The Black and Blue Bill

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Naturally, the solution to the problem of police abusing their authority is to hold them less accountable when they do exactly that.

Leave it to “law and order” Republicans such as Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Ted Poe to evolve such logic. They have put forth the Black and Blue – whoops, Back the Blue – act (see here) which would make it harder to sue run-amok law enforcers in civil court to recover damages resulting from actions undeniably illegal – while at the same time imposing more severe penalties on Mundanes who affront the holy person of a law enforcer than those imposed on Mundanes who do exactly the same thing.

As regards the first:

So long as the victim – er, perp – was “engaged in felonies or crimes of violence” (how this it to be determined in the heat of the moment remains unclear) the law enforcer administering the wood shampoo or “directory assistance” (beating administered with a phone book in between the flesh and he nightstick, to keep the bruising down) or some other such informal technique, will be immunized from subsequent civil suit by his victim, provided the abuse suffered occurred while the enforcer was acting in a “judicial capacity.”


It is obvious – or should be – that this only encourage more lawless “street justice” by the enforcers of the law. It will also encourage more generous application of the law – i.e., of bogus/trumped-up charges (such as felony “resisting”) in the immediate aftermath of an otherwise legally unjustifiable beatdown, to immunize the beaters from the legal consequences of said beatdown.

This GOP act of cop suckage is even better than a throw-away stiletto  – which dirty cops used to keep on hand to leave adjacent to the bloodied corpse of their victim, so as to justify his aeration.

That was at least illegal.

Now, they won’t have to bother. 

What these Republican brownshirts – and that term isn’t too strong; if anything, it is too soft – propose to do is legalize objectively criminal conduct, the conduct to be justified by eructing that the victim was a “law breaker” and so – presumably – deserved to have more than the legally prescribed justice meted out to him and – critically – before he has been duly convicted of anything at all.

Under the proposed Black and Blue lawlessness, law enforcement is to be given discretion to administer street justice, according to its lights – and the victim of this is to be rendered legally helpless. No damages are to be awarded for any violations of law that occurred during “any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in the judicial capacity of that officer.”

Hut!Hut! Hut! You will respect my authoritah! 

At the same time, any assault upon the person of a law enforcer by a Mundane becomes a separate federal crime with a mandatory two-to-five-year stint in federal prison. Twenty if the accused was in possession of a weapon during the incident.

The legal definition of “assault” can be a trivial as jabbing a finger onto someone else’s chest. Or – in the case of law enforcement – defending oneself against an assault by a law enforcer. Attempt to ward off a wood shampoo –  a reflex action that is almost impossible to suppress, and – to well-practiced cries of “stop resisting!” – you have just purchased a two-to-five-year ticket to the federal prison of their choice.

It goes without saying that a law enforcer who commits exactly the same offense – assuming he is even charged – will suffer nothing of the sort.

Cannot suffer anything of the sort, because the the law specifies more lenient treatment for assault-by-cop upon a Mundane.

And the lights just got a little dimmer.

One hates to trot out the Nazis, but they seem never to go away. They merely change uniforms. In the Third Reich, to strike an officer of the Reich was an enormous crime, far worse – and treated far more severely – than the treatment meted out to officers of the Reich who abused citizens of the Reich. For which acts, the officers of the Reich were usually rewarded.

As is often the case, the words of the brutal but never truckling Reichsmarschall Herman Goring are worth recalling.

But first, it is worth recalling that Goring was Nazi Germany’s chief law enforcer for a time. Head of the Prussian State Police, creator of the first German concentration camps and founder of the Gestapo, the acronym standing for geheim staats polizei, or secret state police. He was hanged – well, supposed to have been hanged – after the judgment at Nuremburg precisely for his activities as Nazi Germany’s Top Cop.

And here is what Goring had to say about his law enforcers, when the question of excesses arose:

“Shoot first and inquire afterwards; if you make mistakes, I will protect you. Every bullet which leaves the barrel of a police pistol is my bullet. If one calls this murder, then I have murdered. I ordered all this. I back it up. I assume the responsibility and I am not afraid to do so.”

One can imagine Cornyn or similar “law and order” Republican – including the current orange-tinctured buffoon – saying pretty much the same.

What the hell happened to us?

Well, to some of us.

There has always been a jackbooted strain in American politics, the bloody lust of the Red Queen to “off with their heads.” But until recently, it was backwater  – along with things like handling snakes, jabbering in “tongues” and sipping strychnine.

But these and worse barbarisms wax mainstream.

Rather than hold those who enforce the law to at least the same standard expected of the rest of us – if not a higher standard – they are to be held to a lesser standard. We, meanwhile, had best not so much as raise our voices to these dispensers of “justice.”


And it’s only taken 70 years for us to get from there to here.

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  1. No one should be given special protections like this when they also have the legal right to inflict damage against our person. It’s bad enough that these legalized thugs are able to even touch us Mundanes without first placing us under arrest.

    They say that the police make us safe. HA! I feel safe when I don’t have a blue near me. If the police are near me, then I know I’m not in the right place. If more than one are present, then I know I’m in a danger zone. I would prefer to run away from danger than be stuck in a dangerous neighborhood.

    • I was stopped and the officer said “Why do you look nervous?” And I said, “You have guns, a taser, a billy club, and you can legally kill me for no reason and get in no trouble at all for doing it. I would feel safer if a drug gang with UZI’s was standing outside my car door right now. At least they will go to jail if they kill me.”

  2. I quote from a known document: When the government as assembled becomes despotic, tyrannical and corrupt it is the DUTY of the PEOPLE therein living to refuse that government, leaving peacefully to form one of their choosing which serves them. In a word: SECESSION and NOW.

  3. I will tell you this. There is one and only one answer. I am paraphrasing a document: When the government as assembled becomes corrupt, tyrannical and despotic; seeking world EMPIRE it is the DUTY of the PEOPLE to leave the despotism and form a government which serves the people (and not the other way around (as it is today)). Anyone knows where this comes from? Didn’t think so. In a word:

    • There is one and only one remedy. This is a paraphrase: When the government so assemble becomes despotic and tyrannical it is the DUTY of the PEOPLE to leave that government and form one of their own that is the servant of the people forming it (and not the other way around (as it is today)). In a word:
      Any one of you know where the paraphrase comes from?

    • I guess the only thing to do is shoot them first; the Supreme Court is such a crock, always sides with TPTB, guess they have to if they want to keep their cushy jobs.

    • Whats the difference. NO ONE hardly ever wins a law suit against cops anyway. Literally the only thing the people can do about these stupid supreme court rulings that have eviscerated the 4th amendment, is shoot the cops (who are only doing exactly what they were trained to do). So, on the one hand we BEG cops to roust more people, then we complain when they shoot us by mistake. We are asking our police officers to do too much.

      • “We”? Got a frog in your pocket?

        Let me tell you about “we”. “We” are about to be doing the 3 S’s with cops en masse.

