Orange Man – Orange Jumpsuit?

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Very soon, we will find out whether the Orange Man will be wearing an orange jumpsuit. And accepting the Republican Party’s nomination for (s)elected dictator – which is what the American presidency has become as a matter of practice.

Ostensibly – constitutionally – the president is supposed to have no other power than to see that the laws passed by Congress are “faithfully executed.” That is, imposed and enforced. But we like to pretend it’s something more civilized.

At any rate, the president has no constitutional authority to make laws. But presidents have been doing just that for decades, via (among other things) what are styled “executive orders.” Which is a politically sanitized way of saying I – the president – order. President Bush explained it thusly:

I am the Decider.

Stalin was, too. And – let’s not forget – there were (s)elections in Russia, too. Because it is politically necessary to pretend the people have a say over who “executive orders” them around. The similarities between Soviet Russia and the Sovietizing United States wax rather than wane.

The current (s)election process is proof of that. The members of the ruling Politburo squabble and maneuver to have their favorite put forward as the new (s)elected dictator for the next four years. In the old Soviet Union, it was Trotsky’s faction vs. Stalin’s – and everyone knows who ended up on top in that (s)election. And what happened to those who didn’t.

In the Sovietizing States of America, it is a contest between the authoritarian Right and the authoritarian Left to see who will be executive ordering the populace around for the next four years. Will it be the orange-jumpsuited Orange Man – live, from Rikers Island? Or will it be the American Brezhnev, again?

A better question to ask, perhaps, is – what difference will it make? And there are many answers, none of which we’ll be able to know were right or wrong until after the (s)election takes place.

There are some arguably sensible reasons for hoping it’ll be the Orange Man’s faction that comes out on top. Orange Man is an authoritarian – but his authoritarianism seems less a threat to people who are not themselves authoritarian-minded; i.e., the people who’d just like to be left alone. Not that they will ever be left alone, by the Orange Man or any other man who is (s)elected for elected dictator. There would still be executive-ordering and other such things. But some of this might be preferable to the ordering we’ll be getting if America’s Brezhnev is (s)elected again. In part because America’s Brezhnev is actuarily unlikely to make it another four years; in which case, something even worse might be (s)elected as his replacement.

Orange Man, it is said by his enemies, will go after his political enemies if (s)elected. Of course. Why not? They have gone after him – and only a fool turns the other cheek to an enemy. We are long past the time when due process could solve problems in a manner that could be reasonably described as just. The gloves have come off – and it no longer matters who took them off first. When you find yourself in such a fight, if you do not understand that you are in the fight of your life, it is probable you will lose your life.

Axiom: You do what you must in such a fight in order to not lose it.

Like him or not, the Orange Man is probably the last chance we’ll have to land a potentially fatal blow on the authoritarian Left. If, on the other hand, the Orange Man fails to destroy the authoritarian Left, it will destroy him – and us along with him.

This is the (s)election we’re facing. It is not materially different from the (s)election presented to the factions favoring Trotsky rather than Stalin. Or Franco rather than the communists. Who, it’s worth mentioning here, were oilily styled “Republicans.” Just the same as communists now style themselves “progressives” and “liberals” (the latter once-upon-a-better-time meaning people who believed as Jefferson did, in less rather than more government).

It is not an especially palatable (s)election, but that’s what’s on the menu and there’s nothing else we’ll be allowed to pick as an alternative. Yes, of course, we can choose to direct our own course to the extent it is in our power to do so. And that is an excellent course to take. It does not, however, change the fact that a (s)election will be made and that (s)election will have consequences.

As the old knight who had spent 2,000 years guarding the Holy Grail advised Indiana Jones – do not choose poorly.

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  1. (s)elected as in like every other election in my lifetime? He’s up there telling the zombies the truth that our elections are and have been rigged! Ubermassive support is needed if we are going to even begin reigning in the apperat or it’s all over.

    But yes let’s criticise him in this critical junction. That’s original. it’s like a plague in VA. Bring in the EV’s and cobalt child slavery even faster because obviously 24/7/365/8+ years of negative news coverage is reverse psycology and he’s the stooge.

    • Hi Steve,

      I’ll probably vote for the Orange Man – because I agree with you that otherwise it’s over. It almost certainly is regardless. But might as well try to kick the executioner in the balls before they line you up in front of the ditch, right?

