Hero Cops a Feel

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Here’s a video of a Hero copping a feel – fondling the breasts of an attractive blonde woman – who’d called police (bad mistake) after her car was rear-ended by another vehicle:

The woman was injured and shaken by the accident – which the Hero used as pretext to accuse her of being “drunk” (she wasn’t, as subsequently determined by blood tests). The despicable cop paws at her breasts – you know, because a slight blonde woman might be a “threat” to “officer safety.”


There is no problem that calling a cop won’t make worse.

Remember: They are not there to “help.” They are there to “bust” people. And cop a feel, when the victim is an attractive woman.

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  1. Speaking of corrupt cops, my counties sheriff and deputy sheriff got arrested today. A mayor of a town is expected to be arrested later today.


    Also a county cop arrested after hitting (and running) and severely injuring a pedestrian, when driving drunk “on duty” has been denied benefits.


    I just don’t get why people think police never commit crimes. My area cannot be that much worse when it comes to public sector corruption.

    • People are conditioned from childhood and never break their conditioning. They find ways to maintain it. Whatever twisted rationalization it takes they do it.

    • I recall the immortal words of Mic Jagger: Every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints…

      The problem with cops is that the work is inherently criminal. So why are we surprised it attracts criminal “types”?

      • As heads is tails. Just call me Lucifer. Cause I’m in need of some restraint.

        Damned if they didn’t import plenty of it from Europe to this country. Once the despot style of governing takes over you can be sure it’s the Devil’s work.

        I thought it telling the statists all jumped on the Stones as being devil worshipers when anybody with an IQ of a hot day would see it as the opposite.

        That song kept going through my mind years ago during the Jimmy Saville pedophile scandal that had the Queen hiding out with the timeline dating back probably to the 60’s. Nothing to see here, move along…..

      • “So why are we surprised it attracts criminal “types”?”

        I’m a broken record I know. It’s because we are conditioned as children. On some of it doesn’t work well. Some of can change our views with new data. But approximately 94% of the population is either conditioned or wanting of collectivism, safety, and other people to do the work.

        Up until the scientific management of society it seems a good hunk of people understood what cops and government were. They couldn’t do much about it but a lot more people understood. It wasn’t a majority but it was apparently a good sized hunk best I could tell. The do gooders were put into their place as well. But once scientific management took hold it’s slowly faded and faded.

        Now we have this damn cop and military worship. Keep us safe from what exactly? The Kaiser? Hitler? The emperor of Japan? None of which were any threat to us, the people of the USA until fedgov made them threats. Same with the enemies that replaced them. Oh and of course do gooders everywhere to save us from ourselves.

        Now we’ve got Trump and his well conditioned idiots. It’s getting so I’d rather have HRC. At least her and her crew knows its a scam because they are running it. Now it appears we’ll have idiots who believe it and will act as if it is real.

    • Oh, look at this. ANOTHER county hero arrested for DUI after crashing. Guess its too hard to let them skirt the DUI law when you crash. Probably the only reason why they get arrested. Least this hero only hit a parked car and not a person like the other one. No word on if the hero was driving a taxpayer owned car, but I wouldn’t be surprised. But I imagine taxpayers will pay for the damage to that second car.



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