It’s Not The Speeding… It’s The Double Standard

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Here’s a nice little video making the rounds online:

Observe the Hero (as we’re constantly told they are) driving at least 85 MPH – the car pacing him is going that fast and can’t catch up. In many states, anything over 80 MPH – anywhere – is statutory “reckless” driving. The offender is subject to immediate arrest (at the cop’s discretion), his vehicle to impoundment. If charged, he faces a mandatory court appearance, the probable loss of his driving “privileges” – and the certainty (upon conviction) of doubled or tripled insurance premiums for the next five years at least.

But when you’re a cop, you get to drive “recklessly” with legal impunity.doube standard pic

Just as – when you’re a cop – you get to raise your weapon at people with legal impunity. See what happens when an ordinary citizen fires a gun in a public area where innocent bystanders might get hit.

See what happens when a cop does the same.

The cop in this video also likes to tailgate – an act that is reckless, as well as illegal.

He closes at high speed, then bears down on the driver in the small black car, his cruiser less than a car length off its bumper. If the car ahead needed to brake suddenly, the cop would absolutely have piled into it. Reckless driving. The real thing (unlike the statutory nonsense about anything faster than 80 MPH).

But they do it because they can. Because they are an entitled – and protected – class. There is a saying:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 

Who watches the watchmen?

And the answer, of course, is… no one. Hence the problem. The double standards, the hypocrisy. Which inevitably leads to abuse, to cynicism – on their part as well as our part.

It is a near certainty that this cop has issued numerous “reckless” driving cites to ordinary citizens for driving at speeds lower than he was driving in this video. And it does not take a seer with the powers of Nostradamus to make a prophecy about what would happen to a mere citizen driver who charged up behind a cop at 90 MPH and then rode his ass as in the video.

Cops wonder why they are despised by more and more people. They apparently do not grok that most people despise hypocrites, loathe bullies. And all too many cops are both.

Here’s another one, caught en flagrante delicto:

Note the cop’s anger at being chastised for “speeding.” He does not deny that he was in fact “speeding.” He feels – he says out loud – that because he is a cop he is entitled to “speed.”

Ecce homo!

Behold the man.

But, they are after all “just doing their jobs” – and that is the deeper problem.eichman in uniform

Take away the structure – the laws and courts that empower him – and what are you left with? Typically, a very average to sub-average individual. The ordinary/everyday cop is – by himself – not particularly impressive, intellectually or physically –  and usually far from heroic. Like hyenas, they are aggressive in packs – but timid and retiring on their own. Consider the Before and After photos most of us are familiar with from the Nuremburg Trails. Dressed in his snappy uniform as an SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer, Adolf Eichmann looked cocky and fearsome. But in civvies, he – and the rest of them – looked like what they actually were. Bureaucrats. Mediocre people made monstrous by the trappings of state power.

The solution, then, is not to “reform” the police.

It is to reform the laws.

Eliminate laws that endow people in uniforms with the legal power to point guns at people absent presentable, tangible evidence of an actual harm caused to a flesh and blood victim.

Dispense with “statutory” laws that manufacture “offenses” against a fiction – this thing called the state. It does not exist. It is not a living thing. It therefore has no rights – only actual living beings have those. “The state” is a rhetorical sleight of hand. A means by which some people arrogate power unto themselves – and the means by which they fool other people into accepting this lording over them as right and proper.eichman at Nuremnburg

It is very, very wrong.

Expose the myth of authority – and you have delegitimized probably two-thirds of the daily activities of modern law enforcement. In which case, we revert back to peace officers – if we have need of “officers” at all. The majority of us (being peaceful, not causing harm to others) would – once again – be free to go about our lives.

The cop in that video clearly felt competent to drive 90 MPH – and possibly, he was. The Interstate system was, after all, designed for average speeds in the 70-75 MPH range… back in the late 1950s. It is almost 70 years down the road from that. Is it unreasonable to suggest that, just maybe, it’s ok to drive 80 or even 90 today, given that modern cars are probably “safer” at 80 or 90 than a circa late-1950s car was at 70?

Why not go deep and just leave people free to drive at speeds they deem reasonable and prudent? Montana did exactly that for many years and it seemed to work just fine – because most people are (wait for it) reasonable and prudent and will drive within their own limits, without the cudgel of “the law” usurping their own judgment and replacing it with someone else’s.

It is not the cop’s “speeding” that grates. It is the hypocrisy.

And – necessarily – the tyranny that is necessarily manufactured when hypocrites are given authority.

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  1. The “cops are above the law” attitude was very evident as shown by my brother-in-law, who retired after some 32 years with his County’s sheriffs department as a Lieutenant. Not so much in anything he said, in fact, he seemed to have very much the idea that cops always needed to work on their professionalism, self-control, and public image. It was how he DROVE…the guy is even more a maniac than I am behind the wheel.

  2. One of my favorite words is “Comrade”. I use it in place of “clover” all the time. Once a person show themselves to be a true clover they get the “Comrade” line. At least for now they know exactly what I mean.

    Clover says, “People shouldn’t speed it’s against the law and it’s dangerous, “they” would never pass a law against it unless it was”. Me; “Yes COMRADE you are correct, the law is always right, speeding must be dangerous because “they” say so.” Generally I don’t even need to snicker after I say it either.

    Of course I also refer to any of our politicians as our “dear leaders”. For now people get that one too.

    I wonder how much longer calling someone “Comrade” in the context that I do will even be understood to be an insult or even a reminder that we are not supposed to be a fascist/totalitarian nation? “We” seem to have accepted “Homeland” in it’s bastardized version, so why not comrade?

    • I’m of the same mind but I’m afraid that the use of this language may be normalizing and desensitizing people. Thusly undermining its satirical effect and may be indicating our implicit approval of the current state of affairs of the State.

  3. In the first video what stands out is the reckless driving of video guy chasing the motorcycle cop. The Fool in the second video really needs to learn to mind his own business. He’s lucky the cop didn’t tune him up and general principles.Clover

  4. Quantum Relativity – Storm Clouds Gathering

    There is so much more to the human experience you are having.

    It’s up to you how much you choose to deal with the “real world” with its time clocks, bills, wars, and petty tyrants.

