On The Razor’s Edge

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It is good that Hillary lost – obviously.

But it may prove to be the worst thing that could have happened.

Depending on what Trump does as president.

If he governs as a Republican, it is time to pack bags. Because the clock is ticking. We will have – at best – four years before something far worse than Hillary returns, with a vengeance.

Bernie Sanders, for instance. Or Michelle Obama.

Or – probably – something far worse than either.

If Trump screws it up, the blowback will be epic. An outright socialist will be the next president. Or perhaps something even more outright. Remember: We got Obama (and Obamacare) both of which had been inconceivable before George W. Bush because of the disaster that was George W. Bush. He did to the Republican brand what the diesel “cheating” debacle has done to VW.

Without him, Obama would have been impossible.

In the same way, Bernie (or Michelle or much worse) will be made inevitable by a failed Trump presidency.

Even those who supported Trump will be hardpressed to do so four years hence if he proves to be another Republican. Keep in mind the 90-plus percent approval enjoyed (briefly) by our “war president” and Great Decider. And what happened later. A war does distract the boobs for a time – makes it easier to pick their pockets and take away their freedoms in the name of protecting them. Wave the flag, talk about how “great” America is.

But they eventually notice that their pockets are empty and that they have become more like feudal serfs than citizens of a free republic.

Hillary lost not because Trump was a great candidate. She lost because she was transparently the tool of the War and Wall Street interests that own the country. She could not enthuse her own side. Trump won as the backlash candidate; a vote for him was a vote against the system – which Hillary embodied.

Not a vote for him.

Even Bill acknowledges this.

If Trump proves to be what Hillary certainly would have been – it’s over. And this time, it’ll be for good. There will not be another chance. The Free Shit Army will have its day. And a long night will descend.

So, what must Trump do to prevent this?

He must not govern like a Republican.

Which means, no Mittens Romney-ish “repeal and replace” Obamacare. He must repeal it. Stomp it into the earth until it no longer twitches.

Above all, the mandate has got to go. If the federal government has the power to force people to buy health insurance, then it has the right to force people to buy life and gun insurance, too (if they are even allowed to buy guns at all). And if our “health” is now a public concern, then nothing about our lives will ever be private again. What we eat, how much we weigh, whether we exercise, how we recreate … these and more will be matters of public policy.

Enforceable at gunpoint.

It is not an exaggeration at all to state that Obamacare is a greater threat to whatever liberty remains to us than the income tax. Because Obamacare encompasses everything and is inescapable.

Trump must end it.

He could and should immediately fire the current EPA and NHTSA administrators – and replace them with reasonable people who understand that cost is an object and that it is not the proper business of the federal government to decree “safety” to free people.

If people want air bags, let them buy them.

But no more forcing them to.

Let the market – not federal bureaucrats – determine the balance between “safety” and fuel economy.

No more subsidizing crony capitalists like Elon Musk. Let electric cars compete (and succeed or fail) on their merits.

No more regulations – and fines – based on conjecture. If a company (car or otherwise) does something that causes demonstrable harm to real people, be all means hold them accountable. They should make amends. But if they haven’t caused any harm to anyone except the Federal Register and the wounded egos of power-tripping EPA and NHTSA Ayatollahs… ?

Say the words, Donald.

You’re fired! 


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  1. “The Free Shit Army” -I like that!

    Trump will likely be judged solely by the way the economy goes on his shift. If it crashes, which it likely will, he’ll get the blame, though he had zero to do with it. If he can roll back government tyranny enough to keep it going a bit longer, then he’ll be judged O-K by all except the vast free-shit army enlistees, who just want other people’s stuff, as opposed to working and earning their own.

    The average American couldn’t care less about freedom anymore 🙁 -and although rolling back the tyranny a bit might also roll back a bit of the tyranny, the average person only cares about the economy. Or more accurately, their perception of the economy, as 60 million idiots seem to think we’re doing fine, as they voted to continue Obozo’s policies by voting for The Bitch.

    • The so-called elite will crash the economy with Trump in office.
      1) They profit from it.
      2) They increase their power from it.
      3) They advance their agenda and social engineering from it.

      And they’ll blame it all on the people who went against their wishes by voting in Trump and Brexit.

      • Exactly what I was thinking, Brent. That’ll end any vestige of even quasi free-market ideals from America for good, until she goes down in flames.

        And people don’t realize the time-lag between various policies and the effect they have – thus, Billary Clinton got credit for the good that the Reagan tax cuts did to the economy, and Bush got the blame for crash of ’08 created by Clinton’s legislation to force banks to give subprime loans to those who couldn’t afford to repay ’em.

        So even if the elite do nothing, Trump’ll get the blame for all the ills that Obozo’s policies created, which are really just barely starting to manifest themselves yet, and his successor will get the credit for anything good Trump does.

        But heck, it is pretty safe to say that the elite will do something. They’ve started already- i.e. the phony paid “protests” and anti-Trump media bias. Trump could likely move fast enough to stave a lot of it off, but of course, between the Democrats left in DC and the Neo-cons -even the ones whom Trump himself is appointing……’taint gonna happen.

