The “Hero” Problem

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When the state and its media bullhorns refer to armed government workers – law enforcers – as “heroes,” it’s a sign the hour is getting late.

When most people don’t draw back and spit coffee all over the keyboard at the idea, it’s minutes to midnight.

How did it become “heroic” to enforce laws?

And if it is “heroic” to enforce laws then – ipso facto  the East German Stasi, the Soviet GRU and NKVD were “heroic” also.


Crickets, usually.

Well, cognitive dissonance. Too many people don’t make such connections; see the concept behind the particular.

“Law enforcement,” like references to the United States as the “Homeland” (mein Fuhrer! I can walk!) are relatively recent rust spots on the American quarter panel; visible evidence of the underlying rot.

This is their own term, too. It is what they do – by definition.

Well, at least they are honest about it. Meanwhile, the populace in general still regards them as being there to “protect and serve,” the “thin blue line.” Both are false – and ridiculous – notions.

First, they are not there to to protect. This is not their job.

The Supreme Court has very explicitly stated this. The job of law enforcement is (wait for it) to enforce laws.

Law enforcers are under no legal obligation to protect anything – or anyone.

Indeed – hark, Officer Safety! – they are most concerned with protecting themselves, if anything. To the nth degree. Which is certainly understandable – we all value ourselves highly. But looking out for Numero Uno isn’t “heroic.”

A hero puts his own self at risk for the sake of others. Law enforcers go to great pains to not do this. The state they work for esteems their lives – their safety (whether a threat is real or imagined) far more than our lives and safety.

Note that a “hero’s” life is literally – legally – more valuable than our lives. This extends even to dogs. A “hero” can murder a family pet, without reason (beyond “I feared for my safety”) and he may be reprimanded. A citizen who defends himself against a police dog and slay the animal can be charged wth murder of a “law enforcement officer” – and will be prosecuted with extreme prejudice.

Just last week, in Georgia, two law enforcers were filmed punching and kicking an unarmed, not-“resisting” motorist. They were fired – a result of the publicity – but not arrested. How is this possible? If any Mundane (as the late and very great William Norman Grigg put it) so much as jabbed an index finger into the chest of a “hero” to make a point, he is likely to be on the receiving end of an immediate and very violent “take down,” placed in manacles and charged with felony assault/battery upon a law enforcement officer.

We are not allowed – legally forbidden – to defend ourselves against a law enforcer; we are required to go limp, submit and obey. To “let the courts” sort it out. Even if we end up in the hospital (or worse) first.

They, on the other hand, my do as they like with us – and largely without repercussions, even when there is video of them en flagrante, committing an act that would land any of us in jail for the same, as in the Georgia incident.

The “heroes” might be assigned to “desk duty” – or “suspended” – in both case, with pay.

Now, as to this “thin blue line” business.

It is based on the idea that – absent armed government workers – who have no duty to protect us, recall – most people would revert to Lord of the Flies savagery. This bleak view of most people as criminal by nature is as horrific as it is ridiculous. Do you suppose your spouse, your friends, the people you’ve known for years – are secretly, in their hearts, murderers and rapists and thieves ?

That – absent the “thin blue line,” they would slit you throat, steal your stuff, rape your wife/daughter?

It is nonsense of the vilest sort.

Most people have  moral sense that exists regardless of law – or enforcers. Most people would not commit theft or rape or murder or any real crime – even if both codified law and costumed law enforcers disappeared tomorrow.

Ask yourself. Would you?

But then, most of the laws being enforced have nothing to do with theft, rape or murder. They are mostly just . . . laws.

Which in freer times were not enforced because they did not exist.

Nor should.

Was America a less “safe” place 50 years ago, when there were fewer laws? When it was considered laudable for a cop – as they were called in those days – to boast of not ever having had to unholster his gun during a career of 30 years? When one could argue with a cop and not risk a beat down?

In those days, cops were not considered “heroes” . . . but many were.

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  1. “Policing has broken,….it has evolved as a paramilitary, bureaucratic organizational arrangement that distances itself from communities they have sworn to protect and serve. When we have shooting after shooting after shooting that most people would define as at least questionable, it’s time to look not just at a few bad apples but the barrel. And I’m convinced the barrel is rotten. – Norm Stamper, former Seattle police chief.
    Session, doesn’t believe we have a policing problem in America and Trump believes the dangerous anti-police atmosphere is wrong and has vowed to end it.
    Tell me Donny boy, just how do you plan to end it? By more golf outings at Mar-Largo? Or are you going to issue some proclamation or executive order?
    WARNING: Several dozen psychiatrists at Yale who have formed a group called “Duty to Warn” has issued a statement saying That trump is delusional and paranoid. Earlier statements indicate Trump is suffering from malignant narcissistic disorder.
    James Gilligan, a professor and psychiatrist at New York University, told the conference that he worked with some of the most dangerous people in society, including murderers and rapists, but he was convinced by the “dangerousness” of Mr. trump.
    “I’ve worked with murderers and rapists. I can recognize dangerousness from a mile away. You don’t have to be an expert on dangerousness or spend fifty years studying it like I have in order to know how dangerous this man is.”
    Dr. Gartner has started an online petition calling for Trump to be removed from office which claims that he is “psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of the president.” The petition has so far garnered 41,000 signatures.
    Folks, America has entered into uncharted territory. We are all in danger. If Trump unleashes his heroes onto the rest of us then what will we have other than complete submission to a police state?
    The time is long past for preparedness. You are now either ready for what’s coming or you ain’t.

