I Hate Cops

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“Our single nebulous hope resides in a leaderless, centerless spirit of individual liberty. Each time it’s provoked into raising its head, it startles and frightens those who think they own us.”

I Hate Cops
by Kent McManigal

Let me just start by saying I hate cops. Yes, I admit it may be an irrational hatred, and I probably shouldn’t hate them—and I certainly shouldn’t admit it. If you are just going to scold me for that stop reading now and go do something else.

I am also going to make wholly appropriate comparisons of cops to Nazis. If that bothers you, or if you feel tempted to misapply “Godwin’s Law” in order to try to shout me down, go away.

I am also going to tell you right now that I am happy every time I hear of a cop being killed. I don’t care what the circumstances are. I hate the fact that innocent people also die in some of the same incidents. “Collateral damage” is NEVER justifiable. But fewer live cops is invariably a good thing. If you disagree, fine. Some people would disagree that the earth is not flat and doesn’t rest on the back of a stack of giant turtles. And that is just how much sense your objection makes to me. So don’t waste my time or yours, and stop reading now.

As I say, I hate cops. And I’m not too fond of copsuckers, either.

I would be perfectly willing to sign an agreement stating that I will exercise my right to never speak to another cop for the rest of my life (obviously, unless I attack or steal and someone else sends cops after me instead of dealing with me like a grown-up), and in exchange I can never, ever expect a cop to come to my aid in any way, in any situation. It would be a low price for such liberty. I’d sign such an agreement in half a heartbeat. The cops could go their way and I’d go mine. I’d never bother them in any way, as long as they didn’t attack me.

I know that would disappoint all the sincere copsuckers who love to claim that libertarians are fond of “hating on cops” until someone attacks us, then we run crying and pissing ourselves, begging for the cops to save us. I’ve never seen it happen, and I suspect it is simply projection on the part of the emasculated copsuckers. So, yeah, I’d sign. I don’t “need” cops. There is no situation so horrible that it can’t be made much worse by adding a cop to the mix.

Sure, some of you may know cops who you believe are “good” people. And, as long as they aren’t <being a cop, maybe they are. I have known cops, and I have had long conversations with some, so don’t whine that I just need to “sit down with a cop over a cup of coffee” so that I can understand them. That argument is so empty it is silly.

I suspect—no, I am certain that most Nazis were decent people to those they knew. Very few were genuine monsters. The uniform and the swastika was just a “job”—one that was socially acceptable and even honored in society. They probably felt good about their “service”—about protecting society from “anarchy”. Most probably never personally killed an innocent person during their whole Nazi experience. And not many cops are Joe Arpaio, either.

Not all bad guys are cops, obviously, but few bad guys self-identify as openly as do the badged reavers. The guy standing in line behind you at the grocery store might be a member of a violent youth gang, but if he displays any outward signs of this affiliation, they are likely to be noticed (or correctly identified) only by other gang members. If all violent gang members wore a tag on their chest identifying them as such in plain language or hieroglyphs, people would treat them differently. People might be more likely to interpret more of their actions as a threat and might be quicker to employ self defense. Since the roster of gang members in any particular gang is so low, this wouldn’t be a good survival tactic on their part.

No one could be blamed too harshly for shooting a self-identified gang member who made an aggressive move. Just like no one could have been blamed for shooting anyone wearing the swastika openly who makes a move that seems to be a credible threat to initiate force. Even a nice Nazi like Oskar Schindler would have been a legitimate target simply because of the swastika gang sign he wore (I’m assuming he wore it at least when he attended official functions).

Today, of all the violent gangs, only cops openly display gang signs for all to see and interpret. There is no chance of a mistaken identification. So far, they have suffered no real costs for this arrogance. This is because their gang is not only the largest and most violent, but because they have the support of those they consider their enemies (or their “crop”)—”the public”. Defend yourself from one of these gangsters and the hordes sent to avenge them is never-ending.

“Law enforcement” is an inexcusably evil “job”. There is absolutely no decency in it. That wasn’t true of “peace officers”, but once they were replaced by “law enforcement officers” no good person could fill that “job”. Once a cop enforces even one counterfeit “law”—any law attempting to regulate or control anything other than aggression or theft—he becomes an evil thug. There are no two ways about it.

