The Holocaust Shuffle

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In the ’70s, there was The Hustle. We’ve got a new dance here in the Homeland. It’s called The Holocaust Shuffle. The steps are easy to learn. Just stand here, legs apart – and arms up. Say nothing – and do exactly as you are told. Now, freeze in place. There! You are almost ready… .

What are they normalizing? We all know, deep down – it’s just that most of us don’t want to face up to it. We can’t bear to. It is inconceivable. Unimaginable. Impossible. It would upend the conditioning of a lifetime – our entire view of the world. Of our country and culture – of the people all around us.

Such things can’t happen again. And certainly not here.

Ah, but they can. Right here, too.

They already are. And the process began long before the events of nineleven – the new High Holy Day here in the land of the formerly somewhat free. It has been a work in progress since at least the 1980s – when the notion of randomly stopping people – the first frontal assault upon the Fourth Amendment – was introduced and accepted by the courts and then the public. Got to get those dangerous drunks off the road, you see.

Fast forward 20 years and now people are randomly groped as a matter of routine. Got to get those dangerous terrorists now, you see. Personal space itself is no longer inviolate. They can literally spread your cheeks and jam a thumb up your anus now. Just to be “safe.” Over a traffic stop.  No, seriously. Don’t believe it? Believe it. They can throw you over the hood of a squad car and draw your blood. They can kick in the door of your home. They can shoot your dog if they feel it threatens “officer safety.” And they can shoot you, too. That’s today.

Try to imagine what it will be like 20 years from now.

Or even five.

It takes time to reorient the instincts of an entire culture – like making bread. The “yeast” is always The Fear –  in its ultimate form, of a bogeyman who transmogrifies into ether – and who can never be caught. A perpetual threat means perpetual war.

And perpetual terror.

Emanuel Goldstein wears a beard and caftan now. But he serves the same purpose.

Keep them terrified. Denounce those who aren’t terrified for lack of patriotism – and exposing the country to danger.

The Reichsmarschall knew all about it.

Insert among them legions of costumed Authority Figures – and make them as unavoidable as bumpers in a pinball machine. Demand servility – “respect for law enforcement” – and teach the people that obedience is the ultimate virtue. Deify authority itself.

“Safety” and “Security” must become the Two Commandments of this new order. One can never have enough of either, you see. That is the beauty of the thing.

Am I free to go? 

For now.

But wait a little… .

Start with the low-hanging fruit. Kids in particular.

They are, after all, the future. Don’t bother – yet – with the people who avoid airports, say. Who push back at checkpoints.

They are few and far between – of little importance. The important thing is to establish the principle. To routinize the herding of people like cattle. The barking of orders at them. And also the prod at the first sign of disobedience. Most people will not “resist.” Indeed, they will bristle at those  few who do. Stop holding up the line! Do as your are told! Don’t you realize they are just doing their jobs? Keeping us safe?

It goes both ways, of course. The herders are as integral to the process as those being herded. The big hands will always need many little hands. But they, too, must learn obedience. And they, too, can be just as easily disposed of later on. A man named Yagoda could explain this. Or perhaps his successor, a man named Yezhov. And the one after him, Beria. But few among the new Praetorians care to listen. Like Yagoda, Yezhov and Beria, they imagine themselves to be invulnerable. But inevitably, the wheel will turn. They will find they are just as disposable as those they dispose of. Holiday is the best time of the year when you are there. Perhaps, like that funny little man, Yezhov, they will have a few moments to ponder the irony of it all  – before it is their turn at the lip of the ditch.

One can only hope. (See here for a recent case in point.)

In the meanwhile, most of the public grows ever-more-accustomed to arbitrary authority. To being herded, barked at, prodded – just like cattle in the field. In time, they will perhaps accept being herded onto rail cars – and sent off to their inevitable fates. Just as six million two-legged cattle accepted it not all that long ago. Just as it will be accepted again, here, when the time is right.

And that time is not far off now.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. By exercising their Presentment Power, Fully Informed GRAND JURIES could do more to restore the American Ideal than Petit Juries could ever hope to do. A Petit Jury can only defend but a Grand Jury can ATTACK!


  2. Great piece Eric! Too many “Amuricans” are clue less as to what happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Maoist China. They truly think it is just those lesser “evil” people that make up those cultures and in the anointed city on the hill this can never happen. Our guvermint is anointed by the Creator himself and incapable of evil. Sad times.

  3. The comments here are very insightful and obviously Eric has well informed readers – me being among them. 🙂 ON the topic of tyranny in America vs. the tyranny that transpired in Germany in the 1930’s, we all need to recognize that 21st century America has way more technology. And for those that think this evolution of the state can be fought with anything other than education – which is sorely lacking in western countries – will find themselves incarcerated or worse [there will be much more blood of patriots than tyrants due to their technological advantage]. Recognize that most threats to the regime are being targeted at various levels of the bureaucracy. It could be an IRS audit, a mistaken address for a “No-Knock Search”, having your club infiltrated by someone who will set you up for an accusation of being a terrorist. How about all the people on the “No-Fly” List. The State Dept. is trying to change the forms you fill out for a passport where you will have to include all sorts of information that is unobtainable – like listing all your former employers [ALL of them] and their current addresses and phone numbers. Also listing all the dates of your mothers prenatal visits. It is just a way to keep the tax-cow from leaving the farm. Pretty soon everyone who resists will be put on a list. Then what?

    Want to keep Liberty alive? Then stay alive, let events unfold as they will – like they have done countless times before when a country gets rich, becomes powerful, and then abuses that power and squanders its wealth. Become a student of history and you will see this pattern has repeated itself many many times.

    Consider moving. Many places in this world have more individual liberties that we have left here. Get your wealth out of this country before they confiscate it under some pretense and use it against those who remain. It is much less expensive to live in places like Panama and Costa Rica, so you don’t need as much to live comfortably as you do here. Many of these places welcome foreigners for the money they bring as well as the knowledge and expertise. The 3rd world is not so primitive as it once was. Many places are like ‘Merica was in the 50’s. Want to travel back to the 50’s? Then travel south of the border. And don’t listen to the warnings issued by the US State Dept – those are just to keep the cows frightened of what is beyond the fence.

    Ron Paul was right when he said he thought the border fence would be used to keep us in one day.

