Looking for good mileage used car

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Hi Eric, et al,

I’m looking for something in the 2007 vintage to supplement my 2002 Tacoma. I’m looking for 4D with good reliability and high gas mileage. I have looked at the hybrid Camry, Corolla S and would love input on similar. Any takers?


  1. I agree with mithrandir above but would also suggest considering a VW TDI, perhaps a Jetta or a Passat or even a Golf, depending on how much room you need.

    All tend to be much nicer inside than a competing Japanese make and typically get over 40mpg highway without babying it. You’ll also get zippier performance around town due to better torque from the diesel TDI engines.

    The powertrains on TDI diesels tend to be pretty reliable, though I’d check on the specific model and year you find online to see about reliability of other systems such as electrical. Most folks who own them absolutely love them.

    Diesel is more expensive than gasoline, currently, though this tends to fluctuate some as it has been cheaper in the past than even regular.

    One other thing. Try to get a pre-2008 diesel if you can. In about 2008, the Feds started requiring extra strict emissions controls on diesel passenger cars and light duty trucks. This adds complexity to the engines as well as requiring a special diesel exhaust fluid (all German makes call it “AdBlue”) and a diesel particulate filter, DEF and DPF respectively. These also prevent you from running biodiesel or other alternative fuels through them.

    The Passat and Jetta also came in wagon forms, and the Golf is a hatchback. These can make a serviceable substitution for an SUV as long as you don’t need offroad capability. They also don’t hold their value as much as a Toyota or Honda, despite being good cars, just because they aren’t Japanese.

    • “These also prevent you from running biodiesel or other alternative fuels through them.” This is a great illustration of how screwed up the government is. On the one hand, it gives tax incentives for the production of biodiesel and other alternative fuels, and on the other hand it mandates measures that prevent their use.

  2. A non hybrid vehicle would be simpler to work with on a day to day basis.

    A 2007 nissan sentra 2.0L engine will get about 30-32 combine MPG if you do not do drag racing and keep speeds under 60mph.

    You could do a general search on fuel economy here (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/) It will give you a general idea when comparing different vehicles.


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