    The rabbit hole actually goes much, much deeper, if you want to take something home from this video start here: the rules of the game are not as rigid as you’ve been taught that they are.

    If you start with your quantum nature as your point of reference, everything changes. The very idea that you owe obedience to these pitiful phantoms that are called government, or that you are bound to keep spinning in these bizarre hamster wheels they’ve built for you, becomes laughable.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. Choose something different.

    Find that millimeter of free will within, and expand it. As you do, you’ll start to realize that reality is a creative process, not a mechanical, linear, progression.

    You are the quantum singularity interacting with itself. The more you wake up to that, the wider your possibilities become.

    Quantum Relativity – Storm Clouds Gathering

  5. 1 in 5 Millennials describe themselves as libertarian

    15% of Americans say that they would describe themselves as a libertarian, while 53% would not. 32% aren’t sure either way. Younger Americans, however, are much more likely to describe themselves as libertarian or to be unsure of whether or not they are libertarian. 20% of under-30s describe themselves as libertarian, while only 39% of the Millennial age group reject the label of libertarian.

    Not that kind of libertarian: Poll shows fondness for government programs.

    Many who claim to dislike big government still support specific middle class entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, and to a lesser degree, programs for the poor, like food stamps and Medicaid.

  6. ‘One Belt and One Road’ to Further Boost the Rise of China’

    You Can Not Be Serious

    57 nations approved as founder members of China-led AIIB

    “I’m sorry Wilson!” A man saying a heartfelt farewell to his imaginary companion of authority. Finding himself finally adrift in the sea of reality.

  7. In the Sixties, when most of the world was going madly leftward, in the insane pursuit of “progress,” Bill Buckley’s conservatism seemed to many of us to be a politics appropriate to Aquinas, Dante, Samuel Johnson, and Shakespeare.

    Bill refused to join the flow of what he mockingly called the Zeitgeist. You could see in him the reflection of your own yearnings: for Christianity, for constitutional government, for the free market, for the Old South, for almost every other fugitive “reactionary” principle; and also for the courage to stand in opposition.

    Now all that seems only distantly related to Bill’s actual life, like the boyhood memory of a pious old aunt when you are a middle-aged man. Not that his life is discreditable, apart from the things I’ve mentioned; but somehow he belongs more to the world of Phil Donahue than to the world of Dr. Johnson. His conservatism is a conservatism of image, show business, public relations, stock mannerisms; big words, anfractuous grammar, repetitious Latinisms, implying a depth that isn’t there.

    What happened to him? Conservatives everywhere speculate on this. I don’t fully know the answer, because it’s partly the mystery of a soul. All I can say is that New York, a Babylon of dizzying distractions, has absorbed him, as it is likely to absorb anyone who stays there too long, and Bill, bored with his early role, forgot what he started out to do. Gravitas was finally swallowed up in celebritas. And by now it may be necessary to stand athwart National Review yelling “Stop!”

    How I Was Fired By Bill Buckley

    Samuel Johnson Quotes

    “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.”
    “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man.”
    “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”
    “It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust.”
    “Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.”
    “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”
    “The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading, in order to write: a man will turn over half a library to make one book.”
    “Allow children to be happy in their own way, for what better way will they find?”
    “It is necessary to hope for hope itself is happiness.”
    “Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.”
    “Of the blessings set before you make your choice, and be content. No man can taste the fruits of autumn while he is delighting his scent with the flowers of the spring: no man can, at the same time, fill his cup from the source and from the mouth of the Nile.”
    “Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome.”

  8. Phonehenge West coming down

    Phonehenge West was envisioned and created by Alan Kimble “Kim” Fahey. It rested on his 1.7-acre property in Acton, CA. The structure was destroyed by the county of Los Angeles in August 2011 for building code violations.

    The structure included a 70-foot tower made from reclaimed material and props from old movie sets. The majority of the structure was built by Fahey himself over the course of 30 years. Fahey is a retired phone company technician; much of the material consisted of unclaimed telephone poles. The compound included 13 structures and was a representation of folk art.

    Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Daviann L. Mitchell ordered Fahey to pay the $83,488 in demolition costs in addition to performing 63 days of community service, of which a minimum of five days must be served at the L.A. County or Kern County morgue.

    During the demolition, which took three weeks, four truckloads of material were removed from the property. Fahey requested that the material be saved for reuse but all 53 tons of telephone poles and 280 tons of steel were too badly damaged by the end of the demolition operation. In December 2012, Fahey was sentenced to 539 days in jail for failure to pay.

    “They’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to crush me. Why is that?” he asked. “There are still gangs, there are still drugs, but the tree house guy is gone.”

    “It’s just terrible what they’re doing,” said Paul Kerpsie, a neighbor who said he has known Fahey for 30 years. “They’re like terrorists.”

    • “They are terrorists.”

      There: I fixed Mr. Kerpsie’s statement.

      Some people can not stand the idea of some one, somewhere doing something without special permission — even if it causes no harm to another person or surrounding environment.

        • Dear Tor,

          It’s true. Leave my own case aside for the moment, to get my ego out of the way.

          The fact is that an “Atlas Shrugged Effect” pushing people to drop out is all too real.

          There is sure to something akin to Bastiat’s “what is unseen” going on there. How many creative people would have contributed what to various fields?

          No one will ever really know.

    • “They’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to crush me. Why is that?” he asked.

      That’s easy to answer. Because gangs will shoot back, and Porky isn’t about to risk his fat, donut-eating neck for something in which there is no profit. “Tree house guy” is a soft target – the only kind the State ever goes after.

  9. Kindly name the states other than VA where 80+ on any road is a statutory Reckless Driving. I want to know which states will not get tax money from me.

    • Different states do it differently. In Illinois they made 26 a misdemeanor with up to 6 months in jail. Now some people in more civilized states with 85mph speed limits will think, that’s 111mph no big deal. The speed limits where most of us live in Illinois? 55mph. Just like VA for the result, but done differently.

