Prequel to the Draft?

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You have probably heard that Congress – Leftists abetted by a majority of Republicans – recently emitted a new federal policy that automatically inducts young men and women into what is styled the “Selective Service” system. By which is meant the involuntary servitude system, despite the latter having supposedly been made constitutionally unlawful after the federal government forced the Southern states to accept being governed without their consent.

The federal government specializes in such etymological jujitsu – which is to say, mind-fucking.

It is not enough that the Southern states that attempted to depart from a “union” they no longer wished to be bound to were forced back into the “union,” after a bloody war of subjugation. The war of subjugation was styled a “civil war,” implying the Southern states sought to deny the people of the Northern states their right to be governed by the federal government they’d consented to be governed by. The framing the people of the South as “insurrectionists” and “rebels” is exactly what King George III styled the American colonists who successfully seceded from Great Britain four-score and seven years prior.

Never mind that.

Similarly this business of involuntary servitude being putatively illegal. What then is this business of the “draft” – as the dragooning of young men (and now, young women) into “service”? Are they free to say no to such service? If they are not, then is it not involuntary servitude?

What else would you call it?

The apparatchiks of the federal apparat know it – while at the same time denying it. This derangement was elaborated by Orwell in his novel, 1984 – which delves deeply into the psychology of etymology; the deliberate use of language to mind-fuck people.

A recent and highly relevant example being the deliberate use of the word vaccine to peddle drugs that were nothing of the sort. It was used deliberately because those pushing the drugs knew people would be more likely to accept being “vaccinated” if they believed that taking these drugs would prevent them from getting or spreading the dread sickness they’d been hectored to believe would otherwise kill them and pretty much everyone else, too.

Would people have taken the drugs if they’d been told the best they could hope for was that their symptoms would be “less severe” – a hypothetical benefit that cannot be objectively quantified?

The question answers itself.

And that is why the drugs pushed were deliberately misrepresented as “vaccines.”

Similarly, young men (and now, young  women) are told they are not being dragooned into involuntary servitude; they are told they are being enrolled into the Selective Service system. The italics to reflect the lack of consent. Young men (and now, young women) are not asked whether they’d like to enroll.

They are enrolled.  

Just the same as cattle are “enrolled” into trucks and sent to feed lots and thence to the abattoir. In this case, located somewhere in Ukraine. That is to say, Keeeeeeeeev – as the supercilious herders of human cattle like to say it. The affect is deliberate, to demonstrate how sophisticated the herd-masters are.

No American young men (or women) have yet been dragooned by the Selective Service system into involuntary servitude but the recent automatic-enrolling is certainly ominous, strongly suggesting such “service” will soon be required. Else why “enroll” every American young man (and woman)? 

Will American young men – and women – refuse such “service”? Here’s hoping. But the mind-fuckery has been so effective that hope may be misplaced. How many young American men (and women) know that the war of 1861-1865 was not a “civil war”? How many of them believe that Father Abraham freed the slaves – as opposed to enslaving everyone? How often do you hear people in that age cohort speak of the American war for independence – connoting understanding of what was fought for beginning in 1775 and ending in 1783? And by dint of that, an understanding of what the Southern states were fighting for beginning in 1861 – that ended in 1865?

How many can square the plain language of the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth amendments to the Constitution with the everyday reality that they are not permitted to speak freely when the government says they may not; that they must beg permission from the government to possess the arms the Second Amendment states they have a right (rather than a conditional privilege) to possess? That they are not free from arbitrary searches when the government says a “compelling interest” over-rides the right clearly described in the Fourth Amendment? That they are required by law to witness against themselves – contrary to the Fifth – when they fill out and sign the tax forms they are forced by law to fill out and sign? 

Maybe a stint of “selective service” in Keeeeeeeeeeeeev will serve to get them thinking about such things.         

. . .

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  1. The justification for the draft is to add personnel to a Standing Army. The Constitution does NOT authorize the nation to maintain a Standing Army.

    The Constitution provides that upon a Declaration of War by Congress, the state militia are Called to national activation to “suppress insurrection and to repel Invasion.” Art. I, Section 8, clause 15. Appointment of officers is made by the States. Clause 16. An officer of the army without documentation of appointment by a State appears to be an individual falsely claiming to be a federal official.

    A military draft by the federal government is not constitutionally authorized.

  2. Here’s the overall problem: When this country succeeded in its own secession, it’s military, the Continental Army, Navy, and Marines (yes, we’ve had Jarheads since 1775) were all VOLUNTEERS. The several states also raised their militias as irregulars to supplement the Continentals, but again, active service was VOLUNTARY.

    Both the original Continental Congress and later the US Congress, along with the Commander-in-Chief, the President, had very LIMITED ability to raise up military forces. Hell, there wasn’t even a US Navy until 1798, in wake of the XYZ affair and near-war with France, with coastal defense entrusted to a few old Army forts that *ahem* “protected* key harbors, and the US Revenue Cutter Service, the precursor to today’s US Coast Guard, aka the “Puddle Pirates.” It was even spelled out in the Constitution that the President could, in times of emergency, call up the states to send their militias to raise a 75,000 man Army, considered sufficient at the time for actual National Defense. But the primary means was for the CITIZENS to themselves be armed, as prescribed in the Second Amendment and specified in the Militia Acts of 1792, which made all able-bodies men between the ages of 16 to 45 liable for service in event of war. But there was never any thoughts of sending these men on some “ferreign” adventures, at least until we took on Mexico in 1846 to 1848, and that to put ol’ General Santa Ana in his place.

