First Elvis… Now Enzo

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They never let ’em rest in peace.

Italian investigators said on Tuesday they had foiled a plot to steal the body of legendary Formula One racing pioneer Enzo Ferrari and hold his bones for ransom.

Concern that the same fate awaited The King after his demise in ’77 triggered the re-internment of his bones within the security perimeter of Graceland, thank-you-very-much.

Ferrari, founder of the company that produces some of the world’s fastest and most expensive cars, died in 1988 at the age of 90 after making the company’s prancing horse logo an internationally recognized brand.

Police in Nuoro on the island of Sardinia gave no further details about the plot but said it was discovered during an investigation into arms and drug trafficking that led to a number of arrests.

Ferrari is buried in an above-ground family tomb in the San Cataldo cemetery in Modena, near the Ferrari plant at Maranello in central Italy.

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  1. No, this can’t be real! They were going to hold a dead man’s bones for ransom? What would they do if it wasn’t paid, bring him back to life? What’s next, stealing train-wrecked cars and threatening to fix them?

      • Or, how about destroying the lives of drug users because drugs may harm them?!

        Or the time I took my old dog to the vet because of a big lump on her side. The vet said they could do some tests and stuff…. I asked what the options would be, based on the possible outcomes of the tests. “Oh, we couldn’t really DO anything, because it’s intertwined in her rib and near her organs….” he says. So I say “So what good would tests do?”. “Well, you’d know what she has”.

        She was 10 then, and needless to say, I kept my $300-$400 in my pocket. My pit mix ended up living into her 17th year, and was healthy right up till the end- never incontinent or anything. Best dog i ever had. Don’t know what that lump was, but it wasn’t a tumor, like they thought it was, because when I laid the sweet creature in the grave, it was magically gone.

        May sound like I’m off on a tangent, but it’s the same thing really- the same lack of logic.