The Running Man … For Real

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kilgore 1How long will it be before they actually start shooting us from helicopter gunships a la The Running Man?

In that movie, Arnold Schwarzennegger plays Ben Richards – pilot of a gunship who actually refuses to spray a crowd of helpless people with his mini-gun. For his refusal to be brutal, he is turned into a contestant on The Running Man, where he must fight for his life against a series of gladiators for the amusement of the crowd.

Is it not amazing how predictive so many mass-market films have proved to be? Only in this case, the real-life ‘copter pilots are itching to mow us down. See, for instance, the recent “drills” in Florida and Texas – video seen below, for instance- where civilian areas were overflown by military choppers firing blanks. To train them. More precisely, to acclimate them to the idea of raining death down on Americans.

Everything’s ramping up; you have to be willfully oblivious to not see it.

And here’s the latest: In this video above, a woman is seen committing the highly suspect and probably terroristic  act of taking a walk in the San Bernardino, CA desert, just off a major highway….from the vantage point of Officer Unfriendly in his taxpayer-funded whirlybird. The airborne enforcer menaces the woman from above, repeatedly buzzing her at treetop (if there were any trees) altitude before setting his ‘bird down like it’s Vietnam all over and the only thing missing is speakers blaring Ride of the Valkyries. He struts forward authoritatively – suited up just like Lt. Col. Kilgore in his special costume. You know, the one that gives him sanction to brutalize people. Which he proceeds to do:Orig14 3

Ihre papierien, bitte! he barks. And also the inevitable was machst du hier? Cue menacing tone – and expectation of supination.

Submit! Obey!

“Just exploring and picking up rocks,” the clearly frightened and (understandably) angry woman responds.

When the woman then explains that she doesn’t have ID – and why the heck should she? She’s not driving, after all… she’s merely walking about and not on private property or restricted property, either. Check Supercheap Auto Catalogue and Spotlight Catalogue. But going for a walk is now apparently suspicious. Sufficiently suspicious to justify (in the minds of these real-life Lt. Col. Kilgores) a combat-style landing followed up with a proper rousting. Not just ihre papierien, bitte! (and please, stop it already with the canned niceities; there’s no choice for us in the matter) . The thug also performs a Fourth Amendment-free physical search (without consent) rummaging through her purse and ordering her not to put her hands in her pockets.

Javol, Herr Obersturmbannfuhrer!

It is sickening.

And, enraging.

How much more of this will we agree to accept? At what point will we refuse to accept any more?

Events are building to a sickening crescendo. All proportionality has been thrown out the window in the name – ironically, tragically – of “keeping us safe.” The enforcers are not merely brutal, they are hysterical in their over-reaching, over-the-top, immediate escalation of trivialities into potentially catastrophic events. Events that, one of these days, will get out of hand. For them as much as us. More so for them, I expect.dorner 1

They are going to push too hard, too far… someone who is going to push back.


Bullies eventually get their due. It festers… it is sublimated. But one fine day, all hell breaks loose. A berserker fury is unleashed. And once unleashed, god help us all.

We already see this happening – even among their own kind. See, for instance, the case of ex-Enforcer now wanted murderer LA cop Christopher Dorner (read his manifesto here). He has gone on a manhunt… for his fellow enforcers. How many ordinary people are – right now – on the verge? How much more will it take to set some of them off?

It’s all beginning to become unglued.

What was it H.G. Wells reportedly said toward the end of his life (though in a different context)?

God damn you all. I told you so.

Throw it in the Woods?


  1. Mark Daniels of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas has been badly beaten, and is being denied visitors while being held in Lonoke County AR.

    Mark Daniels is in Lonoke County lock-up because he was arrested on “five counts of second-degree battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and one count of third-degree domestic battery.”

    “Lisa Daniels Johnston” – Sister

    Thank you for setting up this page. I am Mark’s sister…I was able to visit him today… What I saw was very scary. Let me just say Mark’s life is in danger..we need all the support and prayers we can get! We are desperately trying to get an attorney by tomorrow. Mark does have a drinking problem and he messed up when he took the first drink however he does not deserve to be threatened and brutalized by these officers. Thank you again

    According to Thomas Graham, Mark’s roommate, Mark’s jailers are trying to make it extremely difficult for Mark to have visitors. Two visitors are supposed to see him but were removed from the list and no notification has been given about the matter.

    – – – –
    Mark Daniels was arrested in the evening of Wednesday, February 20, 2012 at 8:02 p.m. EST. He was cuffed after his roommate called the cops and told the officers in attendance that Mark was inebriated and physically abusive toward him.

    The officers in question placed him under arrest but the events surrounding the arrest spun out of control. According to the roommate, the officer claimed that Mark was resisting arrest and assaulted him. When Mark hit Tom (the roommate), his glasses flew off his face and he wasn’t able to see the “physical” altercation going on. There was another person in the room and he seemed to “be out of it.” Tom heard some noise in the background, and he also heard a taser going off.

    The officer told his partner and another cop in attendance that he would do everything in his partner to see that Mark would be put in the state pen.

    Mark was sent to the jailhouse and has been in county lock-up ever since. Friday morning he stood before a judge at the courthouse and the magistrate set his bond to $100,000.

    According to Mark’s roommate, they’re trying to find an attorney for him, and have raised $1000 start the process of getting him out. Mark’s next scheduled court date is March 18.

    Here’s a local piece in Mark’s neck of the woods that has an old picture of him, yet no new mug shot was used in the county paper was used. His face is all messed up, that’s the reason for that.

    When Mark was being cuffed and tased, one of the officers struck him in the face so hard that he was bleeding profusely. He’s been roughed up so badly in his jail cell that at one point Friday night they had to take him to a hospital because of cuts and bruises, and he’s been hurt badly that he had to have some stitches.

    As I understand it, he told the jail bondsman that he was “fearing for his life” because of what the cops did to him not only at his house but in his cell. Since being unlawfully imprisoned he’s been in solitary confinement.

  2. We’re all running men. Unwilling contestants in their reality show day care systems. Check out this nine year old. His life is already over.

    9 year old beats toddlers in daycare

    Dad slaps wrong 9 year old, goes to jail. Daycare worker arrested.

    Kid’s Aunt Vinia says: “He Bad!” – “He take medicine every day”

    America now equals: One giant dystopian daycare

  3. ” a guitar with a sign on it that said ‘Guitars Kill Fascists’,”

    Woody Guthrie’s guitar had a label that read “This Machine Kills fascists”. I was probably a label taken from something being shipped to the UK or Europe for the ‘war effort’. Guthrie was in the Merchant Marine, IIRC.

  4. With the movie Hemingway & Gellhorn flicking away in the shop corner, I happened to glance over as a scene come on of a guitar with a sign on it that said ‘Guitars Kill Fascists’, and it hit me… where are the songs today that laid truth to power, like in the sixties and seventies?

    • “where are the songs today that laid truth to power, like in the sixties and seventies?”

      According to The Daily Bell, much of that was scripted, same as O.W.S. was (see: Naomi Wolf).

      A manipulating promotion.

    • I’m sure they smuggled best ones out to the UN who made some kind of use for them, no need to let them go to waste!

      Monarch Mind Control Victim Gabriela Rico Jimenez Breaks Free. Talks of the Queen of England Eating Humans. The 21 year old is connected to wealthy people, this took place at an upscale Hotel in Mexico.

      The UN Loves Organ Donors – Cause Organs Taste Delicious!