  4. Legislation such as this and worse is being passed across America as the Rethugnican Party shows its true colors:absolute authoritarianism. It appears that many state houses have been taken over by the extreme right who favor totalitarian forms of government over freedom and liberty.
    The nation once known as the guiding light of freedom and liberty no longer exists. In the wake of the false flag of 9/11 , ” the new Pearl Harbor” as quoted by neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, ushered in a new era of government that opposes nor only liberty but privacy and now the right to dissent and protest. It is apparent these Rethugs never read the Constitution or The Bill of Rights, that is if they can read at all.
    America has become a Constitution free zone. This last weekend, which was supposed to remember all those who supposedly fought and died to protect our freedom has become just another three day weekend to party hardy and BBQ a few burgers with their friends. The entire meaning is now lost as is the idea that America represent freedom and liberty. No more.
    America is a nation at war with the world and now it is at war with its people.
    John whitehead of the Rutherford Institute is correct in his assessment about Washington’s war on the American people: that it is actively seeking to subjugate Americans into accepting totalitarian rule by every means necessary that includes not only propaganda but by direct violence against Americans.
    1) Parents, do not allow your children to enlist in the military.
    2) Do whatever it takes to get them to a safe haven elsewhere. Do not let them remain here in America only to become slaves and victims of a police state.
    3) Shut off the TV set and turn your backs on the mainstream controlled media.
    4) Never believe anything the government says. One of George Carlin’s favorites.
    5) Stop voting for either party. Both the Rethugs and Dems have betrayed America. They work for the deep state NOT YOU!
    6)Rremember that cops are not there for your protection. They work for the state. The state demands total authority over all. The state now controls all police forces in America through the DHS, another statist bureaucracy. The police are nothing more than enforcers for the state. As the state has exempted itself from responsibility for its violence against Americans so too must it exempt its enforcers from responsibility for the violence they inflict on the American people.
    Sooner or later blow back will occur.
    A civil war is coming to America. History repeats itself. always has, always will. America is no different than any other nation that in the past has had to deal with despots.
    “When tyranny comes to America, it will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” James Madison.
    ‘They who would give up essential liberty for a little safety, deserve neither and shall have none.” Benj. Franklin.
    ‘All tyranny needs to gain a foot hold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Edmund Burke.
    ” Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power, have in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.’ Thomas Jefferson.
    ” A state of war only exists as an excuse for domestic tyranny.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    • john, did you know that the shrub still speaks to the southern Babdis every year at their big hoedown? He goes to beat the war drum so they’ll keep supplying the US with troops. Shrub isn’t a babdis and isn’t really a Christian though he claims to be. The fact that he’s their keynote speaker every year is telling.

      And never doubt he’s speaking to the LIOLI crowd, the “my country, right or wrong” copsucker military a-holes. I don’t recall the name of the association that represents the national collegiate football crowd but last year they went into cardiac arrest at how badly profits are dwindling. Bowl game attendance was way down as was simple collegiate attendance.

      Now some of this rightly can be racked up to the economy(it’s failing you self-indulgent fools)but for the most part, people are simply disenfranchised from college as they well should be. Millenials working at Pizza Hut and living at home aren’t the big drag everyone thinks they are to their parents since their parents are working at Papa John’s and it takes a village….in that respect, just to stay afloat.

      3rd world US is happening fast and former productive people who have lost their jobs are falling left and right. Male suicide, esp. of the 45 and up crowd is way up. When society deems, as Obomber said, 40 year old and older males who are white are “domestic terrorists”. Well said BO you scum. Yep, men in the US are marginalized in every way and discriminated against at the work place while their wives can get a job they can’t and only because they’re not male. And this is the very thing TPTB have sought since the 60’s and radical women have gone along with it. Funny thing though, I speak to women cashiers and women in other jobs in the workplace and they know the truth and don’t like it. The woman who says her husband is home and still trying to find work is rarely knocking back even one good paycheck, enough to keep the household going not to mention how rare it is for a woman to make a paycheck equal to what she and her spouse once made. This is by design, not happenstance or because all of a sudden men got lazy.

      The oil patch is the best thing to ever happen in this country for the last few years. Previously unemployable men who are willing to work in the heat of summer and the winter cold are easy to find. In previous times men my age would be laid back and living off their retirement. That’s not the norm now and even though they may be retired they’re still willing to put in 80 hour weeks and put that money in the sock drawer or in my favorite bank, the pasture. When I kept very little money in the bank, reported only what I had to and used Coleman water jugs sealed with GE silicone and buried a few feet deep we had a good life. I grew up watching guys work on the side and socking their money away. It’s these people and not drug dealers the govt. really wants to cut off with a cashless society. They’ll sit at home with their wife and only buy food on sale and used vehicles and always have some cash to buy what they need. Stay at home dad’s didn’t intend to be one but when their wife is the only person who can get a decent job they stay home and become mr. mom. I know several who’ve had to do this. Were they less capable or educated than their wives? Almost always this wasn’t the case and often they were more qualified except for those appendages between their legs and that beard on their face. It’s a bad man’s world…..just not the man you see on the street.

      • Frankly, I could care less what W says to the Bapduhs. I’m surprised he is still lucid enough to do so. The lot of them are crazy dominionists and xtian zionists. I have no use for them at all.
        Unfortunately oil prices have dropped to the point where fracking has gone belly up. Or should I say fortunately it has gone belly up. I feel for those who lost their jobs but working in the energy bizz has its ups and downs. Blame the Saudis for it. Besides fracking was dangerous and expensive.
        Sooner or later the oil cartels will no longer be able to control alternative energy sources and it will spell the end of their power and influence in Washington and around the world.
        As for women in the work force I see it all over. Walk into a large grocery chain and see who are the cashiers. Post offices are nearly bereft of men. The shop where I worked had more women than men there unless it was in the mill.
        Personally I’ve been considering a part time job, now that I’m retired, just to punch away a few more bucks. Not in a bank though. Do you know what Bail-In means?
        Keep your powder dry and an ear to the ground.

        • John, don’t know where you are but fracing is alive and booming and so is punching new holes. I can get a job fracing in a heartbeat but I’ve spent too much time on location in my life and don’t need to be bored or work too hard when I’m not. One company I spoke with has a contract to service 110 new wells in west Tx. in the coming 2 years and a new well came in right down the road from me no fracing needed but it only makes 3 bbls/day on pump. They’ve had several others this past year that are choked back to 80bbls/day flowing. Gunn Oil RPQR #6 with perforation and completion by Blue Line from San Angelo.

  5. Cops keep pushing the envelope of violence on the serfs, then act all indignant and surprised when someone shoots back. The serfs are getting restless

    • Police are caught between a rock and a hard place. The people BEG and BEG the Legislatures and the COPs to PLEASE beat down and roust more people. The supreme court gives them excuse after excuse to ignore the 4th. THEN when I get rousted I bleat and moan about the 4th Amendment. We can’t have it both ways. Either we put up with Criminal Aliens driving around in broke down dangerous cars or we get rousted along with them.

