Chimp out at Chuck E Cheese

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AKA The Free Shit Army on maneuvers:

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  1. Too bad we didn’t see an all-out shooting war erupt between the FSA and the Badged Bully Bitches in Blue. Now that would be an event I’d risk life and limb to watch!

  2. That’s one hell of a party they had going there! You hear the list of drugs they all had? Surprised these idiots were even about to leave their homes or whatever hole they came from. Nowhere is safe with the free army on maneuvers! Sad to say, but I’d rather deal with the free shit army than the police. At least with FSA I know what to expect and therefore stay the hell away.

    • And at least with the Free Shit Army you can defend yourself!

      No “Officer safety” license to kill you – and requirement that you to “stop resisting.”

      • “and requirement that you to “stop resisting.””

        That one blows me away every stinkin’ time.

        Not even saying, “Uncle” is enough for them.

        They truly are, bastards.

        • Yet, we’re supposed to regard these guys as “heroes – even though they behave like pussies. They never want a fair fight; they look for any excuse to go over-the-top on people who cannot legally even raise a hand to ward off their blows. They shoot dogs. Tackle old people. But they’re “heroes” ….

    • Dealing with the FSA is no different than dealing with cops. The moment I see either I say to myself, “Dangerous idiots in range. Take evasive maneuvers.”


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