      • Hi Eric,

        I like the way you phrase this

        “But might as well try to kick the executioner in the balls before they line you up in front of the ditch, right?”

        I have to admit, I was a little ticked off as all this orange bashing seems counter productive, but that I did speed read this one (read: didn’t read) and that I mostly agree with you. The jumpsuit.jpg led me to believe this was another racist diatribe against orange people.

        I give us a 1% chance he’ll take a page out of Javier Milei’s book and have a firesale of 3 letter agencies to which congress have abdicated their responsibility of governance to.

        For the sake of argument let’s call it a certain crapshoot.

        Call me Winston, and I’m with Trump. The Ministry of Love wants us to die believing Biden is the most poopular president in US history. It’s about your soul Winston.

        • Hi Steve,

          Thanks! Like many, I’m exasperated with Trump – but will probably still vote Orange anyhow, because even though he has many flaws and I by no means approve of him personally or politically, there is a chance that what he represents might pour some more salt on the slug, so to speak. And that would be worth the effort. My long-term hope is that federal authority will become generally seen as illegitimate and increasingly impotent to do anything and that the United States will devolve into something better, more decentralized, as the old Soviet did. We’re all going to find out, regardless.

  2. May be a secret plot brewing within the Democratic Party to replace Joe Biden. The plan is allegedly being orchestrated by influential figures, including former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

    There have long been rumors and rumblings that California Gov. Gavin Newsom will replace Biden,

  3. Folks,

    DJT will not serve one minute in prison. The recent trial in NYC was so crooked and dishonest that it made a kangaroo court look like the pinnacle of justice! Jurors didn’t have to unanimously agree on a specific crime(s); they just had to agree that he did something. Only four jurors had to agree to convict, not the normal, unanimous twelve. The judge had donated to the Democrat Party. His daughter had received money working for or with the Dem Party. If there is one shred of honesty in the higher courts, the Trump conviction will be tossed immediately, as the NYC trial made a mockery of American jurisprudence on multiple fronts.

    No, lawfare was waged against Trump for multiple reasons. One was for the Dems to cater to and placate their loony left base. Two was to throw so much mud at Trump in an effort to get some to stick, so as to dissuade independents into voting against Trump; lawfare was waged to smear Trump’s reputation, and to hurt him with the electorate. Three was to keep him from campaigning. Four was to get even with him for defeating the Chosen One in 2016, Her Majesty Queen Hillary Rodham CLinton.

  4. Sure seems to me that while everyone is “tribing” up over their selectee there is a 3rd unbeknownst to all of us waiting to ascend to the throne. The Republic is dead…. Good luck out there!

  5. The only reason I voted for Trump both times was because it represented an upraised middle finger at the satanic, globalist cabal that now runs the West and hates and wants to replace the very people that it rules. I hate these scumbags with a passion.

    I don’t like him at all. He’s a narcissist, a blowhard and a buffoon. He does so many cringe things, like constantly kissing the ass of Israel. He gets into needless battles while losing focus on the things that matter. He failed in many respects in his administration, such as purging the bureaucracy of Bolsheviks, especially the EPA and the State Department. He could’ve gone after this process of censorship and unpersoning, but he didn’t.

    He got behind the faux “vaccine” and trusted that little troll Fauci, an almost unforgiveable sin in my book.

    He selected warmongers like John Bolton and that odious fake Christian Mike Pence to be part of his administration, people who sabotaged his administration at every turn.

    But he’s a far better choice than four more years of eliminating gas cars, drawing closer to making us eat the bugs, do without air conditioning and become serfs to our demonic ruling class whose only fealty is to satan.

    I can only pray if he does get (s)elected, he does seek retribution. I don’t want to live among these people and things will only get better if these people are banished to the Congo or get to spend the rest of their lives toiling in the fields as agricultural laborers. Better yet, send them to Ukraine to clear mines after Russia wins the war since they love Keeeeeeev so much.

    • Amen brother. To all of that. Especially I hope DJT has learned the true nature and seriousness of the left, and I pray he does Pinochet level retribution.

      Free helicopter rides for leftists! We can drop you off anywhere!

    • Here Here.

      No this article doesn’t appear to show any signs of TDS. Of course the globalists want Trump to be selected thats why there’s 24/7/365/8Y+ negative news about him it’s reverse psycology. I think my vote will count better for libertarian car policies if I vote for the dumpsterfire libertarian nominee .00001%. That will fix the system!!!