    Where this all LITERALLY “went South” was in Dishonest Abe’s War of Aggression to force the breakaway Confederate states back into the Union they no longer desired to be a part of. Yes, Lincoln stayed within the limits of the 75K army that originally he could call up, but at the First Battle of Manassas, the impotency of this “army”, given that the cream of the former US Army had been from the South and stayed loyal to their respective states, was evident. The US Army would eventually swell to over a HALF MILLION men, a huge force considering the overall US population of free men was some 27.5 millions, of which about six million came from the South (and which many did join the Union Army rather than the Confederacy). The proportion of Confederate men, which reached a peak strength of about 200K, was even greater. Both sides had to resort to a draft, and the infamous NYC Draft Riots as described in the 2002 movie “Gangs of New York” shows how the war was anything but popular.

    Likewise, the Great War, as it was termed at the time, necessitated a draft, which there was actually quite a bit of resistance to, not the least of which was, particularly in the Midwest, a good deal of folks were Germans, some only a few generations removed at most, and German was a common second language. Of course, soon there was a huge anti-German sentiment, as the fictional Doc Brown of “Back to the Future” having his family change their name from the Von Brauns (did he had a cousin by the name of Werner?), never mind that he often had to get a “victory steak” instead of a hamburger. But not only was resistance to the draft sternly punished, so was even dissent, as the First Amendment was set aside “for the duration”. The same pattern was repeated during WWII, but in that particular case, many young men had known the recent hardships of the Depression, and thus were glad to at least have “three squares” and a warm cot to sleep on, even if they weren’t necessarily all that enthused about fighting the “Natzees”. The only thing that even it all out was that often they were facing young fellows who likewise were reluctant conscripts, but better to risk a bullet coming straight for one’s noses, as General Patton expressed fear of, rather than being shot down from behind. At least things weren’t so desperate, supply-wise, that every OTHER man got a rifle, and he was followed by an unarmed soldier who’d pick up his rifle when he got killed!

  3. The people pushing this on the Left actually have a different motivation, and it’s not to benefit the US military.

    For some years they’ve been pushing the idea of requiring “universal service” to include leftist causes as an option instead of the military. This is why some public-school systems require students to do X hours of “volunteer” work for selected causes as a condition of graduation.

    Adding women to draft registration is not likely to pass this time. It’s not a done deal. But when/if it does pass, that’s when doing such things as working to combat climate change, White supremacy, and other woke causes will be offered instead of having to serve in the military.

    One thing to think about. If we’re going to have registration, it should include women. American women are among the most pampered and coddled humans in the world, though many conservatives don’t want to admit this. Women need to get the message that with rights and opportunities come responsibilities. But I would greatly prefer no registration for anybody in the first place.

    • Hi ekrampitzjr,

      I vote for no draft for anyone. I am not against a militia, but the large corporations (because they are the ones that benefit from the resources of war) should pay the men and women that choose to become mercenaries from their own well funded pockets. Offer enough and I am sure there are several people who wouldn’t mind being Rambo.

      The problem today is that the American taxpayer foots the bill for everything. We pay Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, Halliburton, etc. for supplying the equipment and materials and then use American citizens (coerced by Uncle Sam) to lay down their life and/or sanity to prop up the bottom line of private corporations that benefit from this.

      Other than direct attacks on our own homeland from actual invasions there should never be a call to war for Americans. Believe me if an attack were to happen on our own property we would not need a draft because a call to arms would be voluntary. If someone hurts or kills your family do you not shoot the bastards on the spot? Does one need to enlist?

    • Hi helot,

      Maybe the blue haired Asses were on to something by making 127 different gender classifications. My kids are now deemed to be “furries”. I wonder if I can get hold of their birth certificates to make this change before Draft Day arrives.

      I would love to see the Supreme Court overloaded with cases as they/them, nonbinary, etc. refuse to fill out the paperwork so they can fight for Uncle Sam and his corporate donors.

      The question becomes can the general public outmaneuver its government?

      • It doesn’t matter, RG. The bills under consideration would cause all of the paperwork to be done for them, automatically.

        There will be no such thing as “not signing up.”

        Where & how they got the info, why they have it, and how dare they use it that way…these questions are not allowed to be asked. Which is why it is of the utmost importance that we ask them. Loudly, publicly, and often.

        • Hi Publius,

          Sounds like a good reason to have a child at home and way from the public indoctrination camps. Does the child exist if no one knows about it?

  4. There are several new billboards in Jacksonville Fl advertising the Marines. They have 5 good looking models in the photo, 4 white guys one black guy. The white guy is Rambo central casting up front and center.
    Curiously, no rainbows or men in skirts.

  5. On this date, June 20th, in 1967, Cassius Clay was sentenced to five years into the Crowbar Hotel for refusing to be inducted into the armed forces.

    Joe Biden was a member of the jury, you are guilty, just the way it is. So was Lindsey Graham, the two bravest American soldiers evah.

    You are not allowed to escape the draft, if you try with all of your might, you will be arrested and be a criminal, if you are lucky, you’ll be on the lam.

    I don’t feel safe in this world no more
    I don’t want to die in a nuclear war
    I want to sail away to a distant shore and make like an apeman
    I’m an apeman, I’m an ape, apeman, oh I’m an apeman
    – The Kinks, Apeman

  6. Don’t forget to draft the trans people too, else that wouldn’t be fair.

    Even if they are prone to 40% non-combat casualties.