  2. Apparently just the existence of police prevents crime. When the Montreal police went on strike in 1969, all hell broke loose. Ditto Baltimore 1974. If you think the police are uncivilized, your fellow citizens are often worse.

    • Hi Ron,

      Perhaps. But, I can (legally) defend myself against common, unaffiliated thugs. I am legally forbidden to defend myself against the state’s armed thugs.

      Also, ordinary thugs aren’t looking to control my behavior. They just want the damned money.

      • Do you really feel that unprovoked violence by police is a systemic practice? In drug raids it certainly is, but in general?

        • Hi Ron,

          Certainly. Unprovoked violence is what they do.

          Law enforcers spend their work day looking for laws to enforce – violently.

          Most of these laws define statutory illegal acts that involve no harm done to any person or property. For example, “buckle up for safety.” Or the laws that proscribe what a person may put into his own body, causing no harm to any other person. Or the numerous laws dictating forced association, how we may and may not do business (again, no harm done to another’s person or their property). The enforcement of various “codes” and “regulations.” Etc.

          I would say that two-thirds of the laws being enforced are laws of this sort.

          Nonetheless, violence will be used – or threatened – to enforce obedience and mete out punishment. It is systemic.

          Remember: These costumed creeps are not peace keepers. Their business is not protecting property and lives.

          They are law enforcers. They enforce laws.

          • But you said, “I am legally forbidden to defend myself against the state’s armed thugs.” I assumed we were talking about physical violence. In the cases you cite, you certainly are allowed to defend yourself, in court. You’re chances of winning may be slim, but you are not legally prevented.

              • Ron, It doesn’t help when your heroes are being trained in israel to treat us like they treat the Palestinians.
                How do you deal with that kind of mentality? I suggest you check out John Whiteheads, articles at
                I support the Rutherford Institute with a monthly donation in the war against the police state. His latest article;” The Iron Jaws of The Police State” Trump’s America is a Constitution free zone.
                With Sessions as Attorney General we can expect even worse. Sessions’s disdain for the Bill of Rights and his attitude towards the escalation of hero violence is beyond disturbing.
                With this administration anything is now possible and Gorsuch on the Court what else can we expect?
                Sessions himself stated he wants to arm the heroes with even more military weaponry.
                Just ask yourself what is all this for?
                Why is the U.S. military training to take over the country by 2030?
                Anyone with children or grandchildren, my suggestion to any of you is by what ever means, to get them out of the country and into a safer haven elsewhere.
                The future of this nation is highly in doubt. The economy is teetering on the brink and as long as Washington continues to wage unwarranted, unconstitutional wars around the world our rights and our liberty will be trampled even further.

        • Hi Ron,

          “Do you really feel that unprovoked violence by police is a systemic practice? In drug raids it certainly is, but in general?”

          Unfortunately, yes. Violence against police is at historic lows, while violence perpetrated by police is at historic highs. Police culture now demands immediate submission, and failure to do so often results in near immediate escalation. In many cases, the civilian is incapable of complying, or does not understand the command, but violence is used anyway.

          In addition, no knock raids have been on the rise. “Warrants” for such raids are usually provided based on information from a “single anonymous informant”. Such tips are inherently unreliable and are often fraudulent. Police officers merely need to claim that the anonymous informant exists, they do not need to prove it. Some judges demand more, but too many don’t. It should be obvious that these lax standards encourage fraud.

          Also, these swat style raids are increasingly used against people suspected of non-violent crimes, often having nothing to do with drugs.

          Eric makes the claim that most of what police do requires unprovoked violence, and he is correct. However, I understand that this is not the type of violence you were asking about. But, on your terms, police violence is systemic and getting worse.

          If you’re interested check out Radley Balko, especially his book, “The rise of the Warrior Cop”. Here is a video of one of his talks: The Rutherford Institute is also a good source of information: Finally check out the archive from the late, great William Norman Grigg at the Libertarian Institute:

          Unprovoked and unjustified police violence is both systemic and largely tolerated within the justice system.


      • I think it’s that puritanical we’re doing this for your own good excuse that comes with american based tyranny that makes it so vile.

    • You may note that these are to locales where personal possession for firearms by honest citizens is heavily regulated, almost prohibited. Significant? I would suspect so.

    • I disagree with your assessment Ron because the coproaches are essentially criminals whom have been given immunity from prosecution due to the state mafia leaders benevolence. Additionally; the local media has likely been following a script prepared by said mafia.
      Here are articles whose results counter the one you cite: and pro gigantic goverment supporting:
      Yes, you could easily flip what I have said back onto me, but I believe that my conclusion has greater merit due to an objective truth: No society can be a moral one so long as a percentage of their leaders are allowed to constantly violate all laws with total impunity.

  3. To mix a little levity into the discussion of a serious problem, many veteran pheroes no longer qualify to be part of the ‘thin’ blue line. Too many donuts.

    BTW, thanks for your tech guy. I’m back on the computer. This page is hard to read on a phone, especially once the comments are stepped in to the point that you’re scrolling down a line of single letters.