  6. If the hall Trump out in handcuffs, then we need a national *sick out*. Shut the country down for 3-4 days and let the Demo-Marxist know they don’t run the place.

    • It’s actually worse than even most people who think they know how bad things really are…

      Since 9/11, the USA has been in a continuous “State of Emergency”, which actually gives the President more powers than a King in a Monarchy.

      There’s over a hundred different powers not normally allowed to a President in peacetime that are available to him in such a situation, go look it up…most of these are not even known to people and how extensive the authority truly reaches.

      This is a double edged sword, and “we, the people”, will get cut both ways, coming and going, when both sides of the political choices are controlled by (((them))).

      Hope for the Best, but Plan for the worst…

      And the Worst can get truly horrific!!!

          • Eva Vlaardingerbroek at CPAC Hungary: The Great Replacement Is No Longer A Theory, It’s Reality………..

            I think we all know what they mean with the word diversity. It means less white people,

            Some G7 leaders have said they hate white people…and will replace them….

            The native white Christian European population is being replaced at an ever-accelerating rate. Let me back this up for you with some statistics from my home country.

            Let’s take Amsterdam, the capital. Amsterdam currently consists of 56 per cent migrants. The Hague, 58 per cent migrants.

            Rotterdam, almost 60 per cent migrants. And, of course, most of these immigrants come from non-Christian, non-Western, African and Middle Eastern countries. Conclusion, the Dutch population is already outnumbered in the majority of our cities.

            But let’s look onwards. London, 54 per cent migrants. Again, conclusion, native population outnumbered.

            Brussels, colour me shocked, 70 per cent migrants. Conclusion, native population majorly outnumbered. And other Europeans will, of course, follow suit soon if they haven’t already.


    • Gil, what is the “this” you question? If it is literally debate or discourse (i.e. speech) the 1st Amendment recognizes the freedom of speech. As far as treason, Article III, Section 3, Clause 1 of the Constitution states:

      “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

      • Treason of course, such as facilitating the invasion of tens of millions of foreigners and using law to interfere with free elections and with the right of the people (the rightful law enforcement and military) to buy, sell, own, and use weapons. There is plenty of treason.

  7. I feel sorry for DJT, and I am not a fan. He is being railroaded into prison, while scumbag POS pedo-commie-marxist Biden has a free hand to destroy the country.

    At least Trump says he wants to says it. The problem with poor ole Donald is he is not a badass, while his opponent is. His opposition is perfectly willing to put him in prison for the rest of his life, while when he was POTUS, and he promised to prosecute Hillary, he did not.

    Trump was just convicted of all charges in his first trial – and the sentencing date is 4 days prior to the RNC – July 16th – in just 1 month. According to astute political observer, Mark Glenn of TUT The Ugly Truth, and some RBN hosts, they are convinced he will be going to jail, because with so many charges they will be able to get some of them to stick.

    Mark Glenn says that Nikki Haley sealed the deal as the RNC nominee, over Memorial Day weekend, when she slavishly whored herself to Israel by signing some warheads in Israel. Yeah, on Memorial Day Nimrata “Kali Yuga” Haley was professing her loyalty to a foreign state. She also deserves the death penalty, and IMO deserves 123 grains of justice behind he left ear.

    Prior to his first presidency, DJT gave a speech at AIPAC and I rang the alarm bells on some conspiracy forums, I said the evidence was in, DJT was a Zionist traitor. Here is the transcript of the speech he gave on 21 March 2016:

    I blogged that speech and heavily criticized Trump’s slavish whoring to a foreign lobby and called him a god damned traitor – which he is – and deserves the death penalty – because the penalty for treason is death. Trump’s presidency put Israel first, which is treason. I am sorry if you disagree, you are wrong. And that is true for most presidents since Israel assassinated JFK.

    Trump’s AIPAC speech was all pro-Jew and anti-Iran. While president, Trump gave the order to murder Iranian General Soleimani, with a Predator drone firing a Hellfire missile – and Soleimani had been invited to Bagdad for a peace conference no less. Look up the story if you don’t believe it, Trump murdered a high level Iranian diplomat – and he did it for Israel. He is guilty of murder and should be sent to Iran to stand trial. And when he ordered the hit, for Israel, he committed TREASON. It was a cowardly deceitful act – and Trump brags about being the snake in his snake story.

