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You guys remember “Bob”?angry bob

He just sent me the following. Clearly, Bob loves!

“The one thing that sticks in my mind regarding your non-aggression principle is that while you MAY believe it (I defend/support the morality of the NAP; “belief” is not the issue) to be a guiding principle there are those who don’t think that way (Really? Wow! That never occurred to me! Thanks, Bob!) and never will. It’s not a small population either…. That’s probably a problem for your way of thought… I pointed out the obvious for you, we are all tribal (Says Bob; universal statement) and you dismissed it…. sorry but you are wrong. (Because Bob Says So!) It’s the basis of nations, cities, leagues, sports teams, cliques, etc.. It will eventually be our demise regardless of your beliefs. History…don’t leave home without it! US VS THEM!!! It’s happening on your website and you promote it. (Uhmmm.. Hmmmm.. I promote “tribalism” by advocating for individualism?)

You constantly talk of guns, which I would classify as an obsession. (Actually, I “talk” about people such as Bob threatening peaceful people with guns, and yes, that is an obsession of mine). Some of your posters spend time in the penis extension department regarding their guns, a sign post of manhood or whatever.. chest beating and all.. You seem to wish to ignore this(a ploy I suggest), I see it as a way of herding your sheep and I’m pretty sure that I am correct which makes you just about as honest as a common politician. Someone that exploits the fears of others to gain financially for themselves. Welcome to the new generation, same as the old…clover king

I won’t feed you dumbass crowd because I see what you are doing as fomenting hate (by advocating for voluntary interaction and nonviolence?)  there is enough of that to go around without you feeding it. It’s repulsive to any thinking person. Yea… I just suggested that someone isn’t thinking that far down the road.. perhaps you?

We have arrived at this level of civilization by being social, something you seem to hate. I suggest that you like the fruits but not the trees that bear them. Read the NYT KOCH editorial and think about being old… these bastards don’t care whether you are breathihg and by extension apparently neither do you, so who is it that takes care of the non-equal others, the old and the sick? Oh yea.. private charity, good luck with that, it would seem that you are running a private charity, how’s that working for you?

(But Bob, I thought I’m a “Libtard” – you know, someone who favors wealth transfers at gunpoint, forcing people to “help” others?)

Anyone know where the keys to the bobcat are? We need to deal with the lesser in society, you know, those who can’t take care of themselves. Time to bury the trash… right?OTC two

Anyone see a “free” market recently? I thought not, it’s incompatible with our nature.. You just don’t seem to understand. It’s as common as a hen’s teeth.. ever see a hen’s teeth?

Fuck off and die.. it’s what you want others to do so I suggest it for you since it’s obviously what you promote.”

Bob is not a happy camper!


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  1. OK, now it is time for me to comment on BOB…

    You see BOB is the average Boobus Americanus. Doesn’t matter if BOB is Democrat or Republican.

    BOB has just enough gooberment skooz to be able to read but not enough education to comprehend. This instills an attitude that BA aka BOB is a expert on everything yet he knows nothing at all. Hence, the rant that BOB, the current BA, to harass Eric. BOB has just enough skoolin to make him a dangerous man because he emotes and doesn’t think.

    The one thing to remember is this, BOB actually thinks he can rationalize. That he can think logically. Otherwise, why the spew? BOB doesn’t see the failure of his cognizance because BOB’s logic is from emotion and not facts.

    David Ward

  2. EmBody the SoUL

    Moody Blues have, Billions of views, Click revenue accrues, To corporate copyright ruse, Forces them to choose, To sing on a cruise.

    Melancholy Man, Moody Blues Cruise II 4-5-14

    “It’s a Living” (cue the bird from the Flinstones)×4/warner/jhthevo.png

    Flinstones Cigarette Commercial 1961 (good ol free mkt)

    • The Moody Blues play list is so full of rich timeless songs it is hard to single out one that is truly great. To me, each is like a sibling, we share the world together, never grow tired of each other. I admit their songs are part of the inspiration I use to write my own compositions.

      But best thing i really love about this group is their I don’t give a crap about the powers that be’s attitude. Which is evident if you watch their interview about not being inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

      God bless them one and all.

      David Ward

  3. Bob starts of by saying “your Non-Aggression Principle”. Sorry Bob, it’s not just his, it’s everyone’s but yours, simply because you don’t want it. Bob likely beats his children if he was able to have any.

