Latest Radio: David Knight Show 05/25/2024

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Here’s the audio and (hopefully) video of yesterday’s appearance on Real News with David Knight. We talked about the “operation” and the duality of belief that exists on both Right and Left, leaving those of us who aren’t either orphaned in a way:

. . .

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  1. AI is just another magical device in a line of magical boxes that goes back thousands upon thousands of years. The computer model has been worn out so AI is needed to replace it. It exists to provide an illusion of third party agreement for those that control it.

    It has no intelligence. I did basic AI programing on apple IIe when I was in high school. It isn’t difficult but my example was of course limited to a simple game where the computer learned from people that played against it. The limits are storage, memory, and processing speed. The higher those limits the more subject matter it can handle. That’s all. It will still respond as the programmers designed it to.

    In Mexico what people can buy are simply cars like 1995 Corollas. Cars we used to be able to get. Older generations of models. Of course the mainstream in the USA is aghast that these “unsafe” cars are sold.


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