Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED FM 06/20/2024

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Wheels Up! segment with Bill Meyer over at KMED FM in Medford, Oregon! We talked about the draft – and Keeeeeeeev – as well as the reasons why sedans are disappearing, among other things:


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  1. Conspiracy “lone nut” here with an alternative view on why the Ukraine ceasefire was rejected. They want war. They want WW3 to cull the herd. They want your sons and daughters sent to the front line – to die in the trenches like WW1. And the reason why is the vaxx genocide, which killed over 20 million thus far, was not enough. They want billions dead.

    Of course that idea is completely insane in MSM circles. The idea that the owners would want to kill off 80% of the world pop. is completely ridiculous. But is it? Read the Deagle report, a military intelligence website has been projecting the USA pop. would drop to 100 million in 2025.

    Is is really out of the question they want to intentionally kill us off after the Covid fiasco? What you all lack is a critical piece of information of who the owners are, what tribe they belong to, and what their plans for us have been for thousands of years. Seeing what the tribe is doing to Palestine, and knowing that (((they))) view us all as Goyim (means cattle) for exploitation and death. AND THEY BELIEVE IT BECAUSE THEIR HOLY BOOK SAYS SO. These same people, own us. They own Congress. No Congress critter will dare defy the AIPAC lobby. No member of our Congress will dare criticize Israel – and her genocidal policies – or the madman Netanyahu in charge.

    Zelenksy is also a member of this same tribe. He was installed by Victorica Nuland – a tribe member in the US State department. The Maidan coup was organized by her. Kiev fell because of her. The war in Ukraine was an inevitable result of the USA arming Ukraine, violating the Minsk accords. And this monster Ziolensky, who is a gay dance who plays the piano with his dick, is in charge, and in just today’s news on The Intel Drop, it is reported over 2,000 Ukrainian white Christian soldiers died from Russian weapons in just the last day alone.

    Think about that for a moment, this war in Ukraine is worse than WW1 for loss rates. Do you want your sons and daughters going to the European front line again? If not then please start becoming a vocal opponent of Joe Biden, Nikki Haley, and DJT – all 3 slavish Zionist whores.

    The latest Jewish exodus migration that no one is talking about is how 1,000,000 Jews have left Israel since Oct. 7th. I expect another massive outwave if Israel goes to war with Hezbollah – even the most arrogant Jew will have to decide to stay or leave since tiny little Israel will need more tank fodder, more bodies to the front line. The dream of Israel is rapidly fading. The dream of Israel is hell on earth for the native Palestinians – who are Semites – and the fake Jew invaders are not. Netanyahu’s real name is Milieikowsky, both his parents were Polish. So how can he have a blood claim to the land of Palestine? That is absurd.

    If an all out war with Lebanon and Beirut starts, it will be very interesting to watch the Netanyahu regime’s aggression turn into all out desperation for survival. The smart Jews have already left Israel. Only fools stayed behind thinking they were safe. No Jew is safe in Israel today. And what fool moves to Israel because they actually believe Abraham is their father? Abraham never existed, the Old Testament is horrible religious fiction, and stolen mythology, Abraham was derived from the Hindu God Brahma.

    So the real question for any Jew in Israel, will I stay and die for the myth stories I was told were real? Do I really care about these Jewish traditions, am I willing to die for Rothschild’s pet state Israel? Only a fool would say yes. And are you foolish enough to also believe in Israel, and the dictatorship in Kiev, which suspended elections, Ziolensky is now the dictator of Ukraine. Ukraine is no democracy – it is demon crazy state. How many young Ukrainian men are trying to escape the military draft and certain death – horrible deaths. Soon, the young Israelis will face the same crisis – will they be able to flee the mad Israeli state that is experiencing high loss rates.

