Maggots I Deleted

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Below is just a slice – a sample – of the maggotry that infiltrates EPautos every got-damned day… and which I end up spending prolly an hour or two every day flushing away.

The following accumulated over the course of about two hours:



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  1. Top 3 Videos In Miss Pascaline’s YouTube account:

    (Zouk Love 2014) Souvent Elle Pense A Toi – Pascaline – On Itunes

    (Sega 2014 974) Mo Conne Mo Valere – Christian Pedaloo – On Itunes

    Reggae Love 2014 (Sweet Girl I Miss You) – On Itunes

    Joe Wein says stay away

    They’re some of the “419” sender addresses “M” that are blacklisted by jwSpamSpy

    Typically, victims of this scam are promised a portion of a large sum of money sitting in a bank account or in a deposit box at a security company, simply for providing a bank account to transfer the money into or for posing as a relative of a deceased person. Another very common variant promises a lottery prize from an internet lottery.

    If recipients fall for the scam they are made to part with thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in “bribes” for local officials, prepayments for courier services or deposits for accounts at fake banks before the “partners” disappear without trace.
    – – –

    I am intrigued, yet perplexed. Do I really run the risk of getting catfished yet again, I’ve already been bankrupted over and over by these insidious spammer savants. My passions are inflamed but my heart is torn.

  2. A spammer in my inbox writes as follows:

    Miss Pascaline
    Dec 4

    Hi I am considering visiting your country. My name is Miss Pascaline and I am 23 year old, single and never married, never had any kid before. am 5.8 fit tall, average stature, I am interested in exploring another language, culture,and a nicer family with great counterparts in your country. If you are interested in the conduct of our friendship together in harmony, feel free to write me back .I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss things in details with you. Please my official language is English, i will like you to reply me to this email address: (

    Yours sincerely Miss Pascaline
    – – –

    A cursory search on this email yields this:

    Sweet Girl I Miss You (Reggaeton Remix) – On Itunes – by this email owner – Pascaline Singer
    – – –

    Singer – Mike Donovan, Country – Mauritius
    – – –

    Mike Bridiane Records
    Record Label
    – – –

    So closer to the reality of the situation might be. Mike Bridiane or associate is dangling the possibility that Miss Pascaline of Mauritius is visiting my country with intentions of exploring another language, culture,and a nicer family with great counterparts in my country.

    So now what, if I am interested in the conduct of a friendship together in harmony with Miss Pauline, what do? Help a brother out here.

  3. [ from showed spam activity at 42 sites. Added to cleantalk. ru blacklists May 04, 2014 7:02:42. Last Seen Dec 13, 2014 7:10:31. All addresses autonomous system AS29761 (QuadraNet, Inc).]

    It’s ironic, how so many anti-internet types have ended up alone on the internet as refugees of sorts, similar to how the city folk flee to areas where locals have long lived in self-sufficient rural mode.

    People from cities and people from meatspace seem to me pigeons that flock together. Why shouldn’t the internet be the same top down authoritarian turnkey craphole just like the real world has become the coo as the crap and roost amid the wires and posts.

    I bought my domain. I paid for my wordpress. Why shouldn’t everything just work the way my salesman says it will. I am an indignant customer. The king of my domain.

    How dare there be any rogues out there launching slam attacks on wordpress sites. It’s just not civilized. My golden rulers have promised me this wouldn’t happen.

    I now sound alarm and clarion call upon the PTB to rescue me and expunge these rank infidels from my holy consumer experience. It offends my deeply held religious values of infantile absolute order and product performance.

    Not all that long ago, the internet was a wild untamed frontier.

    Then came the goldrush. And everyone could get on it. Netzero. Blue Light. AOL.

    But those of us who were always here, before the GUI, were still free to do as we liked. Tinker. Deconstruct. Copy and distribute. A pure knowledge and technical cornucopia.

    But now the consumers have become legion and are remaking everything in their own lumpenproletariat consumerist image. Bumbling nitwits utterly indifferent to who it is that is molding their misperceptions of everything that is really occurring in objective cyberspace reality.

    The waterhead consumers will soon eat out all the sustenance and birdog every last place of refuge. For that has always been their way.