      • BrentP, I think it was PtB who said Texas had its issues. Yep, it certainly does but people have been flocking here for the last 35 at an ever-increasing rate. Now I know why to some extent.
        It might get to 115 degrees at any time in most of the state with the exception of the high plains and it might get down to 15 below in the upper half but, with the exception of the big cities, you can buy a few square feet fairly much anywhere you want if someone will sell it to you and put a mud hut with a fire in the middle of the dirt floor with a hole in the roof if that’s how you want to live.
        Of course more counties are catching on they can collect all sorts of revenue with “codes”. And some bigger towns like Midland needed some way to cash i the big bucks on oil field traffic so they have their own city DOT. In this state you can drive with red and blues behind you till you find a safe place to stop. This idiot who stopped me on the loop around Midland that is simply two lanes each way and curbed so pulling off isn’t a good idea ran around me and slammed on the brakes in FRONT of my rig. I damn near ran over him too cause the tractor and trailer both had bad brake issues. I told him that was pretty dangerous and he said “Those red and blues protect me”. No shit Sherlock? I’d be interested what a guy I knew 45 years ago who was a state trooper and got rear-ended and smashed between his car and the one he stopped would tell him. The red and blues may have survived but he didn’t.

        55 mph is a good way to help ruin the economy and people in Tx. realize it, even the pols and coptards. Last Friday the DPS and local police were stopping as many cars as they could all day until about 3 pm when the traffic got practically solid in both lanes in both directions. I was doing about 75 to 80 mph and was being passed by most of the smaller traffic like I was tied down. No cops in sight. How would you pick anybody out and then how would you stop them? At least they knew when to cut bait.

        • You, pointing at truck: “80,000 pounds”
          You, pointing at police car: “4,000 pounds”

          Also – did you get the brakes fixed afterwards?

          • that guy wasn’t even smart enough to know that he should have needed to go home and change his pants.

          • The brakes got fixed a couple weeks later. All the trailer needed was a ferrule but I guess the company couldn’t afford that and some of that really expensive(cheap as hell)3/8″ plastic tubing. That tractor still has neither horn, never has had since I saw it a year ago for the first time and it’s been red-tagged by the DOT but they didn’t even get around to checking the horn. That truck had the high side of the transmission crater on me 10 miles west of Sterling City, Tx. a bit over a week ago. I don’t know where it is and don’t care. I hope to never see it again. I had refused to drive it before and quit early one morning when I left a pit and did something no other person in that company does, a walk-around. I saw the main suspension component was cracked and about to part. I drove it 5mph for 6 miles to the site, got out and said I was through. Foreman goes over and looks at it(he had a CDL at the time)and asked me how I found it. I do a walk=around several times a day cause I’ve been doing this a long time and take nothing for granted, esp. that tractor. Seemed like I finished the day on a backhoe or something. It had those bad brake line way back then, several months before I got stopped by the DOT. I drove a Pete last week for another construction company via my company. The owner went out of his way to tell me he could keep that truck busy every day if he had a driver. That was my cue. Once the rain quits and I start working again, I’m going to discuss it and probably end up driving for him. Everything but the tach works on that Pete he has and I don’t need no stinkin tach. I think he was impressed when he fired it up and I said “Detroit?” to which he replied yes and then I said “60 series?” to which he replied yes. He probably doesn’t get that too much from a guy who’s just there when it’s cranked up. And said Detroit is a fresh engine built to who knows what specs but I estimate 450-480HP. It will poke a hole in the wind and peg the speedo with a load. He asked me what I thought at the end of the day. I said it would be nice to have an a/c and he was shocked since he’d just spent so much money getting it fixed. Then I said the seat was worn out and beat hell out of me, needed a new shock. He said well, I’ll just buy a new one. He was saying all the right things. He’s my age so we sorta see eye to eye best I can tell. If I spend my days driving that Pete and his other equipment, I hope to get a good laugh every time that old Pete or KW go by. No matter though, I have no intention of driving them or the bad Volvo nor any of the rest of their crap again. The radio stations out here are full of companies begging for drivers every day. Hell, even the vac trucks have started to be non-speed limited.

            • I don’t understand thinking like that. The truck is out of service for maybe an hour while it gets fixed. That’s way cheaper than to be red-tagged by the side of the road with the load on it. Or to have an air system failure and not be able to move. Or have a brake failure and have the truck plow through a bunch of cars with multiple injuries. Just maintain the vehicle and you eliminate a ton of risk to the employees, the public, and the business. If the truck starts to turn into a service queen, sell it and get a new one.

              • “I don’t understand thinking like that.”
                It’s called SFB – ‘stuff’ for brains. A false economy, they think they are saving money by not spending a penny until they absolutely have to.

                • PtB, it’s more than that too. They think acting like bankers and not paying their bills until well past the last moment, a day before a suit begins is making them money, they’re holding onto it. They don’t realize they’re not bankers and need to keep their creditors happy. I’ve know a lot of people with this thinking and it sucks to do business with them and if given the alternative, you won’t do business with them again. That’s a killer point they just don’t get as a company with competition.

                  We got cut off at a quarry. i pull up to get a load and am informed I can’t get one until we pay up. So I know the owner fairly well and tell him i’ll write a check for it, we just need one load for a hotshot load to a customer in a hurry. So he say “Ok, I’ll sell you a load(and I’m thinking what a relief it is when he adds)just as soon as you come up here in a truck that doesn’t have _ _ Construction on the side”.

                  I’ve been to many quarries where we had no credit or lost it and given them checks or my credit card for thousands of dollars of rock just to finish a job. I have never had a raise and was recently told that it wasn’t going to happen….in a really shitty way.

                  Now, I’m like the wanta be boss, 23 year old dick sucker who doesn’t even have the money to buy enough fuel to run 90 miles back to the diesel trailer. he had to borrow a signed check from me to get a flat fixed. Hell, I’ve had to buy two tires at a time on the road when their sorry recaps blew and I never thought twice about spending $1200. No more though. If it takes more than two bits to get back I’ll just ride the clock till somebody can bring it like everyone else does. Does it show i’m pissed? I suspect next week my paycheck and pay increase will have another name on it.

                    • They bought two worn out KW’s last year and shod them in retreads on the drivers. I told them I hoped we all lived to regret them cause regret them we would, starting off the summer. You might get by with them on the trailers, you might if you didn’t haul loads like we do.