      Sawyer uses gestures & commands to summon Britney’s alters

      Lauer plays Zod with fractured Monarch child Britney Spears

  5. Do not forget all the illogical details of the Oklahoma bombing. A trial run for 911 in many ways and with many similarities ( destroy building post haste before any investigation could take place because it is ‘unsafe’).
    A retired military man by the name of Partin comes to mind as one who exposed numerous inconsistencies.
    In my mind the pattern thus far has been 1) Waco, 2) Oklahoma 3) 911. Ever since JFK, ‘they’ are getting very encouraged with what ‘they’ can get away with. #4 should be a doozy.

    • The Reasons for the Fedcoat’s Waco Holocaust?

      1. Two of the Branch Davidian village members had been able to hack into the Pentagon/CIA/FBI Black Ops databases, and discovered that the CIA with the utilization of the CIA’s Buffalo Airlines, were daily transferring Cocaine, laundered money, special operations agents, kidnaped children for CIA
      pedophile programs, and arms at the World War Two runway that bordered the Branch Davidian Village.

      2. The entire village knew about the CIA’s activities that tied directly to George Bush Senior and his direct involvement with the CIA, the Mafia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and other global locations, that included the global elites intelligence operations, banking operations, drug transfers, arms transfers, child pedophile kidnappings and transfers, aircraft refueling, and global money laundering network.

      3. In all of the Waco documentaries, you see parked in front of the Branch Davidian village main building several high speed go carts that were used by the Branch Davidians who
      were carrying out the surveillance of the government Buffalo Airlines activity at the airport that bordered the Branch Davidian village.

      4. The Branch Davidian village members surveillance of the CIA Guns for Drugs transfers was known to the CIA due the CIA computer security having traced the hacking back to the Branch Davidian Village. The main incendiary device that was used by the Special Forces attack on the Branch Davidian Village was detonated primarily in order to take out the computer room, and secondarily to kill all of the inhabitants. This genocide was a warning to any one else who may want to tamper with the CIA/Mafia/global elites
      clandestine drugs/money/arms/kidnaping operations. Whoever you are, they will burn you down, kill all peaceful inhabitants and witnesses, and destroy all computer files and evidence.

      – – – –
      I would bet the World Trade Center buildings contained witnesses/people on a kill list, and/or documents, intelligence, and evidence that needed to be completely destroyed.
      – – – –

      The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard

      It is always the same Borg story for Highways-Amtrak-Drugs-Gambling-Napster-MySpace-YouTube-Wikileaks-Megavideo-Farmers-Doctors-Landlords & Pirate Bay when they come within the sights of the Fedcoats.

      They claim you are free to endure total assimilation or total destruction – that is your freedom.

  6. “How much more of this will we agree to accept?”

    All of it.

    America no longer exists. All that remains is the mass exterminations and UN Agenda 21 lifestyle. Did you really think a piece of paper was going to save you from political psychopaths with WDMs? Todays “America” is actually Hitler’s wetdream.

  7. “It is interesting to hear certain kinds of people insist that the citizen cannot fight the government. This would have been news to the men of Lexington and Concord, as well as the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. The citizen most certainly can fight the government, and usually wins when he tries. Organized national armies are useful primarily for fighting against other organized national armies. When they try to fight against the people, they find themselves at a very serious disadvantage. If you will just look around at the state of the world today, you will see that the guerillero has the upper hand. Irregulars usually defeat regulars, providing they have the will. Such fighting is horrible to contemplate, but will continue to dominate brute strength.”

    – Col. Jeff Cooper

    • Motive for group who bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building?

      1 Retaliation for Waco & Ruby Ridge
      2 Implementation of Turner Diaries – Hieroglyph Scenario

      Wikipedia Article on the Turner Diaries

      The Turner Diaries – 120 pages – by William Luther Pierce Former leader of the white nationalist organization
      National Alliance – Annual Revenue $1 Million / year

      “What will you do when they come to take your guns?”

      Wikipedia Article on William Luther Pierce
      A)Professor of Physics at Oregon State University
      B)Aerospace Researcher at Pratt Whitney
      C)Member of John Birch Society

      John Birch Society is an anti-communist group.
      John Birch = name of first man killed in the Cold War

      • Motive for group who bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building?

        1 Retaliation for Waco & Ruby Ridge
        2 Implementation of Turner Diaries – Hieroglyph Scenario

        This of course assumes that the whole thing wasn’t your run-of-the-mill fedgov “false flag” operation – which would be a highly dubious assumption, given the evidence that’s come to light in the years since it happened.

  8. Helicopters are very vulnerable machines. I think they would be a little more cautious with a machine that costs a very lot of money to replace.
    Mexico is known for such weapons. For instance two weights with a metal chain between them. The weights tangle the blades on the machine The blades quit working. Suddenly you are dropping from 30 feet in the air to the ground! And because the blades are tangled it is on the side or back of the aircraft and the helicopter is toast.
    I think the Argentine people use such a weapon with rope to bring cattle to the ground. It is perfectly legal to have these weapons. They are old as the hills. Ropes are old as the hills too. One lasso fastened to a tree and a helicopter is likely to be toast if the rope makes contact with copter.
    The Afganistan people used missiles supplied by the CIA to shoot down many Russian Combat Helicopters from horseback. The horse costs little. The missile was less than a thousand dollars. The helicopter was very expensive.
    If I were that policeman’s supervisor I would have reemed him out good. Putting his own safety and the safety of his machine at risk is really out in left field. He didn’t even know the woman was not Mexican. What if she had been armed and dangerous?

  9. I have not read this angle before but tell me what you think:

    Dorner is already dead and buried as part of a cover-up or operation to silence those involved.

    Has anybody actually laid eyes on Dorner since this started irrespective of when and where they found the vehicle?

    Is this a possible angle?

    • Makes one wonder, right? Though i’ve heard there was fire from the cabin, I think perhaps he was already dead….
      The vehicle was burned; burn the house, too; no body to recover; no wounds to identify that he was shot with a pistol at close range, perhaps?

      Just thinking out loud…. 😉

  10. What would be the right response to this cop when approached? Do you have to give up information to him? Do you ask if you are being detained or arrested and if nt then keep moving. What should you do when cops act like this?

    • What should you do when cops act like this?

      “If someone tries to kill you, you try and kill ’em right back.” Quoted from Malcolm Reynolds, captain of the start firefly class transport ship, Serenity.

      • Damn I miss Firefly and its conclusion movie Serenity. Talk about do-gooders run amok vs freedom fighting Browncoats. “Two by two with hands of blue”.

      • There is a reason they cancel shows like that.

        The population might get ideas… The tax slaves might just start getting uppity…

        The death of the western shows and movies had to happen because the good guys had guns and knew how to use them. Something hollywood will no longer tolerate.

        • I recall an old John Wayne western where his character was told by a cop that he was wanted in town in order to answer a few questions from the sheriff. He agreed to go and was then told to surrender his gun. He declined that order and they proceeded to town. The cop chose not take an obey-or-die attitude.

  11. In my original post in which I analyzed Dorner’s manifesto, I originally said the following:

    I lost my last shred of what little respect I might have had for Dorner when he wrote this:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants-TJ. This quote is not directed toward the US government which I fully support 100%.”

    It should have hit me like a ton of obvious at the time (it must have been either too little coffee earlier in the day, or too much beer later in it), but the quote above could ONLY have been written as disinformation by a PSYOP drone. I mean, just look at it and read it again. Would anybody, even under the influence of drugs or serious mental illness, quote this famous Jefferson maxim and then, in the very next breath, make a statement of SUPPORT for the very government that Jefferson was talking about?