      • ‘exasperates’, is right! Damn Java and stale cookies! When I try to post a comment while using my old rusted-out obsolete WinXP PC I get re-directed to an error webpage. I borrowed a newer Apple PC to make this comment, using it is like driving a car with a manual transmission where you have to put it into gear – before – you depress the clutch, while squeezing the steering wheel and wink twice. Arg! I hate this machine.

        RE: ‘This page is hard to read on a phone, especially once the comments are stepped in to the point that you’re scrolling down a line of single letters.’

        That happens to me while using my old PC as well. The comments at ZeroHedge are the same way. I have to copy and paste them to a Word Doc to be able to read the comments.
        [Dang! I just noticed the single word string thing even happens on this updated PC.]
        The ‘Name’ and ‘Email Address’ boxes are just blank boxes and you have to guess which is which. But, at least I can still read the comments, unlike at websites such as Daisy Luther’s Organic Prepper, I can’t even see the comments there.

        I wonder if people would use an option to put up cash to fix particular problems or to make changes on a price-work basis, if Dom would be interested, however; it’s almost May and at less than 50% funded I wonder if EPA will even be able to stay on the air.
        I do hope you keep up a minimal blog of some kind if things Fall Down, Go Boom.

        Anyway, I think of you guys (and, a Rush song) every time I see the link and image for a High Bypass Turbofan Jet Engine over at
        The link describes how the engine works and how it cannot possibly produce the X’s and grids we see in the sky above us.

        @ thoughtcriminal2084
        LRC did make mention of the passing of Will Grigg on their blog page where there’s a link to a GoFundMe page for his family.

        • Piece-work, not, ‘price-work’.
          Yeesh. On top of everything else, I think I need glasses.

          Getting old, is such a drag. I don’t know how you guys on the upper rungs of the age ladder have done it so well for so long.

          • Getting old is a drag eh? I stopped by the business of some “old”, old friends Monday. We spoke of aches and pains and stuff that doesn’t work very well now. I asked the woman, “where does that “golden age” bs come from?” She allowed she didn’t know. I said the only thing golden in my life was what was…..and she finished “trickling down your back?” and we both had a good laugh. I wish I were as invisible to cops as I am to attractive women.

          • I have $2 reading glasses on right now myself.

            I have a handme down pair of prescription glasses. And some super cheap reading glasses that help me get by.

            I don’t like wearing them for very long. They seem to retrain my eyes and make me even blinder if I wear them for very long.

            Did you know if you curl up your thumb and fore finger leaving a 1mm or 2mm opening. You can look through your own hand which acts as an excellent natural lens?

            Add the eye doctor to the long list of doctors I’m never going to visit I guess, Obamacare taxes be damned.

        • Helot, the comment tree issues here are due to wordpress. WordPress only allows so much indenting. Eric used to have it set low and prevented the narrow columns unless you expanded the browser window wide, but it really wrecked threading. On one of the updates the setting was increasing, better for threading, worse for display. It’s a bind from WP because WP eliminates the reply button when the threading goes beyond the indent setting.

          They likely never considered the discussions of the sort that happen here but the thing is, threading used to be done perfectly on dumb terminals. The web forums are slightly better but they too suck. With each uprev, with each new thing stuff that used to work properly no longer works.

            • Helot. Welcome back brother.

              If you have time, try to steer this unsteerable boat of dangersous faggot deplorables back into its usual waters with favorable tradewinds and warmer calmer seas.

              I just got back from the UVA shit show, and am also working on starting a real world Galt’s Gulch in West Texas and don’t have the time anymore.

  4. What would you do differently if government vanished tomorrow?

    Start a business without a license.

    Built my own car without getting license plates.

    Really, what would you do?

    • Without government or a central bank? I could then afford a place with a little land, put up a nice structure for a workshop and car storage and become a car hoarder. Also I could probably quit working an engineering gig or go down to taking a 3-6 month contract every year and having the rest of the year to myself.

      • You would deserve it.

        I don’t know how you’ve been marinating in that blue state Illinois soup for so long, and still stayed so calm and reasonable all these years.

        I would move to Chicago in a heartbeat if they ever pryed the invisible bony corpse hands of undead uncle Sam off of it.

