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The worst mass-killing at an elementary school didn’t occur last week – and it didn’t involve a gun.

bath 1On May 8, 1927, 55-year-old Andrew Kehoe detonated multiple homemade bombs at the Bath Consolidated School in Clinton County, Michigan. At about 8:45 in the morning, the first of the bombs went off, destroying most of the school’s north wing, killing 38 schoolchildren, two teachers and four other adults.

That’s 44 dead – 17 more than died at the hands of the Connecticut Creep last Friday.

Kehoe had planted another device – 500 pounds of explosives – in the basement of the school, but was unable to detonate this bomb before killing himself (by blowing himself up, along with his truck) as rescuers arrived on scene. His clear intent – and damn near actuality – was to blow up the entire school. Which could have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of schoolkids.

Prior to his attack on the school, Kehoe had blown up his farm – and beaten his wife to death with a blunt object.

Probably, you’ve never heard about what came to be called The Bath School Disaster  – which to this day remains the single worst mass killing at a school in the history of the United States.

And one that was executed without so much as a shot being fired. shik one

Perhaps because the Bath Disaster is proof that banning guns – even if such a thing could be accomplished, in the sense of denying evil people access to guns – cannot prevent the mass murder of innocents. A psychopath such as Andrew Kehoe – or the Connecticut Creep – will find a way. And the fact is, a bomb – or poison – is a far more effective way to kill large numbers of people than an AR-15 or a Glock.

For example, in 1995, the Aum Shinrikyo cult in Japan deployed Sarin gas in the Tokyo subway. Five members of the cult each carried multiple packets of liquid Sarin, about 900 milliliters in total per attacker. A single drop of Sarin can kill one adult. Fifty people were severely injured – and thousands suffered temporary vision and respiratory problems.

It was nothing less than a miracle that no one was killed.

But they easily could have been.

Without a single shot being fired from so much as a single-shot Derringer.

Much less a “high-capacity” magazine or “assault rifle.”

Japan has among the strictest gun control regimes in the world. Yet that didn’t prevent a near mass-murder. And arguably, encouraged it in the sense that it easily could have been far worse than merely spraying a subway with gunfire.

Piers Morgan, et al, might want to consider the “lessons” of Bath – and Tokyo – before continuing to demand that innocent people be denied their right to own a gun. Their right, that is, to the only effective means of self-defense against the Connecticut Creeps of this world.

Their right, moreover, to not be treated as if they had done something because someone else might do something.

Probably he and others who believe as he does will not reconsider. Because that would require them to think rather than emote. Because their beliefs – their feelings – are what’s at issue here.

Not reason.

Not facts.

Facts such as those above. Facts such as that 40 percent of the appx. 13,000 homicides that occur each year in the United States do not involve firearms. But no one advocates “knife control.” Much less “fist control” – to say nothing of “car control” – despite the fact that vastly more people die each year as a result of car crashes than as a result of the criminal misuse of a firearm.

dick oneThere are appx. 8,600 gun-related murders in the U.S. annually. An ugly fact. But the truly telling fact is that the overwhelming majority of these murders occurred in areas where it is illegal – or very difficult – to lawfully possess a firearm. If you were to look at a map of the United States, with each of the 8,600 murders represented by a red pin, you would see clusters of red pins in areas such as Chicago, IL, New York City, Washington, DC – and Sandy Hook, CT. The “gun free” zones. Meanwhile, in the gun-friendly areas  (areas where citizens are not denied their right to possess a gun) virtually no pins.


Just not the facts that fit The Agenda.

Which is why such facts must be ignored – while non-facts (such as the presence of guns being correlated with more murder and mayhem) are talked-up by such as Piers Morgan and his fellow shedders of Obama Tears.

Because that’s how they feel about guns.

Piers revealed his fundamental lack of reason during a recent on-air rant against guns – when confronted with the entirely reasonable arguments laid out by Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt (see here for the clip).

The disgraced ex-newspaperman (that’s Piers Morgan) was reduced to name-calling  – “you’re a very stupid man, aren’t you?” – which not only made Morgan look stupid but far worse, entirely hysterical.

And that is what we are up against. Childish, emotional hysterics.

Reason must prevail.

Throw it in the Woods?


      • Ah, but dom it serves to further de-cloak the naked emperor.

        It will be the umpteenth petition he hasn’t responded to.

        Has anyone heard their response to the over one million signatures on petitions for states to secede? Of course not. They won’t touch that one with a fifty foot pole.

        Allow me to insert another plug for another poll, this one to make the White House and Congress gun-free zones.

        I want that one to really go viral; because what’s their defense? If it works so well for children, why not for the Exalted Ones?

        It’s a crucial point.

        It’s even better than the “you have armed guards at your bank; do you value your money more than your children?”

        • I have joined the 11,000 signatures for that petition as well, methylamine.

          Being as the public buildings are “ours”, I’d like us each to have the opportunity to spraypaint one message on the exterior of a building of our choosing as well.

          The People’s Voice For the attention of: –

          David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and all Members of Parliament

          We Have Had Enough
          This letter is a warning – from the people…

          We know your plan… now learn ours.
          It is our intention to govern ourselves. We do not seek your permission – this is our right.

          You have had your opportunity and you have failed. We will take control of our own lives in stages, as and when it suits us. Our numbers will grow as we show by example that prosperity for all is the natural consequence of honest and fair governance. We will expose you for the parasites you are.

          This country has a constitution – which you ignore. We have Magna Carta, the declaration and the Bill of Rights… we have trial by jury, habeas corpus, the coronation oath. We have our customs, traditions and common law. We have the right of petition, free speech, and free movement and above all, we have the right to govern ourselves. These are our inalienable rights – they are not privileges granted to us by you or your ilk. They cannot be taken away or extinguished at the whim of political diktat or through corrupt judicial process and certainly not at the behest of foreign undemocratic institutions. You have no authority to dictate… your duty is to serve.

          We do not recognise regions imposed upon us by any outside authority. We are a sovereign nation; a proud people. We have watched our country slowly destroyed – by you. We now see clearly what you have done, your purpose and your betrayal. We will honour our inheritance, the freedoms fought for and secured for us, and we will ensure that we will pass this on to the next generation, to our children and theirs.

          We have the evidence of your collective wrongdoing. We shall impose the rule of law in this country, and no-one is above it, not even you.

          You have been sent this letter by a constituent. On sending a copy to you, I have also registered your name with the co-ordinators. This will remain with us as evidence for your trial – for treason, should it be necessary. It’s your choice.

          We are many – you are few… and our leaders are emerging.

          You have been warned.

      • Piers Morgan – AKA in the UK as arsehole, in Namibia as poephol, in Québécois as trou du cul, in Duitsland as Arschloch, in 中國 as 屁眼, in Yiddish diaspora as אַרסעהאָלע, in Russia as задница, in Hispania as gilipollas, in Greece as μαλάκα, in Hindia as गधे, and in Slovakia as kretén.

        Piers Morgan is the only living human to be referred to as an Asshole by all 6909 living languages of the world.

        Asshole Piers Morgan vs James Janos(Jesse Ventura)

  1. Maybe this makes me a big softie, but I can’t stand to watch anyone be embarrassed like that. I couldn’t stop cringing for the whole video. Even an empty suit like Piers Morgan should value his dignity enough to kill himself after as thorough a humiliation as that “interview.” The man lost a bout that was brazenly fixed in his favor, and without managing to throw even a single closed-fisted punch. He flailed about sadly, effeminately, and hysterically, disproving any notion of manhood on his part, once and for all.

    ..not that anyone’s surprised by that.

  2. Tor, name-calling the current President will avail nothing in this fourm. Rather than spew the emotionally-charged “N-word”, may I suggest a different approach? First off, BHO, though mixed-race (and in the eyes of most Africans, NOT one of “them”, most African nations have their own concepts of racial purity and they distinguish amongst other African negroes as well as Europeans and various Asians) and raised by his white mother, embraced readily the American black culture, and by the time of his early adulthood (1980s), he’d had found little difficult in assimilating among whites, so his self-identification as an American black was conscious and voluntary. Even THAT didn’t have to necessarily influence his politics (there are quite a few black Conservatives and Libertarians, re: Larry Elder, JC Watts, Allen West…), so not only did BHO, once he’d been “educated” amongst our more liberal of institutions of so-called “higher” learning, he dived right into the radically liberal political machine that dominates politics of the Chicago Democratic party machine. In other words, BHO became one of the point men of the “Free Shit Army”. Hearing him reminds me of that scene from “Good Will Hunting”, where Will (Matt Damon’s part) interrupts a smarmy Harvard grad student making a pathetic attempt to impress a young lass with his pseudo-intellectual gifts. Will gives the citations for the grad student’s ideas that he’s attempting to pass off as his own, explained that he obtained his knowledge, instead of laying down $150K of his parents’ money for an “education”, instead investing $1.50 in late charges at the library. Of course, at that point, the intellectual gloves come off and the grad student points that he will at least have a credential, which presumably will enable same to drive an expensive SUV and take his kids on a pricey ski trip, where they’ll stop off at a drive-thru and let Will say, “you want fries with that?”. Gus Van Sant captured the essence of the phoney limo liberal elite right there – in reality, they look down and despise though that they serve, believing themselves to be entitled and privileged. Fortunately, in the fifteen years since GWH came out, there’s been a wee bit of an “education bubble” to let the collective air out of these stuffed shirts. Just as GWH pointed out how unoriginal the thinking of most of these psuedo-educated liberal phonies truly is, so does BHO seem to lack any original ideas or initiative on his own. Like Will pointed out to the grad student, at some point later on in his life, likely when he’s old and irrelevant, he’ll realize that and what he’s missed out on. So, likely at the end of his dismal presidency, will our current President. If the alleged musing of LBJ, when he boarded the plane to take him back to the LBJ ranch in Texas in 1969, is true (he was supposedly overheard telling his wife, Lady Bird, “I really screwed it up, didn’t I?”, then expect BHO to one day have his “Come to Allah” moment. In the meantime, “Gawd” help up, but don’t presume that if it’d been McCain in 2008 or Romney to soon take the reins that it’d be substantially different. It’s just that now the power elite is arrogant enough to foist an obvious dipshit on us, thinking the American public is complacent and stupid enough to buy it. Let’s prove them wrong!

    • I am a name caller, Douglas, but I aim to fairly and accurately lay out my claims to support why it is beneficial for “Us” to rail against and fight tooth and nail against “Them.”

      The N-word originally referred to a group of largely powerless men who were taunted and ridiculed by those very same men who took made a profit from their loss of dignity and power.

      I am attempting to repurpose a strong epithet to sparingly use against those who have EARNED its designation in the modern day. It is a highly powerful device. You yourself use Glittering generalities, which is another powerful argumentative technique.

      LBJ like BHO, has never been anything but a talker, high school politician, and lifelong community organizer deserving an equally perjorative name.

      McCain was a wrester, football player, and naval officer. Also never having done a productive day of work in his life.

      Romney is a businessman. IF he directed legitimate capital and investment into various enterprises to earn a market profit(not merely extract rent and state privileges). Then I say he can be called in that sense productive.

      Muslims (and most Americans – who philosophically are Muslim/Medieval Christians) would call what Romney does Riba. Riba is an unjust profit that comes from loaning money out at interest. A type of usury. Ergo, Romney is merely a “money changer” and therefore just as bad as Obama, McCain, & LBJ, and not a true creator of value.

      Name Calling is one of the seven fundamental argumentation techniques. The seven techniques are:
      Name Calling. Glittering Generalities. Transfer. Testimonial. Plain Folks. Card Stacking. Band Wagon.

      These techniques are designed to strongly affect us by appealing to our emotions in addition to our reason.

      Name Calling: Rhetoriticians use this technique to create fear and arouse prejudice by using negative words (bad names) to create an unfavorable opinion or hatred against a group, beliefs, ideas or institutions they would have us denounce. This method calls for a conclusion without examining the evidence. Name Calling is used as a substitute for arguing the merits of an idea, belief, or proposal. It is often employed using sarcasm and ridicule.

