The Object of the Exercise

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Have you been caught behind a school bus recently?bus lead

They are hard to miss – and not because they’re really big and very yellow. In my area – and probably yours, too – they also have constantly flashing white strobe lights on the roof.

Apparently, there are people out there who miss the big and the yellow.

It will probably not be long before a man runs – or rather, fast walks – in front of the things, waving a red flag. Perhaps they will have him set out a bunch of orange cones around the perimeter of the bus at each stop, too, before the passengers are allowed to disembark.

Which, by the way, they are not allowed to do until the bus has stopped exactly next to the driveway of each passenger. Even if the next kid’s house is 20 yards away, that kid is not allowed to get off and walk the 20 yards to his house. He must sit and wait while the driver goes through the kabuki opera of stopping (then waiting for a moment to make sure the bus is actually, certainly and for-sure stopped) extending those Stop sign flappers that extend from the flanks with the red flashing lights (syncopating with the white strobes on the roof) and only then opening the door and waiting some more for the process of his next-door neighbor to get off the bus, the doors to close, the flappers to fold flush against the flanks and the bus to creep forward the 20 yards to his house, where the show is repeated.bus 2

What a depressing, strangulating, suffocating, tedious ordeal.

For the kids, I mean.

But it is an excellent prep school for their intended future role as good (compliant, submissive) show-no-initiative adults. The type of ant-human needed for the ant hill that America has become.

There is always a method to that which is perceived as madness.

When it comes to government – which, never forget, is nothing more than a small minority of your fellow citizens who have got hold of the power to make you do what they say – there is always a reason for that which seems bizarre to you.

Control, for its own sake.

Well, for their sake.

The diminution of autonomy.flasher pic

Well, your autonomy.

This process has been going on a long time, herky jerky. But it has picked up speed lately – over the past 30 years especially. The extent of the micromanagement, the shriveling of our personal space, is remarkable.

Back to the kids.

Once upon a time in the great hazy past, kids routinely walked (and on their own) to school, if their neighborhoods were within a reasonable distance of the school. This being say a quarter mile or less. It was convenient for all – and most of all, empowering. For the kids. They experienced a brief taste of independence, of their future adulthood.

They learned to negotiate streets, to be conscious of traffic. To allow enough time to get from home to school.

And – much better – after school, they were free.     

The bell rang, the doors of the school opened and kids poured out of the bleak brick-sided prisons and went wherever the wanted. With friends, to their houses. Whatever.

They were free, on their own, until walking 1

Nowadays, this is not allowed. The kids are either required to board the mobile prison transport (you know, the bus) or wait on line for their parents’ minivan or SUV to make its way to the head of the car conga to pick them up.

Even if their house is less than a quarter-mile away.

To walk is not allowed.

To do so without adult supervision is – literally – criminal.

The “child protective services” will be sicced on any adult who permits this. This includes the now-heinous crime of permitting one’s child to play in the backyard… one’s own backyard. If an adult is not actually, directly supervising at all times. Which you’d be wise to do given the now-ubiquitous busybody-ism that characterizes every suburb. Rest assured that any child seen walking alone or playing alone (even in his own back yard) will trigger alarums in the rancid cerebrum of a neighborhood frau, who will dial 911. Hut! hut! hut!

This will absolutely ruin your range kids pic

Kids are allowed no independence, for the obvious reason that the America-in-process does not want independent people. It wants dependent, helpless – and most of all, fearful – people.

People who have been trained to wait until they are told what to do – and to accept being told what to do as the normal course of life. To accept at the level of deep conditioning that others – those who operate the government – have the right to tell them what to do. Without, of course, ever consciously entertaining that proposition. To react appropriately. Like a schnauzer who has been trained to not jump on the sofa.

When, as in my own childhood, kids were often left to their own devices – and expected to learn how to negotiate life – they tended to grow into adults with some sense of independence. They tended to not like being regimented because they realized at a young age that they didn’t need to be. That they could walk perfectly well on their own to the school. That it was possible to walk the 20 yards from a common bus stop to their own house. They rode bicycles to their friends’ houses… without wearing a helmet.

It was fun to be a kid because kids int hose days were not treated like kids with Down Syndrome, as today.

Mom and dad, meanwhile, were free to go about their lives and not made into proxy wards of the state whose job has (today) become conditioning their kids to be angst-addled neurotics obsessed with safety-uber-alles, just like them.'70s kids pic

Once upon a not-so-long-time ago, getting a ride home in the car was a kind of unusual occurrence. A special treat. Sometimes, your friend’s mom or dad gave you a ride. No seat belts were buckled, either. You jumped in, you jumped out.   

I see parents today strapping their kids into “safety” seats for a less-than-five-minute hope to the elementary school, surrounded by six or more air bags and  haze of fear. Of everything. Risk lurks everywhere. It is depressing, like a fresh grave at the cemetery. It takes at least as long to strap the kid in (and out) as the trip itself. And what must this process be doing to the kids?

It is training.

Getting them ready.

To submit, to accept.Ignatius Loyola

Passivity. indifference.

Today’s kids are tomorrow’s adult Eloi in larval form. The Jesuit psychopath Ignatious Loyola is said to have let slip the following insight about his training protocol:

Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.


The government – your neighbors, with the titles, and of course the guns – have taken this lesson to heart.

