Four Legged Heroes

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Here’s video of an encounter with a four-legged Hero and his two-legged Hero handler:

Driver – stopped for a trumped-up and trivial reason – is then “investigated” by an animal. A dog. The dog “alerts” to the presence of arbitrarily illegal “drugs.” That is, his two-legged Hero handler interprets the dog’s yipping and pawing, not unlike a holy roller preacher parsing the tongue-talking gibberish of his flock only worse because the dog’s yipping ad pawing constitute legal probable cause for the two-legged Hero to forcibly remove the victim from his vehicle and search it.

How do you cross-examine a dog?

Oh. Yes, of course. I forget. That business about confronting your accuser in court is so inconveniently old fashioned; so obstructive to the smooth operation of the wheels of justice.

We must trust the cop who handles the dog to rightly – and fairly – parse the dog’s yipping and pawing. Because of course there is no motivation for the cop to falsely claim his dog “alerted”…

Germany turned brown, it is said. America has skipped that stage altogether and gone straight to black.

And the people – at large – cheer.

I went with a friend yesterday to a place touted for the excellence of its barbecue. Which turned out to be true. But the ambiance spoiled the food. Walls festooned with cop and soldat (and fuuuuuuhhhhhhhhtttttttball – of course!) regalia. Uniforms and patches and kepis and helmets abounded. Standarte draped every wall. And – no joke – at precisely 12 noon – the American Horst Wessel Leid is played and everyone (peer pressure, you know) stands and promises loyalty to the state and pays homage to its icons.

The place is called Mission Barbecue. If you don’t mind a little authoritarianism with your meal, the ribs are damned good.

God Bless America.

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  1. The dog handler knows precisely how to make the dog jump up to a car’s window and “alert” to provide probable cause. This could be solved by having a much longer leash so the handler’s nowhere near the dog, enticing and signalling the animal to alert to whatever the cop desires.

    Once they have probable cause, no matter how illegally obtained, there’s no obstacle remaining for them to plant “evidence”. If anyone’s ever seen “Cops”, for example, drug bags found under the dash etc. are handled by the cop without gloves in most cases. The possession charge is loosely based on circumstantial evidence by vicinity only, not concrete such as fingerprints of the accused.

    When you buy your next car, see if a cop can get the dog squad to give it a once over, just like some get a mechanic to do the same before you pay for it. It’s like buying a second-hand luggage bag and taking it empty to the airport and checked for everything.

    Oh.. I forgot. It’s easier and more lucrative for cops to make a case with someone behind the wheel rather than investigate the previous owner, or the one before that. Your chances of being cleared in advance have just fallen to zero.

  2. eric, you probably know an attorney or several. Ask them if confronting your accuser can even be done any longer. I asked several. All indicated it was rare and in some cases involving minors, impossible, the way new laws have been written to “protect” children at the expense of truth.

    But just a plain old accusation resulting in an indictment is next to impossible to find out who the accuser is. One reason is due to the Feds standing by to ensure you don’t beat the state. The Feds can find a charge you can’t beat and there is no probation, just incarceration till your time is up or until you can prove your innocence, just the opposite of what the Constitution says.

    We live in an elective dictatorship that got it’s real shot in the arm after the false flag op of 9/11. It was planned and the Patriot Act had already been written, hence it’s 300+ pages making fairly much anything they(Feds)desire to be criminal.

  3. On the one hand, I applaud him for his actions. Not only did he insure that everything after the “free air sample” was done by the book, he also tied up 3 other officers for a trumped up traffic violation. I still don’t know what I would do in that situation, I’ve always figured if I started quoting “chapter and verse” so will the cop, and any chance for getting off with a warning goes out the window. (but then again, I’ve never had a dog “detect” drugs on me, either).

    I was once told that if you add up all the costs, just starting a company vehicle costs about $45 a day. If he got 3 cops and a supervisor involved in a moving violation it must have cost at least $75 (estimate $30/hr for the 3 cops and $45/hr for the supervisor, estimate 30 minutes) in labor, just for the time on camera. Never mind that I’m sure there’s necessary paperwork to be filed to log the “incident.” Not counting the dispatcher’s time tracking down the supervisor, etc.

    All because some stupid dog smelled dinner.


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