Today’s Thoughts, Jan. 31, 2014: Fundraising and Walking Pneumonia

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Turns out the wife and I have walking pneumonia! jar pennies

The terrible cold I got hit with (and the wife, too) about two weeks ago – and which gimped my presence here, as well as the output of new material – lingers. Persistent cough, feeling of malaise and low-grade weakness. Yesterday we got the diagnosis – and the antibiotics.

What has this to do with fundraising?

I mention it as background, in the way of explanation for my not keeping on top of site finances for the majority of January. When I finally recovered enough to check donations (via PayPal, mostly) I discovered they were way down. I quickly posted a note to let everyone know the situation – and people responded sufficiently such that January was not a net money loser for us.

But, we’re (Dom and me) concerned about February – though hopeful that these occasional public shakings of the tin can (you’ll have to imagine the monkey and organ music) will keep things on an even keel.

I also want to thank the several people who mailed us donations – including two readers who were very generous. T shirts (free) are headed your way!

I appreciate all of you for the support you’ve shown – both financial and otherwise. It’s a real learning experience trying to figure out how to successfully run and maintain an online publishing venue such as this.

We’re still actively seeking advertisers – real ones, not the Google Adsense type that pay nothing but saturate a web site with ads (most of them of zero interest to the readers). Any thoughts, tips, contacts/references you may have would be very much appreciated. Also, if you’re interested in the products/services offered by the advertisers we do have – Valentine 1 radar detectors (here) Austin Coins (here) Auto Anything (car parts; here) – please consider purchasing from them via this web site. That will really help us, too.

Dom and I both work full time doing our respective things (me writing and responding to posts, he keeping the site machinery well-oiled and operating smoothly) which leaves not much time for courting advertisers. But we’re doing all we can, with the time we do have.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it again: We are open to the possibility of someone coming in to work for the site as an advertising manager. The work would be on a commission basis – which we could work out privately. If there’s anyone out there potentially interested, please drop us (Dom or myself) an e-mail.

We’re also potentially interested in adding writers to the site – not only to ease the burden on me, but to add variety of style as well as content. I’m especially interested in talking with anyone who is knowledgeable about classic cars, who can also write engagingly about them. If that might be you, please get in touch.

Meanwhile, thanks again to everyone who pitched in over the last few weeks. And a thanks in advance to those who will support us in the coming weeks and months!

Your Almost-Well Webertarian Libertista


You can donate directly using this button or via snail mail, in which case the address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE

Copper Hill, VA 24079

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  1. Back about 40 years ago a friend’s mother had “walking pneumonia.” The doctor prescribed her some cough syrup with a LOT of codeine in it. Dave came home from HS to find Ruby in the living room listening to his Pink Floyd and King Crimson albums, smiling and saying “This is really good music. Why don’t you play it more often?”

  2. Dear Eric,

    I also had the walking pneumonia. I had a full week of chills and fever, then started to feel better, but without energy to consistently do even the basics (laundry, dishes, sweep floors, make beds etc.).

    I thank you for the quality information and discussions you present here. I have grown in my understanding of liberty so much by reading the back and forth discussions you and the regulars engage in.

    Thank you so much for this highly valuable “product”. I have in the past, and will continue to, monetarily support this website. The value to me personally cannot be defined by sums I donate.

    I greatly appreciate your dedication to liberty.


    • Thanks, Linda!

      My wife has a really bad hacking cough; for me, it’s physical weakness, alternating feeling too hot/too cold (clamminess) and low energy.

      First time I’ve ever had this – and it’s no fun, as you know.

      Ironically, my wife and I picked it up at the same time, at the same place…. a doctor’s office! We’re pretty sure about it. The doc’s office is in the bowels of a major hospital; you have to walk through lots of stuffy corridors to get there. The office itself was even stuffier (poor airflow) and there was a woman in there hacking her lungs out. Within 48 hours, we both showed symptoms.

      Thanks for the kind words – and the moral/financial support, too!

      • Dear Eric,

        Something to really help with any type of infection is Grapefruit Seed Extract. NurtiBiotic maximum strength 60 capsules of 250 mg. I purchased it on Amazon Prime, and had it in 2 days.

        I tried the liquid previously, but it gave me a really raw throat.
        The capsules are easy to take; and they have helped a person I know get over an infection which was nurses said couldn’t be killed.

        It is worth a try.



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