Think about it the next time you’re caught behind a school bus. depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us. Goo-guhl blackballed us.

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  1. You’re all going to hate me for this, but I don’t really mind if the busses have flashing lights on them. They put up with some bad/drunk/whatever drivers sometimes, so they’re sick of it. They’re just trying to protect themselves.

    What I DO have issue with though, is how the kids go to this building every bleeping weekday, it’s a bleeping JOB, yet the kids don’t get PAID one cent for it. How do people go through all this work and effort and expense, and don’t even get paid for it??? Yet, if they don’t show up, they’ll be “in trouble”. If everyone would stop for a minute and take a break, then think about it for a minute… they’d realize it’s total MADNESS! Madness I tell you! The whole world has gone MAAAAAD!!!

    • Hi Harry,

      And it’s worse than that, actually. Not only are the kids forced to go to those places, people who haven’t even got kids in those places are forced to pay for it – and get Hut! Hut! Hutted! if they decline to pay for it.

    • Moonshine is very fine mooney indeed. It has an effect that a great many people value. It is easily transportable and fungible.

      Anything that all by itself is a store of value is currency. If we were to build products were made in a standardized easily broken down componential way. Then every thing you bought would be a “dollar” of sorts. And the transactional cost would be figured in as a discount.

      Anything that’s a scrap of paper. Whether redeemable in gold, or dollar debt that’s redeemable with the Federal Reserve company store. Is fiat fools currency.

      If only we weren’t brainwashed and blind to what is of value.

      In a SHTF world without broadcast media. If I had a 64GB flash disk with the top 100 movies of the last few months, I would have something of great value to a great many people. I can get those for free off the net for now in a few minutes.

      But if things go south. People will miss the entertainment they’ve enjoyed all these years, and I’ll be able to trade for all kinds of fungibles, because very few preppers are sitting on an immense stockpile of media files, just in case it all goes wrong.

  2. To be free, be a reptile. Especially the rare one in colder climes. At least you become free. And you can later work on de-reptilianation without intrusions.

    Let Linnaeus and other say: Reptiles are abhorrent because of their cold body, pale color, cartilaginous skeleton, filthy skin, fierce aspect, calculating eye, offensive smell, harsh voice, squalid habitation, and terrible venom.

    (“The lectures of Linnaeus concerning the animal kingdom”. Classis Tertia. Amphibia. Ordo Serpentia, Reptilia Krypare, Draco, Lacerta, Rana, and Testudo.

    Linné expresses his disgust by saying that the animals belonging to this chapter are “the ugliest, most cruel and most poisoning” and if there had been more they would have hurt other species. Edition 12 of Systema Naturae from 1767.)

    Why not at least be a reptile to the degree the She’s can tolerate.

    Chaoro (Lori) and English Lyrics

    I’ll take the evils coming to you on myself, I’ll give you my blessings, I’ll give you the shadows of joys. You give me beautiful dreams, You live like growing apples in my eyes,

    I’ll give you everything you want. A galaxy of luminaries watches over you all night, I’ll tell the moon and the stars to hush. Grow up, Grow up my son. So you don’t wake up, I keep awake in nights. You swing and play in my arms, I sit close to your headrest and kiss your eyelids.

  3. My White Nationalist field trip among the embattled fringe continues to prove most illuminating.

    Forget Immanuel Kant for a moment. I’m starting to see merit to their notion that Frank Boas is one of our three greatest enemies.

    It seems fruitless to fight him, so why not join in competition with him. First understand him. Then transcend or defeat him as needs be.

    To do this… I give to you… Anarchist Anthropology.

    To what degree has man ever been truly free. How free is he today. How free might he be in the future.

    Might yardstick is an individualist measure. Any person or phile who gains autonomy and self-determination is a winner in my book.

    But wait, I’ve nothing to give that’ll be of use, until first, the point of departure from the Dynasties that be and their love of Frank Boas relativist anthropology.

    Where exactly is the clover Frank Boas that I wish to go off-road from, to be found on the time space continuum of Dynastic order.
    – – – –

    Franz Boas

    Franz Boas was born in Westphalia, Germany, in 1858. After studying at the Universities of Heidelberg, Bonn, and Kiel, he received a Ph.D. in physics with a minor in geography from the University of Kiel in 1881.

    His first fieldwork experience was among the Eskimo in Baffinland, Canada, from 1883 to 1886, Boas conducted fieldwork under the auspices of several museums on the North Pacific Coast of North America. During this time he was also involved in an important project to bring the cultures of Native Americans to the general public as part of the Chicago World’s Fair from 1892 to 1893.

    Franz Boas pioneered the concept of life group displays, commonly known as dioramas, and exhibited skulls of various peoples to demonstrate the irrelevance of brain size and argue the diminished significance of theories of racial distinction between humans.

    In 1896, Boas moved to New York and was appointed Assistant Curator of Ethnology and Somatology at the American Museum of Natural History, and Lecturer at Columbia University.

    Three years later, he became the first Professor of Anthropology at Columbia. While at the American Museum of Natural History, he created the Northwest Coast Indian exhibit which remains intact to this day.

    However, he found the bureaucracy of the museum constraining to his research and resigned in 1905. He then turned his full attention to educating new anthropologists and furthering research in every aspect of the field.

