Fixing Their Wagon

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People are frustrated – and want to know what they can do.wagon 1

It gets old merely talking. They – our oppressors – don’t care how much we talk. Perhaps then it is time for us to act. But we must not act precipitously, much less suicidally. A Wagnerian last stand is exactly that. Leaving a smoldering ruin to the accompaniment of Siegfried’s funeral march doesn’t accomplish very much.

So what, then?

Mockery, for openers. Laugh at the state. Better yet, cry.

Probably, you have seen footage from North Korea in the aftermath of the death of the last Dear Leader. The hair-pulling and screaming at the tragedy of it all. Imagine such a demonstration of devotion at the funeral of a costumed enforcer. That is, a cop’s funeral.  Crowds of people rending their clothes, falling to the ground, writhing in emotional agony at the though of a “hero” who has died “in the line of duty.” This ought to work equally well at the wakes of our Dear Leaders – politicians and so on. I regret deeply that this idea didn’t occur to me in time for the funeral of Ronald Reagan – whose administration nurtured the “troop” (and flag) worship which, more than any other single thing, characterizes the modern USSA.

And what could they do about our demonstrations of devotion? Poor, grieving people! It would be unseemly to Tazer them.korea 1

There is also effusive thanking.

Thank you so much for your service! No, really. I mean it. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. You have no idea how much it means. May I shake your hand? Oh, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. (This is particularly effective when performed on one’s knees, hands clasped together in supplication.) Tie dozens of yellow ribbons around every tree – and bush – in your yard. When the zoning Nazis hassle you, tell them (cue tears) you are “supporting the troops.” Call the media. Etc.

Or, try the belly laugh.

When you find yourself at some event at which the flag will be worshiped and speeches given about “our freedoms,” begin with a snigger. Work your way up to a derisive snort, then open – and hearty – laughter. Bust a gut. Slap your knees. Double over and fall to the ground, clutching your gut. It won’t require you to act much, either. Just to hear some fool prattle on about how “free” America is ought to be more than sufficient to trigger the necessary reflex.flag 1

Obey the law – every law – to the letter. Drive exactly the speed limit – and if someone bothers you about creating a rolling roadblock, tell them you are “just being safe” – and “following the law.” When you see a cop not wearing a seat belt, report it. Tell the operator you are concerned about “officer safety.” Attend town meetings and voice concern about overweight cops – that you are worried about their health and potential costs to society. Suggest calisthenics. Mandatory calisthenics.

Or, flout the law – whenever you can possibly get away with it. Ignore idiotic (or rather, made for idiots) rules such as “no right on red.” Don’t buckle up for safety. Or wear a helmet when you ride – and shorts and flip flops.

Let them feel your anger. No, your disgust. They are not worthy of your anger. React to their presence as you would if you accidentally stepped into some doggy poo. Curl your lip in revulsion. And most of all: Never address them as “sir” or “madam” – or even “officer.” They have power over you, that is all. Make it clear they haven’t got your respect. Be cold, be curt. Flat-lined, monotoned. Check Costco Catalogue and Harvey Norman Catalogue.
You are compelled to deal with them. Do not let them pretend the interaction is based on anything else.

Shun them.

Have no dealings, personally or professionally, with the predator class. This means not merely officeholders but those who support them. Right down to your neighbor who insists “our children’s schools” (that is, his children’s schools) need “funding” – to be provided by you, at gunpoint. Anyone who speaks in terms of “we” need to do this (or not do that) always to be enforced at gunpoint. Anyone who believes it’s acceptable to punish you – to limit what you can do – because of something someone else has done. Or might do. Etc.

Shun them.

The model for this is easy enough to understand. If the person who owned the house down the road from you was known to be a child sex offender, would you invite him to your summer barbecues? Would you contract with his business to perform work? Would you shake his hand when you bumped into him at the store? You probably – hopefully – would not.

Apply the same treatment to the people who insist on living by doing violence to others. For they are exactly like child molesters in the sense that matters: They victimize people. They manipulate and coerce and threaten. They leverage power – force and its threat – to get what they want. It is only because we’ve been conditioned to accept the unacceptable via euphemism and evasion that we tolerate such people among us. Those reading this column no doubt do not accept it. Hence, they ought not to tolerate it. There may be occasions when we are forced to deal with them. But wherever possible, wherever we have the choice, we ought to elect not to deal with them. And we ought to tell them exactly why we want nothing to do with them. Call them on it. Do not let it – their reliance on violence – go unmentioned. Mention it. Bring it into the open. Make them squirm – those that still have the vestigial capacity to squirm when confronted with their own ethical atrocities. But never, ever, accept them as members of civilized society. Because civilization is dying on account of them.galt 1


To the extent you are able, cease being a milch cow. Work less. Earn less. Pay less in taxes. It’s all quite legal. They haven’t – yet – taken the step of literal (physical) enslavement. Thus we are free to not work. Just as they are. Only they are dependent on our working. By not working, we starve them out. Remember: They cannot exist without you. Without your willingness to work half the year for them. If, instead, you work only half the year – either literally, or by reducing your taxable income such that your tax liability is effectively nil – then you will no longer be working for them at all.

The Free Shit Army is not self-sustaining. If enough of the 47 percent shrug, the rest will take care of itself.

Throw it in the Woods?


    • Remember though–as much fun as it is vicariously watching government goons get torched and their buildings razed…

      It’s “our” CIA and State Department largely funding this–to drive the Ukraine into the vampiric arms of the predatory EU, and weaken one of the core anti-NWO countries…Russia.

      • Dear meth,

        Yes indeed.

        Harking as I do from the other major anti-NWO country, I have long been painfully aware of the long range objective of Amerika’s subversive efforts.

        These efforts are currently much more obvious than they once were. A decade or two ago, they would have been dismissed out of hand.

      • Point taken. One must push through the momentary surge of reptilian-brained glee at seeing one’s “enemies” in distress.

        If this ends with Viktor Yanukovych getting gaddafied on LiveLeak, nothing improves. Better the Ukes hold the commons and keep all faux-freedomistas at bay.

        Ukrainians are well used to the Sicilian Patriarchy of Pull, so I think the G20 Guidos of CIA/MI6/NATO will find them difficult to pacify.

        One must remember the heart, backbone, stomach, moneymaker of the EU is Germany. A body-snatched nation occupied by unitedState military complex for 73 years and counting.

        Allied Occupation of Germany, 1945-present

        Founding Fathers of the EU

        Without the energy and motivation of the EuroHelot founding fathers, the EuroHelots would not be living in the sphere of peace and stability they take for granted.

        From resistance fighters to lawyers, a diverse group of predators who held the same ideals hijacked the bulk of Europe seeking a peaceful, benighted and pacified Europe. The EuroHeolot founding fathers are working tirelessly towards putting all peoples of Europe under the thumbs of bankers and off-shore treaty enforcers.

        EuroZens You are Required to Rise for your EuroPeon Anthem

  1. There been 122 publicly announced missions to the moon so far. But everything a nations say is suspect. The people of the world live under Cryptocracies. There is no knowing of the whole truth, but what is possible are educated guesses, and a full grasp of the philosophical truth of the matter.

    Nations lie about everything. Nations are in collusion with each other to keep their captive populations in the dark, on their leash, and under control. The space races, cold wars, and all the rest are nothing but long cons.

    List of missions to the Moon

    Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov Crash Lands on Earth ‘Crying In Rage’

    Check out the picture of Komarov’s remains. When he was honored with a state funeral, the only discernible human tissue was a chipped heel bone that survived the crash. The same thing happened in 1967 to Americans Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee.

    A Cosmonauts Fiery Death Retold

    • Dear Tor,

      Those arguing that Apollo 11 was faked, also say that Gus Grissom was murdered “accidentally” by means of a capsule fire to shut him up.

      I would not have believed it years ago. But after 9/11, I’m disinclined to reject any allegation of government conspiracy out of hand!

        • Dear Tor,

          Interesting vid. Left a comment.

          Bevin Chu
          1 second ago

          A little clarification is in order.
          I’m a “9/11 truther.” The architectural and structural engineering realities leave us no alternative. WTC 1, 2, and 7 had to have been controlled demolitions. See ae911truth for details.
          Was Apollo 11 faked? The USG probably would have faked it if they could.
          But sgcollins may be right. It might have been one of the rare instances when a government actually did what it said it did.
          That does not mean the USG is honest. Even inveterate liars occasionally say something that is true.

    • Dear Tor,

      You wrote:

      “Nations lie about everything. Nations are in collusion with each other to keep their captive populations in the dark, on their leash, and under control. The space races, cold wars, and all the rest are nothing but long cons.”

      Here is an article that addresses that, brilliantly. A magnificent article. A real tour de force.

      Statism is dying
      by Adil Elias

      I left a comment:

      Bevin Chu
      • 4 minutes ago

      Dear Adil Elias,
      Absolutely magnificent article!
      I was working up to several articles along the same lines. Now you’ve stolen my thunder!
      I probably ought to be mad. But guess what? I’m not.
      This is a good thing. A very good thing. It means the political climate is such that more and more people are thinking along the same lines, and arriving at the same conclusions.
      Namely, that “Statism is dying.”
      It can’t happen fast enough.
      Bravo! Bravissimo!

      • LOL Bevin, I *just* sent him an email after reading his excellent missive…and not two minutes later, I saw your response here!

        Talk about synchronicity.

        This is another reason I’m going back to deism. There are just too damn many “coincidences” in human thought.

        • Dear meth,

          I think it’s just “Great minds think alike.”


          Re: order in the universe

          I never got around to stating my own beliefs about cosmology. Mostly the debate involved responding to David’s crude fundamentalism.

          I am not a reductive materialist. I do not believe the universe consists of only “dead matter.” I don’t have any problem with some sort of a “higher order.” My own approach is more akin to pantheism or divine immanence.

          One explanation of order in the universe is to posit the universe as alive. The Big Bang is akin to the acorn. The evolving universe is akin to the blooming oak tree. Many Eastern Mystical philosophies see the order in the universe this way. Such a view is not inconsistent with “A is A.”

          I only have a problem with an anthropomorphic “personal” god that is obviously political paternalism on a cosmic scale. As Eric put it so well, “Stalin in the Sky.”

          • On what basis do you call it “crude”? Why is “crude fundamentalism” wrong?

            I see no point in trying to actually defend what I believe until you can actually come up with some viable moral reason why its wrong.

            I won’t hold my breath.

          • The fact that you continually hammer me on this topic means that either you are way more sensitive than I am (ie. you’re actually offended that I believe that unbelievers will go to Hell when they die) or you fear that I might be correct.

            Or, alternatively, you have some kind of ulterior motive for wanting me to not believe.

            At any rate, if you are so sure that the God I believe in doesn’t actually exist, what’s your problem? Why do you care? As long as it doesn’t involve aggression against you, why don’t you just leave it alone? Why does what I believe matter to you?

            I suspect its because you are afraid.

          • I also believe in a living universe.

            The first commandment in the bible is “Be fruitful and multiply.” Perhaps all the subsequent doctrines exist as punishments to they who fail to obey and live that first commandment.

            Being fruitful and multiplying entails putting down the book and taking action. To continue to read further and try to reconcile and adhere to all the cognitively dissonant commandments that follow, is to do things the hard way.

            The Lord works in mysterious ways = the jokes on you. All you had to do was faithfully follow the first commandment.

            Nature Abhors a Vacuum

            We Live in a Living Universe

            In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness. — Carl Jung

            We are living in a time when humanity’s perceptual paradigm is undergoing one a rare shift that has the potential to dramatically transform life for each of us.

            This paradigm shift goes to the core of our lives. Much more than a change in ideas and thinking. It is a change in our view of reality, identity, social relationships, and human purpose. A paradigm shift can be felt in the body, heart, mind, and soul.

            Living Universe Theory of the Creation of Matter in the Universe

            The properties of matter slowly evolve with a transformation in the mass and size of the electron. Matter is created from the perfect and orderly reproductive processes of electrons and protons.

          • Oh mang.

            “What is your concept of “hell”?

            I know this wasn’t directed at meh, but wanted to answer anyhow.

            My concept of hell, after death, is being subjected to doing shit I don’t want to for eternity.

            My concept of hell, while alive, is listening to people talk about religion.

            • Loved this:

              “My concept of hell, while alive, is listening to people talk about religion.”

              I’ll modify it sightly, to express my own sentiment.

              I enjoy chewing the fat over existential questions. Provided opinions that can’t be backed up with inarguable facts aren’t asserted as being factual.

              I find it fascinating to speculate about life – including what I believe to be the strong likelihood of intelligent life, of other civilizations – outside our solar system. But I don’t claim I know intelligent life/other civilizations exist … because I don’t fucking know it. I suspect it, I intuit it. I personally believe it to be extremely likely – purely based on mathematical probabilities. But I won’t cross the line to asserting that I know – much less that I know what these intelligent beings call themselves, the coordinates of their home world, whether they are benign – or malignant. Because I fucking know nothing about these things.

              If I asserted I did know – because I “believe” it – or because I’d read a book that said so – you’d rightly regard me as a little kooky. And If got in your face about it, unctuously insisted I did know – and that anyone who didn’t buy in was “lost” (and doomed to some sort of punishment) you’d probably regard me – rightly – as an asshole.

              And that, per Forrest Gump, is all I have to say about that!

          • Dom,
            I’ve worked for companies where there were people from foreign countries sent here to work with us. One of my joke questions is that I ask expats if they were sent here for reward or punishment. Nobody answers it.

            And that’s kind of how I view being ‘sent’ to this rock. If there is more to life than some accident of chemistry, is it reward or is it punishment? Or neither.

          • Dom – My concept of “hell” is walking into my shop, seeing my two bikes parked forlornly by the back wall and knowing it’s too cold to ride…Oh No!…I’m there! But seriously, it is supposed to be up in the fifties around these parts tomorrow and you know what that means… 😀

            Eric – I love to discuss spiritual issues, probable realities and the timeless concepts of “God” as well. What I perceive from most xians is that even though they talk a good line about a “personal relationship” with God or Jesus, they apparently have no real understanding of what they are parroting. A personal relationship with one’s creator is a unique and individual relationship. David’s concepts and perceptions of the Universe, our Creation and “reaping what one sows” may be remarkably different from what Boothe’s concepts and Eric’s perceptions are, even though we may all share some fundamental precepts of right and wrong. So for me to tell you with cocksure certainty that you are wrong and I am right and you’re “gonna’ burn in hell” because you don’t share my concept of YHWH is ludicrous at best.

            But when one get’s together with a bunch of other “true believers” and they decide to force their doctrine down the throats of their fellow humans, that’s downright evil and nothing more than power mongering. It doesn’t matter which “brand” of religion is being used as the excuse for it either; the end result is always tragically the same. This is one of the key reasons congress was prohibited from making laws against the free practice of religion and the establishment of a state church by the Constitution. What the churchians need to get a grasp on is that what I believe, so long as I don’t try to force it on you, them or anyone else, is between me and my Creator; and that means it’s none of their bloody business.

            What I’ve found through seeking wisdom and knowledge is how little I really know and how little can actually be proven beyond a reasonable doubt leaving me with a lot of things I merely believe. I’ve also discovered the amazing gullibility of the masses and their penchant for traipsing off after anything that sounds or looks good to them; especially if some shyster or charlatan in a suit with a high dollar coif and an affable personality spoon feeds it to them. Heaven forbid that boobus would do any real research on his own!