  4. bobcat

    question – moody blues

    Between the silence of the mountains. And the crashing of the sea. There lies a land I once lived in. And she’s waiting there for me.

    But in the grey of the morning. My mind becomes confused. Between the dead and the sleeping. And the road that I must choose.

    It’s not the way that you say it. When you do those things to me. It’s more the way you really mean it. When you tell me what will be.

    Why do we never get an answer. When we’re knocking at the door. With a thousand million questions. About hate and death and war?

    When we stop and look around us. There is nothing that we need. In a world of persecution that is burning in its greed.

    • I love the Moody Blues. Many of their tunes have themes about love and hope overcoming those that peddle hate and death and war. Say like New Horizons from Seventh Sojourn. Here is a link to the YouTube video, Enjoy..

      Another good tune about the way things are is, I’m Just a Singer (in a rock and roll band).

      partial lyrics:

      How can we understand
      Riots by the people for the people
      Who are only destroying themselves
      And when you see a frightened
      Person who is frightened by the
      People who are scorching this earth.

      and also from I’m just a Singer:

      I’m just a wandering on the face of this earth
      Meeting so many people
      Who are trying to be free
      And while I’m traveling I hear so many words

      Note: I have almost all the works of the Moody Blues, I even have a copy of their little known hit single, Go Now (pre John Lodge and Justin Heyward)

      Tidbit: did you know the Moody Blues have never been nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Hall of Shame)?

      David Ward

        • You know what I like about the Moody Blues? You can listen to all their tunes and they never get old. Why? Because people don’t change. The problems expounded in their songs are timeless. That is until mankind realizes peace, love and liberty are the answers instead of the problem.

          David Ward

        • “The Moody Blues are an English rock band. Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, as heard in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed.”

          “Whilst art rock developed towards the end of the 1960s, it enjoyed its greatest level of popularity in the early 1970s through groups such as Jethro Tull, Electric Light Orchestra, 10cc, the Moody Blues, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Procol Harum.[1] ”

          As a classical music snob, I heartily concur. The classical music influences definitely elevated rock to a higher level.

          By contrast, cRap regressed popular music standards to the level of primitive savagery. This is not a wild allegation. Just listen to the lyrics with their advocacy of brute force initiation of violence.

  5. wasn’t around last, or any other, time bob was in. but I know bobbins.* it’s not that they spin just enough threads of truth to make them centrifugally dangerous (is that what’s meant by “projection”? ☻)…it’s their vertically integrated (remember “master blaster”?) chemical-mechanical pragmatism that does it: e polymer unum. everybody into the melting pot…fondue of the people, by the people, & for the people. e prolly stands for entropy. perfect polymerase chain reactions of anaerobic polyester storms: “better living-dead through chemistry”…polly-wanna-(petroleum) crack(er)-spread-with-fee-fi-fo-fum…& some un-cola….

    116.6 million 480lb bales of cotton in the latest harvest, sez a post somewhere in the nylon internetting. but those bales, like christian, are method cotton. for “the machinist” roleplayer bale script himself from 182lbs to 120lbs, & he wanted to drop even further, to 99lbs…. bt cotton (gmo) was 69% of worldwide plantings in 2011. organic cotton was 265,517 bales in 2007.

    “polyester & cotton: unequal competitors” graphics here:

    see the 2010 & 2020 orbs? see the gathering wave thru 2025? now, use a pencil, or a ball point pen, to make a dot next to the poly & cotton orbs. that dot represents the individualists. the non-tribalists. you didn’t think it was the organic cotton balls, didja’?

    “Late Lament”
    Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
    Watch lights fade from every room.
    Bedsitter people look back and lament,
    Another day’s useless energy spent.
    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
    Lonely man cries for love and has none.
    New mother picks up and suckles her son,
    Senior citizens wish they were young.
    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white.
    But we decide which is right.
    And which is an illusion?
    ~ moody blues, “days of future passed”

    1520s, from Fr. bobine, small instrument used in sewing or tapestry-making, perhaps from L. balbus (see babble) for the stuttering, stammering noise it made.

  6. Bob, there’s nothing “social” about government. Government is cold, sociopathic institution in all but its smallest units. When gets larger than a village of maybe a 100 people it can no longer be held socially accountable. It can go bigger with ballot box accountability but even then it can’t get much bigger than what is considered tiny today. When representation gets any thinner than originally specified in the USC, forget about even having anything remotely close to representation.