    We don’t need to fight what is happening. It will implode under its own weight with time. It will be better to watch it happen than to participate. Then send your kids back when it is all over and help rebuild.


  4. Lee, I think the rant was rather out of place in this thread. There are plenty of people with an irrational hatred of Jews, and of Moslems, and of blacks, and of Germans, and of car salesmen, and of all kinds of people. This time around, it is not irrational hatred of Jews alone that is screwing up our world. I’m sorry you distracted and diverted us from Eric’s theme, which is way too important to pass over in the manner you have done.

  5. Each time Eric alludes, appropriately, to Nazi Germany, it takes about eight comments for the Joo-bashing to start. There are the full-fledged Joo-bashers. “Them Jooz are all alike. Ain’t a one of ’em that’s any good.” There are the semi-Joo-bashers. “Some Jooz are okay but the Ones In Charge are the one whoi’re makin’ all the trouble.” Then there are the partial Joo-bahshers. “There’s Good Jooz (like yours truly) and there’s Bad Jooz, and the bad Jooz are usin’ the Good Jooz (a.k.a O.A.S.’es: ordinary American slobs like you ‘n me)for their nefarious purposes.”

    For example, most of the leading Nazis were Bad Jooz — Goering, Goebbles, Himmler, Hess, Hoess, Rosenberg, Eichmann, Streicher, Krupp, Thyssen, Kaltenbrunner, Ley, Frank, Schacht,Speer and the gruppenfuehrer of the Hitler Youth with the colorful name of Baldur von Schirach, not to mention the arch-Joo, Adolph Schicklgruber, who cleverly changed his name to one that folks could more easily pronounce. Martin Boorman, the Fuehrer’s private secretary, was among those who escaped. He turned up, in ’48, in Tel Aviv, under the name of David Ben Gurion where he continued his persecution the Good Jooz who were now Palestinians. As for the Holocaust, the Bad Jooz did in six million Europeans whose sufferings they falsely appropriated, and wouldn’t you know it, even now, all these years later, they’re still at it.

    Keep in mind that you are only one degree of separation from being a Joo yourself. Here’s how you can become a Joo.

    One day a member of the female gender or a related gender, maybe a trans or a multi-gender, will accuse you of rape. Maybe this person doesn’t like you. Maybe this person is mistaken. Maybe this person is mentally unstable. Maybe this person has never seen you and picked your name out of a hat. No matter. You are accused and, because you’re a male, you’re guilty.

    Prosecutor: Think of a number between one and ten.
    You: Four!
    Prosecutor to the jury: The defendant is lying. He was thinking of seven.
    Jury: Seven?
    Prosecutor: That’s the number, between one and ten, that rapists think of.
    Jury: Guilty!

    When tyranny comes to this land, brought by those who will bring it, you will wake up to find yourself a Joo and you’ll try to convince those who have it in for you that you’re not. Good luck. I’ll be there, in the cell next to you, with my collection of Holocaust cards, like baseball cards, with pix of all the leading Joo-Nazi’s on them to trade with you. I’ve got a Hitler ’33. What’ve you got to top it?

  6. The government wants everyone to think that its “herders” are immortal superhumans with impregnable force fields surrounding them.

    They are not.

    The immortals of Highlander fame could be killed only by decapitation. The herders, OTOH, are just like everyone else. They can also be shot, stabbed, strangled, poisoned, drowned, crushed, impaled, squashed (dropped from a great height), etc.

    The #1 unintended consequence of the Obama regime has been the re-arming of America. Many new gun owners are mad as hell at the herders who have abused them, and have mentally put them into a personal TBKL (to be killed later) list. When the inevitable collapse occurs, the herders’ badges will no longer carry any authority. In fact, those badges will become the proverbial mark of Cain. (Throw them in the woods?) Then the herders will be hunted down and liquidated. No quarter, no mercy. They will realize too late that the Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment with them in mind.

    “I don’t always shoot herders, but when I do, I prefer Winchester ammunition . . . Lock and load, my friends.” — future TV commercial, starring The World’s Most Interesting Marksman

    “The tree of liberty requires frequent watering with the blood of patriots and tyrants. — Thomas Jefferson

    • “I don’t always shoot herders, but when I do, I prefer Winchester ammunition . . . Lock and load, my friends.” — future TV commercial, starring The World’s Most Interesting Marksman

      I read somewhere recently where the actor who plays that guy is an avid Obama supporter and is actively campaigning for him. Par.

  7. “I think people just want to believe in the “goodness” of government, regardless of the facts.” – Larry.

    …So Very true. … And so sad.

    methylamine on October 27, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    “This IS a joke post, right? Because nobody is honestly this stupid.”

    Dude, they are legion.

    ?It’s not about being ‘stupid” it’s about being brainwashed and propagandized.

    Propaganda is THE most powerful “tool”….ever.

    eric wote, “it’s awful to have to write this way – about things like this.”

    Welcome to “the club”.

    eric wrote, “… often get very depressed surveying the scene – and extrapolating from what’s going on today to what’s very likely to be going on tomorrow.”

    In the management classes I took, that was called “leadership”.
    Today, it’s frowned apon,… and worse.

    The world is full of monsters.

    Scott wrote, Sometimes I wish there was something I could do other than raise the awareness of the people I know, but then I remember raising awareness is a powerful tool.

    And that’s all there is.

    Are we in a land full of idiots and monsters, Or are there a lot of rational thinking People?

    …. …. How do you spell s-o-s ? Or s.o.l. ? As if it mattered.!?

    michael wrote, What is disturbing, is not the few who delight in theft, rape, torture, and murder, but to see a piece of yourself in the eyes of the many willing accomplices.

    Maybe, not myself, but someone just like me? Or could have been me? And thank God I was allowed to break through the Matrix.
    What can I do for the others,… question on many minds.

    Mal Reynolds wrote, I think it is time for people who see the writing on the wall…

    “People” often *have* to learn the hard way.

    Tor Munkov wrote, …Low IQ lady left to die in solitary. Kids born on plastic benches or concrete lockup floors. Self abortions by shiv. Thousands on 2 meals a day 2000 calorie diets. Fat guy or high metabolism guy, no exceptions.
    A lot of prisons starve people until they join their snitch programs and start churning out reams of accusations on everyone they ever met.

