OJ’s Real Killer?

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OJ Simpson died the other day, apparently of prostate cancer. What’s interesting about this is how quickly OJ died – because prostate cancer is a usually slow-killing disease. So slow, in fact, that it is usually old age that kills the man who dies with (rather than of) prostate cancer.

There’s an interesting correlation there in that most of the people who died during the event marketed as “the pandemic” died with – but not of COVID. They were very old. They were already chronically sick. COVID was the straw that broke the already rickety camel’s back.

Now there may be another interesting correlation.

OJ got “vaccinated” – the word always placed in air fingers quotes by this writer, who objects to the use of dangerously misleading terminology. Before the event marketed as “the pandemic,” to receive a vaccine was commonly understood to mean you were immunized; i.e., that you could neither catch nor spread the illness you’d been vaccinated against. The sick SOBs behind the pushing of mRNA drugs knew it was necessary to let their victims believe they were being vaccinated, because if they knew the truth – which is that they weren’t being immunized – many (probably most) would have never agreed to allow themselves to be injected with mRNA drugs.

This speaks to the evil character of the people who sold people the lie that they were being “vaccinated.”

OJ apparently bought the lie – and allowed himself to be injected the mRNA drugs that induce heart problems and which may also accelerate cancer. You may have read about this. The term used is turbo cancer. Apparently, the population cohort who weren’t vaccinated – but did get injected with the mRNA drugs they were told were “vaccines” – are apparently coming down with cancer at higher-than-usual rates and the cancers they’re coming down with are unusually aggressive.

The victim dies in months rather than years.

If this is what happened to OJ, then justice has – at last – been served. If anyone deserves to die, it’s a man who killed the mother of his own children and then wrote (had ghost-written) a sociopathic account of how he did if . . . if he did it.

No one who isn’t both guilty and a sociopath would do that.

But OJ did.

And now the real killer has found OJ – and did what ought to have been done 30 years ago.

So, there’s at least some good that’s come of “the pandemic” – and the pushing of mRNA drugs into people’s bodies on the pretext they were being “vaccinated.”

Deliciously, OJ – the sociopath – failed to recognize the sociopathy of people such as Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and his various accomplices. He was himself a victim of someone like himself – for once – like his ex-wife and the poor waiter, Ron Goldman, who had the bad luck to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And now OJ’s in the right place, even if it didn’t happen at the right time.

. . .

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  1. The late Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy was lauded by the libtards as a stalwart for “women’s rights”. What a crock. This was the same fellow, who, like his older brothers, had a steady stream of mistresses, even as a married man, and who abandoned his pregnant mistress/secretary, Mary Jo Kopechne, to drown in that submerged Oldsmobile in Chappaquiddick Sound.

    • Hilarious BDO👍…
      I love the Obituaries of the F.. King retards that preach clot shot garbage….

      Remember…By definition… you cannot FIX STUPID…..
      Ergo…. Let the control turds “face plant “.. Boosting their punk asses into a “6 foot social distancing “ dirt nap👏👏👏
      A self correction loop … truly deserved

  2. ‘He was himself a victim of someone like himself.’ — eric

    And so are we. Speaker Mikey Johnson on becoming a made man of the CIA:

    “When I was a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I saw all of the abuses of the FBI — there were terrible abuses, over and over and over,” Johnson told reporters earlier in the week.

    “And then when I became Speaker, I … got the confidential briefing from sort of the other perspective on that, to understand the necessity of Section 702 of FISA and how important it is for national security.”


    Turncoat Johnson rivals Windsock Joe Biden for sheer spinelessness. We don’t need no stinkin’ warrants.

    Tune in next week, folks, for the great Ukie Aid extravaganza. Billions in prizes! Be there or be square.

    • Whoa…Jim H..!!

      Please refer to the present US administration correctly!!🙀

      Please correct to “Illegitimate Krash Test Dummy and Giggles regime…”

      After all… this is a purported “Automotive website..NO?

  3. Oh man, fantastic take Eric! Totally bang on.

    Today a 23 year old female (nice girl, everyone liked her) co-worker (fully boosted) dropped dead. Workplace was in high drama.

