Less is Probably not Enough

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Ford has lowered the price of some F-150 Lightning trims – but not the base price, which holds steady at $54,995 (which is some $15k above what Ford initially said the base trim Lightning was going to cost). This is the version of the electric F-150 that comes with the standard battery pack and maybe 240 miles of range, if you drive it slowly (avoiding the highway) and don’t use the truck to haul or pull anything.

If it’s not cold outside. . .  .

If you drive it at highway speeds and use it to haul or pull anything, it won’t go nearly that far. Especially if it’s cold outside.

If you need the truck to be able to realistically take you 200 miles at a time, you’ll need the XLT trim with the longer range (320 miles) battery, which means paying for the XLT – which stickers for $62,995 after the just-announced $2,000 price reduction. That means it still costs $8,000 more than the base Pro trim. You can also get the Lariat trim for $2,500 less than it used to cost.

The problem is it still costs $76,995.

More finely put, the problem is that people who can afford to pay as much as this EV costs are probably not going to be induced to buy one by cutting the price by $2,000 or so. It is literally “chump change” at this price point. The difference in monthly payment between a pre-discount Lightning XLT ($64,995) and the just-discounted XLT ($62,995) amounts to the cost of a quarter pounder with cheese and a Coke.

Let’s run and compare some numbers to make the point. It would cost about $950 per month to finance the just-discounted Lightning XLT for six years at 5 percent interest and assuming $4,000 down. It would have cost about $966 to finance the same XLT at the pre-discounted price.

Is $16 less per month enough to sway people who weren’t interested in a Lightning last year to consider buying one this year?

Meanwhile Ford raised the price of the base Pro trim – the one with the 240 mile-range battery – by $5,000 back in January. And the price reductions on the XLT and Flash trim aren’t really, because the prices of those were also raised back in January – by more than Ford just lowered them last week.

So none of the Lightning trims cost less than they did a year ago – before Ford raised prices across the board. Think of it like the announcement in Orwell’s 1984 about the chocolate ration being increased when Winston knew perfectly well it had in fact been reduced.

Regardless, it’s probably meaningless – in terms of making any difference to the necessarily affluent buyers who are the only buyers in a position to buy a Lightning. For such people, $2,000 is a pittance.

It is certainly not persuasive.

And for those who aren’t affluent, a $2,000 or so discount is an irrelevance. It would perhaps make a difference if we were talking $2,000 off a $25,000 car – because the figure is substantial in relation to the cost of the car and would make a significant difference in the monthly payment – at that price point.

But $16 or so – more or less – makes no appreciable difference when we’re talking about a $62,000 truck, the cost of which is already well-beyond the means of those for whom $2k more (or less) would make any difference.

All the discount means is Ford will lose a little more money on each “sale.”

In order for Ford to make money on each sale, the base price of the Lightning – with the 240 mile range battery – would probably need to be raised to more than the price of the $76,995 Lariat. This might cover the cost of building the truck, with enough profit margin to make it worth building the truck.

So why doesn’t Ford do that?

Well, because then even fewer people could buy one – because there just aren’t that many people who can afford to spend $80k on a vehicle – never mind whether it’s battery powered.

So, instead, Ford continues to build a vehicle that costs money to sell. Why not figure out a way to build an EV that could be sold without Ford losing money on each sale?

Could it be because sales – in volume – of these devices is not what’s wanted?

And that brings up something almost never discussed when people discuss EVs. If there is an imminent existential crisis caused by the use of too many natural resources – and the consumption of too much power – then why are vehicles that gratuitously require two or three times as many natural resources (that make them so expensive most people will never be able to afford one) that also consume far more energy than is necessary to just get around being encouraged by government policy?

The answer is – there isn’t.

But there is a massive PR effort under way to convince the average person there is a “crisis” – in order to get him to accept being pushed out of owning a vehicle and driving it whenever he likes, as far as he likes. Just the same as the average person was convinced a “pandemic” was afoot.