    That’s America,… the real America as I now know it.

    …There be monsters.

    Boothe wrote, even some of the hardcore sheeple are waking up to the fact that the day of reckoning is inevitable.

    Isn’t the encouraging>?

    Brandonjin wrote, …I really need to memorize my rights because I didn’t know you could do this.

    And THAT therin is the problem, don’tchya see?

    Memorize my rights,… I get what Brandonjin is sayin’ here, I think the same thing when I see a self-confidant individual in a video telling off the cops at a checkpoint-charlie.

    The fact that checkpoint-charlie is an everyday occurrence in America means the “old ideals” are lost. You know, all that “Republic” b.s. and that bit about checks and balances and stuff,… that’s just a bunch of hot air.

    Min-anarchists take note?

    /rant that-does-nothing OFF.

      • Responding to:

        Scott wrote, Sometimes I wish there was something I could do other than raise the awareness of the people I know, but then I remember raising awareness is a powerful tool.

        And that’s all there is.

          • Strange how the idea of Grand Jury Presentment Power always falls on deaf ears.


            Oh well, there’s always Voting and Hoping. Maybe that will make it all better for Freedom in a thousand years or so. But then again, maybe it won’t.

            Why would anyone take a pocket knife to a gunfight? Why would anyone who managed to survive being shot do it repeatedly.


      • I’d be more inclined to become a guerilla air conditioning repair man.

        I think you underestimate the perfidy of the authoritarian Clover when it joins together in kind and sets upon a victim. Spend enough time serving on a school or homeowner’s association board and you’ll discover the true depths of depravity our so called peers can descend to in their relentless pursuit of self-aggrandizement. Find twelve people willing to sit on a Grand Jury and I guarantee they’ll be arguing with each other about who gets to boss who around within minutes or hours.

        The problem is, people who are drawn to positions of authority and power are generally creeps. The scum of the earth. Dirtbags. Anyone who would want to be on a Grand Jury shouldn’t be.

        You can’t win your liberty by force or by “working within the system”. You just do it and hope other folks notice and decide to do it too.

        • Scott, I “served” on two jury trials. One was for murder and the other was for drugs and “alleged” rape. Let me say that in both cases I had high hopes of escaping the call up but was nabbed as Juror 12 both times! It was in all honesty an exercise in herding cats. To get twelve people who have absolutely no desire to be there to agree to anything, even murder, was eye opening.

          • I’d LOVE to serve on a petite jury, but, given the fact that I’m a non-voter, it won’t happen. Also, if I were to be truthful about my views of the law during that government-sanctioned jury tampering process called voire-dire, I’d be eliminated on the spot. Even if, by some fluke, I did managed to get empaneled, I would make it well known to my fellow jurors that I am a firm believer in nullification – meaning that if I were to be empaneled for a case involving drug-related offenses, there is NO WAY I would vote for conviction.

            I loathe the though of having to lie my way onto a jury, but given the overt state-sanctioned biases against informed jurors, that’s probably the only way I’d ever make it onto one.

        • With it’s so-called Runaway Power (Self Liberated is more descriptive.) the GJ can shove it up the DAs worthless brainwashed lawyer ass.

          An excellent source of Grand Jury Power is Louisiana’s Title 12. After much expense and time-consuming study along with frequent Critical Thinking I now have an excellent DVD on the subject. The GJ power potential is frightening . . . especially to office holders.


  8. My…
    I could never last that long against cops. I’m so bad at social situations as it is but these guys just terrify me; I could never stand up for myself like these guys can. I really need to memorize my rights because I didn’t know you could do this.

          • So how exactly does the Clover badge work? Something Dom does to the post?

            I’m still working on my Clover badge. If it’s just a matter of attaching a jpeg to my signature I’d like to know 🙂

            BTW, Clove? Why on God’s Green Earth would you think shutting down a “site like that” would in any way at all be compatible with freedom of speech, and why would you hope someone might be elected to do it?

            You know, there are countries that agree with you. North Korea would be an example. The People’s Republic of China might be a good choice. I’ve heard in the PRC they execute bad drivers and harvest their organs. I’d think you might fit right in.

          • Hey Scott, as Eric or I moderate Clover’s posts we add the clover image to it for her. I just woke up for a few minutes to check the election results because the wife said it was Obama. Jezz, I’m not going to be able to fall back asleep now. Not that it really matters who wins. I’m still working on getting the user uploaded avatars to work correctly too.

          • Oh no. Dom, you think Clover’s a woman? That just makes my whole day. First my daughter, then my mother, after that my wife gets on my case and now I find out Clover is a woman? I don’t think I can take any more punishment…

          • Don’t they call “Masculine Feminists” something special these days? I thought there was a term for it, something having to do with “urban”? Had to do with men that subscribe to GQ?

        • Lick the boot Clover.

          A man instrumental in creating the country in which you now live, and which you disgrace with your cowardice, said this:

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
          the tranquility of servitude
          better than the animating contest of freedom,
          go home from us in peace.
          We ask not your counsels or your arms.
          Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
          May your chains set lightly upon you,
          and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”

          Samuel Adams, August 1 1776

  9. Excellent. excellent report, Eric! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, which coincide with my own. I’ve sent it to friends and will send it to more.

    We can only hope that we’re wrong – while knowing full well that we’re not.

    • Naw, this is not wrong. We just had a Halloween party tonight for my daughter and her friends. I usually don’t have a lot a time to discuss things with my neighbors, but this evening I did. Everyone I spoke with believes bad things are coming soon.

      • You’re right Dom; even some of the hardcore sheeple are waking up to the fact that the day of reckoning is inevitable. Of course folks like us that persist in rubbing their noses in it every chance we get have something to do with that. But the stench of the systemic rot in American gun-vernment has become all but undeniable to anyone that’s this side of a vegetative state. How this present crisis plays out and when it reaches its apogee remains to be seen. But headed into a crisis we are and there’s no stopping it now. I just pray that when we come up out of the trough in this cycle, that we’re closer to Liberty, once again, than we are to tyranny. Hey! We can hope can’t we?

        • We can hope, and I do. In the mean time I’m tightening up as much as I can. I just refinanced my home and am having second thoughts on whether or not I should had just kept the cash. For a $500 a month payment though I think it was a good move.