    Dr. Boas studied and widely collected information on race, linguistics, art, dance, and archaeology–commanding all four sub=disciplies of anthropology.

    From these studies he developed his theory of relativism, which replace the preceding prevailing beliefs that Western Civilization is superior to less complex societies.

    After guiding the Columbia Anthropology Department for forty-one years, Boas became Professor Emeritus in 1937. and in 1942, Boas died, having established anthropology as a recognized and distinguished science.
    – – –

    Social Evolutionism

    Philosophical Anthropology – the forced transition from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous

  4. Eric wrote, “Kids are allowed no independence, for the obvious reason that the America-in-process does not want independent people. It wants dependent, helpless – and most of all, fearful – people.”

    Yes…and no. Think of the “mainstreaming” the mentally challenged (nee: retarded) or the handicapped (now Handi-capable). If anyone dare suggest that those with natural inabilities are not the physical/mental equals to those without, it borders on heresy.

    The entire society is now commanded to push folks with such limitations to go beyond what they would naturally strive for. Freedom for these folks is encouraged…nay, DEMANDED.

    Yet those who have an innate desire to strive for more freedom and have the physical and mental capacity to naturally exceed socially imposed boundaries are squashed like a cockroach.

    Not to worry, it will all implode under its own contradictions.

  5. Missing out on forced socialization is a real tragedy. Ask any prisoner, and he’ll tell you all the educational benefits of mandatory incarceration.

    Like all other Pox Americana diseases. It doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger, and better able to survive and infect even more complete strangers.

    Here’s some text that accompanied that picture of kids on a bike:

    To get kids riding, we need urban environments that are more appealing for cycling, and convenient, fast and safe for all people who ride bikes.

    Other things that encourage high cycling-to-school rates include:

    1 providing plenty of cycling infrastructure (including secure bike storage at schools)
    2 car-parking restrictions at schools
    3 school policies and programs that promote cycling and discourage driving to school
    4 compulsory child cyclist road safety education and training
    national and regional child bicycle safety campaigns
    5 reducing speeds (this includes environmental modification, 30kph speed limits and signalised crossings in most areas, including very low speed limits outside schools)
    6 legislation that assumes driver responsibility in an accident involving a child cyclist or pedestrian.

    Those six diabolical suggestions need no esoteric analysis. They are pure evil.

    This is the baggage that comes with suffrage of slaves, women, children, poor, and useless hangers on.

    We must support all emancipations, yet allow no suffrage that includes voting on somebody else’s life. Really, we should banish all votings wholesale.
    You either own something or control something.

    Anything that needs the vote. That needs the show of unwashed wankers hands, is unkosher.

    I would never stand between a wanker and his fealty to his precious 5 fingered soulmate.

    But neither would I want the dingbat horning herself into my life either.

    It’s great when the weaker sex race nation or creed is emancipated. But a special kind of evil when the newly freed begin to enslave.

    Suffragette Death

    Woman Suffrage

  6. Just wanted to post something on a different subject, internet freedom. If you want to help get a petition over the top at or whatever, just go here and sign. It might slow down the CISA bill.

  7. Despite school buses being 40′ long, painted bright yellow, with numerous reflective strips on them, and now with blinky lights on the roof, I still see people pass by them when the signs are out and the lights flashing.

    It happened again on the way to work. A CUV with out-of-state plates drove right past a bus that was loading children. The buses here have not one, but two stop signs that swing out. And the flashing red lights are LEDs which illuminate faster and more brilliantly than incandescent bulbs.

    There’s no technological answer for people who fail to see, and just aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. Other than installing transmitters on the buses that shut off nearby auto engines (which has it’s own risks), I don’t see what could possibly be done.

  8. Eric, the two kids on the bike… Chicago childhood of the 70s and early 80s right there. I had a bears jacket (two actually) just like that. That photo actually ‘hit’closer to home than I’m willing to say in public.

  9. I enjoy your rants (I share your Libertarian views).

    One thing that drives me crazy is when these speed limited (45 mph?) buses drive the interstates. I deal with this daily on my commute. They cause traffic tie ups and dangerous situations when people try to pass them. Either keep them off the interstates, or remove the governors so they can flow with traffic!

      • When I was in third grade on the way home from a field trip the two school bus drivers were racing each other on the interstate. I was close enough to the front to see the speedo. Over 70mph. This was deep in the 55mph NMSL era too.

      • I hear ya. I like the idea of homeschooling. I can’t get my wife to let go of the ‘oportunity to socialize with other kids’ argument though. She’s worried not going to public school will make our son feel like an outcast.

        • The “socialize” thing is complete nonsense. If anything, homeschooling will make your kids learn to socialize with people of all ages, not just their age peers. Plus, there are homeschooling groups nearly everywhere in the US now, so there will be plenty of opportunities for socializing.

          Friends of mine home school their two boys. It helps he can do his job from home and his wife has a home business so they are almost always home. They post the things they are doing, and they do some pretty awesome stuff no school could ever do. The kids are doing very well with it. The flexibility of not being tied to a “school schedule” makes almost everything they do possible.

          Another friend was homeschooled too. He had no problem with getting into and completing law school. His dad had very high standards so it was fairly easy for him to get one of the highest scores on the bar exam.

