why Mainers Are Falling Hard for Heat Pumps’ — a title probably inspired by that notorious, evergreen confection of the Lügenpresse, ‘America’s Love Affair With Israel’ [which has grown rather cold, as Israeli food trucks are used as bait to attract and shoot starving humans].

    ‘Last September, Maine met its goal of installing 100,000 heat pumps in households two years ahead of schedule, and is aiming to install another 175,000 by 2027.

    ‘The $12,000 price tag for Kaylie McLaughlin’s heat pumps was cut in half by state rebates, and she paid for the rest with low-interest financing. In the coldest months, her loan repayment and electricity bill was the same as her old oil bill, but she’s already saved $100 a month during the shoulder season, and gotten a $2,000 federal tax credit.’


    This is Soviet economics, comrades: state production quotas; state financing; state and federal tax credits. The Peoples State of Maine is compliant with the Five Year Plan!

    Dunno about Kaylie’s heat pump, but a Toshiba unit I have is rated for heating down to 5 degrees C (41 F). It is great for nippy spring and fall afternoons. But it would useless right now in the predawn, with the outside temp hovering at 31 F.

    I am guessing that these units being promoted in Maine have resistance heat backup for sub-zero outside temps, when the heat pump cycle really can’t extract much heat. Couple that with the ’64 percent of electricity generated in Maine from renewable energy’ touted in the Slimes screed, and you’ve got a recipe for a grid meltdown one cloudy, windless winter day.

    Got firewood?

    • G Damn people are stupid. Heat pumps in Maine? They’re pushing them here in WA as well.

      Next week is HVAC replacement for our 22 year old system. We bought this place 11 years ago it came with a heat pump and thankfully a gas furnace. One of the first things I did was to reprogram the thermostat to gas heat only below 40. The heat pump is useful for heat about 3 weeks in the spring and 3 weeks in the fall. The ac function runs May thru September here in central WA.

      Replacement is a more efficient gas furnace and a new AC unit, NO heat pump!

      Good luck in a cold climate with that air exchange heat pump wearing itself out trying to pull heat from cold outside air until it gives up and you’re on electric resistance for the duration. What a waste. Where will your government subsidies be in about 10 years when that heat pump is worn out?

      • My heat pump is a 14,000 BTU portable unit, purchased mainly for air conditioning a bedroom in summer. Using it for daytime heating in winter has noticeably reduced propane consumption by the forced-air central heat.

        However, it has two condensate tanks which need emptying daily. Plus watching the outdoor temp — just turned it on as we hit 42 F. This sort of nannying won’t work for commuter lifestyles or out-of-town trips.

        For me, the heat pump is a ‘nice to have’ accessory. Sort of like an EeeVee, except the heat pump isn’t gonna burn down the cabin.

    • My sister in Florida has a heat pump, which is the right place for one since it rarely gets below 40. Problem is the humidity causes the outside coil to get all frosty so she has to go out and spray it with antifreeze periodically. Rinse, repeat 😆.

      • The engineer that ran our mfg engineering program in jr college steered us straight on heat pumps back in 1975. Just starting to get some traction back then – his point was in a relatively mild climate w/ damp air like Western WA yes it was viable. Where it really would be great is if you lived on a lake, put coils deep in the water he said you’d be golden. The water exchanger (water = dense source) way more efficient than air. Also ground source same idea, dense medium more “heat” to extract.

      • Mike: She either has a badly engineered or failed HP. Perhaps just poorly installed with improper setting of the control circuits. She needs to get someone to look into it. I have a lot of HP experience since they are in common use in Alabama. The coils should enter a self-defrost mode periodically when heating. Some are jumper controlled on a fixed cycle, some computer cycled, but I have never heard of one that did not self-defrost. It is not very efficient since most reverse the cycle and grab heat from the house to do it (i.e. it air conditions your house for a few minutes). But in otherwise suitable locations for HPs, it is effective if not ideal. There should be no need to interact with it at all.

        Like most one-size-fits all stuff, HPs need consideration, then a decision to say “go” or “whoa”. Our current home in north Alabama, “existing construction”, has a quite efficent HP. But I am happy that we have gas logs, and a gas range which might keep us alive in a Texas-sized winter diasater.

        Our last livabord boat was zoned with three HPs like Sparkey describes. Whatever water you were floating in was the heat source. If you were floating, it was almost guaranteed to be at least 32 degrees.😂

  14. “Akio Toyoda – grandson of the company’s founder – has been similarly forthright. He has said publicly that devices will never constitute more than perhaps 30 percent of the total vehicle market.”

    But, isn’t that what got Akio shoved out? Didn’t the “Chief Branding Officer” take his place? The West is committing suicide with the “Green Agenda”. Don’t expect Eastern and Global South competitors to stop the seppuku, they stand to benefit greatly from this enviro-insanity.

  15. Honesty, it nice to hear it being so rare. Perhaps Toyota should look into doing research on high efficiency motors and becoming a supplier to their “suicidal” competition. That way they make money selling parts as opposed to losing money selling devices.

    And perhaps like a scene out of the movie Demolition Man it will be said: “Toyota won the car wars so now all cars are Toyota’s”.


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