I don’t fear cops, except when forced to deal with one. Too many innocent people get murdered on the altar of “Officer Safety” for my comfort, and there’s no telling what will set the twitchy, guilt-ridden vermin off. So, yes, any interaction with a potential murderer is upsetting, especially since I never choose to interact with them voluntarily.

My most recent encounter with a LEO happened while I was driving my dad’s pickup (I have been without a functioning vehicle for nearly a year now) a few blocks—just across the state line so my sister could pick up an item from the grocery store. I was pulled over because the license plate light wasn’t shining. No aggression or theft on my part. Nothing even “unsafe” about that at all—simply a control/tracking issue. Something cops are becoming increasingly obsessed over.

The parasite approached with exaggerated caution and warned me to put my hands where he could see them. Coward. If I were going to defend myself from him (in today’s climate, such a reasonable action is suicidal), he would have already been shot. Or, I could have waited until he relaxed a little and turned to walk back to his ThugMobile, and then taken my time with aiming and all the technical details. Nope, it’s all about setting the tone.

I couldn’t find all the demanded “papers” in my dad’s vehicle, and was warned that “in New Mexico it is required that …”. Funny, it seems that the cop isn’t allowed to apply New Mexico “law” to cars registered in Texas, when the Texas “requirements” are different. But I neither know “the law”, nor really care. My dad, however, later showed me the demanded piece of paper and it stated quite clearly what was “required”—and the Texico, New Mexico cop was wrong. Surprise, surprise.

I was let off, without even a warning ticket. However I find myself not wanting to travel anywhere. I am tired of being surrounded by these parasitic vermin and seeing their disgusting thieving beside the road every time I go anywhere—even if I am not the victim.

America is a police state—and it is called “The United States of America”. And I hate cops.

Deal with it.

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  1. A Sydney police officer secretly recorded himself having sex with women he met through online dating sites using a camera hidden in an alarm clock, later telling detectives his behaviour was “just boys being boys”, a court has heard.

    Senior Constable Marc David Osborn, of Gladesville Police, is facing three charges in the Downing Centre Local Court of filming a person engaged in a private act for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification.

    The court heard on Wednesday that in August last year, the 42-year-old officer went on eBay and bought a silver, round-faced analogue clock fitted with a “pin-hole camera” and a motion sensor device and placed it on a tallboy facing his bed.

    Over the following months, the officer formed relationships with three women on dating websites, including Skout and Oasis.

    This simultaneous dating was “common knowledge” among the four other police officers with whom Senior Constable Osborn lived.

    Prosecutor Matthew Karpin told the court that on three occasions in September and October, Senior Constable Osborn invited the women to his home and then secretly filmed himself having sex with them on his clock camera.

    “They sat down and had dinner and watched a number of videos … before going up to the bedroom,” Mr Karpin said of the first alleged incident.

    “The event was filmed using the hidden camera without the woman’s knowledge.”

    After recording his alleged victims, Senior Constable Osborn downloaded the videos onto his laptop for viewing, re-recording sections and then shooting stills on his mobile phone.

    Fairfax understands Senior Constable Osborn’s actions were reported to the police force’s Professional Standards Command by a junior officer, who had been shown video material involving Senior Constable Osborn having sex with a woman.

    Officers from the command searched Senior Constable Osborn’s home and found 17 separate video files from the incident and a large number of stills taken from them.

    The court heard that, when Senior Constable Osborn was confronted by Professional Standards Command officers at work a few days later, he fainted and had to be taken to hospital.

    In the ambulance, the officer reportedly showed Detective Inspector Patrick Morris one of the videos and confessed that the woman hadn’t known, but said it was “just boys being boys”.

    Inspector Morris told the court that, later in hospital, Senior Constable Osborn had told him he was going to recant the ambulance confession on the grounds that he had bumped his head when he fainted and did not know what he was talking about.

    Nevertheless, Senior Constable Osborn now concedes that he filmed the women without their knowledge. His main point of dispute in the case is that he did not do so for the purposes of sexual gratification.

    Senior Constable Osborn has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the hearing.

    The hearing continues.

    Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly referred to the police force’s Professional Standards Command as the Professional Services Command.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/policeman-use … z2a2FCPgKJ

  2. A scene from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:

    “… either you all give yourselves up, and let us beat you up a little – uh, though, not too much, because we are are firmly opposed to “needless violence” – or uh,… or we blow up this entire planet. … and one or two others that we noticed on the way over.”

    Woman says, “But that’s crazy, you wouldn’t do that!”

    Second cop says, “Yes we would.”

    First cop says, “I think we would. [turning to the second cop] Wouldn’t we?”

    Second cop say, “Oh yes! We have to. No question!”

    Woman says, ” But why!?”

    Second cop says, “Tell her.”

    First cop says, “No, you tell her.”

    Second cop says, “You tell her.”

    First cop looking at the second cop says, “You tell her!”

    Second cop knowing it’s all wrong says, ” You tell her!”

    [Oh, it gets confusing for the cops in their own minds here as they argue.]

    The woman gets impatient waiting for an answer and yells out, “Will one of you tell her!?”

    The cops reply in unison, “It isn’t easy being a cop!”

    Que, Will Grigg:

    Self-Pitying Government Gangster

    [… continuing from HHGTG:]

    Second cop says, “Shall we, uh, shoot them up again for awhile?”

    First cop says, “Yeah, why not?”

  3. Reg; “almost-animal consciousness” I call it ‘Reptilian’, Eric. They have that dead reptilian eye. No one home. The cerebral cortex is cut or severely atrophied.

    • Tre, my wife and I call it “snake eyes” since they dart this way and that sometimes but will stop and unblinkingly focus on you. There may be somebody home but I don’t wanna play. And I’d use the same technique I do on a rattler, bird shot, 3 feet away, solves the problem.

  4. Mesa AZ Off Duty Pig Runs Red Light Hits Lady

    Fat Chicago Pig Chokes a Kid

    Brazil Pigs Brutalize Protesters

    Turkish Pigs – Same Brutality Seen Worldwide

    Croatian Pigs – Brutalize Occupy Rijeka Girl

    Balkan Heroes In Action

    Russian Prison Guards Beat Prisoner

    US Marshall in Chicago eavesdrops on a private conversation questioning why he patroled a low crime area, the Pig then chokes the mundane for no reason

    A conventional warrior is tortured by drug warriors

    YouTuber Mundane pays price for recording his neighbor, a cop, beating his girlfriend. He’s dead now.

    Prison Inmate Gets Bare Knuckled Beat Down

    Homeowner sicks dogs on msm news puppet lady

    Pig sprays, kicks, clubs an innocent Downs Syndrome Kid

    83 year old lady burglarized and then gunned down by cops

    Cop Punches Puerto Rican Girl In Face

    Police Brutality Cannot Be Ignored

    Providence RI citizens rally over 77 year old Cambodian woman being recorded on her own toilet by Pigs and then dragged out of her home due to an unrelated drug raid nearby

    Police Brutality Netherlands


    500 Cop Cars & Bikes On I-5 for Pig Funeral

    A Pig Meets a Pack of Wolves

    • Oh my God, these videos are so repulsive.
      I have seen the faces of evil in these videos, most are standing around helping in an anti-good-Samaritan way, the worst say things like, “People are doing nothing but helping you” …This must have been what it was like during The Salem Witch Trials, or a sliver of how it was for those poor souls in Iraqi prisons.

      It appears to me, cops are simply not human, they are monsters!

      People who defend the actions of the cops are even worse, they are the scum of the earth.

      Today’s cops make the Nazi’s and the old Soviets look like the good guys, and the KKK were just pikers.

      Oh, wait, cops *are* the ‘new’ KKK?

      This truly is, The Planet of The Apes.

      • Morning, Downshift!

        Yeah, I’ve also come to feel the same way about cops. Even the “good” ones enforce odious laws. He might not be a sadist; he might be trying to be “fair.” He’s not looking to just beat you up – and so on. But the “good” cop” will still pull you over at gunpoint for not wearing a seatbelt, for “speeding.” He will put you in a cage (possibly, for years of your life ) if he discovers you are in possession of arbitrarily illegal drugs – even though you’ve harmed no one. At best, such a man is a confused man, a man who believes “the law” and right are synonymous. Probably he doesn’t think about it at all. He just “does his job.” It is exactly what Hannah Arendt meant when she wrote of the banality of evil. Take off the special costume and remove the aura of state authority and what have you got? A typically mediocre (at best) civil servant type who doesn’t torment animals or worship Satan; who probably has a family and keeps his grass cut. But also a morally obtuse automaton who will follow orders. Who will do anything, so long as he’s told to do it by what he considers the “proper authorities.”

