“Disruptive” Cars?

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A “study” produced by a Canadian college professor – Julie Aitken-Schermer – claims that “Those higher in sadism and psychopathy may be more drawn to disruptive cars.” And what is a “disruptive” car? Apparently, it is one equipped with a “modified muffler” – whatever that is.

Apparently, the hyphenated “doctor” (such “doctors” tend for some reason to be hyphenated ones) does not know the difference between a “modified muffler” and a modified exhaust system. This causes one to wonder what else the “doctor” does not know.

People don’t modify mufflers – excepting the teenage boy/redneck “modification” of punching holes in one. They do replace the ones the car came with – with aftermarket mufflers. The purpose of this being to free up some horsepower by reducing exhaust backpressure.

The factory-installed muffler/exhaust has to comply with various government requirements as well as manufacturing exigencies and necessities, including cost-cutting. Factory exhaust systems thus often leave something to be desired – and something to be gained. More horsepower and better performance, for instance.

My 1976 Pontiac Trans-Am, for instance, originally came with a hugely restrictive exhaust system that forced the big V8 to try to exhale through what amounted to four or five Face Diapers. By replacing the factory exhaust system with the kind of system that Pontiac used to be able to install at the factory – i.e., a dual exhaust with two low-restriction mufflers rather than a single exhaust with a single highly restrictive muffler – the Trans-Am became faster and sounded better. It was slower – and sounded terrible – with the factory installed (government mandated) system.

And that is why the factory installed mufflers (plural, in the case of vehicles that have dual exhaust like my TA) are commonly replaced.

The hyphenated “doctor” frames this as pathological. Of course she does. It is a framing of a piece with “oppositional defiance disorder,” i.e., the pathologizing of skepticism of authority. It isn’t that you question.

It is that you are sick.

This is a trick the Left likes to use to deal with opponents of the Left. Why debate when you can diagnose? Another example of this being the way anyone who asks questions about the “climate crisis” is framed as a “denier” by the Left. Not only is the “denier” wrong, he is maliciously wrong. Like someone who denies that the national socialist government of Germany that existed from 1933-1945 persecuted Jews. The language is not coincidental. It is deliberate and very well-thought-out.

The object of “doctor” Aitken-Schermer’s “study” is exactly similar. She does not suggest – she asserts – that anyone who has modified their vehicle’s “muffler” (sic) is doing so in order to be “disruptive.” That is, to be deliberately obnoxious – if not deliberately sadistic.

Such people enjoy annoying others – for the sport of it.

A desire for a loud car with a modified muffler is predicted by being a man and higher scores on psychopathy and sadism.” No mention that the loudness is incidental rather than primary. According to the “doctor’s” logic, then, people who attend NASCAR/F1 races must therefore be a gaggle of sadists and psychopaths also. Why else would a normal person want to hear all that noise

And here we get to the part – another one – the hyphenated one apparently does not understand. Car enthusiasts enjoy that sound. It is an essential element of what makes cars appealing to people who like cars. Just as people who like thunderstorms enjoy the boom of thunder and the crack of lightning. Or the magnificent crescendos of Beethoven or Wagner. These are all different kinds of sounds, of course. But the point is that sounds are a big part of life; a way to know you are in fact alive.

Aitken-Schermer seems to have no idea that – for many people – a car engine’s sounds are beautiful sounds. No different, fundamentally, than the sounds enjoyed by other people. Aitken-Schermer takes no account of this. Rather, she frames what she does not like as morally repellent. Perhaps the same ought to be turned around and directed at people such as Aitken-Schermer, who is not very likable and (more to the point) ignorant.

It is stupendous that a “doctor” would affix her names to a “study” that makes it very clear – in the first paragraph – that the “doctor” didn’t even take the time to acquire a basic understanding of the subject at hand. Reading about “modified mufflers” is not unlike reading about “vaccines” that do nothing to prevent infection or transmission.

Of course – in both cases – we are not dealing with mere ignorance. The mRNA drugs that were pushed on people were known by those pushing them to be something very different than vaccines – but were marketed to people as “vaccines.” This tells you all you need to know about the people who marketed (and pushed) them.

Similarly, it’s a safe bet that people such as Aitken-Schermer loathe cars – at least those with engines – and use the noise they make to pathologize those who like them because they like cars. See that? This shaming of people who like cars being a necessary groundwork-laying for the effort to ban cars that make noise from public spaces.

The noise – the very sight! – triggers Leftists, who hate the personally owned car (or motorcycle) because it is contra everything the Left seeks to impose.

And it doesn’t take a PhD to understand that.

