Captain Freedom’s Workout

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Are you ready for pain? Are you ready for suffering? Then you’re ready for Captain Freedom’s workout!

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  1. Captain Freedom’s Workout saved my life, mang.
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    Here’s some responses to Lockdown Nation Rant on Liveleak so far…

    I realize the ban had people upset, but as a firefighter I appreciate them. All it takes is one idiot to start a chain reaction which could turn into a huge 100 car pile up somewhere. If there is a fire, or someone is down, and the roads are cluttered with people and snow, our rigs are useless. Had people not been complete idiots when the weather was bad, you wouldn’t see this.

    However, it might have been a little early for the ban, but eh. It’s not the police state you’re thinking of. You knew the storm was coming, they were talking travel bans a few days prior, you could have accomplished anything before then and used it as an excuse not to leave home.

    Also, if im driving down the road, and a cop is pointing a gun at me, sure I would get out and listen. I have nothing to hide, and I would want said offenders found.

    Lastly, I might be bias, as I work with cops and have many a friends who have served in both police and military, but I respect them and honor their bravery, at least those that honor the oath and follow protocols. Flame away, but until you are in their shoes, you don’t know what they have to deal with.
    Posted 6 hours ago By skylabz0rz (25.40)
    Sheboygan, United States


    You can’t comprehend what tormunkov just said, the stupidity behind that lack of comprehension is the same thing that allows you to think that unconstitutional bans on freedom of movement in the name of “safety” should be enforced on American’s regardless of our clearly stated civil liberties.
    Posted 4 hours ago By apathetic (892.50)
    Denver, United States


    What you fail to comprehend is that nobody’s freedom of
    movement was infringed nor was there a “Lock Down”. You can clearly see in news footage of this storm that people were allowed to, and did, move freely about in both Boston & NYC….they just couldn’t use the road with a car.

    Owning and operating an automobile is a privilege granted by the state not a right. Operating an automobile on a public road is also a privilege not a right.

    As I stated before State, counties, cities, close down roads due to safety concerns every day.

    It’s funny how people who scream “Unconstitutional” the loudest seem to have no idea what they’re talking about.

    Posted 2 hours ago By Peckerhead (413.32)

    White Crow
    The government won’t let a crisis go to waste.
    Posted 6 hours ago By White Crow (634.50)

    @White Crow
    Government is the crisis.

    Remember that it’s gonna snow regardless of how interactive dumb government is with the people.

    DeBlows you can’t manage himself let alone manipulate a crisis to his favor. I think they’re being authoritarian merely for not knowing how to do it any other way.
    Posted 4 hours ago By apathetic (892.50)

    Paranoid much?
    Posted 6 hours ago By politicopath (612.30)
    United States

    In soviet union roads were mostly empty because there were not enough cars for everybody and they were expensive. Not because roads were closed. Travelling inside of the union was relatively easy. Leaving it was hard.
    Posted 6 hours ago By Prieblanda (503.80)

    This reporter is making the situation seem much worse than what it really was. The mayor asked people to refrain from driving due to the conditions of a blizzard that we just had. If people are driving the streets then the cleaning crews can’t clean the streets. Do you know what it’s like when it snows like a motherfucker up here? As soon as the roads were cleared and the brunt of the storm was over they lifted the travel bans. It wasn’t about locking people in their homes and keep them prisoners, it was for the safety of everyone.
    Posted 6 hours ago By jooofro (123.30)
    United States

    lol its new york wadya expect
    Posted 6 hours ago By koliel15 (38.90)

    the saint

    The boston bombing incident is a horse of a completely different color than a severe weather event. One that I think went completely over board.

    NYC, for example was not in “lock down” the city just exercised it’s right to restrict automobile road use.

    Roads, Highways, bridges are closed all the time. States, towns, cities do reserve the right to restrict automobile travel on roads when public safety is a concern.

    That is not the same thing as Bostons “lock down”.

    How is this any different from closing off a stretch of highway because flooding may wash the road away.