          • Yup, for sure. Kids learn how to be a**holes, have their independent spirits broken, become drug dealers and drones, pick up vile habits that takes a lifetime to break. All stuff they probably would have avoided, had they not gone to public school.

    • We home schooled all three of our kids all the way through (youngest is in 9th grade) – no regrets. Unfortunately, we sent the oldest two to state university due to economic reasons. We won’t make that mistake again.

      • Going to a State U is okay if the student is studying something *purely technical*. (to mean pure science, applied science, engineering, accounting, business or architecture.) Anything not on the list above, say social science, arts, literature is just absolute garbage.

    • Blue: You ought to! and I heartily recommend it. You have complete liberty over what the child studies and reads. There are many, many resources now for homeschoolers that were unavailable half-dozen years ago to make it easier on Mom & Dad. (conference calls, collaborative websites, videoconferencing, and the like) Many churches have sports teams, so your kids can play sports and socialize in those respects. Our parish teams play other Christian and parochial schools. You can also leverage onesy-twosey class attendance too. (meaning a small group of students will meet in someones home to attend a videoconference class together.)

      • My wife is home-schooling our 8-yr. old grandson. She says it’s amazing how much she is learning. Someone asked what type of testing she was doing to measure his progress. She says, “Are you kidding me? I can tell what he knows, and if he doesn’t get something, we don’t go one until he does.”
        As for ‘socialization,’ we have friends just up the road with 12 kids, ages 24-1. He socializes with all of them, and their parents too, not just with ‘his peers.’

  10. I still remember one of my friend’s little brother riding his bicycle and wearing a helmet. We asked my friend why he was wearing a “crash helmet,” of course the answer was “I guess so he doesn’t crash!”

    When I was riding 20 miles a day and 50+ on weekends I wore a helmet, mostly because I promised my grandmother I would and I’d hate it if I were to die without it and she found out. Once she passed I put the helmet down and haven’t worn it since. I don’t feel any more or less safe without it, except that I can hear better without it directing the wind into my ears.

    And for the record, the most common injury when in a bicycle crash is a broken collarbone. The head rarely hits anything.

    • The people demanding all the bicycle safety have absolutely no clue what the real dangers are if they ride or not. They basically do things wrt their irrational fears. Then they do more things to fix what they made worse with the first.

      I would wear a bicycle helmet if I was bike racing. Otherwise no. Why? A bicycling pile up in a race is a narly thing and they would help if getting hit in the head with a bike frame. I can’t do organized rides because they demand foam hats be worn. It’s not a race. It’s not that crowded. Anyways bicycling is safer than a lot of things and wearing foam hat while bicycling means I have to wear it a lot in everyday life to be consistent.

        • PtB, got a new hat for you. i’ll let you know as soon as I find the source. I’ll just buy a roll.

          Now if I could only block the damned cotton defoliant they’re using this year I’d feel much better. It’s badass and making everyone in the country sick and to its credit, even the people applying it. Goddamned subsidy farmers are going to be the death of the planet.

          • Goddamned subsidy farmers are going to be the death of the planet.
            Well, you kind of can’t blame them for taking OPM when it’s offered. Cue Alfred E. Neumann (to the tune of “Ol’ Man River)
            I don’t plant cotton. I don’t plant ‘taters. But I gits paid by the legislators for plantin’ nuthin’, For plantin’ nuthin’ at all.

            • Dat reminds me. Since that hacker took down this site with the big Devil, I lost my AE avatar…..haven’t seen it since. I been a Alfred E fan since I was a chile.

              • No, but that is where I got the idea. Bruce is my middle name.
                As far as I know, I have no Scots blood. My wife, on the other hand, is descended from Kenneth McAlpin.

  11. Driveway? Gosh they block off our entire street in the morning. At 7:30 just as everyone is leaving for work.

    A few months ago (at the start of the school year) I was involved in an epic spontaneous act of civil disobedience while subject to the flashing bus lights. One morning the bus stopped at the end of our street – as usual blocking off our street, one of the parents decided to walk up with their child to have a chat with the driver. After about 45 seconds of cars backing up on the cross street in both directions, and my own patience running thin as the lady just seemed to be gabbing, all the while lights flashing.

    Then suddenly less than a minute of waiting, all of the waiting cars just said “F this” and all proceeded to just drive by the bus, lights blazing, the mom yelling at me to ‘STOP’, as cars are whizzing past the front of the bus, cars from the rear, (some breaking traction to wiz past quickly) and me cutting around behind the bus to turn off my street onto the cross street – to get off to work. Almost synchronously all 18+ cars laid on our horns at the BUS driver for holding traffic so long, and finally a crescendo of ‘the finger’ all waving at the bus driver and her chatty friend in angst at the disrespect shown to all of us sharing the road with one bus. In some way it was kind of fun, no one was hurt, and all children made it to school in one piece. However the mom and the bus driver were not happy, and no one seemed to car. Moral of the story: If you are going to maintain an illusion of ‘saaaaaaaafety’ (at 7:30am) at least do it promptly so the adult wage slaves can beat Pavlov’s bell.

    • You wouldn’t want to do that in North Carolina. See, the busses have cameras mounted tot he little stop sign that swivels out on the driver’s side of the bus.

      My wife recently defended a friend against a ticket issues from such a device. The camera is triggered by the driver AFAIK if you pass. So what? Now school bus drivers have police authority?