            The other thing I’ve learned is that the truth, even when it is solidly provable, is seldom very popular; especially with “true believers” of any stripe. Ignorance apparently really is bliss (but I can’t prove that, it’s merely an observation I believe to be true). I do have to knock the dust off my feet on a regular basis and move on a lot these days. 😉

          • Eric, I was going to post a thread on this topic on the forum, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me log in (Said I had the “wrong password.” ) Needless to say, I believe I can compile enough evidence to show that belief in the Christian God is more sensible than any other alternative. But, admittedly, KNOWING requires personal experience as well. Some people confuse that point and use it to try to prove that knowing is impossible, which is not what I claim.

            @Boothe- To me, the book of Revelation refutes the annihilationist argument but its something I want to look into more. At any rate “child abuse” has nothing to do with it. The Biblical doctrine is that Hell is something we all DESERVE. For those who believe, Christ is their righteousness and so they are spared the punishment they do deserve. But nobody is punished who does not deserve it. God is indeed just.

            As for those Christians who want to force people to (pretend to) believe, that’s a blatant violation of the golden rule, Romans 12:8, Matthew 5:9, etc. But way too often on this board it seems like persuasion and “force” are being confused with regards to this issue. I think ultimately, you guys know the difference. But too often some of these posts don’t actually convey the distinction.

            Force is absolutely not OK, period. You have the right, in a free society, to not believe. I respect this right, as per Luke 6:31, because I want my rights to believe be respected.

            But I will try to persuade people that unbelief is wrong, because I believe it is.

          • David:
            Hell is other people. -Oscar Wilde

            And he’s not wrong, to be honest.
            My own company may not be worth much…. but it is for some incomprehensible reason FAR more satisfying to be alone IN SILENCE than to listen to the peurile gabbing of the imbeciles around me.

            Alas, I’m not allowed to send them to hell first… But for them, might well be heaven. In which case, we ALL come out ahead.

            Let me ask, though: Have you ever known what someone was going to say before they opened their mouths?
            I don’t mean, like you’d know a preist’s words at mass.

            I mean: The words. The tempo. The intonations. The body language.

            It gets very disturbing after a while, you withdraw, and seek silence.
            Imagine it happening 3-4 times a day.
            Now imagine it happening at the same time, those 3-4 people….
            Because it’s not just those talkign to you – but talking to each other. You’re eavesdropping on every conversation in the area, hearing every thought….

            And you CAN’T MAKE IT SHUT UP.

            Hell is other people.

          • David – For your edification, do a word study on Gehenna. More particularly the valley of Hinnom or the valley of the son of Hinnom or the valley of BenHinnom). I’ll give you a clue: Not only did the inhabitants practice human sacrifice to Molech (or Moloch, etc.) by making their children pass through the fire (they burned their children alive to secure future prosperity), but it was also the trash pit outside Jerusalem. It burned night and day. Anything that went in there was burned up forever (i.e. gone, ashes, over and down with). It did not burn forever. There are many mistransliterations in the Latin Vulgate and the King James versions particularly. Eternal hellfire and torment is a pagan concept apparently incorporated with the Romanization of Yeshua’s teaching to help instill fear in the masses and make them easier to control. Pray for wisdom, seek knowledge (i.e. dig deep, knowledge and wisdom are more valuable than gold and gem stones), assume nothing and suspect anything and everything man has had his hand in; especially matters of religion. YHWH is not a child abuser.

          • @Boothe: “YHWH is not a child abuser.”

            “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”

            Hmm… Steven Lynch’s “Altar Boy” sounds appropriate here…. 😛

            (And that wasn’t the MOST profane comment I could make, either!)

      • @Bevin,

        It’s not a question I have an answer for: – was the moon landing a hoax.
        The general rule for me is sufficient independent scrutiny. Anything you can imagine might be going on in space, since there are so few independents eyes seeing what’s going on there. At least for now.

        If someone paid me to refute sgcollins, I would say “I concur with ruling out all the types of fakery you mentioned. Surely there are many other fake scenarios that could be performed and broadcast live. Might it not still be the case that it is easier to fake a live broadcast, than it is to fake a moon landing?”

        My trouble with nations – sgcollins

        I reject nations. A key for me is not to let others define me.

        If I were in your shoes, Bevin, just as a thought experiment, I might have far less answers for others than you do for others who might ask questions of you.

        For instance, I would never tell anyone my name, rank, or serial number, it’s too delimiting.

        Am I a man or a woman? A man. I would answer.

        What is my profession? I am an architect. I would answer. Here the answer could be more complex and nuanced, but I would be curt and brief.

        Am I Asian or American? No answer.

        What is my religion? Am I an atheist? No answer.

        What is my politics? Am I an anarchist? No answer.

        For arguments sake, I hesitate to agree with or enable nationalists, religionists, and politicizers. If forced to answer, I would say: “What would you say that I am? Why?

        f still they persist, and I want to keep the dialog open, I might start rattling off facts, but whatever conclusions they might draw from them would exist only in their mind, not in mine.

        • Dear Tor,

          Re: Apollo 11

          I wasn’t terribly desperate for any sort of definitive answer.

          I was merely intrigued by what for me is a new possibility.

          Anyway, thanks for sharing.

          • I have the emotional intelligence and memory of a Pakled. I don’t mean to rustle any jimmies, I hate the tone of my writing, and how I come across when I flout boundaries and conventions, but I don’t know how to fix it. It is often, a one sided conversation with me, so to speak. Mea culpa.

            Not that long ago, I was extremely interested in this exact question, whether the Apollo missions were real. Just as a goof, as a what if. But now the idea is no longer a “thing that makes me go”

            The most damning thing I could find, was no human being has been farther than 867 miles away from the surface of the Earth, except for those few times they supposedly went all the way to the moon, which is 238,900 miles.

            How can it be no man has ever been between 867 and 238,900 miles away from the Earth? Maybe 900 miles is the true upper limit that rocket fuel and capsules can take us.

            *I don’t remember the sources, 867 miles is what I remember it being, it’s fairly close to that, if not exactly that.

            Buzz Aldrin escapes charges for punching moon hoax documentary maker in the face.

            The 1835 Great Moon Hoax

            Worlds In Collision – I. Velikovsky

            Worlds in Collision is a book of wars in the celestial sphere that took place in historical times. In these wars the planet Earth participated too. The historical-cosmological story of this book is based in the evidence of historical texts of many people around the globe.

            On classical literature, on epics of the northern races, on sacred books of the peoples of the Orient and Occident, on traditions and folklore of primitive peoples, on old astronomical inscriptions and charts, on archaeological finds, and also on geological and paleontological material.

            Around the 15th century BCE, Venus was ejected from Jupiter as a comet or comet-like object, passed near Earth. The object changed Earth’s orbit and axial inclination, causing innumerable catastrophes which were mentioned in early mythologies and religions around the world.

            Fifty-two years later, it passed close by again, stopping the Earth’s rotation for a while and causing more catastrophes. Then, in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE, Mars made close approaches to the Earth; this incident caused a new round of disturbances and disasters.

            After that, the current “celestial order” was established. The courses of the planets stabilized over the centuries and Venus gradually became a “normal” planet.

            Venus must be still very hot as young planets radiate heat.
            Venus must be rich in petroleum gases, and hydrocarbons.
            Venus has an abnormal orbit in consequence of the unusual disasters that happened.
            Velikovsky suggested some additional ideas that he said derived from these claims, including:
            Jupiter emits radio noises.
            The magnetosphere of the Earth reaches at least up to the moon.
            The sun has an electric potential of approximately 1019 volts.
            The rotation of the Earth can be affected by electromagnetic fields.

            Velikovsky arrived at these proposals using a methodology which would today be called comparative mythology – he looked for concordances in myths and written history of unconnected cultures across the world, following a literal reading of their accounts of the exploits of planetary deities.

  2. F. W. Nietzsche Quotes From: Thus Spake Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, and Twilight of the Idols.

    “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

    “The State is the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies, too; and this lie creeps from its mouth: `I, the State, am the People.’ Everything about it is false; it bites with stolen teeth.”

    “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

    “A nation is a detour of nature to arrive at five or six great men- yes, and then to get around them.”

    “The familiarity of superiors embitters one, because it may not be returned.”

    “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”

    “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

    “No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
    – – – –

    Everything is Awesome When It’s Not About Politics

    • Dear Tor,

      Take these two observations by Nietzsche,

      “Everything the State says is a lie… ”

      “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

      and combine them.

      It brings to mind something that I’ve been wondering about lately, namely, Apollo 11. Some fellow 9/11 truthers claim the moon landing was faked.

      I assumed it was not. But lately I’m beginning to wonder. If they faked 9/11, maybe they faked Apollo 11 too.

      Whaddya think? Anyone?

      • I read about the idea of the moon landings being faked at TheDailyBell, Bevin. In the end, it wouldn’t really surprise me if it was faked. They (the gooberment) has a bad track record when it comes to telling the truth, after all. And, generally, people in gooberment service do come across as lying bastards.

        The whole question of getting past the Van Allen Belt… well, that never was explained to me,… anywhere. Ever.

        • Hi Panarch,

          I looked into this (Van Allen Belt). The trajectory was such that the exposure was minimal. A parallel example is the potential danger of micro-meteorites. Like the Van Allen Belt, these exist – they are a very real danger in space. One could puncture a spacecraft or an astronaut’s suit – very likely killing him.

          But it’s just a risk – not certain death.

          What makes Apollo so incredible – so easy to disbelieve – is that they took such risks. That they did actually get to the Moon, riding a Saturn V rocket. An incredible achievement, against numerous odds – done by guys with brains and balls.

          As to why no subsequent missions: It took tremendous resources to launch a manned Saturn V to the Moon. Once the public began to grow bored (unspeakable to me) with the Moon missions, the bleat about “spending money at home” grew louder. In particular, Martin Luther King’s henchmen made it a racial issue to de-fund Apollo. Abernathy was on hand that July, 1969 – protesting the launch. These protests grew more vociferous and led, eventually, to the end of manned spaceflight for the sake of the endless sinkhole of “helping” the parasite class. It only took eight years to transform a ballistic nuclear missile program into a successful manned mission to the Moon. 50 years later, the money that could have put men on Mars has been put into turning places such as Detroit into the oasis of civilization they are today.

        • Dear Pan, Eric,

          I’m no longer certain the Moon Landing was real. My current position is that it was probably real, but that skepticism is not unreasonable.

          One thing has changed. Before I assumed they could not possibly have gotten away with a hoax. Now I believe the USG had the ability to fake it. They had the ability to do so, even if they didn’t actually go through with it.

          I now see how they could have pulled it off, and I see a possible motive. Pull the wool over the Soviets’ eyes. Demoralize them. Score a propaganda coup in the Cold War. Moon Landing as Psy-Op. I wouldn’t rule it out.

          Did they actually do it? Not sure. I guess it all depends on how they did their cost benefit analysis.

          • How about this dystopian idea:

            America did go to the moon, but has no idea how they did it. Chalk it up entirely to German engineering and technology, and Russian courage and imagination. They are Pakleds in space.

            If America were to withdraw from South Korea, Japan, and Germany, it would soon be nothing but an overgrown Guatemala, so to speak.

            The American dream is a hodgepodged plagarized dream. Always has been. Always will be.

            Pakleds – Samaritan Snare

            If no one stops them, it’s going to be a New World Order of Dunces. One World Nation, Under Pakleds Indivisible.

            Can you fix our wagon? You are smart. We need smart.

        • The only reason to doubt the moon landing is that government track record of lying and its nature of secrecy. However, having a book of photos from the moon published with the proper resolution and quality I have no reason to believe the moon landings did not occur.

          As to the government secrecy I think they may have found something on the moon. Not an alien base or something like that, but rather evidence that man had been there before a very long time ago.

    • I’ve often wondered whether The Chimp ever actually flew an airplane, as per his official bio. Is there any evidence he did? He was barely even present in the Air National Guard. Who does that? Pilots fly. It’s what they do. What was The Chimp doing? Have you ever heard of someone who goes through all that training (allegedly) and then just gave it up?

      I would not be the least bit surprised to discover that The Chimp never completed training, never flew an airplane. And if he did fly, I doubt he did it well.

      Of a piece with the rest of his sorry record of mediocrity and failure.

      At everything except destruction.

      • Dear Eric,

        History repeats itself. First as tragedy. Next as comedy.

        The Chimp is the Roman emperor Commodus, at least the version depicted in Ridley Scott’s 2000 film, “Gladiator.”

        COMMODUS: [Quickly dismounting his horse, he approaches Marcus.] Have I missed it. Have I missed the battle?

        MARCUS: You have missed the war.

  3. The Steps To Fixing Their Wagon

    1) As Eric states in the above post, avoid their (matrix)wagon at all costs. Don’t work for the government, don’t participate in the money transfer scams. Unless your survival is at stake, take the philosophical high road, even when it means significant financial hardship. Excepting the few who can overcome their social conditioning, most men find it easier to survive being a victim of a crime than being considered a criminal by his fellow men. As Kenny Rogers instructed us: “know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Anything program or decree coming from the government is something to fold to, walk from, or run from, don’t take the bait, or fight to withhold from them if it’s something you can replace or live without.

    2) After developing your philosophy and method of living, you’ll need to get the facts. Knowing the truth of things is a constant struggle. Don’t underestimate the evil of the world. It lurks in governments, associations, businesses, churches, charities, families, friends, and nature itself. Develop healthy distrust and preservation instincts.

    3) Living a full life is the fix. Think of your awakening as a second adulthood. You’re not as naive as a child, nor a still-asleep pseudo-adult. You see things as they really are, but still experience laughter, joy, love, community, accomplishment, and dreams of a better tomorrow.

    This annoys them to no end. They may just break their own wagon in a rage. They are the stronger child that gets seizes the best toys yet is still unhappy, because you still have more fun using your imagination or ingenuity to create something new.

    In life, you can either be right and be the strongest, or you can be happy. The PTB can bribe or force almost everyone to say that they are right and they are the masters. But money and power doesn’t buy them happiness. If you have more genuine happiness than they have, then you can truly say you have fixed their wagon.

    Billy Corgan – Paradigm Shift – With Alex Jones

    Billy Corgan – Against the NWO – With Alex Jones

    Corporate Interests and Societal Changes – B Corgan and A Jones

    Alex Jones: Let’s cut right to the chase: Beyond political, you’re talking about the nature of reality: You know, Quasar, The Celestials, Panopticon, and of course, Oceania, – right out of 1984. Break down the spirit that you were basically channeling when you put together this new album.

    Billy Corgan: Well, I think some of the roots start from the last album, in 2007, Zeitgeist, which you know, on some conscious or unconscious level, listening to you, and doing my own research on the Internet, kinda led me to a dark place where I felt, you know, what’s happening to my country? How do I grapple with these feelings that I’m having?

    When I started in music, you know, it was all cheery, Reagan, flags-a-wavin’, everything is great, and there was a lot of middle-class discourse on stuff that maybe now seems really small in comparison to what we’re really grappling with as we see what’s coming economically down the pike.