    This guy’s a wackjob.
    Posted 6 hours ago By Peckerhead (413.32)

    Let them drive. Also tell them that if they get stuck and block the road, a portable car crusher will stop by to remove the hazard.
    Posted 4 hours ago By 11k29 (3558.72)
    United States

    What happens when you live in one of the most liberal friendly cities in the US.
    Posted 6 hours ago By Satone (73.40)
    United States

    psychiatry 5 cents
    The Doctor is in
    Posted 6 hours ago By billykid05 (1176.70)
    New York, United States


    These lockdowns are the result of non-emergency people ignoring the warnings and attempting to drive mid-storm. They end up getting stuck somewhere and then demand emergency assistance, pulling resources away from areas where they’re needed. Their disabled vehicles end up blocking streets that then can’t be plowed until the vehicle can be towed, again pulling resources from where they’re needed and slowing down the removal of snow. The endless whining about unplowed streets and Con Edison brought this about. You can’t have it both ways, just enjoy the snow day.
    Posted 6 hours ago By loomisb (89.50)

    land of the free baby #1
    Posted 6 hours ago By toxician (149.10)
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom (UK/GB)

    I agree with you but you do realize people from NYC are complete idiots and are not capable of making rational decisions.
    Posted 6 hours ago By serge00271 (490.60)

    George Meade
    Totally agree with this post.
    No fucking way these idiots have a right to close down our roads like this. No. Fucking. Way.
    Year after year they get away with this shit as if we were subjects.
    What the hell is happening to America man?
    Posted 4 hours ago By George Meade (113.20)


    @George Meade

    What happened is the deluge of neo-castratos like @peckerhead. Look what he wrote below:

    “Owning and operating an automobile is a privilege granted by the state not a right. Operating an automobile on a public road is also a privilege not a right.”
    Posted 28 mins ago By tormunkov (48.60)
    The Moscow Kremlin, Кремль, Moscow, Russia, 103073

    George Meade
    @tormunkov—-I just laugh at most of these guys man. Fucking sheep are too dumb to argue with most of the time.
    Posted 24 mins ago By George Meade (113.20)


    @George Meade

    I guess I’m still learning to laugh.

    Just finished watching two of your vids. Good stuff mang.
    Posted less than a minute ago By tormunkov (48.60)
    The Moscow Kremlin, Кремль, Moscow, Russia, 103073

    Big deal, back in the late 70s they would close Wisconsin freeways all the time usually for a few hours so they could clear the roads , but that’s when we got snow
    Posted 3 hours ago By woody66 (114.50)


    The title and thumbnail tricked me, I thought I was about to watch an actual police encounter
    Posted 6 hours ago By PeteyGLaFlare (22.40)
    United States


    “Police State”
    Fuck off.
    Posted 2 hours ago By MyCatNameIsPedroia (4895.14)
    Boston, United States

    Further evidence that the level of stupidity is very high on LL today.
    Posted 2 hours ago By cmspet (758.30)
    United States

    Are you local

    Ask any yank what’s so great about their country. What will the answer be?
    Posted 6 hours ago By Are you local (75.00)


    @Are you local
    Fuck you. (freedom of speech)
    Posted 6 hours ago By politicopath (612.30)
    United States


    @Are you local We succeeded at building the democratic model nearly all of Europe has emulated.
    Posted 6 hours ago By loomisb (89.50)

    Jack Handy
    @Are you local What’s NOT great about our country!
    Posted 6 hours ago By Jack Handy (158.80)
    United States

    I try to keep an open mind, on one hand if you have every Guido, Julio or Tyrone running around with their Uber ride then you’ll never get the freaking snow moved. On the other hand if you have this massive public transportation system and encourage the public to use it why the fuck are you closing it down as well.
    Posted 6 hours ago By JamcaicanMeAfraid (306.60)
    Denver, United States

    Jack Handy
    In those conditions, when travel is difficult and risky, it just makes sense to stay off of the roads so that emergency vehicles don’t have to respond to a call about some retard crashing into a utility pole while on his way to get a 6-pack of PBR, they have the time to save someone having a heart attack or put out your kitchen fire. BTW, Russia is much closer to being “the old Soviet Union” than any place in the U.S., and don’t eat so much, comrade.
    Posted 6 hours ago By Jack Handy (158.80)
    United States

    Elections have consequences. new york city gets what they deserve.
    Enjoy your big gulp while looking out the window at free people:)
    Posted 6 hours ago By coho (1957.70)
    United States

  2. Eric,

    Are you sure the van by the river is not warping your sense of judgement? 😉

    I have not seen the Sargent in a while. That work out is so bad its good. 🙂

    Running Man was a good film. It was ahead of its time.


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