      Eric, this piece is right on point. The Mrs and I had a great discussion about this very topic, denying kids independence, just the other night.

      My thoughts are that kids have to learn from mistakes and learn to make good decisions by being in situations where good decisions are required. It starts with baby steps, such as crossing the street without mommy standing there to say when it’s safe.

      As they get older they learn from their bad decisions and develop some confidence from having made good decisions. Modern society seems to forget that self esteem comes from accomplishment. Not from people telling you that you’re awesome and giving you a trophy for showing up.

      It seems like to me that our society bends over backwards, and that we as parents are expected to do the same, to keep the children from ever experiencing doubt or adversity.

      Schools punish initiative even at the level of a homework assignment; even if the solutions are correct teachers will mark down for not following instructions to the letter. They will punish an entire classroom of kids if two get caught talking — they call it ‘silent lunch’.

      You are absolutely right. They are creating adults with no capacity for independent thought or action. Without the confidence to ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ or to even have an independent thought or belief, for fear of being labeled as a racist/sexist/homophobe or a conspiracy theorist.

      Social media and television programming serve to further the agenda.

      Even with filtered internet and no cable TV it’s very difficult to raise children with the opportunities we had as kids. Opportunities for freedom, independence, and opportunities to fail. To jump our bike too far and snap the front fork off, to take a corner too fast on a skateboard and go flying off, to go too fast on your sled and into a barbed wire fence.

      Kids need chances to succeed and fail if we want them to be functional and independent adults.

      The last thing the system wants is independent and critical thinking adults and they are using every tool at their disposal to ensure their intended outcome.

      • Every day(almost)I go through a town of about 400 people. Now and again I get a late start so that puts me out there with the school bus. This bus has either an older man or woman driving it and when they see me balling the jack, they both will delay coming to a stop and turning on their lights till I’m around. They don’t do this because I have failed to stop for them in the past, just because they realize what a pain it is for me in a big rig and when they go, they can reach their speed much faster than me which in some places, can have me just mirroring their stopping for children.

        But this last week at a small town no larger on the Interstate, a woman driver was stopped on a two lane road that goes under he interstate, one that’s replete with big rigs coming and going to 3 nearby quarries. She sits there and bs’s with obligatory fat-ass mom and child while I sit and glare. This goes on till I’m ready to take a turn that leads the same way as the access road I’m trying to reach. I switch on my signal since I can turn before I get to the buss if only a 30 feet away or less but still, not on the SAME road. She glares at me and shuts the lights off and mom and fat kid waddle away and I take off in 5 gear and blast past her. This is simply abuse that I’m not going to take since I can legally get beyond her. It seemed to ruin her afternoon. Two tiny towns, 3 bus drivers and only one is an a-hole.

        In Tx., where there are access roads, school buses don’t even get on the interstate. In most rural counties they don’t limit themselves to 55 mph either.

        Compare this to the sixties when I was in high school and various organizations or classes like the Ag class would take a school bus to a contest and we’d always pick the fastest one(had a small Dodge once that would run 85 with the throttle cable pulled out). Now and then, the Ag teacher would want to hang with some of his buds and tell us to take the bus back and he’d get a ride later. So here we’d go, a bunch of high school crazies running a bus 100 miles as fast as it would go although no faster than the teacher ran it. We’d get back to school, get in our pickups and tear off to where ever it was we wanted to go. I guess a 16 year old couldn’t drive a school bus now and for sure would get stopped if identified as a 16 year old. This country has gone to hell. Or has Hank Hill would say to his son Bobby, “Well, if you’re going to do that(his choice of work)why don’t you just go to hell and work for the Devil”?.

        • Makes me remember a day in high school (probably sophomore year) when a very angry trucker with a very loaded truck (limestone) was blasting past us on that school bus. Our driver was an ancient clover who had no business driving anything let alone a bus filled with kids.

          We were going uphill and he was still passing us (two lane road, so he was left of center). Tells you how slow we were going, if he could pass us fully loaded like that.

          I knew at that point that I needed to get a car the second I could get my drivers license in hand, so I never had to set foot on that bus anymore.

          I did tell my dad what that school bus driver had done to that trucker. He was on the phone to the bus company about two minutes later. Since he was the school board president that year, his threat of taking the bus contract away was enough to keep that driver off our schools route.

          And I drove my own car to school the day after my 16th birthday.

  12. Now, if you think the “kid safety” rules apply equally to everyone you would be wrong. But that will surprise, probably no one reading this.

    My mom before she retired, was a teacher in a public school district. One of her many jobs was to help kids get into their parents cars at the end of the day (she hated this part of the job).

    It was very stressful, because they had to make sure the right kids were leaving with the right people (she once had to stop someone from kidnapping a kid). She also had to make sure parents were following all the many rules for kids riding in cars. Making sure kids weren’t in the front seat, belted in, car seats all that stuff.

    Well, that school district served an area of three villages that was once working class but is now basically welfare city. One of the parents was the police chief of one of the villages. So guess who’s kid rode in the front seat without a seat belt and a car seat?

    Yup, the same guy, who spent his days writing up other parents (a village famous for being a speed trap) for various “violations”. All in his taxpayer provided car to boot.