    • I posted something on Facebook not long ago that relates to your question. I addressed how much more of a standard of living we could have and how much more we could do for others if not for government. Here it is: “What does our socialism cost us?
      “I did some math. I figure I am roughly 40% enslaved, meaning that about 40% of my work is taken from me by various levels of government, to be used to support other people. Federal expenditures comprise about 24% of our gross domestic product (GDP), then adding in state and local spending, it gets up to around 40% of GDP. Being more productive than many others, and therefore paying higher taxes, I figure about 50-60% of my work is being taken from me. Approximately 75% of government spending is for our various redistribution programs, like Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, disability payments, etc., and the interest on the debt that accrues from their massive spending on these programs. 75% of the 50-60% of my work that is taken from me equals about a 40% enslavement rate. We can quibble about the numbers, but they are in the ballpark.
      “Everything government spends, it has to take from the productive sector of society, in one way or another. There are the taxes we see, like FICA and income tax, sales tax, and property tax. There are the taxes that are harder to see, like gas taxes and the special taxes on hotel rooms. Then there are more hidden taxes, like corporate taxes which customers pay in the prices they pay for things. Then there are the completely hidden taxes like inflation of the money supply. If government doubles the money supply to pay for their spending, all else being equal, then they have made each dollar worth half as much, and thus they have taxed us 50%.
      “My average fee that I charged my patients in 2015 was $58 per visit, including labs and acute-care meds, and some of those visits were house calls. Suppose I did not have 40% of my work taken from me to support other people. I could charge 40% less, and end up with the same amount. I could have seen the same number of patients, spending the same amount of time and providing the same quality of care, and only charged $35 per visit. I would have netted the same amount in the end. I would have just as much left to support my family, enjoy life, and give to those in need.
      “I could do so much more with it, however. I recently had a shoulder surgery at a free-market surgery center, the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. I recently posted about the excellent service they provided me. What is the relevance to this issue? I paid a total of $6,149 to get my shoulder repaired. It was a fairly involved surgery, considering what a hash I had made of my shoulder. “It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage” – Indiana Jones. If the SCOK doctors were not also 40% enslaved, they could have charged $3,689 for my surgery and came out the same. I would have had $2,460 left, with which I could have done other things.
      “Several years ago, I had an arthroscopic knee surgery at SCOK. I’m not kidding about the mileage. That surgery cost $3,740, which is still the price. If that surgery only cost 60% as much now, that would be $2,224. So if not for our socialist system, I could have used my savings from my shoulder surgery to pay for a knee surgery for somebody else. I could have just given somebody else the money for a knee surgery, and had $36 to spare. This principle would apply to all our spending and giving. We would have about 40% more to give, and those needs would each cost about 40% less. Alas, how high is the opportunity cost of our socialist system. Choose freedom. Choose prosperity. Choose happiness.”

      • The problem with the 40% calc is that many of the things still need money spent on them, it would just be more efficient. Hopefully. These charities are almost as bad as government when it comes to putting money to work. Also much of that GDP figure is military spending. We’d certainly be paying for roads, as for welfare and social security, well we either contribute to that or suffer the consequence. Point being it might not end up being that much cheaper.

        • Hello Todd, Roads existed before the state seized control of them. Switzerland has thrived for hundreds of years without having wars or terrorism problems because they do not poke sticks into hornets nests or steal honey from bees. You seem to believe that robbery by state thugs is necessary for human survival even though mankind has previously thrived for tens of thousands of years or more without a ruling state mafia. Government laws and protections enable polluters and fraudsters to do their thing (for a fee), To borrow a quote from Ayn Rand: Check your premises.

        • About 19% of the federal budget is military spending. That means it is about 12% of the total fed/state/local spending. Private charities get a whole heck of a lot higher of a percentage of their donations to the intended causes (unless it is something like the Clinton Foundation, where the percentage is something like 5%). Government is actually the least efficient means of getting most things done. Contribute to Social Security or suffer the consequences? If I had the money that was confiscated from me for that, I could have done much better things with it. I should be able to provide for my own retirement. Have you ever seen how Social Security compares to private investment?

      • Hi James, I think that the “40% enslavement rate” would be made more clear to the general public if it was changed to 40% of your working life has been stolen from you. Think about it this way…If politicians could directly steal a portion of your life and add it to their own: They would do so. Since they can’t do that; taxation is the next best substitute for them. They are stealing time from you to enrich their own lives and to increase their own power and influence.

        • Morning, Brian!

          I like your point in re stealing time. Most of us could afford to retire in our 40s or 50s were it not for the extortions of government. I do not mean “stop working.” I mean stop working for the government.

          Imagine being able to pursue your interests, without worry about needing to earn money to pay taxes. Imagine having back 40 percent of all the income you ever earned – and how much free time that would give you…

        • Since slavery is defined as forcing somebody to work for somebody else, I think enslavement is the proper term for somebody stealing my time for their interests. They are forcing me to work for them. Of course, I could stop working, and get on the dole, but then I would be doing the enslaving. I find that unconscionable. So I will remain a 40% slave. Interestingly, that is twice the rate of enslavement of the Egyptians when money failed during the famine reported in Genesis chapter 47. The Egyptians sold themselves as slaves to Pharaoh, and by the terms of the arrangement, they had to give Pharaoh 20% of all they produced.

          • Hi James,
            I wasn’t saying that your “40% slave” term was inaccurate. When you tell a sheep that he is a 40% slave, he will think about his present life, factor in the goodies that he does get from the state, and decide that being 60% free as a good thing.
            My method of trying to wake him the F up is to term it as a life expense while also mentioning the fact that many government services could be better performed by local people interested in becoming self-employed. Placing the 40% costs in terms of a life expense makes it more real to the sheep because our life times are so limited; especially our prime working life age range which coincides with our child raising years. Granted, I am a truck driver working 12 hour shifts, and having this sort of discussion with my companies customers is inappropriate; therefore I am presently unable to use my tactic very often in real life.
            We need an anarchist version of Billy Graham I suppose.

  5. Hear, Hear, Ready! “Jesus wept “, the Christians that sort of behave because they are worried about hellfire, to be Frank, they worry Me, Jesus may have warned about Hellfire a bit, but the one He really espoused was the need to be a genuinely nice person, who has been born again. And as hard as it to believe, I have seen a few of these genuine conversions. And it is my sincerest belief you can have heaven on Earth , right now , if you want it.( disclaimer laws only create outlaws )

    • Hi Kevin,


      If people only behave because they fear post-mortem punishment, then all they’ve done is put government at one step remove and justified both on the basis of themselves being hideous people who itch to steal, rape and kill but only refrain out of a cynical worry that they might get caught.