    Nobody would say anything about the vax, but me. When I innocently ‘wondered’ if it could be vax related, people would turn away with fear in their eyes.

    I could see it, plain as day. They know.

    Thanks to vax promoters like OJ, who are dying of suddenly in droves, people are now fighting to keep the cognitive dissonance at bay. And (hopefully) failing.

    Perhaps a few are waking up.

    • Thanks, Rodrigo!

      And: I’m sorry to hear about the cop-worker. Before the “vaccines,” if a 23-year-old who had no known major health problems “died suddenly,” it would be cause (rightly) for much consternation, because it is unnatural and so alarming. But now we’re expected to regard it as “normal” – like seeing people still walking around with the rag over their faces.

    • A friend’s daughter died this week, healthy, athletic 20 year old college sophomore. They say the cause was “complication from a blood clot”. The university she attended repealed their jab mandate after she had enrolled.

      I can’t imagine the pain and suffering my friend and his family are suffering.

    • Like a scene in, ‘V-for Vendetta’ or something:

      “Nobody would say anything about the vax, but me. When I innocently ‘wondered’ if it could be vax related, people would turn away with fear in their eyes.

      I could see it, plain as day. They know.”

      • Helot, they do know and don’t want to think about it. Where my friend works (and I used to) demanded that everyone get jabbed or be gone. Several people thought their life was more important than the jab and left. Those that are still there must be wondering and hoping…but hope is not a plan.

        As another co-worker said when I told him, you can’t unring the bell, he responded, “yeah, and you can’t unbang the chick”

  4. It’s funny how many posters who usually are attuned to lies of government and mainstream media, are in this case eager to lap up the allegations of the LAPD as the absolute truth. Reminds me of those sheep who mindlessly took the jab. Especially shocking to see Eric also jump aboard this BS train.

    • Hi Mike,

      The thing that really swayed me – in re OJ’s probable guilt – is the “If I did it” business. Who would do that – other than a sociopath? Did you watch the interview he gave when the book came out? He was smiling and joking. About a double murder. Of his wife. His kids’ mom. Whom we know he beat up regularly, too.

      • I wouldn’t nominate him as “Husband (or Ex) of the year.” But that doesn’t make him the killer. The book was a satire of the allegations the LAPD concocted. Do you really believe it happened like that? Do you really believe Goldman went to Nicole’s house because her mother “forgot her glasses” at Mazzaluna, where they regularly dined? Do you know what else besides food that Mezzaluna was notorious for, or why 25 year old Ron was so popular?

        This was a drug deal gone bad. Someone Very Well Connected had to come up with a scapegoat, and Juice was the perfect candidate. Besides, “the glove don’t fit.” 😉

        • Hi Mike,

          In no way am I defending the cops. My point is it’s confessional that OJ “satirized” the murder of his ex-wife and the mother of his kids. Who does that? A sociopath, that’s who. It’s sick; it’s cruel. It isn’t the least bit funny. And it’s revelatory. Add to this the fact that he would beat up the woman and it becomes (to me) persuasive he’s the guy who killed his ex and her friend/boyfriend, whatever. Drug dealers will kill people. But – except in extraordinary circumstances – not with this degree of brutality. OJ was a violent thug. It’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

          • Eric,
            Nothing you mentioned rises above the level of circumstantial evidence. You can hate him for being a rotten guy. But that just made it easier to frame him. Cartels can be even more violent, as in cutting off heads, gouging out eyes etc. Just didn’t have much time in this case. Ron was walking dead already. Poor Nicole just opened the door for a delivery. So many morals to this story. Under our American system of criminal law, acquittal was correct. And the Juice went loose.

            • Hi Mike,

              “Nothing you mentioned rises above the level of circumstantial evidence.”

              Other than his wink-smirk confession…. If I did it… hypothetically, of course. Did you watch this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfM-7TERCMw

              You are entitled to your opinion. Mine is that OJ killed those people. If he was framed, he did everything conceivable to make himself appear both guilty and proud of it. Like Ted Bundy, he smiles and makes jokes when discussing something that people who aren’t like them – i.e., killers – do not think amusing. And then (as I have said) you have to just ignore all the corroborating evidence that points to him. Even the jurors believe he did it. They are just now admitting they didn’t care.

