Today’s Thoughts: Feb. 10, 2014: Black Maggots

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This news story popped up yesterday. Italics added; comments follow:maggots lead

The Trader Joe’s grocery chain has withdrawn plans to build a store in the heart of a predominantly black neighborhood after a black leadership group fought the move.

The Portland Development Commission was set to give the grocer a large discount on property that had been vacant for years, pricing it at just over $500,000, down from an appraised value of $2.9 million, according to The Oregonian.

The Portland African American Leadership Forum sent a scathing letter in December to city leaders, saying the plan would price residents out of the area and the group “remains opposed to any development in North/Northeast Portland that does not primarily benefit the black community.”

Trader Joe’s would increase displacement of low-income residents and “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations,” PAALF wrote.

. . .

Trader Joe’s bowed out amid the controversy.

“We run neighborhood stores, and our approach is simple: If a neighborhood does not want a Trader Joe’s, we understand, and we won’t open the store in question,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to The Oregonian.

But not everyone is happy about the work zone pic

“There are no winners today,” Adam Milne, owner of Old Town Brewing Co., told The Oregonian. “Only missed tax revenue, lost jobs, less foot traffic, an empty lot and a boulevard still struggling to support its local small businesses.”


Does any single incident more luminously reveal what Rand styled “hatred of the good for being good”?  One can almost hear the voice of Elsworth Monkton Toohey – with an ebonicized lilt, of course.

One of the greatest tragedies of our times is the truckling to these black maggots – not ordinary black people but the maggots who feed off the misery of ordinary black people.  The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons and Portland African American Leadership Forum are always well-fed, well-dressed, well-housed… at the expense of the ordinary blacks they claim to represent but upon whose perpetual impoverishment their continuing to be well-fed, well-dressed and well-housed depends utterly. These “leaders” are themselves otherwise unemployable louts, typically. People who can barely speak in complete sentences, who possess no skills beyond exploiting, endlessly, racial animosities.TRader Joe's pic Without the race card, they would have no cards to play.

They are nothings.

To these people, it is preferable that a long-vacant building remain vacant. That there be no jobs for black people (or any people) if those jobs are not somehow emulsions of racial patronage.

Blight is what they want. Desperation. Hopelessness. Death. Because maggots feed on such things.

People with jobs, with hope, with a future, have no need of African American Leadership Forums and Jesse Jackson, et al.

Which is why black klans such as the African American Leadership Forum rise in vengeful fury when the prospect threatens.

But of course, to say so makes me the racist.

Throw it in the Woods?

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  1. Next complaint? No where in the neighborhood to buy healthy food.

    Now of course someone in the neighborhood would open such a store… but he’s denied capital and can’t get through the politics… and that’s just fine by those who profit by the status-quo politics.

  2. Dang Portland, that’s some weak shit there. The 6.3% Black or African American (36,778) folks are in charge? The total number of Portland residents as of 2012 is 603,016. This seems like some kind of conspiracy.

    Stupid Povs. I mean, I understand keeping outsiders out, but sell the got-damn land to an African grocery business.

    Poverty, not race, tied to high crime rates in urban communities

    A Year of Shopping Only at Black Businesses

    Nothing’s going to change for Blacks if the wealthier black people don’t start spending more money with Black businesses. Blacks have a cultural problem. For a lot of blacks, you “make it” by getting out of the community, by not buying black, by not living or socializing with black people—that’s sort of your badge of honor. So Blacks have, in the middle and upper classes, a tough challenge: a Black pride issue, not just the Black spending issue.

    List of the Most Successful Non-Maggot Blacks

    Exceptions – may be maggots
    #1. Oprah Winfrey – I think Oprah was originally a good person, but at some point and for reasons unknown, she became evil and a part of the dark side
    #7. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter – He is far too successful for having such minimal talent. Something maggoty about him. Probably CIA.
    #13. Beyoncé Knowles – like Oprah, she was good in her younger days, but then went bad, maybe for the same reasons as Oprah?

  3. Oh yes, That evil Trader Joes. A company that treats their employees well and offers up an eclectic variety of organic wholesome foods at good prices. Don’t know if you have them on the east coast area, Eric, but we have one here in Carson City NV. and we love them. Their packaging is wasteful and of low quality but that’s another thing. I saw a flyer in South Lake Tahoe petitioning the company to open a franchise there. It would surely kick ass in that local. Back to the point, unbelievable that a group would oppose any upward mobility in that neighborhood. Jobs anyone? Quality food anyone? How would they price “oppressed” people out? Are they afraid of yuppy soccer moms shopping in their “hood”? Oh well maybe a walmart will open up there with no opposition as they can bribe “groups” and grease politicians. And hey! they accept EBT! Gotta get me some cheese puff doodles and grape soda for dinner cuz its the first of the month!

  4. Indeed… but “tax revenue” is not one of the actual benefits lost here, of course. That would simply feed a different set of parasites.

    As always, best way to “help” everyone, including the truly poor, is to stop the theft. And to stop empowering the parasites with the myth that they somehow have any legitimate authority to speak for anyone but themselves. sigh


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