. . .

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  1. Lmao, her photo looks like something out of the Crime Times.. except the goons in that publication were actually charming

  2. Grist for Aitken-Schermer’s mill — the Belltown Hellcat:

    ‘A man whose thundering Dodge Charger has tormented Seattle residents for months was ordered Tuesday to pay a fine of more than $83,000.

    ‘Miles Hudson, the driver who is known to many downtown residents and his more than 750,000 Instagram followers as the Belltown Hellcat, appeared in Seattle Municipal Court wearing a balaclava and sunglasses that shielded his face from the waiting television crews. He told Judge Faye Chess that he had been working on restoring the car to its factory design.

    ‘Downtown residents have complained about the tiger-striped muscle car that roars through the city at night, its tailpipes backfiring with such force that windows rattle, waking people to what some have mistaken for gunfire.

    ‘A police officer who stopped Mr. Hudson one night pleaded with him to take his vehicle to a racetrack. Mr. Hudson responded that he could not because he was making a living from his large following on Instagram, where he regularly posts videos of his exploits in urban driving, sometimes at speeds topping 100 miles per hour.’ — NYT


    Don’t they know that only one crime-stopper can rein in the villainous Belltown Hellcat: BATMAN, in his Batmobile.

  3. She is a psychopath…a satanist…they invert everything…good is bad…black is white…

    Beautiful ice engine sounds are very good, not bad….they are pure emotion, alive….she probably drives an EV…no sound or emotion….lifeless and dead …like her….

    Beautiful ice engine sounds are fantastic….here is proof….


  4. This is one of those rare instances where I must agree with the libtards: loud engines are the vertiginous height of annoying! Nothing–and I mean nothing–is more obnoxious and irritating than the the raucous sound of a tricked-out Harley motorcycle, or some “look at me!” teenager’s rice rocket….or a redneck’s mufflerless pickup truck. If there’s a redeeming quality to having police, it’s to enforce the peace and quiet that’s constantly being violated by these noise-loving hooligans.

  5. “It is stupendous that a “doctor” would affix her names to a “study” that makes it very clear – in the first paragraph – that the “doctor” didn’t even take the time to acquire a basic understanding of the subject at hand.”

    Indeed. As the saying goes, BS is “bullshit”, MS is “more shit”, and PhD is “piled high and deep”.

  6. Ha! That picture above the lede are the three exhaust pipes of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Nice. I know this because I’m currently shopping for one, the last true hooligan Ferrari. This thing makes the most glorious noise that you can imagine – naturally aspirated V8 revving to 9,000 RPM. The cars which came after it are turbos or hybrids which silence that glorious noise.

    There are some available nationally with something like 30,000 miles on them, which is a lot for a Ferrari, which are in need of some work. I’m thinking of buying the rattiest one in the country and fixing it up and having a truly glorious car when I’m done. If it needs a new engine or transaxle though, that could be pricey; not many junked ones available for parts.

  7. Great article Eric.
    One of my wife’s and my recent favorite thing to do is hit the V button on her blackwing. We are respectful and only do it where no houses are. It’s sound(s) are so fun. Did it again last night. Turn of TC, V button on, hammer down from a dead stop, tire screeching to 500HP immensely fast upshifts with crackles in-between and she was laughing all the way up to ?speed.
    My favorite sound(s) of all time is a 600 roadrace bike at 12500rpm (i think they are 13500 now?). And while the sounds are so fricken amazing, it’s not just that. It’s that you, your brain is controlling the beast at the edge of disaster or the savior of victory over your peers. It’s power of adrenalin, fear, mastery, ballet, aggression, etc… is unmatched to me. I can only assume that my brothers mastery of the f18 beats it pretty easily.

  8. Oppositional Defiance Disorder = not wanting to be controlled by a bunch of Poindexters.

    I often wonder if these people had to get their regulations passed via single combat, how would they fare?

  9. I found the best way to handle dim wits like this is to ignore first, then ridicule them break it off in their a$$es by doing the exact think they complain the most about, laughing all the way.
    Down with the AWFULs. ( Affluent, White, Female, Urban, Liberals

  10. I wonder how she did this study? Go to a car rally and start interviewing the guys with the loud cars, diagnosing them with psychopathy after a 3 minute conversation? And they didn’t tell the old bag to go pound sand up her ass?

  11. Huh. My Triumph had the polarizing Monza exhaust. I thought it sounded great, but I do tend toward sadism and psychopathy. Maybe she’s on to something!

    On second thought, nah. She’s retarded.