  7. One aspect of military service that is almost never discussed is the necessity of demonizing, depersonalization and dehumanizing of the “enemy”. This process is most effective on young impressionable troops as they are more receptive to viewing the enemy as a faceless, emotionless entity, to be destroyed at all cost. This is what makes military operations successful.
    Removing the human element from one’s psyche is necessary to achieve maximum effectiveness against one’s perceived and defined “enemy”.
    The israelis and by inference jews in general have taken this concept of demonizing, depersonalizing, and dehumanizing their “enemies” to the extreme.
    Not only are military combatants in direct combat “fair game”, but women, the elderly and children are also “fair game”. The IDF (israel defense forces) rewards its personnel for wounding and maiming non-military “targets” just because they can, holding the “upper hand”. Pregnant women are especially prized by IDF “butchers” as these IDF vermin display and wear shirts with a pic of a targeted pregnant woman with the inscription “one shot two kills”.
    In fact IDF military personnel are taught to regard Palestinian, Arab and Christian men, women and children as “subhuman”. This ties in with jewish talmudic beliefs that regard all gentiles as “subhumans with souls, on a lower spiritual plane, created only to serve the jews”. This attitude is ingrained in jews from birth. THIS one aspect of the jewish psyche is what makes them so dangerous.
    There is no moral compass in jewish life, especially in israeli military service, the IDF.
    Add to that, their defective psyche is reinforced by their “perpetual victimhood” despite being one of the most successful groups in present world history.
    This “victimhood” is a feature and not a bug as it reinforces jewish insularity, solidarity, nepotism, and other negative traits which actually border on mental illness. Empathy directed towards gentiles is not a part of the jewish psyche.
    Talmudic concepts that permit lying, cheating, stealing, and even murder of gentiles without repercussions is also a part of jewish life, unlike Christian and Muslim concepts which prohibit such behavior.
    The old Polish proverb comes to mind: “The jew cries out in pain as he is striking (bombing) you”.
    A jewish child is indoctrinated from birth, constantly reminded that they are hated, never discussing the reasons WHY others (gentiles) would find it necessary to “hate” them. Jewish talmudic amorality also figures into jewish behavior, most outsiders unable or unwilling to understand WHY jews act the way they do.
    Not only Palestinians, but other Arabs, all Christians (us gentiles) are seen as the “enemy” by jewish supremacists, to be dealt with as the jews see fit. Not good.
    Keep in mind that jews retain their “jewishness”, subordinating loyalty to their country of residence to that of israel. THAT is also a problem as “split loyalties” never work…
    If I had my way, EVERY israeli in the world, along with ALL world leaders and their subordinates who support israel would be subject to arrest and prosecution for genocide.
    In fact, israel’s favorite “war hymn” is “Onward Christian Soldiers”.

  8. I will not vote for ANY politician who supports israel or the jewish takeover in ukraine.
    I will cast my write-in vote for HAMAS in place of every politician who is an shill for israel.
    As far as I know, only Thomas Massie (R) KY and Rand Paul (R) KY are the only two congresscritters who do not have AIPAC “handlers” and do not have to ask “permission” from their jewish “bosses” to vote on issues affecting the (illegal) jewish “state” of israel.

  9. Hi Eric,
    This seems like 1984 eternal war. Bunch of people die no one ever wins. Similar like that Ukraine situation. No oligarchs ever get killed even though both are roaming around Europe and buying stuff. You would think FSB CIA and others could locate an enemy billionaire. But apparently not for some reason can. I must be a genius.

    • A+ comment Pupet.

      If any of this war theater was genuine the actual bankers that counterfeit dollars and pay for all of this modern evil would be the first to be targeted. In an honest world no one could ever afford to pay for any of this B*llsh*t that is taking place around us.

      • “Clipping” coins was a practice that many people (not just jews) did. For those who are unaware, “clipping” was removal of a small part of an edge of a coin. Do this hundreds or thousands of times, and you could have a very valuable commodity. This was done when coins had real value being made from gold or silver.
        “Reeding” (parallel grooves cut into the edge of a coin at right angles to the faces) the edge of coins pretty much put an end to this nefarious practice. No longer was coin “clipping” unnoticed.
        In today’s world, “clipping” of monetary units is still going on, even worse than that of “clipping” coins.
        The banksters have been “clipping” money for quite some time now.
        Today’s “clipping” is known as inflation…

    • Hey Goyim!!!

      Shut your pie hole and sign up right here!!!

      We own you like the cattle you are, even if you don’t know it….

      And we’ll punch you right in the nose and arrest you at will…

      Because, we can, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!!!

      With Love,


  10. “That they are required by law to witness against themselves – contrary to the Fifth – when they fill out and sign the tax forms they are forced by law to fill out and sign?” -EP

    This really should be taken forward, all the way to SCOTUS. I think it is a clear and inarguable fact.

    • That battle has already been fought and lost. Many times. By all means, go fight that battle. I’ll cheer you on. I hope you like wearing orange, though.

  11. When it comes to ZOG (zionist occupation government–yes, it’s real) it get worse.
    American jews who volunteer for and join the IDF, IOF (israel occupation force) military services will be eligible for AMERICAN veterans benefits.
    I’ll bet that they will go to the “head of the line” while REAL American veterans still wait for and are often denied benefits.
    Talk about TREASON. ANY American who joins ANY foreign military, (not just israel’s) should lose their American citizenship and be permanently deported.

  12. A draft would be the end of the deep state. Bring it on.

    The possibility of helicopter mom, suburban white women, the main constituency of the Democratic party, forced to send their children to fight another land war in Europe would be political suicide for Biden and the Democratic party. The irony would be glorious.