              The whole thing is appalling.

            • I agree. I worked with a guy (now a judge, FWIW) who worked as a vet assistant when younger. He was struck by how the Simpsons dogs were found running loose. According him, the breed would have attacked any threats to Nicole. Ergo, OJ was most likely made to hold the dogs back and watch as punishment for crossing the wrong people.

        • His own daughter, Sydney (one of Nicole’s two kids by him) knows he did it. Fuck the LAPD. Everyone knows OJ did it. It’s indisputable.

  5. Eric, do you know for sure he was “vaccinated?” If so, how did you learn it?

    This might mean it was a relatively quick death. While I’m thrilled the fucker is dead, I wanted his death to be long and painful. My concern is that he might not have suffered the way I wanted him to.

    All we need now is for the fucker to be out of the newes.

    I hope someone can confirm that he SUFFERED!!

    That book he wrote was to taunt all of us because he knows we KNOW he did it. There isn’t the slightest evidence someone else could have.

    • Because OJ posted his being jabbed to social media. He was one of the very many celebrities who did.

      An independent investigator looked into the murders and came to the conclusion that OJ’s son had committed the murders and OJ worked to cover up his son’s guilt and took the rap to protect him. It was a rather convincing presentation.

      • The investigator, William C. Dear, wrote a 500-page book “O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It” (2012). A persuasive explanation worth reading.

        • Hi Bill,

          I have read several interesting hypotheticals about OJ’s innocence. The problem I have with these is OJ himself. His demeanor reeks of guilt and Ted Bundy-like psychopathy. I cannot imagine a person not guilty of having committed such a crime affixing his name to a book about how we might have done it – hypothetically, of course. As if it were a big joke. Which, of course, it was – to OJ.

          The book was a post-court in-your-face to his murdered ex, Goldman and the system that let him get away with it. The sick bastard revels in what he did. Whatever Nicole did, she was the mother of his kids – and OJ publicly makes light of her murder. No innocent man would do that.

          Watch the interview he gave in which he discussed – hypothetically, of course – how he murdered those two people. If he did it, of course. Watch him smile and smirk and laugh. The tells of a guilty and psychopathic person. If you doubt this, compare OJ’s interview with Bundy’s interview just before they executed him. Once you understand the tells, you will always be able to see.

          The unnatural callousness; the inappropriate responses. The evasive language. The incandescent narcissism.

          If OJ didn’t murder those people, he would not have treated their murder like a joke. He would have devoted all his energy and money to finding out who killed the mother of his kids, for their sake. He would not have played golf ostentatiously and partied with whores.

          OJ was garbage.

          • Hi Eric,

            I haven’t seen that interview; you make a perfectly valid point. The problem with this case is that there are so many extremely unusual facts that point validly in so many different directions that those facts support so many completely different possible explanations.

            • Hi Bill,

              Yes, but the principle of parsimony applies; i.e., the most likely explanation is usually the correct explanation. The man was a known abuser who physically beat his wife on multiple occasions. This establishes his rage toward his ex as well as his inability to control it. It is therefore reasonable to assume he lost control. Goldman – who very may well have been involved with the ex – enraged OJ even more. OJ was at the time 6ft 2 and 200-something pounds; an ex professional athlete still in better shape in his 40s than a typical man (like Goldman) in his 20s. Plus, OJ was a thug, who had a history of violence dating back to his youth.

              By themselves, these facts are damning. Add in his behavior and I have no doubt this creep did what he got away with doing.

              Most of the jurors now admit they believe he did it, too.

              • Hi Eric,
                Again, valid points. I lived in LA when this happened. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea OJ did it. Too many inconvenient facts, aside from the probably still not fully disclosed details of the unimaginable violence. I’ve also always been uncomfortable with the idea that the mainstream media and Hollyweird types desperately want us to believe OJ did it.

                • Hi Bill,

                  I’v read that OJ – on his deathbed – made his family sign NDAs. Why? And why would Hollyweird types want to frame OJ? He was one of them, wasn’t he?