      When confronted with this technique we can ask ourselves the following questions: What does the name mean? Is there a real connection between the idea and the name being used? What are the merits of the idea if I leave the name out of consideration? When examining this technique try to separate your feelings about the name and the actual idea or proposal

      Glittering Generalities: Rhetoriticians employ vague, sweeping statements (often slogans or simple catchphrases) using language associated with values and beliefs deeply held by the audience without providing supporting information or reason. They appeal to such notions as honor, glory, love of country, desire for peace, freedom, and family values. The words and phrases are vague and suggest different things to different people but the implication is always favorable. It cannot be proved true or false because it really says little or nothing at all. When confronted with this technique, we must ask: What do the slogans or phrases really mean? Is there a legitimate connection between the idea being discussed and the true meaning of the slogan or phrase being used? What are the merits of the idea itself if it is separated from the slogans or phrases?

  3. Some perspective on Feinstein’s gun grab protocol, and why Barack Hussein Obama will do nothing more than shine some shoes, smiles real big, and bes an all around good little Uncle Tom shill for the United Plantation Society of the New One World Order:

    The plain truth of the matter is this: Barack Hussein Obama is a nigger. In every perjorative sense of the word. His life, his words, and his deeds, have all been those of a complete and abject nigger.

    Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to be a nigger of his own free will. It is not a matter of geography. Or a matter of heredity. Certainly he is well educated and well spoken and could be something more, but he chooses not to.

    Some will make the claim that he was born into a family that made it more likely than average that he would become a nigger. That it is unfair to expect his kind to be independent and earn their living legitimately. Those people are wrong. He had free will, and he could have declined accepting the stolen property of others as his own, but he did not do so.

    Blazing Saddles – The sheriff is a …

    A Wikipedia Entry regarding the concept: Nigger

    Ask yourself why totalitarian dictatorships find it necessary to pour money and effort into propaganda for their own helpless, chained, gagged slaves, who have no means of protest or defense. The answer is that even the humblest peasant or the lowest savage would rise in blind rebellion, were he to realize that he is being immolated, not to some incomprehensible noble purpose, but to plain, naked human evil.– Ayn Rand

  4. As you say, people are ruled by their beliefs and feelings which need not correlate with facts or reason. Politicians know this. Marketers of all stripes know this. Those who wish to preserve liberty and freedom need to operate in this venue. In the land of the commodification of everything, liberty and freedom — ideas and concepts — are commodities that need to be sold as any product needs to be sold.

    The American public has been sold on fear. We are frightened. Wee welcome the police state in the belief that it will and assuage our fears. If we’ve done nothing wrong, we’ve nothing to be afraid of. History may give the lie to this notion, but what’s history? We’ll cross the bridge of history when we come to it.

    I heard, yesterday, that it’s not guns that kill people, it’s lack of funding for mental health services that kills people. We may soon have proactive incarceration of individuals who fit a “mass killer” profile. The military, home from the wars, may then have a new job and a new mission, serving as the SA and SD to oversee the lockdown of hundreds of thousands of Americans who might, conceivably, do something.

    I only wish that Victory Gin wasn’t so awful. I suppose we should be stockpiling the Sibley’s and the Beefeaters while we can.

    • Better still, you can plant your own Victory Gin Garden!
      Drink scotch whiskey all night long; And die behind the wheel; They gotta name for the winners of the world, I wanna name when I lose; they call Alabama the Crimson Tide, call me Deacon Blues!

      Early life of $100 Millionaire Gun Grinch Feinstein

      Feinstein was born Dianne Emiel Goldman in San Francisco, to Betty Rosenburg, a former model, and Leon Goldman, a nationally renowned surgeon. Feinstein’s paternal grandparents were Jewish emigrants from Poland, while her maternal grandparents, who were of the Russian Orthodox faith, left St. Petersburg, Russia, after the 1917 Russian Revolution. Feinstein has identified her own religion as Jewish.

      Personal life

      Feinstein graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart High School in 1951 and from Stanford University in 1955 with a B.A. in History.

      In 1956, she married Jack Berman, a colleague in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Feinstein and Berman divorced three years later.

      In 1962, shortly after beginning her career in politics, Feinstein married neurosurgeon Bertram Feinstein; her second husband.
      In 1980, Feinstein married Richard C. Blum, an investment banker. In 2003, Feinstein was ranked the fifth-wealthiest senator, with an estimated net worth of $26 million. By 2005 her net worth had increased to $99 million. Her 347-page financial-disclosure statement was characterized by the San Francisco Chronicle as “nearly the size of a phone book.

    • Quoting you:
      I heard, yesterday, that it’s not guns that kill people, it’s lack of funding for mental health services that kills people. We may soon have proactive incarceration of individuals who fit a “mass killer” profile. The military, home from the wars, may then have a new job and a new mission as patients, serving as the SA and SD to oversee the lockdown of hundreds of thousands of Americans who might, conceivably, do something.

      Fixed it for you (in bold).

  5. This sad incident and the predictable response in the so-called “Mainstream Media” has captured my attention. Especially the rants of that limey puke, one Piers Morgan. I’m glad over 60K people have signed a White House petition to deport this pompous “Arse”-hole. Not that I think it’ll actually happen, but the though of the White House having to publicly account for why we should suffer Mr. Morgan’s presence on our soil puts a smile on my face.
    I would like to remind Piers Morgan that he grew up a SUBJECT to his Queen, one Elizabeth Windsor-Monbatten (itself part of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha from Germany), swearing fealty to her upon pain of death. Now granted, it’s been, thankfully, centuries since a British sovereign asserted his “Droite de Seigneur” and had his way with whatever peasant lass he desired, but the principles in the good monarchy remain thus. However, and and every American reading this was born a CITIZEN, swearing fealty to no man, but, when called to service in the Armed Forces or to public employment or office, to defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC.
    It is in that light that the Second Amendment is paramount, because stripped of the ability to retain firearms consistent with our respective abilities, budgets, and needs for self-defense, any discussion of rights is moot. Else, without the ability, as a last resort, to meet tyranny with at least the threat of deadly force, we grovel at the boots of our masters, hoping to retain but a few miserable crumbs after they sate themselves at our collective expenses.
    I particularly objected to the misrepresentation of the AR-15 knock-off and itself ammo as an “Assault” weapon and the rounds as “high-powered”, especially that these rounds “explode” when they impact the human body. Well…duh! The truth is that virtually any projectile, when it strikes bone, will shatter itself, tumble, and those lead fragments and the shattered bone will reap mayhem in human flesh. It’s called STOPPING POWER. Gee, how wonderful it’d be if confronted with a psychopathic “gang-banger”, high on crack cocaine and with a printout of felonies a hundred yards long, would calmly present his prison-yard bulging bicep to take a needle of Demerol and thus be “humanely” neutralized, but someone methinks that ain’t gonna happen! The real “high-powered” rounds are the typical of rifles in service over a century…Remingtons, Winchester, Mausers, Lee-Enfield, Mosnin-Nagant…all designed to be accurate for sniping at ranges of a mile or so, and capable of unhorsing a cavalry officer at long ranges or disabling his mount. Cartridges like the .223 that the cowardly punk that murdered those kids and teachers at the Connecticut school are but slightly less powerful imitations of the common NATO 5.56×45 mm which has considerably less stopping power than the “standard” 7.62x51mm NATO round (virtually same as the .308 Winchester rifle round) but was selected by the US military back in the 1960s in preference to the M1 carbine round (7.62×33 mm) which was also under serious consideration for an “assault rifle” design. They finally admitted that the Germans and Soviets were right – that the typical rifle rounds of the time were TOO powerful for actual infantry combat engagements…great for sniping, but overkill for most other situations, and fully automatic weapons with those rifle rounds were too difficult for most soldiers to control. Mr. Morgan and his gun-grabbing ilk have no comprehension of what constitutes “high-power” in small arms. As for so-called “assault” weapons…bunk! The term is a rough translation of the name that Adolf Hitler gave to the StG44, the first infantry full auto “assault” rifle (it uses a 7.92×33 mm Mauser “Kurz” round)..StG being the shorthand for “SturmGewehr”, literally “Storming Rifle”..a translation of “Assault Rifle” is correct. The interesting thing is that der Fuhrer himself prized the bolt-action Mauser Gewehr 98 (five-shot mag, 7.92×57 mm) as all the German “Landser” needed and the development of the StG44 was done behind his back! Of course, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s AK-47, of “Godless Commie” and “Gang-Banger” infamy, was itself a rationalization of giving the Soviet Army a universal battle rifle, with a fire-selection capability (in practice, Soviet soldiers were strongly discouraged from using the full-auto mode) and a cartridge (7.62×39 mm) that met their requirements. Civilian weapons like the AR-15 and its knock-offs merely look like their military cousins, but they are semi-automatic rifles. I can readily purchase a semi-auto rifle of the same barrel caliber and length, with a wooden stock and do the same mayhem were I sick enough in the head to do so.
    Of course, the real goal of these state-worshiping twits it disarmament of the US public. It’s not public safety they’re concerned about, it’s their own hides when the public gets fed up with their shit. Again, it comes back to the framers of the Constitution were wise enough to understand that Government, in its rawest form, is FORCE, and that force ought to ultimately remain with the people so that Government remains the servant of the people, as it is in the US of A, and not the master, as Piers Morgan grew up with in the UK.

  6. If I understand what Tories are, those who believe in God, King, & Country, then I am with you 100% and against them.

    All these type do is argue from intimidation. They complain vehemently about the spending by non-religious statists when they are out of power, but as soon as they regain power, they spend three times as much.

    Sure Obama will throw a few billions at welfare Queens, but the Tories of the world will spend tens of trillions to protect the tradition of Christmas, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the 4th of July or some other bankrupting garbage three times as bad.

    • It looks as though you don’t know what Tories are, but only the caricatures thrown at them by their opponents. Since they are only defined by adhering to custom and tradition and in exclusion of the deliberate systems of others, the nearest thing there is to an overview of them is probably Viscount Falkland’s famous remark during the Civil War that “when it is not necessary to change, it is necessary not to change”. God, King and Country only come into it in that incidental way, even appearing on many war casualty rolls in Australian schools. That doesn’t imply any of the stuff you condemn.

      • To be clear, a “Tory” like all other political pestilence, is just a fancy sounding label for what is at root nothing more than a steaming pile of nonsense crap.

        I would trade 1 million Tories for a single Dubliner washerwoman and be the better for the bargain.

        The word “Tory” derives from the Middle Irish word
        tóraidhe(now tóraí): outlaw, robber or brigand, from the Irish word tóir, meaning “pursuit”, since outlaws were “pursued men”.It was originally used to refer to an Irish outlaw and later applied to Confederates or Royalists in arms. The term was thus originally a term of abuse, “an Irish rebel”, before being adopted as a political label in the same way as Whig.

        Towards the end of Charles II’s reign (1660–85) there was some debate about whether or not his brother, James, Duke of York, should be allowed to succeed to the throne. ‘Whigs’ was the abusive term directed at those who wanted to exclude James on the grounds that he was a Roman Catholic. Those who were not prepared to exclude James were labelled ‘Abhorrers’ and later ‘Tories’. Titus Oates applied the term “Tory,” which then signified an Irish robber, to those who would not believe in his Popish plot, and the name gradually became extended to all who were supposed to have sympathy with the Catholic Duke of York.

        Historically, the term Tory has been applied in various ways to supporters of the British monarchy. The term was initially applied in Ireland to the isolated bands of guerrillas resisting Oliver Cromwell’s nine-month 1649–1650 campaign in Ireland, who were allied with Royalists through treaty with the Parliament of Confederate Ireland, signed at Kilkenny in January 1649; and later to dispossessed Catholics in Ulster following the Restoration.
        During the Exclusion Bill Crisis the word Tory was applied in England as a nickname to the opponents of the bill, called the Abhorrers. The word ‘Tory’ had connotations of Papist and outlaw derived from its previous use in Ireland.
        English Tories from the time of the Glorious Revolution up until the Reform Bill of 1832 were characterized by strong monarchist tendencies, support for the Church of England, and hostility to reform, while the Tory Party was an actual organization which held power intermittently throughout the same period.