        Such a person is more dangerous than a Stalin or Hitler. Because without such people – the apparatchiks of a police state – the police state is not possible.

        • How can a person be an apparatchik of violence, a blindly devoted official, follower, or member of a violent organization spreading suffering and pain?

          Is it because that person is indifferent towards anyone outside that organization, and everyone else and their suffering is of no importance or value one way or the other ?

          What fuels that indifference which allows them to be an apparatchik?

          …”evils that we are seeing do not come about unless the public not only tolerates them but wants them. […] the American public is brutish at heart, prone to resort to force, not freedom-loving at heart and not justice-loving at heart.”…

          The Public’s Demand for Force

          That’s why it’s so difficult or impossible to change minds – it’s why they are so unwilling to face facts and reason – their hearts have to change first, and with a shield of indifference around their hearts it’s likely they will never change, nor ever see why they should change.

          The only thing I can think of that removes that shield of indifference around a person’s heart is ‘walking a mile in another’s shoes’ or something like that. An epiphany of some kind, perhaps?

          merriam-webster says:
          a (1) : a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

          “usually simple and striking” hmm, and that’s why we write. But it’s all up to them.

          Oh geez, we’re waiting for that, one by one?
          Bring on The Fourth Turning, faster please.

          What if they all draw the wrong conclusions from their epiphanies and get worse?
          Hmm, and that’s why we write. And that’s why they hate us. They don’t want to see themselves as others see them. They don’t even want to catch a glimpse. That would, as Rush sings, “Shatter their illusion of integrity”?

          Pardon me, just thinking out loud.

          • Watch it Downshift, you might be incrimination yourself now unless you’re saying I plead the fifth, I plead the fifth.

          • All of the above, is on the money.. You just keep thinking out loud ‘Downshift’.

            “Just cuzz it looks human, doesn’t mean it is.”

          • My take:

            Most of them are literally unconscious or have a kind of almost-animal consciousness that is reactive and instinctive. They operate based on rote memorization/learning rather than deliberate, self-aware contemplation of a set of facts, the filtering of those facts through the prism of abstract principles – and the application of principles to particular things.

            Thus, it never occurs to them that (as an example) if it’s not right for them to steal, how can it be right for them to vote to have others steal on their behalf?

            They are in a very important way not fully human.

  5. The Fast and Furious operation was about installing the CIA-backed Sinaloa Cartel as the dominant drug cartel. Just like the Bloods gang was formed as a rival to the Crips to bring US gang activity under full control of US law enforcement.



    • Officer Jim Crooker later said he was discriminated against because of the color of his uniform.

      Shucks, he’s a victim same as those poor dark skinned proles whose heads he bashes in with his baton. Poor fella.

      Cafe owners and local Copwatch discuss Cop Ban

      – – – – –

      NYC Parking Pig puts his hoof under the wheel of a Ferrari

      The bleating lies in his Somali accent is the worst part.
      – – – – –
      The eye of Sauron now turns to Gondor, the last free kingdom of men. Galadriel’s Warning

  6. Good news out of Nicaragua. China is beginning construction of a 12 mile $40 Billion canal to increase Atlantic/Pacific shipping efficiencies.

    The average ship currently endures a 12 day wait to transit the Panama Canal. The largest ships the Panama Canal can handle are ships carrying 4,500 shipping containers.

    The Nicaragua Canal will be able to handle Triple-E ships, which carry 18,000 shipping containers.

    Lately, the US has only been good at killing people and for wringing its effeminate hands over concerns for the environment, diversity, and gender equality.

    Thankfully the Chinese are here to get things done, and keep the tradition of the American way alive. This way, the US can concentrate on its forte, which includes counting carbon molecules, spying on people and inventing new reasons to fine and imprison people.



    – American Cartels – We’re Just Getting Started!


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