                  • Hi Eric,

                    Whether OJ made his family sign NDAs or not I don’t know for a fact. If so, was OJ and/or his estate the counterparty/beneficiary or was someone or something else (an entity)? The suggestion is that OJ demanded NDA’s on his deathbed and only then made a deathbed confession. To me, the NDA/deathbed confession suggestion sounds like an upcoming piece from the Onion or SNL, or from the food market invent-a-story tabloids. To me, ultimately, way too many missing details. The NDA story — whatever it may be — could be true, but I doubt it would be covering up a deathbed confession. OJ always had good business lawyers — they protected his pension and other earnings well, from what I’ve read. If there was an NDA demand, to me it was more likely for some legitimate business purpose — like preserving medical confidentiality (maybe OJ died of something other than prostate cancer) or other important family matters unrelated to the criminal case. On the other hand, a cynic might say the NDA story could be a clever way for his representatives to keep the story in the news, and the licensing of rights selling, for another 30 years. Was OJ one of the so-called Hollywood or Hollyweird elites? Not that I’m aware of. I can think of more things that he did not have in common with more typical Hollywood types than he had in common. Would those types want to frame him for something? Well, for example, if it was a drug hit, in whole or in part as some have suggested, persons involved might want to create another story to downplay the drug scene and some of its participants, especially if those participants were celebrities or other public figures — pure speculation on my part. Again, everything will be suggested and without hard proof anything is possible in this very unusual case.

              • “Most of the jurors now admit they believe he did it, too…” as well as I believe he PROBABLY did it. It’s what the “Legal Eagles” term PROBABLE CAUSE, which the State of California had to charge and try him.

                The trick for any criminal defense lawyer, however, isn’t to prove that his client “Dindu Nuffin’ “, as he’s supposed to be PRESUMED innocent (then why, pray tell, is he in JAIL?). It’s to establish REASONABLE DOUBT. That’s it! Quite a few times, like in the just as infamous trial of the mother of Caylee Anthony, who was acquitted of all charges some 13 years ago in the death of her toddler daughter, it seems almost certain that the prosecution has an “ironclad” case, and we’re shocked when the defendant gets off. Either there’s motives to acquit that in the minds of the jurors serve a larger purpose (like in OJ’s, getting even with “Whitey”, perhaps, though comedian Chris Rock was exactly right that OJ hadn’t been “black” in twenty years at the time!), or, the defense established enough reasonable doubt that the jurors proverbially “hold their noses” and vote to acquit. Often, simply the prosecution bungled the case, which can be said to have happened in both the Simpson and Anthony trials. Read retired LAPD detective Mark Furhman’s analyses of both trials for further details; Mr. Furhman, IMO, is a brilliant detective whose talents were wasted as an AGW.

                • Jury nullification involves “judging the law” itself in determining whether to convict or acquit a defendant. It is legal in all 50 states, but will not be disclosed to you. In fact, it you bring up jury nullification during voir dire (jury selection) you will be dismissed. If you bring it up as a reason for acquittal, depending on the court, you may be charged with contempt for refusing to base your decision on the defendant’s actions. Although jury nullification is legal, many jurisdictions will attempt to make it “illegal”.
                  The key to successful jury nullification is to “keep your mouth shut” and tell NO ONE of your intent, especially other jurors.
                  As firearms, environmental and civil-rights laws are technically unconstitutional and illegal, I would be reluctant to convict someone for merely “not having a piece of paper”, “digging a ditch on one’s own land” or “refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding”.
                  These are but three examples of when “jury nullification” MUST be used. It only takes ONE juror who refuses to convict to either declare a “mistrial” or “acquittal”.
                  The one holdout juror (you) will probably be lectured by the “judge” who wants to dispose of the case, but you must stand your ground. The “judge” may threaten “contempt of court” but that is also highly illegal. You do not have to explain yourself beyond stating that “reasonable doubt” exists in your mind and that you cannot convict. In every case, do not mention jury nullification.

  6. Little known conspiracy fact – Jew Pharma puts live monkey virus in vaccines that caused the cancer epidemic. The Lancet:

    “Few back then grasped that these vaccines might also be a huge, inadvertent, uncontrolled experiment in interspecies viral transmission. But from 1955 to 1963, according to a 1976 US National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded study, 98 million Americans alone probably were exposed to polio vaccines contaminated with SV40—a monkey virus that can cause cancers in animals.”