        • Actually I was in my suit and tie in a nice new car coming home from work and got rousted and searched for 2 hours. All because my friend pointed at the cops as we drove by at the same time we were laughing at a joke. So, pointing and laughing at cops is probable cause.

  6. In this increasingly polarized society the ‘bad’ are becoming more violent and more numerous. It will take more unhindered blue force to keep the peace. How else would you combat it? And yes, I realize “one day they will come for you”. But until then?

        • Overall violent crime committed by mundanes is going down. the violence the state commits isn’t considered a criminal action yet this violence is undoubtedly on the rise.

      • Yup. And with the NSA monitoring our emails and phone calls, our bank transactions and traffic movements, they are collecting evidence of crimes and misdemeanors (as Harvey Silverglate said, we all unknowingly break several laws a day, thanks to the ever growing Federal rule book) to be used at the appropriate time.

  7. Some pretty serious charges here Mr. Peters.

    Do you mind citing the S. Bill number that is the core of your article? I tend to question pieces lacking such details.


      • Eric –

        Johnny appears to be a bacon boy. What do you think?

        Note how he does not take the time to particularize the charge(s) he alleges are serious.

        Also, note how he pens his post without taking the time to ascertain whether you had furnished a link to the proposed legislation.

        Of course, I could be wrong.

      • Just noticed that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are co-sponsors of this bill. Didn’t take long for their real colors to come through eh?

        Start practicing saying Sieg Heil! Mein Fuhrer!

  8. Funny, my whole life, I’ve never really given much thought to having to deal with non-government run-of-the-mill criminals, but I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to protect myself from and repel the kind who are far more likely to interfere with me, and who are far more likely to be a danger to my life, liberty and property- i.e. the government badge-wearing kind.

    It always pays to think of possible scenarios, and ways to incapacitate the bastards. The more powerful and immune they become, the more dangerous they are, and the more bold we are forced to be- and why not? For it has gotten to the point where we have nothing left to lose in any possible encounter, so why not do the most we can to remain free?

    This country has truly become a police state- by every definition of the term.

    • I agree, the only ones I worry about drive well marked cars. On a side note. Parents went on a trip. 64 yr old father had to have a pat down by TSA. They love trump and the Military.

  9. It is a loosely guarded secret that American “law enforcement” has embraced Israeli “law enforcement” tactics (which are akin to military practices). As Israel is on a constant “war footing”, its tactics are necessarily more contentious and confrontational. There is no room for Israeli tactics in American “law enforcement”.
    “Escalation of force” used to be the cornerstone of American “law enforcement”, but no more. Police expect us mere mundanes to cower in fear, and obey their (sometimes confusing and ridiculous) commands without question. This goes hand-in-hand with the militarization of American “law enforcement”. Of course, us mere mundanes are expected to embrace the “escalation of force” doctrine under penalty of law…
    SWAT teams are being used unnecessarily, quite often “hitting the wrong house”, smashing everything in sight, without an apology to those wrongly aggrieved, and do little to endear “law enforcement” to the community, actually reinforcing the “us vs. them” attitude.
    Asset forfeiture is another problem and is nothing but legalized robbery (robbery under color of authority)…
    It is curious to note that in communist hellholes such as North Korea and China, citizens routinely confront and argue with police officers without fear of getting killed.
    The “us vs. them” attitude that is so prevalent in American “law enforcement” has to change. I would be extremely careful about hiring former military for “law enforcement”… without first deprogramming them from their “war footing”…

    • I would disallow any military “vet” from being a cop and likewise disallow any cop from ever entering the military. The only way to break that mentality is to forbid its inception. Fascists such as Cornyn, and his brain damaged thinking, are all too frequent in the USSA. And, no, its never going to change until people are pushed to the point of violence. It didn’t peaceably happen in 1776 so its a sick deluded fantasy to imagine it would happen today.

  10. Very rarely do police “solve” crimes. They usually react “after the fact”, take reports and evaluate the mess left behind.
    In addition, cops are “revenue generators” for their localities, issuing tickets (yes, there are “ticket quotas”, despite denials by public officials) that have NOTHING to do with “safety” or crime.
    If cops don’t “clean up their act” there may be those who have been aggrieved who may “react” in one way or another. Violence is not the solution, but, if cops don’t get rid of their “bad apples”, all bets are off.
    Those cops who cry about how bad they have it, doing their jobs–cry me a river–police work is one of the most boring and safest jobs there is. Very rarely are cops’ lives in danger–they “hold all the cards” and have the power.
    For successful citizen resistance to corrupt cops, look up the “battle of Athens Tennessee”. Armed citizenry physically removed corrupt law enforcement individuals from office.
    For solutions to our present out-of-control “law enforcement” situation, obtain and read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross.
    I do realize that not all law enforcement is corrupt, most cops endeavor to do an honest job (and return home to their families), BUT (and that’s a very big BUT) if law enforcement leaders do not reign in and get rid of the “bad apples”, good cops will suffer, as those who go against them will not differentiate between “good” cops and “bad” cops. Let’s solve this problem now, while we still can. Americans are very slow to “react”, but when they do–look out…

    • By design, law enforcement is generally reactive. They have to have a crime in progress or committed to act upon. It is rare that a LEO is ahead of the criminal before the act is committed.

      • Actually, law enforcement is generally offensive, by design.

        Given that the police consider themselves to be law enforcers, and not peace officers, and given the fact that police agencies daily engage in the business of asset forfeiture, the purchase and sale of narcotics, and highway robbery, i.e., aggressing against motorists who do not wear seatbelts or who do not display a particular required imprimatur of the state, there is no plausible argument that cops do not initiate crime themselves.

      • Yes, you are correct, they are pretty much useless to the average American. They basically come to a crime scene, investigate and have a 46% clearance rate for violent crime, pretty bad. Then they go around issuing paying paper for dozens of victim-less “crimes” that do nothing to add to the safety or security of anyone, but increase the money flowing into the police station. Couple the ticket revenue with the outrageous asset forfeitures done on a daily basis and what we end up with is a the biggest criminal gang in the world.

        • Not sure “investigate” is accurate unless showing up, taking pics and speaking to somebody they’ll list as possible witnesses, writing the briefest of reports and sending it down the way to what is almost always a hidden place where it is essentially file 13. If there is a witness or probably witness who can get a description of any sort no matter how bad it might be then anyone remotely fitting that description they can see will be hassled and if it’s someone they know in a cop/perp way, try to leave them to take the charge even if they have to change their story completely. This type of thing has become rote. A conviction, regardless of a person’s guilt is still a conviction and everybody looks good except for that innocent guy who gets to hear that door slam behind him and wonder if he’ll ever move back through it.

          Speaking of those “doors”, I wonder how many people have ever heard that final sounding door. It’s not a good sound anytime but on some simple thing like DUI or DIP or the like, you don’t lose all hope. When it’s some heinous crime(drugs or assault), it may be the sound of freedom ending and everyday is a horrible loss of dignity.