          • Dom, I think you did the right thing. I did a highly beneficial refi recently as well. I’m riding my motorcycle more, cutting corners on unnecessary “things” as much as possible and we’re setting our place up for small stock. My wife’s even decided that we need a couple of milk goats now that a gallon of moo juice has topped $4.00. Our whole house is furnished in early American yard sale and estate auctions.

            A good portion of the tools in my shop are from pawn shops, garage sales and auctions. Just yesterday I picked up a lightly used T-post puller at a yard sale for $10 and it still had a $35 price tag on it. Who cares if it’s used? The first time you plop a new one down in the dirt and pry a post out of the ground it’s used anyway.

            The same goes for vehicles. Why buy something that will lose a large part of its value just by rolling it off the lot? I’ll let Clover and his ilk do that for me, then pick it up for a song a few years down the road. I just got done putting a new tail pipe and rear brakes on my ’90 Dodge pickup. Everything including wheel cylinders and rear hard lines cost me under a hundred bucks. Other than gas, oil and insurance, that’s all that truck has cost me so far this year. If I had a new truck, not only would it cost a small fortune each month, I’d be afraid to use it for fear of dinging it up; and I’d be at the mercy of the dealer until it was out of warranty.

            I have a friend from Pakistan that just commented to me last night that “we” waste too much stuff in this country; he’s absolutely right. My parents and grandparents made it through the Great Depression by being thrifty, repairing what they had and literally wearing things out before they replaced them. Those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear will do the same and we’ll be okay. The Free Shit Army will not prepare and when the gun-vernment checks quit coming, it’s going to get really ugly. There’s a reason the Social Security Administration bought all that ammo. Many of the moochers…I mean their “clients”… on “disability” aren’t’ so disabled that they can’t smash windows, burn buildings and drag bureaucrats out into the streets. Of course they won’t stop with public buildings once the ball starts rolling. We may see “You loot, we shoot!” signs in a lot more places than along the Gulf coast after a hurricane…gnomesayin’?

    • I am not religious, but I pray daily that I am wrong. That I am just pessimistic by nature and not looking at all the positives. Perhaps I am paranoid. I honestly hope so. Because if I am not – if my pessimism is warranted, what is coming will be awful beyond description.

      I do not relish the prospect.

      • Sorry for slamming the message board so hard in one day…my posts are lining up on the “What’s Happening” like soldier ants. But my parents-in-law are in town so today’s my only day to rant! Plus…quiet now…she’s an Obama voter. God that hurts. She just doesn’t know better.

        Anyway, Eric and others: One thing we have to prepare for is that this might be a “long emergency”; they may not go “hot”. It might drag out for a decade. The ultimate goal for the globalists is to reduce us to third-world standards, and whether it happens in a year or ten makes little difference.

        The only reason they seem to be going hot is the dramatic rate of awakening lately–and here I’m going to credit Alex Jones to a large degree. Which of us reaches 10+ million a week? However every voice counts so pat yourself on the back if you’ve moved even one person this month.

        If Romney gets it, many people will ease back into their hypnotic stupor…and it might not go hot. But does anyone doubt the same agenda will continue marching forward?

        • I’m working overtime to convince as many of my colleagues, friends, neighbors, and FAMILY as I can that voting for any of the current candidates is a pointless waste of time. I often wonder, however, if the overarching point that I make –that no matter who is elected to office, freedom diminishes– is misguided. For all of their empty blather about freedom and human dignity, I really don’t think that the Clover majority gives a damn about either one. To be free and to respect and value human dignity is “just too damned hard.” The former means accepting responsibility for ALL of the decisions one makes in life, while the latter means practicing the NAP, even if doing so denies you something that you value at someone else’s expense. As far as most of the Clovers are concerned, both are unacceptable, which is why they vote. By voting, the responsibility for what happens is taken out of their hands, while they can enjoy (at least some of the) benefits of government at the expense of their neighbors.

          In other words, while there is a chance that SOME of the Clovers might wake up to the truth, the overwhelming majority will probably continue in “rectal-cranial inversion mode” until it’s too late.

  10. If they ever set up those cattle grates on the highways here in washington, this will be my plan.

    1: buy an old 70s crew cab pickup that weighs more than some ships
    2: weld on a front bumper reinforced with kevlar and .5″ thick steel
    3: put in an overblown 572 big block with 5.73 gears
    4: add a train horn for good measure

    When ever I have to stop for a cattle “checkpoint” I will flash my lights, sound the horn, and give it full throttle. Hopefully the gestapos will have enough common sense to move out of my way.

  11. Comrades this is the great leap forward. Some eggs will have to be broken before we can have a glorious hivemind collective utopia. Consider the broken eggs collateral damage.

  12. Resist the beginnings…Consider the end…
    From 1933-1945 America followed a terrible brainpower diminishment in tandem to German Europe.
    Romani, Jews, Anarchists, Atheists, Flappers, Jazz lovers, Race mixers, Libertines, they all self-holocausted and became something mainstream and acceptible.
    Orthodoxy and majority family value stagnation became de rigeur. The logical straitjackets of the nazis are with us even today. Americans are Nazis on steroids and wheels I would argue.

  13. I never submit to the body scanners at the airports. While being molested, I often ask the molester how many people “opt out” to which the answer is hardly anyone. I never see anyone opting out and I like to watch for several minutes while waiting my turn and after. The vast majority of people are sheep. With 1 in 100 adults in the US currently in prison, 4 times that of the next most imprisoned society, I would expect that number to climb even higher as that rate of increase has shown no sign of leveling off since the war on drugs began.

    I think it is time for people who see the writing on the wall to leave 1930 Germany and watch events unfold from the sidelines. As for me, South America is looking pretty good.


    • My wife and I have been going back and forth, back and forth, vacillating this way and that on this topic.

      In the end, the New World Order psychopaths are in it for the whole game this time around. If America falls, they’ll use it as the military arm of the UN to take over the rest of the world as well…they already are.

      That said, if they go truly insane–and historically, the Elites always do*–they might release bioweapons or nukes; which will make the northern hemisphere a very unhealthy place.

      We’re still looking at properties in S. America, sailboats, rural properties in Texas, etc.

      I agree with Eric mostly though; it’s MY country (in fact I adopted it by immigrating here), and fuck the tyrants, I’ll stand. The only factor that tempts me to just ditch it is my children.