    What you do not know and will find hard to believe is that the Rockefeller Foundation spent generations brainwashing everyone to believe in vaccines because they wanted to poison you directly with an injection under your skin and kill you off. Yeah, they did. Here is the meme:

    Most people believe and accept vaccines as normal, babies now get 30 of them before age 2. They are as good as dead – and the mother will defend the vaccine overdose injections. The idea is to make you sick then strip money from your accounts, not to mention you keel over just when you get on social security. It is being done on purpose – they want all of your labor and have no intention for you to collect SS for decades – as soon as you retire then want you dead.

    Luckily they have not enforced mandatory euthanasia for seniors – not yet at least – but just wait.


    OJ is what Hollywood Jews call schvartze – a disparaging and offensive term used by some Jewish people to refer to a Black person.

    Another one I bet you all never heard – Hollywood Jews asset strip the black actors/entertainers before they die (Michael Jackson informed us of that one) OJ was not the first famous black to lose everything, ugly Jewish women accused Bill Cosby of rape – so he is in court losing everything defending himself.

    Of course – these harlots that go to Bill Cosby’s house to have drinks don’t know what is being traded? Surrrrrre….. Remember Slick Willie? Who was that Jewish girl – Monica Lewdinksy. Imagine they they put her to frame him cause that is exactly what they do – and Rabbis even teach all Jewish woman may have to have sex with Goyim, or even marry them, to take them down.

    (So Eric, if all of a sudden some hot Jewish girl wants to marry you – be advised. LOL)

    And they have that Queen Esther story – the Jewish woman who poisons the Persian Prince and gets 50,000 of the Persians killed – still celebrated to this day as Purim, and they eat triangle cookies symbolic of Haman’s ears. All Jewish holidays are celebrations of military victories, take note the WTC tower costumes in Israel on Purim:


    Never never forget Jews did 911. Everyone in Israel is proud of the great military victory of the 911 attack – even the kids know. But dumb ass Amerikans? Don’t know shit.

    Amerikans are the least informed people on the planet. Dumber than a bag of rocks. To prove this, Biden still has 33% approval rating – that implies 100 million Amerikans still approve of him as he commits pure treason against us everyday.

  7. Turbo-Cancer. Yep,,, corpgov,,, all those experts, it’s the science and doctors that pushed the euthanasia injections are totally baffled.

  8. The Juice did it!

    When OJ was arraigned, he emphatically denied that he was the perpetrator. It was on TV. There was or is audio of OJ speaking harsh words to Nicole. Something tells me OJ knew something was up, he ended up in a fealous rit of jage.

    Watching the police chase on TV, you would have thought it was in slow motion.

    When the police are trying to pull you over, you might be a person of interest, part of the crime, a suspect.

    Charles Manson was kept alive to study his psyche, nothing else. Nobody could figure out what his brain was, the composition of the brain cells were synapses in the wrong direction. In the final analysis, Charles had shit for brains.

    Ted Bundy wasn’t so lucky.

    The captains of the pharmaceutical industry get paid to have medications where people suffer and die.

    Your fault you fell for the shtick, not ours. Didn’t have to follow orders, do what you are told to do, but you did so voluntarily. You victimized yourself, you are to blame that you were compliant, makes you complicit.

    There were threats of harm if you didn’t follow orders, so you heeded the warnings and didn’t object, your fault there too.

    No matter what, you are at fault. The verdict is in, you are guilty, doesn’t matter what it is or what you do.

    Colin Powell, Marvin Hagler, Hank Aaron, now Orange Juice, OJ gets the jab and bites the dust.

    Medicine sure knows how to kill people. It’s for your own good, and will be your fault.

    If you mix fentanyl with absinthe, you’ll have a cosmic experience.

    • Ted Bundy’s execution was “Warp Speeded”, as fast as the Florida legal system would allow, almost within Bob Graham’s tenure as Governor.

      Graham signed one death warrant late in his second term, but Graham’s successor, the much-hated Bob Martinez, signed the one that resulted in Bundy getting strapped into Old Sparky.