    BTW I read a story that Biden built an “unscalable” wall around the White House. Of course they did. They know John Q DUMBASS public will not like their orange savior going to prison.

  8. “It is not an especially palatable (s)election, but that’s what’s on the menu and there’s nothing else we’ll be allowed to pick as an alternative.”

    I always pick an alternative, whether or not I’m “allowed” to do so. I only wish others, who have had enough with the crap we’ve been dealt, would choose anything other than what we’re allowed to choose.

    Though not perfect, every time I’ve heard RFK Jr. speak so far, he’s made a hell of a lot more sense and seems much more educated and intelligent than the Orange Man or the Grey Ghost.

  9. Orange is the new black. Whites are the niggers these days. No matter what you do or say, it is your fault and you are guilty for being a dumbass white honky cat.

    Trump didn’t have to go along with the nonsense, not his responsibility. Just stop, quit, resign, stop being led by the nose, you stupid buffoon.

    Vaccines made Trump a dupe, a fool. Just end it, not too late for that.

    Bibi gets to bomb Gaza into submission, only 43,000 dead Palestinians so far, so it is business as usual. More death and destruction is par for the course.

    As long as it pays, it’s all good.

    Trump is the thug, you know. Throw his ass into the Crowbar Hotel and forget about the cad.

    Bibi has zero faults, a crisp and clean stellar reputation, an outstanding statesman.

    Any faults anyone has in this world, Donald Trump has all of them, every single one of them.

    Beam me up.

  10. Will the Trumpster really be sentenced to prison? My feeble mind thinks it’s about a 60/40 proposition at this point (60% he’ll end up in the Hoosegow). Since the judge in the case is purportedly a typical left-win/fascist bench warmer, one naturally would lean in that direction.

    But here’s a crucial point that seems to be overlooked by everyone, and the deafening silence surrounding it is mystifying. First of all, does anyone actually believe this judge to be completely objective? Really? If you do then quit sucking your thumb, leave immediately and go back to your game of marbles (or was it hopscotch?). Of course he’s not. How could he be? As the good liberal jurist that he is, he’s completely biased, which is not surprising. But then again the entire judicial system is totally biased and completely corrupt.

    Secondly, do you suppose this judicial apparatchik might be under some political pressure to lower the boom? This is undoubtedly the most significant case he has ever presided over in his life. I think he must be under enormous pressure and I wouldn’t want his job for all the tea in china. He must know that if he throws the book at Trump, the conservatives will certainly infer the sentence was unjust which could lead to some ugliness and eventually rioting in the streets. Otoh, if he goes too lightly on him he’ll suffer the wrath of god from his own party, which is the last thing he wants. He’s clearly caught in a lose-lose situation. It’s a classic Morton’s Fork dilemma, and I’ll bet he hasn’t been sleeping well these past few weeks. Sucks to be him.

    If the judge gives him time in the clink I think Trump has a sure bet to overturn the conviction on appeal. The question is will he be able to campaign from a jail cell, or out in public? Time will tell.

  11. ‘Brezhnev is actuarially unlikely to make it another four years.’ — eric

    James Kunstler, in a June 15 post at Lew Rockwell’s site, used the same simile I did a couple of days earlier, to describe F. Joe Biden’s catatonic performance at a Juneteenth event on the South Lawn: ‘They rolled him out on the White House lawn like a cigar-store Indian where he stood utterly frozen while all around him boogalooed and clapped to the music of jubilee.’

    Sweet Jubilee! The happy-faced, rotund persons of color surrounding the putative ‘president’ urged him to Boogie, chile! But the uptight old honky just stared off into space vacant-eyed, his mouth hanging open in an old politician’s instinctive rictus.

    JHK ventures on: ‘“Joe Biden” is not long for this world as a token in that game of “pretend.” Mere days, I’d say. There is no way that the Democratic Party can afford to put him in a debate arena June 27th with Mr. Trump. Two minutes in, “JB” would be leaking sawdust and stuttering incoherently.’

    Yet ‘Joe Biden,’ in his March 7 SOTU speech, actually fulminated for over an hour, in a performance that recalled old Nikita Khrushchev banging his shoe on the podium at the UN. Huffpost stenographer Ron Dickhead … errr, ‘Dicker,’ sorry … reminds us that Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC) ‘baselessly’ [sic] suggested that President Joe Biden was ‘jacked up’ on drugs. ‘Adderall,’ I chimed in. A shrink concurred, calling Biden’s amped-up antics ‘word salad on speed’ — ten forward gears and a Georgia overdrive, as it were.

