The NWO Elite Don’t Want You to Know.

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We talk a lot on the site about the Big Question: what’s the Elite’s end-game?

I used to think Alex Jones was over the top–until I began following the same research he’d done…actually reading the documents from Club of Rome, Rockefeller Foundation, etc. etc. And he’s right.

Here are four videos from a few years ago, where he’s interviewing Kevin Trudeau. He’s basically laying out what the agenda is; and with some hopefulness, that there’s division in the ranks of the Elite. After all how could it be otherwise? They’re sociopaths; they’re incapable of sacrificing themselves for an ideal.

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  1. Eric writes,

    “please refrain from calling the regulars here all of whom have more than demonstrated they’re not idiots… “idiots.””

    But they have demonstrated that they are “simply a private citizen or amateur as opposed to a government official, professional, or expert.“

    That makes them idiots Eric.

    The derogatory sense came centuries later as it has with many other words.

    Would it make you happier if they were called classic idiots, like using the term classic liberal when speaking of libertarians?

    Because that one makes my blood boil. What is called a liberal today is communist/socialist.

    Can’t you just allow this guy to demonstrate his lack of linguistic acumen?

    Just because this guy can say or type a word is no indication that he knows what a word means. If you ever listened to Mark Scott, you might be familiar with the phrase, “He doesn’t know and he doesn’t know he doesn’t know.”

    I rather enjoy reading the comments of people who have had their vocabulary retarded. It provides great insight to the society at large.

    And it often makes me laugh.

  2. Eric,

    Being the cunning linguist that you are, I’m surprised that you would take umbrage with the word idiot.

    Jeremy may in fact be the greatest idiot here.

    That word comes from the Greek word idiotes and simply means a private person.

    In my mind, a private person is one who minds his own business. And that my friend, is the heart of libertarianism.

    Of course I would like to think that words still have meaning.

    George Orwell was not the first to come up with newspeak to point out that destroying the meaning of words is an effective way of destroying man’s ability to communicate.

    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

  3. Its an interesting read. the father of the european union:

    »The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the current diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. «

  4. Well if Prince Harry is an elite I think we’re safe. Its basically satanic jewish control of the world through race mixing (not for them) and cultural marxism is where we’re headed. Along with a few token goys along for the ride I guess. You can google the morgenthau plan – still being executed- the frankfurt school (all jews) – gramsci march through the institutions – the Kalergi plan. Its all there. Not to mention the protocols of zion

    • LOL!! What a pantload!

      I have to admit, Marky, I do find your worldview to be somewhat intriguing – the same way I would for any delusional construct. Keep the laughs coming!

        • ROTFL!!!!

          More of your asinine paranoia, that anyone who disagrees with you must be a jooooo!!! If you ever come up with something worthy of serious discussion I’ll be happy to oblige. All you’ve ever provided is some belly laughs with a big heaping helping of bullshit and stupidity!

          In point of fact all you guys really do with this malicious and inane bigotry is to drum up more support for Israel – perhaps that is your purpose! (Thanks and a tip o’ the hat to Jeremy for seeing that!)

          So tell us, Jew, do you get your orders from the Mossad or are you directly on Netanyahu’s payroll?

          • you make an occasional decent comment but overall youre deeply deluded. Not my problem if you cant see whats in front of your face.

            • You are the one deluded, Marky. I see exactly what’s in front of my face in the case of you and your fellow travelers. I’ve studied your kind of addled spew for decades and have amassed, if I say so myself, a fairly impressive library of “white power” literature. It is all garbage. (I do admit it’s kind of odd that I have a fascination with totally repellent people such as the aryan warrior crowd – it’s kind of like studying a particularly loathesome type of insect. As disgusting as it is, it’s tough not to look.)

              However your nonsense is not totally without merit – as I’ve said they do provide some laughs – and I am totally serious about Jeremy’s observation about you guys drumming up support for Israel. Whether by accident or design, that is all you are accomplishing.

            • Ok last word on this but its funny you think Israel has anything to do with biblical judaism. Most of the biblical jews were wiped out with small pockets left in arab countries. Zionists ‘bible’ is the talmud not the old testament Zonists are a cult that uses the fig leaf of judaiism to cover for their secular satanism. Not a single zionist actually believes in the hebrew god of the old testament Makes it easier to shoot kids in the knees that way. Not all jews are zionists. Some are actually real jews. And Israel hates them.

              You cant argue because you never have a point.

              • As I said, the usual bullshit. I’ve yet to see you come up with anything worthy of serious discussion. Perhaps you will at some point but I’m not holding my breath. (Not limited to joooos… if you or anyone else would like to go off on any other particular group based purely on their ethnicity I’ll be just as happy to respond in a similar manner.)