      * From the Incans sacrificing children and eating their hearts, to the death-rituals of the Nazis, Soviets, and Maoist Chinese, it always ends in blood and insanity.

      • Rural properties in Texas? Good luck with that… 🙂

        I always chuckle when some nimrod like the Chimp talks about terraforming Mars. I think before we go to great lengths and spend trillions of tax dollars making Mars a better place to live we should terraform west Texas. If that works we can work on Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and most of Colorado.

        • East Texas is quite nice, plenty of good farm/pasture land Scott!

          But yes–anything west of, say, Victoria is pretty much scrub-desert. Real pretty out there in the Hill Country and San Antonia, but you’d starve real quick trying to farm it.

        • I think Mankind should take overpopulation seriously.

          So Man terraforms all presently uninhabitable places on earth . . . what then?

          Trying to cram ten pounds of shit into a bag made for one has stinking consequences.


          • That’s a different problem though don’t you think Tinsley? All I’m saying is it’s a whole lot cheaper to terraform Utah than Mars… 🙂

      • There are already some harsh tales from the crypts – prison blogs. Low IQ lady left to die in solitary. Kids born on plastic benches or concrete lockup floors. Self abortions by shiv. Thousands on 2 meals a day 2000 calorie diets. Fat guy or high metabolism guy, no exceptions.
        A lot of prisons starve people until they join their snitch programs and start churning out reams of accusations on everyone they ever met.
        Based on the brutal dehumanization of young people in prison reality shows on air right now, we are at about 1939 Germany benchmark and fast approaching the rapid die-offs of the early 1940s.
        The case against online poker and sports betting. This is a swath of 10s of millions of normal people. When PokerStars, Pinnacle, and Cantor Fitzgerald Gaming go down. We are at the end of days financially.
        Like trick or treat, if you don’t give the feds theiir treat, they’ll give you a trick. An incarceration and indictment trick until you pony up some friends or family that can give Uncle a treat.
        The masks of safety and security change throughout history but the high holy day process stays the same.

        • The reason online gaming, within the realm of the American gulag, is under attack is because Uncle Sam hasn’t figured out, or been paid off enough, to get his cut of the juice. Once the mechanism is in place then you’ll see them publicly proclaim it’s “legal” or whatnot being uttered. The Feds are worse than the mob.

    • I don’t get this. Why do so many libertarians think it is a sin to submit to the porn-scan, but perfectly fine to submit to molestation?

        • Well in my mind it is best to avoid flying. But set aside the “make it hard for them” idea because, really, that’s not what matters – what matters is the degree to which you are sacrificing your own freedom. I say it is far worse, if one must fly, to submit to the truly dehumanizing grope. This requires you to ask for a groping, then stand aside and wait for an “expert” to come and grab your balls while you do not resist – on pain of imprisonment or worse. I’d think, if one must fly, that the photography is a bit better.

  14. Once again, Eric, you, like Will Grigg, have managed to write a must-read piece that, unfortunately, also causes the blood to boil to stroke-inducing levels. Incurable cynic that I’ve become, I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion –probably shared by many others here– that the majority deserves what’s coming. It’s just unfortunate that those of us in the liberty-loving minority cannot avoid the inevitable just desserts these Clovers are about reap for themselves.

    • The worst part of it is how they treat the people who are trying to prevent it. Most of us here have enough understanding that the only thing preventing us from taking advantage of the masses is our own morality. It’s like they want to commit suicide or something.

  15. Eric,

    I know how you feel, writing this way. I’ve felt, from my own writings, what it is to pull up the veil and look the monster in the eye–if only for a moment. It is terrifying. It is a feeling that may never go away from me, at least as long as the institution thrives in it’s current form. What is disturbing, is not the few who delight in theft, rape, torture, and murder, but to see a piece of yourself in the eyes of the many willing accomplices. To witness humans so active in the oppression of their fellows, their neighbors, is absolutely heartbreaking.

    I don’t ever want to wish for destruction, but when institutions begin to come crashing down, I hope they mostly fall on those who built them. Wishful thinking?

    Keep up the great work, Eric.

  16. Careful, carefull Eric, only certain “chosen” can use the H-word. They have it patented. Soon you will receive hate mail from them.

    Interesting how many of the same “chosen” people run DHS, the courts, the news media, and Hollywood. It is amazing how a small country the size of Rhode Island is able to have both houses of congress jump up and down while clapping when their fearless leader Nuts-and-coo-coo comes to Washington.

    • Oops, I neglected to add the Banksters to that list. They are almost always from Goldman-Sucks,which appears to be owned by the chosen.

    • A Jew wrote the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a warning to everyone. Meatheads twisted it into all Jews and then rounded them all up for a financial and personal property shakedown.

      China Brazil India EU and Israel might launch an all out war against the US En Masse due to our drone strikes, and we might lose or choose to submit to their demands.

      Being belligerent bullies to our own citizens could bite them in the ass. There is probably 100 million Americans ready to rise up if a coalition from Switzerland or wherever offers a lifeline and covering fire.

    • JvG, it is not ‘all Jews’, not at all.

      Read Douglas Reed’s, ‘The Controversy of Zion,’ available free online in PDF.

      He lays out the case that the Money Cabal created Judaism 2500 years ago to provide ‘shock troops’ for their world domination efforts.

      Many Americans are brainwashed into thinking that our country can do no wrong, and send their children off to fight for the state.

      The same thing has happened to many Jews, who still blindly support Israel, and are herded into separatism by their rabbis and families.

      The end is near, though, and peace will come upon this world. For a thought-provoking overview of what Dec. 21st entails, read David Wilcock’s, ‘The Source Field Investigations.’

      • It’s my understanding that the Khazars hijacked Judaism to their own ends; among the “Ashkenazi” Jews (actually Khazar bloodlines) are such benevolent figures as the Rothschilds.

        They use Judaism as a front organization; meanwhile they are “Zionists” in the pejorative sense, and could care less about the real Jews. Evidence in favor of this is the fact that many high-level administrators of National Socialism were Jews, and helped ensure the maximum devastation of Jews in WWII.