        Since 1832, the term “Tory” is commonly used to refer to the Conservative Party and its members.

        A Tory is a bloated gasbag tosser bellend wanker slag minger arsehole Euro-Gingrich.

  7. Ok! Enough ‘Liberal’ bashing on the gun control issue.

    As a Fiscally conservative so called Liberal, who can shoot straight and hit what I aim at, nobody is going to take away my Match rifles and knife collection.

    Sitting now in the same room as I write this, is another ‘FC/L’ who was a Vietnam era(69′-70′) Army scout, who went into Laos and Cambodia(Yes, we went into those countries, despite what Nixon and the Government said) who still shoots straight and can arm a small platoon, with ammo to spare, and will die to protect his inalienable right to own/bear arms.

    There are a lot of so called ‘Liberals’ in this fight too. So don’t throw blanket over so called Liberals thinking we are all representative of the ‘Anti Gun lobby’.

    And don’t worry about your guns, it is all just noise that will have to blow over as neither party has an interest in stirring this pot.

    Regards …. Tre Deuce/Liberal Warrior

  8. Nice article, but you are focusing entirely on guns, which is the political agenda that the leftists want you to focus on. Don’t forget that the Piers Morgan’s of the world are really talking about gun OWNERS.

    They hate gun owners, other than government thugs, of course. They want to put us in jail, even though we are innocent of having committed any crime. They don’t care that putting innocents in jail will not prevent a future tragedy such as in CT, and we need to press them on this point. Not talk about guns, bullets, or other physical objects.

    I promise you, not a single gun would ever be arrested, placed on trail, or imprisoned if Piers Morgan and all of the anti gun owner bigots get their way. Always, always, always, speak about gun owners, not about guns, when debating this subject.

    • Dear Woodred,

      Excellent point.

      The primary issue is indeed “people control” not “gun congrol.”

      I’m sure that Eric and most commentators on this forum are aware of that. But it bears repeating. So, good comment.

      As I myself noted a little earlier:

      So-called “gun control” is not about “controlling guns.” It’s about controlling people, specifically, people who are unwilling to become the gun control advocates’ victims. it’s about victim disarmament.

  9. I really could use some advice or moral support. I’m beyond frustrated with trying to have a reasoned debate with these modern-day Tories. They are incapable of making a real argument and backing it up with facts. When facts are introduced, they shift the debate, muddy the waters, call names, etc.

    I have had some success in bringing people to the cause of liberty, but those people who can be convinced are not the kind of people who possess the lust to dominate. These Tories have one solution and one solution only to every single problem, big or small, that surfaces in Amerika: pass another law!!!

    Should we even continue to bother trying to engage these morons? Or should we simply seek to shame these Tories from polite society? I really am at a loss.

  10. Only the government in Holland has guns. That’s a police state.
    In Holland you can go to prison for disputing the conventional version of the ‘holocaust.’ That’s a police state.
    The government regulates every aspect of life in Holland and taxes are much heavier than in the USA.
    The above is NOT living in freedom and liberalism is a euphemism for socialism and communism.
    We don’t want your EU Eurotrash statism.

  11. Missus Klaus does a Christmas pole dance for the childruns…

    In the very free liberal Dutch society, everyone has a great Christmas. Dutch kids grow up understanding the world and are mostly uninhibited. Much fewer school shootings happen in the Netherlands. Kids do not get pigeon-holed or taught to believe the human form should be covered at all times. Holland is a great Country, it really is. Its people make it what it is. Examine the statistics with your own eyes, don’t just take my word for it. This is what Liberalism and Freedom could bring you Americans too, if you’d just give them a chance.

  12. I think one of the points we are missing is the “why”. Why gun control? Who really benefits? The mass hysteria is nothing more than a ploy to get all the sheep to herd together for what they believe is a common cause – “their” safety. But it’s not THEIR OWN safety that’s at stake.

    If we look at the changes getting ready to take place we can see another story: Even without the fiscal cliff happening the following things WILL be implemented:

    Medical Device Tax: a new 2.3 percent excise tax on gross sales of medical devices.

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA) at work to pay for their family’s basic medical needs will face a new government cap of $2,500 (currently the accounts are unlimited under federal law, though employers are allowed to set a cap).

    A 3.8% surtax will apply to passive income such as dividends and capital gains if you make over $200,000 (single) or $250,000 (married)/year.

    Medical write-offs on Schedule A currently have to be more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). This will increase to 10% of your AGI.

    Medicare payroll tax will increase from 2.9% to 3.8% for everyone make more than $200,000 (single) and $250,000 (married)/year.

    This may not seem like a big deal to us poor folk, but it’s sure gonna piss off the 1%. You know, the one’s that can afford to buy the big guns.

    Then in 2014 the Obamacare MANDATE kicks in.

    Now, if we go over this fiscal cliff, things could get REALLY ugly. The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is the biggie. You may think you’ve had enough withheld from your paycheck, but guess again. A lot of people expecting a refund may end up writing a check instead – and hopefully they’ll have the money for this unexpected expense.

    And we’re suppose to buy health insurance ON TOP OF THAT???

    Here’s a good link to the timeline of Obamacare.

    Look at it from the government’s point of view. Would you want all these pissed off people owning guns?

    • When are we going to learn that these government “mandates” apply only to “Federal Persons” living within the UNITED STATES?” Yes, yes, yes, I know, they are enforcing these laws as though every one actually were a federal person. The 20,000 or so gun laws do apply in the federal states, Obamacare does apply within the federal states, executive orders do have force within the federal states, the income tax (’nuff said) etc, but not within the several states party to the Constitution. I am well aware of the shortcomings of the Constitution, whatever version you care to mention.

      I maintain it is the knowledge of these two separate governments that will awaken some to the machinations of control exerted by those in power. TPTB know these things and do not want you to know, that’s why they make these proclamations and expect you to believe they actually apply to you. They do not want any discussion of natural rights. That would put the Creator above the created. No sir, can’t do it.

      Whatever your religious or spiritual bent, you must admit that the exclusion of the Creator, or whatever you wish to call it, from the social discourse, has created a power vacuum. A hole the controllers long to fill. We, as a species, have allowed a small group of people to debase the philosophical, spiritual and social discussion to that of a 5 year old. They have the majority of us hiding under the covers, shivering in fear of the boogie man under the bed whereas the true boogie man is downstairs making a GMO breakfast.

      We must see the deception for what it is, a bunch of power hungry, ninny nanny, spiritually vacuous Archons trying to convince us we need them to survive when it they who need us, and our energy, to survive. Don’t blame pathetic Piers, for he knows not who he is, blame yourself for blindly following these dolts (just for you, Clover).

      We must use our intellect to counters these claims, but, like a gun, our intellect is just a tool. It is the spirit that will eventually triumph over this evil once the body has been tormented enough.

      Learn their ways, legalism, Federal states vs. several states etc. but not too much for you will become despondent. Remember you are free and they are not so go out and buy another AR.

  13. Don’t disagree with any of your points Eric, but for the record that attack in Tokyo did actually claim 13 lives, among them a station manager who very bravely went back into the gas cloud to try and rescue victims – and paid with his life. We shouldn’t forget that.

    As for Morgan, he is frankly an embarrassment to all freedom loving Englishmen. Sadly, he is also 100% typical of the fascistic political class that now rules the UK.

    • With a name like that, he is far more likely to be Welsh or perhaps Scottish than English. I do hope you weren’t using “English” as if it were applicable to everyone from the U.K. – that’s offensive to the rest of us.

      • Dear PM,

        More than a few gun rights advocates zeroed in on Piers Morgan’s national origin.

        I for one, felt very uncomfortable watching that. The issue is ideology, not ethnic identity or national origin. At least, it ought to be.

        I know, because this happens with China far more often than it does with the UK, or even France. Remember “cheese eating surrender monkeys” and “freedom fries?”

        Gun rights advocates are supposed to realize that any given nation’s government is more often than not, an oppressor of its people.

        Recently the PRC government spoke approvingly of gun control in Amerika. Many gun rights advocates immediately began using the “C” word. But the broad masses of the Chinese people are fellow victims of regimes bent on victim disarmament.

        Instead of making it a USSA vs. PRC issue, gun rights advocates should be making it a civilians vs. tyrants issue, a gun owners vs. gun grabbers issue.

        My two cents.

        • While I think Chinese food or British cuisine are helpful concepts. Knowing Piers is British is but one data-point among many more required to begin reasoning and valuing an individual person.

          Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O’Meara), Roman Catholic, His father died when he was one year old, worked briefly at Lloyds of London, worked at The Sun’s show business column.

          He gained notoriety for his invasive, thrusting style and lack of concern for celebrities’ privacy, claiming that they could not manipulate the media to further their own ends without accepting the consequences of a two-way deal, Morgan was fired as Editor of the Daily Mirror after publishing photographs allegedly showing Iraqi prisoners being abused by British Army soldiers – the photographs were later shown to be crude fakes.

          Morgan was filmed falling off a Segway, breaking three ribs, having previously commented after U.S. President George W. Bush fell off a Segway, that “You’d have to be an idiot to fall off, wouldn’t you?”

          Signing deportation petitions would seem to be zookept mass monkey thinking. Appealing to bureaucrats do anything at all, such as deport someone, only serves to make the zookeepers stronger.

          • Dom, what could it hurt? The Whorehou…I mean “Whitehouse” says if there are at least 25,000 signatures on a given petition they’ll take notice of it. It’s just a few mouse clicks to put the lie to them wanting us involved in gun-vernment. Let’s say they get over 100,000 signatures (it was already over 87,000 when I signed) and they don’t do anything at all (other than support Piers Morgan’s position), then we have one more great data point for arguing against the democrats actually wanting “democracy.” Hell, we’ve seen them spit on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights regularly, which is lawlessness at its finest. Why would they want to deport a public figure that supports their postion? But I still say let our voices be heard; it makes them nervous. When they get nervous they turn up the heat. The more heat, the more frogs jump out of the pot.

          • I’d like to encourage everyone to sign the “gun-free white house and federal buidlings” petition”; You can find it here.

            After all, gun-free school zones have protected children so effectively we should spread the pacifist love to other important institutions, too!

            WHY do they need all those ugly, dangerous GUNS in good places full of good people–like the White House, and Congress?

            Don’t they know they’re dangerous??

            <sarcasm type=”heavy”>I, for one, signed it proudly. I want the White House and Congress to be safe, for the children and especially Our Hallowed Legislators</sarcasm>

          • Dom, Methyl and all other interested gun rights advocates – here’s another Whorehouse…er…*White House* petition for the crony club to cease and desist from any more 2A violations: This is the one we need to get millions to sign. I’m going to email it around and try to get some of my associates and family to take three minutes out of their busy schedules to do this. I’m in complete agreement with Methyl; the more of us that point and say “look, the emperor hath no clothes” and then ridicule the PTB for walking around naked, the better. I’m seeing more and more people waking up daily. You can’t even smell an AR-15 for sale around these parts and 5.56 ammo is just about as scarce. I’d say this isn’t panning out the way the planners intended. Maybe I’ll approach the NRA, JPFO and GOA about getting up a joint cooperative petition to repeal the GCA of 1968. We could then see how the “decider” would respond to actually having to honor the 2nd Amendment’s no infringements provision.

  14. Unfortunately, mass murderers are extremely motivated individuals willing to put significant planning into their attacks.

    Restricting access to firearms won’t stop the above.

    It might stop more impulsive decisions, but not mass murder.

  15. Location of the California Rebellion and Black Tea Party Revolutionary “Patriots.”

    A street with a different strain of founding fathers of our new emerging American sub-nation. A nation now totalling 1.4 million active “citizens” and 33,000 unique communitites.

    3 Score and 2 Years ago, our founding sets brought forth in the Southland, two new nation, one under the red, the other under the blue, conceived in ???????, and dedicated to the proposition that men are ?!?!?!? ?!?!?

    Hood 2 Hood Blockumentary

  16. Explosives are now highly regulated, and for the most part, there are no crimes using explosives. If you want to make a bomb you need to make you own explosives, which takes a lot of skills and planning, maybe more than the typical insane loner has. So the Bath tragedy can be viewed as supporting restrictions on deadly weapon.

