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I’ll be on The Bill Meyer Show again today (Thursday, May  7) at 11 east coast time; we’ll probably be talking about the DMCA and its threatened application to cars. Making it illegal to work on your car, if said work can be claimed could affect vehicle “safety” (or mileage or emissions). The mileage thing, especially, is interesting – and we’ll get into that on air.

Next week, I’ll be on Bryan Hyde’s show again – tune in for details about days/times.

And don’t worry if you miss either or both. I’ll post audio files here, too (see the left hand lower column of the main page for previous appearances).

What else? Our ur troll – the eponymous Clover – has been silent for nearly two weeks. A record!

He’s always returned, though. When I begin to feel my teeth aching, I’ll know he’s back….

On deck: An article about classic muscle cars (and older cars, generally) and the oil they need (because of the flat-tappet camshafts most of them have). I’ll use this as a vehicle (ahem!) to tout Amsoil’s Z Rod motor oil, which is what I use in my personal (old) vehicles. It contains the anti-wear additives these old-school/flat-tappet engines must have. Plus the oil itself is pretty much the best you can buy. Amsoil is an advertiser (see here or on the righthand side of the page) but I never recommend products/services that I don’t use myself, whether they’re advertisers or not. If you’re not an Amsoil user, I recommend you give it some thought.

Anyhow, the article will be up soon – plus some new Clover videos!

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