                For what it’s worth I have no particular love of Israel. It’s a terrorist state and a partner in crime that we should not be supporting, though in the larger sense I believe we should not be providing foreign aid to anyone.

                Now if you’ll excuse me I need a few laughs, so I think I’ll go re-read my dog-eared copy of Richard Kelly Hoskins’ “Our Nordic Race.”

              • FYI you sound like an edgy 14 year old keyboard warrior, especially given your writing “style”. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll grow out of this.

              • Shotgun I can debate you under a table because you and flinders never make a point. Ever. israel is a terrorist state because they routinely bomb kill and shoot people no threat to them. They especially love people in wheelchairs and blasting little boys knees off. Ignorant losers like you and Flinders are the problem because you enable their gross cowardly behavior and their parasitic looting of American taxpayers. But go ahead and buy the CNN and Fox bullshit.

                • I haven’t seen you make any points either, just invective and wild, unsourced claims. You still sounds like an edgy 14 year old who thinks that hating Jews makes you “woke” or “red pilled” or whatever people younger than me are saying these days, and I still can’t take anything you’re saying seriously.

                  • Mark,

                    Your, and others, over the top rhetoric does more to support Israel than anything else. All criticism of Israel and their policies is undermined by the claims of people like you. Israel is a terrorist State. Jason has never said anything in support of Israel, yet you continue to insist that he has, and that he’s a Joooooo.

                    Chuck asked a sincere question which you could have answered without a gratuitous attack on him and “flinders”. You chose not to, why?


                    • Mark,

                      That’s an idiotic response. Why can’t you respond to Chuck’s question, “why is Israel a terrorist State” without the absurd hyperbole and personal attack. You are not wrong in your belief that Israel is a terrorist State, but your argument is neutered by your obsession.


                    • Morning, Jeremy!

                      Of course, all states – all governments – are terroristic enterprises by definition, varying only in degree. They terrorize the population with threats of murderous violence to coerce the handing over of money and obedience to “laws” that are morally illegitimate because they prohibit actions which haven’t harmed anyone – or require people to act in ways which result in harm to themselves.

                      For a few brief decades, Americans were less terrorized than most of the people of the Earth. But they still were on the receiving end, nonetheless!

                    • Jeremy and youre still an idiot. and I did respond to it. you just cant read! Btw – we’re a terrorist state as well.

                    • Hi Mark,

                      I like to keep this a free-for-all zone, but please don’t call Jeremy or other regulars here who clearly aren’t “idiots.”

                    • Mark,

                      I didn’t say you didn’t respond, I said you’re response was idiotic. I read just fine, you not so much. But, keep spouting off, all your doing is lending support to Israel.


                    • Hi shotgun – yeah because youre not allowed to have an independent opinion on a libertarian site. makes sense! Jewbart already banned me. Maybe here next. okey dokey.

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Of course you’re allowed to have an independent opinion; but – as a favor to me – please refrain from calling the regulars here all of whom have more than demonstrated they’re not idiots… “idiots.”

                      That’s all!

                    • Eric what have i been called here – a neo-nazi – idiotic – a 14 year old boy – a troll but if I respond that crosses the line. makes sense! Not one counter argument to anything I’ve said. just ad hominem. Ok.
                      Zionism is the new world order. Who wants to debate me.

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Just trying to keep the debate on a higher level. Strongly expressed (and – hopefully – strongly supported) opinion is welcomed here. We have one of the best comments sections on the Net, in my opinion. Let’s try to keep it that way!

                    • Mark,

                      I don’t recall anyone on this site criticizing you for having independent opinions. You’re criticized because many of us believe that a lot of your expressed views are factually inaccurate and your routine practice of misrepresenting the views of your critics and calling them names.

                      Your latest post is just another example of the latter. If you ever get banned from this site, it won’t be due to your “independent opinions”. But, I suspect that it’s easier to believe that anyone who criticizes you is a secret Jew or Zionist pushing a global, Jewish conspiracy to silence people like you who know the “truth”. Which is really funny because it is exactly the same tactic employed by actual Zionists to silence any criticism of Israel as antisemitic. All you achieve in your rants is to give firepower to the Zionists. Nutanyahu and his criminal buddies in Congress, the military, etc… must smile with delight and thank god that people like you actually exist.


                    • Jeremy I doubt Satan-yahoo and the israeli nazis pay a lot of attention to this site. And if they did I could give a fuck what they think. Theyre all evil. They would have absolutely loved every single Christian in syria to be genocided. They fought hard to make that dream come true just like they did in Iraq. If you dont know or wont acknowledge who your enemy is how are you going to win a fight.