    • izzat the show with a theme son Bad Boys? Never watched Cops. I remember seeing a preview for it decades ago and nearly throwing up. But bad boys? Seriously? Never saw a cop that really wanted a round with a “bad” boy.

      I had a few friends that were bad boys. One left an undercover cop face down in a barditch on a backroad. He left another in an acid pit. He should have done the 3 S’s. Another one called the aggressor cop a nigger. He was the son of a cop so he called people what he’d always heard his whole life. He was hung in jail… Austin.

      One of the worst experiences I ever had with a cop was a black cop who seethed hatred for white people. I can thank a very reasonable young white deputy for still being alive. I hadn’t committed a crime except to be white and come under this guy’s purview. That was enough for him. It works the same for white cops and black people. Nothing good in this entire system and those who think there is need to be stopped by cops and find out just what the cops think of anyone who doesn’t appear a cop sucker. Of course some of the people who support cops the most are scared shitless of them and if stopped they’ll genuflect as much as possibly needed. Plez massah!!

  11. Ever notice that police unions are “fraternal”? This should tell you something. The “thin-blue-line” is a gang, little different than street gangs–at least when it comes to “covering-up” questionable behavior by police. In today’s day and age, “officer safety” trumps de-escalation of force. This, in part, is due to the militarization of the police along with training in Israeli police tactics. This becomes a problem, with the “us vs. them” attitude that is fosters, along with the fact that Israel is a very different place, being on a constant “war footing”, and by necessity, its police tactics are very different. There are too many instances of police being “given a pass”, even when incontrovertible video and audio evidence is presented. Grand juries, guided by police-friendly prosecutors, quite often refuse to charge those police officers who abuse their authority. Police officers, who want to do the right thing, are quite often marginalized and put into harms way, by their own brethren…When a police officer is beating on someone that is already restrained while yelling, “stop resisting” THAT is but one reason police have a “bad name” in many instances…
    Here are changes that can help reduce the police-induced violence:
    1. Eliminate both “absolute” and “qualified” immunity for all public officials. The threat of being sued personally would encourage them to behave themselves.
    2. Any public funds disbursed to citizens as a result of police misconduct should come out of their pension funds–NOT from the taxpayers.
    3. Regular drug-testing of police officers as well as incident-based drug testing should take place whenever an officer is involved in a violent situation with a citizen–no exceptions.
    4. Testing for steroid use should be a part of the drug testing program. You know damn well, many police officers “bulk up” with the “help” of steroids. Steroids also affect users mentally as well, making them more aggressive. The potential for abuse of citizens increases greatly with steroid use.
    5. Internal affairs should only be used for disagreements between individual officers–NOT for investigations involving citizen abuse. State-level investigations should be mandatory for all suspected abuses involving citizens.
    6. Prosecutors should be charged with malfeasance IF any evidence implicating police officer misconduct is not presented to the grand jury.
    7. A national or state-by-state database of abusive individuals who should NEVER be allowed to perform police work should be established–a “blacklist” of abusive (former) police officers.
    8. Get rid of police unions. Police unions (fraternities) protect the guilty, and are responsible for the massive whitewashing of questionable police behavior that is presently being committed.
    9. Most people are unaware that police have special “rules” that prohibit them from being questioned for 48 hours. This allows them to “get their stories straight” and makes it easier to “cover up” bad police behavior. Police must be subject to the same laws as civilians.
    10. All police should be required to wear bodycams and utilize dashcams that cannot be turned off. Any police officers who causes a dash or body cam to be turned off should be summarily fired–no excuses. Today’s body and dash cams are reliable enough to withstand harsh treatment. Body and dashcam footage should be uploaded to a public channel “on the cloud” for public perusal.
    11. All interrogations must be video and audio recorded. Police should be prohibited from lying or fabricating stories in order to get suspects to confess. False confessions ARE a problem in many departments. Unknown to most people, police can lie with impunity while civilians can be charged with lying to police…fair? I think not…
    Police work is not inherently dangerous…there are many other professions that are much more dangerous.
    A little “Andy Taylor” could go a long way in allaying fears that citizens have of police.
    That being said, I have no problem with police officers who do their job in a fair, conscientious manner…however, it is time to call to task those police officers who only “protect and serve” themselves

    • anarchyst, not arguing with you but keep in mind the laws, the never-ending, always increasing laws made by politicians and upheld by corrupt judges are the first line that should be addressed. It’s easy to cut the legs from under the thin blue line with only a few laws for egregious crimes and courts that don’t give cops a bye for their abuse. Now that’s the real way to stop “cop”.

      • You are correct. However, getting politicians to rescind “bad” laws is next to impossible. What if the cops just refused to enforce “bad” laws? It is much easier to get those at lower levels to quietly “look the other way”, as long as their lucrative pensions are not disturbed. What if cops and their SWAT teams refused to make arrests for marijuana, for instance? What would the “higher-ups” do?

        • Cops get paid and make search and seizure money into their pockets so them not enforcing laws is like throwing a fish into water and it not swimming. But when there are no laws prohibiting things that have previously been illegal, they have no choice but to do nothing. They may not like it. It’s tough having your cake taken away when you’re accustomed to eating it too but that’s the way it goes. We’re trying to do that in Tx. and to some extent it’s working.

          All the states that have legalized pot to some extent have thwarted LE in it’s need to bust and steal. I’m sure most of them don’t like it but that’s now “the law” and no matter how badly they hate it, there’s nothing they can do. Again, cops enforce good laws(sic)with bad and are glad to do it. They just do it selectively when it applies to them or people they have to support such as family. The point being, they can’t selectively enforce a law that doesn’t exist.

          • 8, “…they can’t selectively enforce a law that doesn’t exist.”

            This analysis is spot on. The big picture problem is that there are way too many laws that simply should not exist. Almost all mala prohibita laws should be erased off the books. But they will not be because they are the very basis of a totalitarian state which the US most certainly is.

            This is by design. No one is innocent when everything is regulated thereby giving The State the ability to say, “Bring me the man and I will tell you his crime”.

        • They would find new cops to enforce the laws. They make really good wages, they are not going to give it up that easy.

  12. Teach your kids well: Don’t you ever even think of becoming a cop, prosecutor, or judge, or you’ll learn of a side of your old man you never knew existed.

  13. John Langley (born 1943) is credited as being the “Godfather of Reality Television” with the appearance of COPS filmed in Broward County, Florida in 1989. Langley worked in United States Army Intelligence from 1961 to 1963.

    In December 1986 Langley produced, American Vice: The Doping of a Nation, showed three live drug arrests on primetime television for the first time. Langley convinced officials of the Broward County, Florida Sheriff’s Department to allow cameras to accompany them on a previously-scheduled drug bust.

    Langley’s most notable achievement is the innovation of the “video verite” signature style of the Cops television program, which influenced TV advertising and news reporting, and other network and syndicated programming.

