What Heroes Really Want to Do

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Here’s a video of an Idaho Hero inadvertently revealing what he’s just itching to do:

“Mouthy little bitches, oh my fucking god. If I can get away with it, I would have put a bullet in the center of each one of their heads.”- Officer Cody Sampson

That was the statement caught on an Idaho police officer’s body cam shortly after he finished a traffic stop with three teenage girls. Their horrible crime, outside of not being properly “respectful” to Weiser Police Officer Cody Sampson while he rudely and aggressively berated them, consisted of having a dangerous marijuana grinder. The charge of possessing “drug paraphernalia” against Jacqueline Aldrich was actually dropped later.

Via KBOI2.com, the local CBS affiliate:

Local attorney Shane Darrington, who represented Aldrich in the video, told KBOI 2News that he discovered the officer’s behavior and comments during a routine request for all available audio and video evidence.

“It is outrageous and egregious,” Darrington said. “The last statement was frightening.”

At the end of the video, the officer is heard talking about the interaction.

“Mouthy little (expletive) oh my (expletive) God,” the officer says. “If I can get away with it I would have put a bullet in the center of each one of their heads.”

A second person in the room heard laughing.

Darrington, who told KBOI 2News that the video was edited for time constraints, says his client was originally charged with drug paraphernalia, but the charges were later dropped.

“Frankly, it was scary,” Darrington said. “Somebody in a position of power saying something like that, even if it’s an off the cuff comment, it’s something that should not have been said.”

According to online court records, the charges were dropped Oct. 27.

The attorney says he posted the video online because it’s not isolated conduct for the unidentified officer.

“I wanted the community to know this conduct was happening,” he said. “And I wanted to know …does the community condone it?”

Aldrich says she felt disrespected in the way the officer was talking to her.

“I felt it was unprofessional for a cop to act like that,” she told KBOI 2News.

“He belittled her and made her seem like she was dumb and couldn’t comprehend anything. It made me mad, that’s my sister you know?” said Aldrich’s sister.

She didn’t know about the last remarks made in the video until her attorney showed her.

“I was scared, that’s why I left Weiser – he has the power to do that,” Aldrich said.

Aldrich has had previous run-ins with the Weiser Police in the past, including an arrest for minor in possession and misdemeanor battery on two police officers.

When asked if her prior history could’ve influenced the encounter in the video, she said yes.

“Yeah, how they know my past, they think they can just treat me like that, you know?”

Some residents of Weiser say the video is now the talk of the town.

“I was angry because I think our kids and our community need to be able to go to the cops with anything that’s going on, but with that, whose going to go to them?” said Teresa Persher.

Fortunately for Jacqueline Aldrich and the other two unnamed teens,  Sampson was unaware at that time that he can put a bullet in the center of each of their heads and very easily would get away with it.

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  1. I’ll let the occifer’s words speak for themselves(sic). And his charge of drug paraphernalia was dubious at best. Still, I think the girls, the head shop who sold them the grinder and the manufacturer of said grinder should be charged with drug abuse.

    Even if it was just some old swag with seed in it(haven’t seen that in decades), it would still have been better without being abused by a grinder. If it was some really good strain like XXX Skunk or Blueberry/Skunk or some sort of Kush it’s right there with washing a Ferrari with a green scrubby or in the case of swag, washing a Pinto with a green scrubby. Any way you look at it, it’s drug abuse. To even touch anything but a stem to snip off a matchhead size piece of bud and have it fall into anything but a vaporizer is a sin. Oh, using a glass pipe in cases of emergency is acceptable……or at least, that’s what I hear….

  2. When more of the public at large learn what the cops’ true attitude is towards us….will more of them stop gushing over what “heroes” the cops are? Nah. Probably not. Americans are, by and large, dimwits.

    • If anybody ever gets the bright idea to issue Martial Law you might see some of those change their mind. That bullshit they pulled in Boston wouldn’t fly in lots of states. There was a lot of grumbling in the background last year when the military pulled that bs in Tx. and cancelled it in one area they worried they might have their “personnel” disappear.


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