During the “pandemic,” when the average person was locked-down and told he must not show his face in public, the people insisting there was a “pandemic” (and enforcing it) were enjoying themselves at expensive restaurants, without the “masks” on their faces that they insisted everyone else had to wear to enter a 7-11.

And now the average person is being told he must drive an EV he can’t afford that costs him his mobility – while the people pushing this business in the name of the “climate crisis” buy homes yards from the rising seas and jet to conferences in Switzerland. 

. . .

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  1. What happens when lavish EeeVee subsidies get cut? Surprise: sales collapse.

    ‘Sales of Volkswagen electric cars plunged by 24 percent in Europe as demand for battery-powered vehicles stalls and buyers return to petrol.

    ‘Globally, all-electric sales at the owner of Audi, Skoda and Porsche dropped by 3 percent to 136,400, while sales of combustion engine cars climbed 4 percent to nearly two million.

    ‘Mercedes-Benz on Wednesday also reported an 8 percent drop in EV sales, blaming “the abrupt end of a tax incentive” in Germany.

    ‘In September, Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, pushed back a deadline to block new petrol and diesel sales in the UK from 2030 to 2035. Incentives for drivers buying new EVs were scrapped in 2022.’


    With the UK and Germany ending EeeVee subsidies, the egregious $7,500 US tax credit is next on the chopping block. This hateful, contemptuous subsidy of the rich by the working class won’t last much beyond Jan 20, 2025, as EeeVee Fever fades into EeeVee Failure.

    Goodbye, Battery Baloney. Anybody with half a brain knew it was bollocks from day one.

    Where have you gone, Joe D Manchin-o?
    Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
    Woo, woo, woo

    What’s that you say, Mrs Robinson?
    Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away
    Hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey

    — Simon & Garfunkel, Mrs Robinson

  2. Let’s take a look around at what communist capitalism has done to once great American companies. Boeing, outsourcing engineering and manufacturing to far-flung places with a heavy dose of DEI has led to flying coffins. Mary “BS” Barra and Jim “Shithead” Farley both drinking and serving the EV coolaid their commie globalist masters love to the detriment of not only the bottom line, but American manufacturing base. All by design I might…a destruction within.

  3. It matters not how low the price is for a vehicle few if any want. Those that wanted one, and could afford one, already have one. The market is saturated.

  4. Off Topic (I apologize)

    I think I’m going to vote for Dr Shiva instead of Trump, because if I vote for Trump I know for a fact that they will flip my vote to their latest dirtbag pirate fraudster, but if I vote for Shiva then at least they might actually count my vote… because they think Shiva won’t get many votes so they won’t have prepared to flip his votes. I think Shiva is a million times better than Trump, he’s probably the best candidate the world has had in the past 1000 years, but ppl are still going to probably vote for Trump. People can vote for things directly like a law or project etc, they’ll get that right, they know what they want, but when it comes to voting for candidates, people always seem to vote for the wrong ones. But we’re all getting frauded anyways so it doesn’t matter.

    These clowns won’t even let us select more than one option on each poll/race — because they don’t want us to be able to vote for Trump AND Shiva and/or someone else good. They want to force us to split our votes. They do every single thing possible to make it easy to fraud us. Everything about their fake elections is logical proof. (No multi-select, no ‘none of the above’, primaries are a fraud, no voter-number on every ballot, no letting anyone verify their votes were counted, no auditing the voter database.) Heck they could at least just delete the voter database and tell everyone to re-register, that would clean it up alot. When voters move they don’t even delete their voter registration, they just leave it in the database. It would be SO EASY to publish all of the ballots on each state website, then voters could look in that list and verify that their votes are in there (their voter-number would be on their ballot), and the totals would be right there in the same data/list so the frauders would not be able to change the totals (like they do all the time now). But not one lawmaker is suggesting any improvements/solutions, instead they just focus on the problems. All beaurocrats are followers and just focus on problems, none of them are leaders or try to think of solutions.