    Langley was able to win a meeting with Barry Diller, then head of Fox Broadcasting Company to explain his concept:

    “‘You’ve gotta have a narrator,’ Diller said. And I said no. ‘All right then,’ Diller said. ‘You gotta do some reenactments.’ And I said no.
    Ultimately a pilot episode was ordered, which garnered mix reviews among Fox executives owing to the overly graphic nature of a murder scene which was featured.

    After viewing the pilot, a group of Executives began to debate the future of the show inside network headquarters with Langley in attendance.

    Langley later recalled:
    “And this guy came in the room and sat in the corner. He looked like an accountant. The guy in the corner says, ‘Order four of them. Try four episodes. It turned out that he wasn’t the accountant. It was Rupert Murdoch.

  14. Cops who beat people are shielded from any personal consequences of their actions.
    Engineers who follow executive decisions and create products their customers demand with no real environmental harm face prison.

    Those are the conditions we live under today. These are the conditions that lead only to poverty and misery.

  15. For years I figure John Cornyn is a British agent, seeing how he wants to return the country to a serf system. He really looks like he could play the part of General Lord Cornwallis.

    • Hi Charles,

      Except, of course, that Lord Cornwallis (from what I read) was at least a gentleman and this cracker Cornyn is just that. He is a typical Republican poltroon. A legislative “law and order” tough guy.

      • And this at a time when Tx. justice reform is trying to pass, and has, some laws to help protect citizens from tyranny. And one of the champions is a Republican of all things.

        Of course the bailbondsmen are in lockstep to not change a thing so as Ry Cooder would say “Who’s foolin who?”.

        “Anyone who tells you that ‘It Can’t Happen Here’
        is whistling past the graveyard of history.
        There is no ‘house rule’ that bars tyranny coming to America.
        History is replete with republics whose people grew complacent
        and descended into imperial butchery and chaos.”
        — Mike Vanderboegh
        (1953- ) Alabama Minuteman

  16. The Irish Republican Army Greenbook is becoming very applicable to life in the New Amerika.

    On the anniversary of the LA Riots with over a billion in property damage and 50 people murdered – not a single member of the cause of the riots, their families or their property was among the casualties. Isn’t that something to ponder?

    Justice in this new land, is not delivered in courts. Once enough people realize that, justice will be taken in the bedrooms of official terrorists. The IRA successfully ran a campaign against a vastly superior force. One the the US police is modeled on. The IRA in their ruthlessness prevented many a would be ruthless RUC from doing things he would regret.

    As we now descend into an occupation, the hour to think in terms of Post Constitutional America is upon us. The mounting body counts of US Citizens, be they named Bundy, Weaver, or the hundreds of American Citizens whom though doing nothing wrong as citizens – were brutally murdered by Badged ISIS and Pensioned Mafia, are mounting.

    • Hi Thought,

      It is so got-damned depressing to be a witness to . . . this. And not so much the official thuggery; that is to be expected. What reduces me to a state of hopelessness is that so many people cheer it. Or are indifferent to it. This includes my own mother.

      If I were younger I would be on my way out the door. Argentina, perhaps. Seems like an ok place. Not a place that is headed the way this is headed, at any rate…

      But I am too old now and too set in my ways and just don’t have the energy to pick up sticks mid-way through life and begin again from scratch.

      Besides which, maybe I can do something positive as far as spreading the word. It’s not much, I know. But it is… something, eh?

      • The last guy that tried to spread the word got nailed to a cross for it. Nothing has changed in 2000 years but the technological sophistication of state sponsored terror.

        Who knew Red Dawn would really play out, but in different uniforms, back in 1984?

        Argentina had its own junta that ruined the country and started a war with Maggie Thatcher’s Great Britain. There was an economic treatise that I read on Argentina, that Argentina once had one of the greatest economies on earth until socialists destroyed it:

        I knew an Argentinian family in college – a mixture of vanity, stupidity and machismo. Still the daughters were all attractive – the one I was originally friends with was perhaps the dumbest woman I ever met – she married a NY cop. Many Europeans fled there after the two wars, it includes a large German population too, they are likely far more German than the charred remnants of Frau Merkel’s concentration camp and re-education center for Germans.

        With the reach of the globalist cancers and their dire need to assert control over even the most remote of people, I am not sure anywhere on earth is going to be safe to be an American. Orwell’s prophesy about the future being a boot stomping on a human face forever – is looking more unavoidable by the hour.

        I sense a creeping desperation in people who will soon realize it is hopeless. The skyrocketing rates of opioid addictions and European-Christian American Mortality rates are showing it everywhere. (I do not use the hateful term that is plastered across our heads by our slave masters – our modern slave name – “white”).

        When men see that there is no place for them at the table, they do things that those firmly seated at the table cannot fathom in their horror and ruthlessness. It is a normal reaction to smash the table by any means if there is no hope to ever sit at it – even if it is a rash act. Look to our muslim friends on how they impose their will via shrapnel and suicide delivery.

      • Browsing the streets of Buenos Aires about 1998, I purchased the complete inventory of Che Guevara post cards from a street news stand vendor. (About a dozen post cards of which I sent to various folks as a joke: Leftists and leftism were and still are at the top of my list of absolute evil.)

        I gently inquired of the vendor his take on Guevara, and he shrugged and told me the only people that pay any notion to him are Americans. Here, he meant nothing to anyone.

      • That’s the thing I really can’t grep either, the love of nation-state. I’m pretty sure it’s a generational thing with my parents. They were born in 1938 and 1942, so they got the firehose of war propaganda at a very impressionable age. Then right after, the cold war and all the 1950s flag sniffing, NASA and interstate highways. Uncle was (and still is thanks to social programs and dad’s lost pension) benefactor and protector. When I mention to my mother some new use for medical marijuana, she’s quick to defend the war on drugs™ even when she can see the reasoning. See, mother worked for the Red Cross, and we all know that without insane testing laws as dictated by the “benevolent” FDA, the nation’s blood supply would be toxic. Not to mention the grandparents were all school teachers, so again, the pull of the state (and deference to authority) is strong with them. And they vote, every election without fail. They vote for law and order. They vote for stronger central government. They vote for Washington. They vote for the incumbent, because that’s how “things are done” in DC.

        But for people of my generation, I have no idea. We were the ones who had anarchy buttons on our backpacks. We were the ones who watched an incompetent NASA bureaucracy kill astronauts on live TV. We watched as the Iraqi army, which we were told was one of the best trained in the world, surrender to CNN camera crews and empty tanks. We wondered why a bunch of religious nuts were burned for tax evasion(?) or whatever the FBI’s reasoning was. Maybe because we’re never going to be a big enough voting block to matter, so just go along with the crowd?

        • My father is a bit older than your parents. He grew up watching his uncles march off, one return in pieces inside a box, another suffering a lifetime of psychological damage and the last to have only been spared by the atomic bombings of Japan. He still holds their service with such pride and still tears up speaking about the uncle was took a direct hit from an 88.