      (The name for the state’s electric chair. I’m not kidding)

      BTW, an interesting bit of trivia that slips through the cracks — Jim Cramer was fresh out of Harvard working for the Tallahassee newspaper when he landed the Bundy Trial. It is the foundation of his journalism career and rise to fame.

      • ‘Old Sparky’ — still available as a model name for an Eeevee. Electric seats optional.

        Shame that ‘Cramer’ wasn’t encouraged to strap himself into Old Sparky for the trial run.

  9. Ivermectin, the vaccine killer. Low and behold, recent evidence indicates it’s a safe and effective cancer killer too.

    • Hi John,

      I have been using fenbendazole to treat my Lab’s bone cancer. It doesn’t stop the growth, per se, but it does (at least based on my own experience) has kept the cancer from metastasizing throughout his body at least from what I can see on an eye level based on his breathing, activity, eating habits, etc. I have yet to figure out what would kill the tumor, but so far he has beat out all of the vets timelines.

      • Have you tried amigdalmin? It is Vitamin B17. G.Edward Griffin wrote a book about it decades ago, and if the cancer hasn’t metasticized, you have some chance of success if you feed it to the dog. Check out apricotpower.com. They have formulation in pill form for pets of all weights.

        • G. Edward Griffin’s book is “World Without Cancer.” I read it several years ago but gave my copy to a friend who has cancer. Fascinating story, reminiscent of what they did to Ivermectin. I added apricot seeds to my diet as a result of the book. Griffin is the author of another well-known and also interesting text, “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” about the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

  10. I’m no medical expert, but I would not be surprised if OJ had CTE from playing football—and if another factor in his illness might be the performance enhancing drugs that were passed out like candy in the NFL during the 70s.

    While only an autopsy can show CTE for sure, his behavior strongly suggests that he might have CTE.

  11. I saw a picture of that fool wearing a mask outside a Costco. I have no doubt he was of the hive mind cult to take a jab. There are a lot of low level thinkers in this country

  12. What if…???
    1. There was no “COVID”??? Just a regular Flu???

    2. The entire “COVID” scam-demic was a cover operation???

    3. Designed to entice/panic/scare/force as many people as possible to take a “kill-shot” of mRNA material???

    4. A shot-series designed to cause death over a relatively short period of time, but within 7 years of initial dose???

    5. The premature deaths of victims brushed off thru “plausible deniability” by vaccine makers and Governments worldwide???

    Put that in your pipe and smoke on it for awhile…but as far as OJ, his death was only 30 years too late.

  13. My Mom was a true believer in “The Jab” and got every booster she could. She was OK until September of 22 when she noticed a sore spot on her throat. No other symptoms and by the time they knew what it was (Lymphoma) it was too late to treat. Her funeral was just before Christmas in 22.

    I’m probably almost the only one in my family who didn’t get “The Jab”. If I won’t buy the newest product on the market why the f*ck would I take something that was “Warp Speeded” without proper testing.

    At least it hasn’t turned out like the movie “I Am Legend” yet………

    As for the OJ trial it proves the benefits of a good lawyer and a friendly jury. Since they can’t try you twice for the same crime and if civil court bankrupted you; why not have a book ghost written saying how you would have done it.

  14. In many ways the OJ saga was the height of television news. Only a few years after CNN brought Gulf War I (from halfway around the planet) into America’s living rooms live and in real time, by now the news system was in place to go live in most major cities within minutes of a “breaking” story. Satellite uplinks were mounted on trucks, geostationary satellites were numerous enough that renting time was going down and complicated video relay systems meant engineers could deliver life to your doorstep, live in real time.

    All this expensive infrastructure needed to be fed. And LA in the 1990s was a great source. Half the population wanted to be a movie star, the other half wanted to rob people and break things. Turned the streets into a TV production every night. High speed chases, viewed from helicopters, with running commentary from blowdried anchors. Police ramming vehicles and chasing down “perps” who thought they just might be the ones who outrun Motorola. Great stuff.