    It’s a risky stunt to try again, on a frail 81-year-old. The old ticker could give out. Or his head could explode on live TeeVee: strawberry syrup; a cascade of contemporary art.

    Fortunately, Kunstler’s dreadful denouement remains unlikely: ‘Hillary Clinton (better known here as Rodan the Flying Reptile, or She-Whose-Turn-It-Is) will be flapping her leathery wings in triumph as “JB’s” emergency replacement.’

    No, Jim. Tonto. Rather, the ghastly old crone will continue filling her empty days tearing the wings off butterflies, vituperating for hours with Gretchen Whitmer, and slipping doses of arsenic and medroxyprogesterone acetate [a chemical castration compound] into Bill’s hummus, as she exults in her customary dulcet tones: CAW! CAW!

  12. The whole thing about Russia gate turns out to be completely fabricated. But it was completely plausible to a large faction of the old school Democratic Party base, and possibly a fair number of people who believe the Internet can do anything (which is a very large percentage of the over 50 voting crowd).

    Real story is that there were deals made with the Bernie Bros, the Occupy Wall Street commies (backed by the CCP), and the university industry (also backed by the CCP in the form of chicom student visas overrunning the technical and engineering departments and spouting “alternative views” in the gen-ed courses. They knew Hitlery wasn’t an option, and Newscum isn’t ready yet, so haul out the old man for one last at bat.

    And send down the message to look the other way when shenanigans are recorded on the security cameras. Because as Curtis said to the orphans, “your lazy buts are in this too!” Recall that Orange issued an executive order requiring that for every new federal regulation implemented, two must be rescinded. That’s great unless you’re the guy whose job just got rescinded into oblivion at the stroke of a pen. Or if you were planning on joining that law firm to help companies navigate the new regulation that now won’t happen because no one wants to cut anything in DC -in a sort of bizarro world version of Bastiat’s “seen and unseen,” we’ll never know what grand new regulations might have been had that order not been put in place. So of course that got the bureaucracy behind O’Biden too.

    The perverts and baby killers rounded out the coalition.

    The thing is, who’s better off than they were 4 years ago? And what, specifically, has O’Biden done to make his base’s lives better? I guess sleeping better knowing that Orange can’t embarrass the US on the global stage? (wait, did Biden shit himself at Normandy? Or was that with the Pope? Did he really just wonder off at the G7 meeting? Can he even get through a speech without losing it? Thank God Trump wasn’t able to fat shame anyone on Twitter!). Seems they like sending money to corporations, failed and rogue nation states and themselves. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  13. Despite the founders not wanting an American king the president has effectively become one. Probably got started in earnest with Lincoln, and really took off under FDR. I haven’t seen anything in the Constitution that authorizes “executive orders” or the so-called “executive privilege” that presidents use to stonewall Clowngress when seeking information. All the 3 letter agencies that actually run govco also have no basis in constitutional law as they are “executive” agencies. My wildest dream is to see a president who will take office and declare all executive orders every issued to be null and void, and disband every agency that exists. Javier Millie (spelling?) down in Argentina is off to a good start, here’s hoping he doesn’t have an “accident”.

  14. While not a good thing per se, it would at least make obvious the state of the nation. I read a couple days ago that the demonrats were investigating Donald Trump Jr for talking to Hungarians but when they do the same sort of thing it’s just peachy keen.

    10% for the big guy is good, if you are a Dem that is I suppose.

    Things like that hopefully will make people realize the double standard we are living under.

  15. “Orange Man, it is said by his enemies, will go after his political enemies if (s)elected.”

    I don’t think Orange Man will be able to do that. The Leftists/Progressives have infiltrated the highest levels of government. Orange Man made the mistake of not firing all the executive leadership and replacing them with his own people. I hope he understands this and does not repeat his mistake. Of course he did hire some of the swamp people. He thought he could control them. And when Ivanka and Jared said “Daddy, daddy please give the Negro more special privileges so that they will vote for us for the next 100 years. Daddy, daddy the Democrats and Lyndon Johnson did that and they got the Negro vote since.” God I hope he doesn’t listen to them.
    I’ll still vote for Orange Man because if the Communists/Progressives win then you can forget about the First and Second Amendments. And yea you can kiss ICE cars goodbye.

