Two-Wheeled Civil Disobedience

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They say you can’t outrun Motorola … but one cop can’t catch a pack of speeders!

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  1. Like ЯΞ√ΩLUT↑☼N said, they’re doing some stupid stuff, but… I didn’t see a license plate on any of those bikes; very hard to ID them. They also had an interesting mix of rides too: sport bikes, street fighters (my personal favorite) and supermotos. The guys on the supermotos can go just about anywhere in an urban environment if the rider’s up to the task, including stairs. The sport bikes have most cop cars on top end and handling, whereas the street fighters can out accelerate practically anything on four wheels that costs less than a million five. And how many riders were present? Thirty? Forty? More? Talk about safety in numbers…

    Other than that one hapless rider who wiped out, the local constabulary wasn’t having a whole lot of luck “putting down the rebellion” now were they? And who knows, if the kid was quick enough and picked up his bike and went on, they may not have nabbed him either. Even the chopper can’t be everywhere at once, so the best the tax-feeders could hope for was to pop one or two of them. So…in conclusion, it looked like it was all in good fun, only one guy got hurt (and that was his fault), a few motorists in the opposing lanes probably peed on themselves and the “pork patrol” went home with egg on their collective faces. Looks like a win to me! Ha!

  2. Nice. But they did do some stupid shit. No doubt the cop car would have got enough rego plates to investigate after the fact.

    Escaping from cops at night is made a bit easier if your remove the stop/tail fuse and wire in a switch. That leaves you with only headlights and no brake or tail lights if chased. Have done that to all my machines over the years. Even better if there’s enough street lighting to see by so you can switch off the headlight as well.

    • I am guessing most of those bikes aren’t registered, I didn’t see any plates.

      What amazes me, is that police department couldn’t field more patrol cars. I wonder where this happened. I know some communities have few cops on the streets at times. But they have fielded a helicopter!

      I am guessing only the guy that fell got caught.

      There is another clip from the same poster, where they are being chased by cops on motorcycles. But the police bikes were bigger so they were slower, so they seemed to slip away again. Its clear they have hand signals etc, you can see the guy giving directions to some of the other riders.

      But they sure have balls! And they will have a great story to tell too!

      • I wasn’t looking for any licence plates, but my wish is that everyone collectively chucks ’em in the woods now and tells grabbermint to bash it all up its blurter. Everyone.

    • Rev, I have outrun many cops in my day. My first mods to a new vehicle, both illegal in this state, consisted of a couple hidden switches under the dash to cut the brake lights and the running lights. And as you pointed out, running in ambient light at night is effective as hell.

      One of my favs was to cut running lights on a curvy road but leave the brake lights on for a few curves and then cut those too. I’ve had pursuers suddenly disappear. Why didn’t they come around that curve? I heard of a bubble gum machine having a big wreck one night. I feigned innocence to everyone regardless of how good a friend they were. After all, the whole point of asking me was to have a juicy rumor to spread.

    • I saw this when it made the rounds a while back. I’m surprised one of the cops didn’t just kill one of the motorcyclists. They had chances to do that.

      • No doubt because of their awareness of being video recorded… I think the availability (and common use) of Go Pros and such has proved to be the most effective Anti-Hero Spray developed in decades.


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