Creepy Cop Rolls Up on Wife….

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Well, this was weirdcreepy cop pic

My wife went to her yoga class last night. On the way home, she found herself being tailed by a cop – lights on. What’s unusual is that she was not “speeding” (the wife does not drive like EP) or doing any other thing to merit a traffic stop. But that’s not the weird part. People get pulled over by cops for no reason all the time. Here’s the weird thing:

This cop followed her for several miles with his lights on. This is on  a two lane (one lane each direction) rural highway. She signaled her intention to pull over but the cop did not pull her over. He just followed her. When she finally did pull over, he passed her.

Now, he could have done that at any time. The wife told me there was no traffic in the other lane. I’ve had cops roll up behind me on a call, lights flashing. I ease off onto the shoulder, they continue on their way. This did not happen here. The cop just… followed her.

I don’t know what to make of it.

And given the recent Oklahoma Thing, it creeped me out as much as it did her.

Maybe it was a cop who knew it was EP’s wife? Or thought it was EP himself? And has read some of my “hero” columns?

Anyhow, just wanted to post this – see what you guys thought.

Also – cuing Dr. Strangelove – I haf a plan.

We are going to offer stuff – in addition to the content (and community) you find here at EPautos. People have expressed interest in a “No Clovers!” sticker. So let it be written. So let it be done.

Very soon, those who donate a minimum of $10 a month to keep this site viable will get exactly such a “No Clovers!” sticker, at no charge – as a kind of thank-you for supporting the site.

To make this work – that is, if you want the sticker – you will need to send us a return address (whether you donate via PayPal or via snail mail). If you don’t send an address, we can’t send a sticker!

Now, please bear with as it may be a few weeks before we get the damned things from the printer.

But, it’s in the hopper – and we will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, we’re off goal for the month to date. If you enjoy EPautos and want to see it live, please support EPautos to the extent you’re able. I know times are tough. For me also. Hence my asking for your support.

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  1. I don’t think it was a message. They aren’t that subtle. It’s not part of their personality. If he wanted to send a message he would have just made up a reason to pull her over. He probably forgot the lights were on.

    I’ve had the same thing happen to me minus the lights and I’ve watched it happen to other drivers. The cop latches on and just follows for awhile. If nothing happens the cop gets bored and runs off or finds somebody else. Or somebody else does something to divert the cop’s attention. Had that happen when one was latched on to me.

    I can kind of tell when they are going to pull me over and when they aren’t. I can’t say how I know, I just do. There must be a tell that I can’t put into words.

    The only difference between a normal cop behavior and what you describe is the lights. Has to have been a screw up on his part. Or his department has a strict follow the speed limit policy for a call and he recently got wrist slapped. Only the lights are weird. The behaviors aren’t.

  2. The cop most likely ran the plate and found it registered to you and decided to send a message, as in “we know where you live”. Very creepy indeed Eric, watch out that you’re not the victim of a “random accident”.

    • I agree with Mike in Boston.

      Also, to the right of where I enter my name and email address before posting a comment, I’m not seeing ‘name’ and ’email address’ descriptions next the slots. That might trip some people up. This happened awhile back too, is it just me, or?

      I’m not seeing a Captcha thing this time either. The last time I posted I did and I was surprised that it had an improvement over prior Captcha things I come across in that I could actually read what it said. Maybe it was the addition of color to the text, and it seemed more bold, thankfully it was easier to make out the letters. I didn’t mind it at all.

    • Time to install caltrops as an “extra option.”
      Or better yet, thermite landmines, to spray the thermite up into the vehicle, and disintegrate the casing….

      Subtext is: I don’t HAVE to know where you live…..
      I’ll take a dump on your conference table if I feel like it.


      How to add in a tagline of, “leave me the F alone”?

      • Actually, perhaps a printout of the “Don’t want to get raped by a cop” article, taped to the Police Department doors? Better yet, with some kind of permanent glue to keep it on their door “eternally”?



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