    • Hi Harry,

      Yup. One simple reform that I suspect 90-plus percent of “the people” in “our democracy” would support would be a None of the Above option on the presidential ballot. This would serve to make clear that most of us do not support either of the two offerings put before us. And that’s why it’ll never be allowed.

      • None of the above is the same as nonvoting. More than 40% of the population is voting none of the above by not voting at all. I’m in that category.

        • Hi Pug,

          Yes, but with a difference. A “none of the above” category would be formally counted and openly discussed; e.g., 19 percent voted for Biden, 22 percent for Trump and 59 percent for none of the above., At a stroke this would make plain that “our democracy” is run by a minority; that the majority do not consent.

        • Pug & Eric, you are both forgetting something! You forgot how the win percentage is calculated in a poll. None of the above is NOT the same as non-voting. The NO vote is counted as part of the number of voters, so it REDUCES the win percentage of every YES vote. Example, if 60% voted for candidate A, that 60% was calculated by taking the number of votes for candidate A (lets say it was 6) divided by the number of voters in that poll (lets say it was 10). But if 5 people voted none of the above, then candidate A will get 6 divided by 15 which is only 40% (instead of 60%) which makes candidate A LOSE instead of win. This is why the crooks will not let us have a none of the above option — because it makes it alot harder for them to win.

          Another way of putting it is… they could put every candidate in their own poll, with two options, yes and no. Then obviously the no votes would be counted. But instead, they lump ALL candidates (for a given race) into one poll and take away the no option. This is a trick to fraud us.

    • As good ol’ Uncle Joe Stalin (and Biden, for that matter) would say…

      “Vote early, and vote often, because it doesn’t matter who votes, only who counts the votes!!!”

      And Mark Twain…

      “If voting really mattered, do you think (((they))) would let you do it???”

  5. What else has dropped?….

    Real Estate, collector car prices, the stock market,

    …at least VIX was up 13.49% on Friday….

    Iran has started attack right now…so oil will be up?…..

    Buy a Mercedes G63… G wagon….ice powered….they go up 12% the 1st year of ownership….EV’s drop 40%?…. the 1st year of ownership….ice wins….


    • ‘Iran has started attack right now’ — anonymous1

      ‘Joe Biden’ vows to hold Saddam Hussein accountable for this attack. 🙂

  6. I wouldn’t take one if it was free. Not sure if the money received from reselling it would cover the gift tax. Plus, who out there still wants one of these boat anchors.

  7. EeeVee Haters: we are here. We are legion.

    ‘Since I’ve had my PS2 (2 weeks in), I’ve had a remarkable number of people looking at the car and shaking their heads with disgust. I’ve had people tut as I’ve stepped out of the car after parking. I was once in a car park and a person gave me the dirtiest look, like I just stole from them. It’s so weird. Never ever had this in my life.’ — Jonnystudent


    In fact, Jonny, you DID steal from us — close to $40,000, counting not only your $10,500 retail credits (fedgov + Taxachusetts) but also the massive fedgov subsidies for battery plants and charging infrastructure.

    Now we’re coming to collect.

    Keep you doped with religion and sex and EeeVees
    And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
    But you’re still f*cking peasants as far as I can see
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    — John Lennon, Working Class Hero

    • But you know the way that I really get it
      Those other folks are the fools
      They’re out there workin’ and paying taxes
      Just to send my youngins through school

      Salvation Army gives us clothes
      To live on our meager shoestring
      So we can dress up and ride around
      In our brand new Ford Lightning

      — Guy Drake, Welfare Cadillac (1970)