    Uh-UH!. I call BULLSHIT here, in big neon letters.

  12. Well, buck-up for at least another 20 years of brutal cop-thugs.

    As the country works through the post-deployment of the reservist troops who served overseas will continue their habitual abusing the civilian population in their “law-enforcement” jobs. The survival habits they learn and embrace in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., etc. will be arbitrarily used against the taypaying (and freeloading) public.

    The habits learned in the ultimate stress and adrenaline war-zone environments are not easily overcome. Even if they are aware of those habits. I have worked with a “spooky” ‘Nam vet who, while aware of there being no need, cannot sleep without first performing a perimeter check. We cannot know what the returning vets are going through, yet the military suicide rate indicates that it is brutal.

    Historically, the troops returning from the occupation of the Philippines were some of the most brutal and abusive cops and criminals ever.

    As a solution, I could wish that the returning troops would be barred from employment in domestic law-enforcement. However there is precious little else they might be qualified for employment-wise.

    History repeats. And government never learns.

  13. Have all you guys forgotten about the use of a Huey by the Feds at Waco? 50 cals were reportedly coming through the roof causing at least one death. I think even Brit SAS fucks were on board with Delta Force cowards for “training”. The main reason they were able to pull off “Waco” without citizen interference was the initial lies about meth labs, illegal firearms, and child abuse ejaculated by our “free press”. There was just enough to weaken our resolve and make us pause. I still feel a little guilty about my reticence, but only a punk who mistakenly thinks he will ever be a member of the “ruling elite” that ultimately are his/her puppet masters would even entertain a notion of harming the innocent because of such guilt. Had a co-worker who claimed to be a door-gunner in Nam. I asked if he had ever shot an innocent water buffalo. He said he had done way worse than that. The movie “Outbreak” portrayed a small town under quarantine and the use of a gunship to enforce it. We have been shown what to expect . It’s not going to be very polite.

    • Hi 4X,

      Waco was a wake-up call (as was Ruby Ridge). I’ve mentioned this before, but for the new people:

      At the time, I was an editorial writer at The Washington Times in DC. We – the editorial page staff – watched the feds burn the “cult compound” to the ground, live, as it happened. One of my colleagues said, “an action worthy of Jurgen Stroop” – referencing the WWII-era SS general who burned down the Warsaw Ghetto.

      • The thing a lot of people seem to have missed – After Ruby Ridge the Feds freaked out when the Idaho jury aquitted Randy Weaver and Harris for murder of the Federal Marshals. I believe it was in the Omnibus Crime Bill that Congress added murder of Federal Agents to the list of Federal Crimes for which the death penalty could apply. Before that only the States could execute for murder. This was a last check agaist Federal Tyranny. Not any more. Tim McVeigh was executed by the Feds for the murder of ATF agents. They rushed to execute him too. The Feds would not let him be tried by Oklahoma for the death of the day care kids – I think they were afraid the weak evidence was not enough for a state jury to convict.

        • jharry, “Tim McVeigh was executed by the Feds for the murder of ATF agents.”

          What I found so dubious about the Oklahoma City bombing was just how fast the fed gubment executed McVeigh.

          Is it not curious as to how a rapist/murderer of an eighty-three year old woman can sit in prison for twenty plus years while Timmy boy is quickly sent to the other side by the Federales?

    • Leo
      I had the same thought because I love aviation, too. I’ve flown fixed wing aircraft for 40 years but I have been thinking of building a Mosquito, 1-man helicopter. I really wonder how long we’ll be “allowed” to fly choppers for fun…

      • Build it. I knew a guy who built a helicopter to escape from Hungary, in the 1970’s. If he could do it in communist Hungary (albeit in a clandestine way) we can manage to do it too.
        I dream of aviation like it was in the 1920’s in the United States: hundreds of builders, hundreds of different approaches, no licenses, no airworthiness certificates…

        • It’s not technically that hard to build a small gyro-copter (like the one in Road Warrior, for instance). Kits are available – but you could build one from stuff you’ve got lying around (well, stuff I have lying around!), too..

          • Gyrocopters are easy. Well, I should say, if one has your mechanical skills.
            During WWII, the Germans even had an un-powered gyrocopter which they assembled and flew tethered to a submarine (sort of like a kite, or a rotary wing glider). I think it would be easy to build one and fly it behind a boat, or a car. Even a motorcycle.

          • I’m not a fan of helicopters nor gyrocopters. Theoretically the latter should be much more stable than helicopters, but without any control feedback loops they are much more unstable. Many commerical pilots get themselves a gyrocopters usually end up dead as the machine is nothing like a plane, these things (again without any electronic control feedback in stability) are highly unstable diverging chaotic machines.

            Personally when I was younger I thought of making a RC gyrocopter and using IC accelerometers and a integrator control feedback loop to make them very stable. I have a better idea than bladed crap these days though. Anyone that has studied the beauty of a integrator feedback loop knows that by feeding back the negative output of the integrator to a summation node can get zero positional error. They are simple and it wouldn’t take much to improve the dynamics on a gyrocopter. Anyone interested in building a gyrocopter and needs some help making it relatively stable let me know and I’ll share some ideas with you how to do it. Though I don’t warranty you or your gyrocopter you’d probably live a lot longer with the electronics I’d help you design for it.


          • Hot Rod, gyrocopters are naturally stable, whereas helicopters are naturally unstable unless the centre of gravity is above the rotor disc, which is tricky to arrange. It has to do with a powered rotor driving a feedback that an unpowered one won’t.

            However, it is very easy for the larger system of the gyrocopter and the pilot’s reflex driven control inputs to become unstable, something called “Pilot Induced Oscillation”. It is the analogue of the “kangaroo hop” that learner drivers using manual transmissions are prone to when letting the clutch in. In the same way, it’s a non-problem once the reflexes come right – only, gyrocopter pilots can get killed before they learn, often by swinging the tail boom and the rotor disc together (if they can, they should just let go of the controls and everything will settle – but they might be already heading for the ground and too close to recover when trouble hits, and, of course, if they can just let go, they already have proper reflexes). Normal layout helicopters stay unstable all the time, although tricks like the Bell or Hiller control systems can make them merely mildly unstable so that (trained) pilot’s reflexes can react quickly enough to keep them balanced, just like a rider balancing a motor scooter moving slowly enough that gyroscopic effects are insignificant. That makes helicopters more flyable, but there’s still a lot of fatigue from doing it.

            The nearest thing to a “naturally safe” aircraft may be a powered parachute, and the nearest with a decent performance and convenience of use may be a “Flying Flea” built to avoid the vices that the early versions accidentally put in when the designer got rid of the more usual aircraft vices.

          • @P.M.Lawrence

            I don’t doubt you are right that with the right training the “Pilot oscillation” could be damped. Obviously negative g’s adversely effect the gyrocopter performance and when the pilot gets in a positive feedback loop of enforcing the oscillation then the whole thing becomes more and more unstable. BTW when I say postive I don’t mean its positive to have oscillation I’m strictly speaking the polarity of feedback.