        To create a sympathetic front. To ensure the creation of Israel. And to always have that devastating weapon, that samurai sword sharper even than the word “racism”, to use against anyone who might penetrate to the Khazar underpinnings–


        The goyim tremble in fear of being thus accused.

        Meanwhile–at the expense of real Jews–Zionism marches on, the ADL spreads venom throughout America, and the criminal fucktards inhabiting Mordor genuflect at AIPAC.

        Of course variations of the same cynical manipulations are used against Christians and Muslims, too. How do you think Christian Evangelicals became these ravening bloodthirsty warmongers? Could it be the decades-long infiltration via the World Council of Churches; that starting in the 80’s the co-opted conservative revolution was channeled through the churches to bring the neocons into power?

        The people who did this to us are going to burn brightly in hell.

        • It seems many here are quite informed. Religion of any particular faith is often used to control the masses.

          I am agnostic, and happy.

          To those here of faith, be happy, do good for fellow man. Be tolerant of others. Be kind.

          What comes around goes around.

          I really like the words to John Lennons song Imagine.

  17. I just read your linked column by Tor Munkov, ‘A Different Holocaust.’

    Yep, I read Bacque’s ‘Other Losses.’ Terribly sad.

    • Bacque says that Ike killed 800K and France killed 250K Germans. Ayn Rand says find out what a folly accomplishes and not sweat the precise details. State Eugenics is about breeding docile workers and getting rid of troublemakers.

      Post WWII the EU is one big cartel, subgroups are under the thumbs of their containing state, you can’t send a turnip internationally without a hundred overlookers and approval stamps.

      What is the end state after WWIII, what further power and control are they after?

      • It’s a fair question Tor, one that deserves an answer; what further power would anyone be after? Is it a person or a group? Does it matter?

        The society and culture we live in is so distributed it’s difficult to see how more power could fall into fewer hands. The central power holders are the military, which over the past 30 odd years, have extended their grasp to include civilian security. I believe the definition of power involves use of lethal force.

        I don’t see a distinguishable departure from the status quo in the future. I don’t think there is a “further power” being sought. Instead I suspect we’re witnessing consolidation.

        • I can see them creating a realtime database of every living thing. Monitors for every resource. They see everything as finite and running out. They. Would rather destroy all than have anything outside their command.
          If the Pope should come to his balcony and see Caliguala’s Obelisk has been vandalized they would weep for the loss of history.
          But if they should inflate latex magaballoons at te bottom of the ocean to kill billions and prove global warming bible scripture, they would rejoice at the gain of power.

          I would welcome the return of Ford Carnegie Rockefeller and Vanderbilt. Let them not pay a penny against their will and kick the common dogs out of their way as they see fit. 1865-1915 was our heyday IMHO. The church warfare welfare package deal state is the worst thing yet conceived of.

  18. Eric, I used to believe all the stuff our government told me about food, vaccines, Pearl Harbor, JFK, etc. And, I used to believe all the stuff the government-sanctioned teachers told me, too, including about the Holocaust.

    Ten years ago, I read ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners,’ but it did not resonate with me. How could the most cultured people on earth, the Germans, do that to an important part of their society and culture? The Germans did not do that in other wars, before. It was the most baffling thing to me, for some odd reason.

    As I awakened over these past eight years, I read four books that cast serious doubt on what I was taught about the Holocaust. All are available free on the Internet in PDF.

    Arthur Butz, ‘The Hoax of the Twentieth Century’
    Germar Rudolf, ‘The Rudolf Report’
    Fred Leuchter, ‘The Leuchter Report’
    David Irving, ‘Nuremberg: The Last Battle’

    Just food for thought, Eric.

  19. Ooooohhhhh, just wait til after the election…..
    You Amerikans don’t know terror…Yet.

    Most 20-somethings are mentally retarded psychopaths thanks to Clinton-era Public Schooling – ready for recruitment into the political terrorist’s domestic DHS/UN Armies…Climate Change is their primary perpetual threat that they are going to use to exterminate anyone/everyone they choose.

    • Most 20-somethings are mentally retarded psychopaths thanks to Clinton-era Public Schooling

      It started a heck of a lot earlier than the Clinton Regime and the ranks of the retards span every conceivable age group, from the “Greatest [*bullshit!*] Generation” to the Millennials.

  20. Speaking of “herders”… All you have to do is look back into Soviet, China, Cambodia, etc… and you’ll find the “useful idiots” who pimped for the State where often later disposed of. Why? Because those at the top know that anyone who would willingly do the things they did could never be trusted.

  21. Best non-auto column ever.

    As much as “some” groups claim exclusive right to being “the” holocaust victims….it can happen here too. The slope is getting slippery. And the pot is ready to boil.

    • Thanks, Mike –

      It’s awful to have to write this way – about things like this. On the one hand, it rouses me to fury. On the other, I often get very depressed surveying the scene – and extrapolating from what’s going on today to what’s very likely to be going on tomorrow.

      They say it can’t happen here.

      They’re wrong.

      • Olympic athletes and pro athletes must be available 24/7 for random drug testing. They show up at your home unannounced. Bill O’Reilly is telling his 6 million viewers that Lance Armstrong should spend a few years in prison for drug test fraud.

        Geologists in Italy are doing time for failing to warn about a deadly earthquake. Monster energy drink will take down PepsiCo. This is all out $ war.

        Each nation has a state religion and the holocaust inquisition is in full swing.

        It is a pseudoscience to say we can definitely predict the future. But things are getting worse at a breakneck speed, its liberating to call out the things that are going down, so they have to pull the triggers while we look them in the eyes.

        • I kind of got a kick out of the Italians sending up the Geologists. If every “scientist” sucking off the public teat where sentenced to hard labor for making bogus proclamations (think “global warming”, “global cooling”, DDT, etc.) there’s be a lot fewer scientists sucking off the public teat, which in my opinion would be good.

          The guys claimed to be able to predict earthquakes and when they didn’t do the job they were getting paid to do (at the public’s expense), they got thrown in the slammer. They were charlatans. I say good on the Italians. Let’s lock up a few Paleo-climatologists pulling down salaries at NOAA in an international demonstration of solidarity.

          • That was a rant BTW. I don’t really advocate locking up con-artists. Tar and feathers maybe. Definitely kicking them out of the public feed trough.