      It’s a depressing idea.

  6. The death of William Norman Grigg, no doubt made the statists and cop suckers happy. There are so many Americans who are, as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts put it: dumbed down, ignorant and disinformed. So many worship these goon thugs with badges as heroes, totally oblivious to reality. They live in a never,never land of cognitive dissonance and apathy. To consider these government/DHS agents as heroes reflects the ignorance and mind set of many Americans. The same holds true for those in the military who carry out orders, murdering innocent men, women and children in Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan, leaving nations in rubble and humanity in despair.
    There is nothing heroic about remotely piloting a drone over a far away nation that is of no threat to America, launching a hell Fire missile into a wedding and declaring a job well done.
    There is nothing heroic about turning Afghanistan into a narco state, run by evil, corrupt puppets of Washington. The reports I have read concerning Afghanistan, and that so many American troops are directly involved in the heroin trade is sickening. One soldier commented that every officer over there was corrupt.
    So where does this leave us? The U.S. Navy investigating corruption of its personal in relation to one contractor known as Fat Leonard with one Admiral already court martialed and over 200 now under investigation.
    Marines posting images of their naked female comrades on the internet. A Navy SEAL who performs in pornos.
    Clearly the U.S. military like the police have become less than honorable and maybe even worse.
    It has now been revealed the U.S. military has planned for a complete and total take over of America by 2030. The cops will then be their willing assistants, be prepared for the worst.
    I recently read Three felonies A Day by Harvey Silverglate; which describes how anyone can fall victim to lying, ambitious and politically motivated D.A.s and prosecuting attorneys. Jeff Sessions is an excellent example. Rudy Guiliani is another. I strongly suggest this as a must read.
    Eric, if you will, allow me to suggest a great website that quite often printed Grigg’s work: The Rutherford Institute They offer daily reports and excellent articles that all those who value liberty and freedom should read.
    Take care and be prepared for the worst.
    Hoping for the best is a fool’s hope.
    Thomas Jefferson and James Madison offered up words of wisdom to the future generations. If only their words were heeded and not scorned.

  7. Hear, hear, Eric.

    I wish your words would be broadcast from the mountaintops.

    I also enjoy what Dr. Robert Higgs has to say about the magic-blue-costumed ones:
    “We need only consider the following: (1) a cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them; (2) many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked; (3) therefore every cop has agreed to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked. There are no good cops.”

    RIP Will Griggs.

  8. Eric, if the muse strikes you, a tribute column to the late, great Will Grigg, I’m sure would be appreciated throughout the Interlinks.

  9. Oh my Barnie, oh my Barnie
    had a jail and couldn’t lock it
    has one bullet for his pistol
    had to keep it in his pocket
    Was Andy just kidding?

  10. It amazes and disgusts me how easily The Land of the Free submitted, willfully, to the police state they live in today. All because of 9/11, and the misguided belief that the government needs to strip away all human rights and dignity to keep us safe from the terrorists, when in fact it is the government themselves that are the terrorists. I lost all hope when I attended a MLB baseball game a few years ago, and was subjected to the same Gate-Rape policies of the TSA. All the other attendees did not seem to mind being strip searched, and then proceeded into the stadium where they screamed out the national anthem as weapons of death flew overhead. I knew then that it was time to leave the USA, and I did. It was not an easy choice because I wore the uniform of the USAF for over 23 years believing I was defending the free world. If I only knew then what I know now before I signed my first enlistment contract, I would have never made the USAF a career, much less even served for that initial 4 year enlistment.

    • This crap started LONG before 911. The Patriot Act just made it even easier and faster to to obliterate any vestiges of liberty which may have remained, and to do things on a Federal level, so that now, this garbage is even in the smallest most remote towns in BFE.

        • Sounds interesting, do you have family and friends that you still keep in touch with? Was it a big culture shock/lifestyle change moving?

          I’ve looked into moving to places such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan (I’m half Taiwanese).

  11. “The greater the number of laws and statutes /
    “The greater the number of thieves and brigands.”

    Tao Te Ching, Chapter 57

    The state creates laws in order to create criminals, in order to keep the populace at the state’s mercy.

    • Or, as Ayn Rand states it:

      “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

  12. “The question I get asked by religious people all the time is, without God, what’s to stop me from raping all I want? And my answer is: I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and the amount I want is zero. The fact that these people think that if they didn’t have this person watching over them that they would go on killing, raping rampages is the most self-damning thing I can imagine. I don’t want to do that. Right now, without any god, I don’t want to jump across this table and strangle you. I have no desire to strangle you. I have no desire to flip you over and rape you.”

    -Penn Jillette

      • And I dig you and the late, great William Norman Grigg. You are my kind of people.

        Last week was tough. First, Will Grigg and then one of my best friends (a reformed statist, but not quite libertarian) suffered a massive heart attack and died.

        Eric, please do not check out early on us.

      • Yes there are people who don’t have a conscience and fear of punishment does little to nothing to keep them in check. Many are smart enough to gravitate towards government which not only allows them to indulge themselves but makes them immune to being punished.

        The idea that we need to be ruled by sociopaths to protect us from sociopaths is even sillier than the idea that without government there to punish people everyone would behave criminally. It might be ok in the short term but eventually it is a disaster.