    So, I think if you can draw a line from sort of a darker place and trying to grapple with the American Dream, which Zeitgeist had something to do with, five years later, now Oceania I think is a way to say, you know, I’m just not gonna live in that spirit, that energy, that dark energy. I’ve heard you talk about it, and certainly I’ve thought about it a lot, which is, you know, we gotta live. You know? Some of the most inspirational stuff I’ve ever heard you talk about is when you just talk about nature, about how God’s kingdom inspires you to fight the good fight and think of families and what life’s really about.

    And I think my album is really about that, it’s like, we all go through hard times, our country’s going through a hard time. It’s not a political album in that sense, but at the same time, if the politics is part of the backdrop, in the foreground I just wanna embrace my life, and get right with God, get right with my spirit, because I think that’s the way to lead us out of this kind of craziness that again seems to be coming, and God knows where it’s coming from. But everywhere you go, people feel it. And they can’t put their finger on it.


    Billy Corgan Quotes

    A spiritual journey is a process of uncovering your inner nature that’s always been there.

    In our lives in a lot of ways it’s all about fake. You’ve got people wanting things for fake reasons.

    Compliments and criticisms are all ultimately based on some form of projection.

  4. I’m not quite an ancap but even if you are Walter Block makes a fairly compelling case as to why it is OK to take money from the state. Murray Rothbard also said that it was acceptable to work for the state as long as you, personally, did not violate the NAP. And I highly doubt that any of you totally abstain from using roads and other infrastructure “Stolen from you at gunpoint.” This isn’t an argument against the “Taxes is theft” idea. Taxes are theft. You would be correct about that. But there is nothing wrong with taking money from the state, you are in fact harming a dangerous, evil organism by doing so. Granted, I will admit that I think a state that acts solely to enforce the NAP (Otherwise known as “Minarchism”) is a good thing, but in that case, there would be no moral concerns at all. With the current, out of control state, they are thieves, so stealing from them can only help the cause of liberty. Just don’t let that stop you from advocating to cut down the state whenever possible.

    • The problem is that the places where working for the state wouldn’t be a violation of the NAP is usually if not always where the state has taken or is seeking monopoly. A monopoly taken and maintained by a violation of the NAP.

      I feel if instead of government we had the board of road managers, who oversaw collection of monies to maintain the roads as user fees and so forth it would be a vast improvement over the current situation. Ever notice that it is the fairly done user ‘taxes’ that go directly to purposes that people overwhelmingly want that are often solvent and thus raided by government for other things? It’s always the road funds and such that government raids and re-purposes then says they need to raise because there isn’t enough money.

      I am developing this idea that calling them government is a big part of the problem. It makes them think they rule over us. If they were boards of managers for various things then it would help and least help put them in their place by setting the correct perception of what they are to do and whom they do it for.

    • Hi David,

      I dunno… I think there is a very important difference between using the roads/bridges, etc. and taking a government job – or check. Here’s why:

      It is virtually impossible to not use government roads – and more, each of us do pay for them in the form of user fees via motor fuels taxes.

      However, taking a government job – or a government check – is an optional choice for most people. There are viable alternatives. You do not have to become a tax feeder. But you can choose to be.

      Ethically speaking – or speaking for myself, at least – I think that one loses one’s right to object to transfer payments and all the rest of it if one voluntarily chooses to partake of such things when it is very possible to abstain.

      If you object to people taking from you – how can you justify taking from them? Do you not then become part of the problem? Are you not exactly like the moochers and parasites and others who live by violence, preying on their fellow men?

      So, count me out. I won’t rationalize theft. I disagree with Rothbard and Bock because you are not taking money from the state. The state has no money. You are taking other people’s money.

      And that is an affront to the NAP.

      This is an issue on which I think it’s critical to take a principled stand – and for exactly the same reasons one would not sleep with your best friend’s wife or embezzle money from your employer. That you can do something does not mean you ought to do something. And just because others have done it to you doesn’t make it right for you to do it to others in return.

      I’m not trying to be a Jesuit – or pedantic. I’m simply arguing that we ought to try to do the right thing when we can – and to avoid doing the wrong thing when we know better.

      And that’s all I have to say about that!

  5. Just got back from the daily morning courtesy militia patrol. Got 60 clovers to move to the right, 5 attaboys, and was enlightened with how to say “fuck off” in english accented in 3 new languages: Farsi, Ukranian Mafian, & Ethiopian!

    Courtesy Militia

    When tyranny comes, We hold the doors open for You and delay Them at the gates.

    When They roll 5 snakes eyes, We’ll remind You to yell Nahtzee!

    The Soylent Green Revolution is Sheeple!

    When Counting Sheeple and Flat Screen Siestas stop helping you get enough rest, let Us teach you how to enjoy additional peaceful sleep by taking the NAP.

    For every last line of defense They cross, We draw 4 more.

    Courtesy reminder: the Constitution says the Militia (not the big city police department) is here “to enforce the law.”

    Courtesy reminder: the Constitution says the Militia (not the US Army) is here “to suppress insurrections.”

    Courtesy reminder: the Constitution says the Militia (not the Border Patrol) is here to repel invasions.

    Mind your manners. How long will it remain the land of the free if the brave refuse to respectfully stand up for Liberty and Freedom?

    Can You take care of your family after a disaster? We can teach You how.

    Can You communicate with your family members after a disaster? We can teach You how.

    Can You defend your family against criminals? We can teach You how.

    Can You live off the power grid when it fails after a disaster? We can teach You how.

    Having trouble picking out that new car? We can give You some ideas.

    Wondering about getting back in shape and restoring your capacity for action? We can help You.

    Earn the respect and appreciation that men with skill at arms enjoy. We can help You.

    Do You like to hike, camp, forage, hunt, and paddle throughout the forests, mountains, and streams among our brother creatures? So do We. Come join Us.

    Can You calmly take your rifle and deter a small gang of bandits from approaching any nearer to your dwelling than 600 yards? We can teach You how.

    Can You use your handgun to gracefully halt the incursion of multiple home invasion intruders? We can teach You how.

    Can You use your pocketknife to defend others from a mugger or attacker in a gentlemanly fashion? We can teach You how.

  6. Dom, the HTML preview window is awesome!

    Hopefully it’s honest spam you get, & not DHS or NWO-goonies. Briteside? The more you receive the better potential “customers” you must have visit. You can always write the expense off, right? [sarc.] Possibly create access for volunteer spamwranglers wanting to further the cause?

    [Wikipedia – Wales, Sanger]
    In the year 2011, the estimated figure for all types of spam messages is around seven trillion. The costs, such as lost productivity and fraud, are borne by the public and by Internet service providers, which have been forced to add extra capacity to cope with the deluge. Spamming has been the subject of legislation in many jurisdictions. IMHO: No, No, No, Anti-spam regulation is a cover story for internet gelding and corralling.

    I am a lawyer law parasite who has a client clover complaining about spam email. What should I be worried about?

    If The Internet Wagon Ain’t Broke Don’t Let Them Fix It

    Trolls song to tease Bilbo: [Hobbit-Tolkien]

    "Chip the glasses and crack the plates!
    Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
    That's what Bilbo Baggins hates -
    Smash the bottles and burn the corks!

    Cut the cloth and tread on the fat!
    Pour the milk on the pantry floor!
    Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!
    Splash the wine on every door!

    Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl;
    Pound them up with a thumping pole;
    And when you've finished, if any are whole,
    Send them down the hall to roll!

    That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!
    So carefully! carefully with the plates!"

    – – – – – – –
    Caution: I Am a Registered Cognitive Dissident

  7. Savage me if you wish, but let me tell my story first.

    I am and extremely libertarian minded individual who worked in private industry most of my life. But as an over 50 software engineering unit who spent 23 years with the same company, the only work I could find is with the state. No, I don’t like it and it is not fair, but it is reality. Engineering units from India/China are cheaper . .

    I’ve had a hard time rationalizing it, but in the end I suppose I’m just getting back a fraction of what has been taken from me over the years in taxes – and it keeps me going.

    The most interesting part is being able to take a look ‘under the hood’ as it were. You would be surprised to know how antiquated government IT is at most levels. It has been eye opening. It is hardly a wonder that ‘Anonymous’ keeps breaching the firewalls.

    Don’t be too quick to tar all of us with the same brush. And I still enjoy remembering the morning commute when the governor was parked next to me at the stop light and I flipped him ‘the bird’ right in his face.

    At some point, you may find some of us useful.

    • 3DShooter,

      Hold on a minute. Down here in Houston, it is almost impossible to hire good software engineering talent. I’ve been interviewing people for twelve years at every job I’ve been at. At the decent shops, about 1/3 make it through the “phone tech”–the half-hour “What do you know” we do before pulling someone in for an actual interview.

      Then at the actual interview, 1/10 make it and get an offer. That average has held at FOUR different companies I’ve been with in the last twelve years.

      The lesson is–if you’re good, you’re GOLD. But don’t think “Ah well your numbers mean only 1/30 applicants get a job”–NO, those people will all find jobs, and already have jobs. It’s just a smoking hot market and the difficulty is pulling the good people out of whatever job they’re in.

      You may have allowed yourself to dig a rut in 23 years at the same company.

      The lesson I’ve learned is to re-invent myself every few years. I went from Microsoft and hard-core pure-MSFT programming to a pure Java/Linux shop; I knew nothing. In three months I was up and running and as productive as all but their top people. I’m forever grateful for the experience because it made me realize–programming is programming, the languages and technologies are like switching between BMW and Ford. Same principles, different lingo and implementations.

      I’m about to switch to QT and C++ on Linux; much bigger paychecks and another re-invention. I’ll suck at it for a few months…but it’s another set of notches on the belt.

      For you: get out. Get out of the State job for two reasons:
      1) your paycheck is stolen from people at gunpoint. There is NO other way to look at it. NO, you are not “getting back some of what you paid in”. The money’s coming directly from MY paycheck–and yes, I do resent it. Like hell! Stick to your principles–don’t take stolen goods.
      2) they suck. Their sucking, their backwardness, bureaucracy, and slowness will put you behind the tech curve even more–and you’ll never be able to get out. It will have moved out of under you and you won’t be able to catch up.

      Is it harder at 50+ to change? Sure. But I’m 44. It’s just something we all have to do.

      In a way software is the avant-garde of how ALL “jobs” will be in the future. The idea of decades-long employment at one “job” is dying. “Job” will revert to its earlier meaning; a temporary task you contract to do with a start and end point…and you’re back looking for another.

      We’ll all be contractors. It’s more libertarian, more liberating, and makes it harder to manipulate you.

      Get used to the mindset of always re-inventing and re-selling yourself.

      • When they sniff out you are over 50 you don’t even get a phone call. SAP recently ran an ad that stated explicitly no-one with over 15 years experience. Besides, my kids are here and I won’t leave them.

        • Not true. A guy we just hired, Dave, is well over fifty. He walked in like “The Wolf” from Pulp Fiction–talked fast, knew exactly what he was doing, hired in a heartbeat. We all left the interview room smiling–he’s a keeper.

          And six months later, he sure is. Better than five snot-nosed CompSci grads full of Java bullshit and useless anti-patterns.

          I’m not talking about employment, mind you; he (and I) are contractors. No job security–but to hell with employment, the money’s good.

          I’ve only been an employee two years out of the last seven; and frankly, contracting’s better.

          They ASK you to do things. It’s a fundamental difference and you feel more free…the “animating contest of liberty” and all.

          I didn’t say “move” though–I’m just pointing out Houston’s market. Dunno what it’s like where you are; but programming’s in demand everywhere. Last I checked, unemployment in the field is somewhere around 3%…statistically negative.

          Don’t quote 15 years’ experience; quote a lower number in the technology of your choice. And make damn sure that technology is in the field you’re applying for.

          Dude you need to find better recruiters. You’re selling yourself short.

          What technology do you use, BTW?

          • Believe me I understand your position, and in a better locale my prospects would probably be better – but I won’t leave my kids.

            Frankly, with my experience is in HP-UX, linux, SunOs, Windoze, C, C#, Java . . . need I go on?

            I think I can hold my own with you. So, here’s a problem for you that I had to solve at one point when in the position of Engineering/Scientist at a major company providing storage products that likely provides severs for this website – how do you make Windoze BSOD on command and validate data integrity? Most engineers just said wait for awhile, it will happen. I made it happen. Hell, I was writing Motif app’s while you were still sucking mommy’s teat. Don’t talk to me about re-inventing myself. We all reach a point in life where that just doesn’t happen anymore.

            Pardon me if it is a bit sensitive for me.

          • Like I said, you’re selling yourself short.

            And with that menu of tech at your disposal, ANY job is open…except perhaps some Ruby or Python dick-puller at a web start-up.

            “We all reach a point in life where that just doesn’t happen anymore.”

            No, most of us TELL ourselves we’ve reached that point. But there’s nothing neurally programmed to enforce that self-reinforcing stricture.

  8. To my fellow commentarian – David:

    Consider please that many of your patently false dialectic aphorisms should die and be buried!

    1 The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Gangbangers supply goods and services forbidden by the cartel and oppose it. They also attack peaceful citizens and thusly are not our friends.

    – – – – – –
    So 90% or more of Americans support the current system? Only if they’re lunatics. Go ask 10 random people yourself as a sample.

    Here in Vegas there are infinite housing vacancies and 10,000 counted homeless, probably five times that many who squat secretly. So 50,000 in a desert. Nowhere is their water, baths, or food for them from their “government.” Report to your cage or die, that is their choice.

    Why not just eminent domain some bank real estate and make a citywide decentralized squatter’s favela inventory? Spread the poverty instead of spread the wealth. There is mostly cartelism here, not capitalism. Why continue the charade. Property owned by banks is owned by no-one. Let the Peters still pay the Pauls hallelujah. I’ll sing along.

    Chavez Latino-American style municipal annexation would be fine, if they would only take what is needed “for the people.”

    Throw anarcho-capitalist, libertarian, socialist, republican, democracy and all other labels in the woods. A true authoritarian sicilian godfather could lessen civic ills in a heartbeat. There’s trillions of dollars in vacant living space here. If only there were a single non-evil public servant who would solve the worst problems hierarchically one at a time.

    But there isn’t. There’s only Bloombergs waving guns at smokers and soda drinkers. Meanwhile Manhattan becomes a bedbug infested
    hell-hole because no one wants to kill an endagered cockroach or some shit. Maybe Mayorial elections need include executions, if the city deterioration warrants it.

    Why not build a sim-city Vegas or NYC warts and all. Then let mayors Bloomberg or Goodman show what One problem they will tackle first and solve completely and in what fashion.

    I promise libertarians & anarcho-capitalists will restrain their tears should democrats or republicans start grabbing shit from banks at gunpoint and using it in community healing ways to make cities livable again.

    Fuck Mars. Draft Elon Musk as the Ubermayor Czar of every city over 1 million population and make him synergize and beam us up out of this quagmire of the status quo. But only let him solve one ill at a time, with transparency and individual citizen verification of his actions.

    Or we can sit around watching the Romes of our world all burn and fester with pyromaniacs, plagues, and pests we’ve known how to eradicate for centuries.

    Vegas is a 90 billion annual economy. Force a small tithe to get bums off the street. To make a disarmed agora enclave for hookers, druggies, and identified gangbangers to legally “transact” and be urban entrepreneurs away from normal people and businesses. Just cheat off of Switzerland if need be. What do they have we don’t have?

  9. Yeah last year I had to pay $2500 in taxes,so the next year I did exactly what you said.I worked less and made just enough to stay under the amount I would have to make to pay taxes.And guess what happened? I got a $2000 tax refund.LOL This system is ridiculous.It rewards laziness.