    Calif. man charged for having 145 pounds of explosives

    • Sure, pre-made explosives (e.g., dynamite, etc.) are highly regulated. But potent explosives can be made from all sorts of non-regulated, commonly available compounds. And no, it doesn’t take all that much skill or intelligence. And, there’s always flammable liquids, gasses, poisons… Or, why not just run over a bunch of kiddies with a car? Do you recall the incident, a few years back, when a past-it old coot ran his car through a crowded downtown market area? You could easily kill/maim a dozen people this way. Maximum security prisons are among the most dangerous/violent places on earth – notwithstanding that all weapons (and anything that could conceivably be used as a weapon) are illegal – and notwithstanding that these are prisons, in which the lives of the inmates are “controlled” and “regulated” to the nth degree.

      The point being, wkw, people determined to kill will always find a way. All your “restrictions” do is make ordinary people more vulnerable – and expand the power of the state.

      • While we’re at it we may as well ban bulldozers, welding equipment, concrete, steel plate, thick plastic and video cameras. Where there’s a will there’s a way and when the local “ins” screw a man they need to remember this man:

        I have a friend that lived near Granby, Colorado at that time and he told me the townsfolk liked Heemeyer and the “good ‘ol boy” club was indeed screwing him. He also said many people there wanted to put the “killdozer” on public display, kind of like a tank at the VFW hall, as a memorial to remind the PTB that sometimes it costs you when you screw people. That’s why the dozer was cut up and shipped off to various different scrap yards.

        After some people have had enough, they act, regardless of “the law” or what has been banned or even if they are “right.” They always seem to find a way, even in prison. It seems to me that wkw has completely forgotten about the use of explosives at OKC and the original World Trade center truck bomb as well as the Una-bomber, various pipe bombs, mail bombs, etc., over the years. Do William Ayers, Bernadine Dorn and the Weather Underground ring bells with your selective memory, wkw?. Seems like all those incidents happened a long time after 1927 and the regulation of explosives. Just sayin’…

        • Dear Boothe,

          So-called “gun control” is not about “controlling guns.” It’s about controlling people, specifically, people who are unwilling to become the gun control advocates’ victims. it’s about victim disarmament.

          Count on those who advocate “gun control” not to limit their obsessive drive to control people to guns.

          12020. (a) Any person in this state who does any of the following is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year or in the state prison:
          (1) Manufactures or causes to be manufactured, imports into the state, keeps for sale, or offers or exposes for sale, or who gives, lends, or possesses any cane gun or wallet gun, any undetectable firearm, any firearm which is not immediately recognizable as a firearm, any camouflaging firearm container, any ammunition which contains or consists of any flechette dart, any bullet containing or carrying an explosive agent, any ballistic knife, any multiburst trigger activator, any nunchaku, any short-barreled shotgun, any short-barreled rifle, any metal knuckles, any belt buckle knife, any leaded cane, any zip gun, any shuriken, any unconventional pistol, any lipstick case knife, any cane sword, any shobi-zue, any air gauge knife, any writing pen knife, any metal military practice handgrenade or metal replica handgrenade, or any instrument or weapon of the kind commonly known as a blackjack, slungshot, billy, sandclub, sap, or sandbag.


          In short, it’s not really about controlling things. It’s about disarming people.

          • Bevin, if you don’t mind, please tell us which state that statutory language is from. I’ll make it a point not to spend a dime there if I can at all avoid it. This is clearly victim disarmament at its worst and stinks of the same unclean spirit that inspired the Sullivan act. It’s bad enough that you can’t carry a gun, but you can’t even put lead in a cane? I guess we’re supposed to just hand over our wallets and valuables and roll up in the fetal position until the danger passes, right? Or if you’re a woman just lay back, relax and let it happen; fighting back will only make it worse? I’m sure the excuse for this was “officer safety” and as usual, at the expense of safety for the rest of us. I was having a pretty good evening, then I read that piece of legislative bovine excrement…

          • The gun-grabbers almost invariably slip into the “guns bad, guns gotta go” mode on reflex. Their mantra is that virtually ANY firearm in the hands of an otherwise competent and law-abiding civilian is an unacceptable threat to public safety. Ergo, screw the Second Amendment (it’s not as if the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenths are scrupulously observed by the PTB anyway), we won’t be prancing through the daffodils and singing sweet Kum-Ba-Yah until all those nasty guns are removed from Amerika.
            Most of this gun-grabbing hysteria is just that; the hysterical rants of dingbats and effeminate neutered “Alan Alda” beta males who left reality long ago. Rather than nullify the Second Amendment, it causes me to consider that perhaps the Nineteenth and Twenty-Fourth Amendments should be repealed as this Nation can no longer suffer to allow idiots to vote.

      • I’ve commented to friends before where I said that there is no writ, stay, restraining order, law or other piece of paper that can stop a bullet. It’s not a matter of ability simply a matter of the will and the good sense, or not, of the individual.

  17. Some Perspective on Air Bags

    Corporate: We’re not making enough on these cars!
    Sales: I know, lets charge $400 for a bag of air. Or better still several of them. If a bag pops. We’ll charge an additional $4000 in labor to install new bags of air costing $400 each.
    Corporate: Brilliant. I’ll be sure to call my pal in Washington and make sure everybody buys these expensive bags of air if they want to buy a car.

    • Dear Tor,

      The clovers are nothing if not obtuse about the problem of government/business collusion.

      Whenever I argue for free markets, the clovers invariably say “But what about corporate abuses? You’re dreaming. We have to have government to check their abuses!”

      The clovers never seem to get it, no matter how many times the same tired government/business collusion script plays out. They are like broken records.

      Memo to clovers: “The Government” is not going to come to your rescue. Big Government is going to join hands with Big Business to rip you off. Count on it.

      • Every time I point out that all corporate abuses are aided by the government or where the government did not do as it was supposed to. That we have corporate abuses because we have government… This then degenerates into ‘ask the libertarian anything’ as they throw one example after the next at me hoping to show me wrong.

        • Dear Brent,

          Been there too. Done that too. Worst of all, like you, I can’t help myself from continuing to tilt at windmills.

          One of the many problems with them is that they have neither the ability nor the will to think conceptually and work things out for themselves.

          Once they have been “brainwashed,” to use Eric Holder’s surprisingly candid term, that’s it. End of independent thought.

          • Hello Bevin. As Brent has pointed out elsewhere, the brainwashing is accomplished through the mandatory government school system. The vast majority leave that system unable to think conceptually, because the schools are designed precisely to produce that result. The amazing bit is that some people get through it with their thought processes intact, or at least capable of being eventually reactivated.

          • Dear Mike,

            I never cease to be amazed at how unfree we actually are.

            Yet “our government” has the chutzpah to lecture other governments about “freedom and human rights.”

            Re: the brainwashed

            It’s amazing how many of them were able to shrug off the conditioning and rally behind Ron Paul.

            Gotta admire those strong enough to resist and remain fully human.

          • Yes, Bevin: “I never cease to be amazed at how unfree we actually are.” I have gotten everything from blank stares to outright hatred when pointing out that “our troops” are doing a very bad job of defending our freedoms, because while they are busy killing people (who don’t look like “us” of course) around the world, my freedoms have been all but obliterated.

            I have also pointed out to neocon types, with negative results, that since the US government is screwing this country up, they cannot logically conclude that the same government can successfully tell other countries how to fix their problems.

            And then there are those who want low taxes and limited government, but also wish to maintain a huge US military presence around the world. Their inability to see the inconsistency of those beliefs borders on psychosis.

            *Rant over*

          • Bevin, The most absurd thing I ever heard from the US government was when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Pakistan’s government put forth a ‘lone nut’ official story at first. Then the US government comes in saying that it couldn’t be a lone nut… It was so funny.

            The lone nut story seems to have gone down the memory hole replaced with the official CIA created conspiracy theory.

            Those in the US government must not realize how ridiculous they sound to informed people.

          • Dear Mike,

            Right. When I first heard about the formation of the DHS, or Department of Homeland Security, I did a double take.

            I thought we already had a department responsible for the security of the homeland — the DOD, or Department of Defense.

            But then I thought about what the DOD was actually doing. It was actually acting as a DOO, or Department of Offense.

            Since they were busily engaged in offense, therefore we truly did need a DHS.

      • The thing about corporate anything is, that practically all of it needs government support to exist in the first place, in the form of corporations law and so on. Without that, nearly all corporations would collapse in one way or another, whether by people being reluctant to do business with them, their management taking over directly or asset stripping them, or whatever. The only exceptions are those that have an internal dynamic of their own to hold them together, which really only means monasteries, a few sports clubs, and things like that, none of which act in a wholly or mainly commercial way anyway. So there would be far less corporate abuse without government involvement.

        • Very true. While I’m pro-business and pro-economic-freedom, I’m not at all sure this requires the legal fiction of the corporation whatsoever.

          I am all for ending the state, as far as it can be ended. At the same time, end the corporation along with the state.

          Whether you are one man with a hotdog stand, or 10,000 men in partnership building automobiles; it would seem unnecessary for corporations or states to be a part of the process of satisfying needs by providing goods for sale at the market price.

    • My problem is that many plopee who are not liberals buy into the Obama worship.I don’t get this. When I listen to Obama speak, I feel…nothing. I’m not inspired, motivated, annoyed, offended,…anything. Ok, perhaps a little bored. For all his talk of hope, I don’t come away feeling all that hopeful. It’s as if he thinks that by simply mentioning hope often enough, that it automatically makes the speech inspiring. However, other speakers (e.g., Reagan, MLK, etc.), could make plopee feel hopeful without even mentioning the word “hope” at all.To me, he just sounds like another politician. Nothing to get excited about.

      • A great deal of Obama’s popularity with liberals has to do with white guilt – or rather, faux white liberal expressions of worshipful reverence toward a “black president.” As in, see how enlightened I am? (And concomitantly, though this is never said out loud: I would never speak ill of a black president.)

        Buchanan calls this ethno-masochism, which I think is a magnificent turn of phrase.

        • Love the ethno-masochism phrase too.

          And yes, white guilt is the driving force of the libtards. They would rather be accused of being a child molester than being a racist. And of course, any criticism of Der Chosen One is an act of rayyycism.

          But I am beginning to see signs that white guilt is rapidly fading. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for this big push for gun confiscation.

          Race relations are a vital tool of the elites.

        • I think I can assuage their consciences. If you are suffering from ethno-masochism, please send a check for $1000 or more to: The Rog White Guilt Relief Fund 555 Elm st. Anywhere USA, 55555.
          Tip-o-hat to Garrett Morris.

  18. Ban everything so we can have peace and safety and a unicorn petting zoo on every corner with a magic chocolate fountain built by mommygov!

    • That is a spot on synopsis of the level of “thinking” of most Obama & Romney supporters, Lefty, well-done.

      These inmates of the corporate zoo were referred to by Rand as the Primitive mindset. The world is rotten to the core with these neo-savages and their mystical notion that things can be condemned to oblivion or whisked into existence by a noble council of planet keepers appointed by the people.

      These fanboys see their leaders and UN delegates as regional Captain Pickards, captains who merely need to say “Make it So!” and it becomes so. Ethical Titans, who selflessly exude public service and boldly go towards a peace and prosperity that no man has seen before.

      [Related Anecdote: Obama – loves novel – The Life of Pi]

      As I was downloading the movie, The Life of PI, I came across this pukefest of a story about Barack Obama and the novel The Life of Pi.

      In a letter directly to Yann Martel, author of the novel The Life of Pi, Barack Obama gushed about the novel in a signed, two-paragraph note: “My daughter and I just finished reading Life of Pi together. Both of us agreed we prefer the story with animals. It is a lovely book – an elegant proof of God, and the power of storytelling. Thank you.”

      This novel is the story of a shipwrecked boy and a tiger who paddle themselves to America in a boat. The lesson is, we’re just passengers in life, if life puts you on a boat with a tiger, don’t question or alter that fact, but merely proceed from that given and make lemonade.