            Point I was making that a feedback loop is much quicker and always correct at getting the negative (actually positive in outcome) in stabilizing the loop without oscillation. If it didn’t work for Harrier jump jets I wouldn’t advocate it for gyrocopters which like you said are much more naturally stable. I know most people like the non ABS way of direct control, but it can be just as much fun to design your own electronic circuitry to make a device easily controllable. Feedback loops done right can prevent oscillation, create near absolute stability. They also don’t get their wires crossed in panic situations. I believe this is why commerical pilots get themselves killed in gyrocopters because they learn natural instincts with planes that are inverse to a gyrocopter and they do this when its most critical not to make that mistake. Control feeback is a proven science of engineering and its fun to implement. Who know’s if a person does it right maybe he could sell it to other gyrocopter pilots. I’ve done thousands of feedback loops and I could show a person the tricks is all I offer. Interestingly enough the human being in the loops is exactly a poor control feedback and that is what causes oscillation. How do you get oscillation in a loop? Too much gain and slow processing (time delay processing) of an element in that loop. The human mind cannot respond quick enough when thing get awry and so the oscillations actually reinforce, an electronic feedback loop can be as fast a microsecond and also be very slow based on how its implemented and for what cause. I think the reason most people are against electronic controls is because they simply don’t understand them and therefore feel that they are at their mercy. Which is true when you buy ABS for your car from a Detroit engineer. Much different if you design something yourself and have the override and engage button.

  14. One “good” thing to come out of this is that cops will have to “look over their shoulders” and “grow eyes in the backs of their heads” when out among the public. Maybe they will be more inclined to “behave” themselves when out among their “bosses” (us average citizens). Of course, their initial actions have proven otherwise, the shooting of innocent citizens in a pickup truck that “looked like the suspect’s vehicle”.
    It’s a shame we could not get the rest of the government officials to feel the same way–the fear to be seen in public . . . read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross . . .

    • Maybe they will be more inclined to “behave” themselves when out among their “bosses” (us average citizens).

      More likely, at least at first, they’ll become even more violent and reckless. However, let them continue doing that and I guarantee you that confrontations (and our responses) will only get uglier. We’ll soon start seeing cops’ families and kids targeted for retaliation – just like Dorner is (supposedly) planning on doing, but instead it will be Mere Mundanes, not disgruntled ex-swine, who are the perpetrators.

      • liberranter, ” We’ll soon start seeing cops’ families and kids targeted for retaliation…”

        Yes, cops and other authorities need to be hit where it counts but I am sure you will agree that we must take the high moral ground and not actually hurt their families physically. But if my family is to suffer through my being killed in defense of my rights then their families must also feel the pain of the actions of their “heros”

        I am currently writing a novel about this very subject. In it during the not too distant future a SWAT team gun grabber member’s house is invaded by pro gunners who take the family and the pets outside and tell them that they are going to burn the house down and let the family go to live with a relative. This one time. The gun righters explain to the wife and kids that their SWAT team member will be killed but they will be free to go. Except that the house of the relative they go to live with will also be burned down. And so on.

        It is a work in progress so I invite all ideas and comments. I know it sounds silly. Yet truth is always stranger than fiction.

        • “High Moral Ground” is a convenient catch-phrase that’s really not worth much. the winner always has the “high moral ground.”
          So let’s focus on winning by any means necessary, pray it’s never necessary to fight, and go on with life. If we don’t hope for the best AND prepare for the worst, we’ll accede to anything, we’ll cede our rights, our freedom, our lives, ultimately, and our children will grow up knowing only servitude… while they are trained to lick the hand that beats them.

          We can always concede the preparations weren’t necessary – THIS time. Or we can cry ourselves to sleep because we weren’t ready, and THIS TIME – THEY meant it!

  15. I have just finished reading Dorner’s word salad otherwise referred to as the ‘Manifesto’. My impression before over-analysis sets in is that it is part authentic and also that parts were injected by a ‘copy editor’ ( probably an English grad who specialized in style interpretation, under a PTB mandate).

    There are obvious divergences in passion from the actual issues this individual has and also in the writing style when the topic shifts from his grievances to ‘The World According to Dorner’.

    In the latter there is no rhyme or reason but a lot of non related points that would favour publication from the PTB perspective. There is also a lot of subtle mind fuck such as his mention to Dead Man Walking which is in fact what he is. Tie in his personal anger at the LAPD and Michelle’s bangs? He likes BOTH Bush and Obama? ( that’s unique!).

    I could write a more complete analysis but the length would be prohibitive and still be only my opinion. So on the fundamental point of whether his manifesto is genuine or not consider this:
    if some individual who had the system figured out much like the readership of this site were to go out and kill two police officers ( the ultimate crime) and then submit a very eloquent and concise justification for doing so which would list the corruption from the supra-national levels down to
    the local PD’s ( which would necessarily have to implicate the collusion of the MSM), what would the probability be of having it published at all or in unaltered form? Zero I would think.

    And of course we will never really know because this man will never have his day in court even if the situation is not a psyop to begin with. Too many strange things happening in close order lately….


        • Fascinating article, Larry. The following bit, if true, is encouraging: “While gun grabbers hoped the U.S. military would agree to fire upon American citizens who refused to turn in their guns, what really happened is that huge numbers of active duty soldiers announced they would never participate in military action against their own countrymen. In fact, inside the military there is rising talk of shooting commanding officers in the head if they order troops to fire on American citizens over gun rights issues.”

          I have no idea what the author’s source for that statement might be, or how reliable it is. I do hope it is accurate.

          • “In fact, inside the military there is rising talk of shooting commanding officers in the head if they order troops to fire on American citizens over gun rights issues.”

            Mike, I am not a religious man but dear God please let this be true!

          • “While gun grabbers hoped the U.S. military would agree to fire upon American citizens who refused to turn in their guns, what really happened is that huge numbers of active duty soldiers announced they would never participate in military action against their own countrymen. In fact, inside the military there is rising talk of shooting commanding officers in the head if they order troops to fire on American citizens over gun rights issues.”

            I sure the hell hope this is an accurate report. I know that if I were still on active duty, that would be my reaction to any order to shoot American citizens.

          • Your beloved Fedgov do not need the American military to kill all of you. They can use the NATO or other foreign soldiers. They might be more than happy to do this dirty “job”…
            I am sorry to destroy your illusions… The only chance I can see for you at the moment: As many as possible states should go totally out of the union before it is too late…

  16. “Ms. Rodman looked strong on the podium in her subtly stated slate grey pants suit and with her hair pinned back helping to expose her face showing the seriousness of her concern for blah, blah, blah…” Or some such nonsense.”

    That’s funny as shit. Good one, skunkbear, and accurate, too.

  17. It isn’t a Vertical Assault, it is Vertical Enforcement.

    “Charlie don’t surf” needs to be upgraded to “Charlie don’t do officer safety”.

    • Fear. To make him sound scary. Big angry black man and all.

      We are supposed to have empathy for the cops that filled that blue toyota truck with holes along with with its two occupants.

      The last thing they want is for us to start betting on Ben Richards.

      • I’ll tell you what’s scary. When my V1 tells me there are cops around when I’m driving in the middle of nowhere with no one around and I can’t see them. Every once in awhile I’ll catch a creep hiding in the woods like some kind of demented sick fuck. That’s scary! A big dude with specific and preselected targets.. not so scary.

        • Speaking of sick fucks, the state cops in Maryland use night vision equipment to snare people who aren’t using their seat belts at night. That’s about as sick as can be.

          • Calm down Mike. Maryland just wants you to know that they care for your safety 24/7.
            You can sleep tight knowing they are always there to keep you safe from the scofflaws. Go back to sleep Mike, it was all just a bad dream…

          • “Speaking of sick fucks, the state cops in Maryland use night vision equipment to snare people who aren’t using their seat belts at night. That’s about as sick as can be.”

