Texas Heroes in Hot Pursuit

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“Hero” cop speeds recklessly (if we did it, that’s what they’d call it) recklessly blows through lights and stop signs… how many lives did this “hero” put in danger?

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  1. I think I posted a while back about a guy local to me that was charged with “stealing” his own seized old chevy from the impound yard. Well, it’s happened again, someone else is being charged with “stealing” his own vehicle from an impound lot.


    This time the former owner (like he was ever going to get it back) let a train hit it and destroy it. At least now the government will not be able to sell his vehicle, well except for its scrap value.

    I wonder if this is becoming common nationwide (people trying to spring their seized vehicles from impound) as a result of people getting tired of this policing for profit? Anybody else hear of stories like this?

  2. 1) Why the huge response for a stolen car? Because she was running from the first cop?
    2) Why is this guy going so much faster than the other cops he’s passing them like they are standing still?
    3) Why is an ordinary cut off other than the speed both were traveling at is ‘attempting to ram’.

  3. So?

    He didn’t drive fast enough?

    And with all the safety features, only thing in danger was property.

    Would have been nice if they started blasting away and popped a couple of their own. But other than that, a waste of time, battery, and data.


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