          It was his father that was the first to understand. When my father was drafted for Korea – my grandfather forbade him to serve – “Our family already did enough.” He told my father.

          Being a Brooklyn Italian who had once run liquor during Prohibition for the “old timers” he knew the angles on how to get his son declared FFFF. He explained it to the head of the draft board in Little Italy why he refused to let his son serve – the head agreed to declare him unfit with the stipulation that if he told anyone what they did he would be killed.

          My father has been saying for decades now how his father was right to keep him out of that “Stupid War” and the stupid wars that followed. WWII was the “good war” and he would get angry when anyone questioned even the point of that one.

          Over the past several years I shared with him some of the inconvenient truths that are purposely memory holed which led to the Second World War. In 1940’s America all most knew was that the “damned Japs did it to us.” It is an understandable affront that had young men eager to sign up for the service.

          But the European War was so much more complicated than that. Even the Japanese attack when you understand the events leading up to it, becomes less an attack on American honor, then a gamble of a chess move in a wider event field.

          The History of the European part of WWII always overlooks the events from 1917 on. The Genocides in the Soviet Union, the penance Germany alone was left to bear and the crippling economic tolls it took that lead to starvations.

          We were always taught the American Propaganda part about the evils of fascism. When I studied the comparisons of the three major types of governments, I was always amazed at how similar Fascism is to American Democracy – most especially in time of national emergency and war. In practice we were always far more fascistic than most could comfortably admit.

          I maintain that a mobilized nation against a foreign threat is always fascistic. Fascism in fact being necessary to fully mobilize against an existential foreign threat. I have come to see Italy and Germany as having to become Fascist to preserve themselves from what was occurring roughly 1000 miles from the capitals of both countries. The Holomodor was real, Kiev is only 750 Miles from Berlin and 1000 miles from Rome, the equivalent of being in NYC and there being millions of dead inside Disney World.

          The newspapers of record dutifully produced pro-communist propaganda for the Americans, but surely Italian and German proximity had to have seen the truth of what was going on in the Soviet Union whispered into the ears of many a 1930’s German and Italian.

          They ignored the Soviet genocides in teaching WWII History, they ignore them now. Stalin was “Uncle Jo” – a lovable teddybear with a nice head of hair and a big mustache. Who knew anything of the 100 Million European Christians that were murdered starting after 1917? Who even knows these things now? How many understand that Stalin had all along planned on marching across Western Europe and that the Ribbentrop Accord was to be temporary from Stalin’s point of view as well (just not as temporary as it was to Hitler). Stalin all along had planned on letting Germany conquer Europe so that when he did it, he would be seen as its liberator. Communism seeks total destruction of the old orders so that it can impose its own artificial one.

          When even the “good war” can be seen as propaganda, all else that has followed and follows now becomes far more malignant.

          • Thought –

            The Japanese did not start the war with the US; to the contrary, America had, already, by 12/7/41, instituted an embargo against Japan, gave money and arms to the British empire for the purposes of maintaining the British empire in southeast Asia and to assist the British in their savage effort to keep their empire intact by doing battle against the Japanese, and looked the other way when Americans took part in bombing missions against Japanese civilians (Red Tigers).

            • I know. Hence why I compared the Japanese attack as a gamble of a chess move in a wider event field.

              Propaganda makes the lines stark when in reality they always are not.

          • Fascism was cool in the 1930s. It’s a system the so-called elite approve of. FDR instituted many fascist type things in the USA. We’re just not supposed to see it without the dear leader, pageants, and the death camps.

      • Save your money, invest for your future and when you are able to retire, get the Hell out. It’s never going to get any better. It’s only going to get worse. The chances of a Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura becoming President are not good – less than not good because of that “non-politician” Donald Trump. And to change things, there would have to be a lot of like thinking Congressmen and Senators voted in as well – it’s not going to happen.
        When I was young and naive, I used to think people would realise what was going on and join those of us who wanted to put a stop to our freedoms and privacy being chipped-away. That was when Johnson was President. After that dick Nixon took over, followed by Jerry The Jerk Ford and Jimmy Head-In-His-Ass Carter, my goal in life was to get the fuck out. After I retired, I did just that and now I no longer have to put up with living in a Police State. And I haven’t become just another angry old man sitting in an easy chair pissing and moaning about the way things used to be. If you’re not making your preparations to leave or are retired and haven’t left, then you’re part of the problem. The US Government doesn’t give a shit about you. Just pay your taxes and continue taking it up the ass and you’re serving your purpose.

        • Hi Doug,

          You make sense. And as I rattle it around in my head, it occurs to me that this may be the last best shot I’ve got. I’m no longer married; haven’t got any family. Only my friends and the familiar things keep me tied to where I am. That – and I’ll admit it – the dread of starting over in mid-life.

          I’ve managed to hold on to a few things; losing them, too, fills me with horror.

          But the alternative is probably worse…

          • Eric,

            Thanks for what you do, if we do nothing we are complicit in the crime.

            I took my last best shot by doing a little radio show, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

            If not me who, and if not now when.

            Fight the good fight!!


            • Thanks, Sean!

              It’s a matter of “one at a time”… and we may not succeed, or live to see success. But, even though I am a cynic (that is, a realist) I still have faith that, in the end, this cannot be permanent. That – eventually – it will get better.

              Because it has to.

          • Guess Hawaii is a great choice, being far away from most of the claws but still in USSA. Perhaps akind to hiding in a cave, with really nice beachs and weather.

        • “Save your money, invest for your future and when you are able to retire, get the Hell out. ……. After I retired, I did just that and now I no longer have to put up with living in a Police State.”

          But where does one run to find that and not have to put up with another sort of crap? I have eyed The Bahamas for about 15 years after spending some time there in the ’90s. We even went back a couple times recently to take a look. But there, you face an obvious de facto takeover by the Chinese (which may actually be better managers than the current crop of native-born politicians). Security forces in black with tear off insignia “supplementing” the common powdered white tunics of earlier years. Soaring crime, mostly in Nassau and Freeport for now, but spreading. I attribute that to my observation in the ’90s that satellite TV and American programming was a new phenomenon.

          Every time I search for an alternative, continued searching shows many downsides to every one of them. “Parliamentary” actually means “everything is changeable in a single election”, for instance. I am probably reaching my use-by date anyway, so maybe it would be best to “go down shooting” right here.

          Any suggestions, which seem to be scarce on most of the posts advocating a bug out, would be welcomed by many, I am sure.

          (There’s a little town for sale for $1.9 mil that would be great for a bunch of libertarians to take on. But it is in Connecticut! Ugh! Can you imagine? Any of those out Texas way, Eight? Oh, right, Koresh had that bright idea. Idaho…. Weaver.)