            Hey, that only lets us know how much they care about our safety….

    • Check the byline: Ann O’Neil.

      It must be a chic thing. Women reporters usually include such immaterial details.

      “Ms. Rodman looked strong on the podium in her subtly stated slate grey pants suit and with her hair pinned back helping to expose her face showing the seriousness of her concern for blah, blah, blah…” Or some such nonsense.

    • Here we go again!

      “The 270-pound former Navy lieutenant promised to bring “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” to police officers and their families, calling it the “last resort” to clear his name and retaliate at a department that he says mistreated him.”

          • Anger at the state may be greater than I thought. It seems a fair number of people started betting on Richards. However he didn’t find the uplink and will only be back in reruns.

            The cops being caught on tape saying to burn him has created full damage control. On the radio on my way home the new official story is incendiary tear gas started the fire unintentionally.

            They want the internet shut down now for sure. It messes up their neat clean endings that a compliant press is all too willing to help with… provided nobody records these little accidents and then spreads them. They always happened but with three channels and no re run they just went down the memory hole.

          • I really can’t see this guy wanting to burn himself. Getting shot to death by cops yeah, but not burning himself. They cut off the cameras, blew his ass up and torched the place.

    • “Enter Christopher Jordan Dorner, a 33-year-old, 270-pound LAPD washout who is now the most hunted man in America.”

      I don’t –and refuse to– read/watch/listen to any of the MSM propaganda fonts anymore, so I have to ask: is that quote above seriously what those talentless presstitute assholes published? I can’t believe that any adult over the age of 18 would confer a milligram of credibility upon any “news” outlet that would print or say something so absolutely juvenile.

      • Yes it is. They keep updating the story on I don’t watch tv or listen to the radio anymore. Interesting, there is nothing on the front page of CNN about the story anymore. Now it’s all about the blizzard.

        • Interesting, there is nothing on the front page of CNN about the story anymore. Now it’s all about the blizzard.

          Amoricons, with their microscopic brains and attention spans the length of those of houseflies, can’t process more than one crisis at a time. CNN is just dumbing down the “news” to the level at which its primary customer base can process it.

  18. I read the manifesto and after the first few paragraphs thought to myself “wow, I think I really like this guy. Seems like a genuinely good person who was brainwashed by the state who woke up”…until I got to the parts praising the assault weapon ban and government in general. I think we’d all have to be very naive to not think TPTB would not edit this manifesto before releasing it to the public in order to steer public opinion in their intended direction.

      • He has spent his life as he knows it serving the institution of government. He’s going to try to keep his belief system intact. It’s only LAPD, the government is still good… we’ve seen it before.

        He was shocked hard into reality by personal experience. He’s trying to hold on to illusion I think. This seems to be his mental break. He cannot put his experiences into his worldview.

        It’s probably a 100 times or more a shock to his system than if Clover found itself treated poorly by the cops.

        • “He has spent his life as he knows it serving the institution of government. He’s going to try to keep his belief system intact. It’s only LAPD, the government is still good… we’ve seen it before. ”

          I agree with BrentP his explanation sound like the most likely in explaining Dprner’s conficting views. He’s kind of a state drone hybrid with a real human being just starting to peek through. But not spritually and mentally competent yet to know how to properly weild that gun.

          Though I also agree with both Dom and Eric my initial gut reaction was LAPD imposed chum bait in that manifesto. It is hard to have the state as a God fail you though. Just imagine how someone who idolizes this nation God can’t cope when he finds he’s worshipping Lucifer instead. Soon he’ll feels like Judas and be looking for the nearest tree to resolve his betrayal to his God. Too bad he wasn’t able to ween himself slowly of the false God and find Eric Peters site before going on a shooting binge. Given his manifesto pretty much alienates him amongst everyone, he now has nobody who gives a shit. Not even his own mother. On one hand he sounds like V for vendetta, but on the other hand he sounds like a progressive dope. Everybody just wants him dead and nobody will claim him, and if it was a manifesto state plant they did a good job ostracizing him.

          When you make your whole life at the art of war how can you have any other employer but the government? Its a typical welfare/warfare job, once you get there you are doomed forever in orbit of the black hole’s grip. It is true that most of us might not have the efficiency to kill or fight like them when war is forced upon us, but when and if we do fight at least we won’t be delusional and when its over we can go back to productive lives.

          God bless him anyway and may he find the real truth that will set him free. His expiration date is anyday now so I hope he hurries. Hell, literal Hell he is in.

          Outside of LV suburb there was a 20-30 year old police veteran that went home shot his wife and children and then lit arsoned his own house before shooting himself right in front of his fellow officers. Everyone just couldn’t believe it. It happened about 3 weeks ago and made national news, I’m not sure if you guys heard about it? Anyway, this is the norm not the unusual when you treat people like killing robotic machines.

          Like Eric said this is only the beginning of the lunatic fringe that has been bottled up for way too long and about to release a springed with back motive force. It would be great though if the future civil war strictly remained within the government and they just kept fighting with themselves. I hope the whole instrument of this dangerous government can be divided house amongst themselves. I encourage Dorner like police to take it to the force and leave us alone to go about our Godly business of productive peace. Just maybe just maybe they could get their jolts killing each other instead making us their meat cows? Not a chance.

      • There is something odd about this story. I simply do not buy into anything the media is reporting on this (I never do).

        It seems like a flip false flag. If this guy was a “right wing nut job” it would be a 24/7 story. But such a story would be too neat, too tidy for an agenda to portray anti-gubment people as dangerous. So by mixing in some leftist rants TPTB can push their agenda by saying there are threats from both sides and therefore, once again, “security” must be ratcheted up another notch.

        My spider sense is tingling…

        • Dear bear,

          What you say feels about right.

          It feels like they spun his alleged manifesto to ensure that neither the right nor the left would come to his rescue, and that their “nutjob” characterization would stick.

          After all, never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste, right?

          • It feels like they spun his alleged manifesto to ensure that neither the right nor the left would come to his rescue, and that their “nutjob” characterization would stick.

            That makes sense. I won’t take the time to re-read it, but just from the first read, it was disjointed enough to be something that a PSYOP team crafted. It even has that authentic “rare semi-literate cop” feel, down to the handful of (rather obviously contrived) malapropisms added to selected passages (“The internal affairs investigation in the academy involving Schefres was spurned by a complaint…”; “in the van that was compiled of at least 8 officers…”). And then there’s the whopper “Judge my writin/grammar skills for yourself.”

            Nope, sorry. Too obvious.

        • I hear you. Also, if this dude was the real deal things would have been different. He would have lined up a neat tidy schedule and offed them all in a day. Just sayin’

          Side Note: TSA, 8 billion dollars a year and not one terrorist caught! A big fucking laff..

          • Dear dom,


            You’d think that 8 billion dollars would be enough to arrange for at least one Lee Harvey Oswald type fall guy to serve as “designated terrorist.”

          • “TSA, 8 billion dollars a year and not one terrorist caught! A big fucking laff.”

            Check that. 310 million “terrorists” caught… the laff’s on us!

          • eric, Check that. 310 million “terrorists” caught… the laff’s on us!

            Now that’s some sad shit but so true, making it all the sadder. I didn’t sign up for this prison camp but here I is!!