  12. Julie doesn’t want anybody having some fun, it doesn’t matter if it’s a car or bicycle, If you are having fun with it, you are being disruptive. Fun is disruptive, you know.

    Your fault she has a bitter disposition, that’s all because you own a disruptive vehicle, happens to be fun too.

    She looks happy. Maybe not.

  13. She is where the term western witches comes from…..ELF’s educated leftist females….

    This disruptive car could be a good investment or just a nice GT car….

    Why The ‘Worst’ Maserati Is Now The Most Desirable – 1998 Maserati 3200GT…not sold in U.S….

    1998 MSRP… 60,000 pounds in 2024 pounds…112,000 pounds…in 2024 dollars…$141,000 U.S.

    2024 prices about…10,000 to 20,000 pounds….$12,000 to $25,000 U.S.

    Maserati 3.2 liter twin turbo V8…6 speed stick shift…….advertised 370 HP…but…. 420 HP on dyno….a V8…a real engine….


  14. I seriously doubt that the “good doctor” would like to be at Wall Stadium on a Saturday night with the modifieds running their good, old American V8s! You think those cup cars are loud? Try the modifieds with their open headers; you need hearing protection in the stands watching them race. Shoot, if the wind blew right on a summer Saturday night, we could hear the cars racing at Wall a few miles south at my old house! How would the “good doctor” like THEM apples?

  15. I did just that with my 1968 Oldsmobile Delta 88: It came with a single exhaust standard, but dual exhaust was an option, So I used the factory parts (and finding them was no honeymoon in the Catskills—I needed different exhaust manifolds and a different shift linkage along with the actual
    pipes!) and the results were great.

    My exhaust note actually improved not only because I got rid of the janky old stuff, but because having duals made for better harmonic balance, if that’s the correct term. I even got better gas mileage.

  16. The rare times I rode the ‘04 Road King to work and parked in the first floor of the parking garage, a couple good raps on the throttle set off multiple car alarms. Nothing like a V twin Harley exhaling thru the 2 into 1 Vance & Hines pipes/megaphone “muffler” to wake up the civilians.

    • Hi Sparkey,

      Hubby and I took his Viper with a modified exhaust through the Tysons Corner Mall a few weeks ago. As we made our way up to the three story parking lot (no outside parking was available) there may have been a handful of car alarms being set off. I believe there may have been several four letter words aimed our way, but I couldn’t hear them. 😉

      Dr. Julie may be right though…I do enjoy pissing off the liberals. Is it psychopathic? Maybe. I view it as tit for tat.

      • We had one gal in our informal coalition rode her own bike, sweet as pie and a bit shy – but hellish loud exhaust. Open air parking lots it would set off car alarms! She would giggle and say “I feel … so naughty!”

        We got rolling on Harleys in the late 80s early 90s, back then still real exciting to little kids out on the road, lots of waves from the little tykes from the mid seats of the minivans as mom broke into a cold sweat. Rolling up next to them at a stop light the best – I’d get the “throttle roll” hand signal from a kid, the 04 Road King had a great back off snarl even in neutral so of course I’d oblige the little ones. Mom, now really sweating and her knuckles turning white from the steering wheel death grip.

      • That is an absolutely hilarious story! I was just there a few weeks ago watching the elite of the elite all the DC sycophants rolling around in their high-end German cars, super expensive EVs, exotics. The monied suck-ups of the Beltway Class living a life beyond the comprehension of 95% of America.

        I can imagine the looks of horror it would elicit if someone pulled a modded Dodge Viper into their little reality bubble. Like how did this rube from flyover country find his/her way HERE! LOL! Would have loved to watch the faces as you drove around that garage.

  17. I’m on my way to being a crotchety old man. Thus the rednecks with the loud pipes, ditto bikes with straight pipes, ditto semis with straight pipes & jake brakes, and blacks/trashy whites with thumping bass will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution happens.

    • Me too, Mike. I’ve fantasized for years about getting out at a stoplight, reaching through a window into the back seat, and ripping out their subwoofers by the roots. You had a funny noise in yer car, boy. I fixed it for ya!

      There is good sounding, and there is obnoxiously loud.

    • I did leave the 2018 Road King stock, at 63 the 2004 Road King modded exhaust was getting a bit too loud for my oldster ears. Harley did manage to open up these newer bikes it actually sounds decent with stock exhaust plus they play well with tuning, no low end torque loss. I do have a desire for a mild set of KhromeWerks slash cuts, my buddy has a set on his bagger Sparkey has occasional muffler envy.