                      Immediately I started blowing tires. If the other driver racked up as many loads as i did he would have too but his lasted longer.

                      One day the boss asked what happened to the front fender on this nice leased trailer. I just shook my head and said “recap”. Same thing that happened to the other side, same thing that jerked the wires out, same thing that tore off half fenders on the tractors, same thing that had me buying tires everywhere I went.

                      Then they use a mechanic who knows some generic stuff but not much specificity about differing engines. We had a C 12 Cat in one KW and a big 3406 Cat in the other. Too bad they wouldn’t let me and the other driver switch ’em. The C 12 develops this shick shick shick shick sound and nobody knows what it is. It’s not a leaking head gasket as everybody keeps trying to make out or it would leak something somewhere. I was running so many hours I had no time to research it and it ran ok so no big deal for me.

                      For whatever reason they let this guy do a head gasket job on it. When he said he was going to and I was the only one there in his shop I voiced my skepticism. So he say Well, we’re calling it a head gasket and that’s what it’s gonna get”. And that’s what it got. Fire it up, shick shick shick.

                      So a couple days later a buddy of mine with a 3406 Cat calls me up and says Say, my engine is making a funny noise. I’m giving him a hard time so I say What, is it going whoop whoop whoop? No, he just cuts past my sarcasm and says It’s going shick shick shick. Well, says I, I don’t know, better ask your cousin cause this white one I drive did that, had a new head gasket and still does. So he says what I said, No, my engine’s not leaking anything, not down on power, just this strange noise.

                      He calls me a couple days later and say Hey, I found out what that sound is. These engines have balancing weights in the camshaft gears and when they shed one they make that noise. I’m gonna fix mine this week–end. So a guy and his cousin and brother tear it down, replace the timing gear set and it’s fine.

                      A few weeks later the white one I drive starts eating coolant. Now, bygod, there’s your head gasket problem.

              • chiph, you’re preaching to the choir. The truck was beyond a service queen when it was bought. It was quite literally, a raving POS that had countless half-ass fixes. The trailer had been rolled and cobbled back together and you can see the warp in the entire thing.

                These guys just won’t spend any money for a truck and that’s what keeps every aspect of their business alive. They’ll rent a dozer or packer of rock hammer or trackhoe or whatever is needed at the time but they won’t spend $30K for a half way decent truck. Then they won’t upkeep anything. That brakeline had been leaking since early last summer and I finally stuck a bolt in the line with a hose clamp over it as a quick fix to get back to the site one day so new hose and ferrules could be bought…..which never happened.

                I have personally never owned a truck that everything on it wasn’t right. Down time is a killer, esp. .when you’re an owner-operator and it just makes sense to spend a bit more for a reliable truck.

                But two of these brothers are welders. If you’ve never been around a welder, they think they were spawned by the gods themselves cause they can pass a test to weld a pipe. The other brother spun off another company because he couldn’t stand their sorry practices with equipment.

                i’d go to work for him but he got in bed with a bunch of lawyers, missed a payment deadline that was on the way to him by less than 3 days and they took everything he had. He thought he could always stay ahead of them and if it had been a bank, it wouldn’t have been a big problem, only about $100K payment with twice that coming in the check a couple days later. Of course this is what they had hoped for for years and when it came along they cashed in.

                I’d rather take a rattlesnake to bed than get in business with lawyers and I think he feels the same now too.

                But back to trucks, it cost nest to nothing to fix that trailer and only a few minutes time. I can drive one at a pace no other driver has matched the entire time i’ve worked for them or I can work on one. I refuse to put my valuable tools in one of their trucks since everything that goes in one simply disappears.

                And you get the jist of it. With that leak the parking brakes won’t release hence my bolt and clamp job just to get it rolling. And if they could only use these trucks in situations like running very slowly down lease roads only, it wouldn’t be so bad but they are not road trucks in any sense of the word. Stick me with a fork, I’m done.

                When I had my own trucks and drove one, I carried extra brake biscuits, some air fittings, oil, and grease and lots of tools. I didn’t need to carry extra gear oil since I never had anything leak gear oil for more than a day or two and that would be just the initial weeping, not the big mess of wheels and suspension covered in gear lube. And when I had a brake diaphragm burst on the road, I’d stop at the first place I could safely park and spend the 15 minutes it took to replace it. I didn’t ruin tires either. I had a 20 ton jack and two spares all the time. I would have carried the whole shop but you learn quickly what is going to break and you can fix and what’s going to break and you’re screwed. I can honestly say I never let that latter happen. There is always some indication of a major impending problem. You can always feed one coolant back to the house if you blow a head gasket, something I never did because I kept good coolant, kept my coolers clean and regularly checked thins such as radiator caps and hoses. One problem leads to another and these guys will never figure it out.

                That truck I was driving has never had either the electric horn or the air horn and that’s a big deal for me but nothing for the owners. Those people about to pull out in front of me can be awakened with a little toot, here I am, look at me kind of thing. That’s saved a lot of lives. But your heart goes up in your throat when you see they don’t see because they won’t look. I’ve had many of those pickup driving clovers in the patch that thought of the hiway as their personal driveway and have to slam on the brakes inches from getting collected by me.

                I don’t run my lights on the interstate in the day for the most part but I turn them on when driving two lane roads. A great many of those people you come across on those roads think it’s simply an extension of their driveway and nothing is ever coming.

                Recently I saw a brand new red GMC, shiny out the wazoo with two old farts coming down his long driveway to a very small paved county road I was running with big overloads. I backed out of it and flicked my high beam switch and hit the air horn that actually works on the Pete. Nada….so i was heavy on the brakes when they started to make a wide turn onto the road using the oncoming lane I was in. The driver saw me just in time to stop in the other lane as I go by with brakes smoking. I was hoping their hearts were beating as fast as mine. It used to be the elderly and the young that were dangerous. Now it’s everyone cause they’re all texting and driving is at best, a secondary consideration. I have seen surveys showing texting to be more dangerous than people who really are drunk. I personally think it’s much worse than that since I follow people every day weaving all over the road.