    In 1968, resistance to the draft coalesced around anti-war Senator Eugene McCarthy (D-MN) and fractured the Democratic party, culminating with nationally televised riots at their convention in Chicago. Promising to end the war in Vietnam and the draft, Republican Richard Nixon won the presidency in 1968. By ending the draft in 1970, Nixon took the fire out of the anti-war movement and in 1972 was reelected by a landslide, winning 49 states. Nixon was taken out by a CIA coup in 1974, but that’s another story.

  13. I just missed the draft in 1969 thank God. In my days running on an ambulance unit in the FD we picked many Vietnam vets and the main drug prescribed for them by the VA was Valium (Diazepam) in huge bottles. Most of them said the drugs didn’t help, they just made things and the depression worse.

  14. With the exception of the USMC, the uniformed services can’t meet their recruiting goals. That’s been in the news. What hasn’t been in the news is the uniformed services aren’t meeting their retention goals. In other words, both enlistees and commissioned officers are saying “fuck this shit” and getting out after one enlistment / resigning commissions after one term.

  15. If TPTB are so desperate as to go all in on this high risk/low reward adventure, it would be a huge miscalculation on their part. Wont be any coming back from a war we had no business taking part in until our entire media and political class is replaced.

    As far as a draft goes it should mostly only apply to childless women over 40, the children and grandchildren of every single house and senate psychopath, and all illegal aliens. We should all insist on it, backing it up with a complete withdrawal of all assets from their fractional reserve scheme.

    I plan on helping any heritage American boy and girl resist this tyranny with every fibre of my being. If you’re not sure if you’re a boy or gurl, feel free to serve your glOboHomO master.

    • Good morning, Norman!

      I strongly amen all you’ve written. I was talking privately with another friend yesterday about this and we agreed that we’d also do everything in our power to aid and abet any young person “dodging” the draft, should it come to that. I also think that this could be one of the potential straws that will break the camel’s back in that I suspect probably 75 percent of the population that has kids/relations in this age group does not want them sent to Keeeeeeeeeeeev (or Israel) and would actively resist.

      There is an Ugly Card in the deck, though. If this Keeeeeeev business goes hot here in the “homeland” – if there is a real war, in other words – then probably 90 percent will fall right into line to support the “war president” and the need to “defend democracy.”

      My God, I hope not.

      • Morning Eric,

        Hope you’re wrong about the 90 percent falling in line. Around here, I get the feeling people are seething with anger at the way things are being run. Of course ‘its always different this time.’ Which we always hear, although it might just be, different that is. It is a fourth turning, which historically washes away trust in many formerly high functioning institutions. Lets hope the monumental hubris of those in charge will be their downfall .

        • I hope so, too!

          My sister – along with my niece, who just turned 19 – will be visiting us later this summer. I intend to have a chat with both about this – though I expect my sister wants her daughter to be dragooned into “service” even less than I was willing to wear a “mask.” And I will tell my niece plainly that she will always have my protection, should she need it.

  16. Wow Eric, another draft ? Never in a million years would this happen again. Those protests during the Vietnam war were never about the war, THE DRAFT. All the pussy’s burned draft cards, faked sickness, and fled to Canada. You have never seen riots like this, if they try to institute another draft. Don’t even try to debate me on this.
    MOS 11c, Nam from 11/67 to 1/69.

    • Hi Clarence,

      I hope there’s no attempt to reinstitute a draft. As far as “pussies”: I don’t think it is cowardice to avoid being dragooned to fight in a foreign war; to not want to kill/maim random strangers – or be maimed/killed by them. I do not disparage those who went. But I do not disparage those who didn’t, either.

      • It takes real courage to say ‘NO’, order following is not an admirable characteristics… ‘We’re going to send you over to some foreign land to kill and be killed!’ “Sir, yes sir!”

        • I agree with you, Gary –

          If a thing is sensible, advisable, necessary – if it is good – then it is not generally necessary to force everyone to abide it. Most of us would defend our families and communities, if need be. And our country, if need be. But that is not the same as fighting to prop up (or take down) a foreign country, especially one that has not attacked this country.

          I remember Muhammad Ali – no pussy, he – stating his reasons in vulgar but right-on terms: “No Cong ever called me Nigger!”

    • >pussy’s burned draft cards, faked sickness, and fled to Canada.

      Well, Clarence,
      There were plenty of us who were classified I-Y, “Qualified to serve in times of national emergency,” myself included. Evidently the Vietnam conflict did not constitute a “national emergency.” Fact is, Uncle Sam did not need all that many bodies during the Vietnam era, and what amounted to minor medical conditions were frequently disqualifying, unlike WWII.

      I didn’t “fake” anything. In fact, I volunteered for U.S. Navy (OCS) after university graduation, my II-S deferment having run out. The Navy decided they didn’t want me, for minor medical reasons, which did not break my heart, and I went on with my life.

      A friend who was also so classified went down to the local draft board and inquired “What constitutes a national emergency?” He was told, “When the Red Chinese Navy steams into Long Beach Harbor, that is a national emergency.” To which he replied, “I’ll be there.” He would have been, too.

      Glad you made it home.

      • I can tell you from personal experience that *SOME* of the “antiwar protestors” were in fact Communists, and *some* of those would actually admit to it, if pressed, while others would lie.

        But, by spring of 1970 (the year of the Kent State killings) opposition to U.S. involvement in Vietnam was pretty much main stream In this country. As always we were all f*cked by our politicians.

        The Trickster, Crooked Dick Nixon, told us he “had a plan to end the war.” Turned out, the Plan was to bomb and defoliate Southeast Asia for many years to come, then bug out and leave the Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc. to their fate.

        His predecessor, El BJ, told us he “wouldn’t be sending American boys to do what Vietnamese boys should be doing for themselves.” El BJ lied.