        • This is likely a real guy the sociopaths that make their ‘living’ in government angered. They may be trying to spin it, but it doesn’t seem to be registering anything among the masses. It’s just some internal police problem. He’s just another nut who may or may not have been screwed over who is acting out.

          There will be no legislation or policy changes because of this guy. He will be portrayed as nut job and the story will die with him.

          Last thing they want is the public showing sympathy for him or the innocent people the cops are shooting.

    • Dear Jacob,

      I think we’d all have to be very naive to not think TPTB would not edit this manifesto before releasing it to the public in order to steer public opinion in their intended direction.

      I encountered this latest article by Eric late, due to the time difference. I’m in GMT +8.

      The interesting thing is that by the time I got around to reading it and commenting, people had worked out most of the possible angles.

      Never underestimate the intellect of the people on this forum!

      • Bevin: Never underestimate the intellect of the people on this forum!

        I am frequently awed by the intellect I see here, beginning with Eric and extending far beyond. This is a truly special group, and I am honored to be able to occasionally participate.

      • The interesting thing is that by the time I got around to reading it and commenting, people had worked out most of the possible angles.

        Never underestimate the intellect of the people on this forum!

        I think it’s just indicative of the fact that the State’s usual bag-o-tricks are starting to get trite, threadbare, and just plain obvious, even to the densest among us out there. In other words, we ain’t as stupid as they think we are. And that, my friends, is really damned encouraging!

  19. While I certainly understand Dorner’s rage and his desire to “get even,” if not ahead, I seriously doubt that 1) he has actually carried out any of his threats, or that 2) he’ll ever be able to. If he was really serious, and if he had an ounce of truly functioning gray matter between his ears, he would have STFU’d, walked away, gone off the grid, gotten on with whatever life he could, and then, months or years later, hit his targets without any warning, without any manifesto in advance making his intentions clear, and without a single word to anyone. By writing and publishing a manifesto (well written for a cop, I must admit), he’s not only lost any element of surprise he might have had, but has painted a big, fat target on himself.

    As for his references to using military intelligence sources to hunt down his victims and carry out his threats, I assure everyone here, based on my own past experience in this field, that this is pure delusional noise. Having been stripped of his security clearances, he has no access whatsoever to ANY of those resources. Surely by publishing his manifesto, he must have been aware that not only is he far from the only cop in the country to have served within that community, but that those who have, along with members of the general public who read his manifesto who also have past or present experience in this area, would quickly call bullshit on his threats involving such resources. In other words, whoever might have initially taken Dorner’s manifesto seriously up to that point, they are definitely not doing so now. This guy has clearly lost it.

    I lost my last shred of what little respect I might have had for Dorner when he wrote this:

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants-TJ. This quote is not directed toward the US government which I fully support 100%.

    If he’s not smart enough to see that what’s going on inside the LAPD is just a microcosm of what’s going on at alllevels of government, if he really conflates “patriotism” with love of and support for a tyrannical central government, then he’s a very big part of the problem, his righteous anger at his treatment by the LAPD notwithstanding. By making this statement, he is telling the world that if the Sock Puppet in the Awful Orifice who shares his sepia skin tone orders him and his fellow costumed thugs to run roughshod over Amerikan subjects, he will gladly do it. If Rome-on-the-Potomac, rather than L.A. City Hall, ordered the crimes committed which Dorner so loudly complains about, he’d comply without a second thought.

    Bottom line: Dorner is no better than the corrupt, violent cops he is targeting. All his assertions to the contrary, all the rhetoric about his growing up with a “North-pointing moral compass” (or some other such BS) aside, he’s just another badged thug who answers to a different master.

    I didn’t bother to read any thing else in Dorner’s rant beyond this point, but I’m sure it’s overflowing with more disjointed nonsense. Christopher Dorner is going to be a corpse before very long. In fact, cynical conspiracy theorist that I am, I’m already starting to wonder if there isn’t something “false flag-ish” about this whole thing. Stepping back and looking at it from a distance, too many things already are just not adding up.

    • Excellent points. I would like to add a big “what if” by asking, what if he didn’t write any of this manifesto? What if he really was going to live his own life after “waking up” to government corruption, but was threatened in some way, and this whole thing is a big false flag show?

      • The more I’ve thought about it over the last 24 hours, the more I consider that to not only be a possibility, but very probably the truth. This whole thing is beginning to stink to high heaven.

        • Any layman can hack his way into Facebook. Certainly spooks can do all kinds of wizardry.

          Why would he wait so long after being fired in 2008 to make this move?

          He was put on a kill list for whatever reason. He’s became the designated fallguy for a few FBI black bag jobs done for reasons we’ll never learn.

          They alter his online records and postings to portray him as guilty, and he either starts to run, or surrenders to a full metal jacket surprise party.

          It’s Harrison Ford fugitive time for Dorner & Tommy Lee’s Bluto-esque doppelgänger is hunting him in every warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse, and doghouse.

          Tommy Lee Jones – The Fugitive Speech

      • “what if he didn’t write any of this manifesto? ”

        Bingo. I was wondering why the manifesto would paint him as a gungrabber and a psychotic killer at the same time.

        The whole thing stinks indeed as liberranter says. It especially stinks to me since I automatically assume that he’s a moron since he’s a cop.

        That would mean that he couldn’t write a simple crime report, let alone a manifesto of such length.

        Maybe my default assumption about cops and their masters will lead me to a bad end. That’s entirely possible.

    • “I didn’t bother to read any thing else in Dorner’s rant beyond this point, but I’m sure it’s overflowing with more disjointed nonsense”

      Yeah, I agree. He’s (as we used to say when I was young) Aaaaall fucked up. Poor goober. He was born stupid and he’s been backslidin ever since. ahaha

    • “The sections where he praised the pending AWB and the Fed.Gov seem jarringly out of place.”

      When you consider that the guy is at least mildly retarded, it doesn’t come as such a shock that he approves of federal disarmament laws. After all, he’s enough of a goober that he fell for the bullshit that got him into the police academy and later into the AF.

      He’s a dickhead. Being that stupid, he probably won’t do much damage before his own kind catch up with him.

  20. So…. has he carried out any of the threats in his manifesto? The way it’s written, he sounds as though he has just snapped out and is trying to scare his fellow porkies.

    He claims to have SAMs and Barret rifles. Seems kind of dumb to be giving his intended targets so much warning, but then again, this is a guy who bought into both the “Be a Cop” and “Serve Your Country” bullshit and found out, way late, that he wasn’t going to be all that he could be.

    Unfortunately, his rant makes him sound dumb rather than just unhinged.

  21. To me, the one constant that runs through all these stories of harassment and brutality by cops/service weenies is that the perps are all rather dimwitted. Being arrogant and stupid is a bad enough combination in a person, but to take an arrogant dimwit and give him weapons and authority makes for a disaster in waiting.

    Intelligent people aren’t drawn to careers in the Gestapo, the Schutzstaffel or the Wehrmacht. Dimwits, the vapidly evil and sociopaths are the ones drawn to uniforms and badges.

    Evil people seem to be pretty dumb, usually. They may exhibit a sort of low cunning, but they aren’t smart.

    • I posted this earlier:

      “Are you aware that an officer (a rookie/probationer at the time) seen on the Rodney King videotape striking Mr. King multiple times with a baton on 3/3/91 is still employed by the LAPD and is now a Captain on the police department? Captain Rolando Solano is now the commanding officer of a LAPD police station (West LA division). As a commanding officer, he is now responsible for over 200 officers.”