                I hate to see more laws but Tx. just passed a no texting law and has signs on the highways. It’s gotta be the most dangerous thing you can do while driving. And that was what the driver was doing who ran over me while I was stopped after he ignored two sets of rub strips and several signs telling you to slow down with speed limits attached. Now road construction is using flashing lights well before you must stop. Big rub strips that rattle your teeth and a dozen signs weren’t enough.

    • Great quote from a simplistic version of Communist Russia and unfortunately it also applies to our government now. “Animal Farm” explains the mentality of our cops and courts. I read it 50 years ago and never forgot the analogy about government run amok.

  10. Left a comment at a Quora question

    Bevin Chu

    Paul Walker was admired because his character represented the defiance of oppressive governmental authority symbolized by street racing.

    Many of my fellow Americans pride themselves on this. They consider this defiance a matter of national character and of national pride.

    And they should!

    But given the alarming growth of “Nazism with American characteristics” since 9/11, just how many of my fellow Americans still perceive “our [sic] government”, the way Brian O’Connor and Dominic Toretto do in the films?

    That remains to be seen.

    How many of them, for example, are in fact contributors to the ludicrous Nanny State speed limits motivated by “safety”?

    • I’m shocked and appalled that you don’t buy into our governments propaganda about traffic laws and safety. I will give you an example how we all can make a difference; by taking every traffic ticket to court. If everybody would start taking the cops to task by forcing the issue in court, then the traffic courts would be so backed up that they would not be able to function.
      I took 5 tickets garnered on my motorcycle at one time to court with a possibility of about $2000 in fines and about 15 points. I learned from the NMA (National Motorists Association) how to fight traffic tickets at a higher level than I had previously known.
      The driving at 96 MPH in a 65 zone was thrown out because the DA couldn’t verify there was a legal speed limit. None of the states bother to follow the federal mandates to do a traffic study every 5 years to determine the proper speed limit based on the speed driven by 85% of the drivers on that highway. Reckless operation of driving between cars (white-lining) was not proven because I have a background as a motorcycle endurance racer brushing elbows with other racers for hours at a time, so it doesn’t apply to a highly skilled rider. I ate the ticket for white-lining because it is considered dangerous in Arizona although it is legal in California. (arbitrary and inconsistent laws in the different states in the USA). I ate the driving without a valid AZ drivers license and not having insurance since my license was considered invalid. I was still fighting the State of Arizona over trying to force me to put an interlock device on my motorcycle because it could have killed me if it killed my engine and left me in a deadly situation. The State doesn’t care. They told me to buy a car. I asked how I was going to buy a car since I was no longer able to get to work. So, I ended up with community service since I was now indigent as a result of the States attack on me. I had received a “fake DUI’ as a result of having THC in my system although there was no proof that I was high when I had a motorcycle accident. Now the State won. I received a $130 fine and 2 points. Pretty hollow victory after the judge stated in open court that he would find our money and there was no community service. I spent my life doing sales work. I was just a better closer than the DA. Join me in the fight for a free America; take every traffic ticket to court.

      • I also received 57 hours of community service that the judge said was not available in his court. That is why the courts don’t wanted recording devices or cameras in their traffic courts. How did I get community service? I told the DA that I didn’t have the money or a job, so I didn’t know how I could meet the court’s demand for revenue. The DA spent about 5-10 minutes of fumbling around with books and paperwork stalling for time and hoping that I would speak up and submit to the courts tyranny. I just sat there silently waiting for him to speak because the secret to a sales close is: He who speaks first loses. The DA said that the court might consider community service. I innocently replied that if the judge would consider it I would be willing to fulfill my obligation. Guess what, the judge will take any kind of a deal that the DA takes to him. Something is better than nothing and there was a whole court room full of sheep to fleece. Why waste more time on me because this was my 3rd time stalling the court and working them until I got a better result .

  11. To understand the state is to understand nothing, for it is nothing.

    Paper worship training begins early on this planet, yet never is it explained as logical, just traditional and compulsory under penalty of theft of your time, money and energy.

    A simple breakdown of the word “federal” is never offered for if it were the minds of the children would mock it like a playground rhyming game.
    \”Feder” means “pen”, “AL” is the shortened “Allah” or “God”, we are all programmed to worship the writings on paper. The scribbles and symbols mock the people that cry for explanations, Said scribbles and symbols grew in the courts of the priestly scribes and ad-ministers of the ancient failed civilizations that grew upon the backs of the dead and enslaved masses the scribes and pharisees fed on. Rome, Greece and even the Mongols used the power of the pen to annihilate thought that was counter to the power of the pen and ink of madmen and tyrants that we were trained to call King, Lord or Khan under penalty of death.
    We are no better off mentally than our ancestors of old, if anything we have regressed into a cocoon of dynastic slavery of the mind via control of the curriculum by the state.
    I care not about the welfare of paper gods, bits of cloth waving across the dead or manipulations of the minds via stone monuments. Sanity on earth comes not from melding into the masses but instead by standing upright against the waves of assassins bearing paper and pen.

    Said Oboma, “I have a pen and a phone”
    Said Pharoah, “Let it be written, let it be done.”

    Time shows us how little Kings concern themselves with progress of the minds of the meek and instead highlights the death machines they crave to use for sport and plunder.

    Clover of today has much in common with the slaves of Rome.

    “None are so hopelessly enslaved, as those who falsely believe they are free. The truth has been kept from the depth of their minds by masters who rule them with lies. They feed them on falsehoods till wrong looks like right in their eyes.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (b. 1749 – d. 1832)

    • It might be because the “hero” knew he was being recorded. Might have had just enough intelligence to back off, given that.

      • hey Eric, did you notice the “hero’s” wife and brood in the toyota?? As the guy drove off, the fish-lipped woman yelled something at him, probably called him a clover. lol. I feel sorry for those kids having such loser parents!!

  12. “It’s not the speeding that grates, it’s the hypocrisy.”

    Best line of the day.

    I like speeding cops regardless. I just file in and follow them. It’s the ones that are traveling at the low speed limits that bother me. lol

    • swamprat, the DPS and most police depts. in Tx. have the latest, greatest radar units and can get a lock on your speed following them as easily as any other way. The only saving grace here is the PSL of 70 on most back roads(farm to market) and 75 on many of those with all state roads being 75 as well as ones with “federal” monikers. Revenue collection is alive and well though on interstates where 75 is the PSL even though few people drive that speed.