        • Most people accept the “official narrative” about the Kent State “massacre” without investigating for themselves “what really happened”.
          It turns out that there were “agents provocateurs” (outsiders) of the communist persuasion who were fomenting “hate and discontent” among the college students, as well as wreaking havoc and destruction on the local businesses in the town. Their agenda was to destroy civil society, using the college students for their own nefarious purposes.
          The local businesses begged for intervention to stop the rioting for approximately a week before troops were called in.
          The troops were National Guard reservists with no experience in crowd and riot control.
          It was easy to see that they could be “spooked” by the events going on around them as well as being personally attacked.
          Yes, it is unfortunate that people were killed, but the blame cannot be put on the National Guard, but must be placed on the agents provocateurs, outsiders, and the students themselves.

          • >The troops were National Guard reservists with no experience in crowd and riot control.
            It was easy to see that they could be “spooked” by the events going on around them

            Oh, yeah. In fact, my recollection from those days is police and sheriff’s deputies were nor very well trained in crowd control either, and were definitely not ready for the Communist agitators which they had to confront, and who were looking to cause trouble, not “peacefully protest.”


            • Interesting to speculate what might have happened, had Grace Slick managed to slip Tricky Dick the 500 micrograms of LSD she was carrying under her fingernail.

              Unfortunately, we will neve know, because Grace, invited to the White House by Tricia Nixon under her maiden name, Grace Wing, was busted by the Secret Service and denied entry to Tricia’s party, along with her escort, Abby Hoffman.

              Nixon on acid. What a concept.

  17. This is a terrible situation, and there is potential for anyone from 15-50 to be taken in the draft.
    I understand the motivations of each sides of the conflicts- I respect Ukrainians wanting to be free of Moscow because of the wrongs the Georgian born banker funded Stalin did there, but I also respect Russians in eastern Ukraine wanting to be free of Kiev’s tyranny. I know and like people on both sides of that conflict.
    Similarly, I want Palestinian civilian people to be free of Israeli attack, but I also support Israelis ending Hamas for their attack.
    In either case, we have a stronger power fighting against a smaller weaker power to gain territory and secure their positions. Also, they are both foreign entanglements we should not be a part of.
    The most just I think would be fighting for Tiawan since they were never run by China, but even then, it’s not our fight unless it’s clear that the USA is next for them to attack. This may be the case since it appears military types are being seen at the border as Michael Yon has documented, but if it’s a real threat on my street, I don’t need to be drafted to take action in my neighborhood. I have no plan to go over any ocean for someone else’s fight.

    • Actually, most European and American jews would prefer Ukraine to the present-day israel.
      Not only is the climate more amenable to Europeans and Americans, the lack of a “middle eastern” flavor is a plus.
      Establishing Ukraine as a European “base of operations”, makes their loan sharking, financial scams and schemes, child sacrifice, prostitution, adrenochrome and organ harvesting and selling operations much closer to their intended markets.
      Ukraine is being prepped to become israel 2.0.
      The jews have already started by closing Christian Orthodox churches–the same as was done in the jewish bolshevik revolution in Russia. Synagogues are still open for business.
      The jewish cancer is metastasizing in Europe as we speak, Ukraine being the “host”.
      Not good…

  18. This bill was proposed by one Democrat cunt, yet nearly all democrats voted No. It was the god damn republicans who voted yes to pass it. Instituting a draft isn’t going to go over so well for these sacks of shit.

    I have a 17 year old. He will not be dying for Ukraine, Isn’treal, or Taiwan. And not for what remains of this shithole country.

    • ‘I have a 17 year old. He will not be dying for Ukraine, Isn’treal, or Taiwan.’ — BAC

      When my son was 17, and it appeared that the smirking chimp G. W. Bush might restart the draft to prosecute his foreign wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we brought property in South America and prepared to emigrate.

      As a teenager, I was not about to die for the sorry likes of Tricky Dick Nixon. Nor, later, was I going to sacrifice my son to a slobbering retarded chimp. The warmongering Uniparty can kiss my ass till the cows come home.

      I been all around the world, ain’t no Ukie bother me.

  19. If the enemy comes to my door my husband and I will fight to protect our home and our family. I am not sending two “wet behind the ears” young adults (our children) to do it for us. I am a 46 year old woman. I have a good 25+ years or more of experience and wisdom than they do.

    No surprise, but I am as anti war as they come. Unless, the fight is in my front yard (or my neighbor’s yard) I see no reason to engage a foe from 7000 miles a way. I, sure as hell, see no reason to send our youngest to die so a few government contractors can pad their pockets. Let’s be honest, that is what most wars are about…get rich schemes by the elite while sacrificing the lives of our youth.

    This (and vaccines) is where RFK Jr. and I are in lockstep. If the Senate or House bill passes I will forego my forfeiture of not voting and will pull the lever for the third party candidate just for spite. Will it do anything? Nah, I am not that delusional, but hopefully it will be included in the “none of the above” tally. That is how sick I am of both the Asses and the Elephants.

    • Mine are 24 and 22. The answer is no fucking way. This is a red line.

      We’ve been lied into every war since probably 1812. Reading Buchanan’s book about the follies of WWII makes me even angrier that we are dancing around with two nuclear powers while the economy is falling down around our ears. This is exactly how everything goes sideways.

    • If your kids have more than one brain cell to rub together they’ll be put in logistics and supply chain, comms or just about anything other than infantry, should it come to this. The tip of the spear is going to be special forces, drone warriors and Marines, not the masses deployed during the world wars.