    Then there were the natural disasters. In the 90s if Jim Cantore showed up in your town for a live update, you might want to pick up some milk and bread on the way home from work. If the storm was a dud, well, go out and find some damage, dammit! We have 6 hours to fill this afternoon!

    But the best news was the planned stuff. When the FBI went after the Branch Dividians, the thing with the kid going back to Cuba, and of course the Oklahoma City “bombing.” Great visuals and you’re there to see it all! (at least what the FBI wanted you to see)

    It was a good time, and revenue soared. But there were lots of problems. When there’s not much going on, well, not many people watch. And so everything has to be “breaking!” at crisis level all the time. Plus, political types figure out how to game the system to get attention, so everything becomes an impasse until the news media notices.

    These days most of that infrastructure is unnecessary. News crews use cellular networks (usually 3-4 modems) to stream data back to the studio. Quality from cell phones is better than that $25K Betacam rig that required a camera operator who could bench 400. Drones are a fraction of the cost of a helicopter and can be flown by a producer with a few hours training. Only the most “important” stories require the old kit (mostly to impress the subject of the story), and thanks to budget cuts much of that is just pool feeds. Thanks to Nokia and Steve Jobs, video production is cheap and easy.

    Distribution is easy too. In fact the only thing that is hard is getting the attention of viewers. Easy to do if you’ve climbed your way up through the old media, but what about now? Will there ever be another Joe Rogan? Will there ever be another Eric Peters or Tom Woods? Should there be another John Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Wolf Blitzer? There are TikTok “influencers” who are making millions of dollars who I’ve never heard of. Most of them have no problem shilling for products and not disclosing financial compensation. They learned that from watching the big legacy names who’ve devolved into spokesmen for drug companies and political groups.

    Does it matter? When being an informed citizen becomes increasingly more difficult will people just tune out? So far it seems like people are forming tribes around seasoned writers and producers who came up though the system, but what happens when they age out? Most of the political left seems happy to push their agenda as fact. Back in the old days the editorials were on the editorial page, and the papers at least claimed to keep a neutral tone. The new news seems to relish their lack of balance.

    Shame that.

    • Hi RK,
      I blame the 24/7 news channels for ruining childhood for today’s kids; a kid goes missing in East Overshoe, probably due to a custody dispute, and it’s broadcast over the entire country. Most of the parents get paranoid that their kids might be next so they become helicopter parents and deprive their offspring of the chance to grow up normally, like most of us did.

      • M in B…, Right On!
        The PUSSIFICATION of Amerika is truly Disgusting…one kid in Seattle skins it’s knee and every milquetoast in Amerika goes 🙀🙀😳

        I will NEVER FORGET MY MOTHER’S recommendation… “Boys get lost in the woods for a few hours…Mommy needs to rest!!”
        Fuckin A..

        Sorry it’s a USMC thing…. Chemical testosterone appears s deficient in … THE OTHER 98% of the male USA population…😂😂😂😂
        Good Luck facing the completely revamped Russian Army…

        I’ll stock up on junior mints, milk duds and popcorn.. And watch this INCOMPETENT Klown Show from afar 🎯
        Good Luck you guys are going to need it..

    • You make good points. Thank you.
      Actually, I find it easier to discern TRUTH nowadays because of the internet. I remember the days when most people had two or three television channels and one or two newspapers. Talking heads like traitor Walter Cronkite (who was considered the most trusted man on television) was only spouting off what slanted “news” that his jewish masters authorized. Back then, us truthseekers had a difficult time getting alternative sources of information. Mail and newsletters were the only ways most alternative sites had at their disposal to communicate.
      The internet was (and still is) the most liberating of mediums as anyone can start and run a website and get his or her point across with the touch of a button. This is why both governments and NGOs want to throttle those who “stray from the official discourse”. Today, it is much easier for anyone to become an informed citizen, unlike the days of old. Of course, it takes effort, something that many people are not willing to peruse, but the TRUTH IS out there…
      In the days of old, “three television stations and two newspapers”, the Gaza genocide would have been described as “brave israelis fighting a determined enemy that endangers the jewish people and the whole world”.
      Keep in mind the 1967 jewish “six day war” is still being described as a “defensive action” by israel, rather than the pre-emptive strike and the subsequent genocide of retreating Egyptian troops and civilians.
      If the internet was available in those days, the deliberate “act of war”, the attack by israel on the USS Liberty (AGTR-5) on June 8, 1967 would have been exposed as not only an attack by israel, but complicity at the highest levels of the U S government. Crypto-jew Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara would have been duly tried and executed for treason. Quite possibly, israel would have ceased to exist–a good thing.
      Even the so-called jewish “holocaust” is receiving scrutiny that would have been impossible in past decades. It is finally being exposed as the most massive jewish grift of both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries…
      From engineering, technical and logistical standpoints, the jewish “holocaust” can easily be shown to be totally fraudulent. Nowadays, it takes jew-run “Hollywood productions” to keep the taxpayer-funded jewish “freak shows” known as “holocaust museums” to keep the grift alive.
      Keep in mind, with the advent of cell phones and go-pro cameras ANYONE can be a true “journalist” who is on scene before the “official” journalists arrive.
      It could be argued that we are living in a “panopticon society”, only that us citizens also have the same capabilities.

