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The site seems slow. Is it just me?

We had some weird issue the other day – which appears to have been resolved (thanks, Dom!) but it seems quiet – a bit too quiet.

Have any of you been having issues? If yes, please PM either myself or Dom.

I’m still very much interested in the possibility of adding contributors to the site – so it’s not just my stuff floating around out there. I’d especially be interested in picking up classic car articles, motorcycle articles and maintenance articles – but political/philosophical stuff would be considered as well.

What else?

Am I the only person who has absolutely had it with insipid strumming guitar ads/videos that now clutter up almost every web site (most notoriously, the Weather Channel)? All this junk locks up my (old) computer or makes it really slow to load. Which would be ok – tolerable – if the stuff loading were worth reading or viewing. But another strumming guitar paean to Met Life? Really?

I want to do like Bluto in Animal House at the toga party. Remember?

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  1. Eric – especially when you shine the light of truth on libtard foolishness, “Clovers”, and over-reaching “Gubmint” in general, expect cyber attacks.

    Of course, beware also of the heinous practice of “doxxing” – enemies publishing your home address, where your kids go to school, so Antifa types and other troublemakers can bother you. Interestingly enough, in most states, do that to a “hero” and you will be visited with the “Hut! Hut! Hut!” routine very quickly!

    A Negroidal libtard politician committed a rather funny gaffe a few weeks ago, when he spoke of the GERMANS bombing Pearl Harbor…

  2. Eric – I use Firefox and Safari. This site has been slower than most from day one.

    I need to start writing again, but I’m not much of a writer. Lately, I just do a few sentences and then I’m done.

    I have to compliment you on your road tests. They have come a long way.

    I don’t know anything about guitars, but I could give a crap less about them. All this concert, live music crap is a distraction from what the hell is really going on.

    Take care. Have a good friday.

  3. I tried registering to the website. Got nothing. After a few days I sent dom an email. Got nothing. …Not even a post card.

    I couldn’t resist making a comment on the Clover & Gil thread.

    @David. You should give it shot. With luck, you can get a class credit for the article at the same time, if you angle it right. Although, you’d probably get an F if the subject was about liberty or something like that, but, you never know. Maybe be subtle and slide one by? It might be fun to try?

    IF you got published, it might make for good conversation whenever you apply for a job somewhere (some employers like that kind of stuff) unless of course you go the entrepreneurial route right away like this chick did later in her life:

  4. eric, I sent you an e about 162,000 WordPress sites being attacked and hacked two days ago. This one has been before. Another thing slowing you down must be the use of Internet Exploder. It might have been ok or maybe the only thing you had before this century but it’s well out of whack with the rest of the world. When you use Firefox and keep it updated, you don’t have those problems especially if you use something that’s kept me from having to put up with ads for a decade and a half, AdBlock+, that even DDG has to ask me to turn off so they can show their one ad. With NoScript, I never, ever allow Google to run. There are some G based scripts that must run for some sites to function but I only let those run if I must. Jqery is another hog of a script that will take over and you won’t be able to do anything. I don’t allow it to run either. My whitelist of scripts is short and sweet, the blacklist, long and infamous.

    My wife’s boss is old school, uses IE and she constantly complains about blinking, flashing, noisy-ass ads all over the page. We have no drama and no slow downs except for being on dial up.

    If I have to check a problem of MS origin, it automatically uses IE. I get up and go do something productive or even unproductive while it loads.

  5. I’ve considered volunteering, but I know that despite the fact that we believe similar things, our REASONS for believing them are very different, so I’m not sure how well anything I write would be in line with your goals for this site.

  6. Perhaps along the line of “Hulk Smash”

    Yes I remember and I think it is funny today as when I saw the film years ago.

    Although I think it is good if someone can play an instrument well, I do not care for being inundated with ads offering to improve my instrument skills for a fee.


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