Maggot vs. Maggot

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Bergen County PD Were Disciplined Following Confrontation With State Trooper

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  1. Do I see this one right.

    Local cop: “Hey, you can’t treat me like a common citizen. I am wearing a really neat vest with a badge on it!”

    State Patrolman: “Hey shithead, I have only had this job for 6 months, I am alone out here, and you scared me!”

    And someone gave these mental midgets guns?

    • Dear Gary,

      Laughed my ass off on that one.

      I assume you’ve seen the Woody Allen classic “Annie Hall?”

      Remember the famous subtitles sequence, where Allen and Keaton are saying one thing but the subtitles are showing what they were really thinking?

      You pretty much wrote the subtitles to that LEO vs. LEO dick measuring contest.

      • That balcony scene, holy Mossadic Mind Control batman! Hammering home the mantra of male learned helplessness. Brilliantly selling high end mens’ vests and ties to both sexes via the unbearably adorable pixie Diane Keaton.

        Woody again plays the virile anti-valentino homunculus horndog. His charming conflicted MK Beta sex shilling is disarming in the extreme. The parody of subtext reminds me of Seinfeld, but it resonates and invigorates at a much deeper level.

        Watching this, I wonder if my main complaint against TPTB is that they can no produce controlling content that speaks to the MK Ultra Monarch Mind control paradigms I grew up with in the early 70s.
        My mind rejects the new programs, and watching old movies isn’t nearly as satisfying.

        Annie Hall best scenes

        I’ve never seen this movie, but I can tell I’d like it, probably one you end up watching more than once.
        – – – – –

        Katie Perry – Wide Awake

        MK Beta Uninhibited Sex Slave Analysis of Katy Perry. Project Monarch Embedded Commands. She even meets Baphomet and his Monarch Mirror Twin in the hallways of her psych ward programming clinic.
        – – – – –

        This is how Beta ‘kittens’ from Marilyn Monroe to Britney Spears are created. Although this is done by an adult it is not done for the purpose of sexual pleasure, but to cause the child’s personality to split and create alters.

        For further understanding of Beta personality fracturing techniques check out Fritz Springmaier’s – Undetectable Mind Control.

    • Maybe on the movie. Woody is not a favorite of mine. But I have delt with New Jersey attitudes before. Puff-up before putting brain into gear.

  2. Dear dom,

    I’m tempted to characterize this as merely the Corleones vs. the Tataglias.

    But that would flatter them.

    Mafiosi make no pretense of representing “justice” when they care only about power.

  3. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that the same species that manufactured that vehicle. That constructed that roadway. Is also the animal that starts a hallucinating frenzy wherein those costumed LARPers in funny hats and matching costumes are worthy of carmaker and roadbuilders attention or consideration.

    Just because their Mafiosa Mommies buy them cars, and guns, and clothes, and gets them all puffed up and ginned up to drive around saying I’m baddest ape on this whole planet of apes, why pay these guinean basterds any heed.

    Even with an ape supermajority, they still fail to overrules a single human who builds infrastructure and vehicles. Humans who shouldn’t allow themselves be made to care about these apes or even acknowledge them.

    Humans at most should observe them, and find ways to trick them. Humans should have no wish to instruct these apes, or to replace them with different apes wearing different costumes and doing different LARPings.

    Humans who can’t ignore them, should scout them, look for ways to manipulate them into turning against there own Mommies. I bet every one of these apes could be talked into beating down and pistol whipping his very own government ape Mommy with the very billy clubs and guns she buys him.

    These apes deserve only contempt. Humans can safely ignore them once the vast hordes of public apes are turned against them. If the vast hordes chimp out and take away their cars and guns, even better. Maybe some of the hordes and official apes can even be encouraged to evolve. Bottom line, the more humans, and the more common man apes who stop believing in the benefits of submitting to official apes, the better it goes for everyone.
    – – – – – –

    Maggots are the distinct juvenile form of the human animal. We all go through a maggot phase before undergoing metamorphosis and becoming adults.

    These larva’s appearance is generally very different from us humans in the adult form. These larva wear unique uniforms not seen in the adult form.

    Larvae are frequently adapted to environments separate from adults. By living in a distinct environment, maggot larvae may be given shelter from predators and reduce competition for resources with the adult population.

    Animals in the natural larval stage consume food and resources to fuel their transition into the adult form. Unfortunately, the maggot larvae of Americans have become permanently pubescent and will not further develop into the adult form. This is condition is known as neoteny.

  4. I’d like to tell you that this is pissing contest between local and state maggots is uncommon. But then I would be telling fairy tales.

    From the 2013AUG29 NJ Star Ledger

    When challenged about his presence on the scene and his initial drawing of his weapon, the trooper attempts to explain the rash of recent impersonations. However, the conversation soon devolves into a shouting match between him and Officer Robert Duboue and Sgt. Gabriel Escobar of the county department.

    Local maggots have been disciplined for their actions.


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