  13. Cook County (Illinois) police do this every day in the left lane on the Tri-state tollway (I-294). 85mph-95mph. Never on a call, (they don’t patrol the interstates), most likely going to and from the various suburban county courthouses. Sometimes you feel their wake as the blow by.

    This has been going on the entire time I have driven a car (late 1980’s). I imagine they have been driving that fast since the tollway was built.

    • “most likely going to and from the various suburban county courthouses” – or maybe where the donuts are fresh and hot.

    • Actually that’s not even tailgating by ISP standards. I can still see some space.

      I’ve had ISP crown vics so close to me the hood mostly was not visible in my center mirror. I started seeing the car somewhere around the cowl area. I have seen them at 70+ mph with a following distance that could reasonably be measured in inches.

  14. Don’t forget the 2 women in Times Square who were ‘inadvertantly’ killed by pheroes firing at a suspect armed with a comb. So much for training. But the intended victim was charged with the deaths, because it was his fault the guns were being fired in his ‘general direction.’

  15. But let’s not forget their training, Eric. This is what the worshipers at the Temple Of The Sainted Pork continually tell us; they have training in these things so they can drive like that or carry those extra dangerous ‘assault rifles’ with their high capacity magazines and the thing that goes up in the back.
    Your experience in these fields is no match for their training. My 27 years of driving in all conditions from dry and sunny, to sandstorms, to ice storms, to torrential downpours while on a motorcycle… these pale in comparison to the few hours of training on a controlled course. The 100’s of hours spent on a range perfecting my shot, through various scenarios. The endless drawing and reholstering so it becomes muscle memory. All of this is nothing compared to the few hours of academy training and then the once a year qualification tests.

    Face it Eric; they’re just better people than we are because of a few hours of training.

    • Hi Gabe,


      But what happens if I whip out my SCCA license? My paperwork demonstrating that I have extensive training? Will the Hero say something like: “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were a professional. My bad. Have a nice day, sir.”

      I kinda sorta doubt it!

      • Eric, you’re missing the point. You may have had extensive training, but it wasn’t THEIR training. Only THEIR training is superior and only THEIR experience matters.

        Know your place, citizen.
        (Every time I hear someone use that term, citizen, my primal instincts rise up and I feel the need to throw poo at them)

        • Poo eh? Reminds me of an old story involving some old college buds called “shit on a stick”. It’s a classic.

            • 3 of them camped out in the canyons near the McKenzie horse slaughter episode. One gets in the brush to do his duty and the other 2 chunk rocks at him the whole time. The other two admit to running and screaming like “little girls” when he came after them with said “stick”. Fairly hilarious story to hear them tell it.

        • GABE, “(Every time I hear someone use that term, citizen, my primal instincts rise up and I feel the need to throw poo at them)”

          This is interesting. Why are you adverse to the term “citizen”?

          I ask not out of hostility but rather curiosity due to my own thoughts on the term/idea of a “citizen”.

          • I don’t like the terms “citizen”, “civilian”, “authority”, “official”, “we” (when referring to acts of the government), and so on and so forth. Basically any of the terms that create a mentality of being ruled and shared responsibility for what the ruling class decided to do.

          • Skunkbear; BrentP basically captured my thoughts.
            It’s the notion that somehow we are in a separate class (or maybe caste is a better term) than others who believe themselves superior, whether it be politicians, soldiers, or police, as these are often the groups most likely to use that term in reference to someone who is not one of them. Soldiers, and sometimes police, will often use civilian, which has developed the same negative connotation to me.

            • All these folks need to remember that they are supposed to be ‘Public Servants,’ i.e., THEY work for US, not the other way around.
              David Cameron was just reelected as ‘Prime Minister’ of GB. The origin of the word minister also means servant – so as Prime Minister, he is the head servant.

          • BRENT and GABE, both of you have expressed my thoughts exactly! (And you have said it better than I could.)

            The word “citizen” does indeed denote a sense of “responsibility” towards a collective. Ask a liberal and a conservative for their definition of “citizen” and they will both express some form of required “loyalty” and “duty” towards some collectivist whole.

            I am glad I am not the only one who notices these seemingly small yet telling things.

            • skunkbear, no shit. I can accept someone referencing me as “brother” or “friend” but citizen takes on some sort of special meaning as a member of the collective, something I have always been averse to. I don’t understand how the communist “citizen” doesn’t come to mind every time it’s spoken. Hello skunkbear, “comrade”, and how have you benefited the rest of us today? It sticks in my craw. As Woody would say “I’ve kicked wholesale ass for less”.

              • I cringe when I hear Nevadan, Chicagoan, New Yorker, Texan, American, or any of that. It’s the same thing isn’t it? If you identify yourself as any kind of geography, you’re an a**hole.

                  • I like Bamboo Union myself.

                    Bamboo Union is the ROC’s biggest organized crime group, with 68 branches and 1,171 known members — or more than one out of five of the nation’s known gangsters — according to recently compiled police statistics.

                    After the Bamboo Union, the Four Seas Gang is the next-largest, with 46 local branches and 726 members.

                    The Tiendaomeng is the third-largest, with 36 branches and 632 members.

                    (These are listed members only.)
                    – – – –

                    The best way to think of who on the island you pay tributes to, and probably comply with in most cases.

                    Is the “official” designation of organized crime band.

                    Government is a religion, where the ordinary street gang and association of strong men undergo a kind of apotheosis and become a “holy street gang.”

                    It is crucial to reject religious imposition by force of any kind. Because that is exactly what government is.

                    It is a gang that has been transformed in the mind of the layman into some kind of holy organization of crime with magical spiritual dimensions.

                    • Dear Tor,

                      “Because that is exactly what government is. It is a gang that has been transformed in the mind of the layman into some kind of holy organization of crime with magical spiritual dimensions.”

                      That in a nutshell, is the whole story.

                      Once that myth is dispelled, tyranny as we know it, will be an historical oddity.