    USSofA, slowly being transformed so that the herd doesn’t panic.

    • If you think about the federal government in terms of corporate structure (they’re fairly similar), it’s assumed that changes are implemented in a similar way too. I’ve worked for a few businesses that have been bought up or merged over the years. Usually when there’s a corporate takeover the new executives give about a year of “normal operations” and maybe even take quick action to fix whatever might have caused the smaller company to consider acquisition in the first place. Then, after the first year, the changes start coming from on high. And a lot of reshuffling takes place with more than a few managers and executives being shuffled out the door.

      Now imagine that year, compressed into a few months because the executive has at most 8 years to implement his changes. Trump likely thought he was going to keep good managers and leaders within the bureaucracy without ever considering that there aren’t any. Or that much of the executive branch is bound by law, not by the wishes of the President. Of course that law can be ignored when desired, but very handy when trying to save your pension.

  16. The only thing Trump has done well, and has done very well, is throw the Left into psychotic fits, as in TDS. While I do enjoy watching them have their fits, It will have little positive effect upon my life, or the lives of those I love.

    • Agreed. He wasn’t very effective at much. Did free some non violent offenders. Seemed to want to have better foreign relations, but had too much AIPAC in his ear and pulled out of the nuke treaty with Iran.

      Not a friend to civil liberties or gun owners. Not much substantive difference between the two dolts, but is more likely to end this Ukraine nonsense.

  17. I’ve been reading elsewhere that the Democrat Party establishment may try to find a way to force Joe Biden out of the campaign and draft Hillary Clinton to be their nominee. That’s certainly possible given that there are people who STILL belieeeeeeeeeeeeve this BS that Hillary lost in 2016 because of “Trump-Russia collusion”. Not only that, Hillary Clinton seems to STILL have this huge sense of entitlement to be the “First Woman President”. If Hillary Clinton does become the “D” nominee, will people on “The Left” drop their dislike of her and vote for her (particularly because of obsessive hatred for Trump) or will they vote for Jill Stein or Cornel West? That remains to be seen.

    • The Democratic National Convention will be held in Chicago Aug. 19 to Aug. 22. The Police are already ramping up their game plan. There will be some wild times here. I might take a drive downtown to check out the action. The two main locations for the convention will be the United Center and McCormick Place.

  18. C’mon, dude.

    Orange Hitler is not going to get re-elected. First of all, there is no question they will throw him in prison, if for no other reason than the media circus that they hope will damage his campaign.

    But all of this is part of a relentless, broader strategy by ALL the institutions of power in the U.S. — the courts, the media, the Deep State, the academy, the political parties, the military, intelligence — to totally destroy him. He cannot “win.”

    The only way for him to be “selected” is as the designated Fall Guy for when the SHTF, but I doubt they will select him even for that.

    Trump is unquestionably the lesser of the two evils, but that’s not saying much. He is 100% committed to being a Zionist bootlicker, so there will be no change there.

    What could he possibly accomplish if he “won”? He was successfully blocked from almost everything while he was in office except his Supreme Court appointments, which were the one and only significant policy “victory” of his presidency.

    His enemies know that, so they will make sure he “loses.” He might commit “suicide” while in prison, right when the cameras malfunction and the guards aren’t looking. Just like Epstein.

    Or he might have a “plane crash.” Boeing’s had some issues lately, ya know…

    • Hi x,

      I agree with you. They will never let Trump back in the Oval Office. Why would they? My original thoughts were they would allow him back in just so the economy would crash under his watch. I don’t even believe they are going to do that now since the farce of “justice” that has played out in the last month.

      As for the news media and political pundits declaring a “Second Civil War” if Trump is jailed. Pfft. Trump could be led away in handcuffs, thrown into Great Meadow Correctional Facility (known for their high rate of suicides), and decide to shoot himself in the back of the head one night and the citizens of this country will do nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The Left knows this. The Right knows this as well, but they need to proclaiming “hope” to keep the peasants in line. Once that hope is extinguished the elite will create a new fictional character to “save us” and the game will continue.

  19. Agree with you. We have only one course of action available, throw an h-bomb on our enemies. The Left has overplayed its hand to such a degree that our only satisfaction is retribution. Swift, ugly, violent, and glorious retribution. We will delight as the corrupt judges (especially), lawyers, and bureaucrats wail in agony.

    I would gladly take a sledgehammer to my favorite car to see that day.


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