  8. Apologies to those who have seen my screed before…here goes…
    It is scientific illiteracy that is responsible for the (limited) “success” of EVs today–until these same scientific illiterates find out about extended charging times and limited range. Basic scientific principles are not taught in schools, being replaced by “touchy-feely” environmentalism and how humans are destroying the planet (yeah, right).
    It is my humble opinion that us boomers are of the last generation who took science and technology seriously, with a hunger to know how and why things work as they do. Us boomers had electrical and mechanical systems that we could work on and improve on ourselves. Basic scientific principles were taught in school and reinforced with hands-on experimentation.
    In today’s climate (and the climate of two previous generations) experimentation on the level of the 1950s and 1960s is seen as “too dangerous”. I can remember the chemistry sets of the day being sold with toxic compounds which could be used for nefarious (and fun) purposes. Such sets are banned today.
    Today’s prime example of the public’s scientific stupidity being pushed by political considerations is that of electric vehicles, most people (even supposedly “educated” types) enthusiastically jumping on the bandwagon despite the major deficiencies and problems these vehicles have.
    Let’s look at the technical side of electric vehicles vs. ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles. Range is a large factor in the desirability of ICE vehicles vs. today’s electric vehicles. One can fuel up an ICE vehicle in approximately five minutes and be on his way.
    Not so for electric vehicles. Quite often electric vehicle charging stations are few and far between, which contributes to “range anxiety”. For short hops and city driving, electric vehicles can be an ideal solution, but for extended “road trips” forget it.
    Electric vehicle batteries lose power even when the vehicle is not in use. (This is akin to a gasoline vehicle with a leaky gas tank). Add to that, cold weather and the use of accessories (air conditioning, heat, lights, etc) will reduce range considerably. Electric vehicles may be somewhat suitable for a California climate, but will fail in sub-zero Michigan winter snow and ice.
    Batteries can be charged only to 80% of full capacity as overcharging will reduce battery life considerably. “Fast charging” is also detrimental to battery life. It’s all about time and convenience vs. battery life.
    Gasoline and diesel fuel has an large energy content (density) in a small package, something that, in their present stages of development, electrical vehicles cannot achieve.
    Let’s make a comparison…gasoline contains approximately 33.7 kwh per gallon. A gallon of gasoline weighs approximately 6.1 lbs. The typical ICE vehicle can hold about 15 gallons of gasoline with a weight of approximately 90 lbs. total, with a total energy content of approximately 500 kwh.
    High-end electric vehicles have an energy capacity of approximately 120 kwh. This is equal to less than four gallons of gasoline. The typical electric vehicle has a 75 kwh battery pack, equivalent to approximately 2 ½ gallons of gasoline.
    Keep in mind that the battery pack weight is well over 2000 lbs (1 ton) and still has a limited energy capacity compared to gasoline. The typical electric vehicles weighs approximately 2 ½ tons (5000 lbs.), having to haul around a heavy battery pack. This also contributes to “wear and tear” on other automotive systems such as brakes and tires. (Yes, I am aware that regenerative braking exists and is a part of electric vehicle technology).
    From an environmental standpoint, lithium is nasty stuff, reacts with water violently and is much more volatile than gasoline. Electric vehicle accidents are much more hazardous than those of ICE vehicles. Water cannot be used to put out a lithium battery pack fire.
    Yes, gasoline is dangerous, but we have learned to control it and live with it successfully for over 100 years.
    Most of today’s generation do not understand basic scientific principles; hence the enthusiasm for electric vehicles which are “not yet ready for prime-time”. The inability of today’s generation to understand basic scientific and engineering principles is responsible for their gullibility and ignorance.

    • The problem is that synthetic fuel doesn’t work economically either – you’re converting electricity into car fuel. (TNSTAAFL, or double-handling) Rather fuel really comes from free energy – energy you didn’t have to create in the first place: crude oil’s energy came from natural processes eons ago (or if you prefer it was laid out suddenly under great pressure from the Great Deluge).

    • Hey boomer… Your high and mighty boomer comrades are at helm of govt, corporations, NGO’s, academia, the media etc… Biden “boomer,” George Soros boomer,”
      Majority of U.S. house and senate “boomers,” majority of states governors “boomers, Bill Gates deadly vax pusher… “boomer.”
      Who is shoving the “green agenda” down the throats of kids like Greta Thunberg? Boomers! Ralph Nader who’s wanted to confiscate your cars since the 60’s “boomer.”
      Get off your boomer high horse. You’re making yourself look foolish.

