Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Reader Question: Turbo’d Tahoe?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Peter asks: I understand your point (about turbocharged small engines). However, if one were to put a turbo on the V8 in the...

Hero NY Cops

NY cops refuse to do anything about knife-wielding serial killer:

Latest Radio (April 20, 2018)

Here's the audio from yesterday's chat with Bill Meyer over at KMED radio in Oregon. We talked about the proposed mandating of 95 octane gas and also the spreading use of...


All, The site got Clovered (hacked) earlier today; you may have encountered problems with log-ins (I did) including the really weird problem of being logged in as someone else (and unable to log...

Sick Call

I picked up some crud; not firing on all eight today... so, if I am scarce, that's why! Hoping this will pass soon because I have a car this week that requires...

Latest Reader Question (April 13, 2018)

Here's the latest reader  question, along with my reply! Ted asks: Eric, I really enjoy the articles that you post on I have tried to contact you by email but I have...

Reader Question: Saturn?

Here's the  latest reader question, along with my reply!  Mark asks: The other day I saw a Saturn for the first time in quite a while. Do you know what happened to...

Reader Question: Dealer Law?

Here's the latest reader question, along with my reply! Mika asks: In your recent article about car dealerships, you write: "But in most states, you can only buy them one way –...

Fat Buzz Cut Hero Assaults Motorcyclist

Here's another example of someone who hadn't harmed anyone being harmed because he "might." A motorcyclist riding faster than the law allows was pursued by a stereotypically bloated, buzzcut Oregon state cop (driving...

Reader Comment: Children of the Corn

Here's the latest reader comment, along with my reply! Roberts writes: Your articles give me hope, among the brain-washed pod people that we live amongst in zombie land. Even family members, cannot...
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