  13. I am reminded of a multi-clover incident I had a few weeks ago dropping my own kids off at school.

    One approaches the right turn onto the street that the school is on from a main 2-lane road, with a PSL of 40 MPH. I was in the right lane, and a block before the road to the school some clover pulls out right in front of me so that I had to hit the brakes, and could not pull left due to other traffic. Clover then proceeded to take their time to accelerate to the grandiose speed of 14 MPH!! So, instead of about 10 seconds to reach that right turn, I and those behind me, get there in about 30 seconds instead. At this point I am hoping relief will come and clover will keep driving straight while I turn off — nope, clover also turns right…

    At this point you have to note that the school is still have mile away. So, if I have to follow this clover at the now 10 MPH (slowed down because I guess he’s now in a ‘school zone’?) it’s going to take about 3 minutes to traverse this distance…

    I then proceed to do what I thought to be a rational maneuver and swing out left into the ‘oncoming traffic’ lane (which had not a single vehicle coming in the opposite direction since the during drop off /pick up times it’s one-way anyway, and swiftly accelerated to a more reasonable 35MPH-ish (note, we’re not in the school zone at this point either)… To pass quickly and safely, not to make a statement about driver ineptitude — which would have been just.

    Fast forward about 3 minutes, after I’ve parked and walking my daughters (7 and 6) to the school door and some neanderthal wearing gym attire and a ‘Golds Gym’ T-shirt comes up from behind and proceeds to ‘scold’ me for performing such a ‘dangerous maneuver’. Literally telling me how kids are everywhere, how I could have ran one over, how I was driving in the ‘middle of the road’, and of course mixing in a couple 4 letter words.

    At this point I have to tell this ‘gentleman’ that I am in the presence of my children I am going to refrain from putting him in his place, but, if he proceeds in this aggressive posture, that I will defend myself — and he won’t like it.

    He kind of wanders off, but, I know it’s not over. I drop my daughters off, and I see during that time that neanderthal has now spoken to every school official, crossing guard, and parent within ear shot about what a ‘menace’ I am.

    To give credit to those within earshot, they were more or less shrugging their shoulders and wanted to avoid this guy and were more or less looking towards me with sympathy than animosity.

    So, as we continue stone-aged-clover decides he’s still not done and now is walking towards my car. At this point I naturally increase my walking speed. Now roid-raged clover says ‘you following me?’ and drops his back pack on the ground, saying taunting words such as ‘you wanna throw down?’.

    Now, of course I wanted to clean this guys clock (I mean, I might not be a roid raged kind of guy, but, I do manage in not-quite-in-shape form manage to squat 495 and bench 365, so, I’m not a push-over if you will…) However, come on? We’re still in front of an elementary school… no good can come of this, for anyone involved.

    I basically have to spell out that I am certainly not going to be the aggressor here, but, I will respond to force against me, in well a very forceful manner.

    Next the ape turns around and walks back to the school, where he has now spotted the principal, and proceeds to talk to her. Pointing his finger in my direction and such…ugh… will this end? Can I ever leave? No I can’t because my daughters go to this school and if this ape keeps on articulating a very clover perspective of my driving skills ‘near the school’ (half mile away) who knows what the school administration (employed by the State) might arbitrarily decide in my absence based on the rantings of a lunatic.

    So, I calmly approach, and explain to the principal exactly how it happened. Starting from the main street slow moving vehicle and all. Further explaining how, YES, I would absolutely pass in the same way again because that is the proper and safest way to do so, and that driving 10 MPH to get to a destination half mile away is simply unacceptable, school zone or not (and this wasn’t even a school zone at that point). Further pointed out how the ape has been constantly looking to escalate the conflict since the beginning of our interaction, and, how that if there is a concern of safety we should be considering whatever pre-workout drug this guy is on.

    There’s not much else to say to this story I walked back to my car, he walked another direction and the principal seemed generally on my side of the conflict, granted she didn’t call this guy a moron and levy the scorn and contempt on to him that he rightfully deserved and more or less used the term ‘just a concerned parent taking a different perspective on things…’

    However, among the many gems in his dialogue was the part about defending his dropping of his bag and the ‘you wanna throw down’ comment was he starts to say “I noticed this guy [me] was walking aggressively towards me…” at this point I’m thinking, ah hah… clearly some sort of current/previous employment in some role as enforcer for the state, and he continues “…and my ‘situational awareness’ training while in…”, ok what is it? Police department, Army, Navy, Marines….? “…’situational awareness’ while in the Army and deployed in Iraq has taught me ….”

    Tada, not only do we have a roid-raged clover, he’s also pulling out the Veteran Card…

    Now probably not the best response in light of the fact we’re having a 3 way conversation with the school Principal, but, I couldn’t help but interrupt ape-clover there and say “Please don’t play the veteran card here, we’re discussing your poor judgement and quick-to-escalate temper, besides, I now question your concern for child safety considering the the number of Iraqi children killed at the hands of the US Military in which you admit to proudly serving…’

    After saying that I thought he might escalate again, but, it seemed to shut the guy up for a few moment…

    At any rate, I digress… point of this story… dropping of the kids at school can be far more time consuming, hassling and perhaps violent than expected. Some other day I’ll describe the draconian rules for dropping the kids off at school that I am certain leads to this very unfriendly interaction among people…

    • Does the principal have any authority at all? Why does he bother to tell the principal, what a loser, principal is not the police.