      • For certain, the Internet has been a game changer in helping reduce the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect. But people are still very subject to persuasion and ignoring their own lying eyes. Like the BS detector has been disabled. Most of us can spot obvious flaws in news and social media astroturfing, but then people still click on the email link to change their bank login “due to it being compromised.”


        Humans are story telling creatures, and most of our tales are full of lies and inaccuracy. Yet we all gloss over the false narrative if the point is made.

        • RK!
          Everybody knows the names of the aircrew on that ChiCom plane that krashed.

          Some Ting Wong…

          We Tu Low…

          Ho Lee Fuc …

          Bing Ding Oww….

          Enough said 😂🎯

      • Why I used radio Havana since I was 9. Easier to hear thru its bogus commie prop than total BS playing on TV.

        Every word radio Havana said about Vietnam “situation” turned out to be true.

        Ive only purchased one television in my life. Gave it away when it was still new.

        Ignorance IS bliss.

      • The Israeli attack to open the Six-Day War was described as a “pre-emptive” strike, to justify their aggression. Interesting enough, that’s exactly how the Germans characterized their attack on Poland on September 1, 1939, declaring that the Poles had been (1) mobilizing to attack Germany, in concert with a new war from the UK and France in the West; (2) persecuting ethnic Germans in their own borders, especially parts that had belonged to Germany prior to WWI, and (3) that they’d attacked a German radio station at Glewitz, in Silesia near the border. The first two points were TRUE, but were unnecessary to the German plans.

        What’s sad about that is that all Hitler wanted, rather than made a Faustian bargain with Stalin and divide Eastern Europe between them, was to have the residents of the Polish “corridor” vote, in an internationally-supervised plebiscite, whether they wanted to join Germany or remain with Poland. Either way, Hitler was prepared to financially back the building of the Polish harbor at Gdynia, and if the corridor reverted to Germany, give the Poles a duty-free rail and road corridor to Gdynia, built at Germany’s expense. The dictator of Poland, Marshal Rydz-Smigly, should have taken the offer.

  15. ‘this writer … objects to the use of dangerously misleading terminology’ — eric

    Institootions [sic] of Higher Learning demonstrate how it’s done, courtesy of the New York Slimes:

    With State Bans on D.E.I., Some Universities Find a Workaround: Rebranding

    ‘Welcome to the new “Office of Access and Engagement.” Schools are renaming departments and job titles to try to preserve diversity programs.’

    Cool, huh? Just change the nomenclature, and keep doing business at the same old stand.

    Incredibly, it works — and they get away with it. Maybe there’s a lesson here for us.

    Instead of the Society to Eradicate Eee Vees (SEEV) — where I serve as president without pay — we form the Coalition for Extended Range Transportation (CERT) to tout hydrocarbon-fueled vehicles than can go over 500 miles on a tankful of miracle fuel.

    Rebranding for the win! 🙂

  16. Parsing the Fifth Dimension of OJ’s mind:
    “I was orinthaling thru Brentwood one night when suddenly I was transported to Chappaquiddick at twice the speed of light. ”

    Johny Cochran:
    Let’s stick with the story that the police planted evidence.


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