He’s Glad He had a Gun

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This homeowner was able to defend his home against a home invasion by three armed thugs. By the time cops arrived, it was all over – in the homeowner’s favor:


Had the homeowner been legally disarmed as Prince Barry, et al, desire, it would also have been all over by the time the cops arrived. But not in the homeowner’s favor.



  1. The self-sufficient white family’s long trail of tears is only beginning. Tell them CATIMF. If you become sufficiently disarmed and impoverished, there’s no telling what they’ll do to you.

    Consider what happened to self-sufficient land owners in the internationally waged Paraguayan War. From 1864-1870, 60% of all males were killed by Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and anonymous UK power brokers, all so a few PTB could get a little richer and a little more powerful.

    Will the white race survive? – David Duke

    Blacks Murder Whites In TN – Michael Savage

    Hetero Normatively Genial Radio Transcripts – John Derbyshire

  2. Suddenly State rights aren’t so cool now? A lot gun control seems to be at the State level not the Federal level. I guess depending on the day Libertarians want the Federal Constitution to override States’ rights.Clover

    • Clover/troll:

      Only human individuals have rights – not “states” or “federal” governments (or any form of government whatsoever).

  3. Wow, I didn’t know about this, did you? Sneaky stuff, if true: From the comment section at

    Peter Dillard · Top Commenter · Works at Digital Equipment Corporation
    You left out NYC. The mayor issued a directive that made any long arm with an ‘ammunition feeding device’ that holds more than 5 rounds illegal. Since NYC requires registration of all firearms the police know who has what and started showing up a people’s doors asking to inspect the newly illegal firearms and telling them they had a limited time to show proof or sale or to turn them in to the precinct. No exceptions for rimfire or the type of action. Certain Marlin level actions now illegal. Some pump action shotguns now illegal. Real ‘confiscation’ NOW.
    · Tuesday at 11:38pm

    Todd Schreibman
    Peter, You told me about this awhile ago and neither one of was able to find an article showing the NYC police actually showing up at peoples doors and confiscating any guns.
    · Wednesday at 7:29am

    Peter Dillard · Top Commenter · Works at Digital Equipment Corporation
    The fact that the press does not cover it does not mean it’s not happening. I don’t think the mayor is interested in having the press cover this and the gun owners I know have been embarrassed and worried by the public reveal of their firearms already (the police don’t enter the house but have the homeowner bring the guns to the door and they inspect them in view of the neighbors). The NYC ordnance is available on the web though likely purposely not easy to find.
    · Wednesday at 8:11am

    Peter Dillard · Top Commenter · Works at Digital Equipment Corporation
    Todd Schreibman “b. No person may possess an ammunition feeding device which is designed for use in a
    rifle or shotgun and which is capable of holding more than five rounds of rifle or shotgun
    ammunition, unless such person is exempt from subdivision a of section 10-303.1
    pursuant to section 10-305, provided that a dealer in rifles and shotguns may possess such
    ammunition feeding devices for the purpose of disposition authorized pursuant to
    subdivision a of this section.”
    · Wednesday at 8:24am

  4. Heh. Comedy stems from irony. Shame the other two didn’t get kneecapped as well. Hopefully they’ll get dragged in soon.

    Prepare the hangin’ kit maw, we got some critters to send back to the Devil.


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