      • Depends on how it goes for the Psychopaths In Charge. Like Ukraine, they are not averse to putting old men and women in the front line. Just because it makes little sense does not mean they won’t do it.

      • Hi RK,

        And where do the kids who have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, etc. transported to? Which averages around 1 out of every 68 children born today. Do you believe the government is going to care? They need bodies. They will still draft them, hand them a M16, and ship them halfway around the world.

        I agree with you that drones is the majority of modern warfare today, but boots on the ground is still in demand otherwise, there would be no need to increase the draft.

        • There was McNamara’s Morons, but that was pretty much considered a failure across the board. So much so that the military gets an exemption for IQ testing, no one under 85 gets in. Which is also why businesses scoop up veterans, they’ve been vetted.

        • If you want out, get diagnosed with OCD, PTSD, or start making noises about being suicidal. Maybe freak out and have a mental breakdown at a really inopportune/embarrassing moment. Especially if it’s on TV, that makes the officers look bad. Ham it up. Either the men are out of control, or they are being driven past the breaking point. They’ll drop you like a hot potato.

          • The gloves may have been on for a while, but it should be pretty clear by now that the gloves are now off.

            Fine. So be it.

            It’s time to go for the jugular.

            • This is also why they don’t let 40 year olds enlist.

              It’s not because we’re older and fatter and slower and have more health problems (even though all that is usually true.)

              It’s because we’re less impressionable, more cunning, we know what we can get away with, we give no fucks, and we fight dirty.

              • Indeed, Publius –

                When you’re 18, you are up for an adventure – and they have just the one lined up for you. People that age are also often looking for belonging/camaraderie; they offer that, too. I suggest military uniforms display Boeing/Raytheon (and so on) patches – so as to show who “the troops” are fighting for. And put people such as Nimarata Haley on the front lines, in harm’s way. Let’s see what that does to curb their enthusiasm.

                • >I suggest military uniforms display Boeing/Raytheon (and so on) patches
                  Great idea, Eric.
                  Just like race car drivers, eh?
                  I do believe the tankers ought to be wearing Nomex, anyhow.

                  Might as well tart up the vehicles, while you are at it. The STP/Pennzoil main battle tank.. what a concept. Jeeps, trucks, APCs. So many chances for sponsorship.

                  Why don’t you write your Congresscritter and suggest it? See what kind of response you get. 🙂

                • If she wants to get into a wrestling match with Vlad the Impaler, she can go right on ahead.

                  I’ll stay home & make popcorn.

      • I disagree.

        Your way won’t maximize the number of white Christians killed, which is their goal. Not to actually win a war, which they know they can’t do anyway.

      • Those drones are there to kill people. Especially people behind the “lines”. This time around there will be no front line, no REMFs. With robot warfare, drones, and missiles, the whole world becomes a meat grinder. I wonder if the neocons have considered that they are personally targets?

        Wunderwaffen are great if you have them all. The Houthis seem to be doing right well against the Israelis and Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club.

    • Hi RG,

      “I am not sending two “wet behind the ears” young adults (our children) to do it for us. ”

      The average age of Viet Nam War draftees was “Only 19.” Betcha they Shanghai lots of older people this time. What does this mean, if anything? Well, I think they’re planning on a Much Bigger War this time.

      • Hi Mike,

        I don’t see how they are able to because of how sickly the country is. Take a look around…society is out of shape, popping pills for aliments and diseases that have just been discovered, as they fill their tummy with toxic bioengineered ingredients as they are being dumbed down by government brainwashing. Let’s not forget the “vaccines” that have been jabbed into three quarters of the population’s arms!

      • See, here’s the deal.

        “They” think they can grab people from their homes, force them into boot camp they didn’t want to attend, force them into an airplane to a country they didn’t want to invade, hand them a gun, and then what do they expect these guys to do with it?!


        I’m not looking forward to the day when those kids figure out who the “enemies, foreign and domestic” actually are. But I’m absolutely looking forward to the day after that.

    • It took me a while to understand this, because the hippies and the Left had captured the anti-war movement in my youth, but the truly “conservative” and nationalist position is the anti-war position.

      No less than General George Washington himself counseled against engaging in foreign wars. Washington counseled against “military establishments,” saying they were “always inimical to republican liberty.”

      The policy of the United States from 1789 to 1917 was the Monroe Doctrine — we were to defend our own borders and stay the hell out of European wars.

      “Conservatives” who worship the military and the “heroes” of WW I and WWII and Korea and Vietnam and call for the draft do not realize that they are not conservative at all, but followers of the progressive Democrat college professor Woodrow Wilson and his vision for global “liberal” imperialism and global “democracy.”

      The truly conservative position was that of Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, Sen. Bob Taft, Coolidge, Lindbergh, and the America First movement.

  20. 18yrs old drafted and sent to die in some stupid made up war….But not old enough to have a beer…… Hey kids Please say Fuck You.

    • To borrow from “Eve of Destruction”:

      You’re old enough to kill
      But not for drinkin

      You think that you are free
      You’re wrong about that thinkin

      We haven’t been truly free since Abraham Lincoln!

  21. Before “drafting” anyone into involuntary servitude, which as Eric mentioned was banned by the Constitution (not that it seems to matter anymore), we need to round up all the warmongering politicians and drop them on the front lines of Ukraine. Might even give them a parachute. Start with that chickenhawk p.o.s. Lindsey Graham; these psychopaths who think the US/NATO can win a war with Russia are playing with fire and all of us are the ones that are going to get burned.