  14. I grew up in rural Connecticut, and due to the sheer difficulty of anything otherwise, they dropped us ALL off at one location and we walked home. I sincerely hope they still do that today.

    Walking home was part of an adventure. You got to look at the cute girl down the street, or offer to carry her books, or try to talk to her without so many people as witnesses of your failed bumbling efforts to get her attentions.

    We had blackberry bushes near the bus stop we would grab a handful and munch on while we walked home. We would cut through the woods and pretend we were snipers or SEALS. The 15 minute walk home could take hours on some days because we were busy talking, playing, gossiping, plotting and planning, pirating and cavemaning.

    Walking home from school was so important. It was a time without teachers, without parents, without rules. You could hear the birds. The lawn mowers. The dogs barking. Kids playing. Moms talking. It was pure freedom.

  15. Great article.

    Another thing I notice is that most drivers will stop for a bus as soon as it even hits its yellow flashers – let alone the red ones that signal it is actually intending to stop.

    Even if the bus never puts the “stop” flashers on or sign on, most clovers are conditioned to stop at the slightest deceleration of the bus while those flashers are going.

    The chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiildren!

    Annoying to no end…

  16. Info for Eloi:

    Everything that can be made and consumed. Bought and sold. Is ISO. And ISO is everything. ISO is the infolord of this world of infoserfs.

    The ISO Elemental Overlord story

    The ISO story began in 1946 when delegates from 25 countries met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London and decided to create a new international organization ‘to facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards’. In February 1947 the new organization, ISO, officially began operations.

    Since then,we have grown and prospered until now we have final authority over every single atom on the earth that is part of any imaginable man-made or natural process that helps humans to live.

    Sure rogue nations and parties operate outside our elemental laws of the lands, but crime never pays. Sooner and then again later, these criminal standards violators will be brought to justice and forced to make amends to us, with penalties, interest, and extra surveillance heavily applied with the invisible fist of the authorities.

    To avoid such things. We have published over 19,500 International Standards covering all aspects of technology and manufacturing.

    Today we have members from 162 countries and 3 368 technical bodies to take care of standard development. Those not officially members, rely on a member nation for all their goods and services, so really, we control everything. More than 150 people work full time for ISO’s Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Take water for instance. ISO is the authority behind the local authority that provides you the water you use everyday.

    Water in a world of taxlords and taxserfs, is… standards

    Water write up for infoserfs by infolord: Maria Lazarte
    Communication Specialist and Social Media Manager
    Communication Services
    lazarte @ iso . org

    What is water for you? Is it health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food or equality? Water is all these and more. It is sustainability, well-being and growth.

    This year’s World Water Day, celebrated on 22 March, invites us to think about what water means to each of us, and how it contributes to sustainable development.

    So what does water mean to ISO? For us, water is over 500 standards for safety and sustainability, for quality and measurement. They represent the knowledge of hundreds of experts put forward by ISO member countries, which is everyone in the world, and other organizations working with ISO. Key standards include:

    Drinking water and wastewater systems – ISO 24510, ISO 24511 and ISO 24512.

    For the improvement of service, these are must-haves for the drinking water industry.

    Water authorities and operators can rely on them to meet the expectations of consumers in a sustainable way.

    Water during a crisis – Safeguarding access to water during a crisis is vital to our survival and recovery. A series of standards are being developed to help communities prepare for the worst (ISO 24518, ISO/TS 24520, ISO/TR 24525).

    Footprinting – With water footprint standard ISO 14046, you can help your organization use water efficiently and avoid waste.

    Wastewater reuse in irrigation – Public health, the environment, and our soils and crops are the main concerns of future ISO 16075 on the use of treated wastewater in irrigation.

    Quality and measurement – Checking the presence of bacteria or measuring the purity of water is possible thanks to ISO standards for sampling, reporting and monitoring. They help us make sure our water is safe. With hydrometry standards, we can make reliable measurements to support water planning and conservation.

    These are just some examples of the many standards that ISO has published, and will continue to develop to respond to the world’s water challenges.

    Because water is… life.

    And ISO is the ultimate authority that provides you the legal standards of matter you’re allowed to use to live your life.

    • We’ve been on this subject before and Tor’s comment brings the core to the fore so to speak.

      I live in a county that might have 2000 people in it but we’re nearly ready to open the new Law Enforcement Center at a cost of no telling how many millions. Of course we have a huge crime problem……not enough……and that translates to getting some of that good money barely surviving county infra-structure gets from renting out jail space to those counties with huge crime problems, you know, those crimes where people are in their homes and the doors fly in with the requisite SWAT team to catch those people smoking their crack or ice or pot.

      And we have those problems also. Imagine your neighbor getting a good buzz before leaving for work at the prison the next county over. And those dire criminals who use their position at the prison to peddle other illegal drugs…..such as tobacco to the inmates.

      Of course we do have a large criminal problem but it’s fairly well protected at the FSA, the USDA and the bank. That’s another story though. And their buddy politician JP’s will throw the book at you, if you’re not connected well enough… the Baptist, Methodist or Church of Christ.

      And everyone is ready to do their part on the war on drugs……just as long as the housekeeper doesn’t find their coke and paraphernalia they inadvertently left out on their way to the best paying jobs in the county.