      I find Obama’s note to be a chilling insight into the dangerous type of primitive anti-capitalist mentality possessed by Obama and his fellow technocrats and supporters. The type of men who accept campaign donations from Tigers even, and with no questions asked.

  19. Good Evening. My name is Tor. And I used to be a victim of an abusive Authoritarian. It’s been’s been over 6 years since I was last intoxicated by Authority submission, but I’m still taking it one day at a time.
    I felt that it was no longer safe to to enthrall myself to the semi-lucid dreamworld of monocracy anymore. From this day forward I won’t put myself and my loved ones in the mortal danger and misery that comes from excessive grokking of Absolutism.

    I cope by praying my first principles prayer and examining my life to see why I became a victim of over-submission to authority in the first place. I know I am someone who can never again allow rigid controlling authority into my life, this is a problem I will always have with me.

    I am grateful to be at this meeting of Authoritarians Anonymous. Thank you for your kind a round of applause for my admissions. Especially you Eric, Dom, Tinsley, & Bevin, and all my other sponsors.

      • In my case, there are 12 individual steps of Authoritarians Anonymous, others will have less or more steps, as they find to be fit for themselves.

        1) I admit that I was powerless over my addiction, that my life had become unmanageable.
        2) I came to reject the superstition that a Power greater than myself was needed to be my moral compass and slave driver.
        3) I made a decision to recapture the will of my youth and take charge of my own life; to participate in the hands on work entailed in the building a social system that benefits me and those of my phyle, and assures me of a more enriching life in the future.
        4)I made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself, my loved ones, and those of my phyle.
        5)I admitted to my phyle, my loved ones, and myself, the exact nature of the primitivist and aggressive wrongs I had committed. As well as acknowledging the character flaws I am unable to correct or conceal.
        6)I became entirely ready to let my unseen and unknowable natural self the freedom to work 24/7 to reduce these defects of character through natural mental processes and the passing of time.
        7)I humbly meditated and visualized about my future self removing over overcoming my many shortcomings.
        8)I made a list of all persons I had harmed, as well as the systems I benefitted from that caused harm in my name. I became willing to make amends, abandon such systems, and to always follow the non-aggression principle in any future dealings with them all.
        9)I made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them, others, or myself.
        10)I continued to take personal inventory and wherever I was wrong I promptly admitted it.
        11)I sought through my first principles prayer and continuous awakening process to improve my conscious contacts with society as I understood them. I sought only knowledge of right thinking and practices of right acting, and for the will to have the power to carry them both out.
        12)Having had a philosophical and foundational awakening as a result of these steps, I tried to carry this message to other addicts, and to practice these principles and practices throughout all my affairs.

        This is one man’s story among more than 20,000 men who have have Recovered from Authoritarianism through the practice of Objectivism and the adherence to the 12 steps of Authoritarians Anonymous.

        Have a Merry (or whatever suits you) Selfmas, MoT.

        • LOL… Well, I can’t say I’ve followed those steps in that order or in as logical a manner. I’ve found AuthAnon-ish deprogramming has taken me the better part of the past decade. And I’m still hard at work cleansing myself. The histo-cultural “mind-viruses” we’re all subject to from birth require constant vigilance.

  20. @Tinsley Sammons

    The tradition is to slightly wrongly steal from the Chinese. Keep it obscure and bizarrely incorrect. That way no one knows things like the Arabs tortured the Chinese until they relinquished the secrets of their numbers the malappropriated: Arabic Numerals.

    I think of it this way. Not having looked it up to ruin my magical childish interpretations:

    for every question, there is a wuxing portion (being midwest english trained I insist its wuhxing)

    the derivative wuxing portion of life is the unseen. (Bastiat broken window – opportunity lost)

    the functional wuxing portion of life is the unseeable. (Tao, Ayn Rand – sense of life, Wittgenstein Vienna Circle – that of which we cannot speak (scientifically) thereof we must remain silent (~90% of the world isn’t ponderable scientifically-ethical thing to do is leave this portion to artists or traditions)

    Waxing moon. Getting bigger. Waning moon. Getting smaller.

    Wuxing moon – unknowable shape. The more you try to predict exactly the geometry of the observed moon and all variances, the more you are frustrated by dynamic “living” celestial spheres and their force interplay.

    If you agree that 28 days is a moon. (time for new moon to fill and return to new again)

    Then you were born 991 moons ago. (76 years ago * 365 days = 27740 days ago = 27740/28 = 991)

    This is imprecise, but not unreasable wuxing error inherent in it. <derivative part of wuxing

    This leaves out the time you were growing in your Mother's body. The time you were one of zillions of flagella and ova. Many other things of import.
    <functional part of wuxing

    • “That way no one knows things like the Arabs tortured the Chinese until they relinquished the secrets of their numbers the malappropriated: Arabic Numerals.”

      This has piqued my interest and curiosity. Especially since I have a much greater respect and admiration for Chinese than I have for Arabs, I’d like to know more about it.


      • Nice guy versions are search accessible. It’s on a hard drive somewhere. The university library collections where I read about it while researching ancient folklore.

        This is COOL!

        The numbers have a within-the-rose(sub rosa) phyle confirmation feature. Re: draw number 9 to have 9 angles of intersection.

        If you’re a merchant and don’t write each number with the number of angles matching the numbers, they no you’re an infidel!

        Good bye Roman/Jew/Han/Brahmi spy or interloper, you’re toast!

      • Dear Tinsley,

        Thanks for the affirmation. Deeply appreciated.

        Even many libertarians, who are generally more enlightened than the mainstream “intelligenstia,” fail to appreciate the Chinese contribution to modern civilization.

        For example, Gary North, an otherwise brilliant libertarian theorist, penned this incredibly oblivious article a while back:

        The Greatest Movie Action Scene of All Time
        by Gary North

        You know the scene.

        This master of oriental weaponry whirls his sword round and round, in a performance of razor-sharp dexterity. The performance says it clearly: “There is no escape, Western Imperialist.”

        That scene conveys a clear, unmistakable, unforgettable message regarding the clash of two civilizations, East and West.

        Jones reaches into his pocket, pulls out a cheap revolver, and plugs him. He crumples, sword and all.

        The audience roars.

        In that scene, we see the confrontation between the West, which has adopted science, technology, price competition, and mass production, and the East, which has adopted mysticism, ancient technology, and personal self-mastery by an elite. The issue is resolved visually in that scene. One shot.

        Only one problem. Gunpowder and guns (albeit primitive ones), were invented by the Chinese, in the East. Indiana Jones was using Chinese technology when he shot the “Oriental” villain.

        Also, as more than one Western historian has pointed out, the Industrial Revolution was made possible only by the game-changing impact of key inventions such as gunpowder and the compass on the political structure of European societies.

        • Many basic inventions happen one place become a usable, effective products elsewhere.

          The Chinese may have invented gun powder. However it became utilized in cheap and effective weapons invented in the USA.

          The problem is usually one of people retaining something of their creation. As the USA becomes more and more economic confining there is an ever greater drumbeat of how there isn’t any innovation, how there is a shortage of engineers and scientists…. how we’re falling behind. Well that’s what happens when government interferes with everything and innovative people are treated like crap by their employers and live under a government that blocks them from doing things on their own, except being free-lancers for corporations.

          • Dear Brent,


            Statism, East or West, is the enemy of the progress.

            Technological innovation and economic prosperity are private sector achievements.

            Obama’s “You didn’t build that!” is arrant nonsense. Private individuals did build that. Even when government ostensibly built something, e.g., the Internet, they were in fact harnessing the abilities of private individuals.

            Many, not all, Chinese regimes prevented the Chinese people from fully developing the potential of private innovations.

            A real tragedy.

        • IIRC, the “bad guy” was Arabian of some sort (used in generic sense.) And the gun was of American design, the powder originally Oriental, the bullet American, rifling American, and – BTW – Mastery isn’t exclusive to East or West. 😉
          Just nit-picking, the message stands.

      • Dear Tinsley,

        To make a long story short, the battle between individualism and collectivism is not a battle between West and East.

        The battle between individualism and collectivism is just that, a battle between individualism and collectivism. Period.

        After all, there is no shortage of collectivist clovers in the nominally individualist West. Nor is there any shortage of rugged individualists in the nominally collectivist East.

        Individualist libertarians in the West must ally with individualist libertarians in the East, to oppose collectivist clovers in the West and collectivist clovers in the East.

        • Well and succinctly said, Bevin. It really is a world wide race against the Great Primitive Collective.

          The challenge to individualists is to become “fit” enough to survive among a collectivized world. We must either out-compete them, or else will die out and become evolutionary dead-ends.

          The ruling human livestock herders and their sleeping cattle continue to thrive and adapt to their new lives of control and confinement.

          If individualists hope to continue successfully cajole the Sheeple to abandon their confinement, they must successfully deliver on their promises of greener pastures and more rewarding lifestyles.

          Objectivists calls this process: The Rejection of the Primitive.

          Objectivists reject the vast array of bad ideas and modes of living which are primitive by nature and can only lead to a primitive culture.

          Objectivists view todays primitive states of existence as being “savage” and hopelessly marred in mysticism, fatalism, ignorance, superstition, poverty, passivity, and collectivism.

          The answer to a society such as this, say Objectivists, is a new anti-fragile type of Western civilization, capitalism and modernity.

          A voluntary confederacy in common cause where viable phyles work together using reason, individualism, science, industrialization, and find ways to ultimately create wealth and more effective means of self-protection.

          Within these scientific types of villages, primitive life becomes just another state of nature which occurs elsewhere, but not within its own borders.

          Wherein the 1960’s counterculture and New Left sought to devolve and return to nature; Objectivists vehemently oppose this. Objectivists seek to increase their mastery over nature, and pursue their own particular brand of existence independent of state and the Great Primitive Collective’s interference.

          Hippies, Lefties, Greens, and Netizens, are merely the latest breeds of primitive “savages” no different thant the Native American or Arab tribes.

          The Neo-Savages who have risen to power have began the Anti-Industrial Revolution in earnest. They have corrupted the world’s money supply, poisoned every corner of the free market, and now they are yoking the forces of industry to pull their plow of centralized planning and control across the face of the entire world.

          Men who awaken to this terrible enslavement of the means of production and individually held capital to serve an agenda must not hesitate to construct their own organizations and quickly learn to continue the productions of goods superior to those of the Great Primitive and its chimp-like mockery of a free market economy.

          By producing one’s own boots and bootstraps, one upholds reason and the value of the individual. A relatively small enclave of plenty is will be able to reject the primitive mentality that cowers before the forces of nature and to the dictates of these new mystical authorities.

          As the world sinks back into the medieval mentality under the guise of tribalism, multiculturalism, and environmentalism, we must rise forward. We must reject the anti-science and anti-technology mentality. We must refuse to return to subservience of the mysticism of religion and coerced altruism.

          Objectivists must ridicule and deflate the socialist/altruist claims that their children will be lucky to once again live like those of the past who dwelled in a paradise of harmony and peace on earth.

          Objectivist must laugh at the idea that a bunch of modern white guys came along and destroyed everything that was once so perfect and beautiful.

          The Great Primitive’s Big Lie is that Capitalism defiles the beauty of the countryside and enslaved us all. This is a cynical ruse used to quietly seize control of wealth and power they did nothing to create.

          Since the Vietnam War, the Great Primitives have been winning their war of the Green Revolution. They have confiscated the machineries of production and used them to build goods to enslave us.

          Their hollow claims to be freeing us from the pollution and restoring good clean air and water through their more enlightened use of the industrial infrastructure ring false, once you look around for yourself.

          Those of us who have awakened can clearly see the true unstated goal of this Green Crusade. The goal of the Great Primitive is nothing less than the death and destruction of capitalism and individual wealth to establish a new era of global dictatorship using the spoils of its Green War against individual wealth and individual achievement.

          • Dear Tor,

            “The Great Primitive’s Big Lie is that Capitalism defiles the beauty of the countryside and enslaved us all. This is a cynical ruse used to quietly seize control of wealth and power they did nothing to create.”

            Murray Rothbard wrote a great article rebutting that notion.