    As an institution government does not care about people. Welfare programs are about the overhead. The government offices, jobs, contracts, etc.They are also about the leverage of political power. If there wasn’t in any money and power in it, government wouldn’t bother with it. Just like you’ll never see a red light camera on a properly engineered intersection. No money in it.

  7. Bob Wrote: We have arrived at this level of civilization by being social, something you seem to hate.

    People seem to forget that at the end of the day, a libertarian utopia (IE, a state without a state) would be 100% reliant on social connections and reputation to get through the day. The reality is that the statist viewpoint is that the only trustworthy entity is the state and therefore there’s no need for social interaction. The only thing that matters is if all the checkboxes are checked and the criteria, no matter how illogical for a given situation, are met. The activity is verified via legions of enforcers, unseen by those who interact socially, who’s authority is absolute. We trust the enforcers, even though we’ve never seen them, because we’re trained to do so. Only after the damage has been done do we realize they aren’t any better than the minimum.

  8. Bob is broken-down, cynical old drunk. I can smell the liquor on his keyboard. Surprised you gave him the time of day, Eric.

    • For whatever morbid reason, I am entranced by the thought processes of people like Bob and Clover… I really do want to understand them. But I think the only way that would be possible would be if I jammed a poker through my right temple and gave myself a DIY lobotomy!

      • The trouble with the Web is that these creeps can make themselves heard without any consequences whatsoever. They have absolutely no skin in the game, a fact that I think is slowly but surely killing the internet as a form of meaningful communication.

    • Hey, Come on,

      What’s with slagging us cynical, old drunks….not all of us are as internally inconsistent as Bob…..

  9. It’s good to understand the perspective of others. I believe Bob, like too many others in America, represents the mentally handicapped while on medication. This drivel is what I’d expect from an idiot.

  10. Dear Bob, don’t let logic or rational thoughts get in the way of your opinions.

    Eric, as John Galt said- move on and leave them alone in their thoughts.

    Or as Martin Armstrong posted yesterday:
    REPLY: This in no longer about “social justice” – it is about “tax-farming” as the Romans called it. This is all about lining the pockets of those in government so they need not reform. This is merely Adam Smith;s Invisible Hand. It is the government’s self-interest to exploit everything they can from the people and it matters not what country we are talking about these days nor the political system. This is why Communism collapsed and it is why the West will collapse.

    There is simply no viable alternative to the outcome we face. You cannot say hey – look at this. They will not listen. You are asking for them to reform and they will NEVER act other than their own self-interest as long as they can get away with it. This is why Jefferson said revolution was part of the cycle and necessary. Homeland Security did not buy tanks to protect the people from terrorists, they needed 2700 tanks for street use to protect government from the people.

    Ayn Rand was absolutely spot on. Ayn was a Russian Jew whose family business was confiscated during the Revolution. She was able to visit relatives in 1925 in the USA and never returned. Ayn became a voice of reason against the socialistic policies that were truly engulfing the Western world including the United States.

    In the USA, academia generally ignored or rejected her philosophy , because they were and largely are still in favor of “social justice” – the code-word for Marxism. True, some in academic are starting to pay attention to Ayn Rand in recent decades. However, the idea of Marxism that there should be this “social justice” that is the mental justification for confiscating the wealth of others who are more productive still dominates today. This destructive dishonest force is even curiously one of the violations of the Ten Commandments warning that it is a grave sin – coveting their neighbor’s goods. Saying it is not fair that someone has more than you is no different from saying their spouse is more attractive so just take them as well. Perhaps their children are smarter – confiscate them as well. Their car, house – hell – they are not more talented, just lucky or probably corrupt and deserve to have their wealth confiscated for surely you will know better how to spend that money than they do. This is their reasoning behind “social justice”.


    Atlas Shrugged is a 1957 novel by Ayn Rand and it maybe her greatest work. The book explores a dystopian, increasingly socialist, post-economic collapse United States where many of society’s wealthiest citizens refuse to pay skyrocketing taxes, reject new regulations and disappear, shutting down the country’s vital industries. This is the productive force that is holding society together for it is small business that provides 70% of all employment, yet they are the target to always exploit by the greedy politicians and jealous people who do not want to work for what they have. If this productive segment simply refused to employ others, indeed society would utterly collapse into dust. Government is far too greedy and creates nothing but death from war and destruction by reducing economic growth.

    So this experiment to grab money from people who leave abusive tax states within “Switzerland” demonstrates just how evil government becomes. It is ALWAYS and without a SINGLE exception, the dark force that historically always destroys society.


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