  13. Ya know, if you gotta live in a police state, at least at how it is done in Australia- with no brutality or intimidation; no treating the “perp” with contempt; but actually behaving with civility and treating people with dignity!

    Compare that to any drunk driving arrest here! (Or even a mere minor breach of some nonsense technicality here).

    If the rest of the world only knew what was going on here! Imagine how somebody from Australia would view our violent, sadistic, contemptuous pigs here! Never mind dignity; here, you’re lucky if they don’t kill you or completely destroy your life.

    • Nunzio, that was filmed for tv. The reality here is different. Our cops are not quite the bastards of the states, but give a few years and lookout. The state of Victoria has one of the largest scamera network in the world. Collecting $1.2 billions from a state of 5.5 millions. My 3 sons and I have all been pulled over by cops. And let me tell you they are some really arrogant pigs. They allowed an out of control moozie to kill 5 people recently with his car, because they were too lazy to get an arrest warrant. But don’t pay that $100 parking fine, and you will be served notice before due process is completed. They are the same fucking scum everywhere, Australia included.

      • True, To5. Ultimately, when you have a police state, it’s about the power, and the very worst scum are the ones who gravitate toward being the rulers (Because no decent person would ever want to do that); and the scum of the scum become the enforcers.

        From the time i was a child, I had always wanted to move to Australia- some nice remote place in the outback- but just like America, Aussieland changed into some feminist-socialist giant nanny-state social experiment. 🙁

        Your pigs might be a little better than ours- even our filmed for TV vs. your filmed for TV pig-fests show quite a difference (Ours are SICKENING even on TV, when they’re on their best behavior…), but yeah, a pig is a pig- and it all goes the same way sooner or later.

        Sad thing is, that since they disarmed you all down under, I hear that [naturally] crime has skyrocketed.

        They’re ruining this entire world. There’s nowhere left to go. (And I’ll never forgive them for not releasing all of the seasons of Mother & Son an NTSC-format DVDs!!!!!!!!)

  14. Having lived amongst “law enforcement” family I know a couple of things. Cops are people who without the badge and gangs of badge carrying thugs the are small people. They for the most cannot demand respect for their accomplishments. They are like the inner city gangs only they usually don’t get in trouble for theft. A long time ago I was neighbour of a Detriot cop, he used to come over with good pot and great whiskey, all for free. He quit when a raid went south and he was shot at, my hero. He ended up buying a bar and after a few years became a wonderful friend.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      He will be missed. In addition to being a clear, powerful writer his articles were always meticulously backed with hard facts. In a better America, he would have been a nationally famous columnist.

      We’ve lost one of the greats.

    • Damn, didn’t know he passed away. Why is it that scumbags like John McCain, Bill Clinton, and the like seem to live forever but truly excellent people like Will die young? He will be missed.

      • Agreed, Peter… even the loathsome Bush senior is still croaking around… I suppose when you have access to IV bottles of fresh teenager blood, you last a while….

        • Not to mention Kissinger, Dr. Strangelove himself, is still around meddling in foreign policy. It’s all a big game to these douchebags, they can go hide in their fuehrerbunkers if things go south. My plan for ending the wars would be to round up all the chickenhawk warmongers (starting with Cheney) and drop them on whatever country they think needed “regime change”. I might even give them parachutes.

  15. Veterans have a term, “Stolen Honor” where someone pretends to have served but is a fraud. Today’s police are mostly mercenaries. Not all, but the honorable law enforcement officer is rare, and all but absent in the larger cities (see for an example of LEOs trying to change it back). There are bad people out there, and people who risk their lives can be worthy of honor. I haven’t seen a diatribe about Firemen who run into burning buildings to rescue people and preserve property. And we have a VOLUNTEER fire department in my town.

    “Most people have moral sense that exists regardless of law – or enforcers. Most people would not commit theft or rape or murder or any real crime – even if both codified law and costumed law enforcers disappeared tomorrow.

    Ask yourself. Would you?”

    Asking myself if I would do something is merely to engage in solipcism. What I happen to think or feel, or even know is irrelevant to what is in any other human being’s mind. It won’t work to project and tell anyone how they think. Not even how they SHOULD think, but how they DO think.

    A billion muslims have that same “moral sense”, so why with the refugees is Sweden now the rape capital of Europe? Why do cars burn in Paris and its suburbs? But closer to home, try inner-city Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Iterally. Go there into some of the no-go zones and see if “most people” there wouldn’t commit theft, rape, or murder. Perhaps not a majority, but there is certainly a difference in the number, and it doesn’t take 50% barbarians to destroy civilization. And I would say in the Sharia no-go zones (which might now include the Somali area of Minneapolis and environs but definitely in the European cities) that “most people…. would… rape” because they do, at least women who aren’t wearing a burkah. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    When I was able to move anywhere I wanted, I specifically looked for the most AnCap locaton (minimal taxes and regulation) but the heaviest weighting was given to the nature of Law Enforcement. How many reports of abuse on,, PINAC, etc. over the last 5 years, combined with looking at the local papers that had a “police blotter” column or even a chief’s or sheriff’s column so I could find if they were like the brutal send SWAT in for a parking ticket, or the oldtime helpful constable. One time I was walking home from the bar, and a local policeman asked me if I was OK, or had too much to drink. I was prepared to argue until he then said “Can I drive you home?”. Most people here are armed (constiutional carry) so it may be the reason they don’t escalate. Wolves resolve their differences without killing each other, but they have fangs.