                • only some dipshit from another state or or a politician or newscaster says Chicagoan. (I joke, just a little) People here are either southsiders or northsiders. 🙂

                  • Uggh. You’re right about where I hear Nevadan ad nauseum. I’m forced to listen to FOX5 news every weekday morning against my will.

                    I think there should be an anti-bar mitzvah ceremony for voluntarists. We’d declare ourselves not subject to the official law. We could also declare fidelity to the NAP or whatever we did want to bind ourselves to, if anything.

                    Where you live I would call: 3.5.3 because it’s 3rd most populous country, 5th most populous state, 1st most populous city in the state.

                    Bevin would be 1.24.1 I believe. Eightsouthman is 3.2

                    What is your subsection of ss or ns. Is it what the realtors say. Much of what we know is held fixed via jackboots. What about hispanics. Blacks. Native Americans of yore. Urban entrepreneurs. Where do you reside?

                    Are you in Stonvilee, Familia Stones, the Insane Deuces, what is your bix nood or spix nood IP? Where are you at Pre-Euro-Borg.

                    Need location be monolithic consensus. Or can order remain if we each exist in several locales simultaneously according to various reference frame systems.

                    northsiders hoods

                    southsiders hoods

                    Chicago pre euro settlement

                    Chicago 1830s

                    • Tor, you used only 2 numbers for me. How does that work? I don’t/won’t live in a town but use a post office in one for mail since in their infinite wisdom, I live a mile “too far out” as they say. Now that’s one bunch of dolts on the dole “as I say”.

                • TOR, et al,

                  I have been pondering for a little while about this notion as to what to call myself and I come to the conclusion that I should identify myself by my core philosophical beliefs and not the location I am from/currently living in nor certainly not my politics nor my occupation.

                  It needs to be succinct like “Christian” or “muslim” etc.

                  The best I can come up with is either “NAPer” or “NAPian”. I am leaning towards the latter. But if anyone else has a good idea I am all ears.

              • The vast majority of the population processes everything emotionally. If you use the original soviet or nazi terms they get it. Use a different term and they are just as fooled as Germans in the 1930s or Russians a century ago.

                Call a priest a scientist and people fall for the same old obey and sacrifice for good weather nonsense. The human race as a whole is probably hopeless. Because it never really changes its bound to destroy itself (again?).

                • Lately (dark mood) I am inclined to agree, Brent.

                  Perhaps the only realistic solution is a kind of gathering of the Jugalos (if you’re hip to that). People who aren’t Clovers are probably wired differently. We’re not necessarily brilliant, but we’ve got minds that question and reason – and most of all, seem to operate conceptually. In addition to their reflexive urge to control others by force, Clovers characteristically regard each given thing as an unrelated particular. This may be a function of generally lower intelligence, of course. I’d be willing to bet (not “a million dollars” but perhaps $50) that the average Libertarian is a standard deviation or more to the right of the average Clover on the Bell Curve.

                  Anyhow, back to separating. How to accomplish this? It seems to me a radical solution is required. I may flesh this out in a rant… more coffee first, though!

                  • Dear Eric,

                    “I’d be willing to bet (not “a million dollars” but perhaps $50) that the average Libertarian is a standard deviation or more to the right of the average Clover on the Bell Curve. ”

                    Fifty bucks?

                    Way too conservative!


                    • bevin, I’d be willing to bet…….the average Libertarian is really not libertarian in almost any way except they voted once (the last election) for Libertarians. Some of my old college buds want you to believe because they didn’t vote Republican that they aren’t Republican but it shows through nearly every time they open their email mouths.

                      I have begun to make them even madder at me than they used to be. I do this by rightly inferring they’d still give George Bush a blowjob is they could get close enough. Their counter-attacks are always about me and my lifestyle, denigrations for the most part that have very little to do with fact. I don’t even try to defend myself except to maybe poke them with that sharp stick again.

                      The oldest one of the crowd(72)sometimes throws me a bone laughing about the whole thing and agreeing with me on many points.

                      Of course the most rabid of the bunch is a staunch Methodist, totally blind to how blind He is. He went over the line several years ago telling me (let’s hear it for all the hypocrites one more time)I had no conception of morality because I WASN’T A CHRISTIAN. It didn’t go over well with the rest of the guys either since some of them would rather be hung on the cross than admit to adherence of the validity of said cross.

                      Uh-oh, I feel a rant coming on. I’d better stop now before I dig myself a deeper hole.

                      But, in all fairness, I don’t use the ammunition they so generously lavish on me with their Christian commitments I could easily use to flay them alive figuratively.

                      One will get on his rant about “some” illegal drugs and the “dealers” who should be crucified. He doesn’t get it that everyone who takes any illegal substance is a “dealer” in that they resale or procure said substances for others. If you just give something away, under the law as explained to me by state and federal lawyers, you can’t be legally termed a “seller” but everyone who gets something for someone else and expects to be reimbursed is just another dealer, albeit, maybe a small one, further down the chain. Semantics, what the law uses to live and die by…..or rather to kill or let you live by. The Just Us system is beyond reproach as we all well know….or that’s the way its members see themselves.

                    • Dear 8sm,

                      “bevin, I’d be willing to bet…….the average Libertarian is really not libertarian in almost any way except they voted once (the last election) for Libertarians.”

                      I agree that such people are not really libertarian, and should not refer to themselves as such.

                      What percentage of those classified as “libertarian” in polls do they constitute?

                      I hope they have not artificially inflated the numbers under “libertarian”.

                      That would be discouraging to say the least.

                    • Dear Brent,

                      “I keep going back to the Reason TV piece about the people in the desert. People who separated to be on their own living on the worst possible land to do it. They still got stomped on. ”

                      Ditto. So revealing.

                      It makes me sick. The authoritarians simply refuse to leave other people alone to live their lives.

                      Even when libertarians remove themselves from the vicinity of authoritarians, the latter hunt them down to persecute them.

                      This shows that the authoritarian impulse was never about “ensuring universal justice” or “protecting society as a whole” or “environmental sustainability” or any of the bullshit pretexts cited ad nauseaum.

                      The simple reality is that the authoritarian cannot stand the fact that someone, somewhere isn’t “obeying the rules”, i.e., “his rules”.