  18. Non-Libertarians are turning Libertarian’s trump card against them? Who defines “harm” then?
    Cars can be too loud? Is any noise pollution “harm” now? Who gets to decide what’s too loud or not?

    • Gil just can’t get past the fact that libertarians cannot assure a utopia. Dear God [clutching pearls], who will ensure that mufflers are not too loud. Or worse, how can anybody determine harm?

        • Gil,

          “Harm” has been explained here (and to you) repeatedly; why do you continue to ask the same questions over and over and over again?

            • Gil,

              You are one of those people who specialize in the drive-by critique. Nothing of substance; just a throw-away snark intended to annoy and provoke a response. Not a discussion.

              I’ve decided henceforth to throw away such posts – because they are not worth keeping. Because it is tiresome to respond to the same throw-away snark, over and over and over, again.

              This, therefore, will be the last time I respond to this particular (repeat) snark:

              Harm is not arbitrary. It is easily determined by the fact (or absence) of a victim. That is to say, a person who has suffered a tangible loss or damage that can be quantified and objectively (factually) attributed to the specific cause-effect actions of another person. It is not a difficult thing to understand.

              The problem is you don’t want to understand it.

  19. Ha! Again. Found this Aitken-Schermer creature on the web. Looks like she needs visited by the Hose Monster. Or, perhaps the Hose Monster Committee.

  20. A feature of Marxist regimes was to brand regime opponents “mentally ill” and send them off to “rehabilitation” camps, something this Piled Higher and Deeper is insinuating.

    I love the nice burble of an exhaust. Flat 6’s in Porsches, the lovely grunt of a GM LS V-8, the shrill yet haunting shriek of a cross-plane crank Ferrari V-8 all are music to my ears. I have a TRD exhaust on my Tundra and the 5.7 sounds magnificent when I accelerate, yet is quiet under low throttle. Same with my VQ V-6 equipped Infiniti with its Stillen exhaust.

    Face it, these people hate anything related to personal freedom and responsibility. They want you as faceless, mindless serfs toiling to serve the almighty state, of which they think they’ll have high positions as party chieftains like in the old Soviet Union.

    We can’t live with awful monsters like this over-credentialed and underbrained demonic woman. We must have separation from these homicidal lunatics.

    • Another ELF…educated leftist female…very dangerous…in bed with the slave owners…they are traitor slaves….

  21. Ha! I owned a 1967 GTO with an LS5 454 Chevy engine, glass packs, the fiberglass burnt out within a couple of weeks, so I was running straight pipes. This was in Montana. At night I could hear muscle car counterparts terrorizing the countryside. Music to my ears.

  22. “A desire for a loud car with a modified muffler is predicted by being a man and higher scores on psychopathy and sadism.”

    Ha ha ha … on Saturday I attended an inaugural classic car show in our mountain village. Dude shows up in a Dodge Dart, lacking a hood because the modified manifold and carbs are too tall. Its deafening rumble at idle practically shakes the parking lot.

    ‘426 Hemi?’ I asked him after he found a spot.

    ‘Used to be. Now it’s a 528, bored and stroked.’

    ‘Gets about nine miles a gallon, does it?’

    ‘Mmmm … more like five.’

    ‘Doctor’ Julie Aitken-Schermer [who sports a fifty-seven (57) page curriculum vita] would suspect him of earth rape, for starters. But as a self-taught mogaku doctor, I take a broader approach.

    A car’s exhaust system is analogous to a cloaca. Tampering with it, in Freudian terms, suggests arrested development. ‘In this stage, the anal erogenous zone becomes the primary focus of the child’s libidinal energy.’ — Wikipedia, ‘Anal stage’ article

    Oy vey. It’s a bit late, as a grizzled boomer with a 528 Hemi, to start wondering why you have this twisted compulsion to mess with your muffler. Better just to bluster one’s way through the concerned doctor’s probing [sic] questions.

    The homely hawk swoops by and accuses me, she complains of my gab and my hoonery.
    I too am not a bit tamed, I too am untranslatable,
    I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

    — Walt Whitman, Song of Myself

  23. If one endeavors to be offended, they will succeed. I find this so called person to be very offensive. And I didn’t have to put forth much effort to find her so.
    I suppose she never flies on extremely noisy jet aircraft?
    She sucks and then she blows.

  24. The Leftist authoritarians love to pathologize demonstrations of freedom. This one also contains the Leftist bonus of showing what they believe to be an inherent scourge of the internal combustion engine.

    This Canadian hag will be rewarded for her nonsense piece, yet Jordan Petersen, who correctly pathologized gender dysphoria, was put on trial and sentenced to a re-education camp. Way to go Canada.