                    • Mark,

                      Of course they don’t pay much attention to sites like this. But, they do pay attention to the type of rhetoric you employ and, in collusion with the ADL, left wing hate group, the SPLC, the willing propagandists, or useful idiots, in the mainstream press, the criminals in Congress and the MID, etc…, and exploit, and wildly exaggerate them, to their own benefit.

                      Probably the most important false narrative supporting this whole corrupt mess is the insistence that any criticism of Israel is disingenuous and motivated by antisemitism. Your rhetoric does nothing but grant them power. If you don’t care that you’re giving aid and comfort to your enemy, what exactly are you trying to achieve?


                    • Eric all the things you rave against EVs / nanny controls / hut-hutting dont occur accidentally. theyre part of creeping global communism. And gee who started communism and is still doing everything they can to promote it. Hmmmm. who could that be? i cant think of the word for it.

                    • Hi Mark,

                      Marx gets lots of credit, of course – but the guy financing him wasn’t Jewish. And of course, Marx’s ideas weren’t new. They were peddled years before by – among others – the Greeks (Plato) and (to cite one of several examples) Catholics such as Sir Thomas More (Utopia).

                      If we’re going to hold “the Jews” responsible for communism, then I think we must also credit Jews like Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard (among many others) for opposing it.

                      Let’s not fall into the error of collectivizing people – and guilting A for what B has done.

                    • Mark,

                      Well, despite the assertions of some, Marx sure seems like an extreme antisemite to me.

                      “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities…. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general”.

                      Sure, many Jewish intellectuals were instrumental in creating communist theory and propagating its political reach. But, so were many non Jews. Communist theory appeals to every wanna be authoritarian because it wraps the lust for power in a blanket of false benevolence. Communism is the creation of authoritarian control freaks, many were Jewish, many were not.


                  • Eric sure but 20th century communism is by far primarily Jewish. Theyre the ones supporting mass imigration – into white countries only – and funding it with george Soros negro taxi services from Africa to Europe. If you guys cant see this its not my problem. but there it is. You can debate minutiae all you want but the goal is white christian genocide. the jews use cultural marxism and identity politics to accomplish this and guess what. theyre winning! And people like you and all the other guys around here dont see it. yeah some greeks may have had some odd communist ideas. the Puritans certainly did and almost starved to death as a result. Oh the fuck well

                    • Ah, drumming up more support for Israel, I see! It’s truly unfortunate that most people don’t know you guys for the pathetic losers that most of you actually are – purveyors of ludicrous positions deserving only ridicule. The Flat Earthers have considerably more credibility.

                      You’re the one who can’t see what’s in front of your face, White boy. (If you even are White. I have serious doubts about that.)

                      It seems to have escaped Your notice that it was the CATHOLICS who opened the floodgates up to mass, uncontrolled immigration into the United States, and that good Christian charity organizations are big players in bringing in those immigrants.

                      Of course this is typical. You’re so consumed with hatred for the Jooooos that you are incapable of seeing that all the evils you lay at their feet have been done and continue to be done by good White Christians.

                    • I dont hate jews moron. Theyre looking out for their perceived group interests. As twisted as they may be. Something we forgot how to do long ago.

  5. On Segment #1 of course he’s right; 3/4’s of the human population doesn’t care about the elite and will never share their values. From the perspective of the elite, who ARE btw demonstrably successful according to western consumer culture, those people might as well die. They do not contribute to world culture. They don’t compose great music. They didn’t invent Facebook. They haven’t designed the Hoover Dam. They never walked on the Moon. This isn’t true, but it is the position of a few folks who are rich enough to own and operate 400′ private yachts with helipads (and the accompanying helicopters, hangars and Gulfstream IV’s). They’re a liability in the small minded, drug addled and largely disassociated elite.

    But of course standing behind those inbred losers are a team of hardened pragmatists who are fully aware that someone has to dig ditches, grow food, clean the bathrooms and walk the dogs. Listening to the Bilderbergs hold forth on what’s right and wrong with society is a exercise in futility; not only do they not know what’s going to happen next, they don’t know what’s going on now and have no clear recollection of what happened yesterday.

    Alex is barking up the wrong tree. Certainly a person who appears to have dedicated his entire career to this subject has, at least once in some lonely hotel room at 2am, considered that? So why is he still doing something so patently stupid?

    • Research it on your own Scott; I had the same basic take on Alex at first…and sayings like “never ascribe to malice that which is easily explained by stupidity”. Or the casual dismissals of conspiracies with “you’d never keep everyone quiet”, or “a secret’s safe when only one person knows it”

      Digging through the history of the banksters, especially, has opened my eyes to a world we can barely imagine. Families with trillions in wealth, with lineages–and plans–hundreds of years old.