      • The drug war is a small campaign of the total.

        This war is on all non-standard substances and services.

        Every good or service you provide needs some kind of British Tax Stamp or equivalent. See there was no revolution. The tyranny of Britain remains and you’ve added the additional tyranny of DC central intel spy infiltrators on top of it.

        The war is on everything without the King’s seal. On all non compliant materials and substances. Or non compliant services, programs, and protocols.

        Hence, if I come over and put a shelf up for you, but don’t provide my current and paid for contractors i.d.


        Shit, I might even be a most wanted black market wall painting drywall hanging terrorist deviant

        This is a world wide war of all against all.

        There has been no revolution. All the goods in your house have the King’s mark on them one way or the other. Seen or unseen.

        If you live in India, which is called a poor country because there everyone knows not to hold rupees, but rather hold gold or other valuables.

        This is a country where the poor stay poor, and not a totalitarian shithole like the U.S. What you’ve been told is exactly backwards. Losers in rags begging, is the norm.

        Only in America is there no shanty towns. The poor aren’t even allowed to exist, if they were to lay a board against a wall to keep warm. A dozen heroes would ziplilne from a stealth helicopter and break their junk piles into pieces and paw thru their crumbs and trash and destroy and dismantle every last shred.

        Wherever people are allowed to remain truly poor, you can be sure the few capable rich are somewhat allowed to be rich. Many of the rich are the good guys in a normal place, though how you are to tell, who can say.

        Under nature, producers stay rich. Deadbeat layabouts are lucky to get a few scraps, A place like India has a currency fiat effect that is many multiples weaker than here.

        In India, you are a criminal if you buy or sell gold without the Bureau of India Standards Hallmark

        This war on gold is now spreading to everything there, just as it already happened here a ways back. Soon everything of value except a pbj sandwhich will need the BIS triangle or your nation’s ISO equivalent.

        Beginning January 2012, jewellers across the country have to ensure their products are hallmarked, which involves engraving the following details:

        1. Purity mark/number

        The purest form is of 24 karats and it’s assigned a score of 1000. So 22-karat gold gets a score of 916. The hallmarking centre imprints this on the jewellery

        2. Hallmarking centre’s logo

        In India, 200 hallmarking centres have been opened. They have to etch their respective logo along with the purity number

        3. Jeweller’s logo

        Helps when you’ve lost your bill. Identifies brand/shop easily in case you need to complain to BIS or one of its hallmarking centres

        4. Year of manufacture

        Years denoted in alphabets. A for 2000 to R for 2013. Difficult-to-distinguish letters such as I, L & J are omitted

        5. BIS triangle

        Etched by the hallmarking centre

        On small pieces…

        Since etching these five marks on small pieces of jewellery such as earrings or nosestuds is difficult, the details need to be mentioned in your bill as per BIS. In fact, the bill has to state the hallmarking details irrespective of the type or size of jewellery.

        When cheated…

        If you think you have been duped, go to any of the 200 hallmarking centres to get your jewellery certified. If you are right, the jeweller will have to pay you the difference. Also, if the jewellery is not hallmarked, the Bureau of Indian Standards will take strict action against the maker/seller

        • “Shit, I might even be a most wanted black market wall painting drywall hanging terrorist deviant”-Tor

          Those guys hung the drywall in my basement this winter. They did an excellent job. I paid them cash. Another thing the government has a war on.

          • I used to work on water wells. Then the state of Tx. went on a spree of requiring not only a license(Master Electrician, not hard to get but pricey and a Driller’s License that you have to show 5 years of experience as a driller to get) but requisite INSURANCE. Now, you need a license to take a shit. The turd patrol showed up last week as the toilet flushed and I had to throw a couple cat turds in the swirling miasma and blame it on the cat. They made calls for half an hour and decided they had no facilities for cats and since this one has no ID, no reference to charge it the next time it might flush the commode.

            They were about to leave when I noticed CJ had pissed on a tire. I hustled him in the back door just as they turned around and asked what dog(need the tags, registration, ID and VIN)did that. I snapped my fingers and CJ showed up behind me at the front door. Not a clue I say, CJ’s been in the house the whole time, probably a coyote, an unregistered one, better take a sample. They thought about it for a minute before admonishing me to make sure CJ didn’t do it “next time”.
            It was about then I was glad it had been dark the day before when the pump on the well quit. Had they seen me checking the motor control with my “soon to need registration Fluke meter” I would have been in “hot water” had there been any. Speaking of which, as of now I can still work on the water heater as long as no one not paying taxes here isn’t involved…..and that’s the law.

            One of the best mechanic’s I know has a big privacy fence around his house and shop now(garage, not shop, don’t even say shop) in the country. You won’t get him to admit owning a ratchet much less working on vehicles unless he knows you personally or someone who does will vouch for you. He buys parts for retail for cash billed to “cash” and accepts only cash. What a great state this is.

            A couple weeks back a friend ran over a cat and nearly severed its tail. Being the animal lover his is, he used his first aid kit and did his best to try and keep the cat from losing its tail. As he’s getting it all wrapped up, the DPS stops and asks what’s going on. He told them since it was obvious. They cuffed him and took him to jail. Seems it’s not even legal to re-tail pussy in this state either.


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