    I think Israel is going to experience constant outflow of Jews from here on out. It is hard to find any numbers to graph this new exodus. The manipulated flows of Jews into Israel has changed. Jews have been leaving Israel for years. After Oct. 7th, just in the first 6 months, 500,000 Jews went down to the Ben Gurion airport and flew out. This is catastrophic for Israel. If all out war with Lebanon starts, why would any Jew return and face the military draft. Just like in Ukraine, mad dictator Netanyahu will be forced into a draconian level military seizure of Jews for the front line – or even worse – your children. Just like Ukraine, the potential draftees will be looking for a way to escape – and in Israel there is no woods to sneak through to get across the border.

    Oct. 7th will go down in history as a pivotal moment in Hamas resistance to the brutal Israeli state. Hamas has not been diminished. China said recently that Hamas was at 90%. This means the Gaza bombing campaign did not wipe out Hamas. Also, how many recruits has Hamas gained? I think the Palestinian resistance would have an overflow of recruits seeing what has happened, every family being affected severely. Hamas strength could easily be double what it was on Oct. 7th.

    Just remember Hamas are the freedom fighters – fighting fake Jew invaders – fighting for their land and right to even exist. Do you want your children being sent to the Gaza front line? The Kiev front line? The Poland front line. The Lebanon front line. If not call your Congress whore and cuss them out about supporting these god damned wars.

    Stupid ass whores of Israel like Nikki Haley and DJT saying ‘finish the job’ is just more imperial hubris with no basis in reality. The big joke is that the Amerikan state seeks to crush the Palestinian state – yet Amerika is in it’s own decline and potential big political crisis as DJT is railroaded into prison. Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth (TUT) says in his latest radio show that Nimrata’s visit to Israel over Memorial Day to sign warheads sealed the deal for her to be the Republican nominee.

    (The replacement of DJT topic starts at 42:00)

    He says Trump is to be sentenced 4 days prior to the RNC, I call it the RINO Convention. There is very little loyalty to Trump now, convicted felon, and if in prison in an orange jumpsuit – his skin and hair will turn white – and that optic with him in prison will end support and Nimrata “Kali Yuga” Haley, a fresh younger face will suddenly be the Republican nominee. The whole nation will then know the elections are rigged and democracy a sham. Amerika is no more a democracy than Kiev – Jews run both nations – and they are running both the USA and Ukraine into the ground – and both nations are glad to kill your children for Jewish interests.

    Senile old pedophile Commie-Marxist Joe Biden will also have to be replaced. Biden will be forced to back Israel and their new war going into the election. This will add fuel to the anti-war protest fire, and the White House sports an “unscalable” fence. Trouble is coming like the Vietnam War protests. Biden is immensely unpopular, will probably be replaced at the DNC with Gavin Newscum. Komrade Kameltoe Harris will then be installed as the California governator.

    Thus, in the next two months the political situation in Amerika will become very unstable – the two primary candidates replaced just ahead of the election. Israel could be in an existential all out war with Hezbollah. Hamas may go on the offensive. Outside actors like Russia and Iran could start a more direct role in arming the resistance. Russia could be at war with NATO. North Korean troops could be on the front line in Poland and Ukraine.

    What I am expecting is rising interest rates do to falling confidence in the Amerikan state. That would be catastrophic for a nation 35 trillion in debt, whose debt has already been downgraded twice. One more credit downgrade on US Treasuries could be the start of a debt death spiral like what we saw with Lehman Brothers bonds. Confidence slippage is the path to total ruin. Amerika is in a permanent death spiral just like Israel, the two, joined at the hip because of Holy Bible beliefs, are in an epic decline into obscurity, and very few people can see that as of today.

    After the RINO convention, Trump in prison, Nikki Haley the RNC pick, Satan himself, Satanyahu will speak to our Congress on July 24th. Bibi holds the record in standing ovations, more than any sitting president, 26. Watch your elected Ziowhore clap like penguins high on crack for that genocidal madman. They are damn fools and so are you if you support any candidate whored to the Jewish lobby and AIPAC.


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