Head Start

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A banner moment!

For the first time, we reached “full green” a couple days ahead of the end of the month! I just updated the pie chart (this has to be done manually, incidentally; it’s why it doesn’t update immediately after you send in a donation) to reflect this and wanted to post something publicly to let everyone know – and thank everyone.

Anything that comes in over the next few days gets credited toward December’s pie chart.

The even better news is I can hold on to Ben – EPautos’ new computer guy. While I can take credit for the rants, such as they are, it is Ben who gets all the credit for the site’s new look and the updates and the technical support – which (whew!) I had to forgo for a long time because of financial considerations.

Very scary.

Hopefully, that’s a no-longer-issue.

My goal – the reason I’m doing this – is to give voice to the currently defunct live (and let live) once-upon-a-time American ideal that’s been stomped by collectivist authoritarians of various persuasions, but who are all fundamentally the same animal.

Or rather, plant.

We know these people by their generic honorific: Clovers.

The rants – and interviews – are the vehicle by which we can get the live (and let live) ideal back into the general conversation. Most people – because of government schooling (rant on deck) have never even entertained the idea of leaving others be, provided they haven’t harmed anyone. The busybody/control freak – the Clover – mindset saturates the culture.

It is time to squeeze the sponge.

You guys make it possible for me to do that. We are all in the same fight, each of doing what we do best – like specialized members of an effective platoon.

Consider me your BAR man.

I’ll keep on firing to the last shot!

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