            Freedom, Inequality, Primitivism and the Division of Labor Murray N. Rothbard

        • Louis L’Amour, 1908-1988, Lamented that schools in the Western World taught him very little about the rest of the world.

          L’Amour had ten thousand books in his personal library.


          • Dear Tinsley,

            I’ve seen most of the films made from Louis L’amour’s novels, and found them to be enormously enjoyable.

            Also, no collectivist authoritarian alarm bells went off for me while watching them. I guess that must say something.

            Re: knowledge of the world.

            Apparently L’Amour was well traveled.

            Louis traveled the country and the world, sometimes with his family, sometimes not. He visited all of the western states plus England, Japan, China, Borneo, the Dutch East Indies, Arabia, Egypt, and Panama, finally moving with his parents to Oklahoma in the early 1930s. There, he changed his name to Louis L’Amour and settled down to try to make something of himself as a writer.

            From Wiki.

      • The Arabs had very little direct contact with the Chinese, and whenever they did get to China it wasn’t as invaders but as traders, so the only way they could ever have tortured a Chinaman for information was on the sly. They almost certainly got those numbers from the people who really did invent them, the Indians, in the ordinary course of peaceful trade, since those numbers spread among the many states there and couldn’t easily be kept a secret.

      • The Chinese faced the danger of a complete Muslim occupation of China in the 8th century. _______________________________________
        Jihad in China

        Many eyebrows would be raised when we talk of a Muslim Jihad against China. When did that happen? We never hear about Muslim rule in China. Yes, there was a Muslim invasion of Western China.
        The Dawat-ul-Islam (Invitation to embrace Islam) was sent out by the Muslim gangster-prophet Mohammed-ibn-Abdallah to the kings of the neighboring countries, including China and if they did not submit to one of the two conditions viz: “Embrace Islam or Pay the Jaziya or face a Muslim invasion, then they had to face a Muslim Jihadi onslaught. The Chinese faced a Muslim invasion in 751.
        The encounter of the Chinese with the Arab Muslims, lasted for no less than one hundred years from 651 up to 751. During this clash, China lost many of the Westernmost provinces of its empire in the 7th and 8th centuries. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan were once Chinese provinces of the T’ang empire up to 751. When they were overrun by the Muslims after the Battle of the Talas river in 751 that they were separated from China and annexed to the Muslim Caliphate.

        Deep in history neither the Mongols nor the Turks were Muslims, but in fact had waged a bloodied struggle against Islam.

        As in China, the people of Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan also once were overwhelmingly Buddhists, before they were overrun by Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries.

        Before the 7th century when they were overrun by Islam, the Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Turkmen people did not look upon themselves as different nationalities. A large part of today’s Central Asia was then at times a part of the Chinese empire.

        There is no greater contrast than that between Buddhism and Islam. While Buddhism is intrinsically and universally non-violent, Islam is a violent, cruel and murderous paranoia.

        The face-off between Islam and Buddhism is a study of extremely stark contrasts.

        The Buddhists teach their adherents to be extremely non-violent whatever the provocation, while Islam teaches its adherents to be extremely cruel, murderous, deceptive and sadistic. When the Buddhists first encountered the Muslims in Central Asia and Afghanistan, the Buddhist reaction was no reaction at all. The Buddhists tamely submitted to the Muslims.

        The Buddhists were one of those few who accepted the “Death Option” from the Muslims’ offer of “Islam or Death”.

        Hence the Buddhists simply perished in the first flush of Muslim onslaught against them. Many of the Buddhists never learned to resist the Muslims. Even when the Muslims raided famous Buddhist Universities like Nalanda in India’s Bihar province, the Buddhists died en masse when the Muslim swordsmen slaughtered them like hyena would devour a clutch of rabbits in a cage. The Buddhists also did not make any attempt to escape from their murderers. They accepted death with an air of fatalism and destiny. And hence they are not around today to tell their story!

        The forgotten fact is that there was fill-fledged Muslim invasion of Western China in the 7th and 8th centuries. As there was of Persia, India, Byzantium, Spain, Balkans, etc. None of these countries had ever attacked a Muslim nation to bring about a retaliatory Muslim invasion. They had all been invaded by Muslims to compel the inhabitants to embrace Islam.

        The Chinese emperor did not quite understand the meaning of the ultimatum sent in the year 629 by Mohammed, and thought that these were messengers from a far away land were bringing a spiritual message and welcomed them honorably.

        The Arab attack on China did affect Chinese history in the forgotten past. After the defeat of the Chinese in the Battle of the Talas river, the Arabs rounded up tens of thousands of Chinese prisoners and their non-Qarluq Turkish allies and took them to Samarqand from where Abu Muslim sent them to Baghdad and Damascus to be sold as slaves, each worth a dirham.

        More importantly the Arabs forced the Turkish and Chinese prisoners to teach them the art of making siege trains and catapult machines, of advanced mathematics and chemistry. It was their stolen knowledge which later the Islamized Turks were to use successfully in their attacks on the Byzantine cities.

        The sordid chapter of the Arab Muslim aggression against China is not well known. And with the secretive policies of the Chinese Communist administration, news of the Han Chinese Muslim sedition against China rarely filters out to the West.

        The tryst of the Chinese with Islam was the result of an invasion. The simmering discontent of the Muslims against the non-Muslim Chinese rule continues. But Chinese Communism, has since 1949 kept the Han Chinese Muslims under strict state control.

        Islam’s widespread aggression through Persia and Central Asia ultimately reached the borders of China. This led to the meeting of the two powers in Central Asia which finally erupted into open warfare at the Battle at Talas River, the only battle between Arab Muslim forces and the army of the Chinese Empire.

        The Muslim victory on the Talas river also had its negative fallout in the conversion of the Chinese border population to Islam. In this encounter with the Arab Muslim invaders, China lost many of the Westernmost provinces of its empire in the 8th century. In fact Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan were once Chinese provinces of the T’ang empire up to 751. The Kazaks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, and Tajiks are Chinese converts to Islam. Even today inside China the Uyghurs do not consider themselves to be Chinese.

        These Chinese who converted to Islam gradually gave up their rich Chinese heritage and became Arabized, although they continued to look Mongoloid like the Chinese. These are the Kazaks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Turkmen and Tajiks who today do not even consider themselves Chinese or a part of the great Chinese nation.


    Retired Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski outdid herself with BILL of RIGHTS, R.I.P. I urge my fellow citizens to examine same appearing in LewRockwell today.

    Occasionally I come across something that causes me to think: Wow! I wish I had written that! Bill of Rights, R.I.P. is such a powerful thought provoking column.

    If enough Service Persons think like Colonel Kwiatkowski, freedom loving Americans never need fear their own Armed Forces.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

    • Dear Don,

      Very true. The Holders and Bloombergs don’t want the public to know about private sector, civilian effectiveness against shooting sprees. It undercuts their message.

      “A 2007 mall shooting in Ogden, Utah, ended when an armed off-duty police officer intervened.”

      Sheeple response to this phenomenon is highly instructive. Sheeple react in knee jerk fashion.

      “Oh, he was a cop. Hey, no problem. After all, he was ‘official.’ I’m not upset if he carries a gun.”

      Highly instructive because sheeple claim to believe in “democracy” and “equality.”

      But the reality is they believe in the concept of a ruling class with privileges denied the ruled. “Let the cops carry the guns!”


      • As I stated in another post last week, the only reason that the Gabrielle Giffords shooting in Tucson saw as many casualties as it did, in a town where one out of every four people on the street is packing, is that Gun-grabbin’ Gabby insisted on a “no firearms” policy at her rally that day. Only the fact that one guy in attendance decided to ignore Gabby’s wishes prevented the casualty rate from being MUCH higher than it was.

        • So did the guy get a ticket, or charged with a crime? Was his weapon confiscated for violating gun laws? You know, the guy that saved the 40% percent recovered Arizona Police State Civilian Commander Gabby Giffords that can still breathe and parrot sayings since the shooting?

          I Puhhhledge… Uh…Legunce….

          To the fags, of the eu(nich) (be)nighted (socialist/fascist) states of Uh-Merick-Uh

          And to the re-blood-lick for-which it stands.
          One neigh-shun under a god(of state)
          With liberty(for the statists)
          And justice(for the statists)
          For all(the statists)

      • Someone suggested we have a President because the “common man” at the time of the revolution could not see a country without a king. (It was a movie, so reflects someone idea – not sure whose, though.)
        But seems fair enough – most people WANT a heirarchy. We are still pack animals, like dogs. As long as we “belong,” we’re good. Changing where we “belong” is an issue.

        Some dogs remember the Feral life, though, and don’t mind being lone wolves. Damaged or not, we survive…

    • Don, the press conference said good things, but then he pointed out violent video games at one point. Yes, kids these days do take interest in violence on TV screens, but why?

      I don’t expect the government to set a good example and end its wars and threats, so I expect more talk about banning video games instead. After all, Adam and Jocob both wanted to join the Marines:

      Butler Shaffer has gone over this connection. He said our thinking created demand for these violent media products after saying this:

      “Most of us live lives that worship and are entertained by the systematic violence and destruction of others. What video games do not condition the minds of young people to rapidly push buttons that kill an endless supply of “enemies?” How many motion pictures embrace peace and love as themes, while the noisiest and bloodiest films abound? How many parents dress their children – as well as themselves – in the popular style of battlefield camouflage? What are children expected to learn from this ubiquitous celebration of the organized killing of those identified, by political authorities, as “the enemy?” What is the lesson to be derived from bumper-stickers that read “support the troops war;” or the mob-like booing – by make-believe Christians – of a Ron Paul who dared to suggest that America pursue a foreign policy based on Jesus’ “golden rule?””

      Things will be the same after banning video games for blood and violence since I presume the army will still be held up as a moral, acceptable way to carry on violence.
      No, I’m not trying to ban video games either, I believe that task is for the family. Best I can do to others is persuade them to not play (and stay out of the army!).

      • Hi Alan,

        I agree with you about the way entertainment explicitly casualizes and routinizes violence – especially state violence. It is part of a broader and more pervasive nihilism that acts like battery acid on the human soul.

        But arguably the more lethal element is the implicit violence of a society based on legalized plunder. On institutionalized theft via the ballot box. The way this sub rosa violence permeates everything – right down to the high school kids “asking” that the community provide funds to pay for a new athletic facility.

        • Sub rosa violence is something everyone should understand, I’m glad you clued me in. There is also sub rosa law.

          Like most everything Roman, sub rosa(beneath the rose) is based on something superior taken from the Greek. Taken in secret, I might add.

          The original Greek conception is Harpocrates – the God of Silence. Groucho Marx’s brother, Harpo Marx took his name from this God. Harpo is always silent in the the Marx Bro’s film performances. Art is often much more instructive than one would think.

          [personal anecdote]
          What creeps me out about sub rosa, is that during a date in High School, I acted in a pathetic way and said some pathetic things to a girl on my second of only two High School dates.

          The next morning, I was inspired to send her a dozen roses with a card saying “It was Indescribably Wonderful.” The two meanings of the card being, thanks for the groping and stuff. And for the love of Harpocrates, don’t tell my friends what a pathetic loser I was. A loser who actually stopped this Kept-Woman of 25-year-old a Lebanese-Drug-Dealers from taking me around all four bases, at the end of the date.

          Unconsiously, I knew that a dozen Sub Rosas brings a dozen measures of silence. I gave silence about her having an abortion, and that she brought Cocaine on our date.
          [end anecdote]

          International Law, all of it Sub Rosa, is the motive force taking away our freedoms. No citizen has the time or a way to monitor what is occuring without his or anyone elses knowledge or say so.

          [illustrative example]

          All people see is one day, hash is legal in Amsterdam. Fly there and partake. Then the next day, it’s only for resident with I.D. of Amsterdam.

          In the dark of night, Dutch law is “grudgingly” passed to comply with internal law. Just recently Holland decided to defy some of the law. But much of it stays in effect.

          Just think of the rose petals on the girl in American Beauty. The secret of a parent and a high school student, kept sub rosa in sacrifice to Harpocrates, the God of silence.
          [end example]

          American media is the most violent in the world. Often it is sub rosa violent. Mentally unplug and consider what you are viewing. Is free broadcast television free, or is it bait to accomplish something secret, something sub rosa?

