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All –

You may have noticed my “Say no to Clover” avatar is back up; if you’d like yours back up, please go here:

This will take you to Gravatar – where you can upload whatever image you’d like for your avatar – and it will appear not just here (when you post) but wherever else you post.

We figured this’d be easier on you – as well as helpful.

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  1. No thanks. I don’t trust much of anything that is “global.” This enables increased tracking of individuals. How else can it “follow” you to different sites. Guess I won’t have one here.

      • Shoot, I don’t guess it matters but I hate to use the same nom de plume much less any other identifier. I’ve been accused of being paranoid…..can’t imagine why……as that same plane flies over real slow going into the wind….. for the second time


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