  22. Get drafted, build demented follies like this one:

    ‘The $230 million temporary pier that the U.S. military built on short notice to rush humanitarian aid to Gaza has largely failed in its mission, aid organizations say, and will probably end operations weeks earlier than originally expected.

    ‘In the month since it was attached to the shoreline, the pier has been in service only about 10 days. But the project’s challenges have frustrated and disappointed top Biden administration officials. Despite the weather-related delays and other problems, there has been one bright spot: The pier has not yet been hit in an attack.’ — NYT

    Well, it cost $23 million a day till we pulled the plug on the p.o.s. But at least nobody blew it up! 🙂

    Effing clowns.

    • Hi Jim,
      Of course no one mentions the elephant in the room – that if Israhell would stop its relentless murdering of the Palestinians there would be no need for that pier in the first place. Nuttyyahoo should swing from the end of a rope for genocide.

      • Its psychiatrist had some success with schizophrenia, got a bit cocky and attempted to fix that psychopath.

        Poor psychiatrist blew his own brains out a couple weeks ago.

        Just like stupid. There is no “fixing” psychopathy. Dabble if ya dare douchebag.

  23. Kind of makes you wonder if they let illegals have jobs, drivers licenses and vote (illegally but still vote) if their planning on enrolling them also.

  24. No nation has a right to exist by conscription. If it’s people will not defend it voluntarily, it is obviously not in the people’s interest to continue it.
    The only part of the “Civil War” that actually was a civil war, were the draft riots, in which case the US Navy bombarded NYC.

    • Is there one historical example of a conscripted military offensive invasion resulting in lasting victory ?

      What was Khe San? Was that a victory? And wimmen ????

      Kids, just say NO! Like a proud Uke.

  25. Any young American who receives a draft notice should ask themselves: am I willing to fight and die for Republiclown filth like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McClownell, Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton? They ARE the enemy.

    ‘Fragging is the deliberate or attempted killing of a soldier, usually a superior, by a fellow soldier. U.S. military personnel coined the word during the Vietnam War, when such killings were most often committed or attempted with a fragmentation grenade.

    ‘The high number of fragging incidents in the latter years of the Vietnam War was symptomatic of the unpopularity of the war with the American public and the breakdown of discipline in the U.S. Armed Forces. Documented and suspected fragging incidents using explosives totaled 904 from 1969 to 1972, while hundreds of fragging incidents using firearms took place.’ — Wikipedia

  26. Pre-Biden and pre-covid dystopia, the military was an honorary career which played well with volunteerism. Not now. Even retired careerist are telling their kids stay away, this is not a good place right now. Can the military be restored? The real question is it possible that our country could be restored? No country in history, that I am aware of, has ever transitioned from corruption back to a free republic. Alexander Tyler’s scenario is we finish as a dictatorship which is how we end. Tyler’s cycle begins with courage and rebellion. I don’t see much courage today however it might be in our hearts if we allow it.

    • As a matter of fact, my grandfather (a WW2 veteran who saw action at Iwo Jima) and uncle (a Vietnam veteran who was technically in a non-combat position, but saw some things and did some things nonetheless) strongly discouraged my sister and me from joining the military back in the 1990s. At that time, the issue was Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And at that time, Political Correctness (PC) was beginning to become a thing, probably because the end of the Soviet Union to many top brass meant the end of serious threats, so they could supposedly afford it.
      They’d be floored to see how far things have gone.

      And if a draft came back, it’d be 1968 on steroids!

  27. I smell a diversion. A diversion that will be removed in the senate version and
    will be quietly removed in the joint committee. Pay no attention to the real
    meat and potatoes of the NDAA, push this out in the news cycle to get the
    pundits and commentators excited.

    Here’s a FAQ/summary of the bill (who’s link will screw up the automatic word wrap of this post…)

    Some highlights:
    •$883.7 billion in fiscal year 2024
    •Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to order units and members of the
    Selected Reserve to Active Duty to respond to a significant cyber incident.
    • Prevents the Department of Defense and its contractors from using logistics
    systems owned or operated by the People’s Republic of China.
    • Prevents, except in certain circumstances, Executive Branch agencies from
    purchasing or operating unmanned aerial systems manufactured in the People’s
    Republic of China. (DJI ban, soon to be for civilian air craft as well)
    • Eases current restrictions on retiring A-10 aircraft to allow the Air Force to
    retire 42 A-10 aircraft in fiscal year 2024.
    • Temporarily reduces the total number of fighter aircraft the Air Force is
    required to maintain from 1,145 to 1,112.
    (So more money and fewer aircraft?)
    • Directs a briefing on the Army’s joint counter-small unmanned aerial systems
    (C-sUAS) efforts, including a plan for rapidly acquiring and integrating these
    capabilities into the joint force. (the “Oh Shit! Ukraine war showed how a $500 drone with a grenade can kill a million dollar tank!” order)
    • Requires a study on the use of tactical fighter aircraft and bomber aircraft for
    deployments and homeland defense missions. (Nuke the red states!)
    • Authorizes the Navy to enter into one or more contracts for the multiyear procurement of the next block of up to 13 Virginia-class submarines.
    • Authorizes increased funding to support continued development of the
    nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missile. (everyone forgot about the silent
    service. Yea, they’re still out there and there’s a plan for 13 more)
    • Authorizes increased funding for Marine Corps ground-based air defense.
    (more drones)
    • Establishes the Indo-Pacific Campaigning Initiative in order to facilitate
    INDOPACOM’s campaigning activities in the region, including increased
    frequency and scale of exercises, freedom of navigation operations, and
    partner engagements. (poke the Chi-coms)
    A whole section titled “Bolstering Support for Ukraine and NATO”

    There’s a lot more, take a read. Seems like the proposal for drafting women is probably one of the more benign initiatives in the spending bill.