  10. Here is another trick. If some asshole bureaucrat is bugging you, get his work mailing address. Then get his receptionist’s name. Subscribe to some of the raunchiest pornography you can, pay for it anonymously, and have it mailed to him, at his office. After about 2 months, write a nicely worded letter to the head of the bureaucrat’s HR department, decrying this man’s insatiable sexual appetite, and his constantly bringing porn to work. Tell HR you feel sexually harassed, and ask what you should do about it. sign the receptionist’s name.

  11. Here is a neat idea: If you live near your state capitol, find out where the state representatives park when they come to the capitol. wander into their garage, and make note of a few cars parked in “Senate Only” spots. Jot down the plate number, color, year, make and model of some of the cars there. Then, beg borrow or steal a car matching one of them on your list. Photo-shop a license plate to match the Senator’s…. put this on the car. and go run EVERY FUCKING REDLIGHT CAMERA YOU CAN.
    Some high school kids in Virginia did this to their principle one time. The poor principle got 20-odd photo tickets in the mail, and spent one hell of a time trying to get out of it.

    • Hi Nexo,

      No doubt (in re student loans).

      The cost of a four-year liberal arts degree at my ala mater (George Mason University) is now almost three times what it was when I was student in the late 1980s. Unless you have parents paying the freight, it is almost impossible to obtain a degree debt-free. It wasn’t when I was a student. One could work part-time and be a full-time student. You might have had to live cheap with several other students in a group house type of situation (that’s what I did) but it was both doable – and fun.

      Now? Forget it. Who can earn $20k a year (after taxes) to finance school on a part-time job? It’s hard to find full-time work that leaves you with $20k to spend on school – after taxes, after you’ve paid for necessities such as rent and so on.

      Worst part? There are no jobs once you graduate! Even guys with engineering/math degrees are having a bitch of a time finding a career-track salaried job. Starbucks, sure. But you don’t need a four year degree to make a latte.

      A younger friend of mine graduated a few years ago with $40k in student debt hanging over his head. And that amount is relatively small. Some have six-figure debts – they’ll be in hock until they’re 45 (maybe forever).

      We Gen Xers were lucky.

      • Eric when you write that even engineers can’t find a job out of school I think you exaggerate a bit. Some engineers might not find jobs but anyone taking an engineering degree who doesn’t have wits to research the job market in advance deserves whatever fate deals out.

        I have plenty of friends in bioengineering that had job offers before they graduated. It still happens.

        • Golly, Badger. Is your head stuck in the sand? Have you seen the “offical” stats? On top of that, if a person didn’t want a job furthering the war machine, one is basically pretty much out of luck. And that’s true of just about Every job position!!!

          Of your friends in bioengineering that had job offers before they graduated, I wonder how many of those jobs weren’t dependent on goberment? And that includes the Monsanto mega conglomerate.

          Sell outs All!

          Better living through chemistry? And the death of us all? Psft!

          And likely back stabbing too. That’s the Monsanto way. Don’t you know? … Buncha no-good-for-nothings if ya ask me.

          Maybe you’re just asking, and I’m coming across as too harsh, but whoa do you ever remind me of warmongering mercantilist I’ve come across before.

          • I’ve been to college. It is a two-tier elite-institution where the upper-crusters earn a badge promising fealty to a cookie cutter cartel industry. We upper crust rich kids already have jobs whether we go to college or not.

            The second tier is the book-smart, poor, and minorty lower-crusters and cream-fillers who earn a badge in a cookie-cutter-cartel rent-seeker and world-institutional industry. The lower-crusters and cream-fillers already have the authoritarian job known as welfare recipient whether they go to college or not.

          • Downshift, perhaps you are coming on too harsh.

            I didn’t refer to the official stats you talk about, I mentioned my friends who had jobs as undergrads before they left school. All of them. If you have a problem with organic chemists that’s different, I know many folks who think GMOs are bad and they have their reasons which I can say I share to some extent but I’m not rabid about it. Organic chemistry has been a part of our technical spectrum for a very long time and I don’t see it going away soon. Like it or not though, bioengineers are in demand.

            Eric your comment on software engineers is only true in the US and Europe. Bangalore is chock full of software engineers and the US is full of software engineers from Bangalore. The US educational system failed to produce software engineers at a competitive price and the market went elsewhere. A kid with $200,000 in student loan debt can’t afford to take an entry level job at Microsoft but a kid from India can.

            It’s actually funny, you calling me a war mongering mercantilist Downshift; you realize that’s an insult right? Meant to cause a violent reaction? In the old days they’d have been called “fightin’ words”. Study the word “monger” as it applies to what you’ve done in your post. Perhaps you think mongering war is OK as long as you feel you hold the moral high ground?

        • Hi Badger,

          See Downshift’s post above. Yes, there are some jobs. Few good ones.

          That includes computer/software jobs, too by the way.

          America doesn’t manufacture much anymore. This country “makes” entertainment, mostly: From fuhhhhhhhhtttttball to Dancing With The Stars to Internet porno.

        • The thing is, they can’t default. The banksters have bought themselves a federal law that exempts student loans from bankruptcy clearance. IOW, if you’ve incurred a student loan, you’re gonna pay that loan, plus all the interest accrued, even if you have to steal, sell yourself on the street, or have an organ harvested involuntarily.

          • “The thing is, they can’t default. The banksters have bought themselves a federal law that exempts student loans from bankruptcy clearance.”

            Yeah, my friend was telling me about that.

            Now, I feel for him. It sucks to be in debt. But, on the other hand, it’s a debt he assumed of his own free will. I’m not comfortable with anyone welshing on a voluntarily assumed debt. For example, it annoys me that the government (and banks) “helps” people who default on their mortgages. I fucking paid every penny of my debt. Maybe I should have just stopped sending in those checks every month, too. I could have got that Pantera GTS I’ve wanted since I was 15….

        • When they default, nobody pays, or so it would appear. They were loaned digital money that didn’t actually exist by banksters who didn’t actually have any money to lend. The money didn’t exist until it was loaned into existence.

          Maybe I just don’t really get it, but it seems to me that if that ephemeral digital money isn’t repaid, there is a tiny shrinkage in the vast amount of debt-defined currency in the system. One way to unwind that system is by a lot of debt default.

          Also, since the degree obtained through the debt scam turns out to be worthless, repudiation of the debt is in order. One of the initiators of the fraud, in this case the college, becomes responsible for the debt.

          It appears that this is what is going to happen, but what do I know.

          • If the debt-money is created when the loan is issued, the debt-money is destroyed when the loan is paid back.

            Not paying back a loan means all that “money” is trapped within the system with no means of escape.

            I don’t think mass defaults will unwind the system. Mass defaults would normally cause the banks that issued the loans to fail, but as we have seen, the too-big-to-fail banks will be propped up by an unholy collusion between the Federal Reserve and Gvt. I see the situation we are in continuing (i.e. mass credit expansion & inflation) until the very moment that it no longer can.

          • “If the debt-money is created when the loan is issued, the debt-money is destroyed when the loan is paid back”

            No, not at all. This is where the majority of mistaken assumptions about fractional reserve banking starts to snowball. The loan expands the supply of fictional money, and the repayment feeds into the expansion. Debt is never retired, in the way you describe.

            That’s exactly why the interest rate can be arbitrarily set at one number or another. Scarcity is what makes money valuable. Artificial abundance lowers the value of the monetary unit.

            The unwinding was temporarily slowed by bailouts. Defaults continue and are what will cause an unwinding which can’t be stopped no matter what inflationary policy is attempted.

          • @Ed:

            Defaults continue and are what will cause an unwinding which can’t be stopped no matter what inflationary policy is attempted.

            I’ve had this discussion with a passionate proponent of the DE-flationary crash school; his take is that defaults will reduce the money supply leading to dramatic deflation. His strategy? Holding onto cold, hard cash and cash-equivalents…T-Bills.

            I’m strongly in the IN-flationary camp; and I put my money in physical gold and silver…and other precious metals like cold hammer forged barrels and lead.

            The dark horse in this race is the roughly $1.5 QUAD-rillion in derivatives–with so many conflicting counterparty risks they amount to the monetary equivalent of the nuclear era’s MADD strategy. No-one dare question them; they’re the five hundred megaton elephant in the room.

            If they start defaulting they’ll completely destroy the (already dubious) liquidity of the banks who are so highly over-leveraged that just a few percent prop their corpses up, Weekend at Bernie’s style.

            The PTB are playing a dangerous game; I’m convinced they are purposely creating chaos with the end goal of creating a world currency under the IMF backed by the SDR and possibly a faux-gold-standard to lull the masses.

            But its signature will be cashless electronic fiat…all the better to manage the sheep.

  12. Open carry is an educational tool I use. Just go about your normal business with an openly holstered handgun. Legal without a license in over half the states.

    • I have a “permit” (barf) to do this in my state, and I just started doing it.

      It frequently gives me a chance to point out that someone like myself (an anarchist) is less likely to use his firearm to violate another human’s rights than a costumed enforcer is.

    • Legal in over half the States Z? Openly carrying arms is now legal in over half the States, which are all agreed to the US Constitution and it’s 2nd amendment. Right to bear & etc?

      It seems odd that when rights are infringed we hear about safety, citizenship and the Just Government but when people are slaughtered by the likes of Janet Reno or that loon at Virginia Tech we Just get to talk to the hand.


      • And open carry, though de jure legal (for now) is nonetheless de facto illegal – at least, in my state (Va.) Doubt this? Then try walking around in public with a .45 on your hip. I guarantee you will be hassled by cops. And yes, having cops confront you, ask questions, demand ID – and so on – is a hassle. Yes, “the law” technically gives you the “right” to carry. So? The fact is if you do carry, the cops will come. You will be detained, questioned, hassled.

        • Then try walking around in public with a .45 on your hip.

          Arizona is still one of the few states where enough people do this that it doesn’t cause any undue alarm. I’ve started doing it recently myself, now that I’ve found a decent holster for my 9MM.

          • You can still do it in Wyoming too Lib. I don’t know for sure but I think you can do it in Idaho. While it’s “legal” in California, they’ve sectioned off the state to the point you need to check every 1000 feet to see if you’ve crossed a border; for all practical purposes open carry is illegal in California. Anyone who disagrees is (of course) welcome to spend a few million bucks to take the case to the US Supreme Court, a task that has an uncertain outcome.

            • In re CA and open carry: IIRC, it was Ronald Reagan who destroyed 2A rights in CA in response to the “problem” of black panthers walking around bearing arms, legally.

          • So here’s a question for you Lib and one for anyone else up on Constitutional theory:

            If California practically ignores the Second Amendment and harasses, terrorizes or prosecutes people who keep and bear arms, has the State of California seceded from the Union?

            • Hi Badger,

              As a practical matter, the Bill of Rights especially and the remainder of the Constitution generally have been dead letters for years. The true “law” of the land is whatever those with political power decree it to be – at their whim.

          • Dear Badger,

            The true “law” of the land is whatever those with political power decree it to be – at their whim.

            Eric is right.

            Laws are, sad to say, not self-enforcing. One must enforce them oneself. Otherwise over time they evaporate into nothingness.

            Take “pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks” laws on Taiwan.

            Motorists use their vehicles to intimidate pedestrians into yielding to them in crosswalks.

            Pedestrians understandably do not dare force the motorists to yield by stepping in front of the speeding vehicles.

            As a result the “pedestrians have right of way in crosswalks” law is a dead letter, just like most of the US Constitution.

            Pedestrians usually must patiently wait for the motorists to assert their “might makes right” right of way, then proceed.

            The only way to assert ones’ rights is through physical action.

            On one or two occasions I was carrying a long pole with me on my way home. (Don’t ask.) So I stuck it out into the crosswalk ahead of me and FORCED the oncoming cars to yield to me, as they ought to have, or else have their hoods scratched or windshields cracked.

            That is how “rights” work.

  13. Simple but Unlikely

    An Association for Lawful Power along with Grand Jury Presentment Power exercised in every jurisdiction could fix America without spilling a drop of a decent person’s blood.

    A dedicated ten percent of the population could make it so, but I see no evidence that anywhere near that many Americans are capable of Critical Thinking.

    Tinsley Grey Sammons (1936 –)

  14. When I am the only one around, I treat 4 way light intersections as a 4 way stop instead. It is bothersome how much joy I derive each chance I get to do that.

    • the trouble with this is that it leads to sloppy driving habits, where you just might fail to note oncoming traffic, and get creamed.

    • Hey! This guys programming is malfunctioning! You are only free (as in “Land Of The”) to proceed forward when the light is GREEN. I thought everybody knew that.


      It often really is the simple things in life, isn’t it? …


  15. The principle here is given in the Declaration of Independence: “governments … deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. Withdrawal of our consent is the only effective defense. It was used by the civil rights activists of the sixties, Gandhi in India, and the Confederate States of America. It is also known as nullification. Twenty-six states are using it to resist Obamacare, and gun manufacturers are doing likewise. Juries use it when they debate both the offense and the law a defendant is charged under. Expose the nonsense and don’t acquiesce cheerfully.

  16. If you think you can ‘check out’ while still leaving your money in the bank and using the financial system to transact business, consider this shocking story:

    Cypriot banks are closed over the long weekend so the government can confiscate up to 10% of the savers’ deposits before the savers have a chance to withdraw their money. There’s going to be hell to pay on Tuesday in Cyprus…

    Will anyone in the US even notice how scary this is????

    • “In a radical departure from previous aid packages, euro-zone ministers forced Cyprus’ savers, almost half of whom are believed to be non-resident Russians, to pay up to 10 percent of their deposits to raise almost 6 billion euros.
      “I wish I was not the minister to do this,” Cypriot Finance Minister Michael Sarris said after 10 hours of late-night talks where euro zone finance ministers agreed to the package.”

      der Tag Ansätze
      das Amtssprachen Lautsprecher mit den Fischen schlafen

    • Theft is one word that comes to mind.

      Brings back images of people putting their money in mattresses due to lack of faith in the financial institutions.

      I used to laugh at those people. Perhaps they were not as crazy as I thought.

    • “Will anyone in the US even notice how scary this is????”

      Some old people may remember hearing about the US bank holiday under FDR. Of course, that was different. It wasn’t a 10% haircut for depositors, it was a full scale wipeout of deposit accounts. Most banks didn’t reopen after the ‘holiday’.

      It was done by the sainted FDR, so it was, of course, legal, necessary and humane.

  17. Dept. of Homeland Security buys billions of rounds of hollow point ammo and armored assault vehicles. Local police are militarized with swat teams of storm troopers. Violence against such state evil will not succeed.
    Eric, your last paragraph outlined the strategy for victory over state oppression. Non violent, non participation. Not only to shun state enforcers and pay minimum taxes, but also apply for any and all state benefits. The seeds of the states destruction are already sown within the bureaucracy. The state will eventually fall from it’s own weight as did the Soviet Union and as is western Europe, but the destruction can be accelerated when masses of former tax slaves jump on the welfare wagon. The opportunity for real political reform can only come from the ashes of the welfare/warfare state. Survive, be prepared.

    • It’s just damn weird the government purchased so many hollow points, which by the way are banned in warfare. They’ve also inundated all the ammunition manufacturers. Just sayin’

  18. How about if no body would do any work for a politician or government worker. They wouldn’t be able to get their car fixed or serviced, same with the washing machine and grass cutter and so on. If they cought the flu, no doctor. Nobody would deal with them at a bank or brokerage firm, although that would be a stretch. I don’t think the 47% who support them would be much help since most don’t do work.