    Culture is upstream of politics. If you are in an area where there is an ethos of cooperation and helpfulness – along with independence and self-reliance, you are generally not going to have crime, nor paranoid police.

    If everyone is nice and has the Christendom set of morality and ethics, then police are redundant. But you have no reason or evidence to think that is the case. That most people here – in rural areas who are the 3rd generation or more citizens – are moral creates an illusion that unassimilated people from the 3rd world who bring their different sets of values and keep them can coexist. And what happens if you can’t assume your neighbor has Christendom/NAP/Objectivist ethics?

    I can see no way of having an Anarcho-libertarian society unless you purge it of all who aren’t Anarcho-libertarians, and they are unlikely to leave peacefully, and then where do they go? And you have to keep them out.

    The final irony about the police is private security can be just as if not more brutal (power corrupts, not just state power, and private cops will still have badges and your DRO/insurance might require total slavish compliance). I’ve found Constitutional minarchists (begrudgingly not anarchists) are also big on the 2nd Amendment so aren’t going to dial 911 or DRO until after the intruder, invader, attacker is shot. Sam Colt did for the 2nd amendment what Gutenberg did for the 1st. But you have to take your rights into your own hands to exercise them. A city of wolves will always be free. You can’t have one with a mix of wolves and sheep, even if the sheep can quote Locke, Jefferson, Madison, and Rothbard. To you, the wolves are violating your rights. To the wolves, you are lunch.

    • Any time you have a large number of late-teenage or early 20’s males without mentors or purpose you end up with a lot more crime.

    • Very good article by TZ !

      The concept is “Stolen Valor”. Heroism is a related element. Current law enforcers are nothing less than perfect examples of stolen valor. They are civilians dressed up to look like soldiers, but they do not act like or function as soldiers. Since virtually no one (as a percentage) serves in the armed forces anymore, no one recognizes the disconnect. As a member of the Oath Keepers, I wondered what was the content of the oath that so-called “Sworn Officers” took. Local sheriff sent me a copy. Nothing about “defending the constitution against all aggressors, foreign or domestic”; nothing about “following the orders of those officers appointed above me”, and no implication about giving ones life in the line of duty. The whole thing as we see daily now, is a rouse or bad joke. And, never mind the titles, the uniforms, and the fake campaign ribbons…WOW ! Where in the world does the title “officer” come from ? And, are all cops “officers”, and if so, who are their troops ? Worse yet, wearing chevrons, lieutenant and captain insignia does not make anyone a soldier. In fact, these are JOB TITLES, not designations of RANK. Do lower officers render hand salutes to higher officers ? LMAO ! Then there are the Chiefs with FOUR STARS ! OMG….Some even have on the five star cluster last seen on MacArthur or Ike. Where are their Divisions, Battalions or even Platoons ? I will tell you…In their addled heads. Never mind the ribbons, frequently as in DC, bought at the local A&N Store.

      But I digress….the problem we have is focusing on the enforcers, to the exclusion of the cause of our discontent. WE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH LEADERSHIP IN GOVERNMENT. The police are just ONE indication of an overall destructive management of our culture. There are so many other examples it is a wonder anybody is sane. We have been led into a Matrix of slavery, control and debauchery by National leadership. It is in the Deep State, not in our elected officialdom.

      The events at Appomattox in April 1865 spelled the doom of the America that was born on the Fourth of July. We now live in that future, and it is being well developed by the Neo Cons and their camp followers. The LEO function is to protect them from us, to keep us in Dhimmitude , and to prevent anybody from seeing what is being constructed by our Money Monger Masters. Don’t like Wall Street stealing our wealth, or the federal reserve bailing out the banks, go demonstrate publically and you will find the LEOs right there to help you to a cage.

      Unfortunately the current crop of law enforcement is not what it was in our younger, distant days of the local “Cop”.

      Focus not on the Usher, but see the Movie…

      • Soldiers? You mean the protectors of the rulers? Is that really what we need? Commitment to the document which asserts “It’s okay for us to steal your stuff, i.e., Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes”?

        No. Soldiers are no better than cops—maybe worse. A soldier is directly committed to enslavement and explicitly thinks that when some human gives him an order, then it justifies him killing people of whom he is most likely totally ignorant. Anyone who would take such an oath to defend the mechanism of enslavement, participate in such irresponsible behavior—and then brag about it—is an unthinking originator of the problem. There’s no honor to steal in either flavor of dangerous tax eating parasites, because there is no honor involved.

        • Yep. They’re all just mercenaries. Give ’em a paycheck and a uniform, and tell them who you want them to kill and who you want them to leave alone. Leave someone alone today for doing something…write a new law tomorrow and arrest the same person tomorrow for doing the same thing they did yesterday, because it’s now a “crime”, not because it’s rape, robbery or murder, but because it’s a transgression of what some men decided is now a crime. Cops are nothing but soldiers with a different name, to get around the technicality of the Constitutional prohibition of using the military on our own people/shores.

          Cops and soldiers are the primary threat to liberty, above all else. If our fellow men were not willing to take up arms against their neighbors on the mere orders of others, those “others” would have no dictatorial power, neither over foreign nations or over us.