  28. One thing that has been odd about “The Left” is that they were profusely objected to war when W (Bush Jr.) was President, but not so much under Barack Obama & Joe Biden. Over time though, they, along with others who opposed the Afghanistan & Iraq Wars, ended up being RIGHT. However, do these Lefties LOVE war only when a Democrat is President, but object to it profusely when a Republican is President? Sure looks that way.

    As for the potential of bringing back the draft, it would be downright sick if people who support it do so for “Eliminating political enemies” such as Trump supporters, people who refused to be guinea pigs for Big Pharma, people who refuse to submit to the globalist/ technocratic agenda, people who stood up to the establishment, people who went against “The narratives” on COVID, gun owners, people who live in rural areas, etc.

    • However, do these Lefties LOVE war only when a Democrat is President, but object to it profusely when a Republican is President? Sure looks that way.

      We know that’s true by the way they shrieked when Trump tried to get out of Syria.

      It would have been funny to see the Left bay for blood had Bush said “no, we’re not going to war against Iraq” just because it was the opposite view.

  29. This seems to only be necessary because increasing numbers of our youth are rejecting work for the empire. That is a good thing and suggests that large numbers will balk at such forced service if called.

    As we saw during Vietnam draft and covid foolishness, if about 25% say no, the system fails.

    Here’s to a strong, vocal minority flushing this system down the toilet.

    • Patriotism is defined as not challenging your government when it tells you to take some of the best years of your life, put off starting a family, and go off to be cannon fodder in the latest stupid war for a domino theory or some other ridiculously foolish justification.

  30. War is where the young men die in vast numbers to support regimes that have no interest in settling matters through peaceable means. If the politicians and businessmen had to sacrifice themselves and their children as cannon fodder on the front lines of battle, there’d be a lot less war. And now that the women seem to be so interested in promoting war (e.g. Haley), they are their progeny should be conscripted and sent off to fight. No desk jobs for any of the warmongers. Too fat or weak to hold a rifle? Well, you can waddle to the enemy machine guns armed with kitchen knives.

    War is a Racket – Maj Gen Smedley Butler (2X Congressional Medal of Honor winner), has other suggestions for how to smash the racket. Here are some of them:

    “A few profit — and the many pay. But there is a way to stop it. You can’t end it by disarmament conferences. You can’t eliminate it by peace parleys at Geneva. Well-meaning but impractical groups can’t wipe it out by resolutions. It can be smashed effectively only by taking the profit out of war.

    The only way to smash this racket is to conscript capital and industry and labor before the nations manhood can be conscripted. One month before the Government can conscript the young men of the nation — it must conscript capital and industry and labor. Let the officers and the directors and the high-powered executives of our armament factories and our munitions makers and our shipbuilders and our airplane builders and the manufacturers of all the other things that provide profit in war time as well as the bankers and the speculators, be conscripted — to get $30 a month, the same wage as the lads in the trenches get.

    Let the workers in these plants get the same wages — all the workers, all presidents, all executives, all directors, all managers, all bankers — yes, and all generals and all admirals and all officers and all politicians and all government office holders — everyone in the nation be restricted to a total monthly income not to exceed that paid to the soldier in the trenches!

    Let all these kings and tycoons and masters of business and all those workers in industry and all our senators and governors and majors pay half of their monthly $30 wage to their families and pay war risk insurance and buy Liberty Bonds.”

    • Hi Howard,
      quote: And now that the women seem to be so interested in promoting war (e.g. Haley),
      I doubt women in general want wars. Hailey is a HB1 paid propagandist.
      Anyway young people shouldn’t go to war even if its a defensive war. Draft the oldest people when they are all dead middle aged people and then the young people. I dont care if we loose 20 70 year olds to save one 17 year old they lived their life had kids they can sacrifice that little time they have left.

    • A mother (unless she is a psychopath, which Haley is) never wants war. It doesn’t matter if you baby is 18 or 68. She would also never wish for another mother to go through that either.

  31. ‘How many can square the plain language of the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth amendments to the Constitution with the everyday reality?’ — eric

    Or Article I, Section 8, Clause 12: The Congress shall have Power … to raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years.’ Since ‘standing armies’ had been oppressive in colonial days, the Founders were suspicious of them. But as usual, their veiled verbiage was easily circumvented. Now we get a new NDAA every year — it’s all legal! — from whence came the new draft registration.

    Thanks to Jimmah Carter’s execrable ‘peace deal,’ the Egyptian dictatorship has been a US client state for 45 years. It has compulsory universal military service. Here’s how that goes:

    ‘Amid silence from Egyptian authorities, two soldiers from Faiyum were laid to rest in their hometowns last month after dying in clashes with Israeli forces near the Rafah border. The two soldiers have been identified as Abdallah Ramadan and Ibrahim Islam Abdelrazzaq, who were both 22 years old.

    ‘Despite widespread sympathy for the slain soldiers, they have not received a military funeral or any high-level recognition, and state-linked media have not reported on their deaths. “When the lowest-ranking police conscript gets killed in a car accident, they get a military funeral, and Ramadan, who fought the Zionists, gets buried secretly. What a shame!” he added.’

    It’s the same bizarre phenomenon you see in cucked Germany, where the groveling eunuch Olaf Scholz uttered not a peep of protest as the US gut-punched German industry by blowing up the NordStream pipeline.

    Last time the US had a draft, draftees got sent to Vietnam to die for Nixon. Now Vietnam is a trade partner, selling us EeeVees. Thank you for your service …


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