    • Dear bill,

      A number of gun manufacturers have apparently done just that.

      They’re refusing to sell guns to government agencies, until the government agencies cease violating 2A rights.

      It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

      • Bevin, why do you suppose the movement is limited to just weapons manufactures?

        Why not janitorial suppliers and the like, upward and onward?

        Do local shops, restaurants and the like, shun the workers from the manufacturers who still supply goberment?

        Imagine if sewer cleaning companies said no? HA!

    • An excellent idea. And this is the point of Eric’s column: shun the bastards!

      Look at the gubment enforcers in all their levels of “glory” as nothing more than psychopaths writ large…

      No one from the government is here to help anyone.

        • I’ve read EPJ before, although not too regularly. I’m not sure exactly what that guy’s speech specifically had to do with Rand Paul. I actually think that he was too generous with Social Security and Medicare. SCOTUS already ruled (Not that I really care what they say, but they were correct in this case) that SS and Medicare are wealth transfers, not insurance. Granted, people have come to rely on them, and I hope individuals, charities, and churches would pick up some slack there. I cannot, however, endorse theft in good conscience, and I believe any government taxation not solely for the purpose of providing national defense (NOT Codespeak for “Empire-building” but only actual defense of the nation), protection of property (This is supposed to be done by “Police” but currently isn’t) and punishment of people who violate people’s property rights (Courts) to be theft.

          As for Rand, he isn’t perfect no. He isn’t nearly as radical as Ron Paul was (Admittedly, I disagree with Ron on exactly how we should get rid of entitlements as well, with Ron taking essentially the same position as that guy you linked). I criticize him often. Nonetheless, he supports a much smaller government than we have today and opposes murderous American foreign policy. He isn’t really rhetorically in line with most libertarians because he actually wants to win and make things better. Sadly that means he’s compromised a little. I’ll criticize him for that, but I absolutely do not think he’s evil. I’d vote for him.

          BTW: Justin Amash is one of the good ones as well, as far as I can tell.

          • “he supports a much smaller government than we have today and opposes murderous American foreign policy.”

            Perhaps that wasn’t the best of links to show how Rand Paul is anything but in favor of smaller government than we have today and opposes murderous American foreign policy, there are Many posts on EPJ which show he is all in favor of murder and mayhem.

            A little murder is still murder.

            I’m saying you’re being played for a sucker for believing anything Rand Paul has to say. Check out the EPJ archives and you’ll see, unless your blind, or blinded by something? I’d post the links but I’ve run out of steam for the night.

            “compromised a little” – hmp. More than that, I’d say.


          • Hi David,

            I don’t trust Rand Paul because he has already taken positions – several – that undermine any principled opposition to authoritarian government, thereby undermining any basis for objecting to authoritarian government in principle. Which means, he is just another ends-justify-the-means Republican or “conservative,” and not an ally of the liberty movement.

  19. The main thing for me is never to condone the authoritarian’s words and actions. You should never miss an opportunity to rub their nose in their own shit. Whether you’re talking to a postman or a prison warden, make it crystal clear that their being a USSA official right now is no different than a 1930s German being a Nazi war criminal.

    At first, when talking to war criminals in a typical social setting, they seem like everyday normal, nice people. But as you endure more and more statist abuse, if you listen closely to the jackal language they use while violating your humanity, you begin to see a pattern in the language of the ones who live by oppression. The words these jackals use always deny choice, they always use constructs such as “should,” “one must,” and “have to.” They only make demands and issue diagnoses.

    When Eichmann was in Jerusalem being interrogated, he was asked, “Was it difficult for you to send these tens of thousands of people to their death?” And Eichmann answered very candidly, “To tell you the truth, it was easy. Our language made it easy.”

    His interviewer asked what language he was referring to, and Eichmann said, “My fellow officers and I coined our own name for our language. We called it amtssprache – ‘office talk.'”

    When asked for examples, Eichmann said, “It’s basically a language in which you deny responsibility for your actions. So if anybody asks, ‘Why did you do it?’ you say, ‘I had to.’ If they ask ‘Why did you have to?’ You say ‘Superiors’ orders. Company policy. It’s the law.'”

    But in reality, normal non-authoritarian people know there’s no force on Earth that can make us do anything that we don’t choose to do. Though we may not always like the choices that we’re given, we always have a choice nonetheless. I choose to be human to fellow humans, and sub-human to authoritarian sub-humans, regardless of the consequences.

    • “You should never miss an opportunity to rub their nose in their own shit. ”

      True, that. I have had to go to the county tax collector’s office every year for the past 3 years to pay delinquent tax notices. Each time I do so, I say to the woman taking the payment, “What do I get for paying this?” One said that I get to keep my property. One said that I get some kind of county service that she couldn’t quite name. The one who took my money this time had no answer, just a deer in the headlights look.

      What we get for the taxes we pay the county is salaries for useless, otherwise unemployable asshole relatives of the county commissioners, like the tax ladies, salaries for a totalitarian shithead sheriff and his gang of young tattooed and Kevlar swaddled skinheads, who bust our kids on trumped up charges and hand out bogus traffic tickets 24/7/365.

      We get the benefit of having a county commission that stays in session year-round, making deals with northern municipalities to take their raw, unprocessed sewage and to pay local farmers a pittance to spread and spray the shit on their fields, calling it ‘biosoloids fertilizer’. We get a landfill with large dump boxes scattered at sites around the county, which are enclosed in 10 ft. chainlink fences and only open at certain hours, 5 days a week.

      Beats me what else we get. Too bad they don’t offer the option of just being deprived of these ‘services’ if we choose to ignore their tax notices.

      • Top notch Ed, a real up-n-comin key-bard. This reads like you’ve modified your mouse to include side pipes and a spoiler; Then you took a boring machine to all the cylinder heads of your keys, and finally welded and fused a ramjet supercharger and injector hat into the spacebar bonnet in front of your keyboard.

        You’re becoming one of the Nightriders. A fuel injected suicide machine. A rocker, a roller, and an out-of-controller!

        – – – – – –
        Readings From The Gospel of Mad Max – 1979

        Fifi: They say people don’t believe in heroes anymore. Well damn them! You and me, Max, we’re gonna give them back their heroes!
        Max: Ah, Fif. Do you really expect me to go for that crap?
        Fifi: You gotta admit I sounded good there for a minute, huh?

        Max: I’m scared, Fif. It’s that rat circus out there, I’m beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I’m one of them, a terminal psychotic, except that I’ve got this bronze badge that says that I’m one of the good guys.

        [the Kid is handcuffed to a car that’s about to explode]
        Max: The chain in those handcuffs is high-tensile steel. It’d take you ten minutes to hack through it with this. Now, if you’re lucky, you could hack through your ankle in five minutes. Go.
        [the hacksaw is dropped next to The Kid, and Max limps off]

        Roop: Main force Patrol.
        Roop: Were out of the game unable to continue pursuit.
        Roop: You better send a Meat Truck. Charlie’s copped a saucepan in the throat.

        Goose: [via radio] Max.
        Max: [via radio] Go ahead.
        Goose: We are 100% SNAFU.
        Max: You ok?
        Goose: Nothin’ a year in the tropics wouldn’t fix.
        Max: Much damage?
        Nightrider: [via radio] You should see the damage, bronze. Huh? metal damage, brain damage. Heheheh. You listen bronze. I am the Nightrider. I’m a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller! I’m the Nightrider, baby, and I ain’t never comin’ back!

        — … — … — … —

        Computer Mods – Web Ninja Wannabe

  20. “They haven’t – yet – taken the step of literal (physical) enslavement. ”
    I call bullshit on this. There are millions of MEN who have been enslaved by family courts – stripped of children, possessions, assets, income and passport, then thrown into debtor’s prison without wrong-doing, charges or due process.
    This is happening in almost every country in the world.

    • Hi Karain,

      To some extent, we are all enslaved. That is a fact. But, we still have the “out” of refusing to work. They haven’t – yet – put literal shackles on people and forced them to work, “or else.”

      But I don’t doubt that it’s coming.

      • Dear Eric,

        Re: shackles

        Agree! I don’t doubt for a minute that they are coming.

        They will be “high tech.” Almost certainly modeled on those remotely detonated metal collars we saw in “The Running Man.”

        • Let them try. Whether TPTB choose to acknowledge it or not, a nation of slaves does nothing but undermine the very system that the slave labor is intended to perpetuate. North Korea, which several people in this thread have used as an example, is on the verge of implosion due to the inevitable long-term effects of its slave-labor culture.

          • Liberranter, my dad had a customer bring a “war trophy” Luger into his shop back in the early 60’s. The man claimed to have taken it off the body of a Nazi officer during WW II. He wanted my dad to check it out for him before he fired it to be sure it was safe. When my dad disassembled it, he found the toggle pin was made out of shim stock. The pistol was obviously unfired, because the first round through it would have put the toggle and breech assembly through the shooter’s forehead. Whoever did the arsenal rework on that pistol undoubltedly knew it would be issued to a Nazi officer (or was perhaps it was even purchased by the officer personally from a private shop). Subjugation and slave labor are alway bad plans. Vee haff vays of getting back at our oppressors!

      • That’s exactly what’s coming, Eric. TPTB have maxed out the ability to steal from future generations via printing phony money and underwriting debt. Now they eye hungrily the trillions in tax-deferred accounts which we sheeple, seeing that defined-benefit pensions have largely gone the way of the dodo, have dutifully scrimped to amass. Once that theft is accomplished, the ability to get off the grid and no longer feed the tax-eating beast will largely disappear. So get the “Duck outta Fodge” ASAP!

      • If you have extra cash, buy an old running car from out of state and just store it on your property, preferably in a barn. Don’t register it and like storing (“hoarding”) food, medicine, firearms, ammo, and fuel, TELL NO ONE!

      • No, they just impute that you’re working below your POTENTIAL earnings and then imprison you for not earning enough.

    • Poisoning, demolition, electronics, radio skills, chemistry, hacking, first aid, scrounging, alternative fuels, carpentry, trapping, tracking, blacksmithing (knives and swords and axes and other tools), metallurgy, fuel refining, farming, and home brewing. 😉
      Just off the top of my head…

  21. I can say without a doubt that nothing makes a cop go from zero to pissed off quicker then treating him like he is less then human. Every time I deal with the police I talk down to them… borderline insult them and all around treat like the scum they are.

    Granted I am never given a break at a traffic stop and they tend to try and make my life as hard as possible for showing them such ‘disrespect’ but as long as you know the laws they are more or less bound.

    That being said I fully expect to get arrested one of these days on a trumped up ‘disturbing the peace’ charge but it is will worth it.

    • Hi Matt,

      I’m with you.

      I used to play the ol’ step n’ fetchit routine when pulled over – in the hope of “getting a break.” Sometimes, I did. But I came away feeling degraded. I’m now at the point that I’d rather get the ticket and keep my self-respect.

      I recommend this approach to others.

      • ALWAYS SHOW UP IN COURT. Unless the infraction is something really drastic, like actually having a car faster than the cop has, or pissing on his boot, you have about an 80% change of him not showing up. You win! There was a period when I had 2 cars exactly the same except for color–one was red, one was dark green. I took pictures of each of them, with the other set of plates on it. The ticket always said the color of the car. I showed the judge the picture of the other color car, with those plates. Got it thrown out every time.

        • Yes indeed, always show up for court. I do not know about all states or municipalities but more often than not the court date is scheduled on a day off for the cop (so that he/she/it can show up). So even if you do not win in court you have at least ruined the little piggy’s day off. Kick them in the balls in every way you can.

        • Yes, you should always show up in court, but not on their terms. When the cop wrote the ticket, he assigned a date that he has set aside to be in court. The first thing I do is file a motion for continuance. The courts usually grant this. And they set a date that is good for the court, not necessarily the cop. That easy step makes it much less likely the cop will show up.

          • The traffic courts around me simply have days for each police department. If you ask for continuance they’ll just punt you to the day one month later for the same police department that cop is assigned to. Maybe you get lucky and he’s in training or on vacation, but that’s about it.

            This is one of the things I learned while I was going to traffic court wrt the guy who intentionally caused a collision when I was bicycling.

          • A most excellent tip! I will file a motion for continuance the next time i deal wif da man…

            Resistance is victory….

          • Oh, and another tip. I always file a motion for discovery. That’ll make them provide everything they have against you. If they then produce something in court that is not in the discovery you have grounds to object. If the judge overrides that, you might have an opportunity to appeal.

            There’s a good chance you’ll still be convicted, but then at least you’ll know that they paid a lot of money to get the few hundred bucks out of you.

            Don’t ever take the plea deal. Sending money in the envelope that they thoughtfully provide is pleading guilty. All it does is strengthen their system and give the district attorney another conviction.

          • And when you get to court and the cop is there and he starts reading his notes about the traffic stop, I object on the grounds that the cop’s notes are not the witness and request that the judge forbid the cop from using them.

            Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but it really shakes the cop and tells everyone that you’re not the average schmo.

          • Icing on the cake at my wife’s DUI trial (at which she was acquitted, BTW) was having the two swine who arrested her tied up in court for an entire day – while they were assigned to the graveyard shift.

            Not only did the porklets testilie for nothing, they were denied all but about 45 minutes of sleep before their graveyard shift began. Also, I don’t think that Loudoun County, Virginia was giving their swine special pay for court appearances at the time (although that’s probably changed in the nine years since this trial).

            My wife’s lawyer, God bless him, actually told one of them before we headed out of the courtroom “Tough break, huh, guys?”

      • I’m a libertarian and no fan of government. Seriously, do you seriously think that everyone who supports money for public schools is evil? I don’t, but seriously? I think that’s just unnecessarily radical considering it includes 95% of the population. The evil ones are the politicians who actually do this crap…

        Do you live as a hermit? Because that’s the only way I can see you avoiding all “Statists.” Depending on how its framed that could include fellow libertarians as well. I’m not an anarchist. Not too far off, but I’m not. I assume that means I’m evil as well, in spite of being a massive Ron Paul supporter who wants to cut government down to like 10% or less of what it is right now.

        • David justifying & rationalizing theft and blackmail. … Just another day in the empire.
          Yes, let’s just blame it all on the bullies that “made” us do it.

          Psft! America is so gone it isn’t even funny.

          If Americans only pressed the boot on the neck of individuals slighlty less than the Russians would have, then everything would be hunky-dory?

          There should be more gathering of money to support coed-prisions, how else are we to make schools reflect prsions in every manner? We are well on our way to that goal. Just press a little harder and we’ll get there… ?

          Riddle me this, David, what’s the end result?

          How much is enough money to take from others to fund the school system?

          How will you decide you have reached your goals?

          Perhaps you are not the one to decide how much is enough? So, who is? The King?

          Pardon my harshness, I mean no ill will. Just thinking out loud.

          • “prsions” – Ha! that’s what I get for not double checking my grammar.

            Which leads to: what do people recieve in exchange for “public education”? A bowl full of wishes and a pocket full of empty?

            There are a number of bridges in America which have been built to go nowhere. The majority of Americans are on it and yelling, “Forward! The consequences be damned! Press on! Onward and over the edge!”

            Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

        • Hi David,

          “Seriously, do you seriously think that everyone who supports money for public schools is evil?”

          I think anyone who thinks it’s ok to threaten me with violence – to threaten to take me to prison or to seize my property and kill me if I resist – if I do not consent to “supporting” government schools – is evil, yes.

          I can never own my home, David – even though I’ve paid off the mortgage – because people like you think they have the right to impose an open-ended, eternal obligation on me to to pay taxes to “fund” the education of “the children” (including an army of leeches – not so much “the children” – but the “educators” and “administrators” who run the show).

          Not my children, though. Yours. And the children of others who share your mindset. Who believe that their needs impose an obligation enforceable at gunpoint on me.

          Tell me, please: Why are your kids (or anyone else’s) my obligation? Or mine yours? How is forcing me to “help” pay for schools any different than forcing me to pay for an NEA grant? Or an EBT card? These are all examples of forcible transfers of wealth – that is, of theft.

          And theft is evil.

          95 percent support it? So? Has right (and wrong) become a matter of majorities?

          It comes down to this, David: Either you believe it is ok to force other people to pay for the things you need/want (and thus, for them to do the same to you, in return) or you believe that no one has the right to do these things for any reason – and thus, no one has any right to do them to you. Either you believe in reciprocal parasitism via “process” (i.e., by passing laws, by voting yourself things to be paid for by others) or you reject the concept in principle. You cannot have it both ways. It is one – or the other.

          The education (and housing and feeding) of your children is not my problem – at least, it ought not to be an excuse to threaten me with violence and steal my property. I wish you no ill – so long as you leave me alone. Does this make me “mean spirited” and “selfish”? For asking to be left in peace? For asking you to not threaten me with violence? I don’t want anything from you, David – except respect for my rights. I am happy to extend the same courtesy to you. I will never “vote” to take away your rights – or “ask” that you “contribute” to some cause I regard as worthy. I do not consider you a cow to be milked for my benefit – and slaughtered if you resist the milking. I respect your right to be left in peace. How about respecting mine?

          A little bit of force used against your neighbor to compel him to “help” finance this – or that – is like a teaspoon full of shit in a gallon of ice cream.

          • Hmmm…. All interesting thoughts. I wasn’t so much criticizing your position as I was the assumption that everyone who disagrees with you is evil, and should therefore be shunned. Do you seriously refuse to talk to anyone who isn’t an anarcho-capitalist? I imagine that would be a lonely life, if nothing else.

            My point about 95% supporting it (its really probably more like 99.9%, sorry, but its true) wasn’t to defend the action of taxation to pay for public schools as acceptable solely because of the vast majority that supports it. The majority of people also support the empire, yet there’s no doubt that its wrong. My point was merely, well, a refusal to associate with anyone who supports such things is probably more punishing yourself than then. And I think those people are more “Ignorant” than “Evil.” Admittedly, from an anarchistic perspective its tempting to call everyone evil, but most people don’t think that way. Heck, I laughed the first time someone told me they were opposed to all government. It was just inconceivable to me. I do understand how its supposed to work (In a laboratory) at this point, although 99% of the population does not. Are they evil simply because they were never exposed to an idea?

            It is worth mentioning that Ron Paul was never an anarchist either. Is Ron Paul also evil? Genuinely curious how you’d answer this one. I’d say if you answer “Yes” you’re probably so ideologically purist as to be wasting your time.

            To reply to your comment about Rand as well, I don’t totally trust him either. He has indeed taken a few too many compromises that I am not happy with. Ron Paul was a principled advocate of limited government. Not for the abolition which you want, but for limited government. Rand Paul is not. He’s definitely some kind of conservative-libertarian crossbreed. It is indeed true that “Not perfect” is a little bit of an understatement probably more befitting of Ron than it is of Rand. Even still, I think Rand is important in that he is perhaps the first step for conservatives to start at least thinking about libertarian ideas. I didn’t need that intermediate step, Ron Paul did it for me in one swoop (Well, sort of) but that doesn’t always happen. He’s also probably electable. Whether that simply means easily corruptable remmains to be seen of course, but I don’t think that he deserves death (Which is the logical implication of total non-association, or at least if I understood correctly) at this point. I got excited about Rand again after the filibuster, I don’t know for sure what he’s going to do but I think he has the potential to do some good in the senate. In a system like this, the enemy of my enemy (Obama, Romney, anyone else who wants mass murder in the Middle East) is my friend.

            • Hi David,

              I agree with you that many people who support such things as taxes on real estate (and taxes generally) to support government schools and so on are ignorant as opposed to evil… or rather, that they’ve been conditioned to think it’s acceptable. However, once they’ve had the truth of it pointed out to them – and continue to support such theft nonetheless – then they become evil. I cannot discern any difference between such people and ordinary street criminals. If anything, they are worse – because they get others to do their dirty work for them and because their victims become “criminals” if they attempt to defend themselves against their tormentors.

              The current system depends on the ethical complicity of majorities who think it’s ok to steal via the ballot box and “the law.” It is necessary, therefore, to force into the open the ugly nature of this system – to make those capable of it feel queasy about what they’re partaking of. To make them face their victims – to deal with the fact that they are thieves. That is why I urge people who do not wish to be either thieves or the victims of thieves to cease being quiet and complicit. To make noise. To stop playing pretend – and being civil toward other people who insist on living by violence.

              As far as Ron Paul: He wasn’t perfect – who is? Not me, certainly. The only thing I try to be consistent about is abiding by the Non Aggression Principle. It is an excellent guide for determining whether a given action is ethically correct – or not.

              I believe human beings ought to interact on the basis of peaceful, voluntary cooperation. Nothing more. Idealistic? Certainly. Pie in the sky? Probably. Because most people seem unable to embrace the idea of abjuring the use of force in all cases except self defense. They want to use a little bit of force (“conservatives”) for what they consider to be the “right” reasons (“the children,” etc.) not realizing that by accepting the principle, they have conceded the point – that it is now only a matter of time before other people who do not share their “conservative” views begin to use the same principle – that it’s ok to use force for the “right” purposes – to fund/advance their purposes. Which they regard as just as “right” as those of the “conservatives.”

              And viola – here we are. An unlimited free for all; a society built on reciprocal plunder, rapidly bankrupting and enslaving itself – or rather, the ever-dwindling ranks of the productive people within that society.

          • ” In a system like this, the enemy of my enemy (Obama, Romney, anyone else who wants mass murder in the Middle East) is my friend.”

            I hope it doesn’t turn out wrong for you. Sometimes, the enemy of your enemy may just stab you in the back while you’re looking in the wrong direction.

            About Rand Paul, he hasn’t shown any evidence that I can see of his being an enemy of any of his colleagues. He looks just like every other GOP turd floating in the DC punchbowl, to me.

            The guy’s name is Randall. Why is his nickname “Rand” if not to try to establish some connection to that retarded novelist that so many libertarians seem to like? I regard him as a snake in the grass. I can see he’s a snake, and it’s a little dismaying to me to see liberty-minded people regarding him as something he clearly is not. To top it all off, he looks like a fucking hobbit.

            As to his dad, the current icon of a lot of the liberty camp, I remember him from years ago, before many of you were born. He was the anointed one in the LP nominating campaign and I was struck at how much he sounded like a Republican who was just playing a role. I voted for Russel Means, but of course Ron Paul got the nomination.

            The LP was committed, back then, just as they are now, to running a losing presidential campaign as a “teaching moment”. It took me years to learn that they were actually committed to paying out all the money they raised from us to a little group of GOP connected campaign managers who always got the funds and ran the campaigns.

            Bumper Hornberger had it out with them after they started using LP funds to try to present Harry Browne (for a second run) as the preferred candidate before the nominating campaign even started. I disengaged from the LP during that cycle, following Bumper’s lead. He wrote some revealing articles during that time. They may still be archived on his site.

            Anyway, I think that politicians are always going to turn out to be assholes. To me, there’s no point in arguing that one is better than the others. It’s like arguing over which turd is a nicer shade of brown.

          • This post was borderline offensive to me when I first read it. At this point, I’m pretty much where you were at.

            Eric, what are your thoughts on the original post now? Do you actually live like this? Few people will instantly convert to voluntarism, or even minarchism, upon having their governmental violence confronted. Do you actually disassociate yourself from all of them?

            I have more thoughts on this but, as is often the case, am posting quickly in between classes. I’ll be back to this discussion later.

            • I’ve lost several friends over this stuff – including one I had been friends with for more than 20 years, since we were about your age. I find I can tolerate left-liberals more than “conservative” Republicans. In particular, the ones who cheered (and still defend) The Chimp, who is in my opinion the John the Baptist figure of the American police state, the one who – more than any other in modern times – accelerated this country’s slide from a still relatively free, relatively open society into one that is overtly authoritarian, vicious, petty and infantile. That man was both an imbecile and a thug. I am convinced he was/is – clinically – a sociopath. And now America reflects that sickness.

              Liberals at least make no bones about their collectivism. But I cannot abide the flag-on-the-lapel, bad hair-dye types who prattle on about “the flag” and “our freedoms” while systematically eviscerating them, or cheering on those who do (e.g., The Chimp).

              I suppose this is also part of the source waters of my animosity toward aggressive (and typically, “conservative”) evangelical Christians. Their warfare state worship (“support the troops”) reflexive badge-licking (cops are “heroes”) and inability to see, much less acknowledge, that “their” Social Security and Veterans Benefits are as much wealth transfer entitlements as the “welfare” they moo about just makes me want to retch an endless stream of bile.

          • I’ve been thinking about an example I found of what eric wrote,

            “An unlimited free for all; a society built on reciprocal plunder, rapidly bankrupting and enslaving itself – or rather, the ever-dwindling ranks of the productive people within that society.”

            Here’s the example:

            I was reading the blog of the Wishful Acres Farm in Northwest Illinois. They bought the 10 acre foreclosed farm in 2011. The tax rate was 10.87% in 2013. Their farm with a 134 year old house was reassessed and now that it is no longer in distress the tax is being raised 27%. However; the farmers say the state online database says the property value is being increased by 45%. The farmers have concluded this means their tax bill will be $6000 for the year. They are looking to sell and move to a more small business friendly state. According to what the farmers wrote, the farmhouse and land are valued at a higher value now, than at any time in history.

            The yearly tax is now more than the yearly mortgage payment.

          • Eric,

            If you don’t mind sharing, did you break the friendship, or did he?

            In practice, I find that your average conservative on the street is a little better than the average liberal. But then, most of the conservatives with whom I am associated are generally at least sympathetic to libertarian economics. Although, obviously, there is a lot of variation. Most of them are not fans of the Fed, SS, or public education. But… the circles with which I associate with conservatives are usually quite conservative. I doubt they represent the average voter.

            But when politicians are concerned, its different. The GOP is just as bad as the Dems, and yet they pretend to be “small government.” This drives me nuts. The cop and soldier worship as well.

            My church is better than some churches with regards to this, but there are churches that are better than mine. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on the Ron Paul Forums at all, but many of the people there are Christians, some of the evangelical/fundamentalist type, yet almost all are anti-state. There are degrees to it, some are minarchists and constitutionalists, but many are ancaps and voluntarists as well. There is a poster there that called taxation theft from the pulpit.

            So… just keep in mind that having a traditionally conservative view of theology: belief in the trinity, evangelism, predestination, a traditional view of heaven and hell, and whatever other issues define “conservative” Christianity for you, doesn’t necessarily mean holding a “conservative” view of politics.

          • I cannot possibly prove it, nor do I know for sure, but I suspect Bush’s stupidity was an act. I don’t think its possible to be that evil AND stupid at the same time. I think his stupidity was manufactured so that TPTB could be like “Hey, look how stupid conservative ideas are, we must need even MORE government.”

            I think its Bush’s SUPPORTERS that are the stupid ones, since they fell for it.

            Most real conservatives that I know are not exactly thrilled with Bush, though they still don’t think he was as evil as he really was. But the more “moderate” conservatives love him. I know a couple people who do… they are some of the most annoying people to have political debate with.

            • My take on The Chimp: Weak average in terms of intelligence and ability, promoted far beyond his natural station by dint of family connections/wealth.

              Had he been born George W. Smith he’d have been a low-level clerk, a cop, maybe a manual worker of some sort – something like that. He got into Yale solely on the basis of family connections. His grades/aptitude would probably not get him into a two-year community college today.

              But the most disturbing thing about this man is not his mediocre intelligence. It is his sociopathy. He fits all the criteria. Animal torture. Glib, superficial bonhomie. Demeans people around him. Demands abject deference to his authority – and acts vengefully toward those whom he believes betrayed him by disagreeing with him or challenging him. Poor impulse control. Reckless conduct. Lack of empathy.

              The guy was not only a sociopath himself – he turned the country into a sociopathic thing that now literally threatens to drown the world in an orgy of violence and nihilism.

          • I agree with you.

            WRT to the OP, if you’re willing to “play dirty” so to speak, I’d suggest not disassociating with the statists, but instead simply take every opportunity you can to blast them for supporting violence. They’d eventually disassociate with you for being “intolerant” of their beliefs, at which point you can call them hypocrites for all of the things they refuse to tolerate. It may make them think.

            That said, my personal style is nicer than that, more out of necessity than anything else. If any person I know eventually chooses to cut ties with me, that’s their choice, but I’m not going to preempt it. I will, however, have no qualms about exposing their violence when I get good opportunities to do so.

  22. One thing a person can do to throw a monkey wrench into the system, and costs absolutely nothing, is freely give out misinformation as often as possible. Example…any time you are asked your date of birth, social security number ect. dream up any number that comes to mind.

    I do it when answering government census polls, dealing with the municipality, opening internet accounts, airmiles type client cards, utility companies or buying cell phones ect. There are very few instances where you HAVE to give accurate data.

    • It’s not only “official” requests for info that irritate the shit out of me but even your everyday department store nosiness that grates my nerves. Case in point… I go into a Sears store for a simple tool, a miniature screwdriver that I knew only they would carry in my neck of the woods, and procede to the register where a late teen was manning the helm. As I’m preparing to pay, in cash, I hear them ask me for my phone number. Say what?! “You’ve got to be kidding me. For a cash transaction?”. They say that it won’t go further, or they haven’t been trained to accept otherwise. I say, “Sure. I’ll give you a number XXX-555-1212” Didn’t say I had to give them MY number. Better yet I should memorize the White House line.

      • Went to the store yesterday with the wife, who has the bad cold I am just getting over. You can’t buy cold medicine anymore. Oh no. Not before shuffling to the counter like an inmate in prison and giving them your ID. Which has a scannable bar code. Then they “allow” you to have one box of decongestant.

        Try to buy two – and they’ll call the cops.

        • Perfectly logical business decision on the part of Our Dear Leaders in the District of Criminals, Eric.

          After all, cheap long-lasting home-made methamphetamine competes unfavorably with the Cocaine Import Agency’s carefully-crafted cartels.

          You’re not unpatriotic, are you? Surely you want the CIA fully funded?

          Next you’ll say something crazy like “legalize heroin”. And THEN where would they be? I mean, it takes a lot of soldiers, fertilizer, trucks, and C-130’s to bring that fluffy white powder to European, Russian, and American addicts inmate laborers!

          • The horror! And to think the Taliban had opium production up against the ropes until Uncle Scam brought those figures up to pre-talib levels….