    • Maybe Hillary didn’t get 60 million votes. There were about 3 million illegal votes by non-citizens, and the usual democrat vote fraud, dead voters, fake absentee ballots, electronic machine votes. Still, you’re right, a hell of a lot of people wanted her to win.

      Sometimes I wonder just how many people who don’t bother to vote agree with the status quo. I would like to think that my fellow non-voters oppose the same things I oppose, but that’s unlikely.

      • Hi Ed,

        The skeevy truth is that a near-majority of Americans are basically socialists and most of the rest are authoritarians of some other species. Which is the more repellent I leave to you!

        • 3 of the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto are:
          tax funded education (public schools); graduated income tax; and central bank (Federal Reserve).
          How many folks do you know that even care about these things, let alone object to them?

        • That’s the truth, Eric! The socialist/authoritarian state controls “education”, so naturally the victims of that “education” just parrot the ideas they are indoctrinated with. Add to that the fact that the media reinforces those ideas, and it’s no wonder that even the minarchist/somewhat Libertarian ideals of the founders are as foreign to today’s Americans as a Martian. They use words like “freedom” and “liberty” while espousing concepts and living lives which would make Stalin salivate to have them as citizens.

          • Morning, Nunzio!

            It’s fascinating – and depressing. Even the plain meaning of words is no longer a defense. Nine men in sheets declare that it is reasonable to randomly detain, search and interrogate people without specific cause and – presto! – it is accepted as reasonable.

            People literally cannot think. Which requires precision. A word must mean a definite thing – accepted and agreed. Otherwise it’s just sounds emanating from a voice box, like the quacking of a duck.

            • G’day, Eric!

              ….and TORTURE! Can you believe that the Middle Ages are being replayed, while people think that they are the most educated, sophisticated reasonable beings who ever existed, because they have “technology”, and fancy words to justify the existence of the huge police-state that their world has become via their complicity.

              Definitely amazing to see, though. We are living in a time like never before, where virtually the whole population of the entire world is being manipulated and controlled by various means, from brainwashing to overt force.

              All of the technology and communication has not done anything to negate this, because it came about after the minds of the majority of people were already captured; and instead, it has fostered the control of those very people.

    • richb, I’m fairly sure this will be followed by the “turd” tax. Those households who don’t comply with the new “shitty”, DC nomenclature for a new commode with the ability to measure the level in the bowl before each flush and using an algorithm no one will be able to decipher, effectively keeping them from challenging their cost. When a household has what is deemed to be an unreliable figure it will trigger an automatic search and inspection of that households commode(s). This will find those who intend to defraud the regulatory agency and a fine based on estimated losses for a certain period will be assessed against them. For any household unable to pay the expected $2500 for each commode in their house they can apply for a single commode exemption with approved block-offs to existing non=conforming commodes. The new commodes will also check for illicit chemicals.

      Outhouses, no matter where they are located, will be banned. Shitting in the woods will also carry a fine but initially, bears will be exempt. Businesses with public restrooms will be taxed at a lower rate unless the amount of people entering the establishment exceeds the sales receipts by more than 15%. The final details will soon be published by the soon to be renamed excrement bureau.

  2. The Democratic Party is already (allegedly) in talks with Bernie for next go-round.

    I don’t think that’s a good strategy for a couple of reasons. 1 – He’s a socialist, with everything that implies. And 2 – He’ll be *old.* He’s 75 today, 79 next election cycle. They’d better pick a good VP candidate for when he keels over in office.

    Will they look at Michelle? Almost certainly. In the same manner that Hollywood feels that sequels are a safer bet than trying something new.

    • They have to talk with Bernie, he is the only one left that is popular enough. They won’t make the same mistake (HRC) twice.

      Michelle is a possible too, doesn’t matter she really has nothing to offer either. I don’t think we can count Hillary out through. She is that kind of arrogant.

  3. If he can roll back the government enough so the economy can wake up again, that will be success in my book. I imagine for many of his voters too, as many saw him as the only guy talking about that. The economy is dead for so many people in this country and no politician gives a rats a**. They don’t care because they were the ones doing it. He has to kill Obamacare to make any economic gains, its killing everything. I am working on a business plan and that fucking law is a fucking wall to anything and everything. No wonder new business creation is at all time low.

    If he can do that he will win a second term easy. But if he doesn’t, he will lose big time. Then he will lose the way liberals thought he would lose last week.

    To be honest he really only has two years to do anything. Republicans will likely go along on some of the stuff he claims he will do (like some of the regulatory roll backs), but he won’t get any Democrats (especially with obamacare). If there is no progress, he will have to deal with a Democrat control Congress on top of it in 2018.

    And your right, a failed Trump regime will lead to something truly horrifying. Probably someone we haven’t heard much about at this point. The left is really good at growing someone fast. In 2003 nobody outside Chicago knew about Obama, and outside Arkansas knew of Bill Clinton in 1990. These guys come out of nowhere overnight it seems.

    I wonder if Bernie will take another shot in 2020. His age didn’t stop him this time. I think he will be 78 in 2020. He seems far healthier then Killary. We dodged a bullet just for that, imagine her crew trying to rule with her in bad health. They would have hidden it and filled in for her.


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