      I’m under the impression this guy joined the police department under the assumption he would be doing good for people and himself. Doomed from the start is what I say. First of all, cops don’t do good by anybody other than the court house that collects all the fines/tax they generate. It appears he was tested very early in his career (a weeding out moment) and he failed miserably. Just another case in point where someone who stands up for justice is trampled and railroaded right the fuck out. This is “we” and how “we” like to operate.
      Heil ‘o’/

      I hope the evil lying fucks get what they deserve.

      • The first five LAPD officers to arrive at the scene of the beating that left Rodney King permanently brain-damaged were Stacey Koon, Laurence Powell, Timothy Wind, Theodore Briseno, and Rolando Solano.

        Four additional officers arrived later and also took part in the “swarm” to “subdue” Rodney King.

        Only four of the original five – Koon, Powell, Briseno and Wind – were charged with use of excessive force. None of the late arrivals were charged.

        [Rolando Solano]

        [53 Deaths in the LA Riots]
        When the officers were acquitted, the verdict triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in which 53 people were killed, and over two thousand were injured. The riots ended after soldiers from the United States Army National Guard, along with United States Marines from nearby Camp Pendleton, California, were called in to assist local authorities and quell the riots.

        [home videographer]
        Deeply bitter at the media who took advantage of him, George Holliday rarely talks to the press these days.
        As for the camera he used that night? He lost it in a divorce settlement with his wife.

        [Rodney King]
        “Some people feel like I’m some kind of hero, others hate me. They say I deserved it. Other people, I can hear them mocking me for when I called for an end to the destruction, like I’m a fool for believing in peace.” – Rodney King

        [Full Rodney King Beating Causing Brain Damage]

        [Follow up story on home videographer]

        • I avidly read shocking accounts of coppers gone wild–William N. Grigg is a fountain of them–but the Rodney King beating was entirely justified.

          His friends in the car surrendered and were untouched. King fought back and managed to throw off the scrum of cops on him. (You know how puny white guys are.) We can argue that the cops didn’t know how to properly use a baton. But the alternatives to wrestling him down by brute force was to either shoot him or starve him out.

          No one denies King broke the law. No one denies he fought back for some time. The dispute is centered on what to do with a belligerent man who’s bigger and stronger any of the cops on the scene.

          • Griggs is not a peddler of shocking videos. He is a Christian Individualist who was fired from his job as editor and contributor to The New American in 2006 for refusing to give up his independence and engage in groupthink.

            A man who paid the price for putting his principles first. He gave up a lot of money and prestige he had earned as the senior editor of the flagship magazine of the John Birch Society.

            The video perfectly encapsulates the dystopia of mainstream “Kneel Before Zod” society. At base level – monkeys with clubs and chase vehicles. At top level – Zod himself and his UN jetset planners who pronounce and proclaim from on high.

            This video makes clear it’s only about raw force and Zod’s power and glory, and nothing else. No pretense, just force.

            I reject each and every word of the rambling bureaucratese of Zod’s dictates and deny anything beneficial results from his brutality whatsoever.

            Rodney’s real crime was failure to Kneel Before Zod’s chosen ones. There is no mechanism in Zod’s system to mitigate bad actors like him to maintain order, not even in the way a cattleman cares for his cattle.

            Zod has no legitimacy. Zod’s core principle is a willingness to destroy everything and try to starve everyone before relenquishing power.

            All Zod’s pontificating about removing the dangerous Rodney from the road. And that Zod is stopping Rodney’s domestic violence is farcical and laughable. Zod’s cages only magnify and solidify bad actions as one’s only chance to survive upon capture.

            Zod & the UN want a smokefree world. Where 100% of drivers wear seatbelts. Where women and men are exactly equal and compliant to a pre-planned joyless ideal. Zod’s UN dreamworld and Orwell’s sexless, individually emotionless, dystopian future are one and the same.

            The UN War Machine in NY – W. Griggs

            UN’s Global Gun Grab Agenda – W.Griggs

          • Tor, thanks for the praise for Mr. Grigg. He is a true hero in the defense of our freedoms not like Zod’s “hero” Chris Kyle who killed innocent people in distant lands Zod wants to also control. Mr. Grigg needs our support and we should give it to him.

            As for Rodney King, if he was being dangerous by driving 80 miles an hour through a residential area as claimed (by Zod’s punks) then he did need to be stopped. Although Zod does look for any crisis to further its wicked goals, we must also recognize that there are indeed other legitimate idiots, fools, and non-Zod punks who are also a threat to the peaceable people.

            Whether King’s beating was justified or not, there is no excuse for the rioting that took place. Rioting only gives better momentum for Zod’s cause and worse it causes more suffering of the peaceable.

            Packs of grown black men dragging innocent old Asian women from their cars and beating them near to death and other horrors must not be tolerated even if using force plays into Zod’s hands.

            What is needed is more exposure of Zod and his methods. Not an easy task but thanks to Eric and Grigg we have a fighting chance.

          • Whew, talk about missing the point. I wrote in praise of William Griggs’ articles, which reveal shocking cop abuses. Why do you think I called it “coppers gone wild”?

            Further, Rodney King was speeding at 110 mph, not 80. So yeah, he should have been stopped. No one addressed the point that King’s buddies surrendered peacefully and were unmolested, so we can dismiss racism or trumped-up charges by the cops. Also ignored is just what the cops should have done once King fought all of them off.

            We are right to detest abuses by cops, but we gain nothing by gross exaggeration and thinking that every single cop action is unlawful.

            There were no Reply buttons to click on the posts I’m criticizing, so I reply here. Again, a greater misunderstanding and passing over of my criticisms are hardly possible than what’re in this commentary.

    • Evil individuals cover the IQ spectrum. There are lots who are very evil and very smart. Think of the bankers who have pulled their record breaking heists over the past few years. Think of various American Secretaries of State going back quite a few years – some have even been accused of crimes against humanity. Very bright and very evil.

        • “Alexander Hamilton being another case-in-point”

          How was Hamilton evil, Eric? I’d say that he was a conniving political operative, but not actually evil. He was, though, dimwitted in several ways. For instance, he was oblivious to the kind of resentment he was stirring up among his peers, and he then turned to trying to use insulting innuendo against those who disagreed with him.

          One of them was offended enough that he challenged big Al to a duel, which Hamilton stupidly attended and so he got his dumb ass lit up by an expert pistol marksman. Burr could shoot and he prized his honor highly, both facts Hamilton was oblivious to or stupidly ignored.

          I’d say that Hamilton was a dimbulb tool of some evil men, but I haven’t seen evidence that he was overly intelligent or evil.

          • Hamilton, a NY Lawyer, played Cheney while George Washington played the Cheney controlled puppet Bush.

            Hamilton debt-financed the 11th president, formed the first national bank, and was the front-oligarch of a one man party network of supporters, urban bankers, and businessmen, who made the US into a single fiscal empire.

            Hamilton even made George Washington the First President, and unpresidented the other 10 presidents who proceeded him, since they were weak and without absolute monarchical powers like George.




            Hamilton’s Federalist Party created tariffs, and put us back under control of Britain through the Jay Treaty negotiated in 1794.

            Hamilton developed the concept of implied powers, and rammed through the adoption of his interpretation of the United States Constitution.

            Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, denounced the Federalist policies of the bank, and implied powers.They attacked the Jay Treaty as a sell-out of republican values to the British monarchy. The Federalists won most of the major legislative battles until 1800 by way of their strong base in the nation’s cities and in New England.