                      Basically it’s a variant of:

                      “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” ― H.L. Mencken

                    • “Momma don’t like this wicked clown
                      I might come from the dark side of town
                      When she’s gone and you’re alone again
                      $50 bucks says you’ll let me in”

                      Not too “conservative” if you catch my drift.. 😉

                    • Bevin, I finally have to reply to this(Libertarian count) so here is how I see it:

                      The only way I know of to determine how many Libertarians there are(and this may just be my own ignorance)is to count votes for Libertarians.

                      In the last two elections Libertarian votes went from a .7 percentage to 7 percent. If Libertarians want to claim that they’d be the dominant part if that happened again, a ten fold increase, they’d technically be correct.

                      I don’t see much of a downside in claiming that nor publishing those numbers. People want to join the “winners”, want to be the “righteous” or at least “right” people, members of that party. They’re willing to jump on a new wagon, one they see headed in the right direction.

                      I don’t see a significant downside to a 70% vote for Libertarians. After 4 years of their policies, if people wanted to abandon them, they would hopefully remember why they had abandoned those other parties.

                      I’m not saying a Libertarian party would be the ultimate answer for us anarchysts but I’d certainly like to find out if it wouldn’t be much better.

                      Our chance of getting rid of the federal govt. is slim to none BUT turning back the policies of the two major parties would be a relief.

                      I liken it to being very sick and then becoming much healthier. Things may not be perfect but you sure feel one hell of a lot better, enough so you want to live again and feel like you might have a chance of being much happier again.

                    • eric, I had to go all the way back to bevin for a reply button so that’s where it is. As for the tires, I probably misspoke and didn’t ask about white letters which I assume is the deal breaker. But, I found some good 255/60-15’s(good for that size wheel, the outside size I believe) in BF Goodrich(102 S speed rating) and Cooper Cobra with 102 T rating. I forgot to ask about the white letter. I’ll call the guy and ask that. Got Stencils?

                    • Hi Eight,

                      I have BF Goodrich radials on the TA – these appear to be pretty much “it.” They used to make an H (130 MPH) rated version but discontinued it years ago. The Goodyear Eagle GT is another one now gone.

                      I’ve yet to find a performance (vs. all season) tire for a 15×7 wheel. I mean a handling/high-speed tire, not a drag race/bracket tire!

                  • What we have are those of us who survived a scientifically designed and brutal conditioning process that comes right out 19th century Prussia and the marketing and advertising industry.

                    The question is how many of us are really out there but go along to get along? How many would have there been if not for the conditioning that starts as a small child?

                    Neither those running government or their clover supporters are going to allow people to separate with anything of value. So I think physical separation isn’t possible. We’ll end up with reservations on the worst possible land with trade embargoes for those who wanted to live free. And if something was made of it despite that they would just use government power to destroy it.

                    I keep going back to the Reason TV piece about the people in the desert. People who separated to be on their own living on the worst possible land to do it. They still got stomped on. Bothering nobody. Living where nobody but them would dare. Practicing live-and-let-live. The cloverian majority couldn’t tolerate that. The government couldn’t tolerate it. They never even had to look upon it. The mere thought of it had them figuring out how to destroy these people.

                    Separation requires the yankee and the clover to respect other people’s right to be different and they don’t do that. Not internally to the USA or externally.

                    • Bevin, they have to control everyone and everything and nothing cannot be in their collective. I wonder if that may be the meaning behind The Borg in star trek. The people in the desert were being harassed (in part) to connect to city “services” even though they were miles from nowhere and doing fine on their own. Everyone must be in the collective or else.

                      It’s now fundamentally government collectivism eventually leads to mass murder in one form or another. It’s not that something wasn’t done right, it’s the fundamental design of it.

                    • Dear Brent,

                      “The people in the desert were being harassed (in part) to connect to city “services” even though they were miles from nowhere and doing fine on their own. Everyone must be in the collective or else.”

                      You nailed it! The Borg cannot allow anyone to remain “off grid” both literally and metaphorically.

                      This was the mindset of the Cylons in the reimagined Battlestar Gallactica as well.

                      This is the NWO’s democratic universalist, one world government mindset.

                      NB: this is different from purely economic globalism, which is rooted in voluntary human interactions at every step of the way.

                      Of course the globalism we have today is not purely economic globalism. It is contaminated by a vast component of governmental coercion.

                      IMF, World Bank, NAFTA, TPP, etc, etc.

                      China’s One Belt, One Road and AIIB are not “good” per se, from a purist libertarian anarchist perspective, being as they are government initiatives.

                      But under current circumstances, it is akin to a second Mafia family (Russia and China) preventing the first Mafia family (US/NATO/Japan) from fulfilling its NWO goal.

                      This is why, in a limited context, many libertarians, including many at LRC and myself, cheer Russian and Chinese cooperation on.

                  • When William F. Buckley can write a book titled “Happy Days Were Here Again: Reflections of a Libertarian Journalist”, you know that the word “libertarian” is almost universally misunderstood and horribly misrepresented.

                    • What Buckley did to Joe Sobran – a far better man and vastly superior writer – was unforgivable.

                    • I can hear him take 5 minutes to uh, hhhmm, say a single hhmmm sentence saying uh, hhmmm that the word libertarian can be interpreted in different ways.

                      When he calls himself libertarian you can be assured there are differing definitions of the word.

                    • Buckley claimed (falsely, in my opinion) that Sobran was an anti-semite. The real reasons for Buckley’s vicious purge of Sobran was that he had become anti-war, and that he had finally rid himself of the reflexive worship of state power that Buckley championed his entire life.

                      Please read Sobran’s moving account of his transformation into a philosophical anarchist.



                    • Dear Mike,

                      I remember when Buckley made that claim.

                      I could not suppress a bitter smirk.

                      On the one hand, disgust at the attempt to claim credit.

                      On the other hand, gratification at the fact that people were beginning to jump on the “libertarian” bandwagon. It meant we were winning the ideological battle.

                    • Buckley was a CIA “plant”…his articles did not come from his own convictions and beliefs, but rather what his CIA “bosses” told him to write…


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