Mild-Mannered Park Pork

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This one at least seems a little apologetic:


  1. The Tyranny of the Commons. There’s a really great detailed article on the subject but I couldn’t find it tonite.
    [Stupid Ad for The 2013 Hyundia Line up in is the way of the comment box, ah-hem, webmaster] but this comes close:

    The Tyranny of the Commons
    Posted by Anthony Gregory

    “… I’d say the only thing that should be forbidden is the initiation of force.” …

    Seems like the ranger did a pretty good job at that. Of course being asked to submit by those who are holding guns or backed up by guns doesn’t exactly count as not being forced.

    …Did I ever tell you about how I was “asked” by a DNR goon on the Fourth of July – four years in a row – for my fishing license while he demanded to look over my setup and go through my tackle box and stuff? Some celebration in freedom that was.

    Oh, mang, this ad box just took over the end of the comment box. I’ll have to resort to cut and paste from Word Pad. Curse my tiny screen!

    Also, this video supports my observation that park rangers focus on the average person, not just the stand out.

  2. This ranger seemed to be relaxed and not uptight with his authority. I think the ranger made an attempt to calm the hikers and assure them that it was not a personal attacked on them.

    The hikers appeared to be upset thinking they were singled out for some reason. Apparently everyone received the same treatment. The ranger probably was told to do something by someone higher up on the chain of command.

    It is good that this did not escalate to a tragic end.

    • I agree he seemed to be somewhat reasonable. It’s this whole business of being stopped and compelled to produce one’s “papers” and a search (even cursory) of one’s person/effects “just to be safe” that’s the real problem.

      In a free country, those guys should have been able to tell the porker to piss off – and been free to walk away without any repercussions.

      After all, they had not done anything.

      Let’s take it a step farther: In a free society the “porker” would not have been around at all. No badged and armed goons – just peace officers.

      And peace officers have no business with you unless you’ve caused harm.


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