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I just pulled the following from the site:dancing Clover

Police accountability has been enjoying surprising strides in recent times through the efforts of online activism and social media. That success has been followed by a number of spiteful statists working to undermine those efforts.

One of the largest groups, Cop Block (, has received particular amounts of negative attention. Earlier this summer, the activists from the group was featured prominently on Fox News and mocked for filming police officers during traffic stops.

This week, anti-accountability agents have created an online White House petition to ask President Obama to “Officially label and classify any variation of ‘CopBlock.Org’ members as Domestic Terrorists with DHS.”

The petition alleges that Cop Block — a group which has evolved into a national grassroots network of activists — is “applauding and encouraging violence towards law enforcement officers and their families” as well as “committing terroristic acts by inspiring, inciting, or taking parts in acts that are designed to take human lives in cold blood for political gain.”

The majority of Cop Block affiliates’ tactics involve recording public servants while on duty and bringing awareness to various abuses committed by police around the country. While perceived as annoying to law enforcers, this author knows of no evidence to support the serious claims that Cop Block supports terroristic acts. The petition provides no examples of said behavior.

The petition might be brushed aside as a stunt, but as of this writing (9/22/2014), it has over received over 2,500 signatures. It has also been promoted by several large police advocacy pages, including Law Enforcement Today, which boasts 360,000 fans on Facebook. Its followers include a plethora of official police department pages.

This appears to be an effort to both encourage the federal government to suppress free speech and to demonize activism through baseless accusation.

The petition expires on October 19th.

There are lots of people out there who equate criticism of violent government with “terrorism” – and would see people like you (assuming you’re a critic of government) and me (of course) Gitmo’d into oblivion. Or worse. Clover has said as much.

Once these creeps have it in their power, it will be them – or us.




  1. The bad news might be the good news, mang. Why not build a whole site that’s adsense family friendly work safe.* You gave it a whole year the old way. And you need not give up on the new reader supported model. Just run two site groupings, one that complies, and one that still does it your way.

    [*Like Stephen King. He had his pseudonym Richard Bachman where he wrote other stuff. He probably had another pseudo that wrote unspeakable tales, that no one but a prisoner on death row should be allowed to read. No one knows about that one.]

    I think these will work at the new site: I wish Harry Reid would duck off already. That Hilary lady is a real bunt. ISIS is on the attack they say, but I don’t really give a got dam.

    Sure it’s cathartic to say the real things, but we’re talking about your livelihood. I think we can make the necessary adjustments so those google heroes will like us again.

    I think you have fun with it. It’d be like a bizarro epautos. Just imagine you’re working for one of the mainstream magazines, as a liberal auto reviewer, and a beltway political commentator like Stossel that would pass editorial scrutiny. A dark longterm parody, where you never let on its a parody. Think of that annoying Stephen Colbert guy. He doesn’t likely hold any of the political views he claims. Its all just an inside joke, but its never revealed.

    If some commenter’s too anarchistic or seditional, insert a little tin foil or tri-cornered hat. Any disruptor or derailer like clover, just gets trashed, no exceptions. Keep it on the straight and narrow, they’ve got move those refrigerators, they’ve got move those color TVs.

    I see that lewrockwell (pagerank 6)and prolibertate(pagerank 5) are also not in strict adsense compliance. In their case though, it’s more of a fringe exception, whereas on this site, its been a main course lately.

    AdSense Tips: Keeping your site family-safe

    Check your site for manual actions
    If your site is not appearing in Google search results, or isn’t performing as well as it used to, it may be in violation of our quality guidelines. If you don’t see your site in the list, add it to your account and verify site ownership.

    I think you divide everything into two sections Your site:, with a google page rank of 2 is reconfigured to stand on its own. With no connections to epautos or ericpetersautos. This site is also linked to Libertarian Car Guy has a profanity filter running. It doesn’t allow hyperlinks. Or all the content is moderated. Or whatever is required to keep it your bread and butter well within the adsense safe harbor. Libertarian car guy is most of your content going forward. It’s the new car reviews. Helpful tips. General political right ups. Talks about Cleaned up with no swear words or racist content. Just grin and bear it.

    Leave epautos and ericpetersautos as they are. They continue to be where you put your rants against impoverished minorities. And 911 conspiracies. And calls to feed the mama duckers fish heads. The new site is everything else. But don’t connect the two in anyway. If anyone tries to just delete their post. Think of it like the shopping mall version of epautos. Don’t want to alarm anyone while they run up their credit cards buying Automakers and Walmart’s scheisse. Over there no one talks about or mentions bricks noodle bunt duck, you know the real terms.

    Maybe on this new site, you even praise the prius, seat belts, removal of dotted yellow lines, and all the rest.

    I think that’s how the reddit guys got me. They go into anti-authority posts and stir up things. Get everyone riled up. And they’re on all sides of the argument. Basically raise a shitstorm Then fault me for not engaging with their readers, since its so impossibly negative and inflammatory. There’s several bots there that collect posts.

    My reason for being shadow banned, which is similar to having a page rank of 0, is more than 10% of my posts were from a single site. And I didn’t do all that much commenting from the hitmen shills, because they really annoyed me.

    Reddit admins, use algorithms to assign a spam score. A conspiracy score. Probably at google, they have bots, and human admins that assign you a profanity score. A racism score. A call to violence and sedition score.

    Adsense Results:
    Congratulations, is Not Banned from Google AdSense!