    The horrible plague of primitivist subhumanity that killed the auto industry and the journalism industry. Indeed killed each and every industry and potential new industry.

    Now I am become that horrible plague and cannibal eating myself and the internet organisms en masse. The circle is closing. I am the ouroboros blogging the tale of eating my own tail. I am the self-cannibalizing carnivore in the great carnival of the castings of accusations.

    I’m the good guy. It’s these mean maggots that are the problem officers.

    I do love big brother. I am too big brother. There is no other way than the way of big brother. Arrest these maggots officers. Prohibit these maggots officers. What good is an internet without ouroboro officers ouroboroing the evil maggots and the other officers.

    • Tor,

      How does resenting Spam = love Big Brother?

      Did you hear me call for “help” from the government? That “there oughtta be a law”?

      No. You didn’t.

      One can be anti-authoritarian and anti-asshole at the same time. Indeed, they are the same thing – are they not?

      The NAP requires self-restraint. People not behaving like schmucks. And spammers are schmucks.

      • Eric,

        Is there an automated way of removing the spammers? (ie a way that does not require you to manually delete each spammer.)

        Either way, you have my sympathy. Just like Sisyphus, you remove the spammers today only to see more replace them the next day.

        • There may be, Mith – but I am not aware of it. Anyone know something?

          As I mentioned in the main post, dealing with this stuff is now all on me, because Dom’s kind of in the background now… because I have been unable to afford to pay him for awhile. I can’t ask him to work for free, so I don’t.

          • Eric,

            I do not know if this will work for you, but searching under:

            how to remove spam automatic delete

            I found these links:
            Automatically Delete Spam Comments in WordPress

            It seems that you can add a banned list of words that are (close to 100% if not always) from spammers.
            How to remove SPAM users from WordPress site

            Paraphrasing from the site:

            This one appears to deal with users don’t contribute to your site – they don’t write any questions, answers or comments..

            It will — remove those account since they do not add value to your site.
            Do Not Delete Comment Spam. Mark Spam as Spam.

            If you are using the Akismet WordPress Plugin on WordPress

            Mark comment spam as spam and do not delete it to help Akismet do its job.

            It appears that I have to be more blatant. If you delete comment spam, you make matters worse, so let me make myself clear.


            I am not that knowledgeable about wordpress, but perhaps Dom or someone else knowledgeable about this will be able to help automate some of the spam removal process. (Dom may have already done something like this for you.)

            These first two steps appear that they could be implemented within a day or two at most. The third can be done immediately if you use

            • Thanks, Mith…

              I will look into it; big problem on my end is I am a writer – not a software guy/coder. I know (cue Sgt. Schultz) nothing! nothing! about the technical side of running a web site. Dom used to handle that but – as mentioned – I’m no longer able to pay him (without working for free myself – or damned close to it) so he’s been offline for awhile now. I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

              If I could only figure out a way to get 10 percent of the people who regularly read EPautos to send in $5 a month on a regular basis (not necessarily the same 10 percent, but 10 percent of the total) all these problems would go away.

              As it is, I am struggling to keep my head above water while writing 4-5 1,500-2,500 articles a week for this site, edit and format them; edit/moderate and reply to people’s comments, post news stories; do Vidcasts and interviews; deal with spam; try to keep up with existing advertisers and solicit new advertisers… etc., etc.

              It’s very tempting to just give up and try something else.

              • I suppose the answer is, because that’s not how things are done. I’m speculating from sphincterville here.

                But why not take on a helper/butler like mithrandir to act as site janitor and to take the first crack at spammers and fake user problems.

                He can be Alfred&Robin. You can better concentrate on being Batman.

                It’s a shame the PTB have us in rodent mode – isolated from friend and foe alike.

                “And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine.”

                – maybe I’m the shameful rodent in question tho, gnawing and nibbling at the edges of the efforts of others.

              • Don’t give up Eric. SafeRide is always lurking to help push you into the black…..hopefully there’s some lurkers out there who will pitch in a few bucks.

                  • Sierra Times. …Then, they went POOF!

                    They were awesome while they were.

                    I saw this bit at SurvivalMom:

                    “He believed regulations and protocols kept everything in order.”


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