          • There are many, many places in the US with very little in the form of government. Tiny towns, remote places. They have no reason to have any interest in you. Just move away from the big cities. Almost all other countries leave you alone, they simply don’t have the budgets to bother anyone.. I have friends living in Europe and they are traveling all over and have not been hassled by anyone. Don’t believe what you hear in the media.

            • “Just move away from the big cities.”

              Did that years ago, several iterations, but the places we go keep getting bigger. I also find that the folks in small towns are more prone to Love-it-or-leave-it attitudes than average. There is generally a collective thought rooted in “tradition”, therefore unquestioning of authority. They don’t seem to notice that authority has changed over the years. And in their isolation, perhaps it has not inside their small circle. “The Policeman is your friend!” is no longer a safe thing to tell your kids. At least not if they ever leave the immediate vicinity.

              Big party here yesterday, “celebrating” the deaths of thousands (and idolizing the 1.4 million current candidates). I guess having one’s head up one’s butt is a form of introspection. RP had it right yesterday:


            • Another problem with moving to a small community is finding compatible thought, or at least folks with open minds. I currently live in a “retirement community” of about 150 families. After 4 years, I know of only one person here to whom I can talk about this. I suppose I could reach outside a bit and find a couple more.

              In larger towns one can generally find organizations of like-minded folks and at least have a place to open one’s head up a bit and let the contamination leak out. The Internet is not quite “conversational” enough to do the whole job.

              I was surprised recently when an acquaintance said, in a small party of 6 having dinner, “What do you think about the death penalty? I used to be for it, but now I am not real sure.” Maybe there are more possibilities than we recognize. It as just a jumping-off point to discuss “justice”, but at least that.

        • Yea, but there’s no place to go. Move to another country where you don’t know anyone, most likely don’t know the language, don’t know the local customs and you are totally alone. Also, most other countries do not “allow” the peasants to own firearms. I’ll just stay here and fight.

          • One firearms situation in The Bahamas presents an interesting message. We lived on a boat in our previous visits there. I can take my guns into The Bahamas on my boat but would be put in prison in the state where I was born (The Soviet State of New Jersey) if I entered a marina there with guns on board.

            This is not as easy for an alien resident of The Bahamas though. He cannot possess one without a lot of paperwork, some fees, and probably some “connections”. I suspect the same is true of nearly any country where you cannot easily obtain citizenship. The good thing is that except as I mentioned for Freeport and Nassau, for now, a gun is not really required for one’s safety.

            For us, The Bahamas is a fit on language, we have made friends among the locals in many towns on many islands, and are comfortable with the culture (at least as it existed in the ’90s). But there is still a great leap-of-faith that things will not deteriorate in a new country for any ex-pat. “The Devil you know….” and all that.

            A friend where we are now would chose Belize. Another Costa Rica. They have been there for extended periods and feel they could “make it”. (But neither has packed.) I do wish ex-pats on this site would name some names whenever they say they escaped. I suspect some have cultural ties that make some countries more comfortable. E.g. an Italian raised in Brooklyn might fit into Italy’s scene where an Anglo like myself would find it difficult, only knowing ciao and mangia.

            • I love cars and I love driving. I am honest, do not steal, value my personal freedom and am very protective of my personal privacy. I moved to Germany where the natives hold the same values. Sunday, I passed a Highway Patrol car at 180Km/h (that’s over 110Mph). Try that in the “Freeest Country in the World”. No, I don’t speak German – although by now, I can get-by a little – and when I purchased my apartment, knew no one in town.
              My Wife is Mexicana so Sep. – Apr. we live in Mexico. I don’t speak Spanish and probably never will. Mexico also allows in citizens personal privacy and freedoms not seen in the US in decades. It isn’t the same as Germany but several years ago, my Wife was appalled or just flat-ass didn’t believe me when I would tell her what goes on in the States (such as Insurance Companies having access to a person’s driving records and setting their rates accordingly). House taxes and the general cost-of-living are cheaper to much cheaper and the laws, if stupid or out-of-date, are widely ignored by the populous as well as the police. And there are certainly no cops or Government agents trolling the streets and highways trying to extract money from people. Sure, Mexico has its problems but, as Todd said, don’t believe everything reported by the media. I met my Wife when I visited the Country for a car event and I knew no one else at the time. I have some Mexican blood but I think everyone born in Los Angeles has some Mexican blood if he isn’t Asian.

              • Thank you, Doug. That is the kind of information many of us like to find. I know some is available through googull. But when someone on this site says “I found….” it offers a bit more confidence than some that appear to be nothing but travelogues.

                Years ago we had good reports on Mexico by some ex-pats. But as you say, media bias is overwhelming.

      • Hi Eric,
        It seems like you can run but you can’t hide, Uncle would find a way to steal your assets/cash even if you did manage to escape, and I’m way too old to start over from scratch. If they ever come for me I hope to go down swinging; don’t think a 12 gauge can penetrate body armor but I’ll be aiming for their head so we’ll see how that goes.

        • Here hee, Bostonians followed police orders to cower in place and happily be subjected to illegal searches. Then without a hint of the irony declared themselves “Boston Strong”.

          Mike you may be nothing like those people but your post, coming from Boston as it does, was good for a laugh.

          • Strength through cowardice. I am glad someone else picked up on that hypocrisy. They are coming at us a mile a minute now. Orwell must be like that American Indian shedding a tear looking on the sea of pollution from those 1970’s commercials.

            One can only imagine what he’d have to say about our degenerating society aside from “I told you so”.

            • Fred and Thought, I too caught that.

              I had a discussion with a guy from Boston who responded to my point that Bostonians were not standing “strong” by surrendering their rights by saying that Bostonians did not surrender their rights they freely gave the state permission to violate those rights.

              My response was that that is like a woman who is about to be raped saying to herself, “Well, I can’t stop it so I might as well just lay back and enjoy it and consider it a one night stand and not rape.”

          • I know Fred, and it still makes me sick to think about that. I wasn’t part of that crowd but I am ashamed at how the sheeple willingly went along with the complete abrogation of their freedom. Hard to believe the Revolution got started here; back in 1976 they spent a lot of time and money spiffing up the “Battle Road” from Lexington to Concord for the Bicentennial. At one of the buildings along the road there’s a multimedia display illustrating the colonists grievances with the British government and it’s totally lost on visitors that everything they were pissed at back then is being inflicted on us by orders of magnitude more. Irony doesn’t begin to cover where we’re at today.

      • I finally escaped the matrix after many years and many attempts. It is possible but it isn’t for everyone and it isn’t necessarily easy either. But living overseas and seeing the absolute nightmare that America is would sober up any rational person. Those who only know the illusion through television or corporate propaganda… aka NEWS… are truly asleep. I pity everyone who can’t leave… its only going to get worse. If only I could rescue some of my loved ones before its too late.

