Cops Swap Patrol Cars For Big Rigs to Catch Texters

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Paul Joseph Watson
November 1, 2013

Illustrating once again how police are now little more than revenue generators for a state which vampirically feeds on the public, cops in Knoxville, Tennessee are swapping patrol cars for big rigs in a bid to catch texters.


The swap is “part of a sting to catch people texting and driving,” and gives the Highway Patrol police an advantage in spotting “violators” because the semi-trucks sit much higher.

According to the report, dozens of drivers were ticketed during day one of the sweep in Knoxville.

The notion of being tailed by a cop in a massive truck is obviously also a powerful intimidation tactic.

A MyFox DC anchor questioned the policy, remarking, “That doesn’t seem like that’s right, it seems that would cost a lot more….you can’t get anything higher than that, like an SUV wouldn’t work, you’ve got to get a big rig?” However, his co-anchor thought the idea was “clever”.

This is yet another example of how the state is directing police to act as revenue generators rather than having them stop actual crimes.

Police response times are getting slower every year, but instead of concentrating on “protect and serve,” cops are increasingly being deployed by state and local governments simply to shake down the public for money.

America’s freeways are no longer a shining example of a ‘free’ country, and instead have been turned into revenue generating control grids watched over by big brother surveillance cameras, license plate scanners and aggressive roid-rage cops who hunt down drivers for minor infractions.

The cost of traffic tickets is also soaring as governments vampirically suck off the public in a desperate bid to replenish their bankrupt coffers. Speeding tickets raise some $6 billion dollars in the U.S. every single year.

As Michael Snyder comments, “Back in the old days, the highways of America were great examples to the rest of the world of the tremendous liberties and freedoms that we enjoyed. Americans loved to hop into their vehicles and take a drive. But now government is sucking all of the fun out of driving. The control freak bureaucrats that dominate our political system have figured out that giant piles of money can be raised by turning our roads into revenue raising tools.”


  1. This seems to be an especially asinine police technique.

    That said, I have a lot less problem with this than I do with random, arbitrary, DUI roadblocks.

  2. They’d have to have cameras to record the evidence and possibly have a chase car nearby. I don’t like drivers using phones very much because they have a tendency to swerve and be inattentive, like those drivers that somehow MUST look at their passenger when speaking to them. If they can do it safely, such as on the open road, no problem.

    • “They’d have to have cameras to record the evidence and possibly have a chase car nearby.”

      Yes, probably a chase car, but no, they don’t need any evidence other than their “sworn testimony” which we victims refer to as “testilying”.

      Unlike in Oz, in the US, traffic offenses are a matter of administrative law, rather than criminal law. You can’t demand a jury trial unless the offense is criminal, and whatever evidence you present may be disregarded by the judge in favor of Porky’s testilying.

  3. Porky in a sluggish tractor would be easy to outmaneuver, it would seem. Cops are the worst drivers on the roads anyway, but imagine an idiot porktard trying to drive a 10 wheel tractor. Imagine the ruined transmissions and clutches, and all the wrecked tractors.

    Now, somebody like 8 or MOT could probably handle the assigment, but they wouldn’t agree to do it. I think we’re safe with this kind of tactic from our local porktards.

    • Ed, I’ll probably piss somebody off but this is exactly where I’d expect this sort of “shit”. I don’t know if “malfunction junction” is still there outside Nashville but that’s got to be some of the most dangerous driving there anyway w/o idiots in a big rig dogging cars, very stupid. The only thing more dangerous than an 18 wheeler is a bare tractor. Hit the brakes and go for a big spin.


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