          • The taxpayer tit suckers at NOAA are trying to scare the hell out of the public school feebleminds. It truly is like living in a Monty Python movie for those unplugged from the Matrix.

      • It is depressing Eric. Sometimes I take days or weeks off reading your columns as well as news in general. I’ll just bury myself in some piece of escapist fiction until I can sleep again.

        But any person of substance can’t afford to ignore the world. Eventually we all have to come back and face the music. Sometimes I wish there was something I could do other than raise the awareness of the people I know, but then I remember raising awareness is a powerful tool.

        • Now that’s a Keeper. If the Persons of Substance could only transform the multitude of Vapid Assholes that seem to make up the general population . . .



      • They say it can’t happen here.

        They’re wrong.

        “They” (the Clover majority), like us, really do know, deep down inside, that not only can it happen here, but that it is happening. Most of them also know, even if it’s just a gut feeling (their underdeveloped cerebra can’t reason it out as fact) that it will ultimately be catastrophic and destructive of the society in which they live, taking them down with it. However, Clovers being Clovers (i.e., dominated by fear and incapable of independent thought or action), they are simply unable to allow themselves to admit to the truth. It’s far easier to wallow in denial and go with the flow. This is the reason why whenever one broaches the subject of this article with a Clover, or puts forth the opposing viewpoint, the Clover will often VIOLENTLY deny the truth. Darts of truth that penetrate the shield of willful ignorance are some of the most painful and unendurable things that any Clover can face.

  22. The thing that gets me most Eric is indocrinating the kids (yeah, I know, *the children*). The other day I was involved in polite conversation with the kid who delivers our eggs (he’s a natural entrepreneur). We were discussing the weather, which was warm for the middle of October, when he said “you know, this is the warmest year on record!” I countered with a recollection of the summer of 1988, when for two weeks in August the temperature never dropped below 100 degrees. I remarked that I sort of missed that, I enjoy hot summer nights sometimes, at least for a few days. He asked me how long I’d lived there and I said “35 or so years”.

    He’d been indoctrinated into the cult of global warming. I could see my story disturbed him but I could also see he didn’t really believe it, and that disturbed me.

    • My grandmother would tell me of summers in the 1930s. We’ve had some hot summers but probably nothing like that since.

      The thing is it takes time to understand weather fear mongering. When I was 5 years old or so I was told we were headed for an ice age by a teacher. And it looked that way until I was in HS. First the incredibly snowy winters of the late 1970s then the deep freezing brutal cold of the early to mid 1980s…. then it broke… now it’s global warming as the winters get milder. Then the cycle is going to swing back the other way.

      The thing is I never disbelieved my grandmother and by 1995 the hot summers returned. soon it will be deep freeze again… maybe it’s time to move south! 🙂

      • After 10 very brisk years ranching on the western slope of the Rockies I’m all for heading south. This Christmas *I* will be basking on the beach in Valparaiso 🙂

    • > I could see my story disturbed him but I could also see he didn’t really believe it, and that disturbed me.

      I saw that years ago with a lecture at a university whereby facts contrary to what was in the college text books was being presented from the lecturer’s personal experience. It was personal experience versus collegiate text. The personal experience was dismissed out of hand by the students.

      I think people just want to believe in the “goodness” of government, regardless of the facts.

    • There has been thousands of people killed on or from airplanes and terrorists. It is always your option not to fly! After nineeleven as you call it very few would fly until they made changes to increase safety. Tell us what is worse, millions too scared to fly at all or millions that are delayed a few minutes but are flying?

      For one thing 1988 was not that long ago considering the age of earth. You would consider it as almost the same time. That might include the 1930s or that matter. The other thing is that the polar ice is melting. You might say that is no big thing but with less ice and snow reflecting the heat this more heat that builds up melting the ice and snow faster.

      • This IS a joke post, right? Because nobody is honestly this stupid.

        Good one though, you had me going!

        My favorite phrases–man you have a gift for imitating Clover illiteracy! It’s almost like you attended publik skewl to learn these malapropisms:

        “There has been thousands…killed on or from airplanes…”
        “…this more heat that builds up…”

        Thanks for the laugh.

      • Clove ‘ole buddy, the polar caps on Mars are melting too. So far Honda hasn’t opened a dealership on Mars so I think it’s safe to rule them out as culprits.

        • We all know from our publik skewls that 1000 AD was 6 degrees C hotter than today (Greenland was actually green and olives grew in England)…Because all those Romans had Boeings and SUVs…And all the past Dinosaur farts.

          • That’s in the memory hole DD, it never happened.

            We’ve revised history to remove “inconvenient truths”.

            Also the oceans are going to rise 20 feet in the next 100 years; the ice caps will melt; polar bears can’t swim*; equatorial citizens will cook in their own skin (mmm! tasty Ecuadorans!); deserts will melt into glass…

            …unless you pay your carbon taxes to Man-Bear-Pig Al Gore and the Rothschilds!!1!1!!

            * they can swim hundreds of miles

          • Hey methylamine, is the “rising” sea level the reason Algore bought a Montecito, California coastal estate (for a meager $8,875,000) that sits barely above sea level? He probably figures he’ll be able to fish out of his bedroom window after the ice caps melt.

            All this would be really funny if so many people didn’t buy into the whole carbon crap & charade scam. I mean really, after all, “it’s for the children.” People like Gore and his ilk can’t be satisfied with just screwing us grown-ups; they’ve gotta nail the little darlings too, before they’re old enough to defend themselves. Is this a great country or what?

          • @Boothe–

            Right the Man-Bear-Pig’s Montecito sea-palace! I forgot about that.

            Alex Jones rants about it routinely.

            The utter, transparent, laughable, nauseating hypocrisy of these people!

            That bastard Gore leaves his SUV idling with the heater on so it stays warm while he’s delivering speeches. His many houses use more electricity than most rural towns

            …and people still give him any credibility.

    • Surely it is important to consider the existence and activity of Humankind when studying climate change. Seven billion plus Naked Apes, eating, shitting and playing with their toys on a planet’s finite surface cannot be ignored.

      Sticking one’s head in the ground like the mythical ostrich will eventually result in some passerby kicking one’s upturned ass. In an open field one could even be struck by lightning.


      • Consideration requires a comparator…well, unless you mean consideration in the emotional sense.

