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A very interesting question:

OK, Republicans, If Israel Is So Great, Why Not Follow Its Example?

For immigration patriots, the December 10 Iowa GOP Presidential candidates would have been a bore—except for the fact that America’s time is running out.

It’s clear that the candidates do fear the power of the immigration issue in a negative sense. Newt Gingrich feels compelled to maintain that his amnesty is not an amnesty and all the candidates claim to be in favor of securing the border.

But it’s equally clear that they are afraid to touch it at all. Mitt Romney, flinching, did not name amnesty as one of his key differences with Gingrich and not one candidate mentioned the idea of an anti-unemployment legal immigration moratorium—let alone such basic immigration patriot concepts as eliminating the illegal alien stock with attrition through enforcement and with strategic deportation.

There’s a long, long way to go.

One thing the candidates did seem to agree on was the importance of Israel. Ironically, I found this news story while the GOP debate was in progress:

“On Sunday [December 11] the cabinet is expected to vote on a new proposal by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to tackle the issue of illegal immigration into Israel through the country’s borders…

“The plan calls for completing the fence along the Egyptian border within a year, expanding the Negev-based Saharonim detention facility in order to increase capacity from 2,000 to 5,000 and building an adjacent facility, with a capacity of 10,000, that was approved by the Knesset last year…The plan includes a 2-percent across-the-board cut to all ministry budgets to pay for the NIS 630 million program…

“The new plan calls for significantly increasing the fines levied on employers of illegal immigrants…

“In announcing the plan this week, Netanyahu called the rise of illegal border crossings ‘a threat to the economy, to security and to the delicate demographic balance on which the State of Israelis based.’

“Speaking to Army Radio yesterday, [Interior Minister Eli] Yishai declared that none of these immigrants would remain in Israel. ‘Even if it’s unpopular I will act to repatriate every infiltrator,’ the interior minister said.”

Israeli government to vote on PM’s plan to stem illegal immigration, by Daba Weiler-Polak, Haaretz, December 9, 2011’s question: OK Republicans, If Israel is so great, why not follow its example?

Who else but would ask this question?

We know from experience that, if we ask tough questions enough, our readers will ask them of their politicians.

Change can only come from the grass roots.


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  1. A country without a respected border has no borders.

    Paul Mulshine, NJ Star Ledger highlights John Stewarts commentary of the Matzorian Candidate.

    I think this country gets involved in other people’s (countries’s) business without any real benefit for the US. Often this causes a poor perception of us in the eyes of people outside of the US.

    The countries of the world need to solve their own problems without outside interference.


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