    My message to this Canadian hag: Fuck You!

  25. Great article Eric.

    I actually saw this article on my Google recommended “news feed.” She’ll get what’s coming very soon.

    Still waiting on the study showing the percentage of psychopathic people in government (and “rulemaking organizations” like NHTSA, EPA, NIH, CDC, WHO, etc. etc.) compared to the general population.

    Aitken-Schermer: Awaiting this study.

    I read a study about what type of jobs AI (Artificial Idiocy) will replace just over a year ago.

    Basically – the gist was – the higher your education level, the MORE likely AI will replace your job.

    I’ll try and find the link and post it here.

    So any mothers or fathers out there: It’s no longer “Learn to code” for your kids. “Learn to weld” or “Learn to plumb” “Learn to wire” or “Learn to wrench” is the new motto.

    The folly of a “College education” will become more and more clear within the decade.

    It will be a VERY long time before robots will be doing skilled labor. At least the non-repetitive type.

    We’ve had welding robots that can lay a prefect bead for several decades – but only if they are welding exactly the same material, in exactly the same condition, with exactly the same shape over and over again. They “do not compute” the custom jobs.

  26. Thanks for posting a recording of (part of) the Ode to Joy, Eric.
    I’ve read that it is very popular in Japan, where Beethoven’s 9th is frequently performed around Christmas time (not “the holiday season”).

    Speaking of disruptive pipes…
    >The Organs consist of more than 9,000 pipes, 206 stops, 150 ranks and 10 divisions.
    > The Gallery Organ…contained 7,855 pipes ranging in length from thirty-two feet to one-half inch. The longest pipes run horizontally across the North and South Triforia.

    I read an account once where one of the organists felt the need to give fair warning when she was about to cut loose with a full blast on some of the loudest pipes during practice. 🙂
    Their PhDs are unhyphenated. 🙂

  27. One of these days when society becomes a free-for-all and it’s every man for himself, these busy bodies who have a superior mindset will have hell to pay. These so called intellectuals have no survival skills or common sense and will succumb to “natural selection” or be targeted by the unwashed masses who will unleash deserved justice on these people who’ve made life unbearable for ordinary people. These PHD’s (Piled High & Deep) and the low life bureaucrats will justly deserve what’s coming to them.

  28. Sounds like someone has some serious daddy issues. Or needs a proper f*** by a real man.

    See, stereotyping works both ways honey. You call us psychopaths for liking mechanical things, I get to call the men in your life a bunch of pussies. No research grant necessary.

  29. I agree with everything you said, Eric. Except for straight pipes on rotary engines. Making other’s ears bleed is sadistic…[sarc]

  30. If only she had been told when she was young; ‘Loud pipes saves lives” she would not have written this sort of drivel.

    I’m hoping her next study will be comparing fans of rap music with a lower degree of success in the world combined with a commensurate lower income.

  31. You know what’s “higher in sadism and psychopathy” than a loud muffler, Julie?

    Cutting a boy’s dick off and calling him a “girl.”

    Hacking a perfectly healthy baby to death and sucking him out of his mother’s uterus.

    • Z: Cutting a boy’s dick off and calling him a “girl.”

      Hacking a perfectly healthy baby to death and sucking him out of his mother’s uterus.

      To modern liberals that is the epitome of a free, sane and just society.

        • The books that were being burned at the “book burnings” in pre-WW2 Germany were precisely the books that jew homosexual Hirschfield were promoting.
          LGBTQXYZ and “gender-affirming care” are jewish concepts that must be recognized as destabilization factors in today’s societies, just as they were during the Wiemar Republic days in Germany.
          In fact, jewish teachings claim that there are “8 Genders”:
          The outright promotion of the LGBTQXYZ “lifestyles” and the demand jews make on “the rest of us” for not only tolerance but acceptance of perverse and vile behavior has its roots in jewish talmudic rabbinical teachings.
          The talmud contains in fact no less than eight gender designations including: 
          1. Zachar, male.
          2. Nekevah, female.
          3. Androgynos, having both male and female characteristics.
          4. Tumtum, lacking sexual characteristics.
          5. Aylonit hamah, identified female at birth but later naturally developing male characteristics.
          6. Aylonit adam, identified female at birth but later developing male characteristics through human intervention.
          7. Saris hamah, identified male at birth but later naturally developing female characteristics.
          8. Saris adam, identified male at birth and later developing female characteristics through human intervention.
          This is the source for today’s perversion of the genders…
          It’s the JEWS…it’s ALWAYS the JEWS


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