        • Better to rob them… 😉
          Send in a bundle of road flares via a drive-through (we have them in NJ and MA), or with an obscuring hat, hand them the bag inside – and demand two bottles of cold meds, and pay approprately in cash.

          WALK away, of course…

          But tell them it’s TNT. You can get little parts at Radio Shack (or salvage from any electronics you have around) to make it look like a detonator, to those raised by Hollyweird….

          And if caught? Shouldn’t count for more than malicious mischief – no one was ever in any harm, you didn’t steal anything, and you didn’t misuse the “drugs”…

      • MoT, when they ask for my number I indignantly respond “I beg your pardon, I’m a married man!” It almost always sets the young ones aback until I laugh and tell them I’m just messing with them. Then I either tell them that they don’t need it or I don’t have a phone. They can override it (or a manager can). I always try to have fun when I’m gumming up the system.

  23. Eric, Great article! Mockery can be so powerful, you have to be careful. That impersonator of Barky recently died of “natural causes” at an unnaturally young age.

    He impersonated Slick Willie and little shrub too. But when he started impersonating The Barkster….thats when he got “natural caused.”

  24. It’s the little things that can make your day. A couple of weeks ago I heading to work and Officer Antsy pulls up behind me at the light. As we pulled off, I could tell he was in a hurry and no way he could pass me. So I ran at or slightly below the speed limit the whole way across town. He was riding my ass, backing off, riding my ass and visibly irritated the whole way. He turned into the “poe-lease” station parking lot so hard I thought he’d given himself whiplash. I couldn’t help smiling about that the rest of the morning. A couple of days later one of my coworkers I’d told about this, said he just done the same thing that morning. What can they say; I their fault for being out and about when the tax cows are commuting and we are obeying the law…

    Another thing I do is sign any tax documents with “Under duress” above my signature. Legally that’s no signature at all. But so far they’ve accepted them with no questions. I’m waiting, because sooner or later the will call me on it. I will spell it out in kindergarten terms for the bureaucrat that dares like this: If I don’t sign or file you’ll send me nasty letters. If I throw them in the trash you’ll send men with guns to my house to kidnap me. If I resist they will shoot me. Otherwise I would not sign the form voluntarily. It is simple; that’s duress.

    • I had stamps made and stamp “Without prejudice UCC 1-207” under the signature line on all government forms requiring signature.

      Means that I’m signing as an identifying mark only, and NOT accepting any contractual terms not included in the form. Someday someone will squawk, been doing it for 5 years without a peep though.

  25. Most importantly, make sure our kids know to do the same. Generally, leading by example is enough. But it is worthwhile to explain to them why. They should know why we act and say the things we say. Make sure they know why we are visibly disgusted when we see a costumed enforcer.

    My kid has very few friends, because he can’t stand kids his age who are already trained to worship the state, and television. He passed up on his first chance at a girlfriend, because she was an Obama supporter.

    Teach your kids about free markets, and even more importantly about how we don’t have one. Teach them to fear the police, not to respect them. Teach them to openly show disgust when people “support our troops”, or participate in any other kind of unwarranted hero worship. Teach our kids to laugh when people talk “politics” around them.

    • I’ve been teaching my seven year old daughter to see through the bullshit since she was born. I heard the wife and her having a conversation this morning before leaving for the bus stop. They were talking about snacks. I heard Hana (my daughter) say something to the effect she was not allowed to eat a certain item at school that Akiko (wife) was packing for her. I told her take it anyway and when the teacher asks or says something about it to say “mind your OWN business.” Akiko doesn’t like that though. Control is taught so young now it’s amazing!

      • Dear dom,

        That’s good!

        The key is to break the mindset of mindless obedience.

        One way is to remind everyone about the coercive egalitarians’ own sacred precept: EQUALITY.

        If we are all equal, as the egalitarian “champions of democracy” insist, then where does anybody get off telling anybody else that he can’t have guns or eat what he likes?

        Of course, one need not say “Mind you own business.”

        One can simply say, “You eat what you want. I’ll eat what I want. Understand?”

        • Bevin, “If we are all equal, as the egalitarian “champions of democracy” insist, then where does anybody get off telling anybody else that he can’t have guns or eat what he likes?”

          Yes! Throw it back at them. Excuse me but you have armed men protecting you; am I not EQUAL to you and deserve the same protection?

          Your husband scarves down greasy cheeseburgers and fries by the fistful but you are telling me that me and mine should only eat what you tell us is acceptable, Ms Obama? Where is the EQUALITY Michelle?

          • Dear bear,


            Objectively speaking, TPTB are at a huge disadvantage.

            The entire rationale for their rotten system is riddled with glaring internal contradictions.

            One of the most glaring, that people have finally awoken to recently, concerns firearms and the right to self-defense.

            If we are all so “equal,” how come our Dear Leaders get to have guns to defend themselves but we don’t???

            If we are all so “equal,” how come our Dear Leaders get to have guns to defend their children, but we don’t???

            People have finally begun to catch on. They’re finally saying “Hey, that’s right! No fair!”

            Relentlessly calling attention to these glaring internal contradictions is one of the most effective ways of undermining the moral and ethical legitimacy of the political status quo.

      • Dom, as my wife is Japanese as well, the “mindset” that natives have is so ingrained that it takes a lot to break their conditioning. Mine only had her belief in cops shattered once I was manhandled before her very eyes. Up until that point all of my talk was like white noise to her ears. Now she knows better and says as much.

        • Oh yeah, my wife is the exact same way (typical Japanese). She is coming around though. Akiko just said without the evidence I show her on a daily basis she would believe all cops are good.

      • Sorry to intrude, but: Akiko? Japanese? VERY regimented culture, so if she’s an immigrant or first-gen, there’ll be some uphill battle (which you know, but others may not realize how entrenched it is in Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, Korean minds – nearly genetic! Centuries of Taoism and Confuscianism and Shintoism will make that happen, though, and the samurai / shogunate eras reinforced “duty” in Japan. )
        Best of luck!

        (And BTW, also true with Italian moms from Brooklyn – they put the braces on your brain while you’re still in the womb! 😛 )

    • I know this is an old post, but man, I respect that. I’m a little nicer than that in reality, probably in part because I was raised conservative and had to become libertarian on my own. If you were raised something other than voluntarist and came around yourself, you probably know what I’m talking about.

      All that said, as much as I respect that, it should probably be those who refuse to listen. You should probably be nice and explain why people are wrong first. If for no other reason because we were all “there” once and we all needed to be intellectually challenged before we came around.

  26. Passive resistance is the key. There are three ways to respond to, “you are under arrest.” You can voluntarily place your hands in the cuffs, you can throw a punch or a kick, or you can simply sit still. Become inert.

    I am under arrest? Okay. Carry me to the squad car, put me in the squad car, drive me to the station. Carry me from the squad car to the station and into the cell. I did not resist the officer arresting me your honor. I simply did not help the officer arrest me. You want to haul my hind parts to jail, then haul away. Hope you have a good lower back support brace, because I am heavy.

    Similarly, you do not have to refuse to pay your taxes, you just have to work so little that you do not have to pay taxes as a matter of law.

    “We are raising your taxes,” should be responded to by “I am working less because you are not getting any more money from me.”

    I did the “not feeding the beast” a few years back. Found lots of ways to not spend money and then downsized the job. If you don’t need the money for a lot of luxury, then you don’t need a high paying job. All it takes is a conscious decision not to be “cool.” I did not see the latest movie, read the latest book, buy the latest flat screen, ipod, ipad, computer etc. I do not buy clothing labels -nike, reebok, levis, izod, tommy hilfiger, etc. I am almost ready to TRY to look as though I could be a squeegee man. I am almost ready to ride a bicycle everywhere instead of driving. Not because I want to save the planet or because I am anti-corporation (I am in a way, but that is beside the point) but because I want to circulate less money in the economy via gasoline and sales taxes.

    What a massive treatise one could write about gas taxes.

    It is not about cheating on your taxes. That breaks the law. It is just what Eric said, modify your life so that you are not required to pay as much taxes as a matter of law. You do not have to self-destruct (kill yourself by non-work and starvation) you just have to make yourself an unappealing target.

  27. Eric, any stickers or shirts with the no-clover symbol? I got that word spreading aroung here with wife and friends.


      • That is an awesome idea for a shirt, I think I’d like to steal it. I’ll put a clover underneath the strap and an on the back.



    • I made a few anti-clover stickers by finding one of those sites that lets you design your own bumper stickers. Save the image, reset the size, and then just insert image into the bumper sticker template field. I managed to fit 4 of them across one sticker at about 2″ tall each, then just cut them out and apply as needed. I don’t even think it was $10, if that.

      I get questions about it at track days and car shows – spreading the word as best I can! 🙂

  28. i used to be anti-cop to the max. i still am. but it got to be taking up too much of my time. it’s called “It’s Sunday!!!!” which ran about 3 years or so. you can see it here

    now i’ve got sociopathic cops du jour and heroic cops du jour on my website. the heroic cops du jour is to keep me from being a hypocrite.

    i can’t stand hypocrites! 🙂

  29. Violence that doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. Look at Gabby Giffords, she’s creepier and more destructive than ever. (Assuming that her injury isn’t just another psyop, which us mere mundanes have no way of knowing for sure.)

    Gabby Giffords Statement At Gun Violence Convention

    “Be bold be courageous Americans are counting on you, thank you”

    • The Gabby Giffords thing has always struck me as odd. Since when does a congress critter have a meet and greet with the public and not insist that a local news crew be there to film the wonderful event?!

      • Deep researcher Ed Chiarini says Gabby Giffords is played by Jennifer Greenberg Sexton, a Zionist Conspiracy Actress who has played in many mainstream media productions.

        Here’s Ed’s Youtube & Webpages.

        Columbine Conspiracy – Dead body or a dummy?

        Dallas Gold Bug
        Well Aware – Behold the Power of One

        “Honest Men Fear No Question”

        Disclosure: Ed is a under-the-mattress hard asset investor who will “profit” from political instability, decreasing consumer confidence, fiat currency collapse, and regime change.

        Top Hard Assets Include:
        Precious Elements: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Diamonds; Antique Weapons, Farmland, Classic Cars, Livestock, Ag & Soft Commodities: Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, Cotton, Rice, OJ, Corn, Beans, Wheat, Tobacco, Drugs, Alcohol; Oil, Gas, Coal, Fissiles, Batteries, Firearms, Military Hardware, Cheap Rental Property MLPs, Tools & Dies, Courtesans, Bondsmen, Infrastructure, and Base Elements: Copper, Zinc, Lead, Steel, Tin, Nickel, Aluminum, Lumber;

        • Dear Tor,

          I left a comment at the YT vid.

          When dragged along the ground, a light weight dummy, moves in response to the bumps on the ground in a subtly but noticeably different way than a real human body, either alive or dead.

          The TV newswoman said “dragging… what looks like a victim… ”

          Actually, whatever it in fact was, it didn’t LOOK like a victim. It LOOKED like a light weight dummy.

    • Dear Tor,

      Contrast Gabby Giffords/Jennifer Greenberg Sexton with Suzanna Gratia Hupp.

      “How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual… as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of.”
      — Suzanna Gratia Hupp, leading advocate of CCW rights

    • “Assuming that her injury isn’t just another psyop”

      For me that’s a big assumption to make. The whole thing looked like a poorly produced jr. high school play to me when it was being pushed.

      TV news is just unbearable to me. It’s hard to escape these days, too. Waiting rooms everywhere seem to all have a TV tuned to some all news, all the time channel. Every restaurant I go to has several TVs going. The bank I use has a TV playing where it’s visible anywhere on the floor, with some earnest, unctuous newstwit droning on and on..

      Fucking things just seem to be everywhere I turn, Thank God for my long drives in my car everyday. At least there I don’t have to try to tune out a fucking TV.

      • Morning, Ed!

        The day after we threw our TeeVeee (well, our cable) in the woods, we immediately realized what we had not been missing. Been without it for about a year now and I can honestly say:

        We don’t miss it.
        We feel less stressed.
        We’re $600 richer every year.

      • Most Americans with a “job” are actors by necessity. We consent to playing our part as humanoid data-entities who are tracked from birth certificate to death certificate.

        Americans are Servitudophiles who will cage or kill any “negro(black ink-stained document wretches)” who dare evade our shared database plantation as traitorous “deadbeats,” “identity thieves,” or “anonymous terrorists.”

        We proles are minor leagues actors, the higher we rise in corporate America, the bigger the league we act in. Hollywood actors are in the outer party Big League. Politicians and PR reps are actor of the inner party even Bigger League. American’s reality is all a PLAY less real than North Korean’s. It is indeed really bad “junior high school” theater as you say.

        Here’s my take on the PLAY(Prisonwarden Liars And Yeomen) and the NEWS(North East West South).

        I think of NEWS as an acronym of the four cardinal directions. Cardinals are sub-despots who report to the Pope. The Pope is an elite sElected despot who reigns over 1.3 billion Cat-holics.

        Cardinality is an Agent Smith-sonian Matrix instrument to make all things comparable finite sets; e.g. the sets {1,2,3} and {2,3,4} are not equal, but have the same cardinality: three.

        The deist founders idea of all men are created equal has been supplanted by the christian socialist refounders’ scam that all 7 billion men are created equi-cardinal by Them.

        An American’s life span is 77 and his per capita gross national product is $49,000 they say. A South African’s life span is 49 and his per capita gross national product is $10,000.

        Americans must therefore contribute more to the system since they are better off. Another tack to take is Americans are better system slaves. They are quite comfortable disclosing their Social/DL number, employer Tax#, arrest & citation record, address history, and credit file upon demand, to any Master who should request it.

        • “The Pope is an elite sElected despot who reigns over 1.3 billion Cat-holics.”

          Yes, but he only has whatever authority an individual Catholic cedes to him by cooperating with his edicts. He doesn’t reign over anything, really. He’s simply recognized as a spiritual authority by those who choose to grant him that recognition.

          “The deist founders idea of all men are created equal has been supplanted by the christian socialist refounders’ scam that all 7 billion men are created equi-cardinal by Them”

          Face it, Tor. Not all the evil in the world has been committed by Christians. Actually, the progressives who foisted that scam on us were Unitarians and atheists, not Christians.

          I really can’t understand why atheists can’t be content with simply not buying into any religion they detest, they have to attack all religions, though mainly Christianity, and make up elaborate lies to back up their uninformed opinions.

          Please qualify these ideas of yours as your opinions to avoid the appearance of presenting facts, where no facts actually have been presented.

          • Fine. Visualize an IMHO at the beginning of every sentence. I am an honest cognitive dissident if nothing else.

            Sorry Ed, it’s not attacking but mere defensive response to the trillions of
            dollars and billions of soldiers of Christian Tyranny who aspire to co-enslave all modern Western Nations.

            BTW 10% of unitarians self-identify as Christians. I have dealt with them because they ran a nearby Montessori school I used for a time.

            Our Founders Were Not Christians

            I’m not an atheist, I am deist, same as nearly all the signers of the declaration of independence. The founders weren’t Christians. Deists interpolate and extrapolate the supreme beings’ natural creations to find their spiritual bearings.

            I attend an evangelical Lutheran church because they are the least onerous institution I have found.

            Mainstream Big Box Christians have little or nothing to do with Christ and his teachings.

            They are mainly misanthropic mistheists who blindly preach at and tyrannize over whomever their state and bankster elites tells them to.

            – – – – – –
            Pope John Paul II Trip to Poland

            In June 1979, Pope John Paul II traveled to Poland where ecstatic crowds constantly surrounded him. This first trip to Poland uplifted the nation’s spirit and sparked the formation of the Solidarity movement in 1980, which later brought freedom and human rights to his troubled homeland. Poland’s Communist leaders intended to use the Pope’s visit to show the people that even though the Pope was Polish it did not alter their capacity to govern, oppress, and distribute the goods of society. They also hoped that if the Pope abided by the rules they set, that the Polish people would see his example and follow them as well. If the Pope’s visit inspired a riot, the Communist leaders of Poland were prepared to crush the uprising and blame the suffering on the Pope.

            The Popes are Social Justice Communitarian Authoritarians With Immense Power

            – – – – – – – – –
            Jewish Yahweh->Became Christian God
            ->Became Muslim Muhammad who had a dozen concurrent human wives and now reigns over his interstellar mulitple planetary wives and human wives as well until the end of time amen. And that is a stone cold monolithic monotheistic fact, mein froind. IMHO I M HO.

            John Adams Quotes

            “Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise.”

            “As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?”

            “I almost shudder at the thought of alluding to the most fatal example of the abuses of grief which the history of mankind has preserved– the Cross. Consider what calamities that engine of grief has produced!”

            Thomas Jefferson Quote

            “In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot … they have perverted the purest religion ever preached to man into mystery and jargon, unintelligible to all mankind, and therefore the safer engine for their purpose.”


            I really do enjoy some of your writing, if labeling me as an atheist works for you, have at it, I’ll take it into consideration.

            Only Americans identify as Judeo-Christians

            May the Ummah & Sunnah of all Anarchotheists individually unite voluntarily without coercion.

          • “Fine. Visualize an IMHO at the beginning of every sentence”

            OK, I’m visualizing….”IMHO it’s not attacking but mere defensive response to the trillions of
            dollars and billions of soldiers of Christian Tyranny who aspire to co-enslave all modern Western Nations.”

            Oh, that’s all kindsa better. The Christian Tyranny fantasy is particularly ameliorated by the addition of IMHO.

            Please Tor, Christian Tyranny’s hairy, pimpled ass. Where are these Christian tyrants you’re going on about? This multi-trillion dollar, multi-billion soldier force you’re describing belongs to the US government. There’s no gang I can think of that could less credibly called Christian than the US government or any of its allied governments who are currently helping with the GWOT.

            While I’m visualizing your “IMHO”, I’ll also visualize whirled peas. I’ll visualize in one hand and shit in the other, if you like. ahaha.

            Oh, lordy, Christian Tyranny…. That’s funny as shit, pal. Even a deist should be able to distinguish between Christ and satan. Admit it; you’re just fucking with me, aren’t you?

            You crack me up.

      • The bank I use has a TV playing where it’s visible anywhere on the floor, with some earnest, unctuous newstwit droning on and on..

        Airports now double as indoctrination centers as well. I can count on the finger of one hand the number of airports I’ve been stuck in over the last five years that DON’T have telescreens vomiting propaganda from one of the “Big Three” fonts (CNN, FauxNews, MSNBC).

        As if air travel isn’t already unpleasant enough…

    • Giffords makes me think that there is in fact a conspiracy – but the about-face BS makes me think while it’s a psy-op on us, it was a “targeted message” to her.
      The intent was to make her jump on the anti-gun bandwagon…

  30. Excellent work, Eric. You make it sparkling clear as to how society is set up just like a dairy farm. I too want out like Turd but I am locked in for now. I live in a tiny town in northern CA which is the county seat. I see everyday the parasites shuffle in to their cubicle farm at 8 am and leave at 5 pm (oh wait they more often than not leave earlier). Now the latest is somehow there is all this money to build them a brand new cubicle farm with a large glass atrium adjoining the court house but first, they must build a temporary cubicle farm so that they can keep on governing. Here in CA, the tax feeder vehicles have “exempt” plates on them. That means no annual reg fees or bi-annual “smog checks”, cuz, you know, that is only for us mundanes.I do take heed to the suggestions of shunning them for which I do.

  31. The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

    “In times when dictators the world over are falling from pressure from their own people, this book, written nearly 500 years ago, is truly the prophetic tract of our times.

    Étienne de La Boétie was born in Sarlat, in the Périgord region of southwest France, in 1530, to an aristocratic family, and became a dear friend of Michel de Montaigne. But he ought to be remembered for this astonishingly important essay, one of the greatest in the history of political thought. It will shake the way you think of the state. His thesis and argument amount to the best answer to Machiavelli ever penned as well as one of the seminal essays in defense of liberty.

    La Boétie’s task is to investigate the nature of the state and its strange status as a tiny minority of the population that adheres to different rules from everyone else and claims the authority to rule everyone else, maintaining a monopoly on law. It strikes him as obviously implausible that such an institution has any staying power. It can be overthrown in an instant if people withdraw their consent.”

  32. I “shrugged” about 8 years ago. Retired early and took the hits to my savings. Still have to pay “property tax” and the like, but no income tax here. No debts, and my needs are simple.

    The shunning part comes very easy…

  33. I’m preparing to do exactly what you are suggesting in that last paragraph. I recently purchased some property way out in the country that is very close to a large amish community and my plans are to sell off my nice house in the city and GTFOutta this hell hole place within the next few years. It will be very cheap to live in that area. I can hunt and farm for part of my food supply and what differences I need to make up for I can deal with the local folks on a cash basis. If I need meat, I’ll buy a whole cow or pig and have them butcher and package it up for me and it will then go into a few chest freezers. I can supplement my produce consumption by patronizing their stores and getting locally grown stuff at a much cheaper price than at a grocery store.

    The cost of living there will be cheap enough that I can probably just live the rest of my life off of the money I make from selling my place here and never work again, although my original plan back in the early 90’s was to retire with a couple million, stay at my place on the lake, and live off the interest…however that option is no longer viable with the way taxes keep going up here and the general financial state of our country.

    Yep, think I shall shrug very soon and embrace a much simpler life. I have no doubts that I will be much happier living a modest life and not dealing with 2 hr daily commutes on top of a 50 hr work week and still just barely making enough to pay my bills and the tax man.

  34. Imagine just how pathetic those “people” in North Korea are. They are worse than the authoritay-loving little people in America and Europe. They deserve to be pathetic livestock crawling in the mud. How can human beings get that way?

    • Chas, I feel we’re not that far behind here in the USSA. As Eric mentioned, the bootlickers and sycophants are among us, the schools having done a commendable job of “educating”* our children.

      So before mocking North Korea, let us see that as an example of what is happening in the “free” world.

      *indoctrinating, making obedient citizens.

      • Well said. I can’t remember now who wrote it, but I remember reading an op-ed piece somewhere a few years back in which I recall the author writing “Only North Koreans and Cubans enjoy being ‘led’ more than Americans.”

        Too true.

    • “They are worse than the authoritay-loving little people in America and Europe.”

      Really? More theatrical — perhaps…

      But more obsequious? More poltroonish? More superstitious? More brutish?

      No way — The gimbal-wristed, lily-livered, Americommoner is the Calibration Standard — the A-440 — of craven, sniveling servitude.

      And there isn’t even a distant second.

      The North Korean is pathetic — the American is repugnant…



      • The North Korean is pathetic — the American is repugnant…

        I would dare to say that the North Koreans have an excuse for their servility to “authoritah” – they have no historical tradition of freedom. Amoricons, on the other hand, have absolutely no such excuse.

    • When one reads a bit deeper into the story of the North Koreans “mourning” the loss of their Dear Leader, one finds out that the people were threatened with severe punishment if they did not mourn.

      • John Q. Parvenu, are you paying attention?

        That’s what I thought too when I saw the photos, Paul.

        The more I think about it, EPA is being infected by Cass-what’s-his-name-Obama-top-dog web bots et al., because EPA is making an impact on people.

        The empire hates truth.

        • “…EPA is being infected by Cass-what’s-his-name-Obama-top-dog web bots et al., because EPA is making an impact on people.”

          Funny you should mention this. We are having a massive problem along those lines. I’m not sure it’s a good move to mention this publicly, but some of you may have noticed, so I figured I’d put it on the table openly.

          • Are you guys getting DDOS attacks like Alex Jones’ sites? Or just Google denials?

            I bet you’re getting tons of comment spam from gov-bots. They’re got several very sophisticated AI routines that spam comments; sometimes they even make sense.

            • “I bet you’re getting tons of comment spam from gov-bots. They’re got several very sophisticated AI routines that spam comments; sometimes they even make sense.”

              Dom knows this stuff much better than I do – but I think, yes. Lately, there has been a deluge of spam that seems “intelligent” in that it comes across as written by a person because it seems to make an actual reply to a previous post (or the original article/topic). A few of these got through for just that reason. We’re at the point of almost needing a full-time person just to weed out the crap – and delete it before it overwhelms the site.

          • Meth, we are getting spam comments faster than I can delete them. Luckily we haven’t had DOS attacks, but I’m sure they’re on the horizon.

          • Hi Eric,
            This discussion explains the fact that I posted some really good comments to your latest article and it did not show up on the comment discussion board. Wow, our Enemy really are sophisticated sociopaths.

            • Hi Refco,

              “This discussion explains the fact that I posted some really good comments to your latest article and it did not show up on the comment discussion board. Wow, our Enemy really are sophisticated sociopaths”

              Yup – unfortunately. We are working on it… .

        • “John Q. Parvenu, are you paying attention?”

          Paying attention to what?

          Did I infer or imply that the North Korean “mourning” was sincere and heartfelt?

          (And what do the creepy Cass Sunstein and the rotten-to-the-core EPA have to do with a comparison of the craven and conspicuous conformity infecting and afflicting both North Koreans and Americans?)

          It is obvious to anyone with one eye one-tenth of the way open that the North Korean and American postures differ only in kind and not in degree, a phenomenon I find truly astounding given the dearth of information available to North Koreans on the one hand, and the relative surfeit of such accessible to Americans? (Ditto the swooning personality cults that swirl around Kim and Barack…)

          The North Korean government is a menace only to North Koreans, whereas the American government constitutes a danger to the entire planet.

          And how did it come to pass that the American government bears all the blame for its overarching lawlessness, while the American public, who have funded it for three generations with nary a complaint, incur no liability whatsoever?



          • “And how did it come to pass that the American government bears all the blame for its overarching lawlessness, while the American public, who have funded it for three generations with nary a complaint, incur no liability whatsoever?”

            Nary a complaint? You haven’t been listening. Our complaints are ignored. We have no input. This shit is being done TO us, not by us.

            That marvelous “insight” of yours, that we are to blame because we are the government is such bullshit that it really deserves no answer.

            Cheers yourself, troll.

          • “Nary a complaint”? Us kooks have been complaining for over a century. Instead the language is so distorted in a 1984 fashion that people say ‘we’ for what the government does. However the government is not ‘we’. It’s a lie that requires constant social manipulation and reinforcement.

            It’s also very much an american condition. Most people around the planet know government is the other. It’s those people over there who rule by violence. They understand this. It’s people who grew up under the conditioning of the schools here in the USA that largely cannot tell the difference between a people and a government.

            The USA is ruled over. The people conditioned and manipulated. Even those who support the wars and bad actions do so largely because they have been conditioned, socially manipulated, lied too, and had vast amounts of information intentionally left out of the public discussion. If you or I were to sell cars the way the US federal government gains consent we’d be facing charges of fraud.

      • Dear Paul,

        Thank you for making that point.

        Many westerners often dismiss East Asians as innately servile subjects of “Oriental Despotism.”

        But such observations involve selective perception.

        If these East Asians were really as servile as some westerners assume, why do their governments find it necessary to resort to such Draconian measures to keep them suppressed?

        Aren’t the strength of the shackles obvious indicators of the defiance of the shackled?

        Clearly these westerners aren’t connecting all the dots.

          • Dear Tor,

            Thanks for that moral support. Much appreciated!

            East Asians, specifically Chinese, are neither angels nor demons.

            They are merely flawed human beings like any other the world over.

            Intellectually lazy racist stereotyping may stroke the egos of some Chauvinists in the west, but it bears no resemblance to reality.

            As the Father of Modern Libertarian Murray Rothbard noted, the world’s first laissez-faire economists, and the world’s first free market anarchists were the Chinese Daoist philosophers.

            It’s true that TPTB in China sidelined their philosophical contributions and relegated China to absolute monarchy for most of recorded history.

            But lest we forget, absolute monarchy was the dominant political system in the Anglophile nations of the west as recently as 237 years ago.

            Rather than point fingers at each other, freedom loving people the world over need to unite ideologically behind the NAP and reject “their own” governments.

            With the exception of foreign occupations, people are oppressed not by “funny looking foreigners,” but by “their own” governments.

            Ordinary people the world over, for the most part, respect the NAP in their private dealings with others, regardless of race, creed, color, or religion.

            That’s why the masthead for my blog reads “individual sovereignty, universal harmony.”

          • Dear Tor,

            That first video is revealing.

            Do that at an airport in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave in 2013 and you could be shot to death.

  35. The hero worship will cease when the collapse becomes evident even to airhead soccer moms. Meanwhile, the 1% like us will have to get as many laughs in as we can. But I tell ya, it ain’t easy finding a laugh these days, and the collective weight of real, not pretend, disgust at the costumed thugs is, in itself, oppressive. So the greatest challenge to me at least is not suffocating under the weight of it all and trying to live a happy life.

  36. Nice.

    When I see someone in combat boots and digital cammo out walking through the stores shopping, I say out loud, “I thought Halloween was over?”

    I suppose the same applies to the other costumed goons out there too.

    • A most excellent response! I am going to steal it from you if you do not mind. And you have me thinking: the next time I see a fat cop I will mutter loudly to myself, “Geez, could there be a more stereotypical thing than a fat cop?”

      • Hey Eric,
        Sometimes fat cops ARE effective. At least when you have a stupid perp who decides to rob a freaking donut shop, as happened a few years ago in New Orleans. Yeah, you heard that right. A donut shop. Of course he was pounced on by several of NOLA’s off duty finest…. I’m thinking he should be in hot contention for a Darwin award.

      • the next time I see a fat cop I will mutter loudly to myself, “Geez, could there be a more stereotypical thing than a fat cop?”

        Equally effective is “Could one of you two help me?” or “Since when did the PD go back to having you guys patrol in pairs?”

    • tough to shun the predator class in Cali. five best friends. every friend i have works for a local municipality on up to the feds. or their wife is a teacher. it is crazy. hardly anyone has a job that actually produces something that can be sold for a profit on the open market.

      • Yep, The People’s Socialist Democratic Republic of Kalifornia is a definitely a “unique” place. It would be hard to do the shunning thing there, as you’ll likely find yourself COMPLETELY alone, as there are so few liberty lovers who don’t depend on the godverment for their existence.

    • One time, while fueling up, I noticed a few sheriff’s deputies across the parking lot. I immediately grabbed my iPod, turned up the stereo full blast, and played Clapton’s “I Shot the Sheriff”.
      Another time, i asked a sheriff’s deputy, dressed all in SWAT get up, if we were being invaded.
      But the best one I heard was when one of my drivers started talking loudly about animal cruelty in front of a horse mounted cop in Tempe. “It was very cruel,” he alleged, “to make that poor animal haul all that weight around.”


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