    Google Results:
    Congratulations, currently has pages indexed by, therefore is Not Banned from the Google Search Engine!

    I see christophercantwell is page rank 0 also, which, with his traffic, means they’ve set him to 0 as well. Maybe it was all the times he said heroes deserve to be shot or killed. Which they do. But is it worth that much to say the obvious. Or just say it the way google adsense says it should be said.

    They won’t tell you anything, so you just have to cover your bases, and sell out in each and every way you can think of on Libertariancarguy and on Clovercam. Yet also seem edgy and irreverent enough to keep decent viewership to keep up high traffic, so they can place their ads, and you can go back to making the same money on ad revenue, that you used to make.

    • How’s that great news? Is the officer going to have to pay it himself? Oh, the state will be paying it out, possibly from an insurance policy (but there’s no way the insurance company is going to take a hit on that, so rates will be increasing). Either way, the taxpayer is going to make her an instant millionare, not the CHP.

  2. What a complete crock of s**t! The truth is 180 degrees opposite of anything “reported” on Faux “news”, the present day version of Himmler’s propaganda dept. The real terrorists and murderers of innocents are none other than the costumed Gestapo agents that “protect and serve” themselves while trampling any semblance of your rights into the dirt, along with your face if it suits them. I think the PTB are nervous since the Ferguson murder went viral and more people are aware of the occupying army of officer Unfriendlies; if only Clover realized that was just one incident in a long line of many, and has butkus to do with race. The Stasi here are equal opportunity maggots: black, white, old, young, male, female, whoever, they will cheerfully murder any and all of us if it suits them.
    The video posted on this page shows all too well how these arrogant bastards think of us mundanes, ready to yank you right out of your car if you so much look at them cross eyed, never mind insisting you have rights. We need to keep the spotlight on der SS, it’s the only way to keep dissidents from being “disappeared” by our fascist gunverment.

    • Yup.

      I feel sometimes I might be getting through to a few… occasionally. The tedious elaborations about “our freedoms” are wearing thin. And when I make a comment such as: “No Middle Eastern ‘terrorist’ has taken away a single freedom of mine, but the terrorists in DC have taken away many” I lately get a kind of resigned acknowledgment rather than an outpouring of patriotic contempt.

    • 1. Dissidents will (soon enough if not already) be “vanished.” You play the game (and you don’t ahve a choice) you accept the stakes.
      2. Based on #1, people like Eric Frein in PA may become a big deal soon. Dorner left a manifesto; it’s more effective to disappear completely, no manifesto, nothing.
      3. THEY will come for us eventually. The more they cement their hold on society as a whole, the worse it will be, the higher the cost, the more techno BS we need to corrupt, until we’re hacking the Matrix itself.

      Imagine in 10 years, the self-driving car has become reality. Commonplace, even.
      You’re wanted, but you don’t know it. Some neighbor called a tipline because “your dog” (you don’t have a dog) is dumping on their lawn….
      You hop into your car for your morning commute, the car has override orders from the police, and you disappear. No trial, no arrest, you’re just NDAA’d out of existence. The car drives itself back home, or drives itself into or off a bridge, after driving at “high speeds” because it “was hacked by enemy spy {you}”…

      Sounds like bad fiction, right? Too implausible for James Bond? But who will even argue? “The evidence shows… ” “We have him on camera…” “Car reported its position…” (even though you hacked the speed protocols, you couldn’t disable or spoof the GPS…? No one will ask that.)

      For “evidence”:
      – The Crow. Completed after Brandon Lee’s death, his face placed on another actor’s body.
      – It’s known that cars computers can be hacked – wirelessly, as well as through USB ports.
      – Most people want to get a paycheck and go home, minimum work required is best.
      – We have issues even now with “authorities” sweeping things under the rug. Police Chief says drop the case, you drop the case – or you risk being fired and/or executed. For chasing down the truth…

      Links not cited. Serpico is unusal BECAUSE it almost never happens. WIRED was one source for the car hacks, IIRC, but a google should get several – including one or two that look like assasinations done using the technology, including a “white hat” type about 6 months or a year back.

      We need to stop being rabbits, waiting and hiding by playing “statue,” because The Enemy is digging in, has fought an indoctrination war for “hearts and minds” (harden the heart & remove it from real suffering, calcify and enstupidate the minds) via mass media and faux (not Fox) reporting*. It’s selling a story, the news as product and entertainment. There’s a new news network, ONE, I think, which is actually reporting – not proferring opinion pieces as “news.” Wonder how long they’ll last?

      *: I don’t have much use for Fox as opposed to the others, but at least Fox is slightly Conservative-biased (note caps). Still a lie, but a more platable lie than the Communist News Network, News Broadcasts for Communists, or the Better Bullshitting Communists, etc. But I wanted to clarify faux vs. Fox.

      • I agree, Jean.

        Just feeling weary in my bones, is all.

        A sort of resignation descends. I find myself just not giving much of a damn – more often that I used to.

        If I were 20 years younger, I’d probably bag it all and “light out for the territories” (per Huck Finn).

        But now?

        I await the inevitable.

        They got you, too! – exclaims Winston.

        They got me a long time ago, replies O’Brien.

        PS: Glad you’re not having issues with posting. The new spam countermeasures have cut the flow of their shit by 95 percent at least.

    • Mike – I agree with your post, but 1 small correction. I think you mean ‘bubkes’ – Yiddish for beans. Butkus was a linebacker for Da Bears back in the 60’s


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