  9. No matter how much Ford lowers the price of this pathetic dEVice, it will still have the same fundamental flaws and still be devoid of a raison d’être.

  10. Ford has to lower the price, zero dollars would be the best price, ask for that much. When nobody wants them, what can you do?

    Too much is not enough, still going to lose.

    Besides, the stock market was losing ground this week too.

    Iran is giving everyone the heebee geebees. Expect some big surprises soon.

    All Ford needs to do is manufacture an EV that people will buy.

    A battery-powered Fiesta would probably sell.

    One of those situations where you keep it simple. Stupid is as stupid does.

    Ford has dug itself one deep hole and wants to keep digging.

    Have to keep shipping the taconite from Silver Bay to Chicago.

    Too much coffee’ll race your heart tick
    Too much road’ll make you homesick
    Too much money’ll make you lazy
    Too much whiskey’ll drive you crazy

    Too much just ain’t enough
    Too much ain’t near enough
    Breathin bout the only thing
    I do too much of ain’t enough
    – Guy Clark, Too Much

    • A battery-powered Fiesta would probably sell.

      Until Ford has figured out how to build an EV with 300 miles of realistic range and with a battery that can be recharged from 0-100 % capacity in five minutes or less, it shouldn’t manufacture a single EV. If Ford will never be able to do meet those extremely modest requirements, no matter the reason, it means Ford should never make EVs.

      • Amen, Stufo –

        Isn’t it incredible that we even have to have this debate with the EV people? There isn’t one EV that can do what a 1980 Chevette – with 100,000 miles – could do as a matter of course. Yet we’re supposed to just pretend the EVs are “advanced” and “the future.”

        • Eric,

          We were also told that mRNA “vaccines” are the “Vaccines of the future”, CBDCs are the “Money of the future”, AND that bugs and food grown in a lab are the “Food of the future”. Given what we’ve been forced to endure over the past 4 years, people should question ALL of that, but the propaganda involving them are HEAVY to make them appear that they promote “Equity”, “Sustainability”, “Public Health”, etc.

      • Global Electric Motors manufactures street legal EV’s for 35 mph street travel.

        Ford can do that, call the street legal Ford EV the Clara for clarity.

        Ferd can adjust the jib, take a different tack. More zig than zag, something.

        Ford wants to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, you can try.

    • I dont think Ford or any other brand badge has little if anything to say about what is built. Like everyone else, people at Ford do what they’re told by a screen on a desk. The “stupid human” argument petered out some time ago. Sooner or later its all that explains this.

      Heebie Jeebies anyone?

      • Interesting. What if the decisions (all decisions) have already been ceded to AI? AI has decided our course, and the plan must be followed. A lot of things would then make sense.

    • What does the stock market and “Iran” have to do with Ford’s junk overpriced EV’s?
      And no, Ford doesn’t need to “just build a cheaper EV.” That would be blatant stupidly. No one but a hand full of virtue signaling kooks and status whores, wants an EV at any cost…Period!

  11. Have seen many articles recently in the MSM regarding how EV sales are slowing to a crawl. Too many people saw what happened in Chicago last winter, where you couldn’t charge your EV even if you managed to push it to a charging station because it was just too damn cold. Can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    • We are reaching a critical mass of wised-up drivers who’ve been burned (some literally) by these infernal contraptions.

      Here’s hoping Trump makes a campaign video, in which he pumps 500 rounds from a bed-mounted .50 caliber machine gun into a Ford Lightning, setting it alight, then cruises away victorious in his hydrocarbon-fueled pickup.

      Greatest political wedge issue ever, attacking elitist anti-populist EeeVees, where working folks subsidize tech-bro toffs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per vehicle, all in. Steal their plugs and punch their mugs.

  12. A narrative being POUNDED by establishment media for the past year or so was that oceans were BOILING and that we had to eliminate fossil fuels and adopt NET ZERO NOW! Well, if one dares to take a closer look at their claims instead of just blindly believing what they say, one sees that what the establishment says with regard to “Cliiiiiiiiimate change”, “Global Boiling” or “Boiling Oceans” is complete bull crap…..