          Consider that everything you view paid for by TPTB is part of some Sub Rosa agenda to gain even more Sub Rosa control over everyone and everything by some Sub Rosa entity, whose identity is kept Sub Rosa.

        • Dear Eric,

          You wrote:

          “But arguably the more lethal element is the implicit violence of a society based on legalized plunder.”


          “Pao Ching-yen also engaged in a masterful study in political psychology by pointing out that the very existence of institutionalized violence by the state generates imitative violence among the people. The common idea, concluded Pao, that strong government is needed to combat disorders among the people, commits the serious error of confusing cause and effect.”
          — Murray Rothbard
          1.10 Taoism in Ancient China

          • Since the Tao is shapeless and unseen, it is wuxing (shapeless/formless). Just as well the Way (Tao) of the sage ruler (or enlightened economic policy maker)
            will be to refrain from “shaping” the market by intervention. Thus he too is
            “shapeless” or rather, “non-shaping” wuxing.

            Bastiat + Ayn Rand/Wittgenstein = Cognizance of observable facts which are true to all + Cognizance of things unknowable to all despite everything = A way to rationally understand the world.

            J.C.S. Meng – Nat. Univ. Singapore:

          • Bevin and Eric and Tor did a fine job expanding on this. The implicit violence of the state with its theft does play a role I forgot to mention in my first reply. After all, my rejection of government has been a positive experience perhaps because the state is so violent and controlling. My first semester of college went by without me eating any bread, for example, and I got a 4.0. (I also didn’t care about the election.)

            The drive by the NRA for school security seems possible to backfire though. As in, the National Guard in public schools? Sure, my college has its own security force, but they do their job at protecting students from the local gangs and disregard most parties. What will happen in the public schools with these guardsmen?

            I imagine the NRA’s suggestion for school security will be put into work. Sadly, it might just lead to the army standing around to scare the kids to submit. Then maybe some anti-drug raids every week… But yeah, this seen violence and dominance is not helpful to add with, as Eric notes, the implied violence of state theft.
            See Mr. Grigg on this news here:

          • Dear Tor,

            When asked by a fan if Buddhist ideas influenced them in the production of the movie, the Wachowski brothers offered an unqualified “Yes.”

            Wake up! Gnosticism and Buddhism in The Matrix was excellent. I stumbled across it a few years ago, when I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about whether other viewers of the film also noticed the obvious Daoist and Zen references.

            Although I have my reservations about CATO, the article “What China Badly Needs Is Market Taoism, by James A. Dorn” is terrific. I have quoted it extensively in the past. It shows that individualism and capitalism are hardly foreign to China.

          • Dear Alan,


            I have my doubts about the NRA proposal as well.

            Having armed guards per se is not wrong. But which armed guards? Do we really want a bunch of “Officer 82nd Airborne” types with itchy trigger fingers mulling around?

            The NRA proposal is not a free market solution. It is basically a conservative statist “law and order” solution.

        • Yep. “None of the Above” on every ballot would solve a lot of problems. The only question is whether or not “The People” would be smart enough to exercise that option.

          • I cannot laugh enough at your suggestion….

            “The People” and “Smart” in the same sentence… Did you manage a straight face? 😉

  22. We had gun control measures in place but someone still got killed.
    We need more gun control measures.

    And if your horse gets sick then give him terpentine.
    And if he doesn’t get better then up the dosage of terpentine.
    And if dies then you know you didn’t give him enough terpentine.

    And people wonder why I drink!

    • Oh no Don, I don’t wonder why you drink at all. I used to drink and cuss for no reason. Then I found out what our government was really doing to us…now I have a reason. 😉

    • And people wonder why I drink!

      That’s how I used to “cure” my frustration at the human stupidity all around me. But then I realized that, hey, the State WANTS me to be a drunken, useless, irresponsible zombie (think: 1984 and the citizens of Oceania getting their daily ration of “Victory Gin”). SO, now I just “tilt at windmills” by trying to reason with the fools around me, in open violation of both the Confucian and biblical* prohibitions against this futile quest.

      And yes, I still drink – but on MY own terms.

      (* “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.” Proverbs 26:4 – KJV)

  23. I will bet you that there are people out there who are strongly against guns, and forbid their loved ones (kids, spouses) to own a gun, to be properly trained on its use and safety who have had a loved one killed by someone with a gun.

    And what do they do then? Call for gun control when in fact it was their personal gun control policy (forbiding their loved one to have a gun) that ensured their death. The bad guy didn’t get the memo.

    It’s like Sandy Hook. While they scream for more gun control, it was the school’s gun control policy of “Gun Free Zone” that ensured their deaths.

    • I would have no qualms whatsoever about grinding this unpleasant fact in the face of someone who has suffered a deep personal loss due to their own shortsightedness and ideological blindness.

      “SO, your wife was raped and stabbed to death in your own home, along with your two young children because YOU forbade guns in your house or your family from learning how to use them?

      “Congratulations – YOU killed your wife and kids. NOW LIVE WITH THAT!”

      • To make a point: Someone should snipe the guards.
        Collaterol damage, I’m afraid – but make the point that the Elites will NEVER be safe from us “riff-raff.”
        DO NOT MISS, though. JUST the guards. (They knew the risks.) NO ONE ELSE. Including admins at the school.

        Non-combatants aren’t valid targets, guards are combatants, done. Message ready to be sent…

        • I am fully on board with the concept. When/(if) the Roman Soldiers came from Jesus, that would have been the time to make a stand while some number of disciples made a run for the hills or boats and try to make a go of it somewhere else.

          Pyrric victories are always better than altruistic capitulations. Greece has certainly come down a few notches, but the Castrati that inhabit Vatican City today would be better off dead than to continue their Neutered Housecat existence in subjugation of the Secular State.

          Consider, though, that Wikileaks has been even more terrifying to the elite and is still an ongoing threat.

          Whatabout bankrolling the enrollment of a mole child soldier in Sasha & Malia’s classes with streaming video footage?

          Hour upon hour of footage of someone “right there” would serve great tactical effect without violating the NAP.

          The new asymmetric threat of live video of the elite’s untouchable families being “touched” could be a lasting and somewhat humbling factor in this long term philosophical battle for moral & ethical autonomy.

    • Methyl, Runaway Slave – There’s more truth to that being truly Christian than you may realize. The Xians of the modern Amerikan Sanhedrin following their money and fame hungry Pharisees tend to ignore inconvenient little messages like Luke 12:51 “Do you suppose that I came to give peace on earth? I tell you not at all, but rather division.” He goes on to explain that the closest family members will be set against each other. And for just you Tinsley, in verses 12:54 – 59 he explains how the masses can forsee the weather but not what will happen to them if they won’t settle their differences on their own. He points out that if they take their neighbors to court; they’ll lose every penny to the system and end up in prison (you may also want to check out Luke 11:45 on, to see what The Carpenter said about lawyers. Hint: it wasn’t nice). Some things are truly timeless.

      Or how about Luke 22:35 – And He said to them, “When I sent you without money bag, knapsack, and sandals, did you lack anything?” So they said, “Nothing.” 22:36 – Then He said to them, “But now, he who has a money bag, let him take it, and likewise a knapsack; and he who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” In other words, times have changed and things are different now; carry your gold and silver on your person, pack a bugout bag and arm yourself; even if you have to sell your coat! They generally don’t teach that in Baptist sunday school! The time is fast approaching where we will have no other choice than to defend ourselves or possible even run. Don’t be fooled, it’s quite one thing to “turn the other cheek” to a brother or sister that is pointing out the speck in your eye versus letting an armed criminal or gun-vernment enforcer…wait, I repeat myself… injure or murder you or your family. Truly responsible and decent people are always non-agressive and non-interventionist, but should indeed be armed and vigilant; because evil people always walk amongst us. So…since I can’t possibly judge the heart of the miscreant threatening me and my family in our living room at 2:00AM, it is incumbent upon me to send him back to his Creator for judgement.

  24. Had a discussion last night with some folks on Facebook about this and one gun-control advocate actually said that guns are WMD’s and who “needs” a WMD?

    Of course the gun-control argument is always, always the same emotional nonsense and when you counter with a clear moral, legal , logical, historical and economic argument they can’t refute it, they just continue with emotional nonsense and then call you names.

    It’s difficult to understand where these people are coming from but I just keep plowing through it.

    • [O]ne gun-control advocate actually said that guns are WMD’s and who “needs” a WMD?

      Don, PLEASE tell me you didn’t “debate” that individual. Anyone who would make such a ridiculously juvenile statement doesn’t deserve ANYONE’S attention.

  25. Again, ask yourself why you have to read about history on a blog about cars! Thanks Eric for your journalism!

    (Hope I didn’t offend by lumping you in with the blow-dry j-school crowd)

  26. I know I am preaching to the choir here but this attack on guns is not about skool shootings. It is obutthead’s attempt to consolidate more power.

    So you can bet that this joe biden led panel will just tell the repubs and the NRA to go pound sand. (And wouldn’t it be ever so convenient if another massive shooting was to occur soon?) obutthead is going to just pronounce the gun grab and the GOP will cower in the corner peeing in their panties. The NRA will threaten to use its vast voting bloc but it will not matter – that punk in the white house is never going to allow another election to get in his way. He will executive order it and no one will have the courage to stand up to him. The military (and the paramilitary police) will just salute and follow his orders to get the guns.

    And that will be when the fun begins…

    • skunkbear, preaching to the choir might be one of the most important activities. The self-reinforcement and sometimes crowd-reproach I get from saying things I believe at a given point of time is a powerful self-programming method.

      One can either actively program oneself, or passively accept
      all the sub rosa programming that surrounds us.

      [Apropos Line of Cinema Programming Code]
      Godfather Quote and also Made World Mafia Man to Obama:

      “Whatya gonna do? Nice college boy, eh? Don’t wanna get mixed up in the family business? Now you wanna gun down a police captain because he slapped you in the face a little bit, huh? Whataya think this is, the Army, where you shoot ’em a mile away? You gotta get up close like this… badaBING! you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C’mere… you’re taking this very personal.”

  27. Eric, this is your website and you can do with it whatever you like but good lord and butter man did you have to include a picture of that insufferable prick Piers Morgan?!

    One of the three pillars of my philosophy is the NAP but I swear every time I see that smarmy Brit’s mug I want to slam my fist not just into it but through it!

    • “Examine: We know how to stop school shootings by Ann Coulter”

      Believe it or don’t: neocon republicans don’t have all the answers. Ann Coulter is as full of shit as any of the other neocons whose articles appear on Zionist World Review.

      Sorry to bust your little ol’ bubble.

      • Ed you should actually read the Coulter article. Yes, she’s full of shit 99% of the time; but the article quotes a very useful study on how futile gun control is, with real statistics.

        Quoting the article:

        Luckily, some years ago, two famed economists, William Landes at the University of Chicago and John Lott at Yale, conducted a massive study of multiple victim public shootings in the United States between 1977 and 1995 to see how various legal changes affected their frequency and death toll….
        Landes and Lott examined many of the very policies being proposed right now in response to the Connecticut massacre: waiting periods and background checks for guns, the death penalty and increased penalties for committing a crime with a gun.

        None of these policies had any effect on the frequency of, or carnage from, multiple-victim shootings

        • No thanks. I won’t read anything that harpy writes. Coulter is against gun control until a neocon president of the correct party issues an executive order to confiscate guns. Then she’ll be defending him or standing mute so as not to criticize a fellow republican.

          When Clinton was in office she seemed reasonable enough as a defender of liberty, but once W took office and decided that Clinton et al had done no wrong, she was immediately on board with’s mantra of “nevermind, just move on”.

          Fuck Coulter and all of her neocon pals. She’s pretending to care about our right to the means of self defense, but only as a show of opposition to Obama.

          I won’t give her site or any site that carries her articles a hit.

          • You’re right about Coulter in general, Ed, but methylamine’s right about this one. Remember the old maxim: “even a stopped clock is right twice each day,” and this is one of those times.

