Pigs – Literally – Pointing Guns at Passing Cars

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Here’s a video of two pigs-on-two legs recklessly mishandling a loaded gun:

Had anyone else handled a firearm this way – in view of an armed government worker – he’d have been arrested for reckless endangerment, brandishing or something similarly serious.
Any civilian with a concealed carry permit is well aware of the legal consequences of recklessly handling a gun.
But – as hardly bears repeating – armed government workers are held to a lesser/more lenient standard.

Date of Incident: June 1, 2016
Hero Involved: Officer Pirolozzi
Department Involved:Frostburg State University Police
Email Address:police@frostburg.edu
Phone Number: (301) 687-4223

Details of the incident: 

Frostburg State University cops pulled over a woman for accidentally turning the wrong way down a one way street. She was given her citations and told she was free to go.

Officer Pirolozzi then changed his mind and asked the woman if he could search her car. She told him she does not give him consent and reminded the officer he had told her she was free to go.

The Hero then “asked” (that is, demanded) she get out of the car, detained her, and illegally searched her car anyway. A handgun was found in her purse. The disgusting fatbody then had to ask the woman how to unload the weapon after illegally searching her vehicle.

The tubby thug wore an “expert marksman” patch on his uniform.

The driver was charged with having a “Weapon in a Vehicle.” She took the case to trial and was found not guilty because her Fourth Amendment rights had been violated.

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