    • If anything, what we should be worried about is NOT global boiling, but global freezing due to what else? Reduced sun activity.

      • Agree with that John,
        The sun is the true driver of the climate, and necessary for plant life and thus all life. These psychopaths trying to eliminate CO2 and spray stuff into the atmosphere to block the sun will trigger another ice age and wipe out all life on earth…..though maybe that’s been their sicko goal all along.

        • Hi Mike,

          Unfortunately, many people have been propagandized into believing that the climate would magically be improved if we just gave MORE money & power to government and billionaire psychopaths (such as Klaus Schwab, Al Gore, and John Kerry), banned meat consumption & use of gasoline, adopted Net Zero, forced everyone into EVs, and who knows what other demented ideas these psychopaths dream up. It’s like this demented belief by some that the “pandemic” would have ended if just EVERYONE was vaxxed with that experimental pharma product that turned out to be complete garbage (and in an unknown number of cases) even harmful or FATAL.

        • The goal of all greens is to eliminate ALL life on earth. Just getting rid of humans is not enough for these sickos. I been saying this for years but Make no impression on anyone. The greens don’t even hide their hostility now to ALL life on the planet.

  13. One big reason for skyrocketing prices is because of credit spreading the pain out over time. As you point out $2000 is only $25 when divided by 80 months. That worked to the advantage of the seller for a long time, especially with big ticket items like houses and cars. The salesperson would figure out what your monthly payment was achievable then set you up for the maximum least painful payment. The last two vehicles I bought were financed only long enough for me to reshuffle my cash around to pay off the loans and sell my old cars -one being the Audi that took 3 months to build, the other being the Cherokee that replaced it (and the 6 month wait while VW closed the buyback of the TDI). I’m pretty sure they told me the interest rate, and I specifically told them I wanted a 24 month loan so the payment looked huge, but then again I paid it all off when I was able.

    Maybe I should have put that cash into bitcoin or NVDA, but I’m too lazy to juggle all those numbers. Just KISS your finances and know that you’re going to get fleeced somewhere along the line. And I need a car, I can’t drive BTC.

    But now we see the reverse isn’t going to cut it. That simple calculator tool that the salesman uses doesn’t work right when interest rates are higher than 0%. The numbers don’t add up. So no EV… and probably no new $80K truck either, unless it’s for fleets who can pay cash and depreciate the asset. Or just pay to keep the old ones running for a few more years while they can still get parts.

    • Prior to the pandemic, the local dealers here in Austin could move $40,000 trucks on 80 month loans at 2% financing which put the payments below $500 with a bit of cash down payment and other F&I room magic.

      Mama was ok with Papi getting that truck he wanted as long as the payment was under that magic number.

      This set of numbers moved a lot of trucks, but it also made the manufacturer’s dependent on that specific price point to move anything, hence Ford and Tesla announcing their EV trucks at $40,000 base price.

      Both manufacturers knew the price point was impossible, but it sure sold a lot of reservations, paid for with Biden Bux.

  14. I’ll buy one for $1. but even then i’d had to really think about what the heck use it would be.

    Can’t be used as a truck, except maybe to put an appliance in at the local big box store. Guess you could haul 1 cu yard of something a short distance.

    What lightning buyers really need is called a minivan or station wagon.

  15. We can’t talk about Ford’s Jim ‘Lightning’ Farley without skewering his equally comical counterpart at Government Motors, ‘EeeVee Mary’ Barra. Read up, wench:

    ‘GM Authority has learned that there will be no “base” 2 trim level for the Hummer EV, as was originally announced. The base 2 trim was expected to feature a smaller battery and a shorter equipment list. Back in 2020, GM originally announced a $79,995 MSRP for it.

    ‘In Q4 2023, 825 units of the Hummer EV Pickup sold, along with another 1,203 examples of the Hummer EV SUV.