          Every cop and every soldier is an enemy of freedom and is a criminal. Execute them all, and this world could be a decent place.

    • The vast majority of violent crime, including Islamic terrorism, is a reflection of the violence and crime that is being committed by government thugs acting in the name of their bull-crap laws and wars such as their bombing and invading foreign countries and, slaughtering the natives, together with their prohibition wars that they wage against Americans. Likewise, many Americans are prevented from earning an an honest living by a mountain of laws, rules, regulations, taxes, licences, permits, fees, and mandates that are enforced by armies of enforcement goons.

  16. Very sorry to learn of the death of William Grigg. I was greatly surprised that there was no mention of it on Lew Rockwell whom carried many of his pieces and where I first became familiar with he and Eric Peters’ work. Grigg would go into painstaking detail that often became obsessive, but documented the terroristic attacks “American” law enforcement conducted against innocent American Citizens. The Kafkaesque trials of innocents before the corrupt. One case that I vividly recall were the family of recreational divers who purchased anti-histamines so that they could use scuba gear despite having swollen sinuses – they were ratted out by the local pharmacy for having purchased a few boxes of an over the counter drug and arrested by a rural police department. The law-abiding woman had no idea she had broken any law and readily complied with the pensioned terrorist, truthfully answering his questions and volunteering information – which resulted in her being arrested and confined to a punishment chair, threatened with the loss of custody of her children and a lengthy incarceration. I have never seen this horrific story covered elsewhere.

    I am coming to see more and more now that no matter how much it is documented, demonstrated and recorded – there will continue to be no effective prevention of it nor addressing it from within the “system”.

    Despite all of Grigg’s demonstration of dozens of innocent victims whose lives were destroyed and for many whose lives continue to be destroyed – Grigg sadly demonstrated that there must be no expectation of true justice nor observation of any Constitutional guarantees. We are in fact in the second decade of a post-constitutional America.

    The loss of Grigg’s voice screaming on behalf of the victims of the American Terror State cannot be overstated. For so many victims, their plights will no longer be heard.

    The hour fast approaches where it will be impossible to escape the American Terror State and when we will be forced to counter it in the tried and true methods of resistance.

    • The law-abiding woman had no idea she had broken any law and readily complied with the pensioned terrorist, truthfully answering his questions and volunteering information – which resulted in her being arrested and confined to a punishment chair, threatened with the loss of custody of her children and a lengthy incarceration.

      She made a huge mistake by talking to the police. Never, ever talk to the police. The most innocent statement can and WILL be used against you.

      • SO true, Larry!

        The teenaged Martin Tankleff who was accused of killing his parents, was convicted because the pigs lied to him, and told him that his father had regained consciousness before dying and said that Martin had done it. To which Martin, still in shock and hysterics from finding his parents murdered in their home, replied “If that’s what he said , I guess i did it then!”.

        That one statement, taken out of context, and with virtually no other evidence, was used to convict the kid, and he spent 17 years in jail, until he was recently released …errr….I forget the details, but they finally realized that he was innocent and had just been railroaded.

        The stinking pig detective who was instrumental in convicting Tankleff, croaked recently, I believe he was in his late 60’s. Would that he could have croaked sooner, but at least as it is, he didn’t get to enjoy his humongous Suffolk County NY pig pension (I believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $250K a year- which is not at all uncommon for that locale!!!) for very long.

        Wish I knew where his grave was; I’d go take a huge chili-fueled dump on it.

  17. The biggest change occurred during the dreadful 1960s when local cops effectively were federalized due to national civil right laws and the “war” on drugs. Before that, the cops were part of the local community and at least sometimes acted for the people they supposedly were protecting; the cops were your neighbors, not an occupation force. It certainly wasn’t perfect, but better than being under the thumb of a centralized force of thugs. Another factor was that liberal judges during the 1960s turned loose many really bad criminals, who returned to the community to commit mayhem. In response to that, sentencing largely was taken away from judges and given to prosecutors, that is, law enforcement. Hence the whole crooked system of plea bargains. And of course, myriad new laws have been enacted, such as on the auto industry, loading the courts with cases and lengthening the time you get your “day in court,” meaning even more plea bargains.

    • Corruption and abuse are as synonymous with the American Police as the badges they wear. What has changed is the level of abject hatred, hostility, malice and rage they bear against innocent Americans. The disdain, disrespect and disregard they hold law abiding people with is what has changed.

      Despite being corrupt, local police would still be civil to even criminals who treated them with respect. They would make deals, look the other way and let people off with a warning. They did not make themselves into soldiers of fortune trapped behind enemy lines on suicide missions in the past. The Rambo cop has only existed since the 1970’s SWAT teams started. With each militaristic “innovation” they have moved light years away from Mayberry and morphed into the Royal Ulster Constabulary occupying Northern Ireland or the IDF occupying Palestine.

      When police whom are purposely selected for low IQ scores, are built to become occupation armies and see everyone not in their units as threats, we as Citizens are turned into their enemy combatants that they exceeding take joy in attacking with extreme prejudice.

      Having a equally corrupt “justice” system rubberstamp their acts of terror has given them carte blanche to inflict as many casualties as they can with no fear of reprisal through the courts. We are off the Road to Serfdom and racing on the Autobahn to abused kulaks.


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