    • Thought, and your example of Bundy was right on the money. He’d plead guilty to a trumped up charge and they considered his presence over and done with but he continued to fight for the cause so they simply murdered him in cold blood, an unarmed man trying to stop the very bloodshed they cast upon him. I suspect the next time my wife and I are assaulted on yet another trumped up charge with no basis in truth she might survive but I won’t. She won’t say another word after I’m dead. It’s much like the civil rights murders. Had the women stayed with their men and not sent them off by themselves things wouldn’t have been so easy. For those who hated blacks(works the same for any group)it was much easier and even pleasurable for most of them to kill a black buck than gun down a small woman. The public accepts this too, being much more palatable to the female and males population who simply read about it.

      The wife used to work with a younger woman who’d leave the office and hide to not have a black man near her who was merely coming to pay his bill or buy a new insurance policy. It really galled the wife for somebody to be that prejudiced and show it too. These black people were locals and we knew most of them and the wife and I called them friends. I offered to go slash her tires but I knew the black community would be blamed for it.

      • Who else kills people that keep talking? The comparisons are becoming uncanny as the lines are “blurred” out of existence.

        For fun I watch that horrible public service propaganda show “Cops.” It is very instructional as soon as you learn to identify the propaganda and “just want to go home safe” official bull. Cops can watch two citizens beat each other to a pulp and stand by. But once a mundane doesn’t kowtow to them, still believing they had rights or could not understand the “command” – it becomes personal and brutal. “GET DOWN ON THE GROUND” – they sound more like barking Rottweilers in their staccato and baritone. They become Rottweilers trained to attack. Not with teeth, but tasers, nightsticks, service weapons, “take-down” tackles and the Eric Garner chokehold.

        Where a mundane is committing a “crime” if they resort to violence in that timespan, official terrorists are taught to rage immediately. A mundane taking the most basic steps of selfdefense technically are committing crimes in many municipalities as the local “laws” command us to retreat and cower in place.

        Each time I watch “Cops,” I learn a new disgust. The whole justification is the “Drug War” – in prosecuting that war to its fullest, pensioned ISIS act much the same as their non-pensioned counterparts. They terrorize, abrogate the Constitution, Abrogate all sense of common decency – searching mens underwear, feeling them up, looking in their mouth and rectum like they are a cattle at auction. If it fits in someone’s ass, he isn’t going to be a kingpin nor the big bust. The lengths reached to attack the lowest people for tiny pieces of “illegal” narcotics is disgusting.

        I have no love for drug addicts and as far as I am concerned the faster they overdose, the better we all are off including the addict himself. Why do they revive addicts anyway? Seemingly it is to abrogate the Constitution and search these derelicts again and again in order to earn a promotion as they need a reason to continue abrogating the Constitution and mount their search and destroy mission.

        They treat everyone with such disrespect. 9/10 times the people they stop are doing nothing that is affecting anyone else. A repeated excuse to stop men are riding bicycles without headlights or driving in a “known area” – Though, any excuse will do. I have honestly begun to feel bad for these lowlife drug addicts. The “heroic” police justify all of their ruthlessness on attacking the lowest forms of a sorry state people. A body armor clad, well fed and overly paid enforcer commanding a derelict to lie on the ground at any opportunity – Then they congratulate themselves on a “job well done.” Like modern day runaway slave catchers. All for what though?

        Knowing through very reliable sources – see a dealer who once supplied the NJ Nets with their extracurricular pharmaceuticals and performance enhancers – so many cops are taking “illegal” substances too. It is hypocrisy, but worse.

        • Yep, them damn addicts. I went off 3 years ago to work away from home in the patch and one guy besides me drank coffee. Everyone else drank soft drinks. While we wanted our coffee, we could make it without if things worked out that way. But the guys dead set on their soft drinks were no good at all, worthless till they had their HFCS fix. They didn’t want no fuckin coffee, they needed something more addictive. I used to be a HFCS junky and I was the same way. About 15 years ago I swore off, lost 30 pounds nearly instantly and went back to coffee. I don’t have to have coffee in the morning but I am happier if I do. Everybody has some addiction as my wife and I were just speaking of. Asians have rice and they demand rice with every meal. In Japanese Rice means “meal”. Mexicans gotta have their tortillas, same deal as rice just a different carbohydrate that gives them the rush they need. Brits, Irish, Scots gotta have their spuds and old time west Texans used to have to have their hardtack and beef. A typical meal for me growing up began with beef of some sort and bread and tea. Taters weighed in there too but beef and pork were a must. So many people don’t even realize their addictions and most who are addicted to some drug like heroin have adopted it because they need that relief. Nearly everything is done for a relief and we all self-medicate with something. It’s the genealogical reason I can drink nearly anybody under the table. We Scots and our other European kin grew up from time dating back thousands of years drinking our mead and beer and ale.

          Plymouth Rock wasn’t where the Pilgrims were headed, it’s just where the crew threw them off the ship. Had they spent weeks more heading to their ideal location they wouldn’t have had enough beer for the return trip and that just wasn’t happening……and didn’t.

        • I’ve mentioned before… a thought experiment to see the decline is to watch first season episodes of COPs and then current ones. The series always disgusted me but the early episodes now seem like they were from some idyllic before time.

          • You know.. I seem to remember those first episodes and there being a glaring difference to what they are now. Of course I cannot recall the last time I saw one. Likely when I was a 14 or so as the older episodes don’t appear in heavy rotation.

            What I find to be frightening is how the abuse and corruption is just overlooked – it didn’t happen. The memory hole burns constantly where these things are quickly condemned to. The collective memory is about 30 seconds. Anyone recalling further back than that is a “liar.” How can we trust our lying eyes and failing memories? That is the argument defense attorneys have perfected to convincing even the most certain eye-witness that they cannot trust their own memory.

            I find myself watching episodes because there is nothing else on – out of boredom I watch, but I see it as a well used boredom in the sense of rereading old college notes and drawing new conclusions from long forgotten material. I find myself hearing the myriad of retired cops who out of disgust for their former professions warn everyone about their tactics in video after video you can find online.

            Each time I watch and a detainee begins groveling to the badged mafioso and apologizing, then admitting – I start yelling at the TV – SHUT UP! THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS – STOP FFING TALKING YOU MORON- YOU ARE RATTING ON YOURSELF- SHUT THE F UP!

            Just once I want to hear a response to “Do you have anything illegal in the car?” to be the one I imagined: If I did, you would be bleeding in the road awaiting Jesus to judge you. Or: do you have any substance abuse and psychological defects that I need to know about as you hold me hostage? Are all the funds in your bank account and all of your recent purchases courtesy of the your paycheck or is there something that you should be admitting?

  17. I really appreciate that you drag police malfeasance out into the light, those stories get buried otherwise.

    I’m curious – do you ever get harassed by police for writing such stories? I’ve lived under secret police oppression where stories like this would get you an all expenses paid vacation to Siberia, for the rest of your short life. At least the US hasn’t reached that point yet.

    • Thanks, OP…

      Not yet… but I expect it.

      Fine. It’s the least I can do. I’m not a fighter with my fists. But I’ll do everything possible with my brains and my keyboard, for as long as I am able.


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