    ‘Meanwhile, GM delayed the launch of its Toledo EV Propulsion Systems plant in Ohio by nine months. Furthermore, GM has announced production delays of EV trucks at its Orion assembly until late 2025, including the Chevy Silverado RST and GMC Sierra Denali EVs.’


    Fine mess ya got there, ‘Mary.’ Ever notice that the Hummer’s over-the-top, 9,000-pound bulk is totally at odds with the tree-hugging narrative of how EeeVees are supposed to save the climate?

    Tonto, Mary — incoherent. You need a brain transplant. But it’s way too late for that, as the last bath water gurgles out of the tub. Pretty soon the only hummers in your world will be personally administered.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Farley and Barra are actively trying to destroy the companies they are (ostensibly) working for, from within. It would explain a lot…

  16. Six years? I’ve seen special deals from Ford Credit locally with 80 month terms at 4% in the last few months. Anything to move the metal.

    Make sure to get the extended coverage on the battery. Another false belief among many buying these vehicles is that if they manage to get a replacement covered under warranty — Ford is nitpicking this already — that they will get a new battery and simply flip the truck on the greater fool theory.

  17. ‘If you need 200 miles [range] at a time, you’ll need the XLT trim … for $62,995.’ — eric

    Meanwhile, in the US market, Ford Maverick deliveries totaled 39,061 units in Q1 2024, up 82 percent from the 21,478 units sold in Q1 2023.

    At $23,815, Maverick’s base XL model costs barely more than a third of Ford’s big lunker EeeVee ‘truck.’ And $34,855 for the Maverick’s high-end Lariat trim is but 45% of its EeeVee big brother in the same trim.

    No matter which Maverick powertrain you order — conventional or hybrid — they all run on old-school dinosaur bones: black gold; Texas tea.

    There’s a lesson here for Jim ‘Lightning’ Farley: your sand-castle EeeVee empire, erected on a flimsy foundation of government-sponsored fantasy, is turning to dust despite all-in subsidies amounting to tens of thousands of stolen dollars on each unit sold.

    What is Ms Market telling you, ‘Jim’? Huh? Evidently the dogs won’t eat your crappy EeeVee dog food. And pretty soon Ford’s board isn’t gonna clap no more for your desperate tap dance act on the listing stage of the Titanic.

    It’s all there in black and white, clear as crystal: you get NOTHING. You LOSE. Good DAY, sir!

    • Hi Jim, no offense, but hydrocarbons are not created by dinosaur bones. just lies to get people to believe they are finite. They are not, the earth makes hydrocarbons. Let’s please call all hydrocarbons ‘natural’ fuels. That’s what it is, the earth makes it.

      I do see a lot of Maverick’s around.

      • You are right, of course. Just couldn’t resist the Johnny Cash allusion:

        Too cold to start a fire
        I’m burning diesel, burning dinosaur bones
        I’ll take the river down to still waters
        And ride a pack of dawwwgs

        — Johnny Cash, Rusty Cage

    • Indeed, Jim –

      There is tremendous demand for the Maverick; so much so, in fact, that were Ford to divert the resources and production lines devoted to the turd-in-the-punchbowl Lightning, it could probably scale up production and lower the Maverick’s price and sell even more of them and make even more money (as per Henry Ford’s formula).

      How many people would love to buy a $22k 40 MPG Maverick hybrid? I’d bet 500,000 annually.

      Hell, I’d buy one. If they deleted the touchscreen.

      • I love mine, no complaints or problems so far. I would recommend it.

        But I had to wait a year-and-a-half to get it.

        I am not particularly thrilled with the touch-screen either, but really I don’t use it for anything but the radio presets. You can tune it manually with the knobs, though.

        Unfortunately you can’t get them for $22k any more, that’s what I paid OTD including tax and shipping, but they have raised the price since then. I think bass price now is about $24k plus.

      • I’d buy a Maverick with the 2.5 L engine sans turbo or hybrid if they offered it.

        Toyota probably will with their rumored competitor.


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