        However, no one has ever observed a “Green House Effect” in an open system. The “Green House Effect” of CO2 imputed as the dominant input to global climate has only ever been empirically observed in a CLOSED system – i.e. a greenhouse. There, it functions by altering convection.

        On what basis should we presume the effect in an open system (never observed) is the same? Inasmuch as convection differs in closed vs open systems there is no reason to think it would be.

        So, while it is physically possible – even probable – that our ‘toys’ affect climate, the effect has never been unambiguously observed. So, there is no way to know whether the effect is significant or infinitesimal.

        There is no comparator from which to determine the scale of the effects one to another or to a control.

        Until there is a basis for determining scaling, or other solid research that can establish the proposed effect in an open system AT ALL, there is literally no REASON to consider all the “naked apes”.

        After all, as a percentage of biomass, the “naked apes” are a tiny fraction of a percent.

        It’s not that their shit don’t count, but that it is too small to worry about.

        Unless one thinks the “naked apes” are special and magical, and have specially contaminating biological powers that other organisms lack.

      • The problem is this Tinsley. The grant fattened minions of the elitist eugenicists being passed off to Boobus as “scientists” aren’t interested in honestly “studying” climate change. Their owners certainly don’t want anyone engaging in unbiased research that might exonerate your seven billion naked apes and implicate that giant fusion reactor one Astronomical Unit from dear old Terra; God forbid! So called “Climate Change” has been an ongoing, cyclic (and sometimes cataclysmic) process recorded in the fossil record long before Homo Erectus started bludgeoning one another with sticks at the local watering hole. Anthropogenic it was not.

        The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change and their sycophants at East Anglia (et al) are a political organization bent on eliminating some if not most of your seven billion plus “weed people.” They’re going to do it “for the children” of course (the ones they let live that is). Never mind that global warming went on break fifteen years ago and doesn’t seem to be coming back to the job site any time soon. I understand your sentiments about the loss the giant Cypress trees at the hands of greedy men. I’m sure that watching your fellow New Orleanians paddling around in their own poop had to have been an eye opening event. Oil spills in the Gulf are truly a nasty thing too.

        But I think “we” (in its broadest sense) are amazingly arrogant to think that even seven billion of us “hungry rats gnawing on the planet” are having any major and irredeemable impact on the global climate (the hungry rats analogy is from a “liberal” co-worker who practices good environmental stewardship by pouring diesel fuel around his house as a termite barrier). “We” are that much more arrogant to believe that we can even begin to accurately “model” something as complex as the atmosphere, much less its thermal and chemical interactions with the oceans and the land masses. Even with “super computers” the old nerds’ observation of GIGO (Garbage In / Garbage Out) still holds true. Even more so when your algorithm is written to produce a particular graph no matter what raw data is fed to it.

        So what’s the answer Tinsley? A bunch of us “naked apes” gotta go? How many? It’s written in stone over in Georgia (see “The Georgia Guide Stones”). The anonymous benefactors that marred the landscape with this modern Stonehenge think 500 million worldwide is sustainable. What sayest thee? For right now let’s work with 500,000,000; that means 6,500,000,000+ or 92.3% of us have to leave the planet; right? Well shit Tinsley even with rounding, out of a family of nine, that’s everyone. So who decides who stays and who takes the “black pill”? You gonna volunteer to leave prematurely? I surmise not.

        Now don’t get me wrong; I’m all for good environmental stewardship (i.e. I don’t dump diesel or any other noxious waste where it will end up in our streams, lakes and wells). But this international fiasco to impose a global government on us, strip us of the few remaining liberties we yet retain and decide who lives and dies, doesn’t have a damned thing to do with the environment (other than cutting out most of the competition for mountainside vistas and ocean front property). Those of us the elite would allow to remain will be their artisans, craftsmen and servants. This is the global elitists’ wet dream. They don’t give a shit about the polar ice caps, your precious cypress trees or you for that matter.

        Just like the high pagan priests wowed their audience with their foreknowledge of comets, eclipses and solstices; so too our modern “climate scientists” frighten Boobus into giving up his SUV and moving into a “sustainable” (read that “small”) apartment in a “nice” city where he can be controlled. Tinsley, I remember when Bailey’s Creek in Hopewell, Virginia looked like orange soda and smelled worse than Opossum shit. There were dead fish lining the shores of the James River. Public pressure from private property owners stopped that assault on the river, and by extension, the Chesapeake Bay. I applaud the effort; my kids didn’t have to worry nearly as much about stepping on a catfish spine as I did or if the chemical plants were dumping toxins (like Kepone) into the river.

        But just like modern automobile emission controls, you reach a point of diminishing returns. Then the regulatory apparatus used to mitigate the original problem metastasizes into a ravenous bureaucratic parasite bent on ever more power and funding. We, this bunch of “naked apes” seven billion plus strong, are as much a part of the environment as chimps, chipmunks and plankton. Do we affect our environment? I’m sure we do. Is it as bad as our would-be herders want us to believe? I’m sure it’s not.

        The point is the best environmental stewardship occurs when people are free to own property and live their lives in peace. Some of the worst environmental catastrophes have occurred (Chernobyl & Lake Karachay come to mind) and are occurring (e.g. the rare earth toxic waste dump at Baotou, China for wind turbine production) at the hands of or sanctioned by government. If you will recall a few years back, the prime offender for polluting Boston Harbor was the U.S. Navy. So you want what? More gun-vernment intervention on behalf of the environment? Yeah, that’ll improve things; just ask the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

        • Very good post. The 6370km radius big blue marble can support plenty more gnawers. Every newborn maze-runner represents another possibility of finding the next great thing we never knew we always wanted.

          Unless Tinsley risks running a craigslist ad paying wouldbe self-euthenazis, or cash for voluntary sterilization, there’s no non-collectivist way to lower population.

          Not that I dispute his contention that most people taxonomically belong to Homo Erectus Dysfunctionis.

          • An agriculture researcher I knew long ago claimed the earth could handle about 160B people – which seems about right when you realize that half the earth in basically uninhabitable due to desert and ice (which global WARMING would actually SOLVE!). The global terrorists want no more than 150M…Technicians and Artists. They are using “climate change” as a way to get support for their mass murder. I bet the fucking retarded brat/parasite tribal-monkeys-voter will cheer them on when they begin.


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