          • Ed,


            Coulter is a talented writer – I will give her her due. But she’s also exactly what you wrote: A GOP shill who will apologize for – and defend – anything her team does.

            I’ve never met her, but I’ve met people like her – back in the day, when I worked as an editorial writer at The Washington Times: Power and status-hungry graspers and grifters all. Their politics are nothing more than a pose – easily changed as demanded by conditions.

          • And that’s what happens when skill and talent are second to political and social game play. Those who have no principles, those who can be whatever they need to be in the moment rise to the top.

  28. The Bath School guy had a traumatic brain injury. This Kehoe Bath School incident reminds me of Killdozer.

    Kehoe was born in Tecumseh, Michigan, among the younger of a family of 13 children. His mother died when he was five, and his father remarried; Kehoe often argued with his new stepmother. When Kehoe was 14, the family’s stove exploded as his stepmother was attempting to light it. The oil fuel soaked her, and she caught fire. He watched his stepmother burn for a few moments before throwing water from a bucket on her; due to the oil-based nature of the fire, the water exacerbated the flames. She later died from her injuries. Allegations were made that the stove had been tampered with.

    Kehoe attended Tecumseh High School and Michigan State College (later Michigan State University), where he studied electrical engineering. There he met his future wife, Ellen “Nellie” Price, the daughter of a wealthy Lansing family.

    After college, Kehoe went west, working for several years as an electrician in St. Louis, Missouri. During this period, in 1911, he suffered a severe head injury in a fall.

    Kehoe was regarded by his neighbors as a highly intelligent man who grew impatient and angry with those who disagreed with him.

    Neighbors recalled that Kehoe was always neat, dressed meticulously, and was known to change his shirt at midday or whenever it became even slightly dirty. Neighbors also recounted how Kehoe was cruel to his farm animals, having once beaten a horse to death.

    Kehoe’s neighbors thought he preferred mechanical tinkering to farming. His neighbor wrote in his account of the disaster,

    “He never farmed it as other farmers do and he tried to do everything with his tractor. He was in the height of his glory when fixing machinery or tinkering. He was always trying new methods in his work, for instance, hitching two mowers behind his tractor. This method did not work at different times and he would just leave the hay standing. He also put four sections of drag and two rollers at once behind his tractor. He spent so much time tinkering that he didn’t prosper.”

    Kehoe was elected treasurer of the Bath Consolidated School board in 1924. While on the board, Kehoe fought for lower taxes and was often at cross purposes with other board members, voting against them and calling for adjournment when he didn’t get his way. He repeatedly accused the board superintendent of financial mismanagement.

    While on the school board, Kehoe was appointed as the Bath Township Clerk in 1925 for a short period. In the spring 1926 election, he was defeated for the position, and was angered by his public defeat.

    His neighbor thought Kehoe started planning his “murderous revenge” against the community at that time. His other neighbor noticed that Kehhoe stopped working altogether on his farm in his last year, and thought he might be planning suicide.

    During this time, his wife Nellie Kehoe was chronically ill with tuberculosis, and had frequent hospital stays. At the time, before antibiotics, there was no effective treatment or cure for the disease. By the time of the Bath School disaster, Kehoe had ceased making mortgage and homeowner’s insurance payments. The mortgage lender had begun foreclosure proceedings against the farm.

    Gnostic Attempt to find Enlightenment About These Acts

    Qui Bono, the boy tyrant of the material world is the beneficiary. It takes us away from our spirits. It reverses the right flow and encourages us to look to the imprisoning world of souls and matter for direction and command.

    Man in his normal state is lost in confusion, sleepy, not knowing who he is, where he came from or where he is going. He does not know what he should be doing and is in a state of confusion, as if in a mist or half-asleep.

    From a Gnostic Libertarian perspective on the creator of the world of souls and flesh, the creator, the demiurge, the creator of matter, the universe and man can be likened to satan, a young creator learning what it means to create.

    This immature creator oppresses man. Since the creation of man, he has forced him to carry out his orders and obey his precepts and commands. This creator wants to be obeyed by man, admired, feared and adored by him by means of sacrifices and rituals. He wants to impose his oppressive rules on man. He wants man to obey him and renounce his own wishes, which are very often the desires of his Spirit, of this Spiritual Self that, although ignored by man is carried within him.

    The worldly creator, according to Gnosis, has a plan for his creation, which is why he created the universe and placed man in it. He has a plan he wants to press ahead with and he needs man in order to do this. He needs man to act in agreement with his orders, those of the creator, and not according to the desires of the Spirit. The timeless older creator who chooses not to create. Who constructs water and its spirit. And soils and rocks and their spirits.

    The demiurge does not allow the Spirit, shackled in the soul of man, to manifest Itself. He wants man to act through his soul and not his Spirit. For this reason it is necessary to oppress man, frighten and worry him. He is a god who oppresses his creatures completely.

    The books that comprise the old testament are full of this toddler of creation, the Archon named Jehovah. Unlike the Aeons, known collectively as YHWH, of the uncreated all and nothing, Jehovah is prone to anger, amateurishly trying to create order and life through rules and force.

    • You bet!

      It’s critical that such facts be presented – and defended. I agree with Meth – we’re winning. Check out the posts following articles on the generic “news” sites (such as Yahoo). They appear to be overwhelmingly on our side.

      That’s the good.

      The bad – I suspect – is that the evil shitheads who run the government will push forward regardless.

      And that will mean ugly times ahead.

      • Eric, the other “problem” with all those pro 2A responses to the lame-stream news sites is it proves to the elite that they desperately need an Internet “kill switch.” They know it was the printing press and the pamphleteers of the day that helped precipitate the American revolution. They know all too well that an effort on April 19, 1775 by the Redcoats to round up the colonists’ weapons led to an undesireable outcome for their predecessors. The elite rightly see the Internet as a modern and uncontrollable Gutenberg press and daily live in fear of what it could spawn left unbridled. They also know an AR-15 or even a 700 Remington is a helluva lot more effective than a “Brown Bess.” Viva la Internet!

        • As I keep reminding people, the good news about the Internet is that, by its very design and concept, a “kill switch” is an impossibility.

          • THANK YOU!

            I keep seeing people so afraid that the PTB will put a kill switch on the internet.

            Despite it’s common name, the Internet is NOT monolithic. It is entirely decentralized. If you are reading this, you are PART OF the internet(s). The technology and programming behind it are ubiquitous, inexpensive, simple to use, and more readily available than guns or even books.

            For the PTB to “shut down” the internet they would have to suspend all utilities and jam every known radio frequency in perpetuity. This would destroy THEIR command and control far faster than it would shut down the common people. It is technologically impossible for them to both kill the internet and maintain control.

      • People have memories that barely retain a decade. Notably, there have been storms in the past that surpassed hurricane Sandy and killed hundreds of thousands, and they shriek that Sandy is “unprecedented”.

        Maybe they should ban fertiliser instead:

        Or box cutters:

        It’s patently obvious that most knee-jerk “somebody must do something” rhetoric is from the far left, only serves to inflame the problem.

        People will continue to kill each other for a plethora of reasons, with any weapons to hand, BUT:

        Will they EVER allow us to defend ourselves? Maybe Piers would be happy to be my personal flak jacket?

  29. I laughed my ass off when Morgan called Pratt stupid and w/o missing a beat came back with: “you’re morally obtuse!”

    Nailed it!

    I also think that just CNN’s liberal policy of sensationalizing anything they can in order to get viewers since nobody watches CNN anymore. Cooper does the same “bad-ass” act with his interviews too. I think their aiming for the reality tv crowd, b/c anyone with any sense of professionalism or respect wouldn’t watch CNN at all.

    Besides who wants to look at Candy Crowley? Gawd.

    • Ugh…Candy Crowley, there’s a cloaca-shrinker. She does serve a purpose, though, in substituting for dead puppies as thought-therapy for over-eager teen males avoiding premature ejaculation.

      Piers Morgan lost that debate handsomely, crushingly, and obviously. I wish I could interview a thousand random people to know for sure; but from all the conversations I’ve had since the shooting, I’m very encouraged. We’re winning the 2A argument–people understand on a gut level that gun control won’t work.

      • Dear Don, meth,

        Totally agree. Pratt wiped the floor with Morgan. In a nice way.

        You know what was so intriguing about the great Morgan-Pratt Debate of 2012? It defied the MSM’s type-casting for victim disarmament (gun control) debates.

        Pratt was masterful. Instead of allowing the MSM to caricature him as a redneck lout, he exhibited emotional maturity and displayed intellectual clarity.

        Morgan, by contrast, was supposed to play the role of poised urban sophisticate who hands a short-tempered redneck peckerwood his head, and makes him look like a buffoon on national television.

        As we all know, this unforgettable debate was a debacle for the MSM, and didn’t quite play out the way it hoped.

        I can only imagine what kind of conversation Morgan had with CNN execs afterwards.

        • Yes–that nails it Boothe, they were expecting a foul-mouthed redneck who’d lose his composure quickly and sit there being dissected by the “suave, British” host…

          …only to be waylaid but his composed intellect!

          God that was delicious. I’ve watched it twice more since.

          • Dear meth,

            I watched it several times too.

            It was so refreshing to see a pro gun debater thoroughly thrash a gun grabber like that.

            It wasn’t even close. It was a rout for the gun grabber side, from beginning to end.

          • Hey! Watch it meth, I’m a foul mouthed Redneck capable of some of the world’s most original and downright venomous cursing, screamed, muttered, or written.

            When I worked alongside Germans I often translated some of my original curses into German. The poor Krauts had never heard anything to compare with it.


      • Gun control advocates are the same people that can’t understand why a guy like Ron Paul appeals to everyone:

        You don’t have to like or agree with what other people do or say but you have to respect their right to do or say it.

        They don’t understand, for some reason, that gun rights advocates do not want guns so we can have a free-for-all with them. They don’t wish to have to use them in a case of self-defense EVER. Nobody wants to be in such a life threatening situation BUT if you are, you don’t want to be reduced to bringing only a knife to a gun fight.

        It’s just common sense and is bewildering how anyone, any adult, anyone with an IQ north of zero doesn’t get that.

        • I believe the problem is, they don’t want YOU to bring a knife to THEIR gunfight… Nor rope, nor candlestick, nor monkeywrench, nor baseball bat… And they’d take your fists, if they could.

  30. I’ve told people again and again that every month on the road system is another 9/11. Are we planning on invading Detroit any time soon? (come to think about it… an invasion and occupation might actually be a benefit to that city) Banning automobiles because they’re “deadly”? Clearly absurd.

    • It’s important that we continue to awaken and expose 9/11 to the world in all its nihilistic detail.

      Detroit, once the “Paris” of the Midwest, is beset on all sides from various predatory power players seeking to usurp the local sovereignity. I hope Detroit keeps it together, and finds a way to thrive again in spite of these opportunistic “Blight Knights”.

      As long as those who drive are unaffected, I see no problem with some areas declaring themselves the Demotorized City. East Asia & Europe are full of such areas. The key is for it to remain private property.

      Banning anything is ridiculous. Architecture is needed. Simply engineer things so only narrow vehicles like motorbikes, scooters, horses, bikes can gain access.

      Do it in your own local style, not the monopolistic UN decreed Carbon Fuel Free Zone prison style.

      • See how long any city survives when the trucks can no longer operate in your narrow streets. I would suggest that you read Frederick Bastiat and think before proposing any more solutions.

        • Sure my eye-deers are a mite sketchy. Mad love 4 my homey, Freddy Basty, but he been dead for 162 years, son.
          Most every American city is a cookie from the same cookie cutter. Half-Dead in a week if the trucks and logistics stop flowing.
          If you disliked that idea, you’ll hate this.

          Let’s cede Detroit Metro’s sovereignity and make it a Gang Tolerance Region in a Land-For-Peace type dealio. Affected property owners will receive economically equitable compensation.(not bullcrap blue-ribbon panel bucks.)

          America is always preaching about Palestinians or South Africans, how about for once we put our own real estate and sovereignity where our mouth is?

          By definition, a freed-town is designed in a limiting & lower tech fashion to be less a threat to its higher tech “Master State.”


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