Another Checkpoint Hero

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Observe this douche – who (irony alert) – is obviously of Mexican or other such extraction – hassling a white American at a “border” checkpoint:


  1. Another day in the gangster’s paradise of Ames, Iowa, population 60,000. Based on this story, I wouldn’t dare travel through those midwest fields of screams where the Zeta Cartel has captured the corn market and the Sinaloa Cartel has cornered the soybeans.

    God save our brave heroes as they put their lives on the line protecting the helpless Sheeple of Ames from the heartless grain-lords and their bloodthirsty farming syndicates.

    In this story a father calls the brave heroes and reports his truck stolen by his son to teach him a lesson. There was an argument between them when the father refused to buy his son a pack of cigarettes.

    The always-helpful heroes give chase and murder the unarmed 19 year old in cold blood to make sure they stay safe. Fortunately no heroes were injured, and justice prevails.

    Dangerous Minds – Gangsters Paradise – Coolio


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