      As Pete said, once the ball gets rolling the systems take on a life of their own; but that’s one way the PTB perpetuate their systems–by predicting what will become self-sustaining, and providing the nucleus for the end result to crystallize around.

      What’s happening today isn’t unique in history. Elites go through cycles; the first few generations acquiring wealth and power, the next few amplifying it, and the next few either dissipating the wealth, or becoming complete and total psychopaths. Their inbreeding in the name of eugenics aggravates the psychopathology–and the cycle ends with a bang, as they bring themselves and large portions of the world down in an orgy of craziness.

      The Egyptians, the Mayans, the Greeks, the Romans…and now us.

      • I have said before that I don’t generally comment on conspiracy theory stuff because it’s basically conjecture. However, some things do seem to be self evident. Take these get togethers like the builderberg or bohemian grove and look at what we do know. They do get together they are elites. Can you think of a rational explanation for why they would do this if not to make deals?

        It reminds me of how wars get started. People want to say it’s one reason. Oil or Israel or the MIC etc. The fact is that the one term they use that is correct is a “coalition of the willing”. The elite get together and decide what is in their interest. Some want oil profits, some want to deny those profits to the Arabs or Persians, Some want to help Israel bring about the end times, some want defense contracts, some want power, some glory etc etc etc.

        No war of agression starts for one single reason and these plans have to be drawn up some place.

        • You nailed it. One immoral act of plundering can have dozens of supporting factions, each for its own reasons. There doesn’t even need to be a Mastermind – it can organize organically once certain realities exists. i.e. “I have a gun, who will you pay me to point it at?” (And EVERY politician in office has a gun of one size or another.)

        • Right on target.
          The ones I’m interested in are the really big movers, the ones with the biggest stakes. They can present the cause to the others with more minor interest and start the ball rolling.

          Every major war is financed by banksters, and most of the time both sides are financed by the same banks.

          As Gutle Schnapper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, was once quoted as saying–“If my sons did not want war, there would be none”

  6. Like you, I have been wary of certain people who talk about conspiracies. But the reality is, once you set up certain rules of the game you don’t need any conspiracy to guarantee and outcome. When 51% can legally take from 49% the wheels just start grinding and pretty soon people are lined up for their freeee lunch. There’s no need for secret meetings and satanic robes. It’s just cause and effect.

    • “Conspiracy” is a term that’s used to delegitimize certain discussions without even having a discussion. It’s an intellectually lazy (or deliberately dishonest) tool of evasion. What, after all, are the essential elements of a conspiracy? Simply – collusion and non-disclosure. Two or more people colluding for a common purpose with the deliberate aim of not disclosing to those being colluded against that they are being colluded against. It is beyond stupid to take the position that such events do not occur routinely, in politics and business (and otherwise).

      The American Revolution was initially a conspiracy, for jeep’s sake! The men involved – many high-placed, with a great deal to lose, met in secret and strategized against their common foe. By definition, a political conspiracy.

      One could easily cite scores of known conspiracies that endured for decades as examples. Just one will suffice (I hope): In the early years of the 20th century, a self-selected group of extremely wealthy/politically connected men met at a remote island off the Georgia coast for the specific purpose of conniving together toward the aim of establishing what would become the Federal Reserve. These men existed; this event occurred. The Federal Reserve Act was passed – at their behest. Historical facts not generally known for more than 70 years after the event itself took place.


      • Agreed. And by the broad definition you used, virtually every meeting a company has is a ‘conspiracy’ to do something. So in a way the term is an unnecessary lightning rod. (And often brings up images of people in tinfoil hats ranting about alien mind control.)
        The hard reality is that people do plot to use, in particular, the massive coercive power of the state to plunder from one group to the benefit of themselves. Sometimes this is just called “voting.”

    • So, you dismiss offhand what may be extremely valuable information because the source is tainted by an unrelated matter…and a matter brought by the government, the entity known to lie, cheat, and steal almost as a matter of course?

      Regardless of a guy’s history–even if he’s a rightfully convicted felon–if he’s saying something of potential importance, it pays to open your ears, absorb it, evaluate it intelligently, and use what you can.

      How far does that dismissal go? Can only saints present information worthy of evaluation?

    • Oh hell yes!

      Google flicker rates, subliminals, etc. The science of propaganda and brainwashing is so sophisticated now, it’ll make your head spin–and does.

      • My head does spins and I agree with and believe this statement wholeheartedly.

        “The science of propaganda and brainwashing is so sophisticated now”

        • Oh duh…sorry Dom I’m so dense I missed the sarcasm in your first post!


          I tend to lurk the board most late at night when I’m writing code on one monitor, and watching emails and web in the other one. I write while code’s compiling or tests are running…so I miss things sometimes!


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