            Large Cities & New England still strong arm America today, much the way London tramples over all other constituents of the United Kingdom.

            The blue square in our flag is Martha Washington’s plantation, which became the Federal District of Columbia from where Hamilton’s and his successors still rule over the nation of slaveborn men within Hamilton’s United Plantation.

      • ” Think of the bankers who have pulled their record breaking heists over the past few years. Think of various American Secretaries of State going back quite a few years”

        I disagree. Kissinger, for example, isn’t intelligent. He exhibits, at best, a low cunning. He had money awarded to him by CFR cronies and he gained political power through an appointment by an especially dimwitted president.

        Banksters are uniformly identifiable as dimwits and social cripples. Look at Hank Paulson, for instance. He can barely form a coherent sentence, and the justifications he came up with for bailouts were so absurd that they failed as talking points for the dimbulb pols who rammed through the bailout packages.

        Having the political power to get their desired policies implemented doesn’t equate with having the intelligence to come up with policies that would benefit themselves without infuriating so many people.

        Surely you aren’t trying to insinuate that Hilary Clinton is intelligent. She’s obviously a moron, on the level of GW Bush. Colin Powell is an obvious imbecile. Take it back as far as you can and show a few examples of intelligent Secretaries of State.

        I can’t name a single example, but maybe you can.

        • I agree but with one exception – William Jennings Bryan. I may not have agreed with all his positions but I do think he was a bright and honest man. Although he did serve under Woodrow Wilson, so maybe I am indeed wrong…

          • “I agree but with one exception – William Jennings Bryan.”

            Well, he did resign so maybe he wasn’t evil. Look at the current crop going back to FDR. Not a bright mind in the lot.

        • “Evelyn, excellent point”

          A point unillustrated is no point at all. Wait to see who she lists as being intelligent among the Sec’State office holders or any of the Banksters.

          The list of evil dimbulbs is easier to compile. Start with GHW Bush, GW Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rove, Reno, Obama, Chertoff, Holder…… Your fingers will get tired from typing names and you’ll be at it all day.

          Read their speeches, view videos of their interviews, and decide whether there’s a genius, or even a 3 digit IQ among them. I don’t see any evidence of even slightly below average intelligence, let alone genius among any of the political class.

          • What Eric said. The guys you mention are at level 6 – Division B in the power pyramid you see attached below. Kneel before your Zods.


            At this point, having a broadly accomplished man at the very top, with Zod-like powers, say Sergei Brin, would probably be much better than the arcane shadowy hemophiliac blood suckers we kneel before now. I don’t think Queen Beatrix, Elizabeth, King Abdullah bin Abdul‘aziz, Emperor Akihito et. al could change a tire, much less nurture and bring more common wealth to an entire world.

            Current Sovereign Monarchs

            Why are you not already kneeling before Zod?

            Cracked’s Guide To General Zod

          • Ed, the point Evelyn made which I think is excellent was “Evil individuals cover the IQ spectrum.”

            Obviously, any elected/appointed “official” is a grifter of the highest order. Some are smart, some are dumb, some are just lucky but all are puppets to the truly wicked.

            “The list of evil dimbulbs is easier to compile…Your fingers will get tired from typing names and you’ll be at it all day”.

            Although this is a contradictory statement, I do understand your argument. But since we do not know the actual IQ of all those you listed we cannot judge them on their intelligence. But we can judge them on their immoral actions. I think this was the point Evelyn was making.

        • “Evil individuals cover the IQ spectrum.”

          That may be true but the instant a man becomes evil he also becomes reprobate, which means that he is in a state of degeneration in the mind, body and soul. You cannot expect to fill the head with degenerating ideas and expect the outcome to be higher order? No I’ll make an argument that is why evil people need the good to be in a spell, the fruits of creation only come from goodness. So they are sure to find ways to try to bridle and control that energy for the lack of their own. Hence why evil people also love to enslave people, they cannot perform independently. Evil is weak and truth is strong, though in this world weak people often end up controlling strong people through infection and enslavement.

      • That is true Evelyn, but I believe there is a somewhat weak correlation between intelligence and morality. That is, on average more intelligent people tend to be slightly more ethical. Partly this is because the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to be aware of less straightforward ethical dilemmas. By definition, the stupid can only have a very simple level of morality. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. There are geniuses who are psychopaths, and morons who are the nicest people you will meet.

        I also believe that being unethical tends to reduce intelligence. People who have a poorly developed sense of morality often struggle to grasp difficult truths simply because they do not have the moral fibre to face up to them. It is hard to understand some things if your worldview is entirely narrow and self-serving.

    • Strangely enough, the SS and Gestapo were populated mainly by Jews.

      And historically it has been “proven” that Jews average a good 15 IQ points above the normal population.

      How does that reconcile with your comments?

      • “Strangely enough, the SS and Gestapo were populated mainly by Jews.”

        Well, I guess that shuts me up. Of course, the “eviljews” are smart and, therefore I’m wrong. Everyone knows that the SS and Gestapo were mostly eviljews. Shit, who DON”T know that.

        Everybody knows that the Nazis were mostly eviljews. National Socialism was an eviljew plot.

        Jerry, you’re a got-damned genius.

  22. “Law Enforcement” at all levels has been instrumental in creating this dystopian environment in which there is no law, only force.

    If there is any truth to Mr. Dorner’s manifesto, the LAPD ruined his career and besmirched his name for the crime of standing up against the “Thin Blue Line” (gag) on behalf of a mundane.

    Right or wrong, agree or disagree with his methods, Mr. Dorner is administering a dose of the same medicine the enforcers love to dole out to us: pure, unrestrained, deadly force.

    Judging by their hysterical reactions (i.e. indiscriminately shooting mundanes who happen to drive similar vehicles), they find the taste of it most disagreeable…

    • “Law Enforcement” at all levels has been instrumental in creating this dystopian environment in which there is no law, only force.

      Well, not quite. “Law Enforcement,” or, more specifically, the brainless creatures that make up the “law enforcement” body, are mere pawns of TPTB who are the actual architects of this dystopian police state. They’re the “muscle” that turns the world designed by the Rotschild/TrilatCom/Global Bankster/MIC Elite into miserable reality for us Mere Mundanes.

      • Well said. Law enforcers and the military need to be seen for what they are; and they are not what the men behind the curtain have conned the public into thinking they are.

        • No, only a pawn with the bravery to risk the wrath of the bishop and knight in order to put the king in check.

          But you’re right about this being increasingly rare. That’s what makes the situation so lamentable on so many levels…

    • I agree Dave, I think almost all of the problem can be laid at the feet of Law Enforcement, which has gone way over the top in it’s response to the praise and, lets face it, idolatry heaped on it in the aftermath of the dot com collapse back in 2001. Since then Law Enforcement hasn’t known any real bounds. Lib mentions that politicos are more responsible since LEOs are just their pet dogs but I don’t think that’s the whole story. A lot of low level political functionaries just don’t have a good answer when someone asks for more money to keep more people safe. They just smile and nod.

      People could do a lot worse than getting involved in the management and operation of their local civilian police departments and actually paying attention to who gets elected Sheriff and why.

    • One of the other blogs (forget their name) made the point that this is set up by the government, so that it’s an excuse for the gov’t to take FEDERAL control of our local police.

      Think about that. Now, I remember the other blogger: Chris Greene

  23. @Methylamine

    I read the manifesto last